DirectX 10 neće izaći za Windows XP

DirectX 10X-Bit labs sajt javlja da DirectX 10 neće biti napravljen u verziji za Windows XP, i ako je prethodno najavljeno suprotno. Na ovaj potez Microsoft se odlučio verovatno zbog promocije novog sistema Windows Vista, za koji se DirectX 10 specijalno pravi.. Evo i zvaničnog saopštenja:
During a DirectX 10-related event in London, UK, Richard Huddy, ATI Technologies' software developers relations chief, said that Microsoft's Vista will integrate DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 APIs for different types of hardware, but the current Windows XP will not get DirectX 10 support, as suggested some rumours earlier. For end users this means that to get the most advantages of the new-generation graphics processing units (GPUs), the new OS will be required.

Both ATI Technologies and Nvidia Corp. planned to release hardware that supports DirectX 10 capabilities as early as in the second half 2006, however, if there will be no API, which unveils the features of the hardware, the companies may reconsider their plans.

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