Descent – Freespace – Silent Threat (walkthrough)

Descent - Freespace - Silent Threat

      ______  _____   _____  _____ ______  ______   _       _____  _____
        __/ |  _  | |  __/ |  __/   __/ |  _  /  /      |  __/ |  __/
      | |_   | | / / | |_   | |_        | |/ /  / A     | |    | |_
      |  _|  | |/ /  |  _|  |  _|       |  _/  /  _     | |    |  _|
      | |    | |   | |__  | |__   __  | |   /  /     | |__  | |__
      |_|    |_| _ |____ |____ /_____|_|  /__/   __ |____ |____
                               SILENT THREAT

              _____   _____   _   __    _   _______   ____
             |  _  | |  _  | | | |    | | |__   __| |  __|
             | |_| | | | | | | | |   | |    | |    | |__ 
             |  ___| | | | | | | | | | |    | |    |__  |
             | |     | |_| | | | | |   |    | |     __| |
             |_|     |_____| |_| |_|  __|    |_|    |____|

                                  * AND *
 _____   _   _      _____   _______     ____   _______   _____   _______   ____
|  _  | | | | |    |  _  | |__   __|   |  __| |__   __| |  _  | |__   __| |  __|
| |_| | | | | |    | | | |    | |      | |__     | |    | |_| |    | |    | |__
|  ___| | | | |    | | | |    | |      |__  |    | |    |  _  |    | |    |__  |
| |     | | | |__  | |_| |    | |       __| |    | |    | | | |    | |     __| |
|_|     |_| |____| |_____|    |_|      |____|    |_|    |_| |_|    |_|    |____|

                                ***  =  **
                               **    ==  **
                          _      _      _      _
                          V      V      V      V


                  Game: "Descent: FreeSpace - Silent Threat"
                                Platform: PC
                               Version: 1.00
                           By: David "CuBes" Wood
                              Updated: 08-03-07


              ::  Questions? Comments? Info.? E-mail me!  ::

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      |    *                  Table of Contents                   *    |
      |    *                                                      *    |
      |    *      1yz........................Update History       *    |
      |    *      2yz.....................Legal Information       *    |
      |    *      3yz..........................Introduction       *    |
      |    *      4yz......................Before You Start       *    |
      |    *      5yz.....................Ace Badges & Rank       *    |
      |    *          5az......................Point System       *    |
      |    *          5bz....Single Player Points and Kills       *    |
      |    *  L       5cz................Silence All Voices       *    |
      |    *  E       5dz.......................The Pursuit       *    |
      |    *  V       5ez............................Ghosts       *    |
------|    *  E       5fz........................On The Run       *    |------
      |    *  L       5gz..........................Hellfire       *    |
      |    *          5hz...................Secret Recovery       *    |
      |    *  N       5iz..................Cloak and Dagger       *    |
      |    *  A       5jz..............Field of Destruction       *    |
      |    *  M       5kz............................Exodus       *    |
      |    *  E       5lz............The Return to Ross 128       *    |
      |    *  S       5mz..........................The Wait       *    |
      |    *          5nz..................Secrets Revealed       *    |
      |    *      6yz............Frequently Asked Questions       *    |
      |    *      7yz.................................Links       *    |
      |    *      8yz........................Special Thanks       *    |
      |____*                                                      *____|

|1yz Update and Version History /

Started the guide. Basically used the old one. Also, I found a new glitch thanks
to StrikerKid's advice on the last level, Secrets Revealed. Look at the NoClip
Glitch for details.

Did the ASCII art, as before, I just used the old stuff, but changed it to fit.

Changing guide format more. Taking out unused info. Brushed it up all the way
through the 'before you start' section. Took out the medals sections. Removed
parts of the 'special thanks' section.

Wrote up the majority of the points/kills section. I need to double check a lot
of things, and can't do it until tomorrow at the earliest.

Finished all the way through level 7 and added a few more things in. I'm going
to take this on vacation with me and hopefully finish it there.

Finished the rest of the levels -- waiting to get back to submit.

Put on the final touches before submission. V.1.00 completed.

|2yz Legal Info. /

This document is protected under Copyright law, (C) 2002 by David Wood. The only
sites it can be found legally are listed below.

If it is found anywhere else including another FAQ/Guide, or if it is altered in
any way, it is a violation of copyright law. Please tell me if you find it
anywhere besides the sites listed above! Feel free to make a link to this page
and to print or copy down any information needed, as long as you do not
distribute any part of the document to, or as part of, an organization, free or
otherwise, without my permission. This document is for private use only.

|3yz Intro./

Hello and welcome to the first and only unofficial FreeSpace: Silent Threat
points/rank guide (with kills included) on the internet, by date of 06-06-07.
My name is David Wood, but on the internet I go by my handle(s), CuBes and
P4wn4g3. I go to college at New Mexico Tech in a small town, Socorro, in the
state of New Mexico in the U.S.A. I made this guide because I wanted to expand
on my guides for FreeSpace since it is such a great series. If you have any
information, suggestions, or questions regarding this FAQ or an aspect of the
game, my E-mail is at the top just below the ASCII art. Unlike many FAQ/guide
writers, I will accept any feedback about the guide, including mistakes.
However, please do not ask a question that is already answered in this FAQ nor
send me prank mail, ads, or junk mail of any kind; the previous 3 types of mail
will be ignored and blocked if continued. My E-mail isn't available because I
want junk mail. Finally, please don't send me E-mail asking why I haven't
replied. I will reply if I feel there is a need (which is usually the case)
though sometimes I forget to check my e-mail (I'm only human, but I can go up to
a month without checking my mail so bear with me!!). Thank you for reading this
section. Enjoy the guide!

|4yz Before you start/

There are no medals to collect in Silent Threat, only points for rank and kills
for looks, stats, and Ace Badges. This section covers many things, from the
basics to the advanced. Even if you are an expert I strongly suggest you look
through this section. You can skip through and see what information might be
useful to you. The URL within sections leads to my own web space. Hope it helps!

--What are medals?
In Descent: FreeSpace, you get medals for doing certain things. Medals aren't
offered in Silent Threat.

--What are Ace Badges?
Ace badges are, obviously, badges and not medals (though they are also in the
medals box). There is only one contributing factor towards earning ace badges:
obtaining kills. Ace badges are only earned when you reach a certain number of
fighter and bomber kills. That is, the combination of fighter and bomber kills
ONLY. (For more information see Ace Badges section.) The following list shows
the ships you can destroy which will count towards obtaining ace badges. The
list is in order of how heavily equipped the spacecraft is.

-Terran-   -Vasudan-   -Shivan-
Valkyrie    Anubis     Scorpion
 Apollo      Seth     Manticore
 Ulysses    Horus       Dragon
  Loki      Thoth      Basilisk
Hercules     Amun       Shaitan
 Athena     Osiris     Nephilim
  Zeus                 Seraphim

--What is rank?
Much of what I know about rank has been my observations in and out of the game,
but fellow gamers are responsible for the initial information. Rank is your
status in the GTA. Oddly, the orders you can give are not limited by your
rank (i.e. your call menu is the same when you're an Admiral as it is when
you're an Ensign). To be determined, rank takes into account many variables
from medals and ace badges, and many hidden factors as well. One factor that
contributes to your rank is the number of kills you have, though in rank
(unlike ace badges) the specific ship destroyed is an important factor as well.
Since there are all sorts of different factors being thrown in, the programmers
couldn't use the same system they did in getting medals- completing certain
objectives or events, or ace badges- getting to a certain number of kills.
Instead all the information that applies is converted into one unit during a
mission, and then the game adds all those units up afterward. Combined, those
units determine your rank. These units are called points; they are defined by
the game as such (in the code and in FRED). Everything in the game has a default
point value, but this can be changed in FRED by tweaking the score value. (See
Rank & Point sections for more info.) The following is a list of all the
different positions of rank, in the order that you get them, plus the point
range for each, and how many pins you have for each one. If there is a - next to
a number, it means one pin has no triangles on it. If there is a + next to a
number, it means there is a gold pin on that many regular pins.
See The Medal Box in this section for more info.
      RANK         POINTS          PINS

Ensign            0-4000            1
Lt. Junior Grade  4001-10000       -2
Lieutenant        10001-22000       2
Lt. Commander     22001-50000      -3
Commander         50001-150000      3
Captain           150001-400000     4
Commodore         400001-2000000   +1
Rear Admiral      2000001-5000000  +2
Vice Admiral      5000001-9000000  +3
Admiral           9000001<         +4

--How do I know when I get a medal?
You will know when you get a medal on the debriefing screen of the mission.
Normally there is only the debriefing screen, along with the usual buttons. When
you get a medal, ace badge, or promotion, there will be an additional screen
connected on the side of the first. This screen has what all medals, ace badges,
or promotions you received in the mission. Also, the person who debriefs you
will say something, and though the medal screen appears for all Ace Badges
and most ranks, it won't appear for ranks after Commodore. (The commentary is
funny for these ranks though.) Note that you can get a medal, promotion, or
badge without either the screen or the commentary.

--How come I didn't get a medal on this level?
As stated before, there aren't medals in Silent Threat. If you thought you were
going to get a promotion or Ace Badge then you may have calculated wrong.

--The Medal Box--

--How do I find the medal box?
There are two ways to get to it. The first is to come across the situation
described in "How do I know when I get a medal?", and then click the medal
icon that is located on the medal screen. The second is more complicated, but
always available. On the Flight Deck, find the Barracks and click on it. This
will take you to a screen with the different players you've made, single and
multi player, plus it will show you the all time stats for each player. To get
to the medal box, click on the medal icon that is in the lower middle area of
the screen.

--Where does each medal belong?
Going left to right and top to bottom, first is the Conspicuous Gallantry medal,
and next is your current rank, then next are the Ace Badges, and then the
Vasudan Alliance medal. The first one on the next row is the Distinguished
Flying medal, then the Commendation Medal, then the Pilot Wings, then the
Galatea Survivor medal, and finally the Legion of Merit medal. On the next row,
the first thing is the Meritorious Unit, then next is the Medal of Honor, next
is the Galactic Service medal, followed by the Military Defense medal, and then
the Good Conduct medal, and finally the Distinguished Service Cross. I suggest
using the following link; it should help clear some things up.

--I need an explanation of the medal box!

                          ___     ___
                         /*^*   /*^*
                        |*<0>*| |*<#>*|<--- Double Ace
                         ___/   ___/

The ace badges are circular, with a star in the center and ridges on the edge.
The ace badges are set up a little differently than the medals. There are only 3
badges and each have a minimum fighter/bomber kill limit that must be hit to
earn the badge. When you get the second ace badge, instead of sitting on top of
the first or replacing it, it will just show up next to it, and so will the
third. Again, you can use the following link for more explanation:

                            _    _
                           /_  <---- Lt. Junior Grade

Rank is set up much differently than both ace badges and medals. You start out
as an Ensign, which has 1 pin with triangles on the flat sides. Then you get
promoted to Lt. Junior Grade, which has 2 pins, one (furthest out) without
triangles. Then you get promoted to Lieutenant, which has 2 pins, both with
triangles. Next is Lt. Commander with 3 pins, 1 without triangles. Then you
get to Commander and you get 3 pins, all with triangles. When you get to
captain you get 4 pins with triangles. After that you go to Commodore and go
back to 1 pin, with triangles, and it has a small, round, gold pin on it. You
get another pin like this each time you rise in rank after Commodore, for
Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, and Admiral. I advise checking this link:

--Other Useful Information--

--A note to Windows users: If you run Windows NT or later, you can press Alt+Tab
during game play to minimize FreeSpace. However, this can be dangerous because
the game may crash if you try to bring it back up. In order to avoid this, first
minimize all programs, press Control+Alt+Delete to open the Task Manager, go to
the applications tab, highlight Descent: FreeSpace, and click the button that
says 'Switch To'. Recently I have run into a strange glitch of some sort where
the game sort of freezes. It may have to do with the fact I am running the game
in hardware mode. This seems to be overcome only by pressing pause in mission
and minimizing then. I had not been having luck with this at all for a while,
but I found the source of this problem which happened to be a program working in
the background (Spyware Guard), so I am just going to say: use Alt+Tab at your
own risk.

--You can restart a campaign without losing any stats or medals. To do this,
first go to the Flight Deck, then click Campaigns, then select the campaign you
want to restart, then click restart campaign in the lower right corner of the

--Backing up your player info! I just figured this out (11/16/04) and it can
save you loads of hassle in the long run. I can't get the "Clone" function to
copy my player (I think it only copies the settings under "Options" to a new
player) so I worked something else out. It's a little more advanced and you'll
be messing with the game files, but don't worry, follow along and you'll do
fine. Open your FreeSpace directory (by default on Windows that's
C:GamesFreeSpace). Now find the players folder and open it, then if you are
backing up a single player entry, open single, otherwise open multi. Find your
pilot's name (Mine's cubes, so that's what I'd look for). There will be some
files associated with your player: a .plr file for your player stats, and when
you start a campaign a .css file to mark you have played a campaign, and
sometimes a .csg file which records directives and such that you've accomplished
through the campaign, I assume the game sends you to alternate versions of
levels this way. These look like this: CuBes.FreeSpace.csg, CuBes.FreeSpace.css,
CuBes.plr. Select all of these which have your callsign in front and make a
copy. You should make a backup folder to copy these to, such as
FreeSpace/Backup. You can also rename pilots this way. Instead of using X.plr,
change X to a different name (e.g. Backup.FreeSpace.csg, Backup.FreeSpace.css,
Backup.plr). Back-Ups will help ensure you get everything, and help avoid the
nasty glitch that wipes out all your player info.

--Custom Callsigns: If you want to add in special characters that the game won't
allow in your callsign, edit your pilot's name in the player folder.

--The mission log is something useful you can use while in mission to see what
kills you've gotten and what objectives you've completed. To access it, press
F4. The mission log has 3 parts:
 The objective screen displays what your objectives are and whether or not
you've completed them. It will always display Primary and Secondary objectives,
but Bonus objectives only appear on this screen when you've completed them.
Hidden Objectives will never appear on this screen. Uncompleted objectives are
represented by a white circle, complete by a greened in circle, and failed by a
red x-ed out circle.
 The message log displays all messages received in-mission, and at what time.
I don't ever use it, I don't find it helpful.
 The event log shows when objectives are satisfied, when enemy wings arrive and
depart, when ships arrive and depart, when ships are destroyed and by whom, but
unfortunately it only tells the name of the ships, not their class.

--The Four Glitches--

There are Four useful glitches I have found in the game, and I will make
reference to them throughout the guide so you may want to take note.

--The Infinite Weapons Glitch: if, on any level, you enter cheat mode (type in mission) then enable infinite weapons for yourself (hold
~ and press w), your ship will have infinite missiles and weapons energy on any
level until you exit FreeSpace or until you disable the code.

--The Cheat and Pass Glitch: if a level has no debriefing, then the campaign
will allow you to pass the level with cheats. Plus, if you used cheats to change
your weapons (Hold ~ and press 9 or 0, and hold Shift as well to cycle
backwards) to things such as Shivan Super Lasers or Cluster Babies, you get to
keep those when you go to the next level. When customizing your loadout on these
levels, I recommend using a fast ship. I also recommend giving your teammates
virtually harmless weapons (i.e. Disruptor Cannon, D-Advanced, Disruptor Missile
or no missile); this will ensure you get most if not all kills, and you won't
risk losing points by removing teammates. I've listed the levels that have no
debriefing below.

Exodus (Yup, only one in the ST Campaign) - this is a special case, read below.

--The Warp-In Glitch: As a capital ship is warping in, you can go through its
hull until it reaches the point where it's out of the vortex completely (and
it begins to slow its velocity). This feature was added so in the event that
you were in the path of a ship warping in, you wouldn't have the misfortune
of being smashed at warp speed (you know what that's like if you've been in the
path of a ship warping out). However, if you are still within the ship's hull
when the vortex closes, you will remain unharmed, and will be able to fly
around freely throughout the ship's hull, as long as you can keep up with the
ship as it is slowing down from warp speed. When you are inside the ship, you
can do many things, such as enter the fighter bays, destroy turrets, destroy
the ship, or destroy fighters (they can't fight back). The following are
missions where this glitch can occur:

Silence All Voices
The Pursuit
The Wait
Secrets Revealed

--The NoClip Glitch: This glitch is rather tricky to pull off, and a bit hard to
explain, so bear with me. This glitch allows you to get inside the hull of a
ship just like the Warp-In Glitch does, but it does not require a ship to warp
in. There are some requirements in regard to the target ship however. First,
you will need to find a place where two parts of the ship meet at a 90 degree
angle or less (the smaller the better). Turrets, dishes, and other auxiliary
devices can also accomplish the goal, but you will probably be killed by the
amount of collisions using those. When you find a suitable angle, align your
ship so that the line where the two parts meet (the center of the angle) is
vertical on your HUD. Align your targeting reticule with that spot as well, and
when you are ready, fly into the angle (you will be colliding into it, don't
worry too much); afterburners aren't necessary, just use the increase speed
button (bound to A on the keyboard by default). You can also shoot yourself
backwards into the crack by detonating a missile near you, but this is risky and
it doesn't seem to work better. Anyway, after a brief moment of ramming, turn
your engine off. Unless your target ship is moving, keep your speed at zero. Now
look around; you are looking for a point of entry into the ship. It isn't hard
to see these; one minute the hull of the ship is visible, the next it isn't. If
this phenomenon happens, maneuver your ship into the area where the hull
disappeared; otherwise, try again. The following are ships susceptible to this

-Terran-   -Vasudan-   -Shivan-
Faustus     Typhon       Demon
 Orion                  Lucifer

|5yz Ace Badges & Rank/

--Ace Badges--
Nothing but fighter and bomber kills go towards getting Ace Badges. Thanks to
Dman4835 for getting me this info.

Ace - Have at least 60 fighter/bomber kills.

Double Ace - Have at least 150 fighter/bomber kills.

Triple Ace - Have at least 350 fighter/bomber kills.

The following is a list of all the different positions of rank, in the order
that you get them, plus the point range for each, and how many pins you have for
each one. If there is a - next to a number, it means one pin has no triangles on
it. If there is a + next to a number, it means there is a gold pin on that many
regular pins. Thanks to Basilisk for the points for each rank.

      RANK         POINTS          PINS

Ensign            0-4000            1
Lt. Junior Grade  4001-10000       -2
Lieutenant        10001-22000       2
Lt. Commander     22001-50000      -3
Commander         50001-150000      3
Captain           150001-400000     4
Commodore         400001-2000000   +1
Rear Admiral      2000001-5000000  +2
Vice Admiral      5000001-9000000  +3
Admiral           9000001<         +4

-5az-----------------------------[Point System]---------------------------------
I have finally found point values for the game. Now what remains is the
confusing question of how to get them.

The point system is a feature that determines your rank. It adds up a hidden
value, points, to come up with your rank. You acquire points by doing
certain things in the game, which I have labeled further down. Points awarded
multiply or divide depending on your skill level. According to the wiki at
hard-light, the skill-to-points ratio is as follows:

Very Easy : 0.2
Easy      : 0.4
Medium    : 0.7
Hard      : 1.0
Insane    : 1.2

This means when you play on Hard difficulty, the points are face value,
otherwise multiply by the number listed to see the points you earn.

When an objective is worth points, the points are awarded when the objective is
complete. When an enemy ship is worth points, I assume you get them if you
destroy the ship, though you may get the points regardless. Another possibility
is that you earn points for the percent that you damage a ship, meaning if a
ship is worth 6 points and you do 50% of the damage, 3 points will be awarded to
you. I don't know how the points are awarded for your allies and your own ship,
I assume the percent of remaining hull strength is taken and multiplied by the
assigned point value, meaning if your ship is worth 10 points and you have 10%
hull integrity when you jump out, you'll receive 1 point for it.

-5bz-------------[Points & Kills List for Single Player Levels]-----------------
This section lists each level in chronological order, and lays out the points
and kills for each. Also listed are details of possible kills on the level and
all mission objectives, including hidden ones. Note that in Silent Threat, only
one level awards points for objectives. Any enemies that aren't listed but are
in the level are important ships that YOU CAN'T KILL! I like to complete all
mission objectives on each level, and get the more uncommon kills before I get
the common ones, but you can do it however you like. Note that all details here
refer only to the Silent Threat campaign, unless otherwise specified.

-5cz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--1 Mission Objective: 1 Primary (Clear area of all witnesses)

--28 kills, 18 f/b: 4 Anubis Vasudan fighters, 2 Horus Vasudan interceptors, 2
                    Seth Vasudan fighters, 1 Satis Vasudan freighter, 3 Ulysses
                    Terran fighters, 3 Isis Vasudan transports, 4 Hercules
                    Terran fighters, 3 Thoth Vasudan fighters, 1 Ma'at Vasudan
                    freighter, 1 Faustus Terran science cruiser, 4 Watchdog
                    Terran sentry guns.

Points Given:   Hostiles: Leo Wing(4) - 6 each, Libra(2) - 10 each, Virgo(2)
                          worth 8 each, Gemini(3) - 14 ea., Theta(4) - 10 each,
                          Zeta(3) - 10 each, Aries 1-3 = 15 each, PVFR Satis
                          17, 18, and Omega - worth 20 each, PVT Pisces worth 15
                          PVC Aten 16 - 80, 4 Fermi SG - 3 each, GTC Fermi worth
                 Friends: Alpha wingmen(3) - 10 each, Beta(4) - 10 each, Iota(4)
                          worth 12 each, 4 Fermi SG - 3 each, GTC Fermi worth 50
                          GTD Intrepid - 1000, Alpha 1 worth 10 points

Aten 16, Satis 17, Satis 18 all appear before mission and die at 0 seconds. The
level design is supposed to prevent Aries 2 from getting killed; ignore Aries 2.
Either the Faustus is an enemy or a friend for the mission, you can't have both,
but you can decide which you'd like. In order for the Faustus (the GTC Fermi)
and the surrounding watchdog sentries to remain friendly, ensure Aries 3 doesn't
dock with the GTC Fermi. If you'd like the Fermi and sentries to be hostile,
first disarm Aries 3, lower its health to about 3 percent, then allow it to dock
with the GTC Fermi (damage dealt to Aries 3 when docked will also be dealt to
the Fermi). If the Fermi or its sentries detect attacks towards them, they will
open fire (and probably destroy Aries 3, but don't count on it). After the dock,
wait a while and the Fermi and watchdog sentries will turn hostile (easy to tell
when you are close because they fire at you). Both of these ships have
destructive explosions; Aries 3 will deal about 50% damage to the Fermi when it
blows up, and if you destroy the Fermi before the watchdogs, its explosion will
wipe them all out. Since this mission is the first one in the campaign, you can
pass it with any kills or stats you'd like, then reset the campaign and get the
others (you don't lose the stats you achieved last time in the level). If you
pass your primary objective before 5:30 elapsed time, but stay until after
this, you pass regardless of when the Intrepid appears and command says you fail
(the debriefing isn't nice either, but you can hit the accept button without
consequence). This is probably the only way to get points for these friendly
ships. If you haven't passed your primary objective by time the Intrepid
appears, you'll fail the mission. If you allow other ships (mainly freighters)
jump out, you will fail the mission. This is the only level with Horus, Ulysses,
Ma'at, Watchdog, and Satis kills. This is the only level in both Silent Threat
and the Main Freespace Campaign with Watchdog or Ulysses kills.

-5dz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
					    :THE PURSUIT:

--1 Mission Objective: 1 Primary (Eliminate all vessels in area)

--35 kills, 15 f/b: 3 Seth, 4 Amun Vasudan bombers, 4 Thoth, 4 Anubis, 4 Ankh
                    Vasudan SentryGuns, 8 Vac 4 Vasudan Cargo Containers, 1
                    Isis, 4 Aten Vasudan cruisers, 1 Faustus , 2 Hermes Terran
                    Escape Pods.

Points Given:   Hostiles: Virgo(3) - 8 ea, Libra(4) - 15 ea, Leo(4) - 14 ea,
                          Gemini(4) - 8 ea, Ankh*4 = 4 ea, Vac4*8 = 3 ea, all
                          Atens worth 80 ea, Aries 2 worth 15, GTSC Einstein
                          worth 50, both escape pods worth 10 each.
                 Friends: Alpha 2-4 = 10 ea, Beta(4) - 17 ea, Gamma(4) - 12 ea,
                          Alpha 1 worth 12.

Only level with Vac4 cargo and Aten cruiser kills. Destroying the Cargo has no
consequences. To get the Einstein's kill, shoot it until it's below 50%. Don't
bother with the escape pods; there are easier opportunities later. The
Einstein's explosion will destroy you within 3500 meters.

-5ez- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--1 Mission Objectives: 1 Primary (Escort escape pods until retrieval)

--15 kills, 15 f/b: 12 Manticore Shivan interceptors, 3 Seraphim Shivan bombers.

Points Given:   Hostiles: All fighters (even unknowns) worth 12 each, Kali(3)
                          worth 15.
                 Friends: Alpha(3) - 10 ea, Tyr(4) - 12 ea, Roskva(4) - 12 ea,
                          Einstein Pods worth 10 ea, GTD worth 1000, GTD
                          Myrmidon worth 1000, Alpha 1 worth 12.

You will encounter unknown Terran fighters in this mission; a wing of these,
Scald, will turn hostile. These fighters don't go towards your kills, but they
do go towards points, as do the friendly wings of the same fighters. If you let
either escape pod die, you fail the mission.

-5fz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
						:ON THE RUN:

--2 Mission Objectives: 2 Primary (Scientists Successfully Escaped)
                                  (Ratna Successfully Escaped)

--28 kills, 28 f/b: 14 Manticore, 5 Shaitan Shivan bombers, 3 Seraphim, 3 Amun,
                    2 Basilisk Shivan fighters, 1 Dragon Shivan fighter

Points Given:   Hostiles: Bheema 3 is worth 18 points.
                 Friends: Zeta 2 worth 20 points.

Only level with Shaitan kills. Not much here worth points; either collect what
you can, or don't bother at all. Don't fail either primary objective or you fail
the mission. If either the PVFR Gemini or the Ratna get destroyed, you will fail
the mission. Also if the Gemini gets disabled you fail.

-5gz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--2 Mission Objectives: 1 Primary (Destroy Hellfire)
				1 Secondary (Destroy all enemy fighters)

--13 kills, 9 f/b: 9 Manticore, 3 Cain Shivan cruisers, 1 Lilith Shivan cruiser.

Points Given:   Hostiles: All fighters worth 12 each, cruisers worth 150 each.
                 Friends: Alpha 1-3 worth 12 ea, Alpha 4 worth 10. Beta(4)- 4 ea
                          Gamma(4) - 10 ea, Delta(4) - 15 each.

Destroy all enemies, fairly simple. You fail if you die or jump out before the
cruisers are destroyed.

-5hz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--3 Mission Objectives: 2 Primary (Retrieve the science station)
                                  (Destroy the science station)
				1 Bonus (Destroy Vasudan Destroyer)

--62 kills, 52 f/b: 52 Thoth, 8 Ankh, 1 Typhon Vasudan destroyer, 1 Faustus.

Points Given:   Hostiles: 52 Thoths worth 14 ea, 8 Ankhs worth 4 ea, Ptah - 1000
                          Giordano - 50.
                 Friends: Alpha(4) - 12 ea, Delta(3) - 10 ea, Epsilon 1 and 2
                          worth 10 ea, Giordano worth 50 points.

Only level with Typhon kill. To get the Faustus kill, ensure both Epsilon 1 and
2 are destroyed. You can save or destroy the Giordano without penalty;
destroying it may be easier. That second primary objective is only valid when
you fail the first. I suggest focusing on destroying the Ptah. You can call all
wingmen to cover you, and you may want to use the NoClip glitch. To get all the
Thoth kills, you should use the NoClip glitch.

-5iz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--4 Mission Objectives: 2 Primary (Protect the cargo containers)
                                  (Protect the transports)
                        1 Secondary (Stop the Pirate Iota 7)
                        1 Bonus (Protect the escape pods)

--36 kills, 31 f/b: 9 Seraphim, 5 Manticore, 6 Seth, 6 Hercules, 5 Basilisk,
                    4 Chronos Terran freighters, 1 Arcadia Terran installation

Points Given: Objectives: Primary (Protect the cargo containers) - 75 Points
                          Primary (Protect the transports) - 75 points
                          Secondary (Stop the Pirate Iota 7) - 100 points
                          Bonus (Protect the escape pods) - 50 points
                Hostiles: Each Bheema worth 12, Rama(5) - 12 ea, Zen 1 and 2
                          worth 8 each, Zen 3 worth 10, Zen 4 - 14, Shi 3 and
                          4 worth 6 each, Ryu 2-4 and Shi 1+2 worth 10, Ryu 1
                          worth 12, Arjuna(5) - 10 ea, GTFR Pandarus + Dionysus
                          and Aegis + Persephone all worth 20 each, Talus - 1000
                 Friends: Alpha(3) - 10, Beta(4) - 12, Delta(4) - 15, Escape
                          Pods(8) - 10 ea, GTC Leto - 100, TAC(10) - 5 ea, all
                          freighters worth 20 each.

Just go after uncommon kills on this level, don't worry about the escape pods.
Scrambled ships on your radar aren't worth kills, but they should unscramble
eventually. When the first wing of freighters warp in, scan and destroy the
Pandarus. When the second wave of freighters come, do the same for freighters
Aegis, Dionysis, and Persephone (these are two of the same name). Find the ship
with the space before its name to find the right one (i.e. "GTFR  Aegis" opposed
to "GTFR Aegis"). To pass the mission you must pass both primary objectives;
don't let a single friendly freighter or the cargo of said freighters die.

-5jz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--1 Mission Objective: 1 Primary (Escort Iota through the asteroid field.)

--24 kills, 24 f/b: 18 Manticore, 3 Seraphim, 3 Basilisk.

Points Given:   Hostiles: Arjuna(3* 4 waves), Vishnu(3), and Rama(3) fighters
                          worth 12 points each, Krishna(3) - 25 ea, Indra(3)
                          worth 15 each.
                 Friends: Alpha(3) - 12 ea, Iota 2-3 = 20 each, Iota 1 - 100,
                          GTSG Watchdog(7) - 3, TAC1 5 and TAC1 6 - worth 5 each

Focus solely on destroying enemies as soon as they start arriving. Most enemies
will go after Iota 1 or Alpha 1. Krishna 3 (in the second wing of Manticores) is
kamikaze and will go after a freighter. Save at least 1 Iota ship to pass the
mission; it can be any of them.

-5kz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--2 Mission Objectives: 2 Primary (Protect the Destroyer)
					    (Protect the escape pods)

--17 kills, 16 f/b: 13 Loki Terran fighters, 3 Zeus Terran bombers, 1 Leviathan
                    Terran cruiser.

Points Given:   Hostiles: Geri(2) - 25 ea, all other Lokis worth 12 each,
                          Buri(3) - 18 each, Vidar worth 15.
                 Friends: Alpha 1&2 - 12 ea, Alpha 3 - 10 ea, Beta(3) - 10 ea,
                          Hermes(8) - 10 ea, Krios - 1000 points.

Don't worry about the Krios, it dies no matter what, but go after the Zeus
bombers because there are very few available to destroy in the campaign. Your
primary objective is set up to fail, but you can protect the escape pods easily.
This level is interesting, and I can't quite figure it out. Your ship, weapons,
and wingmen will all be different from those you picked in the last level, which
is completely backwards for a red-alert level. I assume this level inherits
these things from the main Freespace campaign, so if you used the Cheat and Pass
glitch to get good weapons there, you should have them on this level. More to
come on this later; if you don't mind, send me info. Anyway, in this level, you
can let all escape pods but one die without consequence.

-5lz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
				     :THE RETURN TO ROSS 128:

--3 Mission Objectives: 2 Primary (Inspect Remaining Wreckage)
                                  (Destroy the GTI craft.)
				1 Secondary (Destroy all remaining Shivans)

--31 Kills, 28 f/b: 9 Manticore, 3 Basilisk, 2 Dragon, 11 Loki, 3 Hercules,
                    2 Leviathan, 1 Lilith.

Points Given:   Hostiles: Krishna(3), Arjuna(6), and Vishnu(3) worth 12 ea,
                          Rama(2) worth 25 ea, Bragi(3) + Scald(4) worth 10 ea,
                          Geri(4) worth 12 ea, Hrid(3) worth 10, Odin - 100,
                          Vili - 100, Singamugam - 150.
                 Friends: Alpha(4) - 12 ea, Beta(4) - 12 ea.

The first primary objective is bogus and goes away seconds into the game. After
this, your objectives are to destroy all enemy ships. You need to destroy all
GTI ships to pass, but you don't need to destroy all Shivans. You can either let
the GTI and Shivans fight for a while and finish off the survivors by powering
down and having your friends protect you, or you can pick off enemies of your
choice such as the Leviathans and Hercs. 

-5mz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
						 :THE WAIT:

--3 Mission Objectives: 1 Primary (Retrieve the Shivan cargo)
				1 Secondary (Destroy all Shivan forces)
                        1 Hidden (Patrol area for Shivan activity)

--16 kills, 8 f/b: 8 Manticore, 2 Mephisto Shivan freighters, 1 Asmodeus Shivan
                   freighter, 1 Azrael Shivan transport, 1 Cain, 2 SC5 Shivan
                   cargo containers, 1 SAC2 Shivan cargo container.

--Points Given: Hostiles: Rama(4) and Arjuna(4) - 12 ea, freighters - 30 ea,
                          Asura 3 worth 10, Asura 5 (the Cain) worth 150.
                 Friends: Alpha(4) - 12 ea, Beta(4) - 12 ea, Paris & Hector &
                          Priam worth 20 each.

Only level with Mephisto, Asmodeus, Azrael, SC5, SAC2 kills. You can ignore the
primary objective here, you don't need to bother saving the cargo.

-5nz- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--3 Mission Objectives: 3 Primary (Capture GTI Installation)
                                  (Destroy the GTI Installation)
                                  (Destroy Unknown Vessel)

--1115 kills, 1101 f/b: 1098 Loki, 3 Zeus, 6 Hermes, 2 Poseidon Terran
                        freighters, 1 Chronos, 2 TC2 Terran cargo containers,
                        1 TAC1 Terran cargo container, 1 Arcadia, 1 Hades Terran

Points Given:   Hostiles: Scald(4) - 12 each, all other Lokis worth 10 each,
                          Buri 1&2 - 18 ea, Buri 3 worth 15, Hermes(6) - 10 ea,
                          3 freighters worth 20 ea, Cargo 1 worth 5 points,
                          Jotunheim worth 1000, Hades worth 5000.
                 Friends: Alpha(4) - 12 ea, Beta(4) - 20 ea, Epsilon 1-4 worth
                          10, Epsilon 5&6 worth 20, Iota(6) - 10 ea, Gamma(4)
                          worth 10 ea, Orff worth 100. 

Make sure you go after at least one Poseidon at the beginning of the mission to
ensure a kill of that type, and go after the Chronos's cargo. This mission is
the reason I discovered the NoClip Glitch; it is practically necessary to
survive the mission. Enter the Jotunheim on the big part of it, in the square-
ish section with "support beams". It should be facing you and toward the left as
you start the mission. When the Hades jumps in, enter it by flying into the
space where an engine is connected to a large bar attached to the ship. I found
this initially by using StrikerKid's guide, so for details on the spot, look at
his guide. When you are in either ship you can easily destroy the horde of
enemies they launch at you. There is a catch to this though; you will not be
able to kill all of the enemies on this level because of a weird glitch
regarding the number of kills you have. It seems that when you get to 350 kills,
some time after this the game will crash unexpectedly. I haven't been able to
find the cause of this glitch or the exact number you should stop at. To be safe
just make sure you don't get more than 350 kills, and go after the more uncommon
kills first. Only level with Poseidon, TC2, TAC1, Hades kills. This is the only
level in both the Silent Threat campaign or the Main Freespace Campaign with a
Hades kill. Zeus bombers appear around when the Hades jumps in; they go after
your reinforcements and if you want their kills, you should dispatch of them.
The Hermes escape pods will wander away from the battle and you can kill them
after destroying all other threats. The first objective (capture installation)
is changed to the second (destroy installation) a few seconds into the mission.

|6yz FAQ /

No questions so far. Send any to my e-mail at the top of the page.

Also, if you get any information not covered here, I'd appreciate the tip.
So I can give recognition, make sure and tell me your handle (and the person you
got the info from, I don't want legal issues).

|7yz Links /

I hope this section grows, and I may incorporate some of these pages into one I
create, though they won't be the same. You may want to check Wikipedia as well.
- The developer's website, it has basic game info and downloads.
- The publishing company's website; It has guides, screens, and other stuff.
- The place for multiplayer things, including servers, accounts, etc.
- A pretty reliable source for basic FreeSpace stuff.
- A pretty good readme for the game.
- The FreeSpace Oracle. Has tons of stuff in it, some is not there anymore.
- Has old FreeSpace stuff, which is pretty good. Doesn't seem maintained,
  and it will probably die soon.

- A cool site with a FreeSpace wiki and other neat things.
- A pretty awesome page. Includes pictures, downloads, etc.
- This one is my personal web space. It's in development. Check it out!
|8yz Special Thanks & Conclusion/
I hope this guide was satisfactory in every way possible. If not please E-mail
me and tell me why and I will fix the problem. Any feedback will be appreciated.
I want to bring people the best guide possible.

First, I want to thank myself for making this guide.

Second, I want to thank my parents for bringing me into existence.

Third, I would like to thank my ancestors, for if they were any different I may
not exist.

Fourth, I would like to thank the celestial process which took place before
humans were on this planet whatever that may be, for if it had not happened I
would not exist. ;)

Fifth, I would like to thank the developers, coders, artists, musicians, and all
the other people who put time away from their life to make this game.

Sixth, I would like to thank CJayC for starting GameFAQs, for if he hadn't, this
guide and many others would not exist.

Seventh, I would like to thank GameFAQs and all the other great sites for
accepting this FAQ/Guide.
And lastly, I would like to thank the reader for using my guide. And this
especially goes to anyone who gives me feedback. Here is a list of helpful

redalert19243: For requesting a medal list on the message boards, for if he
               hadn't, this guide would not exist.

Razoriel: Gave me an innovation about making a basis for the point system.

Basilisk: Among many things, he has given me the points for the ranks.

Dman4835: For pinpointing the Ace Badges kills and helping me identify an error
          in my Ace Badge ranking system.

Valkyerie: Gave me missing info in the rank section.

Bobotheking: Pointed me to a program that helps get the point values and makes
             the missions easier to dissect.
If you give me help of any kind or give me any information chances are good your
name will be on this list too! 'Twas an honor to make this FAQ and a privilege
to present it!!!111!11!1111one! I hope it was very useful to you!

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