Delta Force 2 (walkthrough)

Delta Force 2

                               |     |
                               | /|  |
                               |/ | /
                               / / /  
                              / / / / 
                             / / /_ | 
                            / /|   #/|  
                           / / |  ## |   
                          / /  |     |    
                         /  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^            
   %%%%   %%%%  %   %%%%%%  %%       %%%%   %%   %%%%   %%%  %%%%   ///""\
   @   @  @     @     @@   @  @      @     @  @  @  @  @     @          ///
   @   @  @@@   @     @@   @@@@      @@@   @  @  @@@   @     @@@       //
   @   @  @     @     @@   @  @      @     @  @  @ @   @     @        //
   %%%%   %%%%  %%%%  @@   %  %      %      %%   @  @   %%%  %%%%    //
                              For PC
                          Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                         Created: 01/23/04
                       Last Update: 01/07/05
                    Copyright 2005 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Out of the numerous first person shooter games I have played, Delta Force 2 
has truly been one of the more interesting ones. Unlike Doom, or games where 
blasting the crud out of your enemies was important, Delta Force 2 places 
priorities on following orders, and completing missions. Despite several 
apparent glitches during gameplay, it will always hold a special place in my 
heart. The following FAQ/Walkthrough will contain strategies, tips, or brief 
step-by-step instructions on how to complete each mission. There are also 
thorough walkthroughs for both campaigns, additional information on 
multiplayer online play, and pretty much the ultimate guide for this game. 
Enjoy, and take the tangos out!

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=01/07/05= v Final
Haven't touched the game since finishing the guide, but it's still one of 
those games that will stick in my gaming memory. Gotta love the rampant 
cheating, hehe.

=01/27/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. It's pretty much done in its entirety. Surprisingly 
completed the guide WAY before my deadline. Full walkthrough on quick missions 
and campaign available. Additional info on multiplayer, codes, and even a few 
history questions answered. Enjoy.

=01/23/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Going to take me at least 2-3 weeks to complete. Several 
missions I must test through and play. Also, going to have to acquire 
information by playing the game, jotting down notes, then transferring them to 
the FAQ.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Player's HUD
             > Basic Elements
          3) Equipment
             > Weapons
             > Accessories
          4) Quick Missions
             > Guides for each mission
          5) Campaigns
             > Operation Common Resolve
             > Operation Global Enforcement
          6) Multiplayer
             > Game Modes
             > Strategies
             > Patches/Troubleshooting
          7) Codes
          8) Common Questions
          9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          10) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Delta Force 2 is a game modeled after the real-life operating unit (although 
the U.S. Government will always deny it) - Delta Force. Basically, you take 
role of an elite squad composed of the world's best forces who combat against 
terrorism and all forms of opposing parties that prove to be a threat for the 
world. Whether it be recovering an important document, or stopping the world 
from utter destruction, some of the most classified operations occur under 
this elite group called Delta Force. The original game developed by Novalogic 
was sort of a small time hit, sparking controversy of a decent first person 
shooter - with combined elements of real military experience. Unfortunately, 
the original fell fairly short when it came to actual depth.

Now, Delta Force 2 is a whole new arena as players can engage in numerous 
scenarios, and even play online with up to 50 people in a game. Improved 
graphics, better sound effects, and possible situations will keep you on the 
edge of your seat. The game isn't the most popular FPS out there, but it has 
some key aspects that might draw you to it over another blasting game. Since 
most of this game is based on real-life military forces, you'll find numerous 
weapons that only the military will use. Firing bullets from long distances 
will eventually cause the bullet to sag from natural gravity, creating a real 
effect seen in war. You're part of the elite, and now it's time to serve your 

Here's a brief excerpt from the official website (credit to Novalogic):

You're a member of the U.S. Army's best kept secret: the elite SPECIAL 
OPERATIONS unit known as Delta Force, formed to battle terrorism throughout 
the world. When the best of the rest can't handle the op, you're called into 
action. Can you handle the job?

Basically, it's pretty much a combat simulator that's more realistic than per 
say your average Half-Life or Duke Nukem shooter. You don't have a hit point 
bar, where your health will slowly increase. If you're shot in the head, 
you'll be face down in the ground. Deal with the threats, and succeed on your 

##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-50 (with online support on NovaWorld's server)
Developer: Novalogic
Released: 1999
Rarity: very uncommon
Special Features: online support, additional mission editor included
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows sword piercing a triangle (insignia of Delta Force) with logo and 
bullet-holed box

     + Pentium II processor or higher (266 mhz or better should do)
     + SVGA Video Card
     + 150 MB (minimum install), 450 MB (maximum install)
     + 4x speed CD-ROM
     + 64 MB RAM


- 2) Game Basics           -
Unfortunately, Delta Force 2 plays much more like an open-end shooter, than a 
closed in one. What I mean by this is that most of your combat will take place 
in open rural areas. You'll literally jog through miles of serene landscape, 
attacking exposed enemy bases and tangos. This is NOT a close combat game. For 
the most part, your targets will be engaged from distances ranging from 25 to 
300+ meters. Thus, it's more of a commando simulator than an actual engagement 
game. Play accordingly, but get use to where all of the "default" keys are 
placed. Any of these keys can be customized in the game's options menu under 
keyboard mappings.
/Keyboard Controls/
     left arrow - strafes player to the left
     right arrow - strafes player to the right
     forward arrow - moves straight
     down arrow - moves back
     Page Down - prones
     End - crouches
     Delete - stands
     Space Bar - jumps (recommend using Keypad 0 for this function)
     Ctrl - fires
     S - brings up scope
     Shift - walks
     Backspace - cycles through weapons
     B - brings out binoculars
     1 - knife
     2 - sidearm
     3 - primary weapon #1
     4 - primary weapon #2
     5 - primary weapon #3
     6 - secondary weapon
     7 - auxiliary gear
     8 - detonator
     9 - grenades
     0 - laser designator
     ] - zoom in  (commander map on bottom right corner of screen)
     [ - zoom out (commander map on bottom right corner of screen)
     T - enter a message to speak to other players
     Y - enter a team-only message for other players
     W - selects next waypoint
     A - audio command (10 to choose from)
     V - selects another video resolution
     D - drops current item
     M - changes magazine
     P - looks up
     L - looks down
     ; - turns right
     . - turns left
     Tab - forwards to next observer
     O - orders
     R - brings up recent messages
     F - alternates between team identification tags
     G - brings up current mission goals
     C - brings up commander's screen 
     H - turbo
     Q - selects next flag (only in multiplayer capture the flag games)
     Home - brings up host screen (only in multiplayer if hosting a game)
     X - increases scope zero
     Z - decreases scope zero
     N - turns on/off nightvision
     I - prints current screen
/Mouse Controls/
     mouse scroll - looks around
     left click (mouse 1) - fires, executes command
     right click (mouse 2) - secondary function/scope
     mouse 3 button - prone

/Player's HUD/
In every first person shooter, there's usually a HUD, or layout of the screen 
that designates where all of your critical details belong, and where they're 
organized. In many cases, you'll have a small guidance map, or important text 
appear in certain positions. The same goes with DF2, but it's necessary to 
know what each part of the screen stands for. The following is a picture of 
what the screen layout looks like:
  |                                     |                                   |
  | Orders, displays normal messages    | Commands/important messages       |
  |                                                                         |
  |                                                                         |
  |                                                                         |
  |                                                                         |
  |                          player's view                                  |
  |                                                                         | 
  |                                     |                                   |
  |                                  --   --   <-- crosshair                |
  |                                     |                                   |
  |                                                                         |
  |                                                                         |
  |                                                                         |
  |  current         |player  |              | Current waypoint|    MINI    |
  |   weapon picture | stance |   Player     | Heading         |     MAP    |
  |------------------|        |    Name      | Grid Coordinate | with       |
  |Name of weapon    |---------  Wind speed  | Range           |  compass   |
  |------------------|special |              | Elevation       |   waypoint |
  |bullets bar |clips| items  |              |/////////////////|  directions|

 - This is where most of the in-game action will take place. You basically aim 
your weapons by moving the crosshair over a target, and pressing the fire 
button. The map is useful for telling you where to go. The current waypoint is 
designated with a brown dot pointing to its location.

 - BULLETS BAR shows a graphic display of how full your current clip is. When 
the orange bar decreases all the way down, your player will reload a new clip.

/Basic Elements/
There are a few key tasks you must learn how to accomplish in Delta Force 2 
before you attempt to play through the game like a professional soldier. Each 
of these events takes time and must be practiced fully to master. Once you 
learn all of the basic ideas of accomplishing missions, then the game will 
turn into a breeze.

                     @@@""''--> Firing at Targets <--''""@@@
     -- To shoot a target, use your mouse and move it in the direction of 
where you want the crosshair to go. Then, press CTRL or the Mouse 1 Button to 
fire your current weapon at the target. If done correctly, bullets will be 
fired at the enemy you're aiming at.

     -- At longer distances, it takes some estimation to kill a target. When 
you start to hit any distance of 250 meters+, you must aim slightly above the 
person's head to hit them. Due to gravity and the distance of the shot, 
bullets will arch downward based on how far you shoot from. So, a 600 M shot 
means you usually have to double the distance aimed above your target.

     TRADITIONAL SHOT (250 meters or less)     SNIPER SHOT (250 or more)
               |                                          |
             -###-                                      -   -
              #|#                                         |

                                                         # #

     -- Once you get down the aiming parts of the game, it'll greatly increase 
your chances of completing a mission.

     -- Certain weapons have greater muzzle power upon firing. A sniper rifle 
does not have to be aimed as far up, since it's designed for long distance 
shots. However, a pistol needs great elevation to hit targets at the same 

                     @@@""''--> Map/Waypoints <--''""@@@
     -- In the lower right corner of the screen is a small map. Use this to 
figure out where to go on each mission. Any circle that has a line through it 
is usually a tango (or person). Wherever the line is pointing is where that 
figure is looking. You should see a brown-filled dot somewhere on the map. 
Follow this dot, and it will take you to the nearest waypoint. A waypoint is a 
set direction or coordinate where the commander wants you to be. Most missions 
have waypoints, except for free open battle (like online multiplayer).

     -- Once you walk over a waypoint, it will be completed, and the next one 
will show up. There are usually objectives to follow, so listen to the mission 
briefings carefully. You can cycle through waypoints by pressing " W ", that 
way you don't have to step on every single waypoint on a mission.

                     @@@""''--> Destroying Structures <--''""@@@

     -- Certain objects in the game can be destroyed by using explosive 
weapons. There 4 main weapons you will use in DF2 that destroy targets, 
special vehicles, and structures:

                [1] - LAW (or rocket launcher) - aim with the reticle, then
                                                 fire at the target

                [2] - Satchel Charges - drop a satchel charge inside or near
                                        the structure, pull out your detonator
                                        and click it to set off the charge

                [3] - Grenades - usually the weakest, takes 1-3 grenades to
                                 destroy the target

                [4] - Air/Artillery Strikes - only available on certain
                                              missions pull out the laser
                                              designator, right click it, then
                                              left click and keep the laser
                                              focused on the correct target

                     @@@""''--> Common Military Terms <--''""@@@

     ALPHA - primary unit that usually provides recon/sniper support
     BRAVO - the unit you play as in DF2, performs all main objective tasks
     CHARLIE - backup unit that provides additional cover
     KING SIX - command center that issues orders
     BLACK WIDOW - stealth helicopter that retrieves/inserts you on points
     WP - waypoint
     TANGO - enemy target/personnel
     COPPERHEAD - artillery/air strike plane

>>> Most military units are designated with names above to cover 
their "secrecy." If someone intercepted a radio call, they wouldn't actually 
be hearing "Go destroy the target with a deadly bomb strike." Instead, 
alternate names like these are used to make it sound like a casual activity.

>>> Objectives in the game are randomly assigned names that fit their 
description. For example, a lost nuclear weapon mission might be 
called "Broken Arrow."


- 3) Equipment             -
Every soldier needs state-of-the-art technology to keep them up to date with 
warfare. Delta Force 2 features traditional military styled equipment, but 
with a few new knock-ons included. A soldier's equipment is composed of his 
primary weapon, secondary weapon, and usually side accessories (grenades, 
kevlar vest, extra ammo, LAW rocket launcher). When combined, you have a fully 
equipped person who can handle specific scenarios in certain situations.

/Primary Weapons/
These are every soldier's best friend. Your primary weapon is one that will be 
used the most in your inventory. It should match the mission's objectives, and 
be something that you're skilled with using. Primary weapons usually have 
large clips, plenty of range, and consist of various types, sniper rifles, or 
smaller sub machine guns.

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ M4 Carbine, Grenade ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 30
    - Range: 500 M
    - Versatility: ****
    - Power: ****
    "This is your prototypical assault rifle with an add-on grenade launcher. 
Great for reaching long targets with the trajectory launcher (that has 
explosive damage). The gun has fairly long range, yet variating modes between 
semi-automatic and three-round burst fire. Great overall selection."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ M4 Carbine, Shotgun ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 30
    - Range: 500 M
    - Versatility: ***
    - Power: ****
    "Unlike the previous gun, this carbine rifle has an added-on shotgun. 
Basically, you get a much better close combat weapon for those situations that 
involve numerous tangos, or room sweeping. Unfortunately, without the add-on 
grenade launcher, it's hard to pelt far away sniper, or prone enemies. The 
shotgun is also fairly useless on multiplayer games since most of your combat 
is wide open. The shotgun is only useful up to 50 meters. It's also pump 
action, meaning there's a partial reload time per shot."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ M249 SAW ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 200
    - Range: 800 M
    - Versatility: ****
    - Power: ***
    "If you've ever wanted to be Rambo, now's your chance. The SAW machine gun 
is a belt-fed automatic/semi-automatic machine gun that features a huge clip 
along with a fast rate of fire. The great thing about this baby is that it's 
perfect for online play. You can jog along hills while sending out hundreds of 
shots. Unfortunately, it tends to have a large amount of recoil which shoots 
down it's accuracy. You're only limited to 2 clips without an extra ammo 

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Barret .50 Sniper Rifle ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 8
    - Range: 1500 M
    - Versatility: **
    - Power: *****
    "Quite possibly the most powerful sniper rifle in the world, no wonder why 
the Barret has a .50 caliber drum. One shot from this gun can shred your body 
into several pieces. The Barret is the ultimate weapon for the perfect sniper. 
It features the greatest range of any primary weapon. Unfortunately, it's just 
a bolt reloading rifle that suffers from huge recoil. It's recommended that 
you prone when shooting this. Also, it's horrible in close combat because of 
it's bulky size and slow rate of fire."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ HK MP5 SD3 ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 30
    - Range: 100 M
    - Versatility: **
    - Power: **
    "Not a great weapon for online play. Very limited when it comes to range 
and power. Thankfully, you gain two advantages when using this sub machine 
gun. It does not leave any tracer bullets, which means enemies will not see 
where the bullets are coming from. Secondly, it's silenced, meaning there is 
no flash or sound exhibited upon firing. Superb for the ultimate stealth 
killer, but flawed otherwise."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ M40 Sniper Rifle ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 5
    - Range: 800 M
    - Versatility: ***
    - Power: ****
    "Another choice for the preferred sniper. The M40 is a camo-colored sniper 
rifle designed for rough jungle and swamp settings. When the going gets tough, 
this rifle will make sure it hits its target. Although it has a slow bolt 
action reload, and is not useful for close combat, the M40 is the ideal weapon 
for a ghille suit sniper. It has a medium-like range which let's you hit 
closer targets a tad easier."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Underwater Assault Rifle ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 26
    - Range: 100 M
    - Versatility: *
    - Power: **
    "Probably one of the worst weapons in the game, unless you're going to be 
engaging targets underwater. Fairly useless as it has a very limited range 
(bullets fall quite fast). Fairly weak, and a slower rate of fire than one 
would expect from an automatic rifle. Avoid this at all costs unless the 
mission requires it. Heck, it's not even silenced."

/Sidearm Weapons/
When your primary choice of a weapon is limited, your sidearm comes into play. 
Basically, a sidearm is a smaller sized gun (usually a pistol) designed for 
close combat, or sweeping of rooms. Their small size makes them easy to wield 
in small enclosures, and when you prefer speed over power.

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ SOCOM .45 ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 10
    - Range: 50 M
    - Versatility: ***
    - Power: ***
    "Your default sidearm of choice in most missions. The SOCOM is a quality-
designed pistol that provides a balance of power and accuracy. Utilized by 
most special forces around the world, no wonder why SOCOM has an exclusive 
deal with such military brigades. Great for engaging close targets, and still 
capable of taking down armored opponents."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ HK P11 Underwater Pistol ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 5
    - Range: 15 M
    - Versatility: *
    - Power: *
    "Reminds me of a broken water gun. The HK P11 is a modified pistol 
designed for underwater use. Most guns cannot be fired underwater as the 
barrels become inflated with water. However, this sidearm can fire underwater. 
Thankfully though, no missions should require you to use it. It has horrible 
range, a small clip, and lacking power."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ SOCOM .45 Suppressed ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 10
    - Range: 50 M
    - Versatility: ****
    - Power: **
    "Same as the original .45, except it's modified with a special suppressive 
silencer. Basically, no flash or sound is exhibited upon firing of the weapon. 
Great for missions that require a sense of stealth. Also leaves no traces 
which is good for not having your enemies chase you. Unfortunately, you lose a 
bit of the punch in each bullet since it's silenced."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Knife ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: Unlimited
    - Range: 3 M
    - Versatility: *
    - Power: ****
    "Did you ever slice a fish up in splendid delight? Probably not. But heck, 
this combat knife is designed for just that - death. This is a special combat 
knife with a nice titanium blade, and sturdy handle. Perfect for the stealthy 
kill as it doesn't produce any flash or sound whatsoever (unless you count the 
gurgling sound of your dying opponent). The knife is perfect for sneaking up 
on someone and slitting their throat. Unfortunately, you'll only have a few 
rare situations in the game where you can actually sneak up on someone 
undetected. So take delight while you have the chance. The knife is always 
equipped on your player, and can be selected by pressing 1 on the keyboard."

/Secondary Weapons/
Every soldier is equipped with a secondary weapon, or basically an accessory 
that assists them in completing their objective. Secondary weapons are not 
always an additional rifle or pistol, but rather a whole new object that can 
demonstrate unique abilities. Sometimes it's a rocket launcher, a trip mine, 
or something along these lines.

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Extra Ammo Box ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Usefulness: ***
    "Adds more clips to your bullet-based weapons. Usually provides a 25-50% 
boost in clips. Great in case you have to engage multiple enemies, or expect 
to not die while expending numerous amounts of cartridges."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ LAW Rocket Launcher ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 2 rockets
    - Range: 400 M
    - Versatility: ****
    - Power: *****
    "The ultimate weapon if you have to deal with armored convoys/structures 
while not getting to close. This is pretty much a rocket launcher that propels 
an explosive device towards a target, and explodes upon impact. Very useful 
for any mission that requires destroying structures. Its range is far, and it 
provides an explosive punch. If you want more than 2 rockets, you must take 2 
LAWs with you on a mission."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Satchel Charge ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 2 charges
    - Range: 0-25 meters around placement
    - Versatility: *
    - Power: *****
    "Pretty much your only 'bomb' device you'll acquire in DF2. In order to 
use a satchel charge, you must walk up to the target, select the satchel, then 
fire it to drop it next to the destination. Then, you must pull out your 
detonator, and click it to destroy the satchel. Charges provide the greatest 
explosion in Delta Force 2 (besides airstrikes), so run a bit before 
detonating them. They are designed for taking down heavy installations, so use 
them accordingly."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Claymore Trip Mine ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 2 mines
    - Range: 0-15 M in front of mine
    - Versatility: ***
    - Power: *****
    "Claymores are pretty much designed on your enemy's mistake. To utilize a 
claymore, set it on the ground where the forward direction is where it will 
explode. Claymores only cause explosive damage in a 180 degree direction. 
Then, you can either detonate them manually with a clicker device, or set it 
to a motion tracking mode where the enemy will detonate it upon walking near 
it. Either way causes one huge explosion."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Video Camera ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: 1 camera
    - Range: extra view
    - Usefulness: **
    "This is just a positional camera that gives you an additional camera 
angle visible on screen. To use the camera, walk up to a spot where you want 
it to be placed. Press the fire button to put it on the ground. Now right 
click to get a camera view pop-up window. You can rotate the camera to see the 
surrounding area. Only useful on missions where you're defending something 
special, and you want to ensure that no one breaches a perimeter. Other than 
that, fairly useless."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Artillery/Airstrike Laser ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Magazine: depends on mission
    - Range: the sky (depends where you look)
    - Versatility: ****
    - Power: *****
    "Another unique device that you get to use quite frequently on single 
player missions. Better known as the airstrike laser, you basically lase 
targets with an invisible beam. This beam is then used as coordinates for your 
allies to strike via an artillery gun or bombing run. To use the laser, right 
click it once to activate the laser. Then, place the center reticle on the 
target you want destroyed. Click it once to request a fire mission. Keep it 
focused on the target, and about 15-20 seconds later you'll hear a whooping 
sound (along with the most powerful explosion in the game). Great for taking 
out structures and/or hardware."

/Auxiliary Gear/
Although not quite the alternate weapon of choice, auxiliary gear is usually 
equipment designed with a special purpose to actually provide the soldier with 
some sort of special ability. In most cases, it's either a kevlar vest to stop 
bullet rounds, or an underwater breathing kit to sustain oxygen. Auxiliary 
equipment can be crucial in some cases since it completes the role of your 

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Ghille Suit ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Usefulness: ***
    "This is a special coating worn by the soldier over his traditional 
uniform. Primarily designed for hiding in rural settings on the ground, to 
match with the rest of the scenery. It's pretty much traditional camouflage. 
Automatically switches colors to match the scenery you're on (snow, 
swamplands, jungle)."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ LAR V Rebreather ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Usefulness: **
    "Most aquatic forces wear these special suits designed to help the 
operator breathe oxygen. It's pretty much a special device that recycles the 
air. Gives you the ability to breathe unlimited quantites of air underwater. 
Unfortunately, it's fairly useless after that since it makes your uniform all 
black. You're very noticeable to opposing forces. Only recommended on aqua-
based missions."

    ~{~}~{~}~{~}~ Kevlar Vest ~{~}~{~}~{~}~
    - Usefulness: ****
    "A kevlar vest is one that protects the user from low caliber bullets. 
This is worn on top of the soldier's uniform, and can stop a certain amount of 
bullet rounds aimed in the chest region. Other than that though, you're still 
exposed on your limbs and head area. Great for stopping sub machine gun and 
pistol rounds. But most sniper rifles can pierce through it."

    + You may also select these devices as auxiliary equipment:
         - Video Camera
         - Extra Ammo Box
         - LAW Rocket Launcher
         - Satchel Charge
         - Claymore Trip Mine

    + Finally, you have the choice of selecting fragmentation or delayed 
fragmentation grenades. Fragmentation explode upon arrival (less powerful), 
while delayed have a 5 second fuse (more powerful). Every soldier is equipped 
with grenades, regardless of their equipment layout. Delayed will explode 
instantly if they hit an object (radar dome, truck).


- 4) Quick Missions        -
Once you've started up Delta Force 2, and have created a soldier, you have 
several options to do what you desire. Quick Missions are single-player 
scenarios created by Novalogic that toss you into interesting situations. Each 
mission has a background story, and all of them are non-related. They're 
basically just exhibition matches that involve more shooting, and less plot 
development. The following section will list strategies on how to complete 
each mission.
+[Six of One]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# Central Asia, 1000 - Light Snow          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snow white                      | - M40 Sniper Rifle           |
# Special: Artillery Strikes Available     | - Satchel Charge x 2         |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Delayed Frag Grenades      |

- Six nerve gas scud missle launchers have been spotted. Destroy them before 
they launch.

Start off by following your waypoints towards the first set of launchers. 
Snipe the nearby patrols and tangos standing near the trucks. Then, run up to 
the launchers, and either destroy them with satchel charges or a grenade. 
Continue to the next WP, and finish off the other 2 launchers nearby. Watch 
out for several enemies on the left side. Continue onward until you see a 
large establishment. Search for a scud launcher outside of the base to the 
right, and destroy it. Pick off any exposed enemies inside the base. Now, head 
around back of the base (don't enter it), and find an opening in the fence. 
Target the last scud launcher in the middle with the artillery laser. Once 
destroyed, mission complete.

+[Stolen Goods]+---------------------------|==============================|
# Middle East, 2200 - Clear Skies          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Night time                      | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- A special NBC briefcase was stolen from a military escort by a paramilitary 
group. Infiltrate the enemy's camp, and retrieve the biocontaminant from this 

Follow the waypoints but do not engage any targets yet. Wait until you cross a 
corner and see a tent pitched in the ground. Now start engaging the enemies 
near the tent, then the patrols near the lower left canyon. Move on towards 
the next waypoint. Eventually, four men are going to sneak over the large hill 
to your right. Wait for them to jump down, then shoot them. The camp is 
located north in a slight indentation downward. Head down, eliminating any 
threats that expose themself. The NBC biological agent is located in the tent 
northernmost inside the enemy camp. Make sure you do not destroy this tent, 
otherwise the contaminant will be buried in debris. Once received, head for 
the extraction point towards the northern direction. About 4-5 snipers/enemies 
will be positioned on the hill. Take them out, then meet with Black Widow.

+[Front Runner]+---------------------------|==============================|
# East Africa, 0620 - Clear Skies          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Extra Ammo                 |

- Rebel forces hijacked a convoy of relief supplies intended for a local 
village. Assault the rebels' camp, rescue the drivers of this convoy, then 
escort the convoy to the extraction point.

You'll start off by being parachute jumped into the insertion point. Land on 
the first waypoint, then head over the hill. Pull out your grenade launcher, 
and time a nade to take out the two men patrolling the right side of the map 
(or just shoot them). Now, start shooting any people inside the local 
buildings straight ahead. There's a sniper inside of a wrecked brown building, 
kind of hard to spot. Clear each of the buildings, but do not send any 
explosives into the tallest building (about 3 stories high). Once the 
surrounding buildings are clear, head into the large building. There should be 
3-4 men on the first floor, and one soldier upstairs guarding the hostages. 
Eradicate the threats, then go upstairs to meet the 3 hostages standing with 
their hands up. They'll run out of the building. Follow them, and escort them 
to the trucks in the nearby station.

Once there, they'll jump into the trucks and start driving away. You should 
only run into 2-3 men along the way. Shoot them, and reach the extraction 

# Balkans, 1310 - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy white                     | - M249 SAW                   |
# Special: Airstrikes available            | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Satchel Charge             |

- A rebel armored column attacked a UN peacekeeping force. Proceed to the 
location where these tanks were last spotted, and destroy them via airstrikes.

This mission is actually more of a trap, unless you follow my easy strategy. 
Right off the bat, one of the neighboring squads will let you know that 
there's a large platoon of men training on the south ridge. Right when the 
level starts, immediately go right and keep going until you see about 10+ men 
jogging along the hills. Press 0 to pull out your targeting laser, and request 
an airstrike. Aim the laser at the CENTER of the group of men. Keep it 
focused, and this should knock out about 75% of the men. Then, use your 
machine gun and pick off the rest of these training troops. Now, there's going 
to be a patrol behind you to your left. Take care of these 2 tangos, and knock 
off any fire you're taking from the rebel camp in the valley ridge.

Head to objective tiger. There are roughly around 8-10 men guarding the 
facility. Take out the guards in the little shacks, and near the 
barrels/trucks. There are also 2-3 men who are proning (although they look 
dead from a distance). They're located in 2 blind spots behind the buildings. 
Kill them both, and make sure you target the tanks using the 2 remaining 
airstrikes you have. If you're objective isn't complete, head around the left 
back side of the base, and satchel charge the remaining tanks/vehicles. 
Afterwards, head to the extraction point.

# North Africa, 0830 - Clear Skies         | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Satchel Charge x 2         |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- A rebel munitions train is heading for a rebel camp beyond the border. 
Disable the locomotive before it passes the border, and secure the train with 
riddance of all hostiles.

This mission starts with a sleek advantage. You'll parachute in right beyond a 
long line of enemy patrols. How thoughtful of Novalogic! Start off by pulling 
out your pistol and knocking off the last 2 guards. Then, try to kill as many 
as you can silently without having them running away. If this doesn't work, 
simply toss grenades to kill them in a matter of seconds. Follow your 
waypoints until you see 2 enemy structures to the left side. DO NOT engage the 
troops at the border (to the right), they're heavily armed and can lay a 
smacking. Instead, engage the encampment on the left, and a large group of 
tangos will start coming your way. Two helicopters will also leave the base on 
the right. Leave them alone as they will not attack you.

Now, pick off the men one by one that charge at you. Eventually, your 
supporting crew will say that the target is moving towards your location. Run 
up to the railroad tracks, toss a satchel charge or two. Then, run back a bit. 
When the train runs over the satchels, detonate them to destroy the lead 
locomotive. Now, kill the remaining enemy troops stationed on the train 
convoy. Most of the men are wedged in between each of the vehicles on the 
munitions train. If you have trouble clearing it, go up on the hill on the 
right flank, and then snipe off the men one by one.

+[Play Book]+------------------------------|==============================|
# Middle East, 1840 - Clear Skies          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Satchel Charge             |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- Aerial intelligence has discovered a major enemy communications center. 
Infiltrate the structure, steal their codebook for much needed intel, then 
destroy the center with satchel charges.

You'll immediately get tossed into the action via a parachute jump. Once you 
land, go to your left and stay behind the hill. When approaching the tents, go 
over the hill to the right, and take out the 2 stationary tangos. Now, move 
towards the checkpoint and kill all hostiles. Destroy the truck that's driving 
up the road with a grenade. Follow your waypoints. Eventually, you'll get 
close to the comm center. Watch out for two enemy patrols of 2 men each who 
will make their way towards your route. To take down the defenses of the 
communication center, snipe all of the guards in the towers in each of the 
corners (4 towers total). Once they're down, fire at the guards at the road 
checkpoints on two perpendicular sides.

There should be a few more soldiers (including 2 in the comm center), and 2 in 
a little pueblo to the right that will fire upon your entry. Once you take 
down the key men, enter the comm center, and look near the left side. Near two 
computers is the codebook on the table. Take it, then toss a satchel charge 
here. Go upstairs, clear that out, then plant a satchel charge there. Now, 
jump out, and detonate it. You will be facing several threats while scouting 
out the communication center, so make sure you have your shotgun ready. Once 
destroyed, head for the extraction point. You will encounter 5 soldiers along 
the ridge who will snipe at you. Be careful.

# Central Asia, 1550 - Clear Skies         | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Satchel Charge             |

- A convoy of weapons left a terrorist compound en route to another 
destination. Destroy the compound, then use the radio codebook to call the 
convoy back, and annihilate that as well.

This is sort of a timed mission because if you wait too long, the convoy will 
not turn back when called upon. You should be able to take over the base, get 
the radio book, then call them back in time. Start off by moving forward and 
engaging the patrols near the road. Keep charging through the road, and take 
out the two men near a sandbag checkpoint. DO NOT engage the base until the 
convoy leaves entirely. Your squad members will attack the base when all is 
clear. Once they start to attack, rush in near the right hill that is slightly 
above the terrorist compound. Hit the soldiers guarding the base, then jump 
the sandbags to enter the facility. Take out any exposed terrorists in the 
tent. The codebook you're looking for is in the third tent on the left hand 
side. Inside you'll find 2 men guarding it. Take them out, then rush in and 
grab the codebook on the table.

Your team will call in the orders. The convoy will turn around. All you have 
to do now is find a nice resting place, and prone on the ground. When the 
convoy comes in view of the base, take out your LAW, and shoot the head tank 
to stop the convoy. Three to four men will rush over the hill. Snipe them off, 
then rush up to the convoy, and destroy each of the vehicles with grenades, 
satchels, or LAW rounds.

# Central Africa, 0135 - Clear Skies       | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Night time                      | - HK MP5 SD3                 |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- A tourist group has been kidnapped, and are being held at a small terrorist 
camp. Liberate the tourists to the roof of the primary building, and rendevous 
for extraction.

This is another mission where stealth is preferred, although not necessarily 
required. Start off by going up the hill and knocking off both guards 
silently. Go over the hill, then head down a left ridge that's next to some 
dark-colored tents. The terrorists should not see you. When you're directly 
horizontal to the tents, run up to them and toss 2 nades to destroy both of 
them. This should eradicate any threats inside that you could not see. 
Continue onward up the hill to where the main camp is. You'll notice 2 large 
buildings, and smaller buildings behind it. Engage the targets out front with 
your sub machine gun. Most of the men will be in disarray as they cannot spot 
where you are. Keep picking them off until it's safe enough to enter. There's 
also 4-5 men who will try to flank you from the left side, but ignore them for 
now. Rush in, then enter the building on the left side. Go up each of the 
floors until you reach floor #3. Enter, and eliminate the lone guard. Then, 
stand next to the hostages.

They'll run to the roof of the facility. Go up there with them, and shoot any 
soldiers who try to engage with you. Keep the area secure until Black Widow 

+[Life Guard]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# East Asia, 1130 - Light Snow             | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy White                     | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: Airstrikes Available            | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Satchel Charge             |

- An F-16 pilot has been shot down by a SAM Battery Missle. Proceed to the 
crash site to rescue the pilot before enemy forces may capture him. Before 
attempting the rescue, destroy all SAMs responsible for this event.

Start off by jogging up the hill, then at the top, turn right and silence the 
two guards with your pistol. Sprint down the hill until you're in viable 
range, and then launch 2 grenades (with your primary weapon) at the two SAMs. 
You should use up 4 grenades, and that will destroy both of the SAMs. Knock 
off any of the men down there that are shooting at you. Next, go left by 
following the next waypoint, and attack the soldiers guarding the base. Most 
of them are clumped in the middle, with a few spread out near the left 
portion. There are also two snipers on the right hill, and three snipers on 
the left hill above the primary base. Once you've knocked off most of the 
resistance, look in the left section of the base. You should see 3 SAMs 
positioned in a neat little group. Use your airstrike laser, and target it in 
the middle so all three are destroyed in one airstrike.

Head for the next waypoint to where the pilot is. DO NOT let your fellow squad 
members reach the location before you, else you will fail the mission. Charge 
ahead, and kill the four men leading to the pilot. When you reach him, you'll 
notice that he's been captured. QUICKLY fire and kill the man holding him 
hostage. If you miss or mess up, the pilot will be executed. Once the captor 
is dead, run up to the pilot and he'll run to the extraction. FOLLOW him and 
ignore the twenty or so odd men behind you firing at you. Two of your own 
helicopters will lay down support fire if performed correctly. Head to 
extraction - mission complete.

+[Jail Break]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# Northern Europe, 1620 - Clear Skies      | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Green                   | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Ghille Suit                |

- A NATO Troop Transport unit was ambushed and captured by enemy forces. Raid 
the prison where they are being held, then escort them to safety. If you're 
able to, free up the base's armory, and the POWs will be able to arm 
themselves with weapons.

Start off by following your waypoints until you see two men patrolling the 
ridge ahead. Silence them both and continue onward. Once you're fairly close 
to the water, start attacking the base. Snipe the men in the towers and 
elevated buildings. Once you reach the same level as the base's perimeter, be 
very aware. There are about 7-8 soldiers on ground level who will fire at you 
immediately. Kill the men around the fence (on the left and center portions), 
then snipe the men standing around the buildings. Enter the compound, and 
clear the two wooden buildings on the right side. The second building is the 
armory which should be cleared as a future benefit. Now, enter the concrete 
compound in the center of the base. There are 4 guards in the front pinched 
around corners, so be careful. Once they're down, check all the cells until 
you receive a message from Command that says to provide cover for the 
prisoners. At this point, run outside, and follow the prisoners out of the 
compound. Some tangos may appear on the far left side of the base. Take them 

Follow the waypoints to extraction. You will run into 6 soldiers along the 
way, with four hidden over a slight ridge. Defend the POWs at all costs until 
you arrive at extraction.

+[Sudden Impact]+--------------------------|==============================|
# South East Asia, 1755 - Clear Skies      | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Moderate Plains                 | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- Ground forces are moving in to eliminate a major enemy command center. 
Escort them to the objective, and secure the perimeter.

Start out by jogging up the road, until you see a few enemies positioned along 
side. Start sniping them off one by one. A few are hidden behind tall trees, 
so destroy the trees to expose their position. Once they're down, follow your 
WPs until you start running up a hill. Rush all the way up top, then knock off 
the three men standing on the hill opposite of it. There's also one soldier 
down in the crevice partially hidden. Now, attack the base by sniping out any 
men running back and forth, or by the checkpoints. You may also want to toss a 
few fragmentation grenades down onto the comm center to kill any perpetrators. 
You may get a message saying "Charlie is down!" If this happens, fall back to 
where you killed the previous men by the road, and there's probably 2 men 
hiding inside a truck. Kill them both.

At this time, you're going to receive a message that an enemy chopper is 
inbound. Pull out your LAW, and wait for it to approach from the north side. 
Once it's about 200 meters away, fire one LAW and attempt to hit it. If you 
miss, fire another missle. If both miss, you're screwed because the chopper is 
armed with a mounted gun. Assuming you destroyed it, enter the compound and 
clear out the large gray building on the right side. You will meet several 
tangos inside. Once it's cleared, wait for the convoy to arrive, and the 
mission should be complete. If it isn't, finish off any tangos inside the 
command center that you may have missed.

# Middle East, 1400 - Clear Skies          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M40 Sniper Rifle           |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Satchel Charge             |

- A U.S. Senator touring the Middle East has been recently kidnapped. Rescue 
the senator's limousine before he's taken to an enemy base.

Start off by switching to a light weapon (knife, pistol), and then sprinting 
through your waypoints. You'll eventually reach a spot where you'll see 2 
soldiers to your left. Shoot them both, then continue forward until you see a 
large convoy with some light tanks moving forward. Look to your left with your 
sniper rifle, and there should be a few tangos shooting at you. Eliminate 
them. Now, look on the right hill, and there should be two soldiers waiting up 
there as well. Shoot them as well. Now, fire a LAW at the first tank in the 
convoy. Then, fire another LAW at the second one. With both tanks destroyed, 
the convoy should stop. Run up to the limousine, and toss a satchel in between 
the two back tanks. However, position it so it's far from the limousine. 
Destroy the last 2 tanks, and the limousine will drive off.

You must now escort it to the extraction point. Get ahead of the limousine, 
and you may take some fire from the enemy base the convoy was headed for. Kill 
any men who shoot at you. Keep following your waypoints until you get close to 
the bridge you crossed before. Before rushing under the bridge though, take 
cover on the hill, and snipe off the 6 men who are positioned above it. 
They're expert shots, so take your time killing them. Once they're dead, run 
to extraction, wait 30 seconds for Black Widow to arrive, and it's a mission 
# Central Asia, 0925 - Clear Skies         | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy White                     | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |

- Rebel forces have seized control of a government supply depot. Retake the 
depot, and destroy the enemy center that coordinated the recent movements.

Immediately, head straight ahead until you have a clear view of what appears 
to be a small base. You'll see two tall red/white towers on top of a bunker. 
Fire 2 LAW rocket missles to destroy both of the radio towers on top of the 
facility. If you don't, you'll have to deal with four helicopters, which is a 
real pain. After the communications are knocked out, take down any nearby 
patrols. Assault the small security force guarding the enemy center, then 
clear out any hostiles in the buildings. Follow your waypoints down to the 
main depot. Knock off any guards in watch towers or check points. Once they're 
clear, charge in with Alpha and Charlie squads. Clear the buildings one by 
one. Watch for corners as most of the guards tend to hide behind boxes and 

+[Highest Bidder]+-------------------------|==============================|
# Ural Mountains, 0600 - Clear Skies       | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy White                     | - Barret .50 Sniper Rifle    |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |

- A renegade Russian general has put himself and his elite forces on the 
market for the highest bidder. Assist Spetnaz forces to eradicate of this 

This is primarily a sniping mission, and one of the hardest ones you will 
endure throughout all of the quick missions. Start off by jogging up the hill 
until you see a tent pitched with a watch tower. It should be about fifty 
meters ahead. Sniper the guard in that tower, then look near the tent for 2 
other guards. Kill them both. Now, look to your left and there should be 4 
watch towers. Snipe off each of the guards. They're positioned at various 
distances, so elevate your shots the farther away they are. Approach the tent, 
but do not enter. Toss a grenade or two on top of it, and it will collapse 
from collateral damage. Once that's done, approach near the edge of the hill, 
and search for the other 2-3 watch towers. They should be spread out in the 
center/right sides of the map. Knock off their guards, then follow your 
waypoints to get down the hill.

There will be several snipers/guards inside the mercenary base, so keep 
sniping any threats that expose themself. Once you reach ground level, head 
around to the back side of the base for the main entrance. You will face many 
elite guards that have great shots around corners, so be careful. Just clean 
out the rest of the buildings, and you should do fine. Toss grenades if you 
have trouble shooting any isolated targets.

+[Boot Camp]+------------------------------|==============================|
# Central Asia, 1530 - Clear Skies         | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy White                     | - M40 Sniper Rifle           |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo x 2             |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- Satellite imagery has picked up a terrorist training camp hidden in the 
mountains. Destroy this facility and kill all hostiles forces.

Another fairly interesting mission. Your main objective is to knock off each 
of the mercenary "leaders", who basically have the organization skills in the 
terrorists' defense. Reach your first waypoint, then turn right. You'll notice 
a large group of troops with a special troop colored black. Snipe the 
mercenary captain, then wait for the troops to retreat in a pattern. Once 
you're ready, snipe them off one by one until they're all dead. Now, head to 
the Bravo waypoint. Look to your left, and you'll see a grouping of soldiers. 
Repeat the same process as before, and try to eliminate all of them without 
letting them flee. Once the two groups are dead, head for the main base. 
Before attacking it, look to the right for the third training party. The 
mercenary should be in the middle of the group. Finish them just like before.

Once you've taken the three main captains out, assault the base by sniping off 
each of the guards. Take a few pot shots, prone to the ground, then move to 
the side a bit. Try to make your way down, but not rushing in. There should be 
about 15-20 guards in the base. Once they're eliminated, clear out each of the 
buildings. There should be two more mercenary captains spread throughout the 
camp.  You must kill all tangos on this mission in order to complete it.

+[Swamp Rat]+------------------------------|==============================|
# South East Asia, 0710 - Fog              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Swamplands                      | - HK MP5 SD3                 |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Ghille Suit                |

- A terrorist cell has seized control of a small airport and their operators. 
Command doubts they will meet their promises by releasing the hostages. 
Infiltrate the location, and liberate the remaining hostages.

Although this isn't necessarily a "stealth" mission, I've found that silenced 
weapons greatly increase your success. Start off by jogging in the marshes 
forward until you come close to the first waypoint. In case you didn't notice, 
the guards are spread out along a perimeter to protect the airport from 
assaults. Knock off one of the patrols, then enter where you killed the 
soldier. If performed correctly, the other guards will not notice. Once you 
pass him, watch out for pungi sticks in the ground. They are sharp protruding 
objects that can kill you if you step upon them. Run up the hill, and clear 
out all of the buildings. There are no hostages located inside these 
structures, however, there are several hostiles which should be killed.

Once they're all dead, follow the next waypoint to the actual airport. Several 
guards will be standing around the downed planes, so make sure they're dead. 
All 4 hostages are located in the second Barracks structure on the right. Kill 
the soldiers guarding it, then kill any snipers on top of the airport command 
center. Escort the hostages to safety.

+[Audit Trail]+----------------------------|==============================|
# South America, 0020 - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Night Time                      | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- The U.S. decides to take action against a major drug lord. Infiltrate his 
compound, steal his accounting ledgers, and destroy his base to leave him a 
dubious message.

Make your way to the objective by following the waypoint. Eventually, you 
should see a warehouse in the distance with some patrols walking back and 
forth. Attack when you have the shot to take as many down as possible. Open 
fire and kill all exposed threats. There should be about 6 men right down the 
middle, with 2-3 extra guards on the left and right flanks. Once you've made 
quick work of the guards, head towards the barn. Go around the barn and kill 
the two men who will pop up out of nowhere. Head towards the actual compound, 
and look down the right portion of the valley. Shoot any exposed enemies you 
see running, or who are engaged with Alpha/Charlie teams.

Once that's accomplished, head for the large gray compound straight ahead. 
There should be 2 guards out front. Kill them both, then run into the 
facility. There's about 2-3 men on the first floor, and 3-4 on the second 
floor. Make your way upstairs, and the accounting ledgers are located on a 
table in the second floor bedroom. Grab them, then follow the waypoints that 
lead to the extraction point. You'll run into a few hostiles along the way. 
There should be a bridge to cross that leads to the extraction point. You must 
kill all soldiers on this mission, so try to clear out as much as you can.

+[Helping Hand]+---------------------------|==============================|
# West Africa, 0940 - Clear Skies          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Plains                  | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- Enemy forces have been raiding villages along the Lielle River. Raid their 
enemy camp, destroy their power generator, then make your escape via one of 
their handy boats.

Make your way over the hill, and snipe off the four men walking patrols. 
Follow the waypoints until you get relatively close to a small building. 
You'll face a few soldiers on the ledge. Enter this small building to meet one 
enemy. Now, look to your left, and you should see a watch tower slightly above 
the top of the hill. Kill the 2 guards up top. Run over the hill, and engage 
any hostiles you can see in the cabins. There's roughly about 8-12 men in the 
village, including several gray look-a-like hostages. Shoot them anyway 
(they're not hostiles). Once most of the perimeter is clear, start to check 
each building for survivors. Watch out for the brown hangars - they are 
dangerous blind spots. There are also 2 boats harbored among docks which have 
armed men aboard. Clean all of the previous locations and you should do fine.

Once all buildings are cleared, another patrol boat will float up river and 
dock with the center. Kill the men aboard this one. Now, go on the first boat 
docked (it's the one farthest up the river). Wait for your other squad 
teammates to get on. The boat will move when everyone is on the ship. If for 
some reason a teammate gets jammed or something, shoot him. The boat will then 
proceed to your extraction point. You'll be engaged by about 6 enemies along 
both shorelines. Just prone on the deck of the ship, and shoot anyone who gets 
close to hitting you.

+[Safe Haven]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# Middle East, 1900 - Clear Skies          | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher x 2    |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- An enemy intelligence officer wants to defect. Escort the man's humvee to 
the extraction point past a pre-alerted enemy force.

Not only is this the final quick mission that Novalogic has to offer, but it's 
pretty darn cool. This mission sometimes comes down to luck, since you'll be 
forced to face "2" enemy helicopters. Start off by going up on the hill. Open 
fire on the roadblock and take down all hostiles you can see. You may have to 
move up farther to trigger any additional units to expose themself. Once 
you've killed most of the harmless soldiers, pull out your LAW, and rocket the 
one turret-tank positioned in the middle of the establishment. Now, head down 
to the road block, and wait until the "Condor" escort gets relatively close to 
you. At this point, don't follow your waypoints, but go backwards so you're 
running away from the convoy.

If performed correctly, you should backtrack to a spot where the convoy will 
go, but slightly elevated on a hill. Pull out your LAW, and shoot the first 
helicopter that comes out from behind Condor. Now, pull out your M4, and shoot 
as many hostiles as you can who pop over the hill. Retreat back a bit, prone, 
fire, repeat. Keep doing this until your squad mates let you know that a 
helicopter is coming from your flank. While retreating backwards, turn left, 
and the helicopter should come into distance. Try to LAW it down as well. If 
you run out of rocket ammo, pull out your grenade launcher and try to take it 
down. If you manage to destroy both helicopters, simply retreat with Condor to 
the extraction point for a mission complete. Takes a lot of practice to get 
LAW aiming down to perfection.


- 5) Campaigns             -

                 ********** OPERATION COMMON RESOLVE **********

     - Bioterrorism is now an immediate possibility. Fourty eight hours ago, 
unknown forces raided a top secret lab located in the Antarctic. Investigate 
the situation, secure the perimeter, and assess the extent of damage.

 -- 12 missions total
 -- splits into mulitple paths after third mission

+[Cold Storage]+---------------------------|==============================|
# Antarctica, Daytime - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy White                     | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- Have deadly viruses fallen into terrorist hands? Secure objective Blizzard 
and determine the status of the situation.

This is the beginning of a perilous and twisting campaign. Make your way up 
the hill until you see a lone soldier looking over the valley. Take out the 
lone soldier standing near the facility. Now, move up, and shoot any exposed 
guards inside the scientific lab. There may also be a few soldiers to your 
right protecting the perimeter. Make your way around the left side of the 
fence, and enter through the opened gate. Clear out each of the buildings, but 
be careful as there are innocent civilians (scientists as well). Although 
there is no penalty for killing them, try to save as many witnesses as 
possible. Toss a grenade into the tall brown building that has a guard in it. 
Clear out all of the structures, including the white dome. There are some 
nifty crevices you have to be cautious of inside the white dome. Go around 
back of the dome, kill the one guard, then kill the additional three units 
that will attempt a surprise attack. Once all hostiles are eliminated, the 
mission is complete.

# Antarctica, Daytime - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Snowy White                     | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Extra Ammo                 |

- Hostile forces have been located near the area of the attack on the secret 
lab. Intercept their base, and retrieve the virus. Eliminate all hostiles as 

This is another "cheap" mission. Just to give you a little preview, there's no 
way of shooting down two enemy helicopters which flee to the west. I've 
attempted it several times, and I managed to destroy both of them, but this is 
cheap programming on Novalogic's part to continue the campaign.

Anyway, start off by running down. Engage the patrols walking in the snow-
plotted tracks. Continue along your waypoints until you come within range of 
the base. Attack any soldiers who open fire. There are two helicopters which 
will flee to the west, but there's really nothing you can do about it. Take a 
few aimless shots into the camo-tents that look like white netting. There are 
a few "hidden" enemies inside that you cannot see with the naked eye. Clear 
out each of the tents/structures of all hostiles. Once you've done so, head to 
the extraction point since it's believed that the virus and extra hostages 
were taken away on the two choppers. You'll meet about 6 soldiers that will 
try to ambush you on your way to the Russian submarine. Kill them all, then go 
to the extraction point to end the mission.

+[Air Mail]+-------------------------------|==============================|
# Uganda, Daytime - Clear Skies            | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Ghille Suit                |

- The virus has been tracked to a small airfield located in the African 
country of Uganda. It's believed that a group called Da'Nil wants to use the 
virus as a way of negotiating for future demands. Infiltrate the location, 
search all buildings/aircraft, then eliminate any remaining hostiles.

Move up your waypoint until 2 large watch towers appear in the distance. Snipe 
out both of the guards, then continue forward. There are about 25 men on the 
aircraft installation. Get in a proned position, and pick off the men in the 
airport tower. Then, snipe off any remaining soldiers near the buildings, 
aircraft, and corners. Watch out for pungi sticks on your way down to the 
airport. Once there, check all the buildings, hangars, and the 2 large cargo 
aircraft. Then, kill all hostiles if you missed any. Once complete, head back 
to extraction. Unfortunately, there's no virus to be found.

>>> The campaign then splits into 2 separate missions. I recommend performing 
Demolition 101 first, as it cuts off the enemy's way of transport.

+[Demolition 101]+-------------------------|==============================|
# Uganda, Daytime - Clear Skies            | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: Airstrikes Available            | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- The enemy's main vehicle depot has been located. Disable any vehicles found 
to prevent them from further transporting the virus.

Make your way towards the river, and engage the four soldiers spread out along 
the coasting plain. Keep moving forward until you see the relatively large 
vehicle depot. DO NOT expose yourself yet though. Crouch by one of the nearby 
trees, and pull out your laser designator. Now, aim the laser at the 
helicopter located on the helipad near the left side. Destroy that. Aim the 
laser at the turret tank located a bit to the left of the destroyed helo. Once 
that's destroyed, scroll to the right side of the base, and destroy the second 
turret tank. Then, laser the boat on the OPPOSITE side of the river. Once 
these four structures are destroyed, engage all exposed enemies in the base. 
To get across the river (you can swim), or go to your right, and knock off the 
2 soldiers on the boat. Then, jump on board, and the boat will zoom across. 
Once over there, clear out all of the buildings, and destroy the trucks using 
your side-on grenade launcher. Once you've cleaned the base of all hostiles, 
turn around, and airstrike the boat you used to come across. All the vehicles 
in the depot should be destroyed. Head to extraction for a clean pickup.

+[Blind Side]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# Uganda, Night Time - Clear Skies         | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M40 Sniper Rifle           |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher x 2    |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- Enemy forces have been discovered to be well established in the area. 
Destroy their communications hub to prevent them from organizing their own 
troops. After the communications are down, army rangers and navy SEALs will 
attack their other fortifications.

Follow your first waypoint like usual. Silence the patrolling guards with your 
pistol or sniper rifle. Now, attack the first tower you see in the distance. 
Move up the hill, then proceed up the stairs into the top floor of the tower. 
From here, engage all of the enemy targets guarding the hub. You'll find 
several guards positioned at each of the checkpoints behind some sand bunkers. 
There's also a few other guards spread throughout the camp. Once you've 
eliminated most of the protruding defenses, run up to the three satellite 
dishes on the left portion of the base. Grenade each of them. Once they're 
destroyed, scroll your mouse in an upper left direction. You should see the 
tips of two radio antennae. Pull out your LAW, and rocket them both. Once this 
has been done, a message from King Six will tell you to pull out to extraction.

Follow your waypoints up the hill, and engage the remaining guards to clear 
out a spot for Black Widow to land. Mission Complete.

+[Hold Up]+--------------------------------|==============================|
# Ugandian Border, Daytime - Heavy Fog     | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Swamplands                      | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher x 2    |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- The virus may be aboard a convoy headed for the Kenyan border. Stop the 
convoy, and check the trucks for the infectant.

Since the fog is very dense in this mission, I highly recommend you constantly 
run without stopping. Most of your enemies will be faint shadows in the 
distance, so be quick in your actions. Follow your waypoints and ignore the 
three soldiers patrolling to your left. Keep moving forward and engage any 
troops who come within your range. Eventually, you'll reach a spot where you 
can hear several trucks in the distance. Pull out your LAW, and rocket the 
first turret tank in the convoy. Now, check the trucks that stop behind the 
convoy for the virus. There are 12 men in total guarding the convoy, 3 on each 
side of the trucks. Once you've killed them and searched all the trucks, LAW 
the last turret tank positioned in the middle of the convoy.

Proceed to your extraction. Kill the other guards near the extraction point 
that your squad mates missed.

+[Special Delivery]+-----------------------|==============================|
# Uganda, Daytime - Clear Skies            | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M40 Sniper Rifle           |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Extra Ammo                 |

- The stolen viral package has been split into several shipments. Recover one 
of the pieces at Objective Mamba, and secure the perimeter so that a CDC 
Recovery team can extract the virus safely. Do not pick the virus up yourself, 
otherwise there's a chance for biological exposure.

Move forward, and engage the man standing in front of the cabin. Enter the 
cabin, then on the other side, silence the guard with your pistol. Toss one 
grenade into the tower above to kill the stationary soldier up there. Once 
this has been accomplished, follow your waypoints till your lead to an area 
that's elevated, and partially in between the town/objective area. From up 
here, snipe all enemies you can see below. There are several snipers 
positioned along the opposite mountain, men in bunkers, and a few on the 
ground level that need to be killed. You will also come across a convoy of 
trucks that will attempt to defend the viral package. LAW the first truck in 
the ground to stop the convoy. Once this has been done, follow your waypoints 
down to the first large building you see. Kill the 2 soldiers inside, and 
you'll notice that you have located the virus. Don't pick it up.

You'll then receive a message that CDC is coming to retrieve the infected 
package. Several helicopters will arrive at your position and land. Protect 
the area while the two white scientists enter the building. Once they do, head 
for extraction, and jump into the Black Widow helicopter.

+[Power Trip]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# Uganda, Daytime - Clear Skies            | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Extra Ammo                 |

- Capture a key officer in Da'Nil's command structure to gain additional 
information. Enter the compound where he is located, capture him before he 
boards his helicopter, then commandeer his boat on the river to reach your 
extraction point.

This mission is primarily about speed, so be as quick as possible when 
performing. Start off by charging forward, and then fire at the guard in the 
watch tower. He's about 350 meters away, so look a bit into the distance. 
Then, nail the three guards nearby patrolling the plain. Four more guards will 
come over the hill, finish them off. Then, take a shortcut and go left over 
the hill. Kill any people near the building, and run past it following your 
waypoint path. You'll reach the edge of the hill. There should be a brownish-
pale area that has no plantation whatsoever. Prone on the edge where this 
brown stuff is, then snipe on all the guards in the base. Several are located 
in sandbags, on the ground, and a few on the boat.

By this time, you should see a helicopter flying in the background of the 
level. Try to be quick, and approach the base. There may be a few men in the 
lower right side that you did not see from your previous position. Kill them, 
then enter the middle tent to find the Lieutenant. He's protected by one 
soldier; make sure you kill the soldier, but not him. Once you have him, walk 
up to him and point your gun. He SHOULD run to his boat on the river. If he 
doesn't, or goes for his helicopter, quickly pull out your LAW and nail the 
helicopter. Otherwise, run to the boat on the river. Go up to the driver's 
seat, and the boat will start to move. Enter the back deck of the boat, and 
wait until you get close to the extraction point. From here, crouch, and snipe 
off the 8 remaining guards along the shoreline.

+[Counter Punch]+--------------------------|==============================|
# Georgia, Night Time - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Green                   | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Claymore Trip Mine         |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- The remaining enemy forces have relocated to the former Soviet Republic of 
Georgia. Apparently, they've made preparations with the local rebels using the 
viral infectant as a bargaining chip. Destroy their only known base of 
operations, and eliminate all hostiles.

This is a fairly simple, although confusing mission if you don't keep your 
helmet screwed on tight. Start off by popping over the hill, and engaging the 
enemies next to the small building. Take out the nearby patrols. Continue 
onward, and eventually your squad mates will note that an APC is making a run 
for it. Check the tent where the APC came from and you'll find 1-2 proned 
soldiers on the ground. Kill all hostiles in this area. Now, move with your 
waypoints, and take out the sniper who pops up from the eastern direction. 
Keep following your waypoints, then you'll start taking fire from the rear. 
Turn around, kill the engaging soldiers, then finish off the remaining troops 
at the main base. Check each tent as there are usually proned soldiers. That's 
the only tough challenge on this mission.

+[Sleight of Hand]+------------------------|==============================|
# Georgia, Daytime - Light Rain            | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Green                   | - M249 SAW                   |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Satchel Charge             |

- Intelligence shows that the virus has been moved to a populated area for 
dispersal. Intercept the convoy moving the virus, and recover the virus for 

The only true thing you have to do on this mission is follow your waypoints. 
If you do that, and obey orders, you should do fine. Start off by following 
your waypoints. Engage the nearby people at the first house, and the soldiers 
on the hill behind it. Keep going until you get relatively close to a large 
base. DO NOT engage or enter the base. Rather, follow your waypoints so that 
you "trail" the moving convoy. Eventually, you'll get ahead of the convoy and 
close to the road. You'll learn that it was a trap. Engage the nearby hostiles 
on the road, then follow your waypoints all the way up to the checkpoint. Once 
there, turn around, and catch the remaining proned enemies from behind. The 
convoy will stop at the checkpoint with you waiting there. DON'T blow it up, 
but rather just go to extraction and the mission will be complete.

# Georgia, Daytime - Clear Skies           | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - HK MP5 SD3                 |
# Special: Airborn Intrusion               | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |

- Terrorists have hijacked a munitions train from Turkey. Capture the train, 
and stop it before it crosses into Georgia to a nearby Di'Nal base.

You'll spawn next to the Black Widow helicopter. Jump aboard, and it will take 
you off to the train destination. It takes about 30 seconds, so get a nice 
view. Once you're approaching close to the last car of the train, hold down 
SHIFT and crawl until you're "just about" to fall out. When you hover above 
the last car, jump out and you should land on it. If you don't, sprint and 
then jump manually onto the train. Once aboard, immediately shoot the one 
guard standing on the boxcar. Repeat this process by climbing the ladders on 
each car, and shooting the men standing on them. Eventually, you will see a 
triangular shaped warehouse on your right. When you do, prone immediately, and 
wait there until you pass it. You should see two pickup trucks with two men 
each. Snipe the men off both trucks, and they won't chase you. Continue 
through the cars of the train. You'll reach a spot where there are closed 
cars, shoot down the middle of the doorways to nail the awaiting terrorists.

Once you've cleared the train of all hostiles, go to the front of the first 
closed sheltered boxcar. Prone here, and you can just sit there till the 
mission ends. Just for additional information, a helicopter will chase and 
attempt to kill you. However, since you're proned in the closed car, the 
bullets cannot hit you in any manner. Also, the enemies at each checkpoint 
can't jump aboard or anything. When you reach the extraction point, you should 
get a mission complete signal.

# Georgia, Daytime - Clear Skies           | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: Time Limit Mission              | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- The virus has been attached to a bomb, which is hidden in a refinery close 
to a populated town. Infiltrate the refinery, locate the bomb, and secure the 
perimeter for the CDC Recovery Team. Any stray fire can cause the entire 
complex to go up in flames, so be selective with your shots.

This is a very frustrating mission since a few bullets can cause a chain 
reaction of explosions which knocks the entire facility down. Follow your 
waypoint, and look to your right. Shoot the two guards, then turn left, but DO 
NOT shoot the fleeing civilians. Continue forth, and engage the other 
terrorists mounted on the hill. Follow your waypoints until you reach the 
front of the refinery. There's one guard in the left steel outpost. He's next 
to some barrels, so make the shot count. There are about 2-3 guards in the 
front entrance where Alpha breaches. There are also 2-3 guards on the back 
side of the refinery. Note that 2 soldiers are proned (but they look dead). 
Don't look them over, shoot them to ensure their deaths.

The bomb is located in the very center of the refinery, behind a truck inside 
of an oil-like barrel. There's a proned guard who sits next to it. Remember, 
any stray shots on the refinery bars will cause everything to explode. Once 
you find the bomb, you should get a mission complete signal unless some 
hostiles are still alive.

   *Congratulations, you've successfully defended the world from the threat of
    bio terrorism. Your efforts have not whisped away as forgotten tasks, but
    rather another chapter in the continuation of humanity. Continue on with 
    next campaign!*

                 ********** OPERATION GLOBAL ENFORCEMENT **********

     - A terrorist group called United Freedom has begun uranium mining 
operations in the African country of Chad. Although it is not certain, 
intelligence believes they may be trying to manufacture their own nuclear 
weapons. Begin operations to shut them down, permanently.

 -- 13 missions total
 -- splits into mulitple paths after first mission

+[Claim Jumper]+---------------------------|==============================|
# Chad, Daytime - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |

- Terrorists have captured a uranium mine. Capture the facility, and stop the 
flow of unregulated uranium. Eliminate all hostiles in the perimeter.

Start moving forward along your objective path. When you see a turret tank 
roaming in the distance, position your LAW launcher slightly ahead of it. Fire 
a rocket to disable the turret. Now, continue forward, and engage the two men 
walking up the road. Continue farther up, then engage the soldiers mounted 
behind the bunker walls. There should also be two additional men near the 
right hand side. Use your scope and pick off 2-3 snipers in the background of 
the facility. One is located on an elevated steel platform. Alpha squad will 
then draw some fire to your left side.

Enter the facility, and start clearing out the buildings one by one. I 
recommend you search near the back of the hill that sticks out on the right 
side of the base. There should be 2 men hiding behind it. Search or grenade 
the tents as there are usually 3-4 men in each. Your mission will be complete 
once you've killed all hostiles.

>> This mission then branches off into 2 sections.

+[Critical Mass]+--------------------------|==============================|
# Chad, Daytime - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: Airstrikes Available            | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |

- United Freedom forces took several scientists on their retreat out of the 
uranium mine. Imagery has located where the forces have taken the hostages to. 
Proceed to the objective, locate the hostages, then extract them via Humvee to 

This mission is fairly frustrating for the pure fact that the enemies actually 
roam the perimeter, and will pop out of buildings when they hear noise. Run up 
the hill until you get relatively close to a guard who is NOT facing your 
direction. He should be by himself located in a crevice. Charge him, then 
knife him quickly. Pull out your pistol, then run up the hill, and take out 
the 2 guards on the left side of the entrance (they're behind some sandbags). 
Retreat down the hill, avoid the counter fire, then run back up and finish off 
the one guard near you, plus the two additional guards by the sandbags. Next, 
pull out your LAW, and rocket the turret tank on the right. Then, run towards 
the right, and angle your view towards the diagonal left side. Fire a rocket 
to destroy the turret tank that just moved.

Proceed into the objective. The scientists are randomly placed on either the 
far left, or close right building. There are 2 of them, and they wear white 
labcoats. Personally, I'd clear all hostiles out of the objective, including 
the men inside the black building. When they hear gunfire, they run down the 
steps, and usually pop out from nifty places. Watch around the corners of the 
buildings for crouched shooters. Once you've found the scientists, walk up to 
them to have them follow you. Lead them out with Alpha squad to the extraction 
point. You'll run into about 5 soldiers along the way. Once there, it should 
be an easy mission complete.

+[Super Nova]+-----------------------------|==============================|
# Chad, Daytime - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - Barret .50 Sniper Rifle    |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- United Freedom has captured a refinery in order to process some of their 
uranium ore into weapons grade material. Capture the refinery, eliminate all 
hostiles, then turn the location over to the local government.

One of the biggest flaws of this mission is the fact that there are so many 
snipers. You will literally have to kill about 5-6 snipers, that actually have 
good shots. Start off by following your waypoints. Engage the first man you 
see, then keep going until you can see the entire refinery in your view. Prone 
down, and snipe off as many men as you can see. There are 2-3 men partially 
disguised near the tall black/white refinery tubes. There are also a few 
snipers on ground level, not to mention several guards near the front 
entrance. As you approach the objective, about 4-5 men will try to rush in the 
front entrance and attack you. Be ready for the excursion, and eliminate them.

Once you've cleared the perimeter, head into the refinery. There are roughly 
around 5 men spread out in odd positions. Watch the above flight of stairs for 
blind spots. Your mission will be complete when all hostiles are dead.

# Chad, Daytime - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- Terrorists have taken over an airfield in order to transport their newly 
processed weapons. Secure the facility, and eliminate all hostiles.

Pretty much another gory mission where you must shoot anything that moves. 
Move up towards the main objective, and start sniping anyone you see. There 
are no civilians, so this is pretty much like a shooting gallery. There's a 
sniper in the tower that must be rid of. There are also 3-4 men located in 
each of the gray buildings before the primary airport. Check the hangars for 1-
2 men, and then go around back of the airport tower to meet about 3-4 enemies. 
Clear out all of the structures. When it tells you to go to the extraction 
point, several soldiers will run out of a warehouse to stop you. This 
warehouse is located right at the extraction point, so there should be a hefty 
distance between you and the waypoint. Just use your instincts, and be slow in 
your actions.

+[Broken Arrow]+---------------------------|==============================|
# Chad, Daytime - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Desert                          | - M249 SAW                   |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher x 2    |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- Some weapons grade uranium is en route to a terrorist camp. Intercept the 
convoy transporting the material, and capture the nuclear material for extract.

Start off by moving over the hill until you see a patrol walking around. Kill 
them both, then continue onward. Look to your right and left to engage two 
more patrols of 2 men each. There should be one more patrol right near the 
edge of the ridge. Once you've killed these men, sprint until you hear a 
convoy in the distance. Pull out your LAW, and nail the first turret tank in 
the group. This should stop the convoy. Now, continue forward, and go up the 
hill that is above the convoy. Snipe the troops in and around the vehicles in 
the convoy. LAW the remaining 2 turret tanks in the back of the convoy, and 
kill all hostiles near the convoy to yield a mission complete.

# Kazakhstan, Night Time - Clear Skies     | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Green                   | - M4 Carbine, GL             |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - HK P11 Underwater Pistol   |
                                           | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |

- United Freedom has taken over several decommisioned Soviet bases in 
Kazakhstan. Take down UF's primary command, control, and communications center.

This is a night mission, so it might take a few tries to get down to 
perfection. The easiest way I've found to complete the mission is to ignore 
your waypoints. Go down and nail the patrol walking along the shoreline. Cross 
the tethered bridge, then go up the large hill on the right side of the map. 
This should lead up directly to the communications center. Snipe the guards in 
the watch towers, and nail any other soldiers who try to shoot you from the 
hill/barracks buildings. Once you're up to the comm center, nail the soldiers 
positioned by the helicopter, and on top of the comm center. Clear out this 
building, then run over to the helicopter and destroy it with your grenades. 
Also, remove the SAM site positioned behind the helicopter. Then, make your 
way down the hill after the comm location is cleared. Clear out the two 
barracks located at the bottom of the valley.

There's usually a shooter on the roof, not to mention several shooters via the 
glass windows. Once all hostiles are dead, your mission is complete.

+[Supply Line]+----------------------------|==============================|
# Kazakhstan, Daytime - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Green                   | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher x 2    |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- Intelligence has located the main fuel and munitions depot. Proceed to 
objective Ghoul and eliminate all hostiles at the location.

Another simple mission, that only gets complicated because of a helicopter. 
Start off by running up the hill. You should see a small outpost in the 
distance, there are 4 soldiers inside. Nail all four of them - including the 
one in the watch tower. You should then receive a report saying that a Russian 
Hind helicopter is lifting off. It usually takes about 45 seconds, but you'll 
see it approaching in the distance. When you do, retreat back behind the 
outpost, and go down the steep hill. Wait for the chopper to approach, and 
then quickly run up the hill and hit it with your LAW. When it's destroyed, go 
back to your waypoints, and look in the lower right valley for some enemy 
soldiers. Kill them, then charge and attack the main compound.

The only true targets are the guards in the towers and behind the sand 
bunkers. Once you've killed them, clear out each of the buildings. There 
aren't too many blind spots on this mission.

# Kazakhstan, Dusk - Clear Skies           | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Coastal Green                   | - M249 SAW                   |
# Special: n/a                             | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Kevlar Vest                |

- A senior intelligence officer has been spotted carrying important data on a 
portable laptop. Infiltrate the location while Charlie team provides a 
diversionary attack. While the diversion is being performed, search, and steal 
this laptop.

This mission can be fairly easy if you're quick in your actions. Roam towards 
the designated objective. You should eventually pass into this wide open 
field. Look to your right, and kill the 2 patrolling guards. Then, continue a 
bit further and look to the tall left mountain. There should be two snipers up 
there; kill them both. Now, make your way up to the hill, but don't go over. 
Crouch and wait until you hear Charlie start to attack the compound. Two stray 
guards will come over the hill (since they heard your gunshots from before). 
Kill them both, then use your binoculars over the hill. You should see about 
70% of the guards sprinting to see the diversion that Charlie team has created.

When most of the guards run off, sprint down the hill, and the laptop is 
located in the second brown warehouse on the far right side of the base. It 
should be on a table in the corner of the structure. Run up to it, pick it up, 
then head back the same way you came. You will run into hostiles on your way 
in, but you can machine gun them down with your SAW. Halfway back on the 
extraction, a cargo plane will fly directly over you, and several paratroopers 
will drop down. Shoot the men in mid air to kill them, otherwise you'll have 
additional threats to deal with.

# Kazakhstan, Daytime - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Mountainous Greens              | - M40 Sniper Rifle           |
# Special: Airstrikes Available            | - LAW Rocket Launcher x 2    |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Delayed Grenades           |

- Air operations have been distracted by a pesky SAM site controlled by UF 
forces. Eliminate the SAM radars, and then capture a nearby UF senior officer 
for interrogation.

This is one of the hardest missions in the game, in my opinion. Start off by 
moving forward, then turn to your left when you reach the road. Eventually a 
small turret tank and 2 soldiers will be walking towards you. LAW the turret 
tank, and kill both men. Continue up the hill, and two more soldiers will pop 
up near the top. Shoot them both. When you reach the top, the two radar 
stations and SAM site should be located to your right. There are roughly 10 
men spread out in this region, including numerous snipers. Most of them you 
cannot see as they tend to prone and stay on the ground. You can attempt to 
destroy both radar centers (silver-like boxes) with grenades, or simply LAW 
them both from your current hill position. When both SAM radars are destroyed, 
your reinforcements will arrive via chopper. Airstrikes are also now available.

At this time, you should notice that a helicopter is coming from the southern 
flank. Quickly run back down the hill, and find an angle where the chopper 
can't shoot you. When it gets close, run up the hill, and fire your last LAW 
round to destroy the chopper. If you miss, you're pretty much screwed. When 
the chopper is destroyed, proceed down to the objective where the officer is 
located. You may have to deal with snipers in the plains near the lower right 
region. There's also 3-4 watch towers placed around the installation that 
should be sniped clean. Use your airstrikes on the small outpost located to 
the east of the primary objective. Destroy the turret tanks located there. 
Once you've done this, head into the large building on the left to find the 
captain upstairs. He walks very slowly on the extraction, but there's nothing 
you can do about it. Once he's aboard the helicopter, proceed to the 
extraction point by running over the nearby mountain. You may take some enemy 
fire from the opposite side of the map on the way down. High risk of death on 
this level.

+[Steel Coffin]+---------------------------|==============================|
# Chad, Daytime - Clear Skies              | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Rural Plains                    | - Barret .50 Sniper Rifle    |
# Special: Airstrikes Available            | - Satchel Charge x 2         |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- Enemy tanks have been picked up via satellite imagery. Lase all armored 
tanks in the vicinity to limit UF's vehicular capabilities. Use satchel 
charges or LAWs to destroy any leftover targets.

Another difficult mission that is made easy thanks to the sniper rifle. 
Continue forward along your waypoint, then kill the 2 nearby troops with your 
pistol. Now, go partially left off course of your waypoint. Go about 50 meters 
left of your waypoint, and you should see 2 soldiers proned against a hill. 
Nail them both. They were actually waiting to ambush you - if you went along 
your original waypoint plans. Then, look to the right of their position for 2 
more enemy soldiers. By now, you're probably taking fire from the main base. 
Zoom in with your rifle, and pelt the two snipers in the first giant watch 
tower. Nail the other sniper in the second tower (to the right). Find a 
suitable location (preferably the left hill), and lase the 5-6 armored tanks 
against the southern perimeter of the base.

Eventually, you should see a turret tank start to move and fire towards your 
position. Lase this as your primary target since it will kill you if it gets 
within range. When it's destroyed, and the other tanks have been eradicated, 
move in towards the objective. Kill any guards near the fence, and watch out 
for the one guard sitting in the direct corner. Blow up the black tower/cable 
line with a grenade on the western side of the base. This should place an 
opening in the side of the base for you to enter. Go inside, and then proceed 
to the far left hangar. Destroy the vehicles with your grenades or satchel 
charges. At this time, you should see another turret tank moving north in the 
base. Target it with your laser and destroy it. Go around to the other hangar, 
and destroy the tank inside with a satchel charge. Watch out for the 2-3 
guards inside. There's one more truck in front of the one of the barracks 
buildings. Destroy it with a laser (since there are some nifty guards inside 
the window panel locations). Once you've destroyed all armor, head to 
extraction for a job well done.

+[Broken Wing]+----------------------------|==============================|
# Kazakhstan, Daytime - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Rural Plains                    | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: n/a                             | - Satchel Charge x 2         |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Fragmentation Grenades     |

- Intel gained from the stolen laptop has revealed that UF is planning to 
launch massive air strikes against selected targets. Proceed to objective 
Specter, and destroy the MIG aircraft using satchel charges.

Another mediocre mission that is only made hard by the player's rash actions. 
Start off by slowly going up the hill until you see a Russian Hind helicopter 
flying in the distance. When you do, simply sit still and wait for it to 
travel all the way till it's over the enemy base. Engage and kill the 
patrolling troops it went by. Move up on the hill, then snipe out the snipers 
in the watch towers. Shoot most of the perimeter guards along the fencing, and 
anyone else who exposes themself. The helicopter will not turn back if it 
travels more than half way pass the air base, and you DO NOT attack it. So 
that's one hefty risk avoided.

Follow your waypoints so they lead you down the lower left side of the base. 
Keep following them until you're near the back of the base. Once so, eliminate 
more guards who will pop out of crevices and buildings. There's also a patrol 
that will attempt to flank you from behind. Now comes the easy part. Jog up 
and enter the hangar on the left side of the base. It should be close from 
your current view. Place a satchel charge next to the MIG inside, then run out 
and detonate it. Then, run up to the other MIG on the runway, toss a satchel, 
and repeat the process. Now, make your escape to the extraction point. 
Thankfully, you don't have to eliminate all hostiles on this one.

+[Mission Control]+------------------------|==============================|
# Kazakhstan, Night Time - Clear Skies     | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Rural Plains                    | - HK MP5 SD3                 |
# Special: n/a                             | - Extra Ammo                 |
                                           | - SOCOM .45                  |
                                           | - Ghille Suit                |

- United Freedom has overtaken a missile launch facility, and word has it that 
they have a nuclear missile ready to be launched. They've also taken all 
launch facility personnel as hostages, and removed them to a separate 
location. Rescue the launch personnel so that we may learn the complete layout 
of the launch base.

This mission took me awhile to get down, but is well worth the risk of using 
an unscoped MP5. Start off by jogging through your waypoint. There should be a 
small outpost to your left. Command says that you should avoid them, but I 
prefer to differ. Go left, and use your binoculars to spot where the enemies 
are. Slightly elevate your weapon (since the MP5 is designed only up to 100 
meters). Nail as many enemies as you can. If one of their guns fires off, or 
you're compromised, continue on with your mission. Kill all people in the left 
outpost, including a pistol wielding commanding officer who is hiding in one 
of the camo tents. Then, up on the ridge should be two more soldiers to watch 
out for. There's also a patrol of 2 men located to the left of the small 
outpost. Follow your waypoints so you're led above the hostage location. Kill 
the two men on top of this ridge.

Then, peer over the ledge, and snipe the 7-8 soldiers in the regular camp. 
There are 2 men by sandbags, 2 in the dark camo tents, 2 under normal tents 
(one near a vehicle), and some that randomly walk throughout. Make your way to 
ground level, then clear out the smaller solid building (two soldiers inside). 
Once this has been accomplished, enter the hostage building (largest one) via 
the front way. The front way should be the door facing the smaller building 
located next to it. Immediately to your left is a tossed table with a soldier 
hidden behind it. Shoot him, scroll to the right, shoot the man by the window, 
and then quickly turn left and shoot the crouching guard near the hostages. 
This process must be performed within three seconds, otherwise you're toast 
(or the hostages die). All hostiles must be cleared on this level to get a 
mission complete.

+[Scorched Earth]+-------------------------|==============================|
# Kazakhstan, Daytime - Clear Skies        | Recommended Gear:            |
# Setting: Rural Plains                    | - M4 Carbine, Shotgun        |
# Special: Airstrikes Available            | - LAW Rocket Launcher        |
                                           | - SOCOM .45 Suppressed       |
                                           | - Extra Ammo                 |

- This is it. Intelligence shows that the launch of a nuclear weapon is 
imminent. You must secure the command center which has primary controls for 
the device, as well as the missile site itself to prevent a manual launch. 
Once all hostiles have been eliminated, a DOE Nuclear specialtist team will be 
called in to disarm the device.

For the final campaign mission in the game, this is pretty darn hard. Start 
off by peering into the distance. You should see a tank along with some guards 
moving along. Pull out your airstrike laser, and lase the tank until it 
successfully explodes. Eliminate any remaining soldiers near the destroyed 
tank. After this is accomplished, immediately pull out your LAW and rocket the 
left front-facing bunker that has 2 soldiers inside. It's nearly impossible to 
hit them with your M4, and trust me, I've tried. This should kill both of them 
immediately. Continue forward until you pass the second hill. Kill the two men 
standing there, then scroll left, and finish off another patrol. Proceed 
towards the command center. Immediately, there's a sniper on top of the 
tallest tower. If you didn't kill him before, do so now. There are 
approximately 2-3 soldiers in the main comm building. One is patrolling the 
hallways (unless he was killed before), another is in the back part, and the 
third one is located on the second floor.

Before scouring the building though, go to the right, and clear the two men 
out of the right side bunker. The one may run out unexpectedly, so keep your 
awareness up. On the back side of the comm center, clear out the two corner 
bunkers (one man in each). Around the command tower is a soldier guarding the 
front door, one near the bottom of the steps, and one in the closed encavement 
to the left. Kill all of these people, and your first objective should be 
complete. If you don't receive a message, there's still someone wandering 
around in the area. KILL them.

Once you've done this, peer down into the left valley. A turret tank should 
start shooting you. Expend your last LAW round on it to destroy it once and 
for all. Now, peer to the right and you should see the giant missile tower. 
Don't expose yourself though. Instead, go to the right side of the command 
tower building, and prone on the hill. Slowly work your way from the top 
portion to the bottom. There are several snipers (one on the top platform), 
two in the stairwells, and 4-5 located on the ground level/second floor. There 
are also four additional guards located on the actual ground level itself, so 
rid of them. There's a blind spot guard you can't see which may prove to be 
some trouble. Head down using your waypoints, and approach the facililty from 
the front. Now, head around back, and look for a section where the building 
has a ladder. Above that ladder is a crouched guard (the blind spot guard). 
Toss a grenade or something up there. Kill him at all costs, and the mission 
should end.

   *Congratulations. You've successfully saved the world from the possibility
    of a world wide disaster, with millions of lives at stake. Unfortunately,
    this was just another section of your life that features painstaking
    events. Perhaps you will be recognized in the future for your valiant
    efforts, but only time will tell. You are a member of Delta Force, designed
    to protect the world from all sorts of threats.*

- There's no actual ending to Delta Force 2, as a matter of fact, there's no 
reward for completing the campaign missions. I just felt there had to be some 
sort of closure out there for certain players.


            /=======| |=|   |=| |=======|     |=======| |==  |=| |=
            |___ ___| | |   | | | |=====|     | |=====| |   | | | _
               | |    | |___| | | |           | |       | | | | || |
               | |    |  ___  | | |=====|     | |=====| | |   | ||_|/
               | |    | |   | | | |_____      | |_____  | |    | |  /
               |_|    |_|   |_| |_______|     |_______| |_|   _| |_/


- 6) Multiplayer            -
One of the more enjoyable aspects of many PC games is the fact that you can 
play on the internet. Mass varieties of players are all meshed into one 
environment where skills (in mosts cases) decide the ultimate victor. As much 
as I'd like to say that DF2's multiplayer is the best around, it frankly 
isn't. Not only does it exhibit the gameplay flaws of single player mode, but 
there is rampant cheating and NO enforcement whatsoever. It's not to say that 
Novalogic doesn't care for Delta Force 2, it's just that they don't give a 
crud. The last known patch released was in 2000, and that was only a year 
after the game was released. As far as I'm aware, they cease to even support 
the game anymore (although you can still play online via their servers). 
Because of the outdated patches, there are several cheaters who can "warp into 
thin air", shoot infinite amount of grenades, plop down and knife people. 
There's no way of stopping it whatsoever. Personally, I'd recommend you avoid 
the multiplayer mode (or play with legit players), but I'll explain some of 
the key features briefly.

/Game Types/
There are actually several different varieties of games that can be played 
online. Not only do you have your simple deathmatch free-for-all battles, but 
there are also team matchups, structure-based maps, and even a few "soccer-
like" modes.

    ><>< ATTACK DEFEND ><><
       --> Two teams must face off. One attacks structures on a map, while the
            other defends them. The map ends when the time limit runs out
            (defenders victory), or all structures are destroyed.

       - Use satchel charges as one can easily take down a structure.
       - Destroy the armory first. It's the only way a player may change his
         or hers current weapons during a game.
       - If you're going to snipe, utilize your own structures to your
         advantage. Snipe inside a bunker so you can take down opposing
         players, while being a prickly thorn to your enemy.

    ><>< CAPTURE THE FLAG ><><
       --> A team's flag is located on both sides of the map. First team to
            steal and capture their opponent's wins.

       - Use silenced weapons, or non-tracer guns if you want to make a very
         stealthy impact.
       - Once you have the flag, switch to your knife to give you the most
         sprinting speed possible.

    ><>< DEATHMATCH ><><
       --> Players randomly spawn on the map. It's a free-for-all. Shoot
            anything that moves.
       - Try to stay in a spot where you're concealed, yet are out of the
         spawning range.
       - Use the M249 as much as possible. Deathmatch is very fast, kill-based,
         and you'll often run into mobile targets.

    ><>< FLAGBALL ><><
       --> Similar to soccer. Each team must grab a neutral colored ball in
            the middle, and then score a goal with it.

       - Work as a team. It's your only success to passing and successfully 
         scoring the winning shot.
       - Gun down the opposition to clear a path to the goal.

    ><>< KING OF THE HILL ><><
       --> Free-for-all deathmatch where points are rewarded to players who
            stay in a special centered zone on the map for a specific time

       - Prone inside a building, preferably in the King of the Hill zone. In
         most cases, you won't be exposed to enemy explosions, and you can nail
         anyone who tries to enter your zone.

    ><>< SEARCH DESTROY ><><
       --> My personal favorite. Two teams face off and must destroy each
            other's structures. First team to successfully destroy all opposing
            structures wins.

       - Use satchel charges for the most effectiveness. Taking down the
         opposing armory cripples their overall ability to adapt to the
       - Go on the left or right flanks along the hill sides as a sniper. Very
         effective for laying down an Iron Curtain defense.

    ><>< TEAM DEATHMATCH ><><
       --> Players are assorted into teams and must kill each other for the
            true victory.

       - If possible, pair up with another sniper or assaulter. That way, you
         can cover each other's back in case of dire need, or an unknown
       - Trip mines can be fairly useful for covering your back side when you
         enter a single doorway building.

    ><>< TEAM KING OF THE HILL ><><
       --> Same as the original king of the hill, except you're split into
            teams that must hold a centered zone for a specific time limit.

       - Get two people in the same area to cover each other's back. You'd
         practically be immortal as there is no way possible for the zone to be

/Patches & Troubleshooting/
There are numerous problems with DF2. As stated before, people can cheat all 
they want without any form of punishment. Novalogic has also ceased to monitor 
the game's progress anymore since they have bigger and better games to watch 
over (Black Hawk Down, DF3). Here's just a few known problems:

    /Cheaters /|---- People who constantly appear and disappear               |
    ________/|----- Grenade Launcher shots mystically appear out of thin air |
            /|------ Players plop down and instantly knife others             |
           /|------- Speed bursts, or moves extremely fast                    |

    [ To update your product, simply click the "Update Product" tab in the game
    [ menu. Your version will be automatically updated to the latest patch.

######## Player SYSDUMP.TXT Glitch #######

This is a small glitch that is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid. There's a special hacking 
utility out there that causes for your game to crash instantly because of this 
glitch. It can also occur during single player games. Basically, the person 
sends a command to the NovaLogic server (console command) which forces the 
game to update a file in the Delta Force 2 directory called sysdump.txt. 
Apparently it holds some important data or something. Anyway, the game window 
minimizes and closes itself, but the file is "saved". This error occurs quite 
constantly in games, and can be caused by cheaters overloading the server, or 
the actual game sending a command to save that file. There's nothing you can 
do about it. I've tried deleting the file, hiding it, pretty much everything.


- 7) Codes                 -
Thankfully, Novalogic wasn't very tight when it comes to expanding the in-game 
fun. Not everything is realistic in Delta Force 2. As a matter of fact, they 
included special cheat codes that help prolong the gaming experience. While 
there aren't any secret levels, or special campaigns, you can certainly have 
fun acting like God.

- Giving full credit to for these codes.

   ./^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ To enable the following cheat codes, press the `
  ./ CHEAT CODES         / key on your keyboard during a mission. It's similar
 ./                     / to the ~ key, and is located in the upper left hand
./...................../   corner.  
 |  thetrooper         --> God Mode
 |  sunandsteel        --> Reload Ammunition
 |  diewithyourbootson --> Unlimited Ammo
 |  gimme              --> gives you full ammo (must be inside an armory)
 |  stilllife          --> Invisibility
 |  superjump          --> Jump very high
 |  dieall             --> kills all enemies on Jail Break mission
 |  revelation         --> gives 8 airstrike/laser rounds
 |  gamma 123456789    --> different grenade smoke colors
 |  resetgames         --> resets current game
 ^^ After you press the command console key, type the code above, then press 
ENTER. It should take effect immediately.


- 8) Common Questions      -

)) Troubleshooting ((

<< Are there any known glitches in Delta Force 2? >>

- Yes, as a matter of fact, there are several. Quite often, you're able to 
walk through walls on certain maps. In many instances, you can see through 
buildings from a certain length, and with specific weapons. Enemies can be 
shot through hills (along with yourself). The enemy/ally AI is stupid 
sometimes. Hostiles will run right past your fellow bots, and due to the close 
proximity, they will not return fire. There are way too many to count. Most of 
the problems are due to the graphics engine involved, but also have a share 
with poor programming methods.

<< How do I increase the game's overall speed on slower computers? >>

- First of all, try going to the options menu and trying out different video 
resolutions. The larger resolutions you use (640 x 480, 800 x 600), the slower 
the game is going to be. The reason is because pixels get smaller and smaller, 
meaning the computer has to process more information at the same speed. Higher 
resolutions are only recommended for very fast computers, or excellent video 
cards. If you're having real slowdown problems, press V on the keyboard during 
a mission to change the resolution. You can drastically save plenty of speed. 
You can also turn the sound quality to low. This helps cause less processing 
on the CD and hard drives.

<< Are they really ever going to fix the problems in multiplayer mode? >>

- Probably never. Think about it. Would you spend thousands of dollars a year 
to hire programmers just to maintain and appease the general public out there 
playing an outdated game from 1999? If I was a manager, I probably wouldn't. 
Novalogic doesn't give a chalupa about anyone who plays Delta Force 2. Their 
primary concerns involves newer products which have higher demand priorities.

<< What's this Mission Editor utility included with the Delta Force 2 CD? >>

- It's basically a modified application that the programmers at Novalogic used 
to make some of the missions in the game. Each of the missions you play in the 
game were created with this nifty tool. You can set layers, add certain 
enemies/vehicles, design terrain, and set waypoints/objectives for the player 
to accomplish. It's nice to see that the developers actually included 
something for modders out there to use. You can read the PDF manual included 
on the CD to learn how to use the mission editor.

)) Gameplay ((

<< How does this title compare to other popular first person shooters? >>

- I'd say it's above mediocre. Delta Force 2 is really more of a realistic 
expanded shooter. It puts more emphasis on real combat, which takes place from 
distances of up to 200+ meters. No longer are we seeing games where you take a 
shotgun, and nail people 10 feet in front of you. Instead, DF2 forces the 
player to engage targets according to plan, with a mission at hand. Of course, 
this is also where it suffers. Close combat is a complete joke, and is more of 
a reaction battle where it comes down to pure speed. You'll hardly encounter 
close combat scenarios. While it sounds great that a realistic military-like 
shooter has reached the PC, this isn't all true. The game is plagued with 
glitches, especially graphical ones that cause nagging problems. Not to 
mention that multiplayer is a complete aggravating waste of time due to 
constant cheating and hacks. If anything, I wouldn't pay more than $8-$10 for 

<< Why do the graphics look so strange? >>

- I read up on something about the graphics technology that the Delta Force 
series utilized, but I don't quite remember the name. Anyhow, Novalogic made 
Delta Force using a special graphics engine called SURREAL (something like 
that). Rather than using polygons, the game used special coasting technology 
to generate smooth terrain and non-jagged surfaces. It's almost like taking a 
polygon, and tossing it into a rock polisher. The only problem with SURREAL 
graphics is that you often have meshing objects. Players can stick through 
buildings. Textures often glitch back and forth for timed intervals. Plus, it 
tends to lag computers more than say a few thousand polygons. Not to mention 
that due to the lack of clarity, players can look like trees, and bushes can 
look like proned snipers from far away distances.

<< Are there any other Delta Force games available? >>

- Yes, as far as I'm aware, there are four primary games (plus the plethora of 
expansion packs). The original was Delta Force -> Delta Force 2 -> Delta Force 
Land Warrior (3) -> Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. There are future plans for 
more Delta Force games, although a lack of marketing schemes has really 
brought down the popularity of the series. There's also a few ports for the 
Playstation video game system, but they weren't really "official" games.


- 9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines  -

This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:


- 10) Proper Credit         -

I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) (( for providing excellent cheat codes on a fairly uncommon 
shooter. At least we can have some fun toting down terrorists as an invisible 

)) Novalogic (( for creating a decent, although fairly annoying shooter. It's 
not to say that the idea for the game was bad, it just seems like the series 
got shot down too quickly. Support your older games, update them with patches. 
Do something to keep players hooked to your games.

"Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada

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