Dead to Rights (walkthrough)

Chapter One: “Last Call”

This is your basic tutorial level. Just follow the directions and you should
do fine.

Chapter Two: “The Den of Iniquity”

Hope you have fast reflexes and know your controller buttons well. Here you
will be controlling the stripper’s Dance movements. Push the corresponding
buttons at the correct time when they go into the Square in the center. Here
is the correct combination of buttons for each dance.

Dance 1

Press X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle,

Dance 2

Press X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, X,
Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle

Dance 3

Press X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Square, Circle, x, Square,
Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X

After you have finished dancing for the guards you will be Jack again. Head
up the stairs to the right.

To your left through the door is some payphones to the left of the
payphones is the fire alarm use it.

Now take care of Blatz’ crew using the various buttons that it tells you to
use. After finishing off everyone and getting the Pass card use the Elevator
in the corner.

Once you come off the elevator, grab the guy in front of you as a human shield
and take anyone out that gets in your way. Follow the hall to the door and
enter the door there that it indicates to use.

Take out the guys in this room. Then exit out the door to the left of the

Clear out all the guys in the stripper dancing area. Then use the button
behind the bar and quickly use the door that it unlocks before it locks

Chase Blatz down the street killing everyone in your way. There is armor
in the alley ways along the way if you need it. Once you have entered, Kill
off the guys and then go use the button at the security station and then go
to the elevator.


Chapter Three: “Iron Point”

(To me this chapter was a little boring for the most part)

Beat up the inmate with the white shirt closest to the gate you need to leave
out of to get the Access Card A and use it on the gate.

Make your way through this corridor beating up anyone in your way if you want
and use the door at the far end.

Walk to your left and to your left the Workshop door go in it.

Beat up the inmate with a white shirt to get the Key for the door in the back
of this room and use the door.


Beat up the inmates in here to get packs of Cigarettes. Then leave the

Go to your left then go right through the gate to the right is the door to
the Gymnasium go in it.

Go see the boxer


Beat him up to get a pack of cigarettes.


Next visit the speed punching bag guy.


You just need to keep in rhythm with pushing the buttons to get pass this to
get another pack of cigarettes.


Go see the Weight lifter. you just need to keep the line inside the red box
by repeatedly pushing the X button. Fill up the Strength gauge then press
circle. Do this until you have completed all the levels and get your pack of


Leave the gym and beat up the inmate out here to get Access Card C.

Go into Cell Block C it’s the door to the left of the Gym door.

Go through the hallway and go into the main part of Cell Block C and clear
the room to get more packs of cigarettes you should have 24 packs now.

Arm Wrestle Tony to get your final pack of cigarettes. It’s similar to weight
lifting you shouldn’t have to much trouble with it.

Go back to the workshop and give wireboy the cigarettes.


Leave the workshop.


Boss Battle “Sickle” (I use boss battle lightly since he is not much of a

Beat up Sickle.

Go to the showers it’s to the left of where Cell block C door is.

Pick up the health and go into the shower.


Boss Battle “Tattoo”

Beat up Tattoo. Concentrate only on him ignore the other guys.


Go into the Guard room nearby to get the Key.

Make your way to the showers.

Jump into the hole you see an inmate jump into.

Follow the dotted line on the map on the upper right.

Disarm the first inmate then keep going and shoot any of the others that get
in your way and go in the door at the end.(Be sure to explore the caves in
next area if you need health or armor)

(You can get health and armor in the caves not marked on the map. I’m just
telling you how to get out of here so if you need either you should be able
to find them on your own.)

Follow dotted line until your path is blocked. Go to the left and follow
that way until you get back to the dotted line again.

Follow Dotted line again. Make a left at the arrow on the map and wall hug
here to get across the hole. (push Circle when near the wall to wall hug)
Go to the right at the fork. Go all the way down to the end going left at
the end. Follow the path at the next fork go left. at the next fork go right.
Follow the path and go through the gate. Kill all inmates in here then go
through the next gate after lock picking it.


Chapter Four: “Black Orchid”


You need to follow Fat Chow. Kill everyone that gets in your way and follow


Kill more guys here.


Kill more guys here. Then go up the stairs.


Make your way down the stairs.


kill everyone in this room. Use the door on the Cashier’s Cage in the corner
where Chow is cowering.


Kill off the guys and get the Cashier’s Cage Key and use it on the door.


Grab the weapons and the armor and health and get out of the building.


Before going up the stairs I recommend using your sniper rifle and taking
out the two snipers on the rooftops of the building in front of the stairs.
Kill everyone else using your sniper rifle if you need to for rooftop
snipers. Then use the gate at the end of the alley.


You will need to punch and kick the guys get in your way and locate the room
with the red indicator at the other end of the building. Go back to the
center of the building.


Punch and kick through these thugs to get the your guns back.


Protect Eve at all cost. Shoot anyone shooting at her. Try leaving the


Continue doing the same protecting her shoot at those shooting at her.
Some of them seem to take more bullets then others.


Same as before kill everyone that is around covering Eve. Follow Eve down
the street.


Chow has a rocket launcher shoot him while going around him in a big
circling motion avoiding the rockets he shoots at you. Shoot him until
he dies. If you need ammo either disarm a henchmen or get a magnum
from the phone booth nearby.


Chapter Five: “A Late Goodbye”


Shoot all the Clowns and locate the green indicator lever and use it. Go
through the gate it opened.

Locate the next green indicator lever and use it. Go through the gate it
unlocks. Watch out for the helicopter use a human shield or take cover to
avoid it.

Locate yet another green indicator lever and use it. Go through the gate that
opens. Along this path to your left is a locked gate kill all the clowns in
the area to get it opened. Go through the gate and down the stairs and make
your way to the other side of this crypt. In the center of it is a Cage with
a handle in it you need to get in there. Continue to the other side of the
crypt there is some stairs go up them. jump in the hole that is near the open
metal grate near where you need to use the handle. This takes you into that
caged area get the handle then make your way back up to use the handle and go
through the gate that opened. To the right over the bridge locate the green
indicator lever, use it, go through the gate, and then through the gate on
your left.


Boss Battle “Gatling gun Truck”

the main strategy here is locate the propane canisters that are located
around this cemetery and throw them at the back of the truck and shoot
at it to blow it up at the back of the truck. You can also just throw
multiple canisters over towards the truck then throw a final one and shoot
at it so all the canisters blow up at the same time. It’s up to you on what
you think is easier. Do this until it’s destroyed. I think it takes about
ten canisters roughly.


Chapter Six: “Mayhem Incorporated”


Protect Eve by killing everyone shooting at her.


Disarm the bomb by guiding the pin with your two analog sticks. Try staying
in the center of the white path as best you can. Get all the way to the end
quickly before the bomb blows up each checkpoint you pass will earn you more

Do the same as before just keep killing off the guys that are shooting at
Eve. Some are usually blocked from your view so if you have missed some just
pay attention to if Eve is still shooting to know if there is still more guys


This doesn’t need instructions just shoot everyone.


Shoot everyone that is taking cover behind the vehicles.


Boss Battle “Limos”

This part you need to shoot the Limo’s up. Just move around your crosshairs
onto parts of the limo and it will turn red (the tires, trunk and engine for
instance or if your a good shot just try taking out the driver.).Shoot the
limo’s until they are disabled when a rocket is launched at you be sure to
shoot the rocket. For the last limo do the same as the other two just more
rockets will be shot at you. Keep shooting it until you flip it.


Chapter Seven: “No Vacancy”


Move forward


Kill all the guys in here until one of them gives you the Hotel Key. use this
key on the door to the left of where you came into this room from.


Use shadow to locate the first bomb. Go through the door and to your right.
The bomb is to the right of the soda machine on your right. Move shadow
towards it.

You will need to disarm it it’s the same as the last one you disarmed they
get more tricky/Difficult the next few bombs you find just so you know.
Once you have disarmed it continue on to the door at the end of the walkway.

Kill everyone in this room until you get the hotel key use it on the door it
shows you (the door is near where you entered at).

Use shadow again to locate the second bomb it’s straight head behind the
curtains. Disarm it like the others you have done. Be sure to take your
time at the small/narrow areas of the bomb and line up correctly before
moving through it.

Go up towards the Stage area. After killing the guys get the health to the
right of the stage. Kill the guy that shows up then leave the Stage area.
More guys show up kill them. Try leaving the stage area again and another guy
shows up kill him and get the Hotel Key. Leave the stage area and make your
way up the stairs to the balcony area where the door is to use the key on.

Use shadow again to find the third bomb it’s directly behind you. Near the
wall at the end of the path. This bomb is the most difficult due to time
and small/narrow areas. Disarm this one as quickly as you can be sure to
line up correctly when you get to those small/narrow places. You don’t
get much time to do this one so try to do it quickly.

Go and follow the path in front of you. Kill all the guys you find here until
one drops a hotel key then use the key on the door indicated. Use shadow to
locate the fourth and final bomb. it’s on the left hand side of this room
behind some boxes.

Disarm it the same way as the others and same advice in the narrow areas be
sure to be lined up before moving it forward.


Leave this room and Go up the stairs to the right.

Continue up the stairs. Follow the path through the rooms when you come out
go to the left and locate the fire extinguisher then go back the way you came
and put out the fire.

You get a key from a survivor in that fire. Put out the rest of the fire
in front of you. Use the key on the door to get another fire extinguisher and
put out the fire blocking your way. You will find a locked door to your left.
Go to the left Area and to the left to get a key from a survivor in one
direction and also another fire extinguisher from going to the right. Go use
the key on the door. Go through this room and come out the other side and put
out the fire you come to. Go up the stairs.

Go through the room on the right (notice there is a fire near this door you
will need to come back to it later). Find the survivor in the center area of
this room to get a key. Find the door to open it’s where you just came from
and get the fire extinguisher. Use that on the fire located near where the
survivor was. Go into the door to the left and use the control panel to turn
on the sprinklers. Make your way back to where the fire was that I told you
to take notice of and go up the stairs.

Continue up the stairs and go into the room on the right. There is a survivor
in this room to get a key from. Go out of this room and to your left go
through this center area to the opposite side and go left and locate the
indicated door to open and go inside.


Leave this room and protect Exner. Follow Exner out of here to the roof.


Boss Battle “Antorcha”

You just need to kill the guy with the flamethrower keep shooting him until
he dies.


Chapter Eight: “A Boatload of Trouble”


Follow Gofer.

Kill the guys that show up to get the key and use the key on the door that
Gofer went into.

Make your way to the second floor after killing all the guys and getting the
key and flip the switch then go through the door it opened.

Continue chasing after Gofer. Go in the door at the end of this area after
lock picking it.

Kill everyone in here and get the key. Use the key on the door indicated on
the ground floor.

Go into the next door after lock picking it at the other side of this area.

Go to the locked door on the other side of this room kill everyone on the
ground floor and get a key. Use it on the locked door.

Make your way to the other side of this area and get the wirecutters from
one of the guys. Go back the way you came and use your wirecutters on the
control panel near one of the buildings. Go through the door it opened (it is
near where you got the wirecutters from.

Do like normal again in here Shoot everyone on the ground floor and get the
key and go through the locked door.

Shoot all the clowns.

Boss Battle “Helicopter”

Move a little to your right. Look right in front almost under the helicopter
there is a rocket launcher on the ground you need to go and grab it.
Take cover and Shoot the Helicopter (I’d recommend manual aim) when it stops
shooting for a moment. Pick up the rocket launcher again when you run out
and shoot it again once it’s destroyed Go up to the reinforced door that the
helicopter was over. You need to use the forklift in the back of this area
to break down that door. Go to the door that is now opened.

Kill the guys in here to get the keycard. Use it on the control panel on the
left side of the room. Go through the door it unlocks and the next door.

Make your way through this area until you get to the scale on the other side
of this room. You need to take a human shield and move them onto the scale to
open up the door. Go through the door.

Kill everyone in this next room and get the Thermostat Card. Use it on the
control panel that is behind some crates in the corner. Go through the door
it opens. Kill everyone here to get a key and use it on the door.

Go through the next few doors killing whoever gets in your way. Get
the key and use it on the door.

Follow the path down the ramp to the ground floor and go through the doorway.


Boss Battle “Longshoreman X”

Just shoot him with everything you’ve got until he dies. In the center of the
two rooms a gun will respawn when you run out.


You will need to survive this water torture for a bit just rapidly tap the
buttons like it tells you. Just keep your oxygen bar up before time runs out.
You will need to survive this 3 times.


Go into the next room and punch and kick your way through all the guys. Get
a key from one of the guys and use it on the locked door.

Beat up everyone here. Get the key and use it on the locked door.

Do the same as before beating up anyone that gets in your way. Get the armor
and then go through the next door.

In this room the first guy you can get your hands with a gun disarm him then
shoot everyone in this room and get the key. Go through the locked door.

This is getting a bit repetitive I don’t think I need to tell you but if I do
Kill everyone, get the key and go through the locked door.

Kill the guys here and get the Elevator Key. Use it on the Elevator.

Make your way around this area and down the stairs. You know the drill Kill
everyone, get the key and use it on the locked door.

Go to the bottom of the stairs and take the Sniper rifle. Use it to kill the
guys that are off in the distance. Lock pick the door and go in it.

Get the key in here from one of the guys. Use the key on the office Door that
is up the stairs. Get the key Card from one of the guys and use it on the
door inside that office.

Get the key from one of the guys here and go through the locked door with it.

Go to the second floor and use the control panel there. Go through the door
it unlocked.


Get the key from one of the guys and use it on the gate.

Kill everyone here.


Chapter Nine: “A Billion in Bullion”


Kill everyone in here and go through the door on the second floor after
lock picking it.

Get through this next area and through the doors.

Make your way to the bottom floor of this area (using the stairs). Get the
plant key from the guy in the center area up the ramps. Kill everyone in
this area. Go and use the door that it shows you after you deal with all of

Get through this next area killing everyone in your way like normal and go
through the door.

This next area is the same as the previous one you did make your way down
to the ground floor. You can do this however you’d like the way I did it
was by running to the left to avoid the turret and take cover behind the gold
bars after you have taken out the guys around you. Use your shotgun and auto
aim at the turret and take cover when it shoots at you. Shoot at it until it
blows up then go up the ramp in the center to get the Access Card. Use the
control panel. Now clear the room of guys and use the door it showed you.


Get through this next area and through the door.

Go down to the ground floor and clear the room.


Boss Battle “Tattoo”

Our old buddy is back and this time you get to fill full of lead. Shoot him
until he is beaten, get the key from him and use the gate it showed you.


Make your way through the tunnels and run across the narrow ledge when you
get to it. Keep going through the tunnels. Go through the tunnels to the

Chapter Ten: “Full Circle”


Make your way to the same Trailer you went into in the training/tutorial
level to get some guns, health and armor.

For this chapter you are basically heading back to where you started the
tutorial level at. Make your way back there killing everyone in your way.

Use the sniper rifle to get the guys that are in hard to reach places after
the helicopter shows up.

The only main problem I had in this chapter was the helicopter at the end.
You need to make a run up the hill and get the rocket launcher and use it
on the helicopter. When you run out go up there and get it again. Once you
have destroyed the Helicopter go in through the double gates.

Chapter Eleven: “Post Riot Syndrome”


You are back in the prison. Go into the shower door. Once you have killed
everyone here go into the door opposite of the one you came in from.

Go straight ahead of you.


You will need to take care of everyone in Cell block A and B. Once you have
gone through both of them you will get a fuse from one (Cell block B) and a
key from the other(Cell block A). (be sure to check the electric chair room
(cell block A) it has armor in there if you need it). With your back to Cell
block B’s door. Go through the gate directly in front of you. Go through cell
block C to get a key. Leave cell block C, go left and follow the path to the
right. On your right go in the door and get the fuse. Leave this room and go
straight and use the fuses on the fuse box and go through the door it opens.

Go through the metal detector. In the office to the right is armor to the
left is health. Go through the center door. Get the East office Key from
one of the guys then use the Key on the door. Go in the East door (refer to
diagram below)and use the computer in there.

East West


DE = Door you entered from
East = East door
West = West Door

Go into west office and use the computer to open up the Gas chamber.

Go into the gas chamber door it’s next to the health door in the metal
detector area.


Boss Battle “Rafshoon Diggs”

Take his health down some by punching and kicking him down.


Now you need to knock the Gas mask off of Rafshoon and pick it up and keep
it on. Of he knocks it off of you get it back from him. Keep the gas mask
away from him until his life bar runs out from losing oxygen.


Go through the double doors.


Chapter Twelve: “The Stash”


(fail this first part of the chapter to get a little extra scene)

(If you need ammo there is guns in the right hand cage near the stairs and
health and ammo in the left one near the stairs.)

Get to the Radio room. Use manual Aim and shoot through the glass and kill
the guy on the radio. Kill everyone else and get the key and use it on the
radio room/dispatch cage room. Use the radio control panel in there. Kill
everyone and get the supervisor pass card. Use it in the dispatch cage and
go through the door it opened.

At the first fork go left. You want to go into the briefing room to get the
maintenance room key and leave the briefing room and go straight and follow
the path left and on your left is the maintenance room use the key on it.
Use the control panel in there to cut the power and open up a door. Leave
here and go to your right back towards the briefing room. Before you reach
the briefing room turn left down the hall and you will find the door you
opened. This next part is pretty linear so just make your way to the Evidence
room and remember don’t touch any of those laser beams the way you need to go
is not blocked by any laser beams. Use the Evidence door.


Leave the same way you got in here.


Chapter Thirteen: “Greed”


Make your way across this area killing anyone in your way. On the other side
of this place there is a red outlined box near a gate.


You need to catch/grab one of the yellow raincoat guys and lead them over to
this red outlined voice recognition box to open the gate. Then use the
switch to unlock the gate.


Make your way to the front gate. Open gate and when it opens go through it.
Make your way down the stairs and then make your way all the way down the
hill. At the bottom of the hill go up the ramp up to the guard tower. Use the
switch to unlock the gate then make your way back down and through that gate.
Go down the hill onto the pier. Go down the ramp and go around to the
elevator. Try using it (it should tell you control key needed and a
helicopter should show up once you step off it).


Go to the back of the building that the helicopter is flying over. Kill the
guy back there to get the Control key and go use it on the elevator.

Shoot your way through this next area. It’s pretty linear, no instructions
needed. Once you have the Security Level 2 key, go back to the locked door
to open it.

Make your way through this next area same as before but this time you need to
get a Level 3 card. Use it on the locked door when you get it. When you find
the fuse go back to where it was needed and use it. Use the elevator.

Get the health, then go down the ramp.


Boss Battle “Mayor Pinnacle”

Move Jack in a circular/oval motion and try to coax/lure Pinnacle into trying
to punch you. Avoid his punches. He will do three or four punch combo and
bend over exhausted. This is your chance, go behind him, use you disarm
button and use the buttons indicated on the screen (be sure you are directly
behind him otherwise it won’t work). You will need to repeat this many times
to get his health all the way gone. It seems many have problems beating just
keep at it with that method and you will beat him. If you have gotten his
life bar down the other way by him grabbing you and you kicking him after
pushing the buttons it tells you to. When he only has a little life left you
need to choke him to get the little life left out of him by going behind him
when he is exhausted and use your disarm button. Once you have beaten him
go into his office. Get the armor and health behind the desk then get the
explosives near the door.


You will need to head down the stairs and take care of some guys that are there.
then plant the explosives in the places indicated with the green indicators.

1. On the forklift

2. 3. 4. in the corners of the building.

5. On the tail end of the plane.


Boss Battle “The Twins”

You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to take care of the Twins before the place
blows up. Grab the guns they show you in the Scene and just keep shooting
them avoiding the grenades they shoot.

Now escape through the door it showed you.


Chapter Fourteen: “Heavy Cargo”

This first part is pretty linear just make your way through the plane getting
keys from various guys for locked doors you need to get through, Once you
have the key needed go farther into the plane. Once you have gotten to the
Observation deck, you will need to beat up three assassins here. Go back out
the way you came.


Continue going back the way you came.


Chase after Fahook

Boss Battle “Fahook”

Shoot Fahook until his life bar is almost empty


Now you need to shoot Fahook again until his life bar is almost empty. Also
avoid his flamethrower attack by ducking behind some cover. When you run out
of bullets go near the door you came in here from to get more. When he
starts drinking from his bottle use manual aim and shoot the bottle before he
can refill his life bar back up. Repeat this until you have killed him.


Quickly locate the Switches that the pilot tells you to find before you


Chapter Fifteen: “Story of the Century”


Kill everyone in the lobby in your way (There is armor near the front door if
you need it. It’s a never ending flow of guys so don’t try to kill them all.
Go to the door to the left of the security station.


You will need to shoot down the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher. Ignore
the guys shooting you and locate the Rocket launcher (you can find them
up the stairs on the second floor. or up the smaller set of stairs near
the elevators (it respawns near the elevators). Once you have a Rocket
Launcher, I would recommend manually targeting the helicopter from the
second floor between the two staircases. You will need to shoot it 7
times until it is destroyed.


Boss Battle “Hennessey with Electrified Riot Shield”

He is actually fairly easy to beat once you figure out what to do. You need
to stand in the fountain with your back to the fountain. When you see the
riot shield Hennessey is holding change to a pinkish color and charges at
you push left or right and slow-mo Jump. So that you jump out of the fountain.
Which makes Hennessey runs right into the fountain electrocuting himself. Repeat
this method about ten times until his riot shield is destroyed. You will know
you got him because he will hit the fountain and end up flying backwards
landing on his back.


Go down the hallway and beat up the guys that you run into here and enter the
door at the far end of the hallway.


Boss Battle "Hennessey with Flaming Hands"

Just use punch and kick combos on him as you would any other enemy. Keep
taking health from him until his life bar is halfway gone.


He has now opened up the Furnace. If you are unsure of what you need to do,
you need to get near the furnace and toss Hennessey into the furnace. Do
this two or three times. You can also use your punch and roundhouse kick
combo to get him into the furnace.


Punch or kick him until you knock him down.

Enjoy the Ending Movie and watch credit for a small Scene. 

Congratulations you have now completed Dead to Rights.

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