Dead To Rights (šifre)

Dead To Rights

Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

During Game Play,Pause the Game by pressing "ESC" button,then type the 
following cheat codes.

Code         Results
RKOARMOUR  - Unlimited Armour
RKOKICK    - God's Kick
RKOGOD     - God Mode
RKOWEAPONS - All Game Weapons
RKOAMMO    - Unlimited ammo 
RKOSTAMINA - Unlimited Stamina
RKOPUNCH   - GOD's Punch
Play Any Chapter: 
To play any Chapter,Pause the Game and Go to Chapter Screen then Type 
"RKOCHAPTER" (without " "),A menu containg Chapters NO. will appear.
Now you can Choose any chapter you want to play by going on desired 
Chapter No. and then Pressing "ENTER".                       

To unlock the mini-games, successfully complete the game under any difficulty 

Defeating Diggs:
Diggs is the ex boxer you will have to face in the later part of the game. When he 
reaches three quarters of his health, gas which will hurt you will be turned on. 
You can knock off his gas mask and put it on. Keep pressing Triangle to dive and he 
cannot touch you. His power will slowly go down, and he will soon be defeated.

Training: Unlimited ammunition:
At the beginning of the training, after you blow the men up with the canister, switch 
weapons to your pistol. You can shoot with out running out of ammunition.

Destroying the clown van in the cemetery: 
Use the canisters that explode and drop one on either side of the gate, in the corner 
between the wall and the gate. Do not throw it. Walk away and shoot the canister. Repeat 
the process until the van is destroyed. This may take a while, but it works.

Flaming Fisted Man warning:
After defeating Flaming Fisted Man, the game restarts itself. This does not allow you to 
save your game, meaning that you either start a new game or continue fighting Flaming 
Fist Man repeatedly.

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