Day Of The Tentacle Walk (walkthrough)

Day Of The Tentacle Walk

                               Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
                                   Version 1.00
4.Fun things to try

     Day Of The Tentacle by Lucas Arts is, in my opinion, one of the best
adventure games you'll find. It's graphics are good, and the music and sound
isn't bad either. The puzzles and tasks in the game are logical, but they are
also  challenging. Since the story involves time travel, the story is a bit
confusing at times(you'll see what I mean). An original idea is playing with
three characters at once(well, not really, the original Maniac Mansion also
had this option). The interface and menus are very easy to work with. In
other words, this is a very good game and if you like adventure games you'll
most probably enjoy it. Oh, and try not to read the walkthrough unless you
r e a l l y  need to. Well, as I said, enjoy!

NOTE : A credits section will be included if someone helps me with something
1.Take everything you can, you'll probably need it.
2.If you can't take something, you either don't need it or you need to find 
a way to get it.
3.Talk to everyone and look at everything, you may find useful information.
4.You can't die or in any way lose the game, so try everything you want.
5.Set your goals(for example you need to open a locked door(main goal); you
find the key, but it's guarded by someone; you need to get the key; etc.)
6.Learn the keyboard shortcuts to play more easily

Note : Dialog options and and clues to puzzles aren't listed here.
Get the flier from the rack and the sign from the window. Get the dime from
the pay phone. Open the office door and enter the office. Get the bankbook 
from the desk, open the drawer and get the Booboo-B-Gone. Leave the office
and open the grandfather clock. Now, just watch.

You'll need to find the battery plans. They are right here, in the basement.
Go to the right of the generator and get the paper. The plans are on it.
After the copy protection, Dr.Fred will send the plans to the past and you
can now play with Hoagie. Send the sign and textbook to Hoagie.

Find your way to the inn, open the mailbox, get the letter and enter the
house. Open and enter the grandfather clock. Get the left-handed hammer and
show the sign to Red Edison. Get the lab coat and leave. Go upstairs. Enter 
the first door. Push the bed and pull the cord. Outside, get the soap from 
the cart. Enter the third door and get the wine bottle. Go up the next set 
of stairs. Read the textbook to the horse and get the dentures. Go upstairs.
Use Ned's bed and put the mattress on Jed's bed. Use Jed's bed and get the
mouse toy. Go back to the lobby and enter the Main Hall. Go through the 
swinging door. Get the spaghetti and the oil. Enter the door on the right.
Open the cabinet and get brush and the bucket. Go back. Fill the bucket from
the water pump and put the soap in it. Go to the carriage outside the house.
Wash it with the bucket and brush. Go back to the room where you go the wine
bottle and give the lab coat to "Mr.Brainstorm". Do as he says. The kite is
going to charge the battery later. When you're done, go back to the Main
Hall and talk to Thomas Jefferson about the time capsule. Give him the wine
bottle. Send the letter to Bernard. Use the chimney as a shortcut to get to
the last floor(enter through the window). Get the red paint and go back to
the area where the Chron-O-John is. Paint the tree with the red paint and 
then send it to Bernard. Go back to the main hall and talk to George 
Washington. Talk about the cherry tree until he goes and cuts it down. You
can now play with Laverne. 

Talk to the guard and pretend to be sick. Dr.Tentacle will leave you in his
office. Get the tentacle chart and find your way back to the cell. Talk to
the guard and say you have to go to the bathroom. Outside, find your way to
the Chron-O-John and send the chart to Hoagie. 

Send the dentures, can-opener, mouse toy and spaghetti to Laverne.

Find your way to the roof and get the crank. Send it, along with the Booboo-
B-Gone to Laverne.

Tell the guard you're done and you'll be back in the cell. Pretend to be sick
again. Go through the big door and up the chimney. 

Go to the second room on the second floor(the one you haven't been to yet)
and put the tentacle chart over the pile of designs. The national flag will
now look as a tentacle.

Use the crank to lower the flag and wear it as a disguise. Now you can walk
around the house freely. Talk to the tentacle to the right of the chimney
about the contest and you'll get a name tag. Go back to the lobby and go up
the stairs. Enter the first room. Open the time capsule with the can-opener
and get the vinegar. Send it to Hoagie. Go to the second room. Here, get the
extension cord and roller skates and put them(the skates) on the mummy. Put
the name tag on it also. Then, push the mummy and the contest will start. 
Enter the third room and speak with Purple tentacle. Send the scalpel to

Go to the lobby and enter the double doors. Cut Oozo the clown with the
scalpel and get the box o' laughs. Open the grating. Try to get the teeth,
chase them to the open grating and pick them up. Go through the swinging
door and get the two cans of coffee and the fork. Enter the door on the right,
open the cabinet and get the funnel. Go to the second floor and enter the
first room. Close the door and get the keys. Turn on the TV and hear about
the diamond. Insert the dime in the slot. You need another one. Enter the
second room. Get the disappearing ink and talk to the man. Show him the
letter. After he's gone, get the flag gun. Enter the third room. Talk to
Green tentacle and push the right speaker. Turn on the stereo. The fake barf
in the lobby will fall. Go get it(turn off the stereo first). Go to the third
floor. Enter the door on the right. Talk to Weird Ed and pour some ink on his
album. He'll chase you out of his room. Get the album and the fallen stamp
and return the album to Weird Ed. Get the hamster. Leave the room and enter
the other door. Talk to nurse Edna. Try to push her. 

Enter the room on the third floor(opposite to the horse). Switch the hammer
for your left-handed hammer. 

You can finally get rid of Edna. Push her. You can now use the VCR. You'll
need a tape. You can get one from Green tentacle's room. In the hallway on
the second floor, open the ice machine and put the hamster in it. Go to the
lobby and leave the building. Go to the parking lot. Talk to the man and
give him the keys. You'll get a crowbar. Go to the lobby and use it to get
the gum and dime. Chew the gum to get the dime. Go upstairs and use the
crowbar on the candy machine to get $876 000 in quarters. Go back into the
first room and use the dime in the slot. Get the sweater. Go to the room
where the party was. Switch the flag gun with the cigar lighter. Talk to the
man and ask for a cigar. Send the flier, teeth, cigar and lighter to Hoagie
and the fork, box o' laughs and fake barf to Laverne.

Go to the main hall and offer George Washington the cigar. He will lose his
wooden teeth, so give him your chattering ones. Jefferson will agree to light
a fire. Get the blanket, find your way to the roof and cover the chimey with
it. Go back to the main hall and get the golden feather. Go to the lab.

Send the vinegar to Hoagie.

Give the battery plans, vinegar, oil and golden feather to Red Edison. Get
the battery and go back to where Franklin is(go right from the carriage as
far as you can). Agree to help him, but before you push the kite, put the
battery in the pocket. When the kite is in the air, the battery will charge.
After the experiment, get the battery and attach it to the Chron-O-John. Now
you need power for Laverne and a diamond.

You should have heard from Edna about Fred's problem - sleepwalking. Go to 
the lab and give him some decaf coffee. He should fall asleep. Go to Edna's
room and put the tape in the VCR. Use the monitor for the office to monitor
Dr.Fred and start recording. Play the record in slow motion and you'll see 
the combination for the safe. Go to the office, open it and get the contract.
You need to rescue Dr.Fred for him to sign the contract. Go through the
chimney and enter the window. Get the rope with which Dr.Fred is tied. Go
out and get the rope to go through the pulley. Go outside the house, where 
Ted is. Paint him red with the paint. Tie the rope around him. Back on the
roof, pull the rope. Go to the room where Dr.Fred is and switch him with Ted.
Tie the rope to Fred and go outside. Pull the rope. 

Once in the lab, put the funnel in Dr.Fred's mouth and pour in some coffee.
Show him the contract and say you'll get rid of Purple tentacle yourself.
Say something(no matter what) and he'll sing the contract. Put the stamp on
the signed contract and send it to Hoagie.

Put the letter in the mailbox.

Go to Dr.Fred's office and call for the diamond. You'll automaticaly bring it
to the lab. All you need to do now is to energize Laverne's pod. 

Go to the third(and last) floor where the contest is about to start. Put the
box o' laughs, the dentures and the soggy noodles on the mummy. Use the fork
to shape the hair. Go talk to the judges. Ask them to judge each category.
You just need to get rid of Harold. Put the fake barf near him and after he's
gone, go talk to the judges again. You'll get the trophy and a dinner
certificate. Go to the cell. Give the dinner certificate to the guard to get
rid of him and switch the barrier off. You'll have to convince the Edisons to
leave. Go outside the house and to the fence. There should be a cat. Use the
Booboo-B-Gone on the fence and the cat should now look like a skunk. You just
need to catch it. Use the mouse toy to do so. Go back to the cell and release
it. The guard will go after the Edisons and you can now enter the lab. But
before you do so, go to the ice machine(second floor), examine it and get the
hamster inside. Go through the big door in the lobby and enter the door
near the fireplace. Use the microwave to unfreeze the hamster. 

Go to the laundry room and put the sweater in the machine. Insert all of the
quarters in the slot.

Enter the door on the right. Open the machine and get the sweater. Put it on
the hamster. Enter the lab. Plug the extension cord in the generator's 
outlet. Throw the other end out of the window. Go to the Chron-O-John and
plug the extension cord in it. Go back to the lab and put the hamster on the
generator. There will be a little "incident".

Go to the main hall and put the flier in the suggestion box.

Use the vaccuum cleaner to suck the hamster, the open the hatch, get the
hamster and put it in the generator. You'll get back to the present day and
will be send to yesterday.

-Three-headed monster thing-
After the little scene, enter the second room(second floor). Go through the
mousee hole. Wait to get larger, then get the bowling ball. Go to the lab.
To get rid of the tentacles, throw the bowling ball at them. Talk to Purple
tentacle and get him to shoot Dr.Fred. You'll see what happens.



4.Fun things to try
2.Try examining the textbook with Bernard(and every other item)
3.Try ordering the diamond without the bankbook
4.Examine the hamster
5.You can use the computer in Weird Ed's room to play Maniac Mansion
NOTE : I think I'm going to include a walkthrough of this too
6.Watch the credits until the end

I.You can
1. Read and distribute this file without changing it or without
removing anything
2.Read and distribute both in electronic or printed format
3.Copy or quote something, as long as I'm informed
4.Use this file as a model for writing

II.You can't
1.Distribute only a part of this file
2.Change this file
3.Copy or quote something if I'm not informed
4.Sell the file

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Copyright 2004 Nikolay Kaleyski

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