Day of Defeat (walkthrough)

Day of Defeat

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 |!| \   /  \_//     __ |!| \  |!|__| |!|__| |!|__|  /   _ _/
 |!|  \ / #   /  / |_  |!|  \ |!|    |!|    |!|    / #   |!|
 |!|  || | _ | |!|  / |   |!|  || |!|==  |!|==  |!|==  | _ |  |!| 
 |!|  // |/ | |!|         |!|  // |!|__  |!|    |!|__  |/ |  |!|
 |!|_//  |/ | |!|         |!|_//  |!|__| |!|    |!|__| |/ |  |!|

                              For PC
                           Version 1.0
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                         Created: 04/17/04
                       Last Update: 06/01/04
                    Copyright 2004 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
First person shooters based on historical events never seem to truly kick off. 
Some of them present realistic aspects, but lack in a certain element of 
action. Fictional shooters can sometimes never truly capture the user's 
essence, and it turns out to be a dull experience. Very few games manage to 
capture the feeling of how it "was", back in the day. Day of Defeat is one of 
those games that thrives off of the feeling of war quite well. Based on World 
War II, you'll take control of either the Allies or Axis forces, and battle 
each other out in first-person combat. Utilizing authentic weapons, soldier 
ranks, and a plethora of team tactics, your goal is to take down the opponent 
that lies ahead. Are you up for the challenge, or will you croak like a baby 
crying mommy dearest?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=06/01/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. It's been a long two months since I've produced a guide, and 
I'm proud to know that I'm getting back into the hobby. Should be uploaded 

=05/23/04= v1.0
Resumed work after taking a short break. Planning on adding more data, 
strategies, and tips during the coming months.

=04/17/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Expecting to finish this one soon.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > HUD Screen
             > Basic Training
          3) Classes/Weapons
             > profile of each (w/ ratings)
          4) Map Strategies
          5) Troubleshooting
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Out of all of the clashing battles between rival nations, World War II stands 
out as one of the most famed. With its infamous Normandy assault, pushing back 
of the Axis powers, and Allied victory, many historians look back at the war 
as one which could have gone either way. Day of Defeat is one of those games 
which attempts to recreate the experience of a foot soldier during the war, 
while pitting you against other human soldiers. In a sense, it's a WW2 first 
person shooter. The game was originally based out of the Half-Life engine, and 
was released a few years after (once the product was developed into a beta). 
From here on, the title has gone through extensive changes, balances, and 
finally has reached equilibrium. Day of Defeat holds the same quality elements 
in games like Counter-Strike, where you can use multiple weapons, different 
characters, and enforce particular strategies on maps. Maybe it's better to 
camp at your current location so you can hold down the area. Or perhaps it 
would benefit your team if you sniped out a pesky machine gunner. This is what 
DoD is about - strategy/action molded into one.

Although the game was never developed by a "professional" software team, it 
certainly appears that way. After years and years of upgrades, Day of Defeat 
is a fully featured game with over 15 maps, that each place you in 
realistic/fictional settings. One setting recreates the D-Day assault onto the 
French coastline, while another puts you in the middle of an ensuing attack. 
The great item about Day of Defeat is that it's actually a decently fun game. 
Since it's a FPS, graphics are enforced in full 3D manner, with partially 
destroyed urban settings, and enemies capable of camoflauging themselves. The 
game is designed for purely online team-based multiplayer, so don't expect 
some enthralling single player experience.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to Day of Defeat 


Day of Defeat is a World War II multiplayer game driven by the Half-Life 
engine. DoD attempts to recreate WWII battles in both fictional and non-
fictional environments - the game puts you in the shoes (rather, combat 
boots!) of a British, American, or German soldier circa 1944, Western Europe.

Day of Defeat is a class-based, first-person shooter -- upon arrival in game, 
you will have the choice to play different types of soldiers -- from Riflemen 
to Machinegunners, to Snipers. Each class has its own mix of special abilities 
and weapons.

The overall goal of the game depends upon the map; whether it be to capture an 
area, defend a beach, or simply destroy the enemy. The 15 maps included with 
Day of Defeat will give players endless hours of replayability online. With a 
selection of nearly 34 weapons, players will have something new to try every 
time they play.

So for now, grab your helmet and rifle and prepare for the most immersive WWII 
game to date!


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 2-32 (online)
Developer: Valve Software
Released: 2003 (retail version, beta came out earlier)
Rarity: n/a
Special Features: available for free download, STEAM/WON compatible
ESRB: Teen
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows two battle-hardened allies on the front cover staring in the distance


- 2) Game Basics           -
The PC is designed perfectly to fit the theme of a first-person shooter. Your 
keyboard keys allow you to move, perform actions, and type detailed messages 
to opponents. Your mouse allows you to rotate the view, fire, and perform 
interacting actions. Combine this with a cheap microphone, and you've got 
yourself one heck of a soldier. Day of Defeat works perfectly with the PC 
since it is not limited by hardware restrictions (such as consoles).

- The following is a list of recommended game controls. You can set them 
yourself by going to the controls menu under Configuration.

/Game Controls/
           - - use voice communication
           / - activate in-game GUI
           Y - type a public message
           U - type a team message
           , - change class
           . - change team
           C - voice commands menu #1
           V - voice commands menu #2
           B - voice commands menu #3
           G - drop primary weapon
           H - drop extra ammo
           J - drop objective item
           E - use, interact, pick up grenades
           M - open map, disable mini map
           L - minimap zoom
    Up Arrow - move forward
  Down Arrow - move backwards
           A - turn left
           D - turn right
  Left Arrow - strafe left
 Right Arrow - strafe right
      Kp_ins - jump (the "0" key on the numeric keypad)
        CTRL - duck
           Z - prone
       SHIFT - sprint
  Left Click - use primary function
 Right Click - use secondary function
           R - reload
       #0-#9 - select different weapon categories, make menu selections
  Mousewheel - select next/previous weapon
           Q - select last weapon used
           N - flashlight
           T - spray logo
         TAB - display scores
          F5 - take screen shot

- Character movement is controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard. Your 
mouse allows you to rotate your view in all directions, and will also control 
your actions (firing a gun, deploying a bipod, etc...). Voice commands are 
universal sounds in the DoD directory relating to basic commands. Sprint 
allows you to run really fast for a short period of time before you run out of 
stamina. You also cannot use a weapon when sprinting. Proning allows you to 
lay directly flat on the ground. It improves your accuracy, and makes you less 
exposed, but also forms your head into an easier target.

- The map is a very useful view to see where the enemy is flanking you. You'll 
often notice where most of your allies are dying is usually where the enemy 
is. Objective items are usually key items for completing objectives (satchel 
charges, bazookas, Panzershrecks). The rest is self explanatory.

/HUD Screen/
This is where ALL of your action in Day of Defeat will take place. You're 
basically tossed into the role of a foot soldier. Different soldiers will vary 
with weapon models, but for the most part, this is how everything is 
organized. It's important to understand the function of each element.

   | |*|*| |^|^|                         _________    |
   |     [1]                            | >     > |   |
   |                                    |  <   <  |   |
   |                                    |   [7]   |   |
   |                                    |_________|   |
   |                                                  |
   |                                                  |
   |                       |                          |
   |                    -0   0-                       |
   |                       |                          |
   | [2]                  [6]                         |
   |                                                  |
   | [3]                                              |
   | [4]                       ^_                   |
   |||___                       |                [9] |
   |||[5]|                         _          //    |
   |||___|                        [8]        //     |

   [1] - Objective Status => This shows how many of your objectives are left,
                             their status, and who has control of them.
                             Depending on your mission (CTF, destroy), most of
                             the time they will be filled with colors
                             representing each point. A green star is for the
                             Allies, and a red German star is for the Axis
                             powers. Neutral non-captured points are gray.

   [2] - Capture Indicator => A small logo will pop up here to designate that
                              you may capture a flag by staying in this area.
                              Explosive walls and destructible devices will
                              also be noted in this area.

   [3] - Machine Gun Mounting Area => This means you can mount a bipod without
                                      proning. This refers only to MGs, and
                                      you must right-click when in this area. A
                                      small logo will alert you if this is

   [4] - Message Area => All typed messages, special text, and transcripts will
                         be displayed here. Allows you to play the action while
                         reading what your fellow chaps say.

   [5] - Stamina/Health Indicator => On the left side in the corner is a small
                                     radiating colored bar - this represents
                                     your amount of stamina left. When full,
                                     the player will run at full speed, and be
                                     able to jump at least two times. Whenever
                                     you prone, jump, or perform a physical
                                     action, it reduces your stamina bar. The
                                     bar will refill after a small interval of
                                     seconds. Your health bar is on the right.
                                     Whenever you're shot, hit by shrapnel, or
                                     an explosive, it will be reduced. You die
                                     when it empties (certain shots are instant

   [6] - Crosshair => This is where all of your interaction takes place. Any
                      shots fired are directed at where this small reticle is
                      pointed. The outer four bars on the reticle will increase
                      or decrease in radius based on how much your soldier is
                      moving. If you're jogging along, the reticles will spread
                      out quite widely. However, if you crouch, or prone, you
                      will become more accurate. Certain weapons have more/less
                      accurate targeting devices.

   [7] - Minimap => This is a small reference to see how the surrounding area
                    is faring. Any of your allies are represented with small
                    circular logos, and their direction of movement. You cannot
                    see the enemy on your minimap. You'll also get a basic
                    guide of what the map looks like, and surrounding
                    structures. Hit the "L" key to zoom the minimap in or out,
                    for greater overall perception.

   [8] - Weapon Model => This is the picture of your weapon currently selected.
                         It's not necessary, but it's also what you're holding
                         at the time. Designed for visual pleasure.

   [9] - Ammo/Clip Indicator => Rather than simply showing a numerical value of
                                what your current ammunition amount is, the DoD
                                team decided to get fancy. You'll get a visual
                                reference of how many bullets are left in your
                                clip. There's also a display showing how many
                                clips you have.

/Basic Training/
Before you can start going around and kicking butt like a typical soldier 
during the 1940s, it's essential to understand the basic elements of Day of 
Defeat. As stated before, the game is a first person shooter which takes place 
during World War II. For the most part though, you have objectives on each map 
which must be accomplished in order for your team to win. There are also a few 
minute differences with Day of Defeat when compared to other Half-Life 
modifications that should be noted down as well.

     }}> NAVIGATION <{{

- The human body allows us to perform numerous moves, evasive procedures, and 
duties with our body parts. In DoD, you can crouch, prone, sprint, walk, or 
run normally. Each position has an advantage over the other. Your accuracy is 
cut in half when you crouch, and again cut in half when you prone (lay on the 
ground). Sprinting doubles your speed, but also reduces your stamina at twice 
the rate. Walking permits for perfect stealth movement, but cuts your speed in 
half. Jumping allows you to reach upper heights, or different depths, but cuts 
your stamina bar by 50 points automatically. In a sense, each action utilizes 
stamina, but the effect is well worth it.

- Stamina controls what moves you can perform. If your stamina bar is low, 
your character will move slower, and have sluggish mobility.

- There are no vehicles you can ride during the game.

     }}> MAP TYPES <{{

- There are truly only two different map types you'll encounter throughout the 

   = Territorial maps are basically laid out maps with set points that have 
     mounted flags. You must run over these flags, or stand near them for a
     certain interval of time to capture them. When your team captures all of
     the flags, then you win. However, captures can be interchanged if another
     team runs up to the flag. Strategy comes in to play as you must defend
     multiple choke points while holding flags in place. Certain flags require
     two players to be present in the area for capturing availability.

   = CAPTURE/DESTROY maps often have lone objects that you must destroy using
     satchel charges, bazookas, or panzershreks. By destroying these set
     targets, it brings your team one step closer to victory. The opposing team
     will usually defend the targets. If they're able to hold out for the
     specified interval, then their team will be victorious. Certain maps will
     have combinations of capture and territorial points in place.

     }}> CLASSES <{{

- Before you can jump right into the action, players must select a class, or 
type of soldier they would like to be. Types range from simple riflemen, to 
advanced snipers, and mounted machine guns. You should select a class that 
best represents your playing style. You may always drop a weapon that you 
don't want, and pick one off the ground, so there's no reason to feel 
restricted during combat.

     }}> COMBAT <{{

- I'm going to be quite honest about DoD; the combat is very camper-based. 
This is one of the first games where you actually have to decide on whether or 
not you can sprint past a mounted sniper around the corner. Many players will 
camp annoying spots, lay down suppressive fire, and toss grenades where you 
least wish they were. This is how war was, so you better get use to it. 
Grenade spam is often a common tactic employed to rid of campers. Also, your 
accuracy crosshair will expand and contract depending on whether or not your 
character is moving. This is critical (combined with recoil) in determining 
how accurate you will be when attacking enemies.


- 3) Classes/Weapons       -
As always, World War II was an influential time with new technologies being 
enforced during a time of hostility. Not only did countries establish their 
superpower status in the world arena, but certain fighting forces proved to be 
real juggernauts. The following section will describe the classes available in 
DoD, along with their respective ratings, and my feedback on them. Classes 
will be sorted based on teams.

   [| ALLIES |]
  | Rifleman |//| Garand Rifle             |
- The Rifleman is your typical allied light armored soldier. These were the 
primary types of soldiers seen on the Allied side throughout the war. Equipped 
with two grenades, a powerful semi-automatic rifle, Colt Pistol, and knife, 
they were prepared for just about any assault out there.

   < GARAND >_______________________
             | POWER:      | ****  |  - In the earlier versions of DoD, the
             | ACCURACY:   | ****  |    Garand use to be one of the most
             | VERSATILITY:| ***   |    dominant rifles on the board. It has
             | RECOIL:     | **    |    semi-automatic firing abilities, but,
             | OVERALL:    | ***   |    in recent versions, has become less
   /////////////////////////////////    popular because of errant recoil.
  | Staff Sergeant |//| M1 Carbine         |
- The Staff Sergeant is similar to the Rifleman, except designed for close 
engagements. With the same equip, except for the M1 Carbine, Staff Sergeants 
can weave in and out through urban settings laying down effective shots when 
necessary. The Carbine has a larger load, and less recoil, which makes it a 
better fit for short ranged shots.

   < M1 CARBINE >_______________________
                 | POWER:      | ***   |  - The Carbine is a lighter version of
                 | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    a rifle, except it packs a similar
                 | VERSATILITY:| ****  |    punch. Despite its close ranged
                 | RECOIL:     | ***   |    design, the Carbine is an effective
                 | OVERALL:    | ***   |    weapon in standoff situations.
  | Master Sergeant |//| Thompson         |
- The Master Sergeant is your typical war hero of the game. Equipped with one 
less grenade, and a tad slower, he's primarily designed for close combat 
encounters. The Thompson is a fine automatic sub-machine gun which can be used 
in close situations with the spray n' pray tactic. Very few Axis soldiers have 
lived to tell of its deadly power.

   < THOMPSON >_______________________
               | POWER:      | **    |  - Despite its lackluster numbers, the
               | ACCURACY:   | **    |    Thompson has the strongest advantage
               | VERSATILITY:| ****  |    over all of the other weapons - it's
               | RECOIL:     | ***   |    an automatic. Combine that with a 30
               | OVERALL:    | ****  |    bullet clip, and you've got yourself
   ///////////////////////////////////    pure mayhem.
  | Sergeant |//| M3A1 Greasegun     |
- The Sergeant is basically a lower scale figurehead who has the ability to 
spray n' pray himself. The normal Sergeant is more orientated for support 
assaults, since his Greasegun's rate of fire is fairly slow. Trying to weave 
through a defense with this soldier will only get you humiliated.

   < M3A1 GREASEGUN >_______________________
                     | POWER:      | ***   |  - While this is an automatic gun,
                     | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    the Greasegun's design is less
                     | VERSATILITY:| **    |    efficient for a soldier. Its
                     | RECOIL:     | ***** |    annoying recoil pattern only
                     | OVERALL:    | **    |    hampens tense situations.
  | Sniper |//| Springfield Sniper Rifle   |
- The Sniper is the ultimate class when it comes to DoD. Capable of taking 
down long range targets with ease, you'll find them to be both pests and 
nuisances during wartime battles. The Allied sniper has a very effective rifle 
with crosshairs to die for. Unfortunately, they do not receive any grenades.

   < SPRINGFIELD >_______________________
                  | POWER:      | ***** |  - The Springfield is basically a
                  | ACCURACY:   | ***** |    bolt-action rifle that packs a
                  | VERSATILITY:| ***   |    tremendous punch. Excellent
                  | RECOIL:     | **    |    accuracy that always nails the
                  | OVERALL:    | ****  |    center of the crosshairs.
  | Support Infantry |//| Browning Automatic Rifle |
- The Support Infantry basically describes itself. It supports other troops. 
These are some of the most versatile fighters on the battlefield since they 
can mount their weapons for holding down a position, while laying pinpoint 
accuracy. Combine that with an automatic clip, and you've got decent close 
range capabilities as well.

   < BAR >_______________________
          | POWER:      | ****  |  - The BAR has a special bipod which can be
          | ACCURACY:   | **    |    used to mount the gun when proned. In a
          | VERSATILITY:| ***** |    sense, it acts like a MG with excellent
          | RECOIL:     | ***** |    accuracy, or can be used in mobile
          | OVERALL:    | ***   |    instances like a machine gun. Has heavy
   //////////////////////////////    recoil and small clip though.
  | Machine Gunner |//| .30 Cal         |
- The Machine Gunner is basically one of the more stationary units throughout 
the game. This type is primarily designed for a playing style of mounting 
yourself in a position, then laying down huge amounts of fire with gigantic 
clips. The only disadvantage is that a machine gunner is limited to proning, 
mounting, and firing. This takes time, effort, and placement to get an 
effective spot prepared.

   < .30 CAL >_______________________
              | POWER:      | ****  |  - The .30 Cal is a gigantic MG with
              | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    a 150-round clip, and two belts to
              | VERSATILITY:| *     |    feed from. Packs a decent punch, and
              | RECOIL:     | ***   |    has a nice sized clip, however,
              | OVERALL:    | **    |    suffers in comparison to the German
              ///////////////////////    machine guns.

   [| AXIS |]
  | Grenadier |//| Karbiner 98K Rifle      |
- The Grenadier is your typical German light infantry force used frequently 
throughout WWII. Grenadiers are equipped with two grenades, fairly fast, and 
have a powerful bolt-action K98 rifle. The advantage was that their rifle was 
very accurate, and could kill with one shot to nearly any body part. Of 
course, bolt action reloads means there's a delay between each shot.

   < K98 >_______________________
          | POWER:      | ***** |  - Some of the most skilled DoD players use
          | ACCURACY:   | ****  |    the K98. It's basically a powerful rifle
          | VERSATILITY:| ****  |    with slight reloads after each shot.
          | RECOIL:     | ***   |    However, it's a huge favorite because of
          | OVERALL:    | ***** |    its excellent accuracy with a powerful
   //////////////////////////////    punch, and secondary bayonet attack.
  | Stosstrupe |//| Karbiner 43            |
- Because of the Allies' new investments in the Garand and M1 Carbines, the 
Germans decided to create their own deadly semi-automatic rifle, aka, the 
Karbiner 43. This is basically a rifle that can be fired in semi-automatic 
intervals without any bolt-action reloads. Bullets pack quite a punch, 
however, recoil tends to be a huge problem.

   < K43 >_______________________
          | POWER:      | ****  |  - The K43 requires a skilled player, and
          | ACCURACY:   | ****  |    well-isolated position to become useful.
          | VERSATILITY:| **    |    Unfortunately, the gun isn't quite as
          | RECOIL:     | ****  |    accurate as the K98, and heavy recoil
          | OVERALL:    | ***   |    between each shot proves to be a problem.
  | Unteroffizier |//| MP40 Machine Pistol |
- The Unteroffizier is one of the best short-ranged combatants in the German 
army. Pretty much the Master Sergeant in terms of Allied classes, the 
Unteroffizier can lay down fire with his automatic sub-machine gun. They're 
also equipped with the traditional Luger pistol, a grenade, and digging spade. 
Despite the positive outlooks, these men seem to be only efficient in urban 

   < MP40 >_______________________
           | POWER:      | ***   |  - The MP40 is basically an automatic
           | ACCURACY:   | **    |    machine gun. Unfortunately, it's rate of
           | VERSATILITY:| ***   |    fire is much less than the Thompson, and
           | RECOIL:     | ****  |    it tends to recoil in an annoying
           | OVERALL:    | **    |    pattern.
  | Sturmtruppe |//| Sturmgewehr 44        |
- The Sturmtruppe is one of the elite assault troops commonly used throughout 
WWII. These men were equipped with one of the first assault rifles ever 
developed. While they did not pack the punch of a Garand or K98, they were 
equipped with similar calibres, and designed for automatic firing. A large 
clip allowed for agile attacks on fortified positions.

   < STG44 >_______________________
            | POWER:      | **    |  - While the STG44 isn't overwhelmingly
            | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    dominant in any single category, it has
            | VERSATILITY:| ****  |    a unique sense that establishes itself
            | RECOIL:     | ***   |    in the battlefield. Capable of auto
            | OVERALL:    | ****  |    fire, it's perfect for close ranged
   ////////////////////////////////    assaults.
  | Scharfschuetze |//| Karbiner 98K Sniper Rifle |
- The German Sniper is basically just a light infantryman equipped with a 
scoped KAR. The advantage was that German snipers still had their powerful 
K98, which meant that certain players could still be effective with close 
range encounters despite no crosshairs.

   < K98 SCOPED >_______________________
                 | POWER:      | ***** |  - As usual, the K98 Scoped is perfect
                 | ACCURACY:   | ***** |    for laying down exact, precise
                 | VERSATILITY:| ***   |    shots on specific targets. Not much
                 | RECOIL:     | ***   |    more you could ask for out of a
                 | OVERALL:    | ***** |    sniper.
  | MG34-Schutze |//| MG34 Machine Gun     |
- The MG34-Schutze was the first type of machine gunner developed by the 
Germans during WWII. Equipped with a smaller clip, and slower rate of fire, 
the Germans managed to create an effective MG which could be targeted with 
precision. While it did not have many of the positive aspects of other MGs, it 
gave the user a heightened sense of control.

   < MG34 >_______________________
           | POWER:      | ****  |  - The MG34 is more effective for less
           | ACCURACY:   | ****  |    intense positions where you want to be
           | VERSATILITY:| **    |    able to lay down accurate shots that
           | RECOIL:     | **    |    do damage. Just expect a low rate of
           | OVERALL:    | ***   |    fire, and be weary of the 75 bullet
   ///////////////////////////////    clip.
  | MG42-Schutze |//| MG42 Machine Gun     |
- The MG42-Schutze was one of the most innovative weapons designed during 
WWII. It held one of the fastest firing rates, combined with a huge belt-fed 
clip. This meant soldiers could lay down lots of fire in a small amount of 
seconds. Great for covering large areas with lots of troop activity.

   < MG42 >_______________________
           | POWER:      | ****  |  - Be careful not to overheat your MG42. To
           | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    do so, watch the bar on the right side of
           | VERSATILITY:| ***   |    the screen. When the red reaches the top,
           | RECOIL:     | **    |    your gun will stop functioning until it
           | OVERALL:    | ****  |    cools down a bit.
  | FG42-Paratrooper |//| FG42 Sniper/Mounted |
- The FG42 trooper is similar to the Support Infantry in the Allied forces. 
These soldiers are equipped with special automatic rifles that have side 
loading clips. The two versions of the gun include a normal one which can be 
mounted like a BAR, and another one equipped with a sniper scope. The FG42 is 
great for laying down support fire, but tends to be heavy when it comes to 

   < FG42 >_______________________
           | POWER:      | ***   |  - FG42's are only attainable on certain
           | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    maps (usually para ones). Thus, use them
           | VERSATILITY:| ***** |    whenever you get a chance. Their gun has
           | RECOIL:     | ****  |    plenty of varying uses, if you can learn
           | OVERALL:    | ***   |    to control it efficiently.

   [| BRITISH |]
  | Rifleman |//| No4 Mk1 Lee Enfield      |
- The British Rifleman were a tad more well-equipped during World War II. 
While they did not have the semi-automatic Garand, their Enfield rifle was 
just as effective, if not better, than the feared K98 German rifle. By 
utilizing masses of these accurate Enfields, British troops were able to make 
advances into German soil with ease. Each is equipped with an add-on bayonet 
as well.

   < ENFIELD >_______________________
              | POWER:      | ***** |  - The Enfield is one of the most
              | ACCURACY:   | ***** |    accurate rifles in the game. Combine
              | VERSATILITY:| ****  |    that with extreme power, and a large
              | RECOIL:     | ***   |    10-clip, you've got yourself a winner.
              | OVERALL:    | ***** |    Unfortunately, it's a bolt action
   //////////////////////////////////    rifle as well.
  | Sergeant Major |//| Sten Mk II         |
- The Sergeant Major is one of the premiere close range combatants for sticky 
situations. Equipped with an automatic submachine gun, a revolver, and a 
grenade, their usefulness can expand to nearly any situation.

   < STEN >_______________________
           | POWER:      | ***   |  - Despite holding an automatic machine gun,
           | ACCURACY:   | **    |    the Sten isn't the best gun to have on
           | VERSATILITY:| ****  |    the field. It has horrible recoil, and
           | RECOIL:     | ***** |    fairly bad accuracy in times of dire
           | OVERALL:    | **    |    need.
  | Marksman |//| Enfield No4 Sniper Rifle |
- The British Marksman were some of the best during World War II. Default 
Enfields were custom-fitted with sniper scopes, and employed to some of the 
best shots in the British military. When you take the most accurate rifle, and 
further enhance it, you've got one brilliant piece of equipment.

   < ENFIELD SCOPED >_______________________
                     | POWER:      | ***** |  - The Enfield Scopes is like
                     | ACCURACY:   | ***** |    holding a gigantic laser in
                     | VERSATILITY:| **    |    your hand - you're bound to
                     | RECOIL:     | **    |    hit something.
                     | OVERALL:    | ***** |   
  | Gunner |//| Bren Light Machine Gun     |
- The Gunner is a hybrid combination between a support troop and machine 
gunner. Equipped with the British Bren, a revolver, and a grenade, these men 
could adapt to several different scenarios.

   < BREN >_______________________
           | POWER:      | ****  |  - The Bren's design of being both a MG
           | ACCURACY:   | ***   |    and support rifle allows you to mount
           | VERSATILITY:| ***   |    in nearly any location and take down
           | RECOIL:     | ****  |    numerous targets. The only disadvantage
           | OVERALL:    | ****  |    is the small 30 round magazine.


- 4) Map Strategies        -
As much as you'd like to simply pick up a weapon, and charge the battlefields 
like a brave warrior, Day of Defeat is played on special maps with objectives. 
Each map has a unique design with urban restrictions, varying landscapes, and 
a plethora of scenery. Also on each map are secret locations which are perfect 
fits for certain classes in the game, aka special sand bunkers and sniper 
locations. The following section will describe as many strategies you can 
employ on each map with the two different teams.

    || DoD_vicenza or DoD_merderet are not included in this section.   ||
    || Custom maps are also not covered. More official maps will be    ||
    || added in the future as they pop up.                             ||

     __________________________/{ DoD_anzio }__________________________
>> SETTING: Urban town with narrow tunnels, rooms, crevices

Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "Two of the best sniper locations include the church bell tower, and right 
broken building that overlooks the Bridge area. To get to the bell tower, you 
can take the front entrance by climbing the ladder, or entering the church 
room. However, the best route is to go to Flag #3, go in the underground, then 
go left via the sewers all the way back. You should arrive in the stairwell of 
the church. When you're in the church tower, crouch against the corners of the 
wall for protection. Crouch up, fire, down, and repeat. If you hear footsteps, 
pull out your knife, and wait by the ladder opening. Any oncomers can easily 
be gutted without too much of a struggle. The only other way you can get 
knocked out is if a nade is tossed up, but your enemy won't have the cover to 
toss one up in time.
   For the second spot, crouch between the first and second windows of the 
area overlooking the bridge. Stand up, nail any Germans who come near the 
area, then prone down. You're more exposed, but it also proves to be more of a 
nuisance. You may also want to try proning in the lower right area of this 
balcony. The slight ledge proves to be excellent camoflauge. Another solid 
location is the dark room next to Flag #2. You can easily prone/crouch, and 
pick off snipers who appear in the two windows, or whoever tries to capture 
Flag #2."

       - COMBAT -
  "Watch the middle vent for Germans who try to sneak through after capturing 
the third flag. Your best bet is to get the third flag, then flank all troops 
on the bridge from behind by going through the broken wall, with the chunk of 
meat on the table. The sewers tend to work best for the Allies on this map. To 
capture the Axis's #1 flag, flank it from the left down the main road, and 
sprint straight across. There are many dark windows on this level which are 
perfect for skirmishes."

       - SNIPER -
  "The church tower is your best choice. You can get there easily by going to 
the flag #3 sewers, then taking a left down to the area under the church. Once 
you're in the tower, use your knife to defend against anyone who tries to 
climb the ladder. You have two windows of opportunity to take down anyone who 
comes from the Allied spawn. Make sure you crouch, and try to stay in the 
corners more often. Allies often shoot through the walls just to make sure 
they hit you. Another excellent Axis sniper location is in the dual-window 
room, along the right side of the map, that overlooks flag #4. You can get a 
nice angle through which you can snipe oncoming Allied players. Your only 
exposure is that people in the dark room can take you out easily if your eyes 
are not open."

       - COMBAT - 
  "Avoid taking the right main road as a sniper in the tower, or a tossed 
grenade can take you down easily. Try holding the bridge area as it can 
backfire your entire game plan if the Allies capture it once. If the middle 
flag is captured, be weary of an Allied flank through the dark meat room. 
Watch the left sewers in the bridge area for more flankers. You can capture 
the Allied #1 flag easily by getting to the dark plaza room, taking the middle 
stairs towards the Allied spawn, then leaping out of the small window."

     __________________________/{ DoD_avalanche }__________________________
>> SETTING: Uphill town with damaged urban buildings

Map Biased for: AXIS

       - SNIPER -
  "Since this is an uphill battle, sniping can be fairly hard on this level. 
Your first and most premiere selection is to get into the church tower near 
the middle of the level. You can do so by sprinting through the lower doorway, 
then climbing the ladder and stairway above. From here, you can snipe directly 
out of the tower, or leap off to the angled aclove to your left for prone 
fire. Another fairly unknown sniping spot requires a little sacrifice. Peer 
out of the church tower window, and look below. You should see a V-shaped roof 
ledge. Crawl and drop to the ledge below, then prone. This is a fairly good 
sniping spot. Other key areas include the entire right side of the map, which 
can be reached via the dark wooden rooms on the right. You can also try the 
windows by the #2 flag, however, most Axis snipers tend to pick you off 
easily. Finally, if you're in need of a defensive location, enter the left 
path out of your spawn. Climb the back alley stairs, then go right, and leap 
onto the small stone bridge that leads across high above. You can snipe 
enemies who dare round your corner with sufficient protection."

       - COMBAT -
  "Battles will be primarily close combat, and fairly intense. Many times you 
will round corners, enter doorways, or peek out windows just to get picked 
off. The key to Avalanche is to find a solid spot, lay down fire, then keep 
moving for the flags. The battle can turn quickly depending on who has the 
middle flag. Master Sergeants fare well on this map, but lack long range 
capabilities from Axis snipers. Toss grenades in key choke points to hold back 
Axis movements. Try to hold the church tower at any cost. If the Axis manage 
to hold it, your flank will severely be damaged."

       - SNIPER -
  "Again, you can rely on the church tower near the middle of the map for 
excellent cover. Because of its ladder-only entrance, you can knife any 
intruders who try to get you from behind. You can also crouch, pop up, fire a 
shot downward, and repeat. However, the Axis dominate when it comes to sniper 
spots on this map. There are two excellent locations, one being a V-crack on 
the Axis side, and another being a two-window attic. Both can be excellent 
positions to prone down, fire, strafe out, and repeat. Watch for Allied 
snipers near Flag #4. They enjoy popping out of the left window, and crawling 
out of the right hole."

       - COMBAT -
  "Grenadiers are effective on this map since you can mow down the Allies who 
try to rush the corner defenseless. There are also several settings which 
feature dark rooms, such as the Allies' right territory, or the church 
entranceway. Toss your grenades down the Allied route to rack up some easy 
kills. Capturing the middle flag is easy as well since you can take cover 
behind the rubbish piles placed systematically throughout the area. MGs are 
very effective on this map as well, especially when facing the sandbag corner 
that leads from the Allies' first flag. Just position a MG42 there, and ensure 
you have a sniper on your back for supreme domination."

     __________________________/{ DoD_caen }__________________________
>> SETTING: Heavily destroyed city with marble structures and explosive objects

Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "There are plenty of sniper spots to satisfy even the most excessive blood 
thirsty marksman out there. To start off, the most common sniping place on the 
map is the small window that looks over the British/Axis plaza, which can be 
reached by going up stairs or climbing a ladder. Two windows permit access in 
nearly all directions. You can also prone on the angled slit along the wall, 
and snipe anyone who dares approach from the fire alley. Proning in the 
electric alley, or sniping in the electric alley window are two superb ways of 
crippling a German's flanking routes. Another unknown spot is to run up to the 
Allied Plaza, and prone next to the burning tank. There's a little divet which 
can conceal your position, while allowing you to snipe any wrongdoers. In the 
lower right corner (next to the Allied Plaza flag) is a broken building. You 
can crouch, prone, or stand, and snipe anyone across the arena. Aside from 
that, if you manage to breach the Axis territory, try to sneak in the dark 
side cantons. Broken openings allow you to lay down cover fire right on top of 
the first Axis flag."

       - COMBAT -
  "Avoid using satchel charges unless you're destroying the back hole in the 
courthouse (which leads into the fire alley). You may also want to destroy the 
wall which leads to Flag #4. Aside from that, DO NOT breach the electric alley 
holes as the Germans will benefit more from this than you will. Lay down 
single shots in common sniping areas just for the heck of it. Sometimes you'll 
get lucky and score an easy kill. A neat little spot to hang out is in the 
electric alley. Shoot the wooden box panel that rests near the end of the 
alley. The front edge should break off. Now, prone and crawl in this little 
inlet, and face back towards the Allied entrance to the electric alley. You 
can easily snipe Germans who walk by. It's best to let them walk down the 
alley a bit, then snipe them, so they do not hear the shot. Always sprint when 
capturing the flags on this map. The building on the left side of the plaza 
has some nifty spots to hang out. You can get elevation (although it's risky 
to be exposed). Try using the German left back alley for a direct flank on 
flags #4 and #5."

       - SNIPER -
  "Snipers on this map have pretty much the same choices as the Allied 
snipers. Some key spots include the Courthouse in the Plaza. Go down to the 
first floor, and at the far end you'll find a dark V-crack which is perfect 
access to sniping past Allied flags. The dark window next to flag #3 is 
another solid choice. You should prone in the doorway, and lay down single 
shots. Strafe out as you'll probably take some stray shots. The lower right 
corner with the destroyed building is a perfect shot since many Allies tend to 
forget about snipers positioned there. The electric alley is a great choice if 
you can manage to constantly move your sniping position, and establish a 
presence. Past flag #2 is a second floor which has a small V-crack that 
overlooks the fire alley. If your team is weak on this side, I'd recommend 
proning and just sitting here for several minutes. Allies are guaranteed to 
walk through here at least 10 times a round."

       - COMBAT -
  "Combat on this map tends to be a little more close combat orientated for 
the Germans. As the Allies, you'll primarily capture the last two flags via 
hidden alley flanks, or blown passageways. The Allies' last two flags are 
located right in the middle of wide open areas, with hardly ANY flanking 
points. It's probably best to stick to the walls, any open windows, and lay 
down suppressive fire. Sturmtruppes can be quite useful in these situations, 
along with a few MG42's in debris areas. Try flanking the Allies via their 
back alley, and use the Panzerschrek to knock out the ladder entrance to the 
second floor building next to the Allies' flag #2. Aside from that, have your 
snipers hold the main plaza and you'll be set."

     __________________________/{ DoD_charlie }__________________________
>> SETTING: D-Day clone invasion on a sandy beach through a heavily fortified

Map Biased for: AXIS

       - SNIPER -
  "To start off, you're not going to have much cover with the constant mortar 
fire bombarding the beach. A few options on the beach include proning next to 
the destroyed tanks, jumping on metal barriers, and proning, or simply proning 
along the beachline in an attempt to match with the water. These points give 
you the best direct shots on the two main Axis bunkers. Snipers who pop their 
heads up won't be doing so for long if you can hold these areas. However, a 
much more cautious approach is to run up along the far left/right sides of the 
map, and prone on the slanted stone barrier. From here, you can take diagonal 
shots across the map, and take out a spread of targets. Once the shingles have 
been breached, consider running up to the middle sand bunker, and proning next 
to it, slightly to the left. Axis will overlook you, and you can usually pop 
off men who come into the bunkers, from the side entrances, or through the 
middle barrier. Go up along the left pathway, and take out any MGs/soldiers 
who are trying to protect the left side."

       - COMBAT -
  "First off, you really have a series of two shingles to break through on in 
this map. Grab some satchel charges near the cargo crates on the beach, and 
crouch next to the left or right sides of the map. A charge will be planted 
after about five seconds (if your head isn't blown off by then). Once you've 
breached the first wall, you can now plant a charge on the right, middle, or 
flank the left side. I'd recommend against destroying the right side as it 
opens a new path for the Germans to sit and wait for you. Only do it if the 
situation is dire and extreme. The middle bunker should be blown, with a small 
group of insurgents heading up the left flank. You can usually cap the left 
flak cannon easily. Try to get the Radio Tower (which is in the middle) as 
soon as possible. It can be one of the hardest locations to capture near the 
end of a round. Try to flank the HQ from behind (in the sewers, via the 
elevator). Again, toss grenades up the middle, and spray fire around to take 
down moving targets."

       - SNIPER -
  "This map is every Axis sniper's dream. To start off, you have two primary 
bunkers from which you can snipe from. Use the green-vine areas on the side of 
each for blending in, and providing complete camoflauge. You can crouch, pop 
up, fire a shot, then repeat the process. If you go outside, and go near the 
borderline fence that has barbwire, you can prone and snipe off of the edge 
corners next to the bunkers. This spot is VERY useful as Allied snipers will 
hardly have a direct line-of-sight to even hit you. Other areas include the 
far right mortar. You can leap above the sandbags, and prone on the left 
aclove. If the situation becomes worse and worse, retreat back to the Coastal 
Gun, and prone near the sandbags. You can snipe anyone who tries to approach 
from the front, and guard the elevator in the rear."

       - COMBAT -
  "Close-ranged combat is out of the question in this mission. You'll want to 
keep your distance from the Allies since the Germans are provided with the 
fortifications on this map. Try to spread everyone out, and ensure that if one 
area is breached, the entire team knows about it. Use the K98 and look near 
the center for lots of Allies. Most of the time they'll sprint straight up. If 
they breach your left mortar wall, get an MG setup there to nail anyone who 
makes it through the shingles. If you want, you can run down to the area 
between the shingles, and attempt close range combat. For the most part 
though, make sure the Radio Tower doesn't fall."

     __________________________/{ DoD_chemille }__________________________
>> SETTING: A heavily destroyed urban setting during a dark gloomy afternoon

Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "Your choices are fairly limited when it comes to sniping on this map. One 
decent location involves taking the left flank that leads to a desolate 
square. You'll find numerous spots including dark windows and different height 
balconies. The only flaw is that this area has too many locations through 
which you can be flanked. With nearly three entrances, you'll rarely find any 
secure locations to put your back to. The best spot is under one of the 
balconies, behind some barbed wire. It provides excellent cover. The right 
side of the map has an overpass and bridge, but for the most part, is fairly 
useless when it comes to sniping."

       - COMBAT -
  "I must warn you that this map tends to change hands very quick if you're 
not careful. Your primary concerns should be holding at least two flags at any 
time. Most of the points on this map can be snatched within seconds. There are 
primarily three routes you can take on this map as allies. If you go into the 
far left building, the road splits into a wooden door (which can be breached 
with the help of a bazooka), or a simple path that leads to the middle of the 
area. The middle area is actually a destroyed plaza with lots of windows, 
openings, and areas to hide yourself. Always sprint through the middle to 
avoid being killed. The left path leads to a dark, double-window room that 
overlooks the plaza. It's perfect for laying down suppressive fire. The right 
path leads to an overpass and bridge with a capture point. Be careful as 
Germans tend to try and sneak through the right side to take down all of the 
Allied flags. Also have somebody guard Flag #1 as some people try to come from 
a left balcony and sprint towards the flag for an easy victory."

       - SNIPER -
  "Axis sniping on this map is nothing to cheer about. The two best spots 
you'll find include a tower posted right by your Flag #1. If you climb the 
ladder, and make it to the top, you can prone, and lay down fire on the left, 
right, or middle flanks. Your second key spot is to move to the plaza in the 
middle, and just crouch or prone in one of the dark areas. Most typical 
soldiers will not have enough time to stop, and shoot at you in the middle of 
a chaotic battle. However, most of the rooms on this map are fairly small, and 
do not fit the entire theme of a sniper's scenario."

       - COMBAT -
  "Again, as Axis members on this map, the key is to move quickly if you want 
to be victorious. One of the most volatile flanks on your map is the far left 
side by Flag #1. There's a small window opening/balcony that permits Allies to 
crawl through, then sneak down easily for the flag. Try to have someone 
guarding your first flag at a constant rate. Be careful in the center plaza as 
Allies will try to nail you down from the dark room on the right side, and via 
a stairwell on the right side. The left side of this map is your best choice 
for assaults since you can get cover under the bridge, and hit the Allies on 
their weak side (where most players tend not to go). Try to keep moving on 
this map, and camping corners when you know the situation is in dire need."

     __________________________/{ DoD_donner }__________________________
>> SETTING: An intersecting town with thunderboomers and gloomy weather

Recommended Class: SNIPER/MG42-Schutze
Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "Snipers in this map will probably have the wettest dreams when it comes to 
kill versus death ratios. There are some nasty spots on both the allied and 
axis sides which can prove to be barriers for each team to overcome. To start 
off, you can use the back allies on the right or left side of the map for 
covering your first two flags. The ABSOLUTE best spot on this map to snipe is 
in the first right building, outside of your spawn. Head out, and enter the 
door on the right. Go left up the stairs, and you should be in a fairly dark 
room with two shattered windows. If you go in the rightmost window, you can 
actually see a back alley in the middle of the map (the entranceway). Many 
Germans will try to sneak through this way. Stand up, with only the 
entranceway to the alley in site, and snipe anyone who tries to pop the 
corner. You will hardly get hit at all. If some men sneak into the building 
opposite of your position, just crouch over, pop up, fire, and retreat back. 
This little sniper location can literally give you insane kill-to-death 
ratios. Aside from that, the church tower in the middle of the map is a nice 
location from a perspective, but fairly limited in sniping options. There is 
no shelter once you're in the tower, and you'll have to deal with three 
locations Germans can pop out of."

       - COMBAT -
  "Again, combat on this map is going to be more camper-orientated because of 
the lack of movement on the map. As an ally, your best choice is to stick low 
to the ground, and use dirt piles as shelter. Try to keep the bunker on the 
right side of the map as it'll heavily dampen Axis progression across the map. 
This will force them to go up the left alley, or middle roadway, and both can 
be covered quite easily. I'd recommend tossing grenades in the narrow alleys, 
as you can usually score quick double kills. The middle flag will be difficult 
to capture because Germans will usually hide in the side buildings, and pop 
out whenever the capture meter lights up. Just hold onto the bunker, and make 
use of the German's back sneak alley for an easy infiltration behind their 

       - SNIPER -
  "While sniping on this map is fun, it can be fairly limited at times. Some 
of your best defensive options with the scoped rifle includes the left corner 
house between flag #1 and #2. There's a dual window establishment with dark 
tinting, enough to conceal any defensive sniper. If you go into the back right 
alley by the middle flag, you can crouch behind some sand bags that lead into 
a building. From here, you can get a near "invisible" spot by sticking the 
barrel of your gun out of one of the edges of the bags. Unfortunately, this 
spot has limited visibility, and is mainly designed for counter sniping any 
pesky Allies. Before Flag #3 is a desolate building with about four windows, 
and a top area sandbag. This spot is efficient when two snipers are in the 
same location, and cover each other in case of a mobile target. One more 
effective defensive spot is right after Flag #2, along the left house. You can 
go inside the yellow-lit building, and find two windows for sniping across a 
large area of potential. Aside from that, German sniping is fairly limited on 
this map."

       - COMBAT -
  "Unfortunately, combat on this map will tend to be very linear. The Axis 
forces have two ways for progress across the map - via the bunker alley or 
main road. The bunker alley permits quicker access against the Allied second 
and first flags. It's critical that you place an MG42-Schutze in the bunker, 
and hold down the area against oncoming forces. The main road is more limited 
as you'll have to deal with the threats of Allied snipers and moving troops. 
Try to take shelter in the buildings on the right, behind the tank in the 
middle, or in the back alley on the right. Some solid MG spots include the 
bunker on the left, some dark windows by flags # 1 and #2, or proning by one 
of the dark doorways near flag #3. DO NOT move forward until you're positive a 
sniper has been taken out, otherwise, your advancement will be a living 

     __________________________/{ DoD_flash }__________________________
>> SETTING: A bright, vibrant setting with straight-forward design

Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "Sniping and regular combat pretty much intertwine on this map. Some solid 
locations for British snipers includes the first house on the left, third 
house at the end of the alley by the third flag, or any of the bushes on the 
side routes. From here, you can usually crouch, pop up, and fire shots without 
exposing too much of any body part. If your team is under heavy pressure, go 
to the first building, and use the window as a base for most of your defense. 
The third building by the middle flag gives you an overall perspective of the 
alley covering the third flag. Just watch for the building opposite with its 
lone window, as an occasional Scharfschuetze will pop up along the way."

       - COMBAT -
  "Most of the combat on this map is fast moving, and corner-designed. When 
popping corners, try to stop for a slight second, and fire off a shot. Most 
people will sprint around corners. That or tossing a grenade helps in the long 
run. Take shelter behind hay piles, hills, stairs, and angled windows. Watch 
out for pesky snipers, and make sure you go straight for the flags. Everything 
on this map is a one-cap base, meaning it only takes one person to capture a 
point. Perform your duties wisely, and try to time a coordinated capture of 
all points. You'll find that flanking the grass fields can be the easiest way 
of reaching the opponent's #1 flag. Most of the combat will be bolt-action 
wars, so prepare for some intense battles."

       - SNIPER -
  "Again, the same strategy for the Allies can be applied here. The Germans 
third sniper building is not as effective, albeit still a useful location. 
Grenadiers are more effective on this map because of their fluent design for 
angled corners and quick attacks. Try to hold down the Allied field, and 
you'll discoverd this map to be easy. Try to get a sniper proned in the 
building overlooking the third flag, and one proned behind the sandbags on the 
building on the far left (near Flag #3)."

       - COMBAT -
  "There's not much to be said for this map. Always toss your grenades down 
the main alley as that's where most of your troop activity will be 
encountered. Many players will try to get in buildings, and nail you down by 
strafing back and forth in front of a window. This can be countered by 
patiently moving across the level, and taking steady aim. Don't rush forward 
like another dummy soldier, but rather as a stealthy combatant. If the 
situation gets bleak, become a MG, and move up to where most of your troops 
are. Find a spot where your platoon has already established a presence, and 
pick a spot by a wide open sand bag. If your shot is quick enough, you can 
usually take out any grenade tosses, and rack up kills quickly. Move from 
location to location to keep your opponents off-guard."

     __________________________/{ DoD_forest }__________________________
>> SETTING: A rural infested, thick tree forest with towering trees

Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "This map is perfect for disguising yourself in the background. There are no 
real key spots on this map, but rather, how well you can blend in. Some 
excellent spots includes the right tunnel pathway. It can be reached by 
destroying the boulders blocking it, with a bazooka. Down this dark alley are 
plenty of spots to prone and snipe away. If you can make it to the Allied 
side, you can take cover in some bushes by the entrance, and nail down 
soldiers who rush down the hill towards your position. Most of the action will 
take place in the large forest clearing. Here are various structures, bunkers, 
and snipers positioned throughout. Don't try to sprint this room; you'll die 
quickly. I find it best to take your time by proning and crawling along. 
Exhibiting the minimal amount of motion will result in a lack of discovery, 
thus yielding more kills. Most Axis snipers will be near the entrances to the 
forest, usually angled around corners."

       - COMBAT -
  "If the situation gets sticky, and you're having trouble moving on up, try 
using one of the sewer routes (which can be accessed via a ladder into the 
ground). The sewers are the best source of flanking outside targets without 
being exposed to snipers. Make sure you travel in pairs when advancing upon 
capture points. Every single point on this map requires two people to be taken 
over. Without that second person, you're just as good as dead meat. Make use 
of the bazookas too. You can destroy those gray wall bunkers with the 
explosion of one direct hit."

       - SNIPER -
  "Again, use similar strategies as the Allied snipers, except try to stay 
more on the interior of rooms. Camoflauge yourself inside broken debris, or 
the outskirts of a sand bag bunker. Germans are usually under more pressure on 
this map, so it helps to have a precise barrel that cannot be seen. Check out 
the tunnel path on the left every once in a while to make sure no Allies have 
snuck through."

       - COMBAT -
  "If you can, try to control the Allies entrance route to the large room with 
the two capture points. If you can hold down this position, you'll practically 
win this map as it's their only stronghold that gives them excellent 
fortitude. If you manage to sneak through the waterfall below, there's a cabin 
above the Allied spawn which proves to be a great distraction point to raid 
down on targets."

     __________________________/{ DoD_glider }__________________________
>> SETTING: An urban setting with key points that must be defended/captured

Map Biased for: AXIS

       - SNIPER -
  "Snipers only have two uses on this map. The first use is on the far left 
portion, in a very long tunnel. Sometimes, German snipers or MGs like to hide 
in here to prevent access up the ramp. Quickly strafe out, and eliminate any 
targets that are exposed. The other most useful spot for the Sniper is in the 
main courtyard by the cabin on the lake. You can usually prone in the boat, 
behind some bushes, or in the cabin. From here, you can nail down any Germans 
who try to flank the Americans from the middle. Your only flaw is that there's 
a huge weakness to your right flank as you have no visibility on the opening."

       - COMBAT -
  "Fighting is going to be very difficult on this map. Many Axis forces will 
pop out of tunnels or corners you'd least expect it. You'll also have to deal 
with a share of campers that are holding down certain fortifications. Start 
off by going to your left, and for the reinforcements house. Stay in it for a 
bit until it's captured, so that you have a continuous supply of satchel 
charges. Try to rush across the bridge in the middle if possible. This is the 
biggest weakness in the German defense. From here, you'll have to make your 
way to the Communications Tower inside the base. It can be fairly tricky as a 
mix of Axis forces spawn in and out, while protrusively guarding the complex. 
You can sneak in via a sewer shaft on the left, but there's usually a guard 
nearby. Once the comm's tower is destroyed, a hole is blown in the floor. This 
hole leads to a back flank in the German bunker. If you can get more men with 
satchels, you can usually take down the bunker from behind without a fight. 
Make sure you get somebody from the spawn to bring up a Bazooka to take out 
the Radio Tower. It takes 3-4 direct hits to knock it down for a capture. Once 
all points are captured, victory is yours."

       - SNIPER -
  "There's actually several good sniping spots on this map that are useful for 
holding back the enemy. I'll start off by naming some of the key defensive 
spots. The bunker and balcony near it provide excellent coverage/shelter for 
sniping anyone who dare rushes the hill. Unfortunately, sometimes you may not 
be given a chance for an angled shot on someone who is RPGing your comm tower. 
The best spot for snipers on this map is the center area near the middle lake. 
By going in the middle path, you can go to the lower entrance, and prone along 
the stairwell for some straight-on shots at oncoming Allies. That, or you can 
go to the second floor, and pop out from behind sand bags for an overall 
scoped view of the entire arena. While you are exposed, it literally allows 
you to take out several targets in a matter of seconds. On the right side of 
the map, you can guard the long narrow sewer tunnel by proning behind the 
cargo boxes."

       - COMBAT -
  "First of all, your primary goal on this map is to CAMP, and hold the four 
major points. Right off the bat, rush the right flank, and try to save the 
supply house from Allied advancement. While it's extremely hard to hold it 
down for quite some time, doing so only lessens the amount of time the Allies 
will have to take over all of your installations. Along the right side of the 
map (where it branches to the middle and right tunnels), you'll notice a 
destroyed tank. Prone next to it, and crawl into the crater. This is a VERY 
GOOD spot to mount down a FG42 and simply shoot anyone who runs up the path. 
As soon as possible, pick up a Panzershreck, and knock out the middle bridge 
by the lake. This will eliminate one alternate route for the Allies to take. 
The left bushy path is not a recommended route to take, but rather sit back 
and wait for the enemy to approach."

     __________________________/{ DoD_jagd }__________________________
>> SETTING: Condensed urban roads with large stone buildings

Recommended Class: GUNNER/GRENADIER
Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "Sniping on this map is both a gift from heaven, and a risky tactic. To 
start off, there are many long halls you'll encounter on this map, so prepare 
to be using your scope quite often. Along the right path you'll find a few 
areas where you can prone behind a stone wall or ditch. You'll only have to 
worry about troops coming from one direction (in front of you), but grenades 
and Panzerschreks will prove to be troublesome as well. If you go along the 
left path, you'll eventually see a door near the edge of the corner. If you go 
inside, you can go upstairs and snipe from a comfortable window. This spot is 
well-known to the Germans though. If you go near the cracked wall on the first 
floor, you can prone, and snipe through the small crease in the wall. There's 
not much more than this. You can position yourself in the center plaza, and 
pick off anyone who comes up from the middle road or left flank."

       - COMBAT -
  "Since your goal is to capture some hidden plans on this map, WHILE 
defending your own two tanks, I'd primarily play a defensive disposition. To 
start off, you can easily prone and mount yourself in any position much like a 
sniper. The plans are located right outside of the German spawn, by the right 
wing of a large cargo aircraft. The most efficient way of capturing the plans 
involves sneaking along the left road, that intertwines past a few broken 
debris and vehicles. From here, you can easily sprint down, snatch the plans, 
and run back the same way before any of the Germans catch on. At the same 
time, you're going to have to be weary of your right flank as many Germans 
will pop out of the double doors with Panzershrecks. They'll usually attempt 
to blow up your tanks with an armed escort or two. Always focus on killing the 
objective destroyers."

       - SNIPER -
  "The German snipers have an advantage over the Allied ones on this map. Not 
only do you have the debris (for cover) and destruction (to wreak), but you 
can also use the church tower on the far right for sniping. To get up there, 
enter through via the lower church entrance, and then climb the ladder up top. 
This window gives access to a small portion of the middle plaza, which is 
enough to rack up pesky kills. Be weary though as Allies can use the Piat and 
destroy the church tower with a few well-placed missiles. Another unique spot 
is right near the beginning of the left roadway. Go into the door, and climb 
upstairs. There's a very dark window which is perfect for providing a 
defensive establishment on this route."

       - COMBAT -
  "Again, you must defend your plans, while being able to take out the two 
British tanks near the British spawn. I find it best to take the left route, 
and get yourself perhaps three armed men (besides yourself with the 
Panzershreck). Once you make it to the double doors, have two of your men 
sprint out to draw fire. When this occurs, quickly sprint out and up to the 
left. Pop around the corner, fire one missile, run to the corner for cover, 
then repeat the process for the second tank. I must warn you that there's 
usually a British sniper on the second floor of the HQ, usually targeting the 
double doors. If this route is heavily guarded, you may also go through via 
the middle plaza, then flank left, and catch them by surprise. I'd highly 
recommend against taking the right route because of its narrow, long design. 
This can backfire in the long run, especially if you get picked off by a 
sniper. Make sure you destroy the cracked wall in the middle plaza for an 
easier way of flanking the Allies."

     __________________________/{ DoD_kalt }__________________________
>> SETTING: A snowy town with sewers, small roads, and chokepoints

Map Biased for: 50/50

       - SNIPER -
  "Sniping on this map can be useful only if you can get in the right 
positions. By your second flag is a building with two windows. Positioning 
yourself there is excellent for stopping a German rush as you can pelt down 
visitors from the mill doors or around the bridge corner. Another excellent 
sniper spot is in the mill. Climb the wooden wheel, and prone on the upper 
left portion of it. From here, you can hit any Germans who try to go through a 
wooden gate, or through the double doors themselves. You'll also be fairly 
invulnerable to grenade attacks. Other than that, the sewers are the only 
other viable place where you can sit and wait for opponents."

       - COMBAT -
  "Most of your fighting is going to be close quarter battles due to the small 
design of the map. The most efficient way to flank your opponent is to go via 
the sewers. There are five hatches spread across the map. In the sewers, 
you'll mainly navigate through narrow tunnels with dark backgrounds. The best 
part about this is that you can easily reach your opponent's #1 flag without 
them knowing until you capture the point. The only problem is that you're 
vulnerable when climbing the actual ladders themselves. Toss your grenades on 
the bridge to rid of any troublesome forces. Be careful when going around the 
corner towards German territory. The enemy will usually setup one or two MGs 
just to hold back the oncoming rush of people. Be weary not to fall into a 
trap and lose many men. Try to hold the mill at all costs. It basically 
determines victory on this map."

       - SNIPER -
  "There are hardly any advantages for Axis snipers on this map. You can hide 
yourself in your own apartment building near Flag #2, however, your shots are 
often cut off by the limited view of the window. The sewers are great for 
popping anyone who dares climb down a ladder. Aside from that though, you'll 
rarely find a spot worth sitting at for any moment. Just avoid sniping on this 

       - COMBAT -
  "Again, there are five capture points on this map, with every single one 
being a lone cap. The sewers are your best option for flanking your opponents. 
Sometimes it can help in the long run to take down three defenders, so that 
your team can advance - rather than attempting to go for the home flag. Be 
careful in the mill since you'll meet many Allied soldiers around corners and 
small boxes. Make sure you nade the exposed corners of the bridges, and watch 
for any troops under it as well."

     __________________________/{ DoD_kraftstoff }__________________________
>> SETTING: A town with various supply points and building openings

Map Biased for: ALLIES

       - SNIPER -
  "Since you're defending on this map, there are quite a few places you can 
utilize to your advantage. The far left side where the truck is, has excellent 
spots to defend against. You can prone against the front bumper, and pick off 
anyone who comes out of the second/first openings. The middle route has a door 
along the left wall. Go inside, and on the second floor you'll find a perfect 
sniping window. This let's you cut off two German flanking points. You can 
also enter the building below the middle hill. On the second floor balcony is 
another useful sniping location. Along the right side of the map, you can 
crouch behind a pile of debris, or some sand bags for cover fire."

       - COMBAT -
  "Remember that your goal on this map is to defend against the Axis attack. 
Don't get carried away in invading their territory, just make sure to hold 
your own ground. Whatever you do, don't lose the fuel dump as it's one of the 
hardest points to capture on the map. If the Germans are capturing the truck, 
quickly sprint up to it and TOUCH the truck. This will cause for an instant 
rupture in their capture. You may also toss a grenade behind the truck to rid 
of any pesky forces. Keeping a seal on the middle route is the key to victory. 
By doing so, you'll force the Germans to flank the far right or far left 
sides, which only wastes more times and lives. You can also flank some of the 
forces using side roads, building inlets, or windows."

       - SNIPER -
  "Sniping on this map is fairly tough since you have to stay mobile and watch 
your backside. The best location to snipe from is along the left route, about 
halfway into Allied territory. Inside the left wall are two windows which give 
you a strong overview of the left side. They're perfect for holding back 
Allied advancement. You'll also find a second floor encliffment near the 
middle that leads to the second floor windows along the right route. You can 
snipe from these windows and take out any guards next to the truck. The middle 
route is risky because you have to sprint through a narrow opening to break 
through. If you do get through though, go into the right middle inlet, and 
snipe horizontally across at the Allied guards."

       - COMBAT -
  "The key to winning this map is timing and grouping. Try to group together 
and attack points at the same time. Be careful not to walk into MG ambushes, 
or a well-placed grenade. Get the Fuel Dump first because of how hard it is to 
normally capture it. You can flank the dump from the middle, and there's an 
excellent window opening where you can lay down cover fire for your buddies. 
The right side with the truck is much easier to capture since it can be taken 
from the left or right side. The best thing to do when capturing the truck is 
to have someone sprint down into the large black tunnel, and shoot at the 
Allies as a distraction. This will hamper their progress greatly, and almost 
guarantee a capture of the allied supply truck. Try to use grenades in wide 
open areas too."

     __________________________/{ DoD_zalec }__________________________
>> SETTING: A snowy town with large buildings and open areas

Recommended Class: SNIPER/GRENADIER
Map Biased for: AXIS

       - SNIPER -
  "This map has plenty of stretched areas where sniping just makes the map so 
much easier. To start off, the most efficient sniping location is inside the 
left building. The tricky part is getting to the spot, which is a narrow hall 
on the second floor with a window at the end. If you manage to reach this 
spot, you can pop up and down, sniping off men who come around the German left 
corner. This proves to be an excellent distraction. Another good sniping spot 
is right after you make it through the right dark hall. Once outside, scope, 
and strafe around the corner. You can pick off any MGs in the windows, and any 
soldiers rushing towards you. There's also a special sniper window in the 
middle portion of the map, slightly after you respawn. However, you're exposed 
to the sniper window opposite of it. Plus, you only get to sight the middle 

       - COMBAT -
  "Your first goal is to capture a German well right outside of their spawn. 
This task is fairly difficult because troops will constantly be moving in and 
out. To sneak there, the best strategy is to infiltrate the building in front 
of the well. There's a door on the right side that leads directly in. From 
here, run parallel to the well, and then sprint into the point when the 
reinforcements timer is fairly high. Another cheap tactic that can be used may 
not work on EVERY server. Go to the far left road, and try to jump crouch 
through the black fence. Make sure you grab a Bazooka from the building nearby 
before heading on in. If jump enough times, you can eventually get over the 
black fence. It's sort of a glitch in a sense. From here, you can destroy the 
three tanks with the bazooka to give your team a head start after they capture 
the well. It's best to sit by the church and wait for them to do so. The 
airstrike beacon on this map will launch a strike on German positions. Save it 
till absolutely necessary."

       - SNIPER -
  "To counter the great Allied sniping spots, you can basically go in similar 
locations as themselves. On the far right side is a ladder. Climb it, then go 
on the second floor. You can use the window to snipe anyone who dares snipe 
down from the second floor opposite of you. The same can be said about the 
sniper window in the middle. In the middle building is a sniper window up top 
which can be used to cover the middle route. On the left side, you can sit on 
the snow pile and snipe down on anyone who comes out of the dark doorway."

       - COMBAT -
  "Combat can get a little bit sticky at times. DO NOT lose the well unless 
you want to lose the round. 70% of the time after you lose the well, you'll 
lose the round. Try to hold onto it as long as possible. If you're getting 
overrun, cover the well from all angles to make sure nobody sneaks in and 
prones inside the fenced area. You may also want to position a few MGs in and 
around the base to hold off the hordes of forces that dare move forward. Try 
holding onto the building on the right side of the map. This controls how much 
power the Allies will enforce on the map. The left and middle routes can be 
controlled by the snow-covered tank along the left road. Mount a MG there, or 
a sniper, and this will be an easy ride."

- 5) Troubleshooting        -
Many computer games often have errors or troubles that can be frustrating for 
the gamer. This section will cover some of those errors, problems, and sticky 
situations people are having. If you're having any troubles of your own, try e-
mailing me, and I'll see if I can find a solution to your problem.

/Illegal Operations/
For some odd reason, Day of Defeat seems to have problems with illegal 
operations. You'll basically be playing, then the game freezes, and one of the 
Windows dreaded messages pops up. It automatically shuts down your game, and 
prevents you from playing DoD/Half-Life again until you restart your computer. 
The problem also seems to happen when you join certain DoD servers with the 
Won in-game browser.

SOLUTION: Don't punch your monitor in dreaded anger; just restart your

/Slow Framerate/
If your game tends to have extremely low framerate, you'll want to consider a 
few ways of resolving the problem.

SOLUTION: Lower your screen resolution, or use a different type of video mode.
          Use low quality sound to help speed up gameplay.
          Use normal player models (not high quality).
          Avoid playing large wide-open area maps (DoD_charlie for example).

/Black Sniper Scope/
While this problem is rare, it does happen on frequent runs to certain 
players. If you try to zoom in on a snipe rifle, and the scope appears as a 
black screen, then you've got a problem.

SOLUTION: If the server is very laggy or has lots of players, the problem will
          happen frequently. It's unavoidable. To fix it, go to the
          console (~), and type "record 1."
          Now, zoom in with your scope, then zoom out. Switch a weapon, then
          switch back to the sniper rifle. Now, go back to the console, and
          type "stop."
          This will stop the recorded demo. You should be able to zoom in with
          the rifle, and it'll work fine.


- 6) Common Questions     -

)) Gameplay ((

<< How do I obtain Day of Defeat? >>

- In case you have not figured this out by now, Day of Defeat is a FREE Half-
Life modification that can be downloaded. Go to:

in order to download it. Day of Defeat has also been released as a lone retail 
version, similar to the Counter-Strike one released a few years ago. It can be 
purchased fairly cheap, but it's recommended that you download the free 
version which modifies HL since you'll have less problems in the long run.

<< What are the different versions of DoD? >>

- There are primarily two different versions of DoD. Originally the game was 
released only on WON, and several betas were made. When the game went gold, a 
version 1.0 was released across the internet. This was the first official 
version of the game released. The WON versions of the game can be played 
through the Half-Life multiplayer game viewer, or if you have Gamespy. 
However, recently, Valve has released a new system called STEAM, which is 
suppose to unite all modifications into one. Unfortunately, STEAM has several 
problems with older HL CD Keys, and often conflicts with many users. Put it 
this way; people either hate or love Steam. I personally hate it since it will 
not recognize my first 10,000 copy of Half-Life. A Version 1.2 has been 
released on STEAM which has more updates. Unfortunately, since STEAM does not 
work for me, I have been unable to test out the new version.

<< Is this the best WWII shooter? >>

- It use to be. Before Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and Call of Duty, Day 
of Defeat was the sweetest apple pie. However, with the progression of PC 
graphics and technology, DoD has aged since then. Regardless, it's still the 
best online WWII game out there because of the realism, and true addictiveness 
of the gameplay. Very few games can match this type of feeling. If you're 
looking for a more modern game, try the MoH ones, or Call of Duty.

<< Why are there so many campers? >>

- This is how real life is. There are not fifty million Rambos running around 
taking potshots whenever they feel like it. In Day of Defeat, you have to 
consider the risks when sprinting around a corner. It could decide a life or 
death scenario. Camping is a real tactic used during war. A fortified person 
is more likely to survive than one on the move.

<< Got any general tips not already included in the guide? >>

- If you want to become better at DoD, learn to utilize teamwork. I use to be 
a loner in the game and could only get so far before being overrun. It's best 
to stick with 2-3 men you know can save your hide in a tough situation. 
Recognize the sounds of each weapons as they're fired off. Knowing when a MG42 
is around the corner can be more helpful since it's unique rapid fire sound is 
quite awareful. Practice with the light rifleman before attempting to use 
automatic guns. Rifleman can be fairly effective because of the power loaded 
in each shot. Combine that with their two grenades, hefty speed, and you've 
got yourself a great beginner class. Machineguns are also good to learn off 
of, and excellent for exploiting maps to their full potential.

<< Is this game still popular? >>

- Believe it or not, yes it is. At any one given time, there can be at least 
1500 players on playing the WON version of the game. Steam probably has over 
5000 players at any given time. There are over 100 servers, with about 5-6 
being large 32 player ones.


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:



- 8) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Valve (( for creating a great modification in Day of Defeat. After 
realizing that Counter-Strike was a hit, it's sheer brilliance when a gaming 
developer creates mods that only add to the replay value.

)) DoD players (( for proving to be a daring challenge even to this day. It's 
great to see that you guys are helping this modification live on, both in the 
community and gaming-wise.

)) DoD Manual Writer (( for providing the real-life names of the weapons, and 
certain background information. Very useful stuff in composing this guide.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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