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Day Of Defeat SourceJos jedan dobro poznati pod za Half-Life dobice svoju HL2 verziju za novi Source engine i to ovog meseca. Evo sta kazu ljudi iz Valve-a:
"Day of Defeat: Source will be released this month. While we’re not
quite ready to pin down the exact date of when it will be available to
play, we are confident that it will happen in September. Once we do
have an exact date and time for when the game will be activated, we’ll
let everyone know.
There will be a period of one week at minimum during which people will
be able to pre-order and preload the game via Steam, giving them the
ability to unlock and play at the moment it is activated.
Day of Defeat: Source will be available as an individual purchase via
Steam, as well as part of the Counter-Strike: Source retail package
that will be available at stores around the same time. Half-Life 2:
Silver and Gold package customers will automatically be able to play.
In the meantime, here are two of the player models from the game — the
Allied Rifleman and the Axis Panzerschreck."

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