Dark Planet – Battle For Natrolis (šifre)

Dark Planet - Battle For Natrolis

Submitted by: conner54

Start a new game and enter "edgiesrocks" as a name. Every time you press 
[Space], you will get 100 of every mineral. 
Note: You cannot get people space using this code.

Human race:
If you are in the human/colonist race, the first thing you should do is upgrade 
your Control Hub to level 2. When you do that, collect a lot of supplies and 
make the Gunner Training building. When you finish that, make about ten Gunners.
After that, make the Probe Station maker thing and make the Scouting Probe that 
you learned about in the first mission. Put your Gunners and the Scouting Probe 
as Team/Group 1. Put the Scouting Probe in the front of the triangle formation, 
then follow the roads destroying buildings and enemies as you go. Always have an 
extra probe at the main base, because the probe is weak in defense and gets 
killed easily. With this combination you will win almost every time. 
Note: Always have a main base defense of about five or six Gunners. 

Driel race:
If you are of the Driel race and are automatically inside a fortress, like in 
the secnd or third campaign mission, the first thing you should do is raise the 
Mound to status level 3. When you do that, make a Wormery and make three or four 
Dex Worms. Put each of them at an entrance to the fortress. Then, make all kinds 
of soldiers. There are many combinations you can make. Either start by making 
soldiers or by upgrading the mound. If you upgrade the mound first, research 
the fencing after making the Dex Worms and soldiers. When you finish the 
research, build walls all around the supplies so that enemies cannot get in 
unless they break. Note: During all of this, you must get supplies with your 

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