Cute Knight (šifre)

Cute Knight

Submitted by: RM

Press [F9] to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes.

Result               Code
Extra strength     - global.str=<1-250>  
Extra cook         - global.cook=<1-250>  
Extra clean        - global.clean=<1-250>  
Extra craft        - global.brew=<1-250>  
Extra tame         - global.tame=<1-250>  
Extra combat       - global.combat=<1-250>  
Extra weapon       - global.weapons=<1-250>  
Extra magic        - global.magic=<1-250>  
Extra spell        - global.spell=<1-250>  
Extra dream        - global.dream=<1-150>  
Extra xp           - global.dream=  
Extra health       - global.hp=<1-999>  
Extra experience   - global.xp=<1-5000>  
Extra magic points -<1-999>  
Extra gold         -

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