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CrytekCrytek, vodeći Nemački razvojni tim igara, koji je zaslužan za Far Cry, i koji trenutno razvija dugo očekivani FPS Crysis, je danas najavio otvaravanje njihovog novog studija u Budimpešti. Novi studio će, naravno, razvijati igre koje će koristiti CryEngine 2 tehnologiju, i time će povećati broj Crytek-ovih igara.

"After considering a number of different options over the last two years, we chose to open our next studio in Budapest because it is both a wonderful city in which to work and live, and because we were able to draw on a significant pool of very qualified and experienced game development talent already in place there.” said Avni Yerli, Managing Director of Crytek. “We think it is a great way to widen our horizons and develop for a new gaming genre while continuing our company’s strategic growth and expansion. It is also an opportunity to further leverage all the effort that our team has put into developing our proprietary CryENGINE 2 technology while building on our tradition of producing the highly innovative and creative kind of games for which we are known."

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