Crysis Wars v1.1 Patch

Crysis WarsElectronic Arts i Crytek su takođe rešili da objave patch Crysis Wars-a, osvežavajući ovu multy player komponentu Crysis Warhead-a na v1.1 i time doda par ispravki. Ako posedujete sve potrebne elemente i želite da vas Crysis Wars bude u toku sa izmenama onda ovaj patch možete preuzeti sa linka ispod.

Crysis Wars v1.1 Patch (47MB)

Crysis Wars Dedicated Server for Linux (14Mb)

Crysis Wars v1.1 Patch


Stand/Prone firing exploit by exaggerating spread of all weapons when transitioning from standing position to prone position
Inconsistency between the HUD score and the score shown in the scoreboard
Disconnection caused by cheat protection for levels saved by the map downloader


Player icon, cross hair and round start messages visibility against bright backgrounds


Removal of online activation (Release Control)
Support of Linux server
64bit version

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