Crysis Wars 1.4 patch

EAIz Cryteka i EA nam stiže najavljeni patch za Crysis Wars, koji dože verziju igre na 1.4. Pored patcha, autori su izdali i SDK set alata, a promene koje patch donosi možete pročitati u nastavku teksta.

Crysis Wars v1.4 Patch

Crysis Wars Mod SDK 


General Fixes
Fixed a crash relating to dropped weapons
Fixed an issue where spectating players could impede other players' movement
Fixed several memory leaks

Several optimisations
Scope position broken when picking up the same weapon type
Updates and improvements
All graphic settings are now available on DX9 machines
Improved visibility of mouse cursor on bright backgrounds
Improved hit feedback when shooting vehicles
Modding interface is now available

Cloaked players are no longer detected by the Radar Kit
Reduced radius of Radar Kit scan sound

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