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Welcome to my Trojan guide!
Please note that I will try my best, I do hope you like this, I have spent a
long time writing it!
I am doing this because I don’t think there are any other guides that go this

**Note** If you follow this guide and don’t give up, you WILL get a 130-130-130
Reborn Pure Trojan (if you work for it that is), though it wont be easy **Note**

Table of Contents
(Name of part) (What to search) **Note** to search, use “Ctrl+F” **Note**

1.	Through of levels- lvlrunthrough
2.	Things Class Introduction- clsintro
3.	Run to Know- thngstoknow
4.	In-Depth Guide- indpthgide
5.	Equipment Recommended- equreq
6.	Hunting Tips- hntingtps
7.	Fast Leveling Tips- fstlvling
8.	Contact Me- cntctme
9.	Credits- crdts

Class introduction [clsintro]
The Trojan is a very strong class, once you get it to a high level that is, but
its (in my opinion) biggest downside is the fact of the little magic defense,
Even at a high level, you may end up wishing for more M-Def, but the Trojan
does have a good side, you can kill monsters faster because you can duel wield
two One Handed Weapons, and that adds to two weapon skills, and a bunch of
attack. You also have the most health; a Reborn Trojan can have 13K health!
With that under its belt, you also have a “Slow” Spot of leveling, (it is evil)
you gain low experience from level 50 to level 90+, and that is a pain.

The Trojan is also a very expensive class, and a bunch of people play as
Trojans, and that is part of the expenses, because a lot of people are Trojans,
the armor is very expensive, so if you are not prepared to PayPal or spend a
long time hunting, you will find it fairly hard to keep up with the costs of
armor/Dragonballs, another thing is weapons, for the same reasons (manly Blades
and Clubs and Swords) and a build up of potions…I know, potions?
Well if you count the price of them, and what the common player buys per level
(if you don’t have good armor by 50), it will cost 1.8KK for the first 50
levels! (Assuming you don’t have good armor, elite-super, and buy 7.2k worth of
Ginseng each time you run out 5 times a level (like I did)) and that is a lot
of money for that level if you are not lucky.

As a Trojan, you will get 5 skills for all 130 levels, Cyclone, Robot,
Accuracy, Spirit Healing, and Hercules.

Cyclone: This is the (In my Opinion) 2nd best skill in my opinion; it increases
your attack rate and speed, perfect for hunting and killing the harder monsters
faster. And if you feel like it, You can compete for the top XP skill, To do
this, you must kill a lot of monsters with Cyclone, I do not know the top
scoring of any server, but just keep a look out for other people, and you may
get the idea of what to aim for.

Robot: Not the best, but it helps if a archer if attacking you with fly, not
only do you get a bunch of health, you regain all the health you lost as a
Trojan. (Though, the odds of getting attacked while you have your XP skill
ready is very slim)

Accuracy: No (All you do is have a better chance of hitting something)

Spirit Healing: My favorite skill, and all it costs is a full stamina bar, it
will heal you, 500 HP at level one, 800 at level two, and 1300 at level 3!

Hercules: It is good for PVP, and that is about it, I don’t like it that much,
manly because I am a Sword/Club user, because you need to have 2 of the same
weapon to use it, i.e. Club/Club, Sword/Sword, or Blade/Blade ect. And I forget
how much it does each level, but if you can get it high, it helps in pvp.

Here is the promotion list for Trojans
15: You get a new title, Trojan, and you get the 2 XP skills.
40:You get a new title, Veteran Trojan, now you get Robot, Hercules and Spirit
Healing, I think, and a level 40 Blade.
70: You get a new title, Tiger Trojan, and for this you need to give the girl
an emerald, and that is found from killing Hill Monsters. You also get a level
70 armor.
100: You get a new title, Dragon Trojan, and you need to pay a meteor, and you
get a normal Rainbow gem!
110: You get a new title, Trojan Master, and you need to pay a Moonbox (Found
by buying it or doing the Moonbox quest) and you get…a Dragonball!
(Congratulations on getting this!)

Well, I think that about covers what the Trojan is about, now for the guide (It
will consist of a run through of the levels, and then more in depth stuff

**Note** Once you get to ape city-desert city, use the 2nd map, you wont have
to worry about messengers, nasty magic using monsters, I hate them**Note**

At levels 1-10, Please try to level your self at where the [?] tells you to, it
will get you used to the game play (if you are new, if you are not go ahead and
get plvled) Get your armor, and choose your weapon that you want for the rest
of your Trojans life.
10-40: Get plvled at slow apes, it is for the best, and level by you’re self
when not getting plvled.
40-50: Now you have a choice, you can now use 2 weapons, but do you want to
level the profinicey of your weapons or get to level 50 by getting plvled and
have a hard time of using low-level weapons to kill monsters? It is up to you,
and now you should start hunting at Bandits, in your spare time.
50-70: Level your selves, and only when you need it, get plvled at hawkings; it
will help when you need that push.
70-100: Level Level Level.
100-125: See above, (also, once you reach 115, spam MoonBox, it helps, Trojans
can heal, and I would advise not to use good armor, if you get stuck, you can
only get out if you die)
125-127: Level like there is no tomorrow!
127-130: You could TG it for a few weeks, or months…. it depends, or you could
fight monsters…. your choice.
130-15 (1st Reborn): Get the Celestial Stone, Made up of 7 Normal Gems (Forgot
the ones) and a bottle of clean water, which is found at Costco…I mean Water
Devils (I think, I forgot, I am sorry if I got the monster wrong) and do the
reborn quest, and grab that dumb rock you can mine, I forgot the name, so you
can get a Guard.
15-130: Level your butt off, get plvled, use your guard, and take it easy
(Unless you are killing things, then you need to kill those monster with all
the fury of a pumped up shirtless guy with 2 weapons and a kick arse guard at
his side)
130-130 (2nd Reborn): Well, congratulations on the 2nd Reborn, I hope you know
you are in for a bunch of pain and suffering, stupid 3x less experience…

Run Down of the things you need to know when starting for the first time.
1.	To move, you click where you want to go.
2.	To jump, hold down Control button (Ctrl).
3.	Monsters that have black names, kill you very fast, don’t mess with them
4.	Monsters that have red names, kill you not as fast as black, but still fast
5.	Monsters that have white names, are the guys you want to fight.
6.	Monsters that have green names are weak,  and can’t kill you as fast as the
other guys.
7.	Only GMs have ether [GM] or [PM] in there name, don’t trust anyone else who
says they are a GM if they don’t have [GM] or [PM] in there name.
8.	You will get Pked, live with it.
9.	To run, click the far left button above your health.
10.	Mini-map is your friend.
11.	Guards hurt, turn off PK when in town.
12.	Don’t PK guys under level 26 in Newbie protected maps (Ape/Twin City, and
Phoenix castle).
13.	Don’t waist your money on stuff that you can’t use unless you know fore
sure that you can sell it for a higher price.
14.	Monster names change color once you level to a certain.

On with the in depth guide!

**Note** You can mix up the plvling and the leveling by your self, Ok? **Note**

Levels 1-47
After you make your Trojan, you end up in Birth Village, make sure you talk to
the guy under Mr. Know it all (I think) and you will get a weapon skill! (You
might get rage, and that will save a bunch of money for your level) then talk
to Mr. Know it all to get to Twin City, from here, hop down to the west, and
you will find a bridge, leading to the out side, You will find a girl named
“Conductress” and she is the quick way to the portals for Phoenix Castle, Ape
City, Desert City, Bird Island, Market, and Mine Cave, leave those alone for
now, go and fight the birds called Pheasants until the names are green, then
move onto Turtle Doves, and fight them until they are green as well.

Now hop southwest and use your Mini-map if you need help finding the bridge
that leads to Robins, fight here until they are green. Then head over to
apparitions, and fight them until they are green, by now, you will of gotten
fairly good at Conquer, You now have a choice, if you want to level your self,
go on up from Apparitions, and fight the Poltergeists until they are green or
go get plvled, if you choose to get plvled then it is time to mess with the
Conductress, that is, if you are closer to Twin City, then go and click her,
and choose Ape City, if not, head to the bottom left of the Robin part, you
will see a swirling mass of blue, this is the portal to Ape City.

Hop down to the City, straight down until you reach the southern bridge. And
then go left towards town, and try not to die. Go south-west, and hop in the
portal to get to the 2nd map of Ape City, from here, follow the chasm to the
middle of the map, and go across the bridge, and hop up VERY CARFULLY and go to
the top right corner, and pray that there is someone plvling there at Slow
Apes, if not, go to the bottom right corner, and hope someone is at Snake
Monsters. Stay here until you are level 40-47.

If you choose to level your self, head over to Phoenix Castle, and fight the
Bandits right outside the portal (I think, if not then go fight the Winged
Snakes over to the top right-ish part of the map) and fight them until they are
green, then head over to the Ratlings. And fight, I believe you know when to
stop, then head down and fight the bigger rats (forgot the names) and fight
them until they are green. Now you can fight in Ape City, I will cover this in
the next part.

**Note** If you are able, upgrade your weapons every five levels, it will help
a lot **Note**

Levels 47-97
Now you can fight Macaques, but don’t, now you should go to the 2nd map, and if
you have been to slow apes, you know where the Min Macaques are, if you have
never been there, you go to the bottom left corner, (follow the chasm) and hop
into the portal, and fight the “Min-Maqs” until they are green, and head on
over to elf apes, and fight your way through them, until…you guessed it, until
they are green, now you get to kill Slow Apes!

These guys are fun, and now you should switch off with the Thunder Apes in the
first map for a change of pace, and fight both of them until they are green,
then head to Snake Monsters under Slow Apes, and level here for a looooooooong
time, I would suggest having 4 rainbow gems (I had 1 refined, and 3 normal)
from here on out, they help a lot. After they turn green, it is time to finally
go to Desert City! If you don’t know where that is, you go to Poltergeists and
talk to the guy, to the top left, and he will send you to Desert City, don’t
mess around with these guys, instead, go to the city, (you should now know to
look at your Mini-Map for help), and find the Conductress, and explore, so you
know where everyone is, (i.e. the pharmacist and the like, also there is a
honeymoon spot here, try and get to it ;)).

Now, go to the Conductress and choose Mystic Castle, but don’t go in the
portal, there are bats in there that hurt bad, now go down and find the start
of the shoreline, and you will find a portal to the 2nd Map, and then hop to
the right, you will find the monsters called Sand Elf’s, Say hello to them, you
will be here for a while, your best bet is to go to the spawn, I did, and I
leveled faster then          I did running around the map like a chicken with
its head cut off.

They spawn fast, so you wont have a easy time sitting, but you should fight
here until they are green, (level 72 I think) and now to fight the Lapidating
Mobs that are located up above the entrance to the 2nd map, and fight them
until they are green, about at level 77, and then on to Tough Monsters (Move
up), and level until your 82 and they are green, now you can kill Evil Blades
(Once again, go up and to the right)! Fight until your 87, and now for some of
the coolest monsters in the game! You can now go to Bird Island!

**Note** I wont explain where the monsters are anymore, I trust you are
experienced enough by now) **Note**

Head to Twin City, and go to the Conductress, choose Bird Island, and go into
the portal, and fight the Bird Men until you are level 92, then you should move
to Hawkings, Now for some faster leveling (Kinda), go to the far portal in Bird
Island, located up from the Pharmacist, and you will arrive at Hawkings, go and
fight until you are level 97.

Levels 97-130
Now you can venture to the other islands, go to the bottom left part of the
island, and you will come across the level 97 Bandits sooner or later. Stay
here until you are level 102 (Congratulations on the triple digits!) and now it
is time to go to Mystic Castle! Kill Tomb Bats until you are 107, Go kill
Bloody Bats until you are level 112.

You have a choice; you can plvl people for Virtue Points, and go into
labyrinth, or level at Mystic Castle. If you choose Lab, you are on your own; I
wont help you.

If you choose Mystic Castle, head over to Bull Monsters and fight till you are
117, now you should go kill Red Devils. Now you just go to lab, and fight there
till you are 127 or higher…and then TG it, or if you feel lucky (or insane),
level at the monsters that give the best exp… but you would be better off just
to TG it, and hunt when you can spare it…

Congratulations!  You have reached the highest level! (For now >.<) Now you
should go bag a Celestial Stone and get Reborn! Once you do that, you will get
to choose a new class and body size! (I would recommend a Trojan xD) and after
you do that… Go get that Euxenite Ore and get a guard, and now you should take
it easy and get plvled, by your guard or at Slow Apes, your choice, follow this
guide again and you will get to 130 again…a little shorter time then it did the
first time.

Second Reborn

Gah… I hate this part… You get 3x less exp… so be prepared for hell, get
plvled, and level your self like heck, and don’t give up, eventually you will
get to 130, and have fun, but until then…. life will be hard. Good luck! That
is all I have to say.

Equipment recommended [equreq]

**Note** This set will get you through later levels, though, you are free to
use what you want, this is my guide, and this worked for me, so don’t complain

Levels 1-50
Armor: Normal, refined, Unique, Fixed.
Cornet: Unique
Weapon 1: Unique or Refined 2 soc
Weapon 2: Refined or Unique 2 soc
Necklace: Normal
Boots: Normal, Fixed

Levels 50-100
Armor: Elite+1.
Cornet: Unique
Weapon 1: Unique or Refined 2-soc/2 Rainbow gems +1
Weapon 2: Refined or Unique 2 soc/2 Rainbow gems
Necklace: Normal
Boots: Normal, Unique or Fixed

Levels 100-125
Armor: Elite or Super +2/3
Earrings: Elite
Weapon 1: Elite or Super 2 soc/ 2 Refined Rainbow Gems +2/3
Weapon 2: Elite or Super 2 soc/ 2 Refined Rainbow Gems +2/3
Necklace: Normal, Unique, or elite
Boots: Unique or Elite +1

Levels 125-130
Armor: Super +2/3/4
Earrings/Cornet: Elite or Super +1
Weapon 1: Super 2 soc/ 1 Refined/1 Super Rainbow Gems +2/3
Weapon 2: Elite or Super 2 soc/ 2 Refined Rainbow Gems (or one super) +2/3
Necklace: Elite +1
Boots: Unique or Elite +1

**Note** When you are able, and don’t need to level anymore, try to get some
Super Dragon Gems in your stuff. **Note**

Hunting Tips [hntingtps]

Hunting with Trojans can be fun, you have cyclone, and you can kill things
fast, just not as fast as an archer, so if you want to get rich fast, Use an
archer, if you want a powerhouse, be a Trojan :D Anyway, When you are level 70
(I started before that), you should hunt at Slow Apes, or Snake Monsters, they
drop the best stuff (a decent amount of gold and items). Hunt there until you
can kill Hawks fast, 1-3 hits, and hunt here from now on, unless you feel like
Slow Apes (I prefer Hawkings), if you do well, you should have a far amount of
gold in your Warehouse by the time your are 130.

If you don’t get anything good the first 1.5K-2K kills, log out and log back
in, It is my belief that CO runs on a luck system that is drawn for every time
you log in, this would explain why you could kill 5-10K monsters and not get a
+1 or anything worth keeping, and get d/c’ed and find a DB on the first kill, a
+1 after the first 20, and 10 meteors in the first 1K and 2 elites in the next

Fast leveling Tips [fstlvling]

There is none, you can only level slightly quicker, I would recommend full
SRG’s, though, you might not be able to get that, so just try to get 4 Refined
Rainbow Gems in your weapons, and a few 2x exp potions if you can, that would
help. Other then that, I don’t know what to tell you, other then (If you are
crazy) buy DragonBalls, and spam the unknown man quest.

Contact Me [cntctme]

On Conquer in Pyramid server in the Wonders Group, Name: Xetrlal
Email me:

Credits [crdts]

Me- I created from memory and written by myself, I and only I own this guide,
no one else, if you see someone else other then Xetrlal on the Conquer Online
forums claiming to own this guide, please notify me at thrice [underscore]
forgiven [at] yahoo [dot] com.

TQ Digital and Conquer Online, all of trademarks belong to them, I claim no
responsibility for what ever they do, I do not claim ownership of Conquer
Online or any of TQ Digitals products.

You, for reading this.

Drew R. (Nightmarish), for talking to me when I was sick of writing and proof
reading this.

Sarah M. (Acacia), for proof reading this guide, thanks sis!

I give permission to,,,,
 and to post this guide on their WebPages.

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