Conquer Online (šifre)

Conquer Online

Submitted by: RM

Dancing with weapons:
Disarm your weapon and set it on the [F1] to [F10] hotkeys. Then, press [Dance] 
and the [F1] to [F10] shortcut with the weapon together. You will get to dance 
with the weapon.

Logging out:
There are actually two ways to log out from the game. Press [Esc] and a box will 
appear, asking you if you want to exit. The other way is to click the "Setup" option, 
then click "Exit". The same box will appear.

Advanced dancing with weapons:
To perform this technique, you will first need to disarm your weapon(s). After doing so, 
perform any dance that you know or have learned. While you are dancing, click on the 
shadow of your character. An easy way to do this would be to have "Simple Shadows" 
selected under your options. After you click on the circular shadow, or at the character's 
feet, it will look as if he or she has stopped dancing, but actually remains dancing on 
all other players' screens. Now you may equip or un-equip any weapon that you can use, 
and will remain dancing while doing so. On another player's screen, you will be dancing 
while equipping and/or unequipping weapons.

Level weapons without needing requirements: 
To do this, you will need to get your character to the level that your weapon will need 
you to be after you have it upgraded. Make sure the item is repaired or this will not work. 
After you do so, talk to the Artisan in the market to level your item and have it done. 
You will now be using the weapon without having the requirement that it asks for. Also 
if you unequip it without doing this, you will not be able to re-equip it again without 
gaining the requirement first.

Training grounds Nightdevil trick: 
Use Nightdevil and attack a stake. Let Nightdevil wear off by itself and you will attack 
about three times faster.

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