Company of Heroes patch v1.60

Company of HeroesRelic Entertainment je izbacio novi patch za ovu RTS igru, sa kojom igra dostiže verziju 1.60. Patch popravlja stabilnost igre, i ispravlja pregršt bugova. Patch možete preuzeti ovde (115MB), a detaljna lista izmena se nalazi u nastavku teksta. Napomena: patch se primenjuje na verziju 1.51.




General Fixes & Features

– Fixed AI bug that caused retreated units to gather closely around the HQ.

– Worldbuilder now shows territory properly.

– Fixed a crash that occurred while loading old files.

– Fixed a bug in crew switching during AT gun movement.

– Fixed a graphical bug in the replay menu.

– Fixed a bug with unit weapon slots after dropping two weapons.

– Fixed a crash bug when launching saved games from Windows Explorer in Vista.

– Fixed multiplayer maps not drawing boundary lines after a performance test.

– Anti-hacking systems have been integrated.

– Tiger Ace with wreck mesh has been fixed.

– Fog of War can be toggled on and off during Replays in the Replay Menu.

– Scenario packs will show UI images and loading screen.

– Recorded game files no longer saved to disk until after the game.

– Fixed timed ability not triggering on all selected squads.

– Fixed a bug that caused the Panzerschreck to misfire.

– Hyperlinking support added to news items.

– Addfriend and Removefriend commands are now disallowed in game.

Online Fixes & Features

– Players can now see the number of “dropped” games in the player profile screen. (See note below)

– Performance improvements for lobby game pings.

– Performance bar improvements.

– Fixed a rare crash occurrence in the lobby.

– “Play Now” button is disabled if in dev mode or any mods are active.

– Implemented dropping fixes.

– Player ability levels are matched more evenly during automatch.

* “Drops” is actually the count of the games you have been in that the server had to *

* arbitrate the results for. The following things cause arbitration; kicking somebody *

* for lag, having a sync error, “drop-hacking”, and certain kinds of internet *

* connection problems. Players should be aware that all of these things will affect *

* the players trust score. *


– Units using Barbed Wire Cutters are now significantly more susceptible to damage while cutting barbed wire.

– Squads building barbed wire are now capped at two builders per squad.

– Wire cutters are now provided to all players at the start of the game.

– All Anti-Tank Guns have a reduced chance to hit moving infantry targets.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

– Route N13 ambient building repositioned so troops no longer become stuck when exiting.

– Axis Inspired Assault UI indicator will now last as long as the ability is still active.

– Axis Sniper now obtains suppression resistance and a health bonus at second level veterancy.

– Axis Stormtroopers will now come out of camouflage while retreating.

– Removed manpower upkeep cost from mines.

– Axis Advanced Warning Commander Tree Ability no longer applies sight bonuses to Axis Vehicles.

– Axis Grenadier and Stormtrooper squads can continue purchasing weapons packages regardless of the number of times they’ve dropped them.

– All small ambient buildings will now display on the minimap while garrisoned or controlled.

– Allied M3 Halftrack and Jeep armor is no longer highly resistant to projectile ammunition.

– Changed the requirements to use Offmap Reinforcements and paradropped engineers when HQ is destroyed; Mortars, AT Guns and other non-builder units will not prohibit this action from taking place.

– Removed flamethrower death critical on ballistic weapons.

– M8 Greyhound no longer does incremental engine damage to vehicles.

– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer no longer has an unintended accuracy penalty against moving Axis Sdkfz Armoured Cars.

– Axis Volksgrenadier and Axis Knights Cross Holder squads now receive bonuses at their second levels of veterancy.

– Axis Panzerfaust ability no longer has a 50% chance to miss moving heavy vehicles.

– Axis 88mm Flak 36 now receives intended bonuses from support weapon veterancy.

– Tank wrecks found on maps are no longer salvageable.

– Allied Demolitions upgrade moved one slot to the left on the Allied HQ UI.

Commander Trees

– Allied Paradrop AT-Gun cost increased to 350 manpower from 320.

– Allied Pershing now requires more experience to obtain veterancy levels.

– Allied Supply Drop will now cost 200 Manpower.

– Axis Infantry Assault Team cost decreased to 350 manpower from 400.

– Axis Stormtrooper squad removed from the Urban Assault Team and the Armored Assault Force Commander Tree Abilities.

– Axis “Urban Assault Team” has been renamed to “Urban Assault Support”.

– Axis Urban Assault Support cost decreased to 600 manpower from 700.

– Axis Armored Assault Force cost decreased to 900 manpower from 1000.

Gameplay Changes

– Allied M4 Crocodile Sherman range and damage decreased.

– Allied M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and Allied Paradrop Anti-Tank Gun accuracy bonus at first level of veterancy decreased.

– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer acceleration speed slightly decreased.

– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced versus Axis Light Vehicles.

– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced against buildings.

– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer turn radius increased.

– Allied M3 Halftrack cost increased to 25 fuel from 20.

– Allied M3 Halftrack Quad .50 cal upgrade cost increased to 125 munitions from 100.

– Axis Ostwind Flakpanzer area of effect radius increased.

– Axis Sdkfz Armored Car 50mm Puma Gun upgrade no longer requires Escalate to Battle Phase.

– Axis Motorcycle more resilient to small arms fire.

– Axis Panzerfaust ability damage increased versus Allied Jeep.

– Axis Grenade ability range increased significantly.

– Axis Grenade area of effect increased.


– St. Mere Dumont, Langres, and Wrecked Train Community Maps added to the Custom Games map selection.

– Hill 331 resources rebalanced.

– Point du Hoc resources rebalanced.

– Sturzdorf resources rebalanced.

– Angoville Farms base defenses updated.

– Angoville Farms ambient building positions rebalanced.

– Beaux Lowlands base defenses updated.

– Beaux Lowlands resource positions rebalanced.

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