Company of Heroes patch v1.50

Company of HeroesTHQ su izbacili novi patch za ovu ratnu strategiju, čime je igra dostigla verziju 1.50. Patch donosi 2 nove mape, ispravke grešaka pri igranju u multiplayer-u, dodatno balansiranje jedinica u igri, kao i mnoge druge ispravke, o kojima možete pročitati u nastavku teksta. Patch se primenjuje na verziju 1.40 i može se preuzeti ovde (50MB).




v1.5 : 2/14/2007
New Maps
2p_Beaux Lowlands

General Fixes
– Games with friends now have a friend icon displayed when browsing the lobby game list.
– Messages regarding game connection attempts are logged to the chat window for all players in the session.
– Rank icons now indicate the type of game the rank was earned in.
– Games with players who have infinite pings now display an "X" for ping in the lobby game list.
– New game list filtering options added to the online lobby.
– Custom maps are now properly supported in multiplayer.
– Losing connection with the lobby while downloading a patch no longer crashes the game.

– UI sounds have been added to the online lobby.
– Auto match sound notification has been improved.
– Various speech fixes for weapons have been implemented and tuned.
– Destruction sounds have been added to various world objects.
– Repetition has been reduced in battle chatter and with various units.

Sherman Calliope:
– Sherman Calliope’s main tank gun has been removed and the Calliope Barrage ability is now free to use.
– Sherman Calliope Barrage range increased from 130 to 150 meters.
– Sherman Calliope now has cap of 2, similar to the Pershing Heavy Tank.
– Sherman Calliope cost reduced from 600 Manpower to 560 Manpower.
– Sherman Calliope Barrage ability recharge timer increased to 105 seconds
M10 Tank Destroyer:
– Allied M10 Movement improved: 15% increase to acceleration and 10% increase rotation rate.
– Allied M10 Tank Destroyer weapon damage has been increased and Fuel cost has been reduced by 5.
– Axis Armoured Car (Puma) 20mm main cannon rear penetration vs. the Allied M10 significantly reduced.
M8 Armored Car:
– Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy on the move increased. Now on par with the M4 Sherman and M10 Tank Destroyer.
– Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy penalties vs. the Axis Armored Car (Puma) have been removed.
– Allied M8 Armored Car Armor upgrade Munitions cost reduced by 25.
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank:
– Allied Pershing penetration rate vs. the Stug increased to 80%.
– Axis Stug penetration rate vs. the Pershing has been reduced to 45% from 74.6%
Allied Commander Tree Improvements:
– Armoured Fury Branch changed to: Raid to Allied War Machine to Calliope.
– War Machine Branch changed to: Fast Deployment to Field Repairs to Pershing.
– Allied War Machine Command Point Cost reduced by 1
– Sherman Calliope Command Point Cost reduced by 1
Infantry AT weapon changes (Allies and Axis):
– All Infantry Anti-Tank weaponry (Bazooka, Recoilless Rifle, Panzerschreck) are slightly more accurate when firing at moving light targets.
– Allied Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles now deal slightly more damage to Light Vehicles
– Panzerfaust accuracy against infantry targets has been reduced as intended. While there is still a chance to directly hit and kill targets like snipers, – Panzerfausts are now more likely to cause splash damage rather than kill infantry.
– Panzerschreck Damage vs. base buildings lowered by 25%.
– Bazooka damage vs. base buildings has been lowered by 25%.
Allied BAR and suppression changes:
– Allied BAR Rifle upgrade now gives 2 BAR Rifles rather than 3. Allied BAR Riflemen squads will now be able to pick-up MG42 and Panzerschreck items
– Allied BAR Rifle damage increased by 40%.
– Allied BAR Rifle will take slightly longer to Pin units that are in a Suppressed state
– Allied BAR Suppression ability can no longer suppress and pin units in heavy cover.
Construction Changes:
– Players may no longer delete Sand Bags or Tank Traps.
– Allied Observation Post built from Riflemen now has the same build speed as the Observation Post built by Engineers.
– Allied Observation Posts, Axis Observation Posts, and Machine Gun Nests now have the appropriate target type while building; now like all other buildings they will be much more susceptible to damage while under construction
– Axis Volksgrenadiers can now utilize the same build menu as the Grenadiers – this allows them to construct Barbed Wire and Sand Bags.
Smoke Changes:
– All Barrage weapons no longer have a 50% chance to miss targets in Smoke.
– Projectiles will no longer pass directly through Sherman’s on registered “Misses” – they will now behave like all other tanks and those hits will be registered as a non-penetrated “deflection”.
– Sherman smoke launcher recharge rate was less than the duration of the ability, now set to 45 seconds
Axis Officer:
– Axis ‘Leutnant’ Manpower cost decreased to 260 from 340
– Axis ‘Leutnant’ Build Time increased to 60 from 30.
General Squad and Weapon Changes (Allies and Axis):
– All Snipers more effective against units garrisoned inside of bunkers.
– All Allied Rifles slightly more effective against Axis Motorcycles
– Allied Engineers with the Flamethrower upgrade are no longer resistant to Sniper Shots
– Fixed an issue where the Stug’s main gun Area-of-Effect was too effective against infantry squads.
– Axis Assault ability will now break pinning/suppression and prevent pinning/suppression while the ability is active.
– Increased Axis Infantry passive health regeneration bonus received from their first level of veterancy by 40%.
General Vehicle Changes (Allies and Axis):
– Panzer IV accuracy while moving set to the same value as other tanks.
– Axis Goliaths now destroy Tank Traps in a single explosion.
– Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Cannon upgrade now requires Escalate to Battle Phase upgrade.
– Axis Motorcycles damage vs. units in light or heavy cover has been slightly reduced
– Axis StuH 42 now effectively kills infantry as was originally intended
– Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Upgrade accuracy reduced vs. infantry. It is intended as an anti-armor upgrade.
General Heavy Weapon Team Changes (Allies and Axis):
– All Mortars now have a chance to deal Mobility Damage if they hit Light Vehicles.
– All Anti-Tank guns are now more accurate when firing at moving and stationary Light Vehicles.
– Allied 57mm Anti-Tank gun firing cone has been increased by 20 degrees to match Axis 50mm Anti-Tank gun.
– Allied HMG Armor Piercing Rounds ability price reduced from 50 to 35 munitions.
– Allied Howitzer Gun Barrage is less accurate when firing into the Fog of War.
– Axis Nebelwerfer Manpower cost has been reduced by 20
– Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket Suppression area of effect increased.
– Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket area of effect damaged reduced. Direct hits and near misses will still damage infantry units.
– Axis Nebelwerfer will deal a reduced amount of damage to units in light, heavy, bunker, and garrison cover types.
– Axis Flak 88’s are more resilient to Artillery, off-map attacks, and satchel charges (the crew manning them is not).
– Axis Flak 88’s and Nebelwerfers can now be re-manned by 2-man Pioneer squads.

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