Command & Conquer 3 – Tiberium Wars (šifre)

Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars

Submitted by: RM

Extra Skirmish mode credits:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup 
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 
"skrimish.ini" file in the 
"c:documents and settingsuserapplication datacommand & conquer 3 
tiberium warsprofilesprofilename"  folder. 
Change the value of the credits line in the file to whatever number 

Change the number "10000" to the desired amount of credits 

Play as the Scrin:
To play the secret Scrin campaign, finish both the GDI and Nod 
campaigns. This will unlock the Scrin campaign of four missions.

Nod campaign:
Successfully complete the GDI mission "Washington DC" in Act . 

Play as NOD in Skirmish mode (demo version): 
Hold N and click your army at the Skirmish mode options menu. 
You can now choose to play as NOD. To play as GDI again, 
hold G and click your army. Note: This also can be done with 
the CPU's choice.

GDI attack combinations:
Use the following attack combinations in Skirmish missions. 

Predator Tank
APC with a Grenadier Squad inside 
3 or more Rifleman Squads
3 or more Missile Squads 
2 APCs with Rifleman Squads inside
2 APCs with Missile Squads inside 
2 Grenadier Squads
2 Rifleman Squads
2 Missile Squads 

NOD attack combinations:
Use the following attack combinations in Skirmish missions. 
2 Militant Squads
2 Militant Rocket Squads 
4 Raider Buggys
2 Flame Tanks
2 Scorpion Tanks 
4 Raider Buggys
2 Attack Bikes 

SCRIN attack combinations:
Use the following attack combinations in Skirmish missions. 
4 Buzzers
4 Disintergrators
3 Seekers (combined with Buzzers)
3 Gun Walkers (combined with Buzzers) 

Tiberium Silo:
Note: This was done with the v1.4 patch. You can increase the amount of 
Tiberium you can have without the Tiberium Silos. When it asks you to 
build a Tiberium Silo. Just build something, and when it completes just
cancel (preferably something expensive like a Tech Center). 
The amount of Tiberium you can hold keeps increasing every time you do this.

Scrin: Placing buildings in thunder storm:
When playing as the Scrin in either multi-player or Skirmish mode, it 
is usually not possible to place buildings within a thunderstorm produced 
by the Storm Tower. The trick to get around this is to power down the Storm
Tower and place whatever you want next to it 
(for example, another Storm Tower). 
This strategy will help to improve your base defense.

Rush tactic:
This trick is useful for versus online multiplayer with 10,000. Play as 
Nod or GDI and place a Crane. Then, build a Power Plant from each and place 
them. Once this is done, build two Refineries and place them. Next, sell 
one and build another. Then on the other, build queue. Start building a war 
factory. Place it and start to build another one. Make sure you have placed 
your second Refinery. Then, build two Harvesters from your War Factory. In 
the meantime build Refineries and a Comm Center. The moment your Harvesters 
are done, start building as many Scorpion Tanks as possible. Place other War 
Factories and Power Plants as well to boost production. It is also helpful 
to place an anti-infantry base defenses near your MCV to stop the "Engineer 
rush" tactic. This uses power however and is not necessary. This tactic works 
best on Redzone Rampage, as the blue Tiberium each player starts with boosts 
resources. Nod is the fastest, as it has the quickest build speeds. Also 
instead of Scorpions, build Predators. As soon as possible also place Tech 
Center and upgrade tanks with either Laser Capacitors or Rail Guns. This will 
not always work, especially when you face upper level players in the higher 
ranks. However it is possible to finish a battle in less than ten minutes 
with this tactic. It works best with 10,000, but can be done with more 
however it is harder as the opposition will have stronger weapons than 
you. It works well with 20 as you can use shortcuts and an extra Crane to 
boost production and speed of rush.

Stealth detecting Mammothes:
There is a way to get your mammoth tanks, or any unit for that matter to, at 
least temporarily detect stealth. First, you must have an airfield, with at 
least 1 Orca. Next, you need the sensor pod upgrade. Finally, just target the 
units you want to detect stealth, and drop a pod on em.
The pod will detect stealth, and your unit will react. Simple as that.

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