Colossal Cave, The (walkthrough)

Colossal Cave, The

Adventure - The Colossal Cave

Enter building. Get keys and lamp. The lamp appears here should
you have to be reincarnated.
Unlock gate (with key). Get cage.
Try the magic word, XYZZY. Try it again. Get rod.
Drop rod. Get bird. Get rod.
Wave rod. Drop rod. Go get diamonds and gold.
Release bird. Drop cage. Grab coins and silver. Note: Dwarves are
lousy shots, but sometimes, unfortunately, they can get lucky.
Carry the ax, as you may encounter up to five of these critters.
Try the magic word PLUGH also. Drop silver, gold nugget, diamonds,
jewelry, and coins. If you haven't already, you will soon
encounter a thieving pirate. Not to worry, he's got to rob you at
least once if you're to win all the marbles.
Carrying food, ax, bottle of water, key (all for later) and
lantern, visit the software den (Microsoft Version only). Don't
mess with anything--Software types are a weird lot. Get magic word
LWPI. Works only from here.
Water plant twice. Get water for the second pass at the waterfall.
Attack dragon. Yes. Get rug.
Get oil (in now empty bottle). Climb the plant.
Oil door. Open door. Drop bottle. While here and while carrying
golden eggs, enter FEE, FIE, FOE, FOO, one word at a time. Check
your inventory. Go back to where you first found the eggs.
Throw eggs (to troll). Cross bridge before the FEE, FIE, whatever.
Feed bear. Unlock chain (with key). Get golden chain. Drop key.
Get bear. Don't forget the rare spices. At volcano view, read and
remember the words of fire.
Release bear. Don't try crossing the bridge with him on the chain.
Open oyster (with trident). Pearl will roll down into the cul-de-
Insert coin to get a replacement battery for your lamp, if
necessary. Coins are a treasure, however, and you won't ge them
back, so try beating the game with the original batteries only.
Never drop vase unless you have already dropped the pillow.
Drop everything in order to enter. Get emerald.
Say PLOVER. Get pyramid. PLOVER, PLUGH and pi-tooie!
You must traverse the maze to get Pirate's Treasure Chest, which
doesn't appear until he's robbed you. Return via the Pit and
XYZZY. Drop all treasures in the House.
Drop magazine in Witt's End for a point. Get out by entering all
different directions except north. It may take a while. Slog
around in various and distant locations until a voice announces
that the cave is now closed. At this point you are teleported to
the two-room Master's Game.
Get black rod (with the rusty marks, not the star). Drop rod in
the northeast room. Retreat to the southwest room. Type blast.
Alternate endings are possible, but will not yield sufficient
points to earn you the rank of adventure grandmaster.
Treasure List
What Where
Golden Eggs Giant Room
Trident Magnificent Canyon
Pearl Clam Room
Pirate's Chest Pirate's Maze
Platinum Pyramid Dark Room
Emerald Plover Room
Ming Vase (and Pillow) Oriental Room
Rare Spices Chamber of Boulders
Persian Rug Dragon's Den
Golden Chain Bear's Chamber
Diamonds West Side of Fissure
Jewelry South Side Chamber
Gold Nugget Gold Room
Silver Bars North-South Passage
Coins West Side Chamber

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