Cold Fear (walkthrough)


                                Cold Fear

                           - Walkthrough/Faq -

                          System: Playstation 2

                              Version: 1.2

                           Written By: Darque

Developer: Darkworks
Publisher: Ubisoft


0.0 ~ Table of Contents


0.0 - Table of Contents
0.1 - Controls
0.2 - Characters

- Main Walkthru -

Part One - The Eastern Spirit
1.1 - Mission 1: Find the emergency radio code.
1.2 - Mission 2: Find the radio room.
1.3 - Mission 3: Find Yusupov.
1.4 - Mission 4: Free Anna.
1.5 - Mission 5: Accompany Anna to the radio room.
1.6 - Mission 6: Find the autopilot unlocking code.
1.7 - Mission 7: Reach Anna in the look-out post.

Part Two - The Star of Sakhalin
2.1 - Mission 1: Find the medicine cabinet.
2.2 - Mission 2: Find Anischenko.
2.3 - Mission 3: Deactivate the magnetic field.
2.4 - Mission 4: Find the antidote for Anna.
2.5 - Mission 5: Administer the antidote to Anna.
2.6 - Mission 6: Find Kamsky's laptop.
2.7 - Mission 7: Find the room with the C4.
2.8 - Mission 8: Get the C4 and place the charges in the right order.
2.9 - Mission 9: Kill Kamsky.

- End Main Walkthru -

0.3 - Items/Weapons
0.4 - Enemies/Bosses
0.5 - Documents Transcript
0.6 - Version History 
0.7 - Legal info, Credits, Contact Info, and Everything else


0.1 ~ Controls


Left Analog Stick  - Moves your character around.

Right Analog Stick - Moves your weapon Aim when in Aim mode.

Control Pad        - Quick Select certain weapons
                   - Cycle through your options in the sub-menu (Sub-menu mode)

X Button           - Run (While walking)
                     Select a menu option (In the sub-menu section)

Square Button      - Reload your active weapon

Circle Button      - Used to Interact with things in the game.

Triangle Button    - Grab a railing
                     Exit a sub-menu (When in the sub-menu section)

R1                 - Shoot your active weapon (When in Aim mode)

L1                 - Enter Aim Mode1 (Hold down to remain in Aim Mode)
                     Enter Aim Mode2 (Tap once to enter and once more to exit)

R2                 - Cycles through your weapons

L2                 - Cycles through your weapons

R3                 - Enter or Exit Aim Mode 2

L3                 - Crouch


Select             - Activates the sub-menu mode
                     Mission/Objectives/Objects and Documents are stored here.

NOTE: Critical Hits
      To Perform a Critical Hit on an enemy it must first grab you. Once an
      enemy grabs you the screen will prompt you to quickly mash the Circle
      button. Do this until the gauge maxes out and then press the R1 button
      If done correctly you will score a critical hit and even kill some

NOTE: Railings
      When outside you can press the - Triangle - button to grab a railing
      with one hand while you aim your weapon with the other. This makes it
      a LOT easier to control your aim when fighting enemies.


0.2 ~ Characters


- The Main Four (Taken from the Cold Fear game manual) -

Tom Hansen

Once a hero, now disgraced, Hansen is happy to fade into the woodwork as just
one more guy out there saving lives with the Coast Guard. All that changes when
his vessel receives an order to rescue an abandoned whaling ship during a
raging storm. What he finds there will reawaken the dying embers of his spirit,
if it doesn't kill him first.

Anna Kamsky

The daughter of scientist Viktor Kamsky, she has been kept as a hostage to
ensure his cooperation. Rebellious and strong-willed, she finds herself forced
to make an impossible decision if she wants to survive.

CIA Agent Jason Bennett

Agent Bennett has been watching the situation for a long time. Patiently, like
a spider in the center of its web, he's been waiting for his chance to
unravel the mystery - no matter how many lives it takes to do so.

Dr. Viktor Kamsky

Brilliant scientist and devoted father, Kamsky leads the research effort on
the isolated drilling platform. His discoveries could threaten all humanity -
and cost him his own in the bargain

- Secondary Characters (Other characters you meet as you play the game) -

Colonel Dmitriy Yusupov

The man in charge of the operation and the drilling platform. Without him
this story would not have taken place... much to his disappointment.

Dr. Pavel Bakharev

A Doctor who works alongside Kamsky, his discoveries give Hansen a fighting

Major Yuri Anischenko

In charge of security on the drilling platform. Not a very friendly person.


                               - Main Walkthru -


Before you begin, I want to explain a few things about how I have set up
this walkthrough.

Firstly, each area is designated by the name of the room you are currently
in. If you are unsure of where you are at any given time, press the START 
button and the game will pause. At the same time the current location is
shown on your screen.

Because the game has no in-game map, I use this as the way to help you navigate
through the game environments. In some cases I have added to the area name
to designate which part of that location you are in (Such as Upper, Lower,
Port, and Starboard) this is done to make things easier when figuring out
where you are exactly.

Also note: This guide only covers a Normal game. Other difficulties may
differ than what you find here. In the future I may add the differences between
each difficulty setting.

A NOTE on enemies listed at the beginning of each section:
At the beginning of each area section I list the enemies, items, weapons, 
documents, objects, etc. that you find in that area. In the case of enemies I 
ONLY list those that are already in the level when you first enter the area.

Enemies that appear after key events, or after you perform some action are
described within the main text of the walkthrough for each area. This is done
to prevent confusion as you might find youself looking for enemies that haven't
been triggered yet otherwise.

Finally: All enemies that appear (both those listed at the beginning of the 
section, and those that appear as you move through the level) will be listed
in the text for that area (with few exceptions)

One additional note: Sometimes additional enemies spawn within a level above
and beyond what is listed within the walkthru. I'm not sure what causes or
triggers this. So if you meet more, or less, enemies within an area than listed
it is due to some factor (or bug) I can't track down yet.

One final thing: In some places enemies respawn, though not consistantly. I'm
not sure what triggers this either.

A note on Optional areas:
Some areas in this game are purely optional and are not required to finish
Cold Fear. These areas are designated with the (OPTIONAL) tag beside their
description. You can freely avoid these areas, but for the purpose of the
guide it is assumed you will be hitting each area as it's presented. 

Most Optional areas do contain Documents, supplies and even a weapon in one
case, so it is usually to your advantage to explore them.


                   ===  =============================  ===
                     === Part 1 - The Eastern Spirit ===
                   ===  =============================  ===

Watch the opening movie, and soon after you will find your character (Tom
Hansen) on the Rear Deck of the Russian whaling ship "Eastern Spirit".

===== 1.1 ~ Mission 1: Find the emergency radio code. =====

== Rear Deck: Port Side ==

[] Mission                                           []
[] Find the emergency radio code.                    []

[] Objectives                                        []
[] Lansing is the one with the emergency radio code. []
[] He should be on the front deck....                []

- Documents: A note about ammunition conservation

You will find yourself on a narrow walkway on the Port Side of the ship. A
- Scene - will occur and in the background you will hear the rest of your team
talking over the radio just before a fight of some kind breaks out.

That didn't sound good.

There is a staircase behind you, but you can't use it. So move forward,
stopping to pick up the - Document - laying on the ground before moving
to a small set of stairs leading to the next area.

== Rear Deck: Main Area ==

This is a fairly wide open area.

Directly across from where you climb up to this area is another set of stairs 
leading down to the Starboard side of the Rear Deck. This is your next goal, so
either head there now, or continue to explore this area.

NOTE: Be careful of the crates and other items swinging through the air (Like
the crate directly in front of you as you come up the stairs) these things can
hurt you, and in some cases kill you. Make sure to avoid them.

To the left of where you climbed up into this area, past a raised area, is a 
set of stairs leading to a walkway of sorts that crosses the middle part of 
this area. There is a small building on that walkway: this is the Rear 

Keep this place in mind for later, but there's little reason to go there now.

Past this, and past the flaming debris that is swinging back and forth beyond
the stairs to the Rear Deckhouse, are a pair of doors; but both are currently
locked. Keep these in mind for later use as well.

So either head up to the Rear Deckhouse, if only to satisfy your curiosity, or
move to the opposite side of the ship and take the stairs down to the Starboard

== Rear Deckhouse (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items: 
         Pistol Ammo

Outside of the building is a dead body you can search, though you might hold
off until later as you will find nothing on it now.

Inside you will see a tiny - scene - but other than the - Pistol Ammo - on the 
ground there's nothing of any real intrest in here currently.

So you might as well leave and continue on your way.

== Rear Deck: Starboard Side ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Mercenary

Ah, the other side of the ship, and also your first set of challenges.

Be careful of the items swinging in the air, as they can hurt you if they
hit you. Also notice the large waves coming up over the deck? These can really
hurt you if you get hit by them.

To get past them, watch where they hit the ship and then after the first wave
hits run to the section between them, then after the second wave hits run past
that area as well and you should be fine.

Alternatively you can run past both areas without stopping if you time it
right, though if you hesistate you will probably take some damage.

Before you run though, you will want to move forward slightly until you hear
someone yelling in russian. (or you may see him running away from you)
After the - Mercenary - starts attacking you, stand behind the place where
the wall sticks out slightly and wait for the scream. This means the waves have
killed him.

You can fight him if you want, but you will likely take a lot of damage in
this fight, so it's probably best to let him get killed by a wave.

Once he is dead, run past the waves and into a small enclosed area. 

When you arrive in here Hansen will make a note that he can read the russian on
the walls of the ship.

NOTE: Aim your weapon at any Russian on the walls and you will get a
translation at the bottom of your screen. This is very useful when trying to
figure out where you are if you get lost.

In this area you will find two doors, sadly both are locked.

The door on the right leads to the Storeroom, but you can't open it yet. The
door on the left you can do something about.

- Interact - with the door and Hansen will note it's locked by an electrical
system. If you notice, there's a kind of box next to the door, this is an
- Electrical Box - that you can shoot to disable the lock.

Do so and you will be able to now use the door to enter the ship.

NOTE: Electrical Boxes that have been damaged "can" kill you if you walk into
one. Be careful around them after they have been hit.

== Main Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Mercenaries

- Documents: A note about electrical boxes

[] Objectives                                     []
[] I have to find a way of putting out this fire! []

When you enter the area, a - Scene - will play and two Russian - Mercenaries -
will see you and freak out. There's no way to negotiate with them, so go around
the corner and blow them away.

You can either attack them in a firefight, or shoot the barrel at the far
end of the small enclosure to kill them both in one explosion.

NOTE: Exploding barrels may kill many enemies in one hit, but they also BURN
the bodies, leaving nothing for you to loot from the corpses. While this might
seem like a bad deal, it takes far fewer bullets to kill an enemy with a
barrel, so afterwards you might not need to loot for supplies and healing.

After they are dead, you will find you are in an enclosure with 2 doors on
either side. Back near the door you entered this area from is another door, and
there is also a large fire that currently blocks the remaining section of this

Use the - Wheel - on the wall at the end of the enclosure and a - scene - will
play, the Fire is now out and you can explore the whole area.

The doors in this area lead to the following areas:

- From the door you entered: 
  - The door just down from the entrance leads to Main Deck Hold 5 (LOCKED)

- In the small central area, facing the Valve you turned to put out the fire...
  - Right side - Closest to you is a door that leads to Main Deck Hold 1. It is
                 currently (LOCKED WITH CODE) and a there is an extremely 
                 pissed off woman inside who will yell at you if you mess with
                 the door.
  - Right Side - Farthest from you leads to Main Deck Hold 2

  - Left Side  - Closest to you leads to Main Deck Hold 4
  - Left Side  - Farthest from you leads to Main Deck Hold 3

- In the area past the fire
  - Left side  - before the stairs is a door that leads to the Armory
  - Left side  - after the stairs is another door, this one leading to the 
                 Upper Main Deck

There is also a staircase leading down into the ship. This leads to the
Portside Cold Rooms, our next stop.

Before heading down the stairs, take a moment to explore the area (if you want)
but at the very least enter the Armory and restock your ammo. Also make sure 
to grab the  - Document - off of the ground next to the railing that surrounds
the staircase.

Once you are ready, descend the staircase and enter the Portside Cold Rooms

== Main Deck - Hold 2 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Mercenary

Nothing much here, just a freaked out - Mercenary -

Kill him or turn around and leave the room.

== Main Deck - Hold 3 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items: 

At the rear of the room, under the light is a corpse and - Medkit - 
Grab the medkit if you need healing, or remember its location and save it
for later.

== Main Deck - Hold 4 (OPTIONAL) ==

Nothing of intrest in this room but a dead body of a mercenary. Search him
for loot and then leave.

== Armory ==

- Document: A note about the armory

There is a - Document - on a crate across from the door and a dead body on
the floor. Take the - Document - and loot the corpse if you want.

Along the wall is a tall cabinet that is filled with - AMMO - of all kinds.
- Interact - with the cabinet to completely restock your ammo supplies.

NOTE: You can come back here at any time, and as often as you like to restock
your ammo supply. At any time during this walkthrough, if you feel you are low
on ammo, come back here and restock as there's no real reason not to, other
than challenge. As far as I can tell, there's an unlimited supply of ammo 

== Portside Cold Rooms ==

- Objects: Upper Deck Key
           [] This key opens the upper deck which leads []
           [] to the radio room and the bow.            []

Lots of water, because of this you can't access 4 of the 5 doors down here. 
The last door, up on the raised elevation, is broken as well.

But that's not why we are down here, there's a sparkle near the corpse floating
in the water. Go up and - Interact - with it to get the - Upper Deck Key - 

Once you have that, head back up the stairs and enter the door on your left.
This will take you to the Upper Main Deck area.

== Upper Main Deck ==

Go up the stairs and you will find yourself in a small area with 5 doors.

The Doors as you are facing the area:
- Left closest leads to a Sick Bay
- Left farthest is locked

- Right closest is locked
- Right farthest leads to a side room

- Door directly across from you leads to the Lower Deck (LOCKED)

Explore any of the rooms and then take the door leading to the Lower Deck, 
while it is locked, the Key you found in the Portside Cold Rooms opens it.

== Sick Bay (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items:
         6 Medkits 

There are 6 medkits in a first aid box on the wall. Come to this room and
heal yourself if you get low on health.

Note: There are only 6 medkits, unlike the unlimited Ammo in the Armory, so
use them wisely.

== Upper Main Deck - Sideroom (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items:
         Pistol Ammo

- Documents: A page from Yusupov's diary

Not much here, grab the - Pistol Ammo - the - Document - next to the dead body
and then loot the corpse.

== Lower Deck ==

Here you will find yourself in a rather dark, C shaped hallway. To the 
top and bottom of your screen (from where you first enter this area) the hall 
will head off to the right.

There is also another Fire Obstacle in the hallway toward the bottom of your
screen. (From where you first entered the area)

[] Objective                                      []
[] There must be a valve to activate the sprinker []
[] system.                                        []

There are 7 Doors in this area, and I'll divide them up to make things a bit
easier, directions will assume you have just entered the area from the Upper
Main Deck.

- On wall across from the door you used to get here from the upper main deck
  - The one across from the door leads to the Crew Quarters (REST ROOM)
  - The one toward the top of your screen leads to the Showers

- At the end of the hall in the corridor without the fire
  - The door leads to the Captain's Quarters (LOCKED)

- At the end of the corridor past the Fire Obstacle (through the open doorway)
  - Left side leads back into the Galley
  - Right side leads outside onto the Front Deck

- Up the stairs past the Fire Obstacle
  - Left side leads to the Bridge (Radio Room) (LOCKED)
  - Right side leads outside onto the Upper Deck

You can check out the Showers if you want, but your main goal lies beyond the
door leading into the Crew Quarters. So when you are ready, use that door
to proceed.

== Showers (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items: 
         Pistol Ammo

A - Scene - will play as you enter the room, and there will be two corpses you
can loot.

If you approach the stalls a - Mercenary - will freak out, exit the stall and
attack you.

There's also some - Pistol Ammo - here if you need it, close to one of the

== Crew Quarters/Rest Room ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Mercenaries

When you enter - 2 Mercenaries - will pop up from behind cover and attack you.

Either kill them or ignore them and take the door directly to your right (as
you enter) this leads into the Galley.

If you kill the mercs you can loot them and the other dead body laying on the

== Galley ==

Walk around and a - scene - might play depending on the path you take...

....pass through the room to the door at the end that leads back into the 
Lower Deck area.

== Lower Deck ==

Turn the Handle near the stairs for a - Scene - and to put out the fire, 
make sure you're close to the wall when you do this or it might be painful 
for you.

If you go upstairs you will find two doors, one leads outside to an area you
should leave alone for now, and the other is locked.

Go back to through the open doorway, and take the door opposite the door you
exited the Galley from to get to the Front Deck, your next target location.

== Front Deck: Upper section ==

- Enemies: 
           3 Mercenaries

- Items:
         Pistol ammo
         Pistol Ammo

- Documents: A note about barrels

First off, head to Hansen's right as you exit onto the Front Deck to a small 
area with a dead body, a - Document - and some - Pistol Ammo -
Once that is done, head back to the door and then past it and onto a bridge 
while avoiding the gunfire from below. (Or try your luck at shooting the
mercenary from the high ground)

Past the bridge and on the upper level are - 2 Mercenaries - that will pop out
and attack you. Kill them and loot them as needed.

Next to the dead body is some - Pistol Ammo -

Go down the stairs to the Lower Section and kill the last - Mercenary -

Once that is done you can choose which way to go next.

From the stairs (with your back to them) there are 3 doors on the lower level

     - To your left and behind you slightly is a door leading to the Service 
     - Ahead of you and to the Far Left is a door leading into a Storeroom
     - Ahead of you and to the Far Right is a door leading into Dormitory

The other two areas are optional currently, the Dormitory is where you want
to head next. So once you are finished, take the door on the Far Right.

== Service Room (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Mercenary

- Items: 

Around the corner is a mercenary that will attack you, beyond him is a 
- Medkit - laying on the ground. Loot the items as needed and then leave.

NOTE: If you come back here later, new enemies and additional items will have
been added to the area.

== Dormitory ==

- Documents: A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

- Objects: The Radio Code
           [] The radio room must be near the crew quarters []

- Items:
         Pistol Ammo

Wow, lots of bodies... rather creepy.

Move into the chamber, taking any of the items you feel you need.

On a stand between two beds is the - Document - and on a bed close to the 
document is the - Medkit -

Further down is some - Pistol Ammo - on a stand

Just past the place with the Pistol ammo is a door on your left side, but
it cannot be opened.

At the far end of the room is a lit doorway, head there for a - Scene - and 
your objective... Poor Lansing

Head back into the dormitory for another - Scene - and your first real 
encounter with the forces on this ship.

An - Exomutant - will appear and attack you. Kill the thing and make sure to 
stomp its head afterwards.

Note: Until you blow their heads off with Gunfire or stomp on their heads while
they are on the ground, Exomutants will just keep getting up. Alternatively, 
if you burn them (with say an exploding barrel) an Exomutant will remain dead.

To smash their heads when they lay on the ground, either aim your weapon at
their head and shoot it, or - Interact - with the body and Hansen will use
his foot to crush the creature's head.

From now on... a good rule to follow... IF YOU SEE A CORPSE SHOOT ITS HEAD OFF!
Not every corpse will get back up, but it's better not to risk it. And there
will come a time when having dead bodies laying around is not to your 

Exit the dormitory and you will trigger your first - Save Point -

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 1.2 ~ Mission 2: Find the radio room. =====

== Front Deck: Lower Section ==

[] Mission              []
[] Find the radio room. []

- Enemies: 
           1 Mercenary
           4 Exomutants

When you exit you'll see a miniscene with a - Mercenary - taking on 
- 3 Exomutants -

Kill them all and move on.

NOTE: You can shoot the barrel right in front of you, and it should kill
all of the enemies, but they will be burnt and thus cannot provide you with
any items. Choose your actions based on your needs. But, for the record,
watching them fly off the ship because of the explosion can be pretty 

Move to the area the Mercenary and Exomutants were fighting and take a right,
then head all the way to the other side of the ship. Turn right again and move
toward the door at the far end. This will take you to the Storeroom.

Near the entrance to the Storeroom is a - 4th Exomutant - So make sure to take 
it out.

NOTE: The deck is rocking MUCH harder now, and you can get knocked down and
even off of the ship. If you go over the edge, push up quickly or you will
fall off the ship and it's game over. Fortunately it can also send the 
enemies off of the deck as well if you are lucky.

== Service Room (OPTIONAL/RETURN) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

- Items: 
         Medkit (If you didn't take it earlier)
         AK-47 Clip

The mercenary is not here now, in it's place is a single - Exomutant -
Kill it and around the corner you will find 2-3 dead bodies and an - AK-47 
clip - on the ground (Plus the Medkit if you left it before)

Approaching or shooting the farthest body will cause it to get up and you will
have another - Exomutant - to deal with.

Once it's dead yet another - Exomutant - will appear and attack you from
behind. Kill it and collect the items if you need them, though at this point
you will not have the AK-47.

Return to the Front Deck and pick a direction... though it might be wiser to
head to the Storeroom

Note: If you return here later, the enemies will have respawned.

== Storeroom ==

- Weapon: AK-47

- Documents: A note about fire extinguishers

Inside you will see a dead body, a - Document - on a crate and a new - Weapon -
on the floor.

Pick up the - AK-47 - and know you now have one of the best weapons in the 
game, as it has excellent range and accuracy and is very easy to control
except at extremely long ranges (then the recoil will have your aim all over
the place).

An - Exomutant - will drop down magically (from the ceiling it seems) and 
attack you after you pick up the weapon. Shoot it, search the bodies around 
the room, grab the document and then move to the door at the end of the room.

This door leads back to the Rear Deck (It's the door that was locked earlier
as you made your way into the ship)

== Rear Deck: Starboard Side ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

You will see an - Exomutant - attacking the door you unlocked when you shot the
electrical box earlier.

Kill it and enter the door leading back into the Lower Main Deck.

Note: The door leading back to the Storeroom locks again after you pass 
through it.

== Lower Main Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

When you enter you will see someone enter, and then close, the door just down 
from the entrance. This door was locked earlier, but you can open it now.

Enter the door.

Alternatively you can head to the area with the 4 doors and kill the exomutant
that is waiting for you, but there is no reason to do so at this time.

== Main Deck Hold 5 ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Mercenary

- Items: 
- Objects: Handwheel for the fish hold door
           [] This handwheel opens the fish hold which     []
           [] must be on the lower level of the main deck. []

You will see something sparkling on the right side of your screen and a strange
green tube on the left.

On the other side of the tube is a - Mercenary - 

Greet him with your AK-47 - OR - just aim at the Fire Extinguisher and shoot it
(which will kill the mercenary due to the explosion) 

Once he is dead collect the items in this room.

The fish hold door that this wheel opens is down the stairs past the armory and
into the flooded area so head there now, but stop by the armory first and 
collect more ammo if you need it.

== Lower Main Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

An - Exomutant - will be moving down the hall toward you, so turn to the left
and shoot it before it gets too close.

In the area with 4 doors, another - Exomutant - will approach you, and will
need to be dealt with. It seems they breed like rabbits....

NOTE: Even if you killed the mutant here earlier, this one will still be here.

If you go by the door with the trapped woman she'll have even more to say to

Head for the Armory if you're low on ammo, or up to the Sick Bay if you are
wounded. (Skip to the next area section if you head to the Sick Bay)

Once you are ready head back to the Lower Main Deck and then down the stairs
to Portside Cold Rooms. (Skip down two area sections)

== Upper Main Deck (OPTIONAL) ==

This assumes you are heading for a Medkit in the Sickbay.

When you get on the main level, an  - Exomutant - will break its way out of the
Far Left Door and attack you, this opens up a small room beyond, but there is
nothing inside it of note.
== Portside Cold Rooms ==

You are now in the water again, joy.

Head up the small staircase to the doorway that's above water and try the door.
Hansen will automatically use the Handwheel you found and you can access the 
area beyond it.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Fish Hold ==

- Document: A note about the red fuel valves

- Items: 

- Objects: Radio Room Key
           [] This key opens the control compartment and []
           [] the radio room upstairs.                   []

You will find youself standing on a small bridge leading to another doorway 
(Which you can't open currently) and a staircase leading to the lower part
of the room.

Grab the - Document - on the control panel and then head down the stairs to
the bottom level and head toward the opposite end of the room where the dead
whale is, noting the - Medkit - on the ground.

At the far end of the room you'll see a dead Killer Whale with a sparkling
object in front of it. As you approach you'll notice Hansen's heart starts to
race... you'll understand why when you pick up the object.

Prepare to meet the most annoying, and surprisingly dangerous enemies in any
survival horror game....

- The Exocel -

Grab the sparkle and you will get a new - Object - and a new Objective

[] Objectives                                  []
[] Now to the radio room via the crew quarters []

Then a small - Scene - will play and - 5 Exocels - will pop out of the Whale's
body and attack you.

Exocels are dangerous because they're small and can attack you at a fairly
decent range. Also they are hard to see at times. They're also very annoying as
they can climb to the ceiling, cover large distances quickly and attack you
while giving you no indication as to where they are attacking from if you 
can't see them.

Run to the opposite end of the Fish Hold and stand your ground. As they
approach you, shoot them. It will take 2 hits per exocel with the weapons
you currently have, don't be fooled when they curl up into a ball and roll

It will take 2 hits to kill them.

Very annoying little enemies that can kill you very very quickly if you're 
not careful.

Once they are dead, grab the - Medkit - if you need it and head back to the 
Portside Cold rooms. It's time to head to the Radio Room.

== Portside Cold Rooms ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

When you enter an Exomutant will come down the stairs, shoot it at range or
for fun, turn and shoot the electrical box on the wall. When the boat tilts
so that the water touches the box, the exomutant (and any others you encounter
down here) will die rather messily.

Now head back to the Main deck and restock in the Armory if you need it or
go ahead and take the door leading back to the Upper Main Deck (the door just
in front of the staircase entrance)

NOTE: If you shoot the electrical box you'll have to run back to the stairs 
between tilts or you will take a lot of damage when you get caught in the 
electricity running through the water.

== Main Deck ==

Passing through...

== Upper Main Deck ==

If you didn't come here earlier, the - Exomutant - will break his way out of 
the Far Left room and attack you.

Put it down and head for the Lower Deck

== Lower Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           3 Exocels

There will be - 3 exocels - on Hansen's left (toward the top of the screen) so
make sure to turn and deal with them. If they sneak up on you, they will 
probably kill you. You might need to switch to your Handgun as the light 
will make it easier to see them.

Once they are dead, head back toward the area that used to contain the fire
hazard and take the staircase leading to the top level of this area.

Unlock the door you couldn't enter earlier and enter the Bridge (Radio Room)

== Bridge (Radio Room) ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

- Items: 
         Pistol Ammo

When you enter - 2 Exomutants - will attack you, blow their heads off and 
look around.

Note: You will hear the screams of an Exomutant, but the creature isn't in
the room with you.

There is some - Pistol Ammo - about midway into the room, grab it if you need 

From the door you entered, there are 3 other doors out of this room:

- To your left is a door leading to the Radio Room itself (You want to enter
  this door, the other is purely optional)
- To your left and further down is a door leading to second half of the
  Radio Room (an optional area)

- Directly across and at the other end of the room is a LOCKED door.

== Radio Room - Side 1 ==

- Items: 
         Pistol Ammo

Hansen will make a comment, and he is right, the radio you need is in this
room directly across from where you entered and in the corner. Interact with
it for a - scene - and your next objectives.

[] Mission                                       []
[] Find Yusupov.                                 []

[] Objectives                                    []
[] I have to find Yusupov in the rear deck shed. []

Directly between the doorway and the radio is some - Pistol Ammo -

There's a door on the the wall opposite the radio equipment, this also leads
to the other side of the Radio Room. Enter side 2 of the radio room if you
want, or head back to the bridge.

When you try to leave you will get another - scene -

== Radio Room - Side 2 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

- Documents: A letter about the spears

Put the poor creature out of it's misery and collect the - Document - close to
the door leading to the other half of the radio room.

Nothing else to see, might as well move on.

===== 1.3 ~ Mission 3: Find Yusupov. =====

== Bridge (Radio Room) ==

If you pause you'll notice the name has changed (sometimes.. possibly a bug), 
no big deal, this is where you want to be. Head back into the Lower Deck.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Lower Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

An - Exomutant - has entered the area near the bottom of the stairs. Wait for
him to come to you, and then blow it away.

Don't try to kill it on the stairs unless you're feeling confident you can
score a headshot, as it's almost impossible to squish their heads on the 

Alternately: If you're quick you can run down the stairs and kill it before
it starts to climb up.

Head down the staircase, then turn and enter the open doorway and take the
door on your right leading to the Front Deck. (The door opposite the entrance
to the Galley)

Note: If you're low on ammo at this point, make sure to head for the Armory
and restock as you won't have access to the Main Deck for a while. Also head
for the Sick Bay if you're wounded, but keep in mind how many Medkits you have

== Front Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Mercenaries
           2 Exomutants

Outside you will see a - Scene - of some Mercenaries fighting for their lives
against some Exomutants. Neither side likes you so head across the bridge
and then down the stairs to kill everything before they can corner you.

Though if you're lucky they'll just kill each other.

Note: Watch out for the big hook dangling about, it can hurt you and even
kill the enemy. I saw an Exomutant decapitated by it once. Sweet!

Note: If you cleared out the Service Room near the stairs previously, you
will find all of the enemies have respawned. So if you left the medkit and
AK-47 Ammo, you will have to fight for it again.

When you're ready head for the Storeroom.

== Storeroom ==

Proceed to the Rear Deck.

== Rear Deck - Starboard Side ==

More battle music, that could be bad.

It's time to head back past the waves. Turn and move toward the open area
you passed to get here in the begining and get ready to pass the waves again.

Note: You can't return to the Main deck using the door you unlocked earlier as
it will get warped from something beating on it from the inside as you 
approach it.

Time the waves hitting the ship and then run for the far end.

Note: An - Exomutant - will drop down when you pass the first wave, run past it
or you will get caught by the second wave for some damage. Once you're past the
two waves, run to the end and then turn and kill the Exomutant as it rushes 

In the distance you will hear people yelling in russian... that's usually a 
sign that mercenaries are about. Head up the ladder onto the Rear Deck

== Rear Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Mercenaries
           3 Exomutant

Avoid the swinging things and kill the enemies before they can kill you.

There are - 2 Exomutants - with an AK-47s near the stairs leading to the 
Port side of the Rear Deck and - 2 Mercenaries - on the raised area around the 
Rear Deck House. Once the Exomutants use up a clip of ammo they'll switch to
their cleavers. Usually the Exomutants will fight the Mercenaries, if you
sit back you can save ammo and health as they kill each other. 

There's a third - Exomutant - past the swinging flaming junk that will attack 
you as you near the stairs.

When you approach the Port side an additional - Exomutant - will appear and 
climb up on the deck and attack (for a total of 4 Exomutants in this area to 
deal with) make sure it doesn't get behind you.

Note: At this point Exomutants will be able to use guns, so be careful of this
fact and don't mistake them for Mercenaries. To be on the safe side, 
decapitate everything.

On top of a platform is a small building, that is your goal. Climb up one of 
the staircases leading to the platform and enter it.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Rear Deck House ==

- Weapons: Speargun

- Documents: Yusupov's diary

- Objects: Yusupov's diary
           [] Code for the rear deck starboard door: []
           [] BP070191. Code for the armored door    []
           [] (Anna): RP250486                       []

[] Mission                                                []
[] Free Anna.                                             []

[] Objectives                                             []
[] Yusupov has locked Anna in one of the holds on the     []
[] main deck.                                             []

[] I have to find the door to the rear deck. That's where []
[] I'll find Anna.                                        []

- Cutscene -

After the scene make sure to kill that annoying little - exocel - that popped 
out of Yusupov. Grab your new - weapon - and the - Document/Object - and exit.

If you didn't get it earlier, grab the Pistol Ammo if you need it, you won't
be coming back this way.

Note: Grabbing the Document also gives you the Object at the same time.

===== 1.4 ~ Mission 4: Free Anna. =====

== Rear Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

Hansen will freak out and Bennett will have a little talk with him, don't let
it distract you from the - 2 Exomutants - making their way to you.

A good tactic is to head toward the corner of the railing away from the stairs
and wait for them, as they usually come up the stairs that leads to the 
entrance of the Rear Deckhouse. By the time Bennett and Hansen finish talking
the first should be in sight. After it's been killed the second should be on
it's way up the stairs.

Once they are dead, it's time to move to the next area.

You can't go back the way you came, one door is locked and the other is
now busted. Remember the two doors past the flaming thing waving in the air?
You now have the code to open one of them.

Head down the stairs and run past the flaming debris, making sure not to get 
hit by it.

- Interact - with the door on your right and the code will unlock it and you
can now use it to enter the Starboard Ladder area.

== Starboard Ladder ==

After the rather cool - Cutscene - an - Exomutant - will attack you. 

Kill it and it'll leave you a present in the form of an - Exocel -

Kill THAT little annoyance and then make your way around and down the 
staircase. Enter the door leading to the Engine Room.

Note: From now on certain enemies will drop their exocel after you kill them.
So make certain to look carefully after you kill any Exomutants from now on.

== Engine Room - Upper Level ==

- Items: 
         Pistol Ammo
         AK-47 Ammo x2

[] Objective                                          []
[] There must be an e-key that opens the door between []
[] the engine room and the propeller shaft room       []

Directly across from the door you entered is a stairway leading down to the
Lower level of this section. To your right is a large machine of some kind, and
past it are two doors that are currently locked so ignore them.

- The first door is on the same wall as the door you entered from, this leads
  to the Pump Room (LOCKED)
- On the opposite side of the room as the staircase is a door leading to the
  Propeller Shaft Room (LOCKED)

Head to the staircase and collect the - Pistol Ammo - on the left just short of
the stairwell entrance and the - Medkit - near the opening if you need them,
and then head downward to the next area.

On the other side of the machine in the middle of the room, in a corner across
from the door leading to the Propeller Shaft Room are a pair of - AK-47 Clips -
Check the wall with the Electrical Box on it.

NOTE: You will be coming this way again, so you might leave the items for
later unless you're low on gear and health.
== Engine Room - Lower Level ==

- Enemies: 

- Items:
         Pistol Ammo x3
         Speargun spears x2

- Objects: Propeller shaft room key
           [] This electronic key opens the propeller []
           [] shaft room.                             []

As you get to the bottom of the stairs you will see a lit area before you. 
There's also a door leading to the Propeller Shaft Room on your right hand
side (LOCKED)

Head forward and then around the engine and a scene will play. After the scene
several Exocels will enter a duo of dead bodies and attack.

Kill these - 2 Exomutants - and then make sure to kill the Exocels that pop
out of them. 

Note: If you don't kill the exocels there's a 3rd corpse on the ground that
one of them will enter and use to attack you.

Note: An easy way to deal with these two is to back up and use the speargun 
to lure the enemies near the fire extinguisher. Once they are there, shoot the
extinguisher and it will explode, killing the mutants AND the exocels inside
of them in one fell swoop.

Past the Engine, and around the corner you will see the next New Enemy... 

- The Exonest -

These are VERY annoying as they constantly spawn more Exocels.

You can't hurt this creature with the weapons you have, but there are 3 barrels
placed near the beast. Shoot them and they will explode, dealing with the 

NOTE: 1-3 exocels will pop out of the Exonest and attack you after you set 
one on fire. Make sure they don't sneak up on you and kill you.

After you've detonated the barrels and killed the remaining creatures, you will
see a sparkle on the wall behind the area where the barrels were, this is the
- Propeller Shaft Room Key - that you will need. 

Grab it and then head back to the raised area and climb up it, on a crate you 
will find several items:

- Medkit -
- Pistol Ammo x3 -
- Speargun Ammo x2 -

Grab what you need, but keep in mind you will be coming back this way again,
and ignore the door leading to the Engine Room Access as you don't need to 
enter this area yet.

Go back down from the elevation and back toward the stairs leading to the upper
level. Use the key to open the locked door on your left just before the stairs
and enter the Propeller Shaft Room.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Propeller Shaft Room ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

- Weapon: Shotgun

- Items:
         AK-47 Clip

- Objects: Handwheel for the fish hold door
           [] This handwheel opens the starboard fish []
           [] hold.                                   []

You'll see a dead body above the stairs, but no worries it won't get up.

Make sure to get the weapon close to him though. Your brand new - Shotgun -
is propped up against the crate close to his feet.

Be careful though, deeper in the room is a gun weilding - Exomutant - 
Don't let him get the drop on you.

Once you have the shotgun, and have killed the mutant, you will notice the room
is split in half with the rapidly spinning Propeller Shaft in the middle.

Don't fall down onto it or you will get killed.

You will also hear some Exomutants screaming, but they aren't ready to show
themselves yet.

In the middle of the room, above the propeller shaft, is a platform and a
control box just past some exploding barrels; but don't head for it yet.

Move forward into the room, and an - Exomutant - will break its way out of the 
floor and attack you. Kill the bugger and the - exocel - that pops out.

Past the hole he makes is a - Medkit - near a fire extinguisher, heal up if you
need to for the next part of this room.

Once you're ready, head back and then onto the platform near the barrels and
then - Interact - with the control pannel at the end. A bridge will raise 
allowing you to cross to the other side.... Unfortunately it also marks the 
appearance of - 3 Exomutants - who will make their way toward you.

Wait for them to get onto the bridge, and then - Interact - with the control 
panel once more... and marvel at their ability to turn into a big red smear 
as the propeller shaft grinds them to hamburger.

Raise the bridge and head over to the other side. Be careful though as 
yet another - Exomutant - will break its way out of the floor and attack you
as you get near the end of the bridge.

Once past the bridge you can turn to your left, and you will see an 
- AK-47 Clip - in the same spot the medkit was on the other side of the shaft. 
To your right and at the opposite end of the room is a set of stairs, that is 
where you need to go.

Make your way to the stairs at the end of the room and yet another
- Exomutant - will appear, this time from the ceiling. Note: An - Exocel -
will come out of it's head when you kill it.

Past this final encounter you will see a sparkle on a box next to the wall
near the staircase. Grab the - Handwheel for the fish hold door - and then
climb up the short staircase.

The door is locked so you'll need to blow open the electrical box to pass it.

Enter the door and you'll find yourself back in the Upper level of the Engine 

Alternatively: you can make your way back over the bridge you raised, and take
the door you entered this area from. It makes little difference as you will
have to pass it on your way to the next new area.

== Engine Room - Upper Level ==

Head back around the engine, grab any items you think you need, and then back
down the stairs to the lower level.

== Engine Room - Lower Level ==

Head toward the raised area, grab any items you need and take the door you
avoided earlier. 

== Engine Room Access ==

- Enemies:
           2 Exocels

When you enter, - 2 Exocels - will mount the two dead bodies here producing
- 2 Exomutants - for you to deal with.

Kill the mutants, and then kill the annoying little exocels that pop out of 
them and then move to the next area: The Cargo Hold Corridor

NOTE: If you can kill the exocels before they enter the bodies, you won't
have to deal with the exomutants.

Also: If you use the Shotgun, you can - Aim - as soon as you enter this area,
rotate to your left, and then fire from a distance. If you do this, you will 
most likely kill the Exocels AND decap the bodies on the floor without
waking them up. 

== Cargo Hold Corridor ==

Ooow hanging corpses and heavy heartbeats.. 

Don't worry, they're harmless.

From the door you entered, there are 3 doors on your right side along the wall,
one door at the far end, and one door on a raised area.

- The first two doors on the right side lead to Cold Room 3
- The third door on the right side leads to Cold Room 4

- The door at the far end leads to the Cargo Hold but it's blocked
  by water and thus LOCKED.

- The door on the left side leads back into the Fish Hold (This door was 
  previously broken)

Explore as you like, and then head up the stairs to the previously broken door.
Hansen will use the Handwheel and you can now enter the Fish Hold from this

== Cold Room 3 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items: 
         Speargun Ammo
         Speargun Ammo

- Documents: Yusupov's journal

There's a - Speargun Ammo - near each door to this room if you need them.

Directly across from the first door, near an open freezer tube is a
- Document - It's kind of hidden and easy to miss though.

== Cold Room 4 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items: 
         AK-47 Clip

There's a dead body at the far end of the room with several items scattered
around him. As you approach his head will explode and an - Exocel - will
appear and attack you.

Kill it and then collect any of the items you need before moving on.

NOTE: If you can shoot it at range, and score a headshot (and thus decapitate
the body) the Exocel with not appear. This can be done, and should be done, to
any seated corpse you find from here on out.

== Fish Hold ==

- Enemies: 
           3 Exomutants

Kill the enemies, grab the medkit if you need it (If you didn't use it earlier)
and then head back to the Portside Cold Rooms.

Alternately: If you picked up all of the items in this room earlier, you can
just shoot the Exomutant on the bridge, then run to the door before his two
friends climb up to you as there is no further need of this room from this
point onward.

== Portside Cold Rooms ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

Wow, an - exomutant - Didn't see that coming.

Wow, watch as the water electrifies and his head explodes.

Yes, if you didn't destroy the Electrical box, someone else has done it for 

Wait for the water to electrify, once it's passed run like heck for the stairs
at the far end leading back to the Main Deck.

Note: There is an - Exomutant - up on the next level and it can come down the
stairs, so be careful as if you get caught in the water and it electrifies you
WILL take gobs of damage.

== Main Deck ==

- Enemies: 
            1 Exomutant

If the - Exomutant - didn't come down to the Portside Cold Rooms it will be
wandering the hall looking for you. Kill it.

Now before you rush off to rescue Anna take a minute and restock in the Armory.

Allow me to say this again. RESTOCK IN THE ARMORY.

Or if you want a challenge, ignore that last instruction.

Once that is done, go to the previously locked hold door and listen as the 
charming Anna greets you one more time.

Open the door and enter.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 1.5 ~ Mission 5: Accompany Anna to the radio room. =====

== Main Deck Hold 1 ==

[] Mission                                                 []
[] Accompany Anna to the radio room.                       []

[] Objectives                                              []
[] I have to protect her. It's a matter of life and death! []

- Items:
         AK-47 Clip

- Document: A letter to Anna from Kamsky

Watch the - Cutscene - and prepare for an annoying Escort mission... 

Thankfully it's short and there's only one in this game.

Collect any items you need, and the - Document -, then head back into the Main 

== Main Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

You will get a - scene - with Bennett after you exit.

Once that's done turn toward the corridor and wait for the - Exomutant - that 
is coming your way.

NOTE: You can't let Anna get attacked. She's weak and will die easily. If
      She dies, it's game over. Make sure to switch to something other than
      your shotgun, given it covers a wide area when you use it you might
      accidentally hit Anna if you fire in her direction.

Head down the corridor, past the armory and stairs and take the door leading
back to the Upper Main Deck. As you pass the Armory it will explode, cutting 
off your supply of ammo. 

This is why it was important to restock before rescuing Anna. Your only Ammo
supply at this point is looting or any Ammo items you haven't picked up yet.

== Upper Main Deck ==

- Enemies: 
            1 Exomutant

Anna will run up the stairs, make sure to RUN up the stairs after her as the
- Exomutant - will go for her if it doesn't see you. Kill the exomutant before
it can kill her and then head for the door leading to the Lower Deck (Or stop 
by the Sick Bay first if you need Healing at this point)

== Lower Deck ==

Thankfully it's empty this time around, head around the corner and take the 
stairs. At the top enter the Radio Room.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 1.6 ~ Mission 6: Find the autopilot unlocking code. =====

== Bridge (Radio Room) ==

After the - Cutscene - and the - Scene - that follows you'll find you have
left Anna in the Radio Room (thankfully) and you now have a new mission.

[] Mission                                               []
[] Find the autopilot unlocking code.                    []

[] Objectives                                            []
[] Captain Lubenski has locked himself in a cold room.   []
[] I have to find him.                                   []

[] With Anna's code, I'll be able to open the other door []
[] to the rear deck.                                     []

Remember the other door at the rear deck, past the wildly swinging burning 
debris? That's our next target.

Switch to your shotgun and return to the Lower Deck.

== Lower Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

There's another - Exomutant - at the base of the stairs and it will come after 
you. With the shotgun you can decapitate it easily as it tries to climb up the

Head down the stairs and another - Exomutant - will make itself known. Kill it
and then head through the open doorway and take the door on the right and head
back outside onto the Front Deck.

== Front Deck - Upper Area ==

- Enemies: 
           6 Exomutants

With your back to the door, swing right and take out the - 2 exomutants - that
are crouched near the dead body you searched earlier. Then after they are 
dead and looted, move to the bridge and over to the front end of the ship.
Drop down the stairs and head for the door leading into the Storeroom (far 
left and ahead of you when you're standing at the base of the stairs)

As you move through the area, kill the other - 4 Exomutants - that are moving
about. They will probably be alerted to your attack on the two above and will
race up the stairs to attack you.

== Storeroom ==

Nothing new here, head for the Rear Deck entrance at the back of the room.

== Rear Deck - Starboard Side ==

Run past the two waves and up onto the main part of the rear deck.

== Rear Deck ==

- Enemies:
            2 Exomutants

Move past the swinging death obstacles and make your way for the two doors. The
one you want is on the left side this time.

Be careful, as you approach the area with the doors - 2 Exomutants - will 
appear and attack you.

== Pump Control Room == 

- Enemies: 
           5 Exocels

- Documents: A note about the Pumping station.

Joy, more Exocels.

Switch to the shotgun (if you aren't using it) and blow them away.

Collect the - Document - loot the corpse and then head for the panel next to 
the fire extingusher.

- Interact - with the panel to activate the Pumps. After the - scene - that
follows, the Cargo Hold will now be clear of water.

Head down the stairs, switch to your pistol (you'll need the light) and unlock 
the door leading into the Engine Room.

== Engine Room - Upper Area ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exocels

Kill the - Exocels - grab any items that remain here, and then head around the
engine and take the stairs leading to the lower part of the Engine Room.

NOTE: This will be the last time you are here, so grab anything you need.

== Engine Room - Lower Area ==

Head past the engine, up the stairs to the raised area, grab any items you need
and then enter the doors leading into Engine Room Access (The sign next to the 
door will say Starboard Cold Rooms if you need a pointer)

== Engine Room Access ==

Passing through

== Cargo Hold Corridor ==

Pass all of the hanging bodies, hit any rooms you passed last time (if you 
want to) and head through the door directly across from you at the far
end of the corridor. Now that the water is gone you can open it.

NOTE: You can't use the door to the Fish Hold to skip the next part as it too
will be destroyed by something on the other side as you climb up to it.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Cargo Hold ==

- Enemies: 
           2 mercenaries
           2 Exomutants (with exocels)
           3 Exocels

- Items: 
          Pistol Ammo
          AK-47 Clips x2

After the - Scene - switch to your speargun and plant a spear next to the 
exploding barrels directly in front of you, and then switch to your AK-47. 
Detonate the barrels when the enemies get close enough, and then clean up the 
mercenaries, it should be a piece of cake at this point.

Behind the exploding barrels on the right side of the room (close to your entry
point) is some - Pistol Ammo - and on the left side (across the room) are 
2 clips of - AK-47 ammo -

Once you're done with this area, head up the new second set of stairs and enter
the door.

== Portside Cold Rooms ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful of the broken electrical box, as it will kill you
if you touch it.

Kill the - Exomutant - that rushes down the stairs, but don't let it knock you 
into the electrical box.

Once the danger is over, you will find you have 3 new doors you can now enter.
With your back to the electrical box the doors lead as follows:

- The first door on the right leads to Cold Room 2
- The second and third lead to Cold Room 1

== Cold Room 2 ==

- Documents: A page about mutations

- Objects: Captain's quarters key
           [] This key opens the Captain's quarters. This []
           [] is where the autopilot code should be.      []

After the - scene - you will see the captain in a freezer, a corpse on the
ground and two items you can interact with. Also note the lit freezer with a 
corpse in it (not the captain's)

As you near the items the corpse on the ground will get up and need to be put
back down. Once it's dead collect the items: a - Document - and an - Object -
You also have a new Mission Objective.

[] Objectives                                         []
[] With the Captain's key, I'll be able to access the []
[] Captain's quarters.                                []

When you try to leave, the lit freezer pops open, and another - Exomutant - 
comes out for you to play with. Kill it and leave.

== Portside Cold Rooms ==

Bennett offers some advice, head to the end of the hall and up the stairs.

Optionally you can hit Cold Room 1 if you desire.

== Cold Room 1 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

- Documents: A letter from Yusupov about the antidote

Kill the - Exomutant - and collect the loot, grab the - Document - and then 

== Main Deck ==

Nothing new hear. Enter the door in front of the stairs.

== Upper Main Deck ==

Climb the stairs, and approach the sickbay and a newly awoken - Exomutant - 
will break his way out of the last locked door on the level. Kill it, heal
in the Sick bay if needed (we won't be coming back here) and head through
the far door leading to the Lower Deck.

== Lower Deck ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

Head toward the top of your screen, past the showers, and take the corridor
to the locked door at the end. That is the door to the Captain's Quarters.

Be careful though as there is an - Exomutant - hiding in that corridor, kill it
and use the door at the end of the hall.

Note: If you need healing at this point and return to the Main Deck, the 
Exomutant you killed to get here (the one that just broke open the door across
from the Sickbay) will have respawned.

== Captain's Quarters ==

You will notice a door to Hansen's left (next to the door you just entered),
ignore it for now and head for the desk in the middle of the room.

- Interact - with the sparkle on the desk to start a - Scene -

[] Mission                          []
[] Reach Anna in the look-out post. []

After the scene, switch to your Speargun and head for the door we avoided
a second ago and another - Cutscene - will occur.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 1.7 ~ Mission 7: Reach Anna in the look-out post. =====

== Upper Deck ==

- Items: 
          AK-47 Clip x3

After the - scene - proceed down the only direction you can take. Under the
staircase is a corpse with an - AK-47 Clip - next to his leg.

Climb up the stairs and another - scene - will occur as - 4 Exomutants - try 
to get Anna. After the - scene - shoot the spear close to the barrels, then 
switch to Shotgun or the AK-47 and blast the nearest barrel. Problem solved.

Head around the crates and for the staircase leading up to the next level
above. Grab the - 2 AK-47 clips - under these stairs if you need them.

As you near the stairs another - Exomutant - will appear. Blow it away.

Climb the stairs and - 3 Exomutants - will appear on the next level (one in
front of the stairs and 2 deeper into the level), deal with them as well.

On this new level you will see another set of stairs ahead of you, behind 
the new elevation you will find a - Medkit - Grab it if you feel you need it, 
and then climb the next set of stairs.

As you reach the next level one last - Exomutant - will appear. Blow it away
and then climb the final staircase in front of you and join Anna in the 
Crows Nest.

===== SAVE POINT =====



                     ===  =========================  ===
                       === Part 2 Star of Sakhalin ===
                     ===  =========================  ===

===== 2.1 ~ Mission 1: Find the medicine cabinet. =====

== Docks ==

[] Misson                                           []
[] Find the medicine cabinet.                       []

[] Objectives                                       []
[] I have to find the sick bay: there's gotta be an []
[] antidote to this ****!                           []

You've lost ALL of your weapons except for your pistol, you're low on life, 
and you now have an Exocel in your stomach.... sucky.

Ok, the next part is tricky.

In the distance you can see an elevator, but you can't get to it directly
because of the damage the ship has done to the docks. Past the elevator shaft
you can see waves crashing against the drilling platform, sadly this is the
direction you have to go.

Run forward and Hansen will make a comment.

Approach the area the waves are slapping against the deck and wait so you can
watch the waves crash for a moment.

This is important as you "need" to get the timing down for this, as you will
be killed if you get hit by a wave at this point.

Once you feel you are ready, wait for the first wave to hit and then start
running, DO NOT STOP until you're all the way around the elevator column.

There will be three waves you have to pass, if you time it right each one will
crash against the docks ahead of you and be gone when you reach that point,
thus allowing you to avoid them. If you stop during this sequence, you will
most likely get killed.

Once you're on the other side, head over to the elevator shaft and enter.

== Dock Elevator ==

Find the button directly to your left and the elevator will raise to the top.

There are two doors you can take, one to your left and one to your right. The
Left Door leads to the Scientific Module, but you can't cross the bridge to it
yet so take the Right Door.

== The main drilling module ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant (on fire)

Aim your weapon and fire at the - Flaming Exomutant - running at you, do NOT
let it touch you or you're dead.

Walk forward, and a steam vent will bust open, once it's done blasting the area
walk up to the steps and turn to your left. On the next level you will see a
dead body. If you shoot it, or climb the steps and approach it, the
 - Exomutant - will get up and attack. 

Put it down again and then move forward into a small enclosed area, with the
hall continuing around back into the rain and around the side of the module.

There is a door on the left hand wall which leads to the Armory, but you
don't need this now. The other door on the wall ahead of you leads to the Sick 
Bay so avoid the temptation to continue around the module for now and enter
the Sick Bay.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 2.2 ~ Mission 2: Find Anischenko. =====

== Sick Bay ==

- Weapon: Speargun

- Items: 
         6 Medkits

- Documents: A note about the retinal scan
             A letter from Yusupov

[] Mission                                               []
[] Find Anischenko.                                      []

[] Objectives                                            []
[] To make contact with Bennett again, I'll have to find []
[] this Anischenko.                                      []

[] I need Anishchenko's eye.                             []

After the - Cutscene - you will be fully healed, and find that Pavel was nice
enough to cure you of your Exocel problem.

Grab the - Speargun - off of his desk and the - Document - off of the counter
behind the desk, and then head back toward the exit (it will be the door
directly ahead of you after the cutscene) but before you leave, turn to your
right and check one of the cabinets for another - Document -

It's kind of hard to see, and easy to miss.

Once you're done, head through the door and out onto the corridor in the main 
drilling module again.

There's another door in this room, but you cannot open it, also, there are
- 6 medkits - in a box on the wall, come here later if you are in need of 

== To the Main Drilling Module ==

- Weapons: Shotgun

- Objects: Storeroom Key
           [] This electronic key opens the storeroom []

There will be a short - Scene - and then the lights will go out for a bit.
Once you can see again, grab the - Storeroom Key - near Pavel's corpse.

Don't bother with the Armory yet, unless you've got less than 20 bullets, as
there are a couple weapons you need to pick up around this area first. 

Pass Pavel's body and go back into the rain. Follow the platform until you can
see a corpse in the corner. As you near it, his head will explode and an
- Exocel - will come out. Kill the little annoyance and then loot the corpse
and grab the - Shotgun - leaning against the railing behind the body.

NOTE: If you shoot the sitting corpse's head off at range, the EXOCEL will not

Continue forward and around until you can see a sparkle close to another
corpse. Move forward and grab the - AK-47 - off of the ground.

In the distance you will see an enclosed area past an exploding barrel and
another corpse. Move up to them and - 2 Exomutants - will climb up and attack
you. Kill them and then head back toward the Armory and stock up on Ammo.

Note: You could have gotten the weapons before getting cured, but in your
weakened state the chances of dying would have been high.

== Armory ==

A massive room, with lots of stock it seems.

Grab a reload and then head back outside again.

Make sure to remember this place and come back any time you need to restock
your ammo.

== To the Main Drilling Module ==

Head back past Pavel's corpse and make your way to the enclosed area you
saw earlier. At the end is a door that you can open using the Key Pavel


== Storeroom ==

- Weapons: Grenade Launcher

- Items:

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

You will find yourself in a huge room full of shipping canisters. Moving
forward slightly you will be able to see the room fairly well.

To your far right you can see a flashing light against the wall beyond a
canister that has fallen from above and jammed itself against the wall, this 
is the door out of this area, but it's currently locked. 

Directly ahead of you and up high is a railing that marks a catwalk with a 
control panel on it, this is where you can unlock that door from.

So your goal is to head to the back of the room, climb some stairs and then
reach the console to unlock the door. Unfortunately it's not that easy.

Head to your left and between the two canisters, as you pass the last one
an - Exomutant - will jump out and attack you. Blow him away and then climb 
the stairs up to the platform above. 

- Interact - with the control panel to unlock the door, but before you return 
to the bottom level, make sure to pick up your brand new - Grenade Launcher -
from the open crate against the wall.

It only holds 5 rounds, and no extras, and comes fully loaded so there's no
reason to head back to the Armory at this point, unless you used a lot of ammo
killing the Exomutants that are now in the area below.

There's also some - Grenades - next to the corpse if you ever need them.

Head back down to the lower level and you will find that - 7 Exomutants - have
appeared and want to kill you. Dispose of them.

Note: A few will hide in the canisters, and if you're lucky some will run 
into the fire and get burned, so the fight is fairly unpredictable.

Head back to the Armory if you need to. Once you're ready, return here and
pass through the door you just unlocked.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== The Lower Corridor ==

- Items:

You will see a small - scene - as something climbs into the ventilation 

After the scene, you will find yourself in a small octagonal area with a 
passage leading off to the left (with your back to the door you just entered). 
Move down this path to a 3-way intersection and a - scene - will occur and your
newest enemy will appear...

- The Exoshade -

The creature will howl and the lights will go out, back up slowly and look
for any trace of movement, in the dark it's very very hard to see. The
ExoShade's eyes glow slightly, that will give it's presence away if it charges

After a few moments the lights will come back on, and if you are still fighting
the Exoshade things will get a little easier. Be careful though as it can climb
walls and use the vents to attack you from almost any direction.

There are two ways to easily deal with this creature.

1) Find a corner and wait for it to charge you, then shoot it in the face with
your Shotgun. When it hits the ground close the distance to it and keep
shooting it with the shotgun as it gets up. Each shot should make it fall to
the ground, making things easier for you.

2) Drop a spear close to a wall, and when it moves toward it drop a grenade at
its feet. This may require several spears and grenades to finally kill the 

Once the creature is dead, head back to where you entered the area and then
turn around so you can see the intersection in the distance.

From where you are standing, there are two other doors in 'this' corridor other
than the one you used to enter the area.

- Direcly across from you, and at the far end of the corridor is a LOCKED door
  that leads to an Elevator that will take you to the Habitation Module.
- Between the first octogonal area, and the T-Junction is a door on your right
  side that leads to the Radio Room. 

The door is not lit so you may have to use your handgun's light to find it,
though there is a small lit window at about head level.

Head down the side corridor and you will find two doors near the end close to
where the passage turns and then doubles back on the left hand side.

- The door on the right side leads to the Laser Mines Shed
- The door in front of you is LOCKED and cannot be opened.

At the end of this corridor, turn to the left and you will see a set of stairs
leading up to the next level.

Take them and you will find yourself in a corridor leading off to your left
again and up to a door. A - Medkit - is laying on the ground if you need it.

NOTE: You will come through this area several times, so leave the medkit for
now and go back to the Sick Bay if you need healing.

Go through the final door and you will enter the Upper Corridor area.

== Radio Room (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies:
           1 Exomutant
           2 Mercenaries

- Items:

- Documents: A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

There's a fight going on in this room when you enter as - 2 Mercenaries - try
to fight off an - Exomutant - on the raised area in this room.

Kill all of the enemies and climb up the stairs.

There's a - Medkit - between the two computers and - Document - on one of the

There's also a corpse by the door, but you can't interact with it.

== Laser Mines Shed (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items:
         Shotgun Shells x2
         Pistol Ammo x2

In this room you will find a raised platform and several shelves full of items.

On the raised platform you will find some - Shotgun Shells - at the end.

On the shelves you will find an open crate with - Shotgun Shells - and 
- 2 Clips of Pistol Ammo -

On the far wall past the shelves is a door that leads to the - Main Office -

== Main Office (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Mercenary

- Documents: A letter to Anischenko from Yusupov

- Items:

When you enter you will see a - Scene - and watch as an Exomutant gets its 
head blown off. After the scene a - Mercenary - will roll out through a doorway
and attack you.

Put him down and search the area.

On a desk near the door you entered from is a - Document - 

Through the open doorway is an office, on the desk you will find a - Medkit -

There are also a couple corpses you can loot in this area.

== Upper Corridor ==

- Enemies:
           3 Mercenaries
           2 Exomutants

- Items:

In the distance you will hear a battle take place. Move forward and turn to
your right, move forward again and then right once more. In the corridor 
- 3 Mercenaries - are fighting against - 2 Exomutants - 

Let them kill each other off, or take them all out by yourself.

Once the battle is done, it's time to explore this area.

From the short corridor you entered this area from, and with your back to the
door you used to enter the Upper Corridor you can go two ways.

To your Left are two doors at the far end of one section of the Upper Corridor.
- At the far end of the corridor is a door leading to the Main Security Room
  You will come back here eventually, but you can enter the room now and 
  collect a few useful items.
- To the left of the door above is another short path that leads to a pair of
  double doors. These doors take you to the Incinerator Room

To the right of the door leading to the Main Security Room is a - Medkit - in
the corner. Since you will be coming back this way, don't use it unless you
absolutely have to, head back to the Sick Bay if you need healing.

To the Right of the entrance you will find a door on the left hand wall as you
make your way to where the Mercenaries and Exomutants were fighting. This door
leads to the Technical Corridor. Taking this route and the 3 areas beyond it
nets you the MP5, which is a pretty useful weapon.

Finally, past the spot where you fought the enemies and then to the left when
you reach the wall is another large door that leads toward the Heliport. 

THAT will be your next objective as that is where your mission objectives lay.

So once you've explored the area to your satisfaction, restocked as needed, 
healed if you needed it, and aquired your new weapon: use the door leading to 
the Heliport, which will also prompt you to save your game.

====== SAVE POINT =====

== Main Security Room (OPTIONAL: at the moment) ==

- Enemies:
           8 Exocels

- Weapons: Flamethrower

- Items: 
         Shotgun Shells
         Flamethrower Ammo

- Documents: A note about the Flamethrower
             A note about the magnetic jammer

When you enter, the security system will freak out about the - 8 exocels - in 
the room and lock it down. You will need to kill them to exit this area.

Kill them as quickly as you can, as they will mount the corpses in this room
and turn them into Exomutants, some of which are armed with AK-47s.

Once they are all dead, the door you entered will unlock and you can
fully explore this area.

On the desk to your right as you enter the room is a - Document -  and some
- Shotgun Shells - 

Directly ahead of you is a corpse with your brand new - Flamethower -

On the wall to the right of the corpse is a door leading to your Mission
objective, the radio jammer. But you will need Anischenko's eye to open this
door, which you won't have yet.

On the raised elevation in front of the security monitors is another 
- Document - and finally search the area close to the corpse to the left
of the monitoring station to find some - Flamethrower Ammo -

That's all for this area for now, time to head back into the Corridor

NOTE: The flamethrower is a powerful weapon, able to kill Mercenaries, 
Exomutants, Exocels and ExoShades rather quickly. The drawback is that it
can set you on fire as well if you're not careful. Plus it burns the enemies
thus preventing looting. A good use for it is to place a spear somewhere and
light things up when they stand around it. Finally, do NOT use it outside,
ever! As the flame CAN get blown back at you.

== Incinerator Room (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies: 
           4 Exomutants

- Items:
         Speargun ammo

When you enter you will see several flames shooting down from various points
in the wall from the small enclosure at the back and - 4 Exomutants - will turn
and attack you as the flames die down behind them.

Switch to your Speargun and shoot it at the area where the flames were 
spraying down from. Next, run forward and - Interact - with the panel to the
left of where you shot the spear and laugh as the incinerator roasts the 

On the crates near the door is a single - Speargun Ammo - to replace the one
you used.

Other than being a nice way to relieve some stress, this room is fairly
useless, so move along.

MP5 Sidequest

== Technical Corridor (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items:
         Shotgun Shells
         AK-47 Clip
         Pistol Ammo x2

When you enter you will note that several parts of this area are ablaze. Take
the stairs to your left and at the end you will find a - Medkit - if you need 

To your right you will see a fire and several stacked metal boxes, move toward
them and you will see two corridors leading off and to the left. Passing by the
burning boxes will cause an - Exomutant - to wake up within the fire and fumble
out toward you, so back up and let it fall to the ground or run past it.

When you move forward again turn left and follow the passage to the end to
find some - Shotgun Shells - if you need them. (This passage is under the 
raised area with the medkit you reached via the stairs)

Return to the flaming boxes and head down the other path leading toward the
left. As you move forward the passage will turn right and then right again.

Ahead of you will be a set of stairs. Move into the doorway and you will see
a second set of stairs further to the right and - 2 Exomutants - will wake up.

Kill them and enter this new section.

On the boxes in front of the rightmost stairs is an - AK-47 Clip - so make
sure to grab it. The staircase in front of the boxes goes nowhere so 
move to the set of stairs in front of the doorway and ascend the stairs
to a raised platform that crosses to the rear of the chamber.

As you move forward, you will see a set of stairs leading down and to the
right, and a wide open area with several dead bodies. As you reach the lower
level, - 2 Exocels - will appear and enter two of the bodies. Deal with them

There are two corpses under the platform you used to get here, loot them if
needed. There are also 2 clips of - Pistol Ammo - on a crate close to where
the Exocel/mutants were when you entered this part of the Technical Corridor.

Past the stairs you descended is a path that leads forward and then around
to the left, finally arriving at a door at the end of a lit corridor. Take this
door to the Drilling Unit area.

== Drilling Unit (Optional) ==

- Items: 
         AK-47 Clip
         Speargun spear

- Document: A note from Anischenko to Bakharev

This place has fires everywhere it seems, and your goal is to put them out.

Directly ahead of you is a fire you will need to put out to access the final
area of this three part sidequest. To your right are a pair of fires on either
side of an elevation leading into a cargo elevator. You will need to use
that Elevator, but be careful as - 2 Exomutants - will wake up and then run
out of the fire on the left side of the elevator if you get too close and 
attack you.

Move forward, let them wake up, and then move back and out of the way as they
scream and die harmlessly. Don't let them touch you or you will die.

NOTE: It IS possible to do this whole level without waking the - 2 Exomutants -
up if you're careful. If you wake them while the fire is still there they
can kill you if they grab you. After the fire is out you will need to deal
with them normally if you wake them.

You will see a set of stairs to the left of the fire the exomutants appeared
from, but you can't use it as a section has fallen out. Enter the elevator and
use it to raise to the level above.

There are two paths from the elevator on this level. 

To your right is a path leading to a dead end. You will also see a set of
stairs and a raised area. Under the raised area is an - AK-47 Clip - and on
top of the area is a - Speargun Spear -

Ahead of the elevator will be a path leading to a set of stairs. A - Document -
is sitting right in front of the stairs so grab it. Next, climb the stairs
and hang a right, and then follow the path to the end. Then drop down onto the
top of the control room below.

Walk over to your right and then drop down to the lower section and enter the 
control room. Inside you will see 2 snack machines and a control panel.

- Interact - with the control panel to activate the sprinkers which will
douse the fire after a - scene -

- Interact - with the snack machines and a - medkit - will come out of one.

Use the medkit as you won't be coming back this way again later, except on 
your way through to exit this sidequest.

Exit the control room and walk forward, dropping off of the end and down to the
level below.

Go through the door that was previously covered in flame to access the 
Storage Shed 1

== Storage Shed 1 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Weapon: MP5 Sub-machine Gun

All that work, and what do you get?

A brand new weapon.

Move forward and climb the stairs, then hang around to the right and move
toward the - MP5 Sub-machine Gun -

Is it worth it? Yes.

This weapon has a light on it like the Handgun, but a rate of fire like the
AK-47. Very useful. The only downside is that it eats ammo VERY quickly.
So use it carefully.

Climb back down the stairs, head back into the Drilling unit, make your way
through the Technical corridor and out into the Upper Corridor to finish this


== Heliport Access ==

Hansen will make a comment, and then you will notice the red beams in front of
you. These beams are laser trip mines, and if you touch them, you will die. 
Also: there's no way to remove them except to set them off, and you can only
set them off by walking through the beam (which will kill you)

Press Left 3 to crouch and prepare for a fairly annoying section.

Aim your weapon to make it easier to see where you're moving and then move 
past each beam in sequence.

Beam 1) Crouch and move under it from anywhere.

Beam 2) You will want to move to the far left and use the dip in the path to 
        cross under it.

Beam 3) Use the Dip on the far left to cross under this one as well, be careful
        as you can fall off the edge and thus die.

Beam 4) Cross under the far Right side.

Beam 5) Cross under the far Left side.

Beam 6) Avoid it by going to the Right side.

Beam 7) Cross under it via the Right side.

Stand and Enter the doors.

== Storage Shed ==

- Enemies:
           2 Exomutants
           13 Mercenaries

Enter and you will see some - Mercenaries - fighting a pair of - Exomutants -

Kill the mutants and then prepare to kill the mercenaries throught this 

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT TAKE ANY ITEMS, but feel free to loot corpses. This
is no big deal now, but important later on.

Don't worry, the mercenaries won't fight you all at once, but they are using
AK-47s so they have excellent range. Use the cover that's provided and fall
back if you need to and lure the enemies to you. 

Eventually you'll see some ramps slanting upward past a shelf and when you
approach a - Scene - will play and - Anischenko - will join the fight. He
is more or less a Mercenary, but an very tough one. You'll have to shoot him
more than a few times to finally kill him.

Once they are all dead, go up to Anischenko's corpse and a - Scene - will play
as Hansen takes one of the man's eyes.

- Objects: Anischneko's eye
           [] With Anischenko's eye, I'll be able to open []
           [] the door to the magnetic field room.        []

You will also have a new mission and objective.

[] Mission                                              []
[] Deactivate the magnetic field.                       []

[] Objectives                                           []
[] I have to return to the main drilling module to find []
[] the magnetic field control room where they're        []
[] jamming all radio contact.                           []

Ignore the elevator Anishchenko used to get down here for now and head back the
way you came.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 2.3 ~ Mission 3: Deactivate the magnetic field. =====

== Heliport Access ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants
           2 Exocels

Hey, look, most of the beams are now gone. In fact only three remain. 

If you're lucky you'll see another one vanish as an Exomutant walks into it and

NOTE: if you're lucky 2 of the enemies will walk into the beams and be killed.

Move to your right and hide behind the final beam and another enemy will 
trigger it leaving only two enemies left to deal with.

Once they are all dead, head for the door at the end but be careful as
another - Exomutant - will climb up onto the bridge and another - Exomutant -
that was laying dormant on the ground will get up and attack you.

Once they are dead, proceed forward and crouch to pass the third beam (if it's
still there - This is the one you had to use the dip in the path to pass. So 
make sure to use the same dip again, but don't fall off) and a final 
- Exomutant - will appear to challenge you.

Kill, get to the door, and then enter.

== The Upper Corridor ==

- Enemies: 
           3 exocels
           1 Exomutant

- Items:
         Medkit (if you didn't get it earlier)

When you enter battle music will start and you will see several - Exocels -
mount some fresh corpses and turn them into Exomutants and beyond them a 
single - Exomutant - will close in to join them. (sometimes it stays on the
ground until you approach it... I'm not sure what triggers it)

You know the drill, kill them all for daring to get in your way.

On the way back to the Main security room two more - Exomutants - will get up,
after you kill them you will have to deal with another - Exocel - from each.

At this point you may be low on ammo and/or health, if so you should make a 
quick trip back to the Armory and Sick Bay before entering the Main security 

Once you are ready, enter the door leading to the Main security room (the door
that was close to the medkit)

== Main Security Room ==

If you didn't clean it out before, you will have to do so now.

NOTE: For the purposes of this walkthru, it is assumed you would explore this
area when you came through the Upper Corridor the first time... if you didn't
please refer to the section on this area above

Head for the door you couldn't enter earlier (It's forward and to the right)
and - Interact - with it. You will get a small - scene - and Hansen's attempt
at humor, but the door will now be unlocked.

== Communications Room ==

- Enemies: 
           3 Mercenaries

- Documents: A note about the magnetic jammer

[] Objectives                                   []
[] The magnetic field is powered by these three []
[] generators; I have to destroy all three to   []
[] re-establish contact with Bennett.           []

When you enter - 3 mercenaries - will attack you from the lower level. Deal
with them and explore the area.

On one of the desks is a - Document - and past the large monitoring screen
is the - Magnetic Jammer - and - 3 generators - connected to it. The 
generators have a "green glow" at their base.

Switch to your pistol and shoot each generator a few times and it will 
explode. Once all three are destroyed, the jammer will go offline, Hansen will
contact Bennett and - 4 Exocels - will drop down to harrass you.

Kill them or flee back into the Main security room.

Either way you will get some idea of what to do next from Bennett, though no
new missions will be added just yet. For now, head back into the Main security

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 2.4 ~ Mission 4: Find the antidote for Anna. =====

== Main Security Room ==

- Objects: An elevator key
           [] This key leads to the habitation module []
           [] elevator.                               []

Wow, that had to hurt...

After the - Cutscene - Hansen and Bennett will have a little talk and you will
have a new mission.

[] Mission                                        []
[] Find the antidote for Anna                     []

[] Objectives                                     []
[] The antidote must be in the scientific module. []

Remember the place we couldn't access on the other side of the elevator? That
is your next target, but you'll have to reach it via another route.

Head for the exit leading to the Upper Corridor and a - Scene - will play,
it seems a scientist made it in here while you were in the Communications 

Unfortunately for him, the - Exocel - in his chest pops out, killing him. This
also locks the doors to the room, forcing you to deal with the little annoying

Once it is dead, move toward the new body and you will see a sparkle close to
his hand, grab the - Object -

This key will allow you to use the Elevator in the Lower Corridor. So head 
there next.

NOTE: While it "is" possible to shoot the scientist's head while standing near
the monitors, it won't prevent the Exocel from appearing. All shooting the body
does is trigger the scene above.

== The Upper Corridor ==

- Enemies:
           1 Exomutant

As you advance toward the middle of the corridor, an - Exomutant - will rush 
out of the side passage and attack you.

== The Lower Corridor ==

- Enemies:
           1 Exoshade

- Items: 
         Medkit (If you didn't get it earlier)

When you head down the stairs the cool battle music will start, signaling that
an - Exoshade - knows you're around.

Spear a wall, and when the Exoshade moves on it, switch to your flamethrower
and blast it. This should kill the darned thing if you're lucky. Though it will
probably just run off pissed. The fire will do a lot of damage to it though
making it far easier to kill the blasted thing.

Repeat as needed or switch to the shotgun and finish it off.

Once it's dead, you can now access the elevator and head for your next
goal, though it might be wiser to head back to the Armory to restock as it
will be a while before you come back this way again.

Once you're ready, - Interact - with the elevator.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Habitation Catwalk Elevator ==

- Documents: A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

On your left is the switch to send the Elevator down.

On your right is a corpse with a - Document - beside it.

Get the Document and then hit the switch. Once the elevator finishes moving, 
use the door opposite the one you entered to reach the next area.

== The habitation module ==

You will find yourself on a long catwalk and the Habitation module can be
seen off in the distance.

Time the waves that crash against the catwalk and then run forward.

Enter the door you find.

== Rest Room ==

- Enemies:

- Items: 

You will find youself in a room with a lot of exploding barrels.

To your left are some stairs that lead to a catwalk, ahead of you and to the
right is a vending machine that will spit out a - Medkit - if you - Interact -
with it. Use it now if you need to, or save it for some time later.

Head up the stairs and around the catwalk, ignore the blocked door, you can't
do anything about it. Past the last barrel on the catwalk, it will turn to the
left and into another room, with the catwalk leading to a door you can't 

Loot the corpse you find and then head down the stairs to your right. At the
bottom you will see an open vent covered in organic pink crap on the wall
to Hansen's right. 

Jump down to the bottom.

Once down there you will find an - ExoNest - under the catwalk you used
to get here. Shoot the barrels near it to kill it, then deal with any
Exocels it releases.

Once that has been dealt with, loot the two corpses down here and take a look 
at the one part of the room that is still lit. You will see a door on this
level and the surrounding walls and floor are covered in some organic pink

You can't open the door, but the entrance to the next area is there all the
same. Walk up to the door and you will fall downward into the pink crap.

== Technical Basement ==

- Enemies:
           2 Exocels
           1 Exomutant

- Cutscene -

If poor Tom didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck at all it would seem.

Once he's awake, turn around and you will see an - Exonest - in each corner of 
the room and an - Exomutant - banging on a wire fence trying to get in as well
as - 2 Exocels - making their way toward you.

Deal with the Exocels first.

Shoot the Exomutant, or shoot the electrical box on the fence for a fun death
scene for the poor Exomutant. (plus it will use less ammo)

Next, switch to the Flamethrower and burn each of the nests, and then kill
the exocels they spit out.

Once that is done, you have three places you can go down here...

While facing the fenced area:

- To your left is a ramp leading up and to a small opening. This will take 
  you back to the Rest Room above and drop you off near the vent opening
  covered in pink crap. If you need to return to the Technical Basement you
  can reuse the hole in the floor in front of the door on the bottom level.

- To your right is a ramp leading up and to a small opening leading to the
  Main Corridor: Your next stop to advance the game.

- Behind the two large organic tubes Hansen fell out of is a rather gross
  sight. Here you will find a person who has mutated and grown... it would
  seem that all the organic pink crap you're rolling around in is part of it's
  body. Don't worry, it's harmless. But kinda creepy.

Take the ramp to the right to go to the next area.

== Main Corridor ==

- Enemies: 
           3 Exocels
           1 Exonest

You will find youself in a wide corridor filled with that pink crap.

Rotate left and wait for the - 3 exocels - that will be making their way to 
you. Kill them and then you can explore this area.

From the vent you used to get here you will see a Door on the wall to the
Left. This leads to the Security Crew Sleeping Room 2

Past this door is a table with nothing on it, but it makes a good item 
to keep your bearings with. Beyond the table are a pair of double doors on
your left and a stairwell leading up on your right.

The Double doors lead to another Elevator: When you're done with this
area you need to use this to reach the Scientific module.

Above the stairs to your right is an - ExoNest - you will need to burn, so
switch to your flamethrower and deal with it. Making sure to kill the Exocels
it spits out at you.

Up the stairs is a door leading to the Refectory

Past the Stairs/Elevator you will see 3 doors, two on the right and another
on the left.

The first door on the right is currently locked, but the second leads to the

The final door, the one on your left leads to Security Crew Sleeping Room 1

Once you've explored and looted to your satisfaction, - Interact - with
the Elevator doors to move onward.

== Security Crew Sleeping Room 2 (OPTIONAL) ==

Move down the hall and you'll see a door you can't open on your left. Turn 
the corner and continue past the lockers and then turn again. You will see a
dead body sitting in a chair under an Electrical Box and several sets of bunk

In the distance are a few corpses on the ground, approach them and they
will get up. Kill the - 2 Exomutants -

Other than the corpses you can loot, this room has absolutely no value.

Though the developers did put a little fun into the room....

After you loot the corpse in the chair, step back and shoot the Electrical
Box behind it. Good fun.

Head back into the Main Corridor.

== Refectory (OPTIONAL) ==

In this room are a LOT of corpses, use them to restock if you need it.

One of the seated corpses will expel an - Exocel - if you don't shoot it's
head off before you get close. It's the corpse seated by itself in a small
area to one side created by two flipped over tables.

There's also a door on the right hand wall that leads to the Kitchen

== Kitchen (OPTIONAL) ==

- Enemies:
           2 Exomutants

- Items:

You will see - 1 Exomutant - banging on a refrigerator door and another 
- Exomutant - leaning over a counter. Kill them both.

- Interact - with the refrigerator the Exomutant was banging on to get a 
- Medkit -

There's a hole in the floor that leads back to the Technical Basement. You can
use this to head back to the Main Drilling Platform if you feel you need to 
for any reason.

You can also use the Freezer door to enter the Cold Storage Room

== Cold Storage Room (OPTIONAL) ==

- Documents: A report about contamination

- Items: 

Not much to see in here, just some corpses hanging from hooks.

Under one of the corpses is a - Document -

At the rear of the room is a - Medkit - sitting on a box.

Save it for later as you will be coming back to the Habitation Module later,
that is unless you're really low on health at this point.

== Showers (OPTIONAL Currently) ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exonest
           4 Exocels

When you enter, a few of the exocels will mount a few of the corpses and 
attack you while the rest attempt to drain you from a distance. Be careful
as one of the created Exomutants will have an AK-47

Once they are dead, switch to your Flamethrower and enter the shower room.
Inside you will find an - ExoNest - hanging from the ceiling. Burn it and kill
any Exocels it spits out. 

Note: The last body on the floor may get up when you approach it, kill this
- Exomutant - as well.

Other than clearing out the enemies, there's nothing you can do in here

== Security Crew Sleeping Room 1 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Items:
         Pistol Ammo

- Document: A memo to Yusupov

Inside you will find you are flanked with bunkbeds and at the rear of the
room is a partition that hides the far end of the sleeping room.

To your left will be a desk with some - Pistol Ammo - inside of it, and a 
- Medkit - sitting on top.

Past this partition you will see two corpses laying on the beds at the far 
end, you can almost tell they are - Exomutants - just by looking at them.

Shoot the - Fire Extinguisher - on the wall close to the beds to deal with
one of them. Then shoot the other one that will jump up and attack you.

Once they are dead, grab the - Document - off of the Desk at the foot of
their beds.

== Underwater Elevator ==

The switch is on your right, so - Interact - with it to move the elevator.
Once it's finished moving, use the door opposite the one you used to enter.

== Underwater Tunnel ==

[] Objective                               []
[] I'll find the antidote in Kamsky's lab. []

Switch to your shotgun (Or AK-47 if that's empty) and move toward the end of
the tunnel.

As you near the end a - Scene - will play and you will encounter a brand
new enemy.

- The ExoSpectre -

These enemies are quite annoying as they are very invisible.

To see where they are: you have to watch the ground closely, as you will see
little trails of dust kick up as they walk. Also, if you shoot them they
will turn visible for a few seconds making aiming at them easier.

Once it goes down, go over to it and - Interact - with it to squish it's head 
(Assuming you didn't decapitate it with an attack) if you don't it will get
back up in a few moments.

Once it's dead, go through the new door.

== Lab's Main Elevator - Lower Level ==

In the center of the room you will see three large green cylinders fused
together with some VERY large creatures inside. On the left side of these
tubes is a control switch you can - Interact - with to take you up one level, 
but for now let's explore the area.

You will see a door to on the left side of the chamber and a passage on the 
right leading to a second door on this level.

- The door on the left side leads to the Maintenance Room Access (LOCKED) 
  Remember this door as you will need to use it later.
- Down the passage is a door with a Number 6 on it, this leads to Lab 6

== Lab 6 ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

- Items:
         Shotgun Shells

When you enter, - 2 Exomutants - will climb up onto the catwalk and attack you.
Kill them and and collect the - Shotgun Shells - on the right side of the
catwalk if you need them.

You will see an area below you, but you can't get there yet.

Once you're ready, pass through the door at the far end.

== Experimental Chamber ==

- Document: A page about experiments

You will find youself on yet another catwalk. Below you, several Exomutants 
are screaming and banging away. Ignore them for now and head down 
the catwalk toward the door, stopping only to get the - Document - laying
on a chair.

Pass through to the next area.

== Mortuary ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomutant

- Items:
         Shotgun Shells X2

You'll find youself in a tunnel of some kind. Passing to the end will lead you
to a large room, lit green and with a partition cutting it in half. 

Head around the partition and turn left, you will see some freezers in the
distance. As you move toward the freezers an - Exomutant - will drop down and
attack you (again, magically from the ceiling).

Once it's dead continue moving through the room and turn left again at the 
freezers, you will see a few disecting tables and at the far end of the room
yet another - Exomutant - with an AK-47 will get up and then come after you. 

Once it is dead, explore this new area to find a final - Exomutant - leaning 
over a counter and eating something off of one of the countertops. Kill it too.

In the area where the eating Exomutant was you will find - 2 packs of Shotgun
Shells - and a - Medkit -

Finally, to the right of where the Gun wielding Exomutant got up is a door 
leading to Dr Kamsky's Lab

== Dr Kamsky's Lab ==

- Items: 
         Flamer Ammo

- Documents: A page from Bakharev's diary about the antidote
             A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

- Objects: Antidote
           [] The antidote... it could stop the []
           [] contamination process.            []

When you enter, a small - Scene - will play as the camera pans over your
goal: the Antidote.

Hansen will look either to his left or right at the freezers on either
side of the door. Inside you will find an Exomutant on either side resting
within the freezers (Subtle eh?)

Near the freezers on the left is some - Flamer Ammo - if you need it.

Drop down into the next area with the disection table and grab the - Object -
and then another Mission and Objective will be given to you.

[] Mission                                             []
[] Administer the antidote to Anna.                    []

[] Objectives                                          []
[] To get back to Anna, I have to take the elevator in []
[] the scientific module.                              []

At the other end of the table is a - Document - so grab it.

Head up the stairs close to the freezers and then back around toward the 
large monitor at the end of the room, below it you will find another 
- Document - on the console there.

Head back toward the exit and - 2 Exomutants - will jump out of their freezers
and attack you (Like we didn't see that coming at this point) 

Kill them as usual and then exit back into the Mortuary.

Note: Just for fun, you can - Interact - with the control box on the 
disection table, if you do that the vivisector will come on and cut the 
Exomutant on the table in half. It's fun to watch, but you will have to deal
with the Exocel that pops out of the body afterwards.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 2.5 ~ Mission 5: Administer the antidote to Anna. =====

== Mortuary (Part 2) ==

- Objects: Code for the experimental chamber PC
           [] This code is used to access the PC in the []
           [] experimental chamber.                     []

It seems someone has been busy in the time it took you to get the antidote as
now there are two new corpses in here. Loot them, and any of the items you
left here earlier and grab the - Object - close to one of the dead bodies.

Now it's time to head back to the Main Elevator.... but nothing is ever that
easy now is it?

As you pass the little freezers used to hold bodies, several of them will
pop open and an - ExoSpectre - will come out and attack you. Kill it and move

As you approach the entrance to this area a second - ExoSpectre - will
appear and attack. Once it's dead, grab any items you've left and then take
the door out of this chamber, we won't be coming back.

== Experimental Chamber ==

- Items:
         AK-47 Ammo
         Speargun Spear

when you enter, one of the - Exomutants - you heard earlier will break through
the grate of the catwalk and charge you. Kill it and then move to the 
PC you couldn't use earlier.

- Interact - with it and the floor on the lower level will electrify, killing
the remaining Exomutants.

Unfortunately this also drops you onto the bottom level as well (after the
electricity dies out so no worries) The bodies are burned, so leave using the 
only door in this part of the lower level and follow the short passage to the
end, grabbing the - medkit - on the wall as you move forward (if you need it).

At the end you will come to an area with a large cage and a forklift with a 
door beyond it.

On the forklift is a clip of  - AK-47 Ammo - and on the pallet next to the door
is a single round of - Speargun Ammo -

Grab anything you need, and then take the door out of this area.

ALTERNATELY: You could drop down the hole the Exomutant makes in the catwalk, 
this will place you near the forklift, but you will have to deal with the
- 4 Exomutants - down here. Of course this will allow you to loot them 
and the other bodies down here if you need more supplies.

== Laboratory Shed ==

When you enter you will see some bloody sinks to your right and a wall of sorts
ahead of you and a path leading forward on the left. You will also hear a lot
of Exomutants howling, but you're currently safe as they cannot escape their

Moving forward you will see the wall is actually the side of one of many cages
and on the ground you can see several corpses laying about. Other than the 
broken cage with the bloody corpse, you cannot enter any of these cages, so
don't waste any ammo trying.

As you move past the cages, a grate will break open and a bizare looking corpse
will fall to the ground followed by the lights flickering for a moment. 

Switch to your SPEARGUN and move around the end of the cages and into the main
area. As you pass the last cage, one of the prisoners will ask you to kill him
but there's nothing you can do, ignore him as there's something more important
that you will have to deal with.

On your left you can see a pair of lighted areas and a wide set of shelves
directly in front of you. As you move forward you will see a fire burning
off and to the far right, we need to put that fire out to proceed.

Move toward the lit area to your left and a new danger will present itself as 
an - ExoShade - appears and attacks you.

Once it is dead, get your bearings by standing next to table with 3 large 
jars on it (it's in one of the lit areas on the side of the room opposite the

Move forward and past the tall shelves in the middle of the room toward a
corpse (There will be a sink in the left corner of your screen) 

Loot the corpse and then turn right, you will see the fire in the distance,
but on the wall directly ahead of you is a wheelhandle you can turn to activate
the sprinker system. Do so and a short - scene - will occur.

Now that you're safe, search the area and loot any of the corpses you come
across. Then make your way to the place where the fire used to be and exit 
into the next area.

NOTE: During the fight with the ExoShade you can use the fire to your
advantage. When it's moving to attack you, run close to the area with the 
fire and shoot a spear into the wall over the burning area. The ExoShade will
walk right into the fire. This won't kill it, but it will wound it greatly.

Use this tactic if you need to conserve ammo.

== Lab 6 ==

- Enemies: 
           2 ExoSpectres

- Items: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not walk forward into the water.
                Instead aim your weapon at the Electrical box just above the
                water-line and shoot it, this will kill the ExoSpectres.
                You can see the box right even with Hansen's right shoulder
                as you enter.

Once they are dead, drop into the water (You will be safe as the Electrical
Box will burn itself out after it kills the Exospecters), loot the three 
corpses floating about and then use the ramp near the far side of the room that
leads to a small elevated area.
On the table with the computer is a - Medkit - so use it if needed.

Once you've done that, follow the catwalk to the other side and get on the 
small elevator (it has a red light on it) 

- Interact - with it and you will rise to the top level.

Get back on the Catwalk and then take the door right beside the elevator.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Lab's Main Elevator - Bottom Level ==

Head for the three big tubes with the big ugly monsters in them, find the
switch on one side of the tubes and - Interact - with it.

As the elevator rises, make sure to switch to your MP5 (if it has ammo) or
your handgun... we'll soon have Exocels to deal with.

About halfway up, the elevator will stop and - 5 Exocels - will appear, kill 
them to continue upward.

Make sure to switch to your Shotgun and don't move yet.

== Lab's Main Elevator - Top Level ==

[] Objectives                                       []
[] I've got to reach the decontamination room where []
[] I'll find Anna. Just hope it's not too late...   []

At this point you're probably hurting for either Ammo or health or even both
so we're making a little detour.. plus this will make the next part a lot 
easier for you as being under-prepared will get you killed.

Move around the base of the green tubes until you can see a Pair of Double
Doors. (There will be a sign above them that says "To the Scientific Module" 
above them)

Take those doors as we're heading back to the Armory and Sickbay now.

If you feel confident and don't want to return for ammo and healing, skip 
down to the next "Lab's Main Elevator" Section, but for the purposes of this
walkthrough it's assumed you are heading to restock.

== Bridge Control Room ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

When you arrive you will see rain coming down through a huge opening in the
wall and part of a bridge beyond the opening.

Turn to your right and aim at the - Exomutant - that is likely moving to
attack you and kill it, then move down the ramp and turn to your left. You will
see a console next to the wall and 3 large crates with red markings on them.

Move between the crates and kill the - Exomutant - that appears from behind
the single crate to your right.

Now go to the console and - Interact - with it to extend the bridge.

== The Scientific Module ==

The name of the area changes when you get onto the bridge.

Cross the bridge and enter the door at the end.

== Dock Elevator ==

Right back at the beginning.

Take the door across from you.

== The main drilling module ==

- Enemies:

Head for the Armory and Sick Bay.

As you move forward, - 2 Exomutants - will climb up onto the catwalk in the 
distance; so do what you would normally do to them.

Up past the stairs is another - Exomutant - close to the Armory door that 
wants you to kill it. Make it happy and blow it away. But be careful though
as ANOTHER - Exomutant - will climb up onto the platform and attack you 
from behind.

Don't let it kill you.
== Armory/Sickbay ==

Restock and heal.... now you're far less likely to get pissed and frustrated
at the next part.

== The Main Drilling Module ==

Head back to the elevator.

== Dock Elevator ==

Keep moving.

== The Scientific Module ==

Cross the bridge
== Bridge control Room ==

Nothing new in here fortunately.

== Lab's Main Elevator - Top level ==

Ok, back again, and ready for action.

From the double doors there are 4 other doors in this area.

From the left:

- The first door leads to the Lab 2 but it's currently busted and only opens
  from the other side.

- The second door is down a short hallway and leads to the Cryogenic Room.

  This is where you want to head next to advance the game.

- The third door is directly across from the wide double doors you entered,
  and on the other side of the three green monster tubes. This door leads to
  the Lab 5

- The fourth and final door is on the right side of the chamber and leads to
  the Lab 3

Head for the second door and a - Scene - will play and you will now have to 
deal with an extremely irate new enemy...

- The ExoMass -

This enemy could be termed a boss of sorts and is quite hard until you figure
out how best to deal with it's weaknesses.

The creature looks like a giant hulking thing, with one giant arm. That arm is
it's weakness, shots to that arm cause it a heck of a lot of damage. At the 
same time, shots elsewhere do almost nothing.

So shoot at it's giant arm, preferably with the shotgun.

The second thing to note about this creature is the fact it does NOT like 
speargun spears. Unlike the rest of the enemies in this game, when you shoot a 
spear it won't wander over to it and stand dumbly.. it will charge the thing
and attack it... then go back to attacking you.

This is a great way to get the creature away from you so you can plan your

The only real way to fight this boss is to keep out of it's way, and then
shoot it's arm. If it charges, you need to get out of the way or it will
bounce you around the room.

If it does this and gets you into a corner, you are pretty much dead.

Keep shooting it until it's arm explodes, and then it will be truely dead.

Once it is dead, explore the two optional doors, or head for the door leading
to the Cryogenic Room and rescue Anna.

== Lab 3 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Documents: A report about the exocel life cycle.

Not much in here.

Grab the - Document - off of the computer station to your left.

In a green lit subsection of this lab are a trio of - Exocels - behind a 
locked door. 

You can't get to them, but you can - Interact - with the console in front
of the glass to cause a laser to kill the little bastards. 

Do so for fun, or ignore them and leave.

== Lab 5 (OPTIONAL) ==

- Documents: A scientific log

In here you will see a swaying corpse ahead and to your left and lots of 
shelves around the room, to your right is another corpse close to the table.

In the center of the room is a workstation containing a - Document -

That's it for this room, except for a strange device at the rear of this lab.
- Interact - with it and one of the panels will spew out some of the green
gas that the Exo creatures like so much.

Time to leave.

== Cryogenic Room ==

- Items: 
         Flamethrower Fuel

- Documents: A note about the yellow steam valves

You will find yourself in a long hallway, as you move down it you will see
several freezer tubes hanging from the wall.

Keep moving and one will break open allowing an - ExoSpectre - to escape.

Deal with the monster and keep going. Eventually the hall will curve to the
left and another freezer will break open and you will have yet another 
- ExoSpectre - to deal with.

EVentually the hall will go straight again and start slanting upward. At this
point a small chamber with a single cryo freezer in it will appear on your left

Inside you will find some - Flamethrower Fuel - on one counter and a
- Document - on the other. On the same counter as the Document is also a
- Medkit - if you need it.

Move past this and upward and the corridor will come to an end with a door
leading to the Decontamination Room on your left.

Enter it.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Decontamination Room ==

- Cutscene -

Watch as Hansen falls into a plothole the size of Kansas; as you will find out
a bit later.

After the scene Bennett will contact Hansen and you will have a new mission
and objective.

[] Mission                                           []
[] Find Kamsky's laptop.                             []

[] Objectives                                        []
[] I have to find the scientific dormitory. Kamsky's []
[] laptop has to be there.                           []

It's time to head back to the Habitation Module.

Take the door across the room and behind the table Anna was laying on and 
enter Lab 2.

===== 2.6 ~ Mission 6: Find Kamsky's laptop. =====

== Lab 2 ==

- Enemies: 
           1 ExoSpectre

When you enter you will see a desk in front of you and a chamber of some kind
to your left.

A second later a steam vent will break open, switch to your Shotgun and prepare
to deal with the - ExoSpectre - that is now coming your way.

Once it's dead, enter the small chamber it came out of and use the door.

== Lab's Main Elevator - Top level ==

Head through the double doors.


You might be thinking you can take the elevator down, then hit the 
underwater tunnel to the elevator leading back to the Habitation module. 

That's a no-can-do. As that elevator seems to be stuck now. Your only option
is to take the long way around.

== Bridge Control Room ==

Nothing new here, but the next part is tricky.

NOTE: If you didn't come this way to restock earlier there will be
      - 2 Exomutants - to deal with, one to your right as you enter and another
      behind one of the crates near the control panel. Also, don't forget to 
      extend the bridge.

Go out onto the bridge and an - ExoMass - will drop down onto the far end.

Now, turn around and run back into the Bridge Control Room and - Interact -
with the control panel, this will cause the bridge to collapse again.

The Exomass will run toward you... and fall to it's death.

Next, - Interact - with the console again and the bridge will extend once more.

Head out onto the bridge and enter the elevator.

== Dock Elevator ==

Keep moving.

== The main drilling module ==

When you enter this area, Anna will contact you and Hansen will thank her
for saving his life.

It's "assumed" that Anna used an Antidote on him to remove his Exocel...

Plothole or an event that happened? Only you can decide what to believe.

Personally I think she saved him.

Anywho, head down the catwalk toward the Armory, you'll need to stock up again

NOTE: If you didn't come this way earlier, - 2 Exomutants - will drop onto the
      catwalk near the stairs and charge you. And when you climb the steps
      you will see an - Exomutant - near the Armory doors and yet another
      - Exomutant - will climb up onto the platform behind you.

== Armory ==

- Enemies:
           1 Exomutant

Looks like even this place isn't safe.

Head toward the rear of the room and blast the - Exomutant - when it comes out

Restock, heal as needed and then move toward the Storeroom at the far end 
of this area.

== The main drilling module ==

Halfway between the place where you got the Shotgun and the AK-47, as the
catwalk curves to the left, - 2 ExoMutants - will climb up onto the catwalk and
attack you.

Note: One will be ahead of you, and the other behind you, so kill the first one
and then turn around quickly and deal with the other one so it doesn't sneak
attack you.

As you near the area you picked up the AK-47, - 3 more ExoMutants - will come
out of the enclosed area at the back and charge you.

Do what needs to be done and then head for the door.

== Storeroom ==

When you move into this room a short - scene - will play.

That can't be good.

Nothing happens now, so head for the exit to the Lower Corridor.

== The Lower Corridor ==

Head for the elevator at the end of the passage.

== Habitation Catwalk Elevator ==

Nothing new here either, hit the button and then exit when the elevator stops

== The Habitation Module ==

Cross the bridge and enter the door at the end.

Make sure to have your shotgun equipped.

== Rest Room ==

As soon as you enter, head for the stairs as a second after you enter an
- ExoMass - will break through the glass roof above and drop in.

Once it's dead, grab the Medkit in the vending machine if it's still here
as you will most likely need it.

Go back up onto the catwalk, take it all the way around, go down to the lower
level with all the pink crap and dive into the hole.

Alternately: You might try running around the catwalk and dropping down on the
other side with all of the pink crap, then dropping down the hole rather than
taking on the Exomass. I've tried this, and it works well. Also since this
is the last time you'll be coming this way, there's no reason to fight it
unless you really want to.

== Technical Basement ==

Nothing new here fortunately.

Take the right hand path up to the vent hole and return to the Main Corridor.

== Main Corridor ==

Head to the very end and enter the Showers

== Showers ==

Head toward the stalls and you will find the grate that was closed earlier 
is now open. Hang a right and enter the grate.

NOTE: If you didn't clean this place out earlier you may have to fight it out
      now. If you choose to fight, refer to the section on the Showers above.

      If you want, you can also just run and avoid combat entirely.
      To do so, after you enter, run forward and turn to your right when 
      you come to a vent cover that has been pulled out. Move up to the 
      opening and you will enter the next area.

== The Scientists' Dormitory ==

- Items:
         Shotgun Shells

- Documents: A letter from Kamsky to Anna

Head forward and ignore the sparkling Laptop for a moment as we need to
secure the area first.

Turn right at the laptop, and then right again, in one of the cubicles is
a - Document - laying on a bed, grab it.

To the right of the door is a darkened area with some - Shotgun Shells - on 
a chest of drawers. 

Ok, that was quick.

Now go back and - Interact - with the sparkling notebook to start a - Scene -

Haha! Sucks to be Bennett.

Now we have a new mission and objective.

[] Mission                                            []
[] Find the room with the C4                          []

[] Objectives                                         []
[] I have to get to the ammo warehouse to find the C4 []

Ok, time to leave this area, but we're going to do it a little strangely.

Equip your shotgun and walk "backwards" toward the door you saw earlier...
it will be obvious why pretty quickly as when you move through the room
an - Exomutant - will come out of the lockers at two different spots as 
you make your way to the exit. (for 2 exomutants total)

Once that's been dealt with, head for the door.

===== SAVE POINT =====

===== 2.7 ~ Mission 7: Find the room with the C4. =====

== Main Corridor ==

When you enter the corridor, Anna will contact you with the code for the 
Weapons storage area.

To get there you will need to head back to the scientific module, but you can
use the Elevator in this area to do that. (It seems to be working again)

If you need to resupply and haven't looted the corpses yet, take a moment to
go up the stairs (past where you killed the Exonest on our last visit) and
enter the Refectory

Be aware though, as there's now an - ExoMutant (with exocel) - lurking inside
the stairwell near the entrance.

Once it's dead you can either head up the stairs or take the elevator as needed

Once you are prepared, return and enter the elevator.

== Refectory (OPTIONAL) ==

If you come in here to resupply, be aware that an - Exocel - might pop out 
of one of the sitting corpses if you didn't decapitate it earlier.

== Underwater Elevator ==

Nothing new here either, so take the elevator down.

== Underwater Tunnel ==

- Enemies:
           2 Exocels

Ok, now we have trouble. In the distance you will see - 2 Exocels - making 
their way toward you. Kill them and head for the opposite door.

== Lab's Main Elevator - Lower Level ==

It would seem someone was nice enough to bring the elevator down for you. 

Head forward and take the door on the left side you couldn't enter earlier.

== Maintenance Room Access ==

- Items:
         MP5 Clip

Pass down the corridor and you will eventually enter a large room with a
submersible at the far end. 

To the left of the sub is a passage that leads to the left and then swings 
back again. Head down this new path and take the door on Hansen's right when
you come to it.

Across from the door at the very end of the corridor is a - MP5 Clip - between 
the three barrels.

== Maintenance Room ==

- Enemies: 
           1 ExoMass (with Exocel)
           3 ExoMutants (With Exocels)

- Items:
         MP5 Clip
         Pistol Ammo

A short - scene - will play and you will find you have yet another - Exomass -
to deal with, as well as - 3 ExoMutants -

Use the terrain to your advantage and kill them.

Because of the pipes that cut the room into sections and all of the exploding
items scatterd about, you will have an easier time fighting as you can use them
to your advantage.

Once they are dead, head through the room toward the doorway at the far end.

On your way, grab the - MP5 Clip - under one seated corpse and some - Pistol
Ammo - under another

When you reach the door you will notice 3 little rectangular items at the
base... these are laser mines.

Fortunately they aren't on yet.. unfortunately you'll need to turn them on.

The door itself is locked; so step back and shoot the - Electrical Box - to 
unlock it.

This will, unfortunately, turn on the mines.

Next, shoot the - Fire Extinguisher - on the other side of the door.

This will, thankfully, blow up the mines.

Enter the door.

===== 2.8 ~ Mission 8: Get the C4 and place the charges in the =====
=====                  right order.                            =====

== Ammo Warehouse ==

- Objects: A C4 Charge (x3)
           [] A C4 Charge   []

[] Mission                                              []
[] Get the C4 and place the charges in the right order. []

[] Objectives                                           []
[] I have to get the 3 charges of C4.                   []

Ok, this next part looks tricky, and it is.

First off, switch to your Handgun.

Secondly, crouch.

Now move to the very end of the room, going to the left, then forward and then
right again and you will find a workstation with a corpse to one side and the
- 3 C4 Charges - laying on top of the countertop.

But don't grab them yet.

Allow me to repeat something... Switch to your handgun (or speargun - see 

Once you get the C4 charges a - scene - will play and you will see an
- ExoSpectre - approaching you.

Now, this is why it was important to switch to your handgun, you will need
to shoot this thing one or two bullets at a time. If you accidentally hit one
of the exploding barrels (easy to do with the Shotgun, MP5 or AK-47), the place
will go up in flames and you will die.

Once it's dead, smash the darned things head and make your way back to the
entrance, make sure NOT to forget to crouch.

[] Objectives                                     []
[] Place the first C4 charge on the marker in the []
[] underwater tunnel elevator.                    []

NOTE: I've found that it is possible to escape from this room without having
to fight the ExoSpectre. To do so, have your speargun ready, and then after
the - Scene - plant the spear in the corner of a room. While the ExoSpectre is
occupied, run to the edge of the Laser Trip Mines, crouch, and quickly 
make your way to the exit. I'm not sure what would happen if the spear wears
off before you get to the door, further testing is needed. But at least it is
possible to avoid this extremely annoying fight.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Maintenance Room ==

- Enemies: 
           2 Exomutants

Turn to the right and blast the - Exomutant - that is trying to sneak up on you
and get ready to kill his friend who is approaching from the far end of the

Once they are killed, the room will unlock and Hansen and Anna will discuss 
their plan.

Head for the exit and return to the Maintenance Room Access

== Maintenance Room Access ==

Nothing in here at the moment, but as you near the Sub hanging over the water
a - scene - will occur and - 2 ExoSpectres - will enter the area.

Kill them or flee, but killing them might be easier if you lack a spear to
distract them.

Once they're dead (or if you decided to run) head up to the Lab's Main Elevator

== Lab's Main Elevator - Lower Level ==

Head back to the Underwater Tunnel.

== Underwater Tunnel ==

- Enemies:
           3 Exocels

There are - 3 Exocels - at the far end, advance and kill them.

Once that's done, head for the door, make sure your Resistance is maxed out,
and then enter the door and get ready for a really tricky part of this

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Underwater Elevator ==

- Documents: Pages from Bakharev's diary

Fresh bodies!

Loot them and grab the - Document - on the ground.

Ok, now the tricky part....

See that Red X to the right of the corpses? You need to - Interact - with that
to set the C4 charge.

That's the easy part.

Once it's set it will start beeping, that means it's going to explode soon.

So once it's set RUN for the door you just entered from and return to the
Underwater Tunnel.

I'll also say it here: When you get to the Underwater Tunnel... DO NOT STOP
RUNNING. Run to the Lab's Main Elevator Door as fast as you can or you will
die. As soon as you get to the door to the Lab's Main Elevator... - Interact -
with it.

Hesistation will lead to a lot of frustration during this part... believe me.

== Underwater Tunnel ==


== Lab's Main Elevator - Lower Level ==

Whew... safe.

Head for the elevator control switch next to the ExoMass tubes and - Interact -
with it to head for the Upper Level.

[] Objectives                                   []
[] Place the second charge on the marker in the []
[] scientific module bridge control room.       []

== Lab's Main Elevator - Upper Level ==

Head out the double doors.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== Bridge Control Room ==

Move down the ramp and turn left, on the wall between the large containers is
the next Red X.

When you're ready, place the Charge and run onto the bridge and to the Elevator
doors. Don't stop until you're inside that elevator.

== The Scientific Module ==

Move! Move! Move!

== Dock Elevator ==

Whew... 2 down and 1 to go...

Head out onto the Main Drilling Module.

[] Objectives                                        []
[] Place the third charge on the marker in the upper []
[] corridor leading to the heliport.                 []

== The Main Drilling Module ==

Time to restock, head to the Armory and Sickbay.

Don't worry, we will be swinging back here at least one more time before the

Once you're ready, head down and around to the Storeroom and enter.

== Storeroom ==

NOW we have a problem.

A - Scene - will play and - 2 ExoMasses - will drop down into the room.

Now you might be thinking you can just run for the exit, but unfortunately THAT
is now locked.

Also, staying down here with both of them is suicide.

So run to your left (avoiding the Exomass there), and over to the stairs and
then climb them. 

Once on the catwalk, switch to your AK-47 and shoot the Exomasses as the 
approach the stairs and start climbing. Don't let them get up on the catwalk
or they will likely smush you. If they get close, switch to your Shotgun or
use a Speargun Spear to lure them away from you.

They're fairly slow on the stairs, so this shouldn't be too hard.

Another tactic you can use is to drop a spear into a corner somewhere and then
switch to your grenade launcher and drop grenades on them when they rush it.
This works surprisingly well also.

Once they are dead, hit the switch that will open the door to the Lower 
Corridor and then check your ammo: if you're too low on any one weapon, take
a moment and restock in the armory, and heal in the sickbay if needed.

NOTE: If you head back to the Armory from this point, another - Exomutant -
will be waiting near the Armory door and will need to be killed.

NOTE: You "cannot" avoid this fight. I've tried unlocking the doors and then
running past the Exomasses, but it seems every time they "pound" the floor it
causes the doors to relock.

Once you're ready, come back here and enter the door you've just unlocked to
proceed into the Lower Corridor

== The Lower Corridor ==

- Enemies: 
           1 Exomass
           5 Exocels

When you enter, turn left and you will see - 5 Exocels - making their way 
toward you. You can't run past them as there's a much bigger threat in this
area now.

Once they are dead, switch to your Speargun and advance to the 3-way 
intersection and turn left. Head toward the direction of the stairs in this
level and when you get part way you will see an - Exomass - appear in the

Drop a Spear somewhere close, back up and change to your Grenade Launcher.

When the Exomass gets close to the spear, drop ALL 5 grenades on it, this 
should kill it. If not, switch to your shotgun and aim for it's arm.

Once it's dead you have to make a choice, go back for more ammo (and possibly
healing) or press forward. 

But note: This will be the LAST CHANCE you will have to restock from the Armory
and Sick Bay. Even if you feel confident, if you don't have a full AK-47 you 
might head back anyway and restock as you will need it for the final fight.

Once you've decided, make your way back here and up to the door leading to
the Upper Corridor.

ALTERNATELY: You "can" run past the Exomass if you want to, but it can be 
tricky. Try slamming a spear somewhere and then run around it when it goes 
after the thing. With luck you'll be able to reach the stairs and then climb
them to the door.

===== SAVE POINT =====

== The Upper Corridor ==

Nothing new here, except the last Red X

Head forward and then turn right and you will see the X directly ahead of you.

Now before you place it, you need to know where to run. And that location
is toward the heliport.

Once you place the C4, turn right and run to the end, then turn left and take
the door to the Heliport Access (it was the place with all of the Laser Mines
you had to crouch under). 

Once outside RUN to the far end and enter the Storage Shed.

== Heliport Access ==

Don't stop now! Hurry! Faster!

===== 2.9 ~ Mission 9: Kill Kamsky. =====

== Storage Shed ==

Whew! All 3 Are done! 

Now you have a new Mission, and Hansen and Anna will discuss their escape.

[] Mission      []
[] Kill Kamsky. []

Remember where you killed Anischenko? Remember the Elevator we avoided earlier?

That's where you need to go now?

As you near the first turn, a forklift will get thrown in front of you, and
to your left a final - Exomass - will appear and have to be dealt with.

At this point it should be easy, so turn and kill it.

Once it's dead, use any of the equipment here to restock and heal, I won't
bother listing it, but know there is enough here to fully heal you as well as
max out your shotgun and AK-47.

This is why it was important to leave these items alone earlier.

Once you're ready, head all the way to the end of this area and take the 
elevator at the end (the door will raise automatically for you to approach it) 
- Interact - with the controls and then proceed to the next to the last area.

== Transit Room ==

- Enemies: 
           2 ExoShades

- Items: 
          AK-47 Clip

As you move for the elevator door you will see an - ExoShade - running around 
in the background. The bad news is that there's a second - Exoshade - running
around somewhere else in the room also.

The good news is there are no vents in this place for them to sneak attack

Switch to your weapon of choice that ISN'T the AK-47 and prepare to deal with
them. If you're lucky, they will attack you one at a time, if you're not, 
they'll both come at you at the same time.

Move to a corner and take them as they come.

Once they are dead, search the area and loot the corpses, and head back down
into the Storage Shed if you need any more of the items stored within as this
is your very LAST chance to stock your items and heal.

In this area there's an - AK-47 Clip - next to the wall in front of the
elevator (close to a corpse) and a - Medkit - against the far right wall 
close to a pair of dead bodies not far from the exit to the Heliport.

Once you are ready, come back up here, switch to your AK-47 and then use the 
final door at the far far end of the room way across from the Elevator.

===== FINAL SAVE POINT =====

== The Heliport ==

- Enemies:

A - Cutscene - will play and the end boss will appear.

Kamsky Battle: Part 1

Your goal ISN'T to kill Kamsky but to lead him around.... which isn't as 
easy as it sounds.

Anna will start setting charges around the Heliport, and her father, Kamsky, 
will try to reach her and then kill her.

Your job is to keep him from doing that.

Basically Kamsky will walk toward Anna, if he reaches her, she dies and it's
game over.

Before that happens you need to shoot Kamsky in the back until he turns and
charges you. (The AK-47 is perfect for this because of its range and accuracy,
alternately the MP5 works too, but tends to eat a full clip before you get 
his attention)

When he charges, you need to get out of the way or he will smack you around
for some serious damage.

Be careful though, it's not that easy as he can change directions and will
sometimes even jump on you.

If you're near the center of the heliport, it's fairly easy to run to one side
and avoid the attack... usually.

Once he's made his attack, Kamsky will then turn and lumber off toward Anna
again... leaving you to shoot him again, etc.. etc...

You need to keep doing this until Anna has set ALL 3 CHARGES.

NOTE: If you run out of AK-47 AMMO, switch to the MP5.

ALSO: After EACH ATTACK he makes reload your weapon, having to reload while
      he's advancing on Anna will usually result in a game over as he will
      probably reach her before you can fire again.

Finally: Don't hit Anna. If you do you will wound her, and this takes a LOT 
         longer as she limps from area to area.

Once all of the charges are set, a - Cutscene - will play and the final part
of this fight will begin.

Kamsky Battle: Part 2

For this battle Anna is thankfully nowhere in sight, it's just you and her

For this part of the fight don't waste time shooting him, you can't hurt him
with normal gunfire.

The ONLY way to hurt him is to avoid his attacks, and then afterwards LET HIM

After he grabs you, smash the - O - Button and then R1 button to do a critical
hit on him. If you need Pistol Ammo, search some of the corpses laying about.

Note: He will have a new move in this fight. Kamsky can make giant leaps 
      forward and attack you, so you should keep moving around the perimeter
      of the heliport and after he makes an attack move back around his legs.
      With luck he will perform a grab move next so you can shoot him.

      After he drops you, start walking (not running) away so you can get
      your - Resistance - back for the next attack.

Keep doing this until you've scored 3 critical hits on him and he will finally
DIE and a - Final Cutscene - will play.

                                  Congrats =)

                           You've beaten Cold Fear!

                    Now sit back and watch the credits play


0.3 ~ Items/Weapons


This is Hansen's basic weapon. He starts with it and will always have it
throughout the game. Despite being the "basic" weapon, it's surprisingly useful
for most of the game.

The weapon comes with a light, which makes it extremely useful in dark places
and it easy to aim and fire. Because you meet Exomutants for 90% of the game
this weapon almost never loses it's play value.


This will be the second weapon you find, and it's a very good one.

Long ranged and easy to aim, you can easily cut down enemies at range and
even score headshots on far away targets. 

The only real drawbacks to this weapon is the lack of a light and the fact it
does have some recoil, meaning it's hard to keep it on it's target when 
shooting targets at range on full auto. It also tends to eat ammo quickly if 
you don't use short bursts.

Despite the flaws, it's still one of the best weapons in this game.


A VERY useful weapon in your arsenel.

While the weapon is extremely weak in combat, fighting with the speargun is 
not what it's designed for. This weapon is made for crowd control.

The spears are treated with a chemical that attracts the Exocreatures and
lures them to the spear. This makes it easy to either avoid the creatures as 
they head for the spear, or manuever them toward an exploding barrel so that
you can kill them all with one shot.


The last weapon you will find in the first half of the game, but definately
a powerful one.

The shotgun does more damage than any other firearm, and the spread can hit
more than one target at a time, and can even decapitate Exomutants with one
hit. As well as killing Exocels in one shot.

The only downside to this weapon is its range. Given the short range of this
weapon, it's only really useful in close quarters. 

Still, most combats in this game occur inside, thus making this a weapon
you will probably use a lot.

Grenade Launcher

This weapon you won't find until the second part of the game.

The Grenade Launcher is a powerful weapon that can kill multiple enemies at 
once (though it burns the bodies) and does more damage than any other weapon
with a direct hit. 

The biggest flaws to this weapon is the short range and indirect fire, it can
be hard to drop a grenade right at an enemies feet. The upside is that it can
be fired over obstacles and still hit your target.

Also: The greandes do not explode on contact, instead taking a few seconds to
detonate. Plan for this.


This weapon requires a little effort to find, and can be easy to miss, but once
you have it you will find you have an excellent addition to your arsenal.

This weapon combines the best features of the Handgun and the AK-47.

It has a light, which makes it a good trade off for the pistol, and has a 
faster rate of fire than the AK-47. Plus it's easy to control and has pretty
good accuracy.

The downside is that it eats ammo VERY fast and it does very little damage per
hit so it takes quite a few hits to kill some of the enemies. Still, it is a 
good weapon.


The last weapon in your arsenal is a small flamethrower.

This weapon is both extremely powerful, and extremely dangerous to use because
if a burning enemy latches onto you, you'll burn too (and thus die)

When used with the speargun it's frightingly deadly to most enemies as you can
light them on fire with little chance of them rushing you.

ExoSpectres and Exomasses appear to be immune to this weapon though, so don't
waste it on them.



The only other item you can find (excluding ammo) is the Medkit. Unlike other
survival horror games you can't pick these up though, you can only use them
where you find them.

When used, a Medkit heals about 50% to 70% of your max health.


0.4 ~ Enemies/Bosses


= Normal Enemies =

Mercenaries =

These are hired soldiers used to protect the Ship and Drilling Platform, like
Tom they are fully human, but they aren't friendly and need to be avoided or 

They are also one of the weakest enemies, and only a few shots will kill them.

Mercenaries attack with either a Pistol, AK-47 or MP5.

Easiest Kill: Any (Mercenaries die rather quickly)

ExoMutant =

These are the "zombies" of this game, they're the most numerous enemies you 
will face in Cold Fear.

Most will attack you with a hand weapon of some kind, though some are capable
of using firearms and will attack with their AK-47.

It takes multiple shots to down one, and after being knocked down they still
aren't dead. After you drop one, go up to it and - Interact - with it using 
the Circle button to deal a killing blow by squishing it's head.

Later in the game certain ExoMutants will also release the ExoCel that 
animates them, thus forcing you to deal with them as well.

Easiest Kill: Close Range - Shotgun (Aim up slightly and take their head off 
                                    with one shot)
              Long Range - AK-47 (You can even decap them at range with this

ExoCel =

These are the extremely weak creatures that animate the ExoMutants and are
also the cause of the mutations that have created the other ExoCreatures.

While weak, they are also deceptively deadly as they can climb ceilings and
attack from a fairly good range with their long tentacles as they suck Tom's 
blood out.

Also: because of their size they can hide fairly easily.

If you start taking damage for no apparent reason, it usually means there's
an ExoCel nearby that has latched onto you.

Also: After you hit one it will curl up into a ball and roll backwards. Don't
let this fool you, until they become a smear on the floor they're still alive.

Easiest Kill: Shotgun at close range will kill them in one shot

ExoShade =

These doglike creatures are fast, powerful and very deadly.

They can also howl causing the lights to go out, when this happens look for
their glowing eyes as that will be the only way to see them until the lights 
come back on.

They can also climb walls and ceilings, and if there are vents nearby they can
use them to get behind you and attack.

When faced with an ExoShade, find a corner and wait for it to come to you.
Once it rushes you, shoot it with a Shotgun and it will get knocked over, keep
pumping rounds into it until it's dead.

Alternately, you can drop a Spear somewhere and then blast it with the 
flamethrower while it stands around dumbly. This won't kill it outright, but
will severerly weaken it. Two blasts from the flamethrower should be enough
to kill it.

Easiest Kill: Shotgun - the weapon knocks it over and makes it easier to get
                        the next shot. Keep doing this until it dies.
              Flamethrower - Plant a spear and then light it up. It will run
                             off so it will take more than one shot of the
                             flamethrower to kill it. DO NOT BLAST IT IF IT'S
                             CHARGING YOU

ExoNest =

Stationary and fairly harmless. But they do produce ExoCels rather quickly.

The ONLY way to kill these things is with fire, either from a flamethrower or
burning barrel. A grenade dropped closeby will also light one up.

Once they die (You can tell because they scream) they will drop 1-3 more 
Exocels that you will have to deal with.

Only Kill: Flamethrower - Aim and fire.
           Grenade - Aim and fire one closeby the Exonest.

ExoSpectre =

One word: Annoying.

At least until you know how to deal with them. 

They're also dangerous as they can do a LOT of damage in one hit.

Normally they are invisible until they take damage; the only way to see them
is to look for the traces of dust around their feet as they move toward you
- or - when your laser sight touches something that shouldn't be there.

Once you know what to look for, ExoSpectres are fairly easy to deal with, just
keep shooting them until they drop. Though they sometimes run away for a few 
moments after you hit them, don't be fooled by this as they are going to 
come back for more.

Also: Like ExoMutants they WILL keep getting back up until you - Interact -
with their fallen bodies to squish their heads.

Easiest Kills: Shotgun - Close range (takes about 4 shots to down one, with
                         the possibility of a decapitation)
               MP5 - Long range (takes about a clip and a half to put one down)

ExoMass =

Huge! And could almost be considered a "mini-boss".

When you attack them, aim for their huge bloated left arm. Shooting anywhere
else just pisses them off. Once their arm explodes: they die, so aim at the 
arm and just keep shooting.

Unlike the rest of the enemies, ExoMasses don't wander over to your spears and
stand around dumbly. Instead they rush over and attack them, then go back
to attacking you.

This is a good way to control their movements as you can just plant a spear and
run past them if you need to.

As attacks, the ExoMass does two things other than flail you with it's arm. It
can charge you, and if it connects Hansen will be thrown back and take a lot of
damage. Also it can pound the floor, which will disrupt your aim and slow you

Don't let this thing corner you, or it will spam charge you to death.

One other thing, don't waste time shooting it with less than the Shotgun, 
grenades, or the AK-47... everything else just tickles it.

Easiest Kills: Shotgun - 7-10 good shots and it should die if you hit it's arm.
               Grenades - 4 grenades equal one dead ExoMass. Use a spear
                          to control it's movements and then empty your
                          grenade launcher on it as it reaches the spear.

= Bosses =

Anischenko =

Anischenko is a mercenary, but a pretty powerful one.

He can take about three times the damage a normal merc can before dying.

Other than that, there's nothing worth mentioning.

Easiest Kills: AK-47 - If you try to charge him, he'll chew you up with his
                       own weapon

Kamsky =

Kamsky's info is part of the main walkthru, all I'll say here is that he's
impossible to kill without using critical hits. You'll need to master using 
Critical Hits if you want to beat him.

Only Kill: Pistol - Critical Hits only (three total)


0.5 ~ Documents Transcript


==== Documents on the Eastern Spirit ====

A note about ammunition conservation.

General Order #16

Due to the platform's irregular supplies, we must
conserve our munitions and medkits as much as
possible. Therefore:

1) Live-ammo training is now suspended pending new

2) In a combat situation, it is vital that all soldiers look
to their downed comrades as potential sources of ammo
or medkits. In the same intrests of economy, use body
searches when really necessary.

3) Use the butt of your rifle in close combat situations:
this will enable you to gain the necessary distance to
adjust your aim.

4) Some of your opponents will attempt to immobilize
you. Do not simply empty your clips; strike out at them
to free yourself and shoot at point-blank range; this is
generally highly effective.


A note about electrical boxes.

Certificate of Death
Name: Cpl. Y. Legai
Cause of Death: Electrocution
According to witnesses, Corporal Legai had misplaced
his electronic key while on duty. Unable to reach his
official post, he promptly fired at the electrical control
box on door 114, causing it to explode. Exposed live
wiring subsequently came into contact with a pool of
water on the floor. The door opened, however Cpl.
Legai was electrocuted.
No follow-up necessary

A note about the armory

General Order #12

Smoking in the armory is strictly forbidden. All types of
munitions are stored there, and some are particularly
unstable. Moreover, in our environment, there is a high
probability of corrosion which makes the handling of
ammunition an even more delicate issue. You are
reminded that our facilities for dealing with serious
injury are extremely limited.


A page from Yusupov's diary

Our first encounters with the creatures we now call the
exocels came roughly two months after drilling
commenced on the Star of Sakhalin platform. In fact, I
was already familiar with this platform: we used to use
it as a port of call when patrolling these hostile waters,
and I was determined it would again be deployed as
part of our international operations. Whilst drilling had
effectively stopped some years before, this was not
because the rig was unprofitable - quite the contrary! -
it was because the spare parts often needed were
simply never delivered. The Russian state's private
partners grew weary of the whole affair. All I had to do
was wait a couple of years to repurchase it for scrap! At
first the Cartel was skeptical about the new
operation's success, and I made the necessary
investments for its recommissioning myself. The
communication jammer, the plans for which had been
provided by former Red Army brain Sergei Autarian,
was remarkably effective: as far as international "ears"
were concerned, whether listening in on earth or from
space, there was nothing there but inhospitable ocean
and the odd iceberg.
For the first 25 days, drilling was successful, as
expected. And then, even though our sonars confirmed
the presence of a huge oil reserve, the pressure started
to drop... Suddenly the drill brought up several exocels
that Anischenko and his men had great difficulty in
overcoming. Two days later, we noticed more
specimens crawling up the platform's columns. I
immediately gave Anischenko orders to capture some of
them. That's when I saw my first contamination.

A note about barrels


The standard regulations for storage of explosive
chemicals are not being followed, neither on our supply
ships nor on the drilling platform itself. I have even
seen barrels laying about that are not tied down! I ask
you to exercise your authority to remedy this situation.
I know that these barrels can be extremely effective
against our enemies, therefore, even if it means using
them as weapons, I would prefer to decide on their
positions with you. I will ensure that my men use them


A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

Notes on Exocel Infection
We have deliberately infected and observed over 300
subjects, including dogs, apes, orcas and human
beings. Those subjects have been placed under
permanent biometric surveillance and dissected to
accurately chart the growth of the exocel organism and
help us learn how to control the process.
Infection and Change
The time it takes an infected individual to mutate
depends on two factors: how long it takes the exocel to
get a tendril into the victim's brain, and the infected
body's natural resistance. At present, we have no way
of knowing how long the complete process takes for a
given individual, since body mass, height and age seem
to be of little importance. Any individual infected by an
exocel should thus be given the antidote as quickly as
possible. If no antidote is available, the host's brain
must be destroyed, and I mean destroyed, to prevent
the subject from becoming an active, and potentially
contaminating host. Indeed, the exocel seems to be
able to re-animate a brain that has been clinically dead
for several days.

A note about fire extinguishers

General Order #6

All soldiers are to be extremely cautious in exchanging
gunfire in rooms containing fire extinguishers. These
devices contain highly compressed gas which can cause
explosions. You will be held responsible for any
damage you cause to the ship or to your comrades.


A note about the red fuel valves

To: Major Anischenko
From: G. Gourov
Re: Red Valves

Major, it has come to our attention that some of your
men have been playing at shooting the red valves off the
fuel pipes. Not only does this lead to lengthy,
dangerous, and costly repairs, it also causes a jet of
burning gas to burst from the broken valve. Two
technicians have already been badly injured as a result.
Please order your men to cease this immediately.

A letter about the spears

From: Dr. Pavel Bakharev
To: Colonel Dmitriy Yusupov
Re: Exprimental Speargun

As per your request, here is a manual on how the
speargun weapon works. Please note that these are
still experimental devices, and should only be used in
the greatest of emergencies. Also bear in mind that the
production of the spears is complex and costly; they
must be used for their intended purpse, not as
ammunition against the creatures.

The spears give off an enzymatic gas which attracts the
contaminated organisms. When released by impact,
the exocel is fooled into thinking there is a large source
of protein nearby. The effect lasts until the enzyme
vapor dissipates. At the moment, we cannot sustain the
vapor for more than a few seconds.

I will keep you informed of our latest progress.

-Pavel Bakharev

Yusupov's diary

I often wondered what really convinced Kamsky to
work for me: the well-being of his beloved daughter, or
the first poor-quality shots of the exocel I showed him. I
recall his first encounter with this strange creature: he
seemed both horrified and fascinated. However, when
one was turned loose on a caged dog, it was his
fascination that clearly got the upper hand.
He immediately recognized the exocel's tremendous
potential, but, ever the cunning negotiator, claimed he
no longer had the intellectual or physical resources to
accept such an undertaking (he who had given so much
to an army he persisted in referring to as Soviet).
However, when I mentioned the amount of "funding"
my partners were prepared to grant, I sensed he was
not so "weary". When I added that his daughter was
already on her way to join him on the Star of Sakhalin,
that was the end of it! He immediately agreed to stay
on the platform and supervise the installation and 
As I had expected, Kamsky quickly assured me that the
exocel had military potential, but he feared it was
uncontrollable. With Bakharev's help (I was initially
very wary when the Cartel imposed him on me, but he
soon turned out to be a valuable asset), his first task
was to develop an antidote (protecting yourself from
your own weapons is an old, often life-saving instinct).
The first strains met with failure, but one of them
produced unexpected results: the monsters were drawn
to the gases given off. Bakharev was the one who built
the first prototypes of the compressed air speargun.
Obviously, the effect on the creatures is limited: only
those within a radius of less than 20 meters from the
spear are attracted, and the effect is temporary, but the
results are promising. I shall make the most of our last
little trip to present the lastest version to the Cartel.
Given the latest advances, production of these devices
would seem quite feasible.

I hope that, unlike the last consignment, the
"specimens" will be ready and in good condition.
Kamsky has been insistent about this. When I think
that barely nine months ago, he was unwilling to
experiment on humans!

That Anna has all the fury of a real Russian woman! In
fact, I have been forced to lock her up in one of the holds
on the main deck.

Code for the rear deck starboard door: BP070191

Code for the main deck hold (Anna): RP250486

Yusupov's journal

The Cartel is growing impatient: the results promised
by Kamsky's early reports are a long time coming. And
yet, we have installed new, fully re-equipped laboratory
facilities, and additional scientists have been
"convinced" to participate in the research.
Kamsky is becoming less cooperative; I get the 
impression he is hiding something from us. But I am
sure he would have mentioned any major breakthrough.
No, it must be something more personal.
When we carried out our initial experiments on
monkeys, dogs, then whales, despite the dangers and
the loss of some of Anischenko's mercenaries, I sensed
Kamsky's enthusiasm through his lively discussions
with Bakharev. Then we started on humans, of which
the Cartel seemed to have an inexhaustible supply. The 
first forced contamination was the toughest for
Kamsky. After that, he gradually got used to it, and I
would even surprise him at night observing the exocels.
In any case, the Cartel has no scruples about this. Their
investments run to tens of millions of dollars.
Bakharev's prototypes alone come in at 150,000
dollars apiece!
And so when Anischenko told me what he had
discovered by pirating Kamsky's laptop, I could have
killed him!
That is why I have taken Anna aside: she's the last ace
up my sleeve, and I will kill her without the slightest

A letter to Anna from Kamsky

My Dearest Anna:
I have tried many times to write this letter, but always
I have failed. I want to tell you how sorry I am for the
way in which my work has affected your life. Since your
mother died, I have put you through hell: endless
moving, harsh tutors, remote boarding schools...
However, you know how much my work means to me,
especially since our arrival on the Star of Sakhalin. I
realize I have never given you a normal childhood, but
trust me, I will give you an extraordinary life.
I love you very much.

A note about the pumping station

Attention: Maintenance crew

Maintenance work on the pumping system scheduled
for December 14th has been moved back to December
18th due to delays in getting replacement filters. Since
the risk of flooding is increased, you are advised
against storing any munitions or weapons in rooms
whose doors could be blocked by pressure.


A page about mutations

Mutation Notes:

One of the immediate effects of infestation by one or
more exocels is that the host body's biological
organization and morphology begin to change to suit the
parasite's needs. Subjects no longer require sleep, and
their higher cerebral functions are reinforced. As their
flesh is gradually devoured by the exocel, their skin
changes color and strange bulges appear which
sometimes rip the skin.
Infestation also triggers major physical modifications in
the host, undoubtedly to better protect the hosts, as
their bodies become incredibly strong and resistant to
damage. Similar to the mechanism observed in cancer,
infestation entails a multiplication of cells and a
spectacular increase in the volume of muscles.

Mutation effects begin almost immediately upon
infection. The first clinical signs of mutagenic change
occur from within 3 minutes to just over 2 hours, with
the average effects occuring after 26 minutes.

One third of all subjects demonstrated an additional
form of mutation. These specimens develop tendrils, 
mainly on the upper chest, on the shoulders and on the
back of the neck. These tendrils appear to function
independently of the body to which they are attached,
and to have their own center of locomotion. Upon
dissection they were found to contain sensory organs,
primarily related to smell and hearing. In some
specimens, these tendrils were rudimentary and barely
reached one inch in length. In others they were more
fully developed, up to over a foot long.

A letter from Yusupov about the antidote


I am delighted to inform you that Dr. Bakharev has
succeeded in producing an effective antidote, provided it
is administered soon after infestation begins. Indeed, it
only works if a tendril has not reached the victim's
brain. According to Dr. Bakharev, the antidote
encourages the secretion of a particular enzyme along
the spinal column that is lethal to the exocel.
However, once the tendril gets into the victim's brain,
the antidote is powerless. In parallel, Dr. Kamsky is
researching how to limit the exocel's growth, and thus
block the tendril's development. Dr. Kamsky has
assured me there will be significant results in the next
three months, provided he receives new specimens.



==== Documents on the Star of Sakhalin ====

A note about the retinal scan

General Order #22

The magnetic field control room is now off limits to all
unauthorized personnel. The new security system in
place incorperates a retinal scan lock. As of this
moment, only Colonel Yusupov and myself are cleared
for entry.


A letter from Yusupov


The first phase of the operation has been partially
successful. Dr. Kamsky and his associates have
succeeded in producing powerful, efficacious and
dangerous beings that can only be considered
monsters. The injection of a partial antidote prior to
forced contamination has given excellent results. Many
of these things die quickly, but we have managed to
produce creatures that are impervious to bullets,
immeasurably stronger than our finest soldiers, and
even partly invisible. The possibilities are endless.
Sadly, we have not yet perfected a process by which
these monsters can be controlled. This is now our key
priority. Dr. Bakharev's enzyme gas is most promising
in this respect.

I am sure you are able to understand that we need a
little more time.


A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

Scientific classification of the exocel is impossible
because we have never seen anything like it before. It is
as if some alien creature had crawled up from the
depths, or some prehistoric survivor of ages long gone
had awoken for reasons yet unknown.
DNA testing on the multiple specimens indicates
certain similarities to various arthropods, but the link
is tenuous at best. Traces of other DNA, including
mammalian, have also been found, but the results have
been maddeningly inconsistent. Bakharev has advanced
the notion that they are merely some sort of deep-sea
creature affected by the former government's practice
of dumping its nuclear waste at a nearby deepwater
site. Yusupov takes such thoughts very seriously, and I
have often found him examining maps of the area with
which he claims to be familiar, having spent part of his
career there. Perhaps he knows things that I do not.
What we do know is this: exocels are perfectly adapted
to underwater life, capable of resisting enormous - and
varying degrees - of pressure. Not like us wretched

A letter to Anischenko from Yusupov

Congratulations on your assignment to the Star of
Sakhalin. You know how much faith I have in you since
our shared posting in Afghanistan. In recent years, you
have been a valuable part of our organization, always
making the right decisions faced with our many
problems. The Cartel recently informed me of its
complete satisfaction. I must stress that this new
assignment is potentially more dangerous than
previous undertakings. Obviously, your compensation
and funding will be commensurate to the risks run. The
orders are straightforward: Guard the platform against
any and all intruders. The Star of Sakhalin is
radar-jammed (RS1004 JACKS), which should make
matters easier. Do not hesitate to "encourage" the
scientists to work faster. The sooner they get it done,
the sooner you will receive your payment. I know you
do not like having women (and Anna IS a women)
interfere in your work, but I have no choice in the
matter. When all this is finished, Boris' finest vodka is
on me.


A note about the flamethrower

General Order #26

Practical flamethrower training will be given on the 
cargo dock tomorrow at 1400 hours. This training is
designed to familiarize you with the use of this weapon.
One of the basic recommendations is to take great care
when using the flamethrower outdoors: the wind can 
deviate the flame, making it turn back on you. All
military personnel are required to attend.


A note about the magnetic jammer

The RS1004 JACKS (Jammer and Communications
Killing System) operates by emitting a continuously
modulated spectrum of white noise on all radio
frequencies. This prevents any interception of internal
The system also constantly scans for any signs of radar
surveillance. When communication with the outside is
deemed necessary and if the surveillance verification
tests negative, a window is opened and communication
is enabled.
Thus far, the JACKS has proved to be perfectly efficient.

A note from Anischenko about Bakharev

Security Dossier:
Bakharev, Dr. Pavel
Security Clearance: Blue
I have had a chance to check Bakharev's details.
Nothing leads us to conclude that he is not what he
claims to be. Dr. Kamsky has left me in no doubt as to
his scientific merit, Bakharev is reputed to be an expert
scientist. The fact that Bakharev knows Kamsky's
daughter is quite fortuitous. In the biotechnology field,
it is well known that Bakharev holds Dr. Kamsky in
very high esteem. In this respect, he is not unlike many
other specialists in the field. Bakharev also did most of
the recruiting of the additional scientists. His contacts
with the Cartel are indirect. Consequently, I do not
believe that he is a spy working for them.
Please destroy after reading.

A note about the magnetic jammer

WARNING: Important information for optimum
RS1004 JACKS operation

For security reasons, three generators are used to
maintain the system's operational status: one
generator connected to the platform's main power grid,
and two standalone generators. Even in the event of a
general failure, the jammer thus remains functional.
The system will fail to operate only if all three
generators are disconnected or destroyed.

A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

Certain specimens have manifested a form of
asymmetrical development. In these cases, the exocel
produced mutations that were particularly resilient,
powerful and aggressive. Their skins grow so thick and
resistant that they become imprevious to the hardest
blows, and even to gunfire. However, certain body
parts of individuals who had undergone this type of
mutation continued to react normally to wounds: this
mostly concerns the upper limbs, which become
particularly developed. Repeated blows to these body
parts were shown to be fatal. In addition, these
specimens react strangely to bait spears: they become
hysterical and seek to destroy them at all costs.

A report about contamination

One of the reasons the exocels may have previously
escaped detection is that they demonstrate an 
occasional ability to blend in with their environment. In
at least one test subject, 14-02, we have managed to
amplify this phenomenon after blocking the
contamination process and extracting the exocel. The
subject quite literally became invisible, whereas
infrared-enhanced viewing clearly confirmed its
presence. Otherwise, only a faint ripple or disturbance
could be seen when it moved. What fantastic uses could
be made of this!

Exocel behavior is quite simplistic. The extremity of
their tendril is lined with millimetric fangs that sink
into their victim's skin. The exocel uses them to pump
the victim's blood, thereby weakening him. This
renders the victim vulnerable to contamination since
exocels are only able to infest a host that is either weak
or unconscious. Afterward, they enter the body through
the mouth. In some cases, they have been observed
infesting dead bodies, though this activity seems to be
limited to corpses that have not suffered significant
structural damage or undergone extensive

Contaminated human hosts, alive or dead, are
immediately driven by the exocel's urges to seek and
destroy warm-blooded life. This serves two purposes: it
feeds the exocel's hosts, who frequently engage in acts
of cannibalism, and provides new potential hosts for
other exocels. The mutations induced in their hosts
require tremendous amounts of protein, which means
that the hosts are constantly seeking fresh prey.

The secondary phase of exocel life, what we now call
the "tumorous" phase in the which the exocels become
"breeders", is extraordinarily difficult to destroy, even
though condemned to immobility. Only fire can
effectively destory these forms of exocel. The "breeder"
produces "contaminators" at a still undetermined rate.
The link between the "contaminators" and their 
"breeders" remains a mystery, although it seems a
contaminator will fight to the death to protect its

A memo to Yusupov

To: Col. Dmitriy Yusupov
Re: Platform Readiness
Subject: Progress of platform operations

All drilling operations have ceased. The laboratory
facilities are now operational and have been equipped
according to Dr. Kamsky's instructions: confinement
cells, decontamination chambers, scanners and
scanning electron microscopes. The first specimens are
onboard and the 20 scientists I have recruited at your
request will be here on Thursday. Anischenko has
enabled the communication jamming system, and all
drilling crew members have been evacuated (those
aware of the presence of exocels have been "dealt with
seperately"). Work can now get underway.

A page about experiments

We have observed that electric discharges have no
effect on the exocels' neuronal network. However, once
the exocel has taken control of a body, both the exocel
and its host are vulnerable to any source of electricity.
In fact, prolonged exposure to a strong electric charge
results in death.
As a precaution, we have electrified the floors in the
experimental chamber. This system is only to be used in
case of an extreme emergency.

A page from Bakharev's diary about the antidote

It seems plain to me now that the key to preventing the
exocel from taking complete and fatal control over its
host lies in blocking the penetration of the creature's
tendril into the victim's brain. If the brain could be
stimulated to produce some sort of enzyme toxic to the
exocel, it would kill the creature, effectively putting a
stop to the infection.

Some progress has been made in stimulating the
production of autolytic enzymes, which have proven to 
be extremely toxic in relation to the exocel, in some
cases completely liquefying it. My hope is that if these
enzymes could be created much more quickly, they
might liquefy an exocel inside a host body, causing it to
dissolve and be flushed out naturally.

Kamsky has suggested a slight change of method. He
proposes a more measured level of stimulation with a
view of obtaining a slower, more progressive
production of enzymes in order to observe the host's
mutations in detail. I fail to understand his objectives,
but he insists we need this information.

A page from Dr. Kamsky's diary

I can't help thinking that these creatures have great
potential. If we could learn how to reproduce and
harness the way they alter their hosts, the results could
be decisive. Yusupov wants me to create beasts, things
that can be used to kill. He fails to see how we could 
use the exocels to improve life!
Nevertheless, he has Anna, and thus I am forced to
obey - at least for now. I have been merging exocels
with subjects - Yusupov has forced me to use humans
lately - and then trying to guide the mutations that
result. I've made some monsters for Yusupov. Let us
see what I can make for myself.

A report about the exocel life cycle

Official report on the exocel's life cycle and
Dr. V. Kamsky and Dr. P. Bakharev

There are two main phases to the exocel life cycle:
reproduction and contamination.
To reproduce, the exocel transforms itself into what we
now call "breeders": stationary, organic structures of
potentially considerable size, basically shapeless and
particularly repulsive in appearance. When the exocels
enter this phase, they find a safe, isolated location,
usually high up, attach themselves firmly to it with their
tendrils, and immediately start growing. The breeder
starts hatching out new "contaminators" within 24
hours through an asexual "budding" process..
Contaminators are small, fast and highly mobile. When
attacked, they curl up into what could be called a fetal
position, exposing a hard external shell, but which is
quite soft and vulnerable on the inside. Their "mission"
is to find a host, infect it parasitically, and feed on it
from the inside. It may need to repeat the process
several times, but eventually this produces an adult,
mature exocel, ready to settle down as a breeder and
start producing more contaminators.
Physically speaking, contaminators are weak. As a
result, they can only contaminate dead, dying or
weakened hosts. Healthy, strong organisms can easily
fight them off. This explains why "hungry" exocels seek
to weaken their prey before contaminating it. Once the
exocel has integrated its host - and up to 7 can share a
single host - it effectively takes control of it by sending
"tendrils" up into the host's brain. Thus, to permanently
eliminate an infected host, its brain must be destroyed.
In fact, the host's other body parts are all but
indestructible: muscle mass increases at a spectacular
rate, and bruised or injured tissue heals almost immediately.
As Prof. Nicolai Kastagnev explained during our last
encounter, this process requires large amounts of
protein. Human protein is naturally preferred, since it
will be building human cells. As a precaution, the
contaminators also shut down their host's higher brain
functions, essentially switching off the host's
personality. The body is left to defend itself and find
food. Moreover, it seems that during a more advanced
stage in the mutation process, the contaminators
reactivate certain of their host's intellectual functions,
turning them to their advantage to perceive space, use
tools and even devise and communicate strategies. One
of the main benefits of this is to facilitate the search
for new, potential hosts by attacking, wounding and killing
other healthy humans.

As indicated above, even bodies that are dead, but in
otherwise good condition, can be "re-animated" by the
exocels, which energize the host's nervous and 
muscular systems. The tendril in the brain turns the
corpse into an extension of the exocel's body in a sort of
monstrous symbiosis. Bodies frozen for months or even 
years could conceivably be used in this fashion by the
At a certain stage in the mutation, which varies
according to individual hosts, the process is reversed:
the contaminators escape from the host's body, which
enters a state of rapid putrefaction. The same occurs
when an exocel is forcibly extracted from a body,
usually by destroying the host's brain or by burning it

Whilst we are learning more each day, our results are
already highly promising. Obviously, the next stage is
to control the whole process to obtain what we are all
striving for. We remain confident.

A scientific log

Experimental Log - Subject Series G3

Experimental subject G3-01
Control subject (B. Cardunev). Was sedated then
deliberately infected (forced ingestion). Received no
antidote. Showed first signs of metamorphosis within
20 minutes. Base phase of metamorphosis complete
within two hours. Symptoms: increased muscle mass,
regeneration of tissues after injury, modification of
internal organs, excessive hunger for protein, 
shutdown of all higher brain functions.

Experimental Subject G3-02
Control subject (S. Fratiniev). No contamination.
Received 20 mls of serum A9. Side effect: mild thoracic
skin rash.

Experimental Subject G3-03
Test subject (G. Petrov). Killed himself by repeatedly
bashing his head against the bars of his cell once
infected. No data collected.

Experimental Subject G3-04
(B. Vidaleiev). Subject was sedated and then
contaminated by forced ingestion. Received 20mls of
serum A9b. Visible mutations after 14 minutes, but did
not continue along expected track: mutation continued
in asymmetrical pattern, causing disproportionate
development of the upper left limb. The contaminating
agent seems to have infected this limb and multiplied
within it. Subject's entire body showed great
resistance, including exposure to fire. Only the left arm
showed any signs of vulnerability. Subject destroyed
after 15 days of observation: risk too great.

Experimental Subject G3-05
(B. Carrayan). Subject was injected with 20 mls of
serum A9, then put down. Subject was infected
posthumously. Exocel demonstrated its ability to
re-vivify corpses in otherwise good condition. Serum
had no apparent effect.

Experimental Subject G3-06
(H.Abbash). Subject was sedated then contaminated
by forced ingestion. Injections: 10 mls of serum A9b
and 10 mls of A10 (neurotransmitter blocker). Onset
of mutations was delayed for 9 hours, 32 minutes,
improved regenerative properties, pigmentation
alteration of skin and eyes, reduced higher brain
activity, especially cognitive functions.
Dissection revealed a tendril along the spinal column,
but in a deteriorated form.

This could be the breakthrough we are looking for!

A note about the yellow steam valves

To: Major Anischenko
From: Maintenance unit
Re: Yellow valves

Major, while I appreciate the fact that your men have
effectively ceased vandalizing the red fuel pipe valves, I
am most disappointed to learn that they have now
turned their targets to the yellow steam pipe valves.
These are, if anything, even more dangerous and
troublesome to repair. I realize that labor costs are not
an issue here, however, I would prefer our men to
serve the intrests of Kamsky's experiments rather
than being burned to death by jets of hot vapor.
Furthermore, the scientists run the risk of an accident
at any moment.
Thank you.

A letter from Kamsky to Anna

My dearest Anna:
What I promised you in my last letter is now coming
about. The power within me is greater than what I
imaged in my wildest dreams. Still, I have the
impression that my metamorphosis is not yet complete.
My arms are continuing to develop. Soon, whoever
approaches me will have to suffer the consequences of
my furious anger. Anna, at last I have found what I've
been looking for: an appointment with immortality.
Come with me Anna, it's the most beautiful of all
Kingdoms. I have built it for you... Anna, my dear
daughter... I feel so strong... I must destroy the
antidote... I don't want to go back to where I came

Pages from Bakharev's diary

October 16
We have obtained excellent results with the latest
strain of Viktor's serums. However, while they are
preventing the exocels from killing their hosts, the poor
souls continue to undergo hideous and painful
mutations. The serum also seems to speed up certain
phases of the process. What we are creating here can
only be called monsters.

October 19
One of the experimental subjects is driving me mad. I
don't understand why Viktor insists on keeping his
failures. This thing is constantly bellowing, and
climbing the walls and ceiling of its cell. It is a good
thing that it hates the light, otherwise it would be
virtually uncontrollable. But the shouting - it goes on
all night. The sound of it chills my blood.

October 20
It stared at me all day in the lab. I could feel its eyes on
me everywhere I went. A. Carrev and L. Bartolovich
have noticed my fear of it. Why won't Viktor destroy it?

October 21
Today I caught that damnable creature trying to take
apart its cell. I swear it started smiling at me when I 
saw it. I forced it back into a corner with a strong light
before fetching a technician, M. Pirev, to repair the
damage. It howled the entire time, as if to let me know
that someday it will come for me.

October 22
It has apparently acquired new powers. I spent all day
watching it, and to my horror I discovered that its
howling made all the lights in the entire scientific
module go out. Fortunately, the power was quickly
re-established, but it gave that hideous scream and the
lights died again. I tried talking to Viktor about it, but
he would have none of it.

October 23
Today we infected the last of the prisoners Yusupov had
brought in for use as test subjects. Kamsky used an
additional 20 centiliters of serum A4-12, but the
results look the same - uncontrolled asymmetrical
mutation. I think these test subjects will be put down.
A. Briclov and B. Delbosky will do the necessary, as
Viktor is furious. Like me, he feels that we are on the
verge of a breakthrough, and that only a few more
subjects are needed. Whilst I do not feel remorse, my
sleep is haunted by terrible nightmares. Even if the test
subjects are dangerous criminals, they deserve better
than this. I will be glad to go back to working on apes
and other lesser creatures.

October 29
One of Anischenko's men went missing today.

November 1
An experimental specimen vanished this morning. I do
not mean that it escaped - it vanished. All that could be
seen was a slight disturbance in the air, like some sort
of heat mist. It is terrifying to think of the powers that
we may be unleashing here.

November 2
We have established beyond all doubt that the missing
specimen is still in its containment cell. Its aggression
and insanity must have a reached a threshold, after which
it started bashing itself against the walls of its
confinement in an attempt to escape. When it struck
hard enough to injure itself, it faded into view for a
moment and tried to escape. Clearly, injury renders it
visible. Is this its last trace of humanity?

November 3
We have taken to filling this specimen's chamber with
a fine mist, which eneables us to better observe it. Its
appearance is most strange. Death no longer seems to
be at work.

November 4
Two more guards, A. Barrov et B. Martinev, have
disappeared. Anischenko is accusing anyone and
everyone. Viktor is strangely calm, arguing that they
probably got drunk and fell overboard. This is plausible
- these mercenaries crave only their weapons, alcohol
and sex. And yet... Viktor's lack of concern is disquieting.
I wish I could believe him.

November 10
When I came into the lab in the morning, it was clear
that someone had been working there all night. I
immediately suspected C. Combiev et D. Fernendenko, 
two assistants I don't trust. I asked Viktor about it and
he said I was imagining things, that I had been working
too hard. He was the last person here in whom I kept a 
little trust. I often think of my university friend D.
Florianov; I should have taken his advice... but it's too
late now.

November 16
Yusupov left today aboard the whaling ship. He claimed
he was going with Lubenski to make sure they get some
good specimens for the lab. I think he just wants to get 
away from Viktor. At first, Yusupov had to use Anna as
a hostage to get Viktor to work for him. But now,
Kamsky is more enthusiastic about it than Yusupov. It
is a strange reversal of roles.
Anna also went along, of course. I find myself fearing
for her safety. But perhaps she is safer with Colonel
Dimitri Yusupov than she is here.

November 20
Another mercenary, F. Pierrov, has vanished.
Anischenko is beside himself with anger. He blames
American spies: an old habit.

November 24
One of the exocel containment chambers is empty: we
are now all in terrible danger. Viktor seems
unconcerned, claiming that the creature died so he
threw it overboard. I was furious. I told Viktor that if
one of the creatures dies, we have a scientific duty to
study it to find out why. Two other researchers, O.
Floretsky and J. Lorenev, agreed with me. But Viktor
replied by saying he had learned all he wanted from
that specimen.
He also said that he had come up with a solution to the
problem of not having what he called "appropriate" 
subjects. He would say no more on the subject,
however, telling me that I should not worry myself with
such details, especially when the work on the antidote
was going so well.

December 1
Two more mercenaries, A. Delbev and T. Dessaiev, are
missing. Anischenko is preparing for an assault. He 
reckons there must be a breach in the magnetic
jamming. I think he is barking up the wrong tree.

December 3
We established radio contact with the whaler today. A
storm is moving in, making communication very
difficult, however I'm sure I heard them say they
thought there were exocels on board. I felt my blood go
cold. Anischenko gave them orders to turn back, but
there was no reply. They have not responded to any of
our calls since. I surprised myself praying for the souls
of those onboard, especially for Anna, whose only
misdeed is being the daughter of her father.

December 4
Today is a day of calamity! Viktor has vanished! His
notebooks are missing, as is his laptop. The samples of
serum and antidote we were working on? Gone too!
Perhaps he has gone mad and thrown himself into the
sea, unable to bear the things he has done.
Personally, I don't think so.
I am convinced he has decided to experiment upon
himself, and that he is hiding somewhere, awaiting
metamorphosis. He often said that his ultimate
objective was to arrest the "exocel" process. He said it
would be a tremendous feat to harness the creature's
power, mutations and subsequent changes of
personality. If I ever set eyes on him again, I do not
think I will recognize him. Hopefully, all this is a bad
dream. God help us all if he has succeeded.

December 5
Still no word from the whaler. Still no sign of Viktor.
And today, someone released the last remaining
specimens from the laboratory. They are now roaming
all over the platform, and the exocels are breeding like
wildfire. Anischenko has barricaded himself in with his
men, but it is useless. I await certain death.
Viktor, what have you done?

This time, I was very nearly done for... I am going to
take refuge in the sick bay... As far as I'm aware, there
have been no attacks there...

I am taking the last prototype and a dose of antidote... I
know there are others in Kamsky's lab, but I can't bring
myself to go there...

Anna will come looking for me. Please hurry Anna, I'm 
afraid there may not be much left of me by the time
you get here!

The two helicopter pilots, C. Lekachev and J.B.
Beletsky, have been killed. Anna is now the only one
who can save me...


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