Cleopatra – A Queen’s Destiny (walkthrough)

Cleopatra - A Queen's Destiny

Author: The_Will
Version: 1.1
Date: 28-09-2007

+-- Changelog --

-- 1.0 -> 1.1
Corrected a few small mistakes.

+-- Table of Contents --
 +-- Some things you need to know about the game. -- 1.0 --
 +-- Walkthrough -- 2.0 -- 
  +-- Alexandria -- 2.1 --
   +-- Observatory Garden -- 2.1.1 --
   +-- Akkad's Workshop -- 2.1.2 --
   +-- Library Garden -- 2.1.3 --
   +-- Akkad's Workplace revisited -- 2.1.4 --
   +-- Observatory Garden revisited -- 2.1.5 --
   +-- Mausoleum -- 2.1.6 --
   +-- Library -- 2.1.7 --
  +-- Pharos Lighthouse -- 2.2 --
   +-- Outside Pharos -- 2.2.1 --
   +-- Inside the Lighthouse -- 2.2.2 --
   +-- Upstairs -- 2.2.3 --
  +-- Alexandria revisited -- 2.3 --
   +-- Observatory Plateau -- 2.3.1 --
   +-- Library -- 2.3.2 --
   +-- Mausoleum -- 2.3.3 --
   +-- Secret Observatory -- 2.3.4 --
 +-- Copyright and contact -- 3.0 --

+-- Some things you need to know about the game. -- 1.0 --

When you begin your game, you are asked to pick a zodiac sign. The sign you
choose influences some of the events in the game. There are a number of 
situations where you can either have good luck, or bad luck, based on your 
zodiac choise. In this Walkthrough I'm assuming a bad luck scenario in all
these cases. As a result, some items I tell you to pick up might not exist in
your game, because you have no need of them. If this is the case, simply ignore
that item, and move on with the walkthrough.

+-- Walkthrough -- 2.0 --

+-- Alexandria -- 2.1 --

+-- Observatory Garden -- 2.1.1 --

We find ourselves in the observatory garden, looking for Iris and Akkad.
Investigate the blood in front of you, then grab the [Papyrus Strip] from the 
urn on your right. 

Follow the blood trail one step forward and pick up the [Papyrus Stalk] on the 

Walk towards the pyramid. Pick up [Half a Broken Stick] and [Iris's Writing 

Cross bridge on the right towards the mausoleum. Pick up [Broken Stick] at the
bridge to the right.

Cross this bridge towards the door with the fountains on the side. Pick up
[Iris's Bracelet] on the right.

Cross bridge towards the statue of Eros. Pick up [Metal Hook], [Pot of Bitumen]
and [Leather Strap] to the left of the statue. Examine the statue before 
moving on.

Walk back towards the pyramid and walk towards the bridge leading to the 
sphere. Pick up the [Papyrus Stalk] on the left.

Walk past the other statue of Eros and the pyramid towards the wall. Pick up
the [Half Crown] on the left, and the [Half Mask] on the right.

Walk towards mausoleum using the bridge closest to you. Rotate camera to the
right. You'll notice there's some grass with a papyrus strip stuck in the
hippo's mouth. Push it with the [Papyrus Stalk] - or with the [Metal Hook] if 
you didn't find the [Papyrus Stalks] - then follow the patch of grass down the 

If you had good luck, pick up the [Papyrus Strip] by hand. If you had bad luck,
combine both [Papyrus Stalks] with the [Leather String] to make a [Pole]. 
Use the [Pole] on the [Papyrus Strip] to pick it up.

Walk towards the sunny side of the pyramid. (the one closest to the start)
Use the wet [Papyrus Strip] on the Pyramid to dry it. Then use the [Dried Strip]
with [Iris's Writing Kit].

Combine both [Halves of the Broken Stick] with [Bitumen] to form [Mended Stick].
Then combine both [Papyrus Strips] with the [Mended Stick] to read them.

Walk towards the sphere. Rotate the Sphere so that the Arrow Constellation is
visible. You will need to enter the names of the Arrow, Pegasus and Pisces
constellation on the rotating ring. The correct order is as follows:
Beta, Epsilon, Lambda, Omicron, Sigma, Pi, Eta, Gamma, Alpha, 'Iota (the one
with the apostrophe!), Khi, Theta, Upsilon. You have now activated Eros' statue.

Walk back to where you picked up the bitumen, and pick up the [arrow] that 
nearly killed you.

Walk towards the Eros statue next to the pyramid. Pull back the bow string.
If you had bad luck when the arrow nearly hit you, disassemble the [Broken 
Arrow], and combine the remaining halves with the [Mended Stick]. Then use the
[Arrow] on Eros' statue. Move the hand holding the bowstring to the middle 
position, then click the sign of Sagittarius on the pyramid. Enter Akkad's 

+-- Akkad's Workshop -- 2.1.2 --

Pick up [Akkad's Notes] from the shelf next to the door you came in through.

Cross the room towards the little door in the wall next to the papyrus rack.
Open the door and pick up the [Scroll]. Then pick up the [Letter from Librarian]
from the Papyrus Rack.

Cross the room towards the table. Pick up Papyrus With Months from the chair.
Pick up [Letter to Iris], [Small Board] and [Small Pliers] from the table.
If luck is on your side for this puzzle, [Small Board] won't be there. If it is
there, use [Small Pliers] on [Small Board] with [Small Tassette] from the
nearly empty basket on the table. Then use [Pile of Tags] on the now empty 

Walk to the sheet covered exit. Pick up [Lighter] to the left. Pick up [Tablet 
Mold], [The Heliolab] papyrus and some clay. Push sheet aside and exit room.

Go up the stairs.

Take [Ancient Rod for Tags] from the heliotrope. Open the chest to your left and
pick up [Papyrus Containing Codes].

Cross the roof to the other side and pick up [Clepsydra]. Go back down and
enter the workshop.

Head over to the table. Place [Notched Rod] in the slot on the table. From left
to right, insert a small tag, then a big tag, then small, big, small, big, big
and finally small. The last notch on the right should still be empty. Pick up
the rod and go back upstairs.

Use rod on heliotrope. Push the peg on the winding part down, then wind it.
Release the peg to activate the machine.

After the cutscene, leave the garden through the door behind you. If Thomas
says there's no reason to leave, you have forgotten to pick up the letter
in Akkad's workplace mentioning the tablets of Enuma Anu Enlil.

+-- Library Garden -- 2.1.3 --

Pick up [Crushed Necklace] on the left. Move to the pond and pick up the stone.
Use [Stone] on [Crushed Necklace] to find a piece of papyrus. If luck was on
your side for this puzzle, you can disassemble the necklace to get the papyrus.

Walk towards the door in front of you and examine the crocodile statue. Talk
to Sobek and say all available things. Then pick up [Ushabti Figurine] from
the table to your left and go back to Akkad's Workplace.

+-- Akkad's Workplace revisited -- 2.1.4 --

Combine [Tablet Mold] with [Clay] and [Ushabti Figurine] to make one side of
the mold. Repeat to make the other side.

Walk over to the fireplace. Pick up [Dry Leaves] on the right and put them in
the fireplace. Use the [Lighter] on the leaves, then, when the fire's burning,
add [Coal] to the fire from the crate underneath the fireplace. Keep adding
coal until Thomas says it's useless to add more. Now place one [Half Mold]
into the fire, and wait until Thomas says it's done. Then use the [Kiln Tongs]
hanging on the right to remove the [Baked Mold] from the fire. Repeat for the
other half.

Walk back to the exit if you need more clay. Then combine both [Baked Mold
Halves] with [Clay] to create an [Unbaked Ushabti Figurine]. Depending on your
luck, you'll need either two or three. I suggest making three, Thomas will tell
you if you need two while you're baking them. Bake the [Ushabti Figurines] in
the fire in the same way you did with the molds. Pick up two more lumps of
[Clay], then return to the Library Garden.

Place [Ushabti Figurines] on the table you got the first figurine from. Talk
to the croc guy, tell him you brough his figurines. Now go to the Observatory

+-- Observatory Garden revisited -- 2.1.5 --

Walk to the door with the hippo fountains. Disassemble [Clepsydra], then fill
it completely under the fountain. 

Walk to the Mausoleum door and examine it.

Pour one splash of water from the [Clepsydra] into the first hole, three
splashes into the second hole and five splashes into the third hole. Plug the
lower right hole with [Clay], then fill it with nine splashes of water. You
will need to refill the [Clepsydra] to do this. If a stopper falls out, simply
plug the hole with the other lump of [Clay] and refill it to the proper level.
Enter the Mausoleum.

+-- Mausoleum -- 2.1.6 --

Use [Lighter] on the small bowl on the ground. Walk to the three urns on the
right and open them all. Pick up the three statuettes, then turn over the
heads and pick up the [Statuette of Horus]. Now return - yet again - to the
Library Garden.

Place statuettes on the little table on the right. They must be placed on the 
black squares. On the left side of the scale, the [Statuette of Isis] goes on
the far left, with the [Statuette of Thoth] on it's right. On the right side of
the scale, the other two statuettes must be place. The [Statuette of Horus] on
the far right, with the [Statuette of Anubis] on it's left. Now we can finally
enter the library.

+-- Library -- 2.1.7 --

Pick up the [Grappling Hook] behind you. Then walk to the left side of the 
library and pick up the [Digging Bar]. Walk to the far left corner and pick up
the [Rope] lying next to a croc. Walk to the door just right of the entrance
and talk to the guy sitting there. As usual, speak about everything.

Enter storage area. Look to the right. Pick up papyrus [Inventory of
Ingredients] and all four piles of bowls. Use bowls on the herbs scattered
around and on those still in the urns. If you have bad luck, the grey nuggets
are moldy, and you should have 1 bowl left. If they're not moldy, all bowls
should have been used. If you're missing one, look around until you find it.

Enter the laboratory. Pick up papyrus [The Zolios reactions] on the left. Pick
up papyrus [The Prusias Properties] next to the empty bowl. Pick up papyrus
[The Diomedes Reactions] hanging on the wall. Place herb bowls in rack, all
holes should have a bowl, regardless of whether you had good or bad luck.

Pick up [Empty Bowl] and fill it with water before placing it back. Pick up
[Empty Decanter] from the shelves to your right. Throw 1 scoop of [Lullibi
Flowers], 2 scoops of [Makkan Seeds], 2 scoops of [Uruku Roots] and 1 scoop of
[Canaan Thorns] into the bowl. Use the [Empty Decanter] on the mixing bowl.

Go back to the library hall, move to the back and walk towards the pillars.
Examine faded paint on the first pillar and the lower end of the second pillar.
Use [Solvent] on the bottom end of all four pillars.

Use [Digging Bar] on hole in the left pillar. Tie [Rope] to [Grappling Hook].
Walk to Souchous (the big croc in the middle), use the [Rope with Hook] on his
collar. Walk back to the pillars. Tie the end of the [Rope] to the right side 
of the [Digging Bar]. Walk back to Souchous and click on him. Sobek should
mention something about a staff if you've done it right. Walk outside and get
the staff standing next to Sobek's stuff. Use [Sobek's Staff] on Souchous. Walk
back to the pillars, untie the [Rope] and take out the [Digging Bar]. Place 
[Digging Bar] in the second pillar and tie the [Rope] to the right end, then
use [Sobek's Staff] on Souchous. Walk back, untie [Rope] take [Digging Bar]
and place it in the third pillar, tie [Rope] to the right end. Use [Sobek's
Staff] on Souchous three times. Walk back, untie [Rope], take out [Digging Bar]
and place it in the fourth pillar, then tie the [Rope] again. Walk to Souchous
and use [Sobek's Staff] on him three times. If you've done this correctly, a
secret room will open. If nothing happens, walk to the pillars and check if
the pillars are set to the correct number. From left to right, they should read
two, three, five and seven.

Enter the secret room and pick up [Tablets] from the chair.

After the cutscene, talk to Kordax about all available subjects. Then open his
basket, take [Formula for the Morpheus Draft] and the [Fish Fillets]. 
Enter the laboratory for some more alchemy.

Empty the mixing bowl and fill it with fresh water. Add 1 scoop of [Mitanni
Gum], 2 scoops of [Arsawa Powder] and 1 scoop of the bottom left [White Powder]
Empty the mixing bowl and fill it with fresh water again. The next step depends
on whether or not the grey nuggets were moldy. If they were, do 'BAD LUCK',
otherwise do 'GOOD LUCK'

BAD LUCK: Add 1 scoop of [Kerma Powder], 2 scoops of [Arsawa Powder], 2 scoops
of [Pitassa Gum] and 1 scoop of the bottom right [Gray Powder].

GOOD LUCK: Add 1 scoop of [Mitanni Gum], 2 scoops of [Arsawa Powder], 2 scoops
of [Pitassa Gum] and 1 scoop of the [Grey Nuggets].

Empty the bowl again and fill it with fresh water. Now add 2 scoops of
[Melukhkha Bone].
GOOD LUCK: Add 2 scoops of [Ashod Resin]
BAD LUCK: Add 2 scoops of [Ataniya Roots]
Then add 2 scoops of [Canaan Thorns] and finally 2 scoops of [Tjekker Flowers].
Now add the [Fish Fillets], walk outside and feed the [Fish Fillets] to the 
croc in front of you.

+-- Pharos Lighthouse -- 2.2 --

+-- Outside Pharos -- 2.2.1 --

Walk to the beached ship. Open left chest, take [Hammer] and [Chisel]. Use
[Chisel] on wooden beam lying next to the chest. Open the right chest and take
[Needle and Thread] and [Fraying Instrument]. Use [Fraying Instrument] on the

Walk to the catapult. Pick up [Broken Peg]. Use [Piece of Wood] with [Hammer],
[Chisel] and [Broken Peg] to make a new peg.

Pick up [Wooden Frame] and [Stone Ball] just ahead. Load the counterweight with
the [Sandbags] lying next to it.

Walk towards the wall. Use [Fraying Instrument] with [Large Piece of Sail]. Use
[Needle and Thread] on each of the newly created pieces of sail to fashion
three [Bags]. Fill the [Bags] with sand in the corner. Match the three small
[Plaque Pieces] with the the bigger piece lying on the rock.

Walk back to the catapult. Add the 3 freshly made [Sandbags] to the counter-
weight. Put ladder up against the catapult. Pick up [Winch Cable Loop] and
climb up the ladder. If Thomas says the cable is locked, flip the peg next to
the wheel. Position [Winch Cable Loop] on the wooden block hanging from the 
catapult arm. Secure it in place with the peg you made earlier. If the peg
breaks, make a new one the same way you made the first one. Climb down and put
the ladder back where you got it from. Flip peg next to wheel, then turn the 
wheel. Use [Sling] on the base of the catapult, load it with the [Stone Ball]
and attach the [Hook] to the hook on the catapult arm. Use [Hammer] on the peg
in the [Winch Cable Loop] to fire the catapult. Pick up [Peg], flip peg next
to wheel, place ladder against catapult, fasten the [Winch Cable Loop] again
using the [Peg] to secure it in place. Climb down, flip the peg, turn the wheel
and use the [Sling] on the catapult base again.

Walk to the wall, pick up your [Stone Ball] and use your [Metal Hook] on the
loose brick in the wall.

Return to the catapult, load the [Stone Ball], fasten the [Hook] and use your
[Hammer] to fire another ball. Walk to the wall. If luck is on your side, the 
wall now has a hole big enough to climb through. If not, you will find your
stone ball is now a pile of rubble. Use [Chisel] with [Wooden Frame] and
[Rubble] to make a new ball. Go through the tedious process of reloading the
catapult for the third time, and fire it for the last time. Before you climb
through the wall, get all six sandbags from the catapult's counterweight.
Climb through the wall and pick up the [Chainmail] on your left. Go back 
through the wall towards the half finished plaque. Empty the sandbags you made
on the pile of sand, then combine [Wooden Frame] with the [Chainmail] and 
[Thread]. With the [Sieve] you just created, filter the sand until you find all
pieces of the plaque. Put the pieces in the right place and enter the
lighthouse again.

+-- Inside the Lighthouse -- 2.2.2 --

Examine the left wall. Use your [Hammer] to repair the wheels if they're bent
out of shape. Then align them so it reads Sigma, Omega, Sigma, Tau, Rho, Alpha,
Tau, Omicron, Sigma. Click the middle circle to open the panel. Take the letter
then pull the lever. Walk over to the counterweight that just came down. 
Remove all weight and put them on the stack next to it. If you're lucky and all
weights are still in one piece, load 11 weights into the cart. If some of the
weights are lying broken on the floor, load 6 weights into the cart, and add
the remaining three [Sandbags] from your inventory. Pull the rope on the right
and load the remaining weights into the counterweight. Untie the rope and climb
into the cart. Unload weights and put them in between cart and counterweight.
Unload the sandbags and put them next to the cart. Make sure you're in the cart
before you unload anything. Also make sure you've got no [Sandbags] left in
your inventory, as they will weigh you down.

+-- Upstairs -- 2.2.3 --

Climb stairs to the hydra chamber. Walk to the centre of the room and talk to
Iris about everything. Enter the Gorgon names from the plaque (names in red).
The correct order is as follows: Mu, Epsilon, Delta, Omikron, Upsilon, Sigma,
Eta, 'Epsilon (mind the apostrophe), Rho, Alpha, Lambda, Theta, Nu. The winch
should now be activated, walk towards it and use it. Return to the middle of
the room and look up. Examine the mirrors that don't have a brown rectangle in
them, and pull the corresponding ropes. Iris is lowered down; speak to her
about everything.

+-- Alexandria revisited -- 2.3 --

+-- Observatory Plateau -- 2.3.1 --

Talk to Iris about everything, then go downstairs. Take [Part of a Mask] from
the stairs, then combine it with the other part you should still have in your
inventory. Go upstairs and talk to Iris. Now go downstairs and enter Kordax's
room. Talk to him about everything. Go upstairs and talk to Iris. Go to Kordax,
offer to change the water in his bowl. Take the bowl, turn around and take the
[Fragrance Formula]. Go to the Library Garden.

+-- Library -- 2.3.2 --

Take [Sobek's Staff] and use it on the crocodile blocking your way. Go inside.
Enter the laboratory and get ready for some more alchemy. Empty Kordax's bowl.
Empty the mixing bowl if there was still water in it, then fill it with fresh
water. Add 1 scoop of [Mitanni Gum] and 1 scoop of [Yellow Powder]. 
Empty mixing bowl and fill with water. Add 1 scoop of [Mitanni Gum], 2 scoops 
of [Pitassa Gum] and 1 scoop of [Orange Powder]. Empty and refill the bowl.
Add 1 scoop of [Kerma Powder] and 1 scoop of [Ochre Powder]. Empty and refill.
Add 1 scoop of [Kerma Powder], 1 scoop of [Arsawa Powder] and 1 scoop of [Green
Powder]. Empty and refill the bowl. Add 1 scoop of [Kerma Powder], 1 scoop of
[Arsawa Powder], 1 scoop of [Pitassa Gum] and 1 scoop of [Black Powder].
Empty the mixing bowl one last time and fill it again. Add 2 scoops of
[Melukhkha Bone], 2 scoops of either [Ashod Resin] or [Ataniya Roots] depending
on your luck earlier on, 2 scoops of [Canaan Thorn], 2 scoops of [Tjekker
Flowers], 2 scoops of [Nuzi Leaves], 1 scoop of [Ashur Seeds], 2 scoops of
[Kassite Bark], 2 scoops of [Masa Thorns] and 1 scoop of [Teresh Roots].
Finally, fill Kordax's bowl with the concoction. Go back to Akkad's Place.
Place the bowl in front of Kordax. If Kordax falls asleep, you can skip the 
next paragraph.

So Kordax is immune... Pick up the bowl and go talk to Iris. Back to the lab!
Empty the [Poisoned Waterbowl], empty the mixing bowl and fill it with fresh
water. Add 1 scoop of [Melukhkha Bones] then dip in [Iris's bracelet]. 
Fill [Waterbowl] with the new concoction and present it to Kordax.

Now Kordax is asleep, blow the horn lying next to him. Then open his bag and
take the heliotrope [Rod] and [Half of Akkad's Crown]. Talk to Iris, and after
that, make your way to the Mausoleum.

+-- Mausoleum -- 2.3.3 --

Combine both [Halves of Akkad's Crown]. Use [Small Pliers] on the [Crown].
Walk over to the boat on the other side. Place the [Aries Medal] on the right
figurine and the [Taurus Medal] on the left figurine. Walk around again.
Rotate the sun and moon so that Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Scorpio
are visible on the left, and Cancer and Gemini on the right. (Sun at 12,
Moon at 7 o'clock) Place the [Medals] in the appropiate slots. Insert rods as
|        | |*      *| |         | |*           *| |*          | |*        *|
| gemini | | cancer | | scorpio | | sagittarius | | capricorn | | aquarius |
|*      *| |*      *| |*        | |            *| |*         *| |*        *|

Stars resemble rods. If you've done it right, the secret door will open. Walk
around, and use the [Lighter] on the lantern on the floor.

+-- Secret Observatory -- 2.3.4 --

Look to the right. Place [Libra Medal] in slot in chest; open it and grab the
contents. Open little chest to the right of big chest and take [Akkad's last
will and testament].

Walk forwards and pull both handlebars attached to chains. Open doors to
furnaces, and use your [Lighter] to light both fires. Insert [Pisces Medal] in
pillar to our right.

Walk forwards and pick up the [Gangway]. Use [Leo Medal] on the chest on your
left, then open it. If you were lucky, you'll find three discs inside; pick
them up. Insert [Virgo Medal] in centre circle opposite chest.

Walk to raised plateau. Pick up the wooden [Beam] if it's there.

Go outside and open both chimneys opposite the mausoleum. 

Walk to the construction site. Use [Gangway] to get to the hippo's. If you see
a hatch blocking the hole, use the [Beam] to break it. Then open the sluicegate
to let the water in.

Go back inside. If a croc blocks your way, use [Sobek's Staff]. Walk towards
the furnace. Press the moon button to lower the tank. When it comes back up,
connect it to the machine using the [Tube] you found earlier. Now pull out the

Fill both fireboxes with as much heliolites as possible. (Thomas will say when
they're full) If you've done it right, steam is now escaping from a vent
further on.

If you didn't get the discs from the chest earlier, open the package in the
heliolites box. Pick up all three discs.

Walk to where you can see the steam escaping. Place disks in the right place:
Wind at 12 o'clock, Fire at 8 o'clock and Water at 4 o'clock.

You've now solved the game, hope you had fun!

+-- Copyright and contact -- 3.0 --

Copyright 2007 Jan-Willem Willebrands.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. Yada yada yada.

Right enough of that. If you liked this guide and would like to publish it at
your website, just send me an email. Also if you have any suggestions, 
additions or other things you really think I should know, drop me a line:


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