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City LifeFiringSquad sajt kaci preview igre City Life, velike slimulacije gradskog zivota koju razvija Monte Cristo a izdaje CDV. Evo i kraceg dela iz celog teksta, a ukoliko vas je zainteresovao, pravac na ovaj link. City Life does an excellent job in its micro-management, giving the player a number of indicators for keeping each of its citizens happy. Is there enough housing? Are there plenty of shopping and schools available for each class of people in your town? What about their health and safety? And of course your city folks have to have some kind of fun activities. Each particular class of citizen has different kinds of expectations for their happiness. The poorer classes may need simple things like schools and shopping while the elite may need more luxury items to keep them fulfilled. The trick is to have a metropolis that keeps all of these classes happy. And no, you can’t simply make a city full of just have-nots or elites in order to run a successful city.

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