Chuzzle Deluxe (šifre)

Chuzzle Deluxe

Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa

If u can't seem to get a match, do not use the hint option, as it 
will decrease the amount of 'Chuzzle Essence' in ur beaker! 
In stead be patient and u will see that the chuzzle u need to 
move will give a violent shiver!

Finding moves:
If you cannot find a move, wait. A Chuzzle that can move will either wobble, 
or roll its eyes at you.

Finding matches:
Do not use the "Hint" option, as this decreases the "Chuzzle Essence" in your beaker. 
Instead, stay patient and you will eventually find the Chuzzle that must be moved. 

Dizzy Chuzzles:
Drag a row back and forth repeatedly. The chuzzles in that row will get dizzy, and 
make little noises.

Annoyed Chuzzle:
Hold the mouse over a Chuzzle for a long time to annoy it. First it frowns, then 
it kicks the mouse away.

Sneezing Chuzzle:
Keep clicking on an ordinary Chuzzle. First it makes giggling sounds, then it 
sneezes softly, and finally sneezes so hard that its fur falls out. The fur 
grows back in a few seconds. 

Belching Chuzzle:
Keep clicking on a big Chuzzle. First it giggles in a deeper voice, then looks 
like it is going to vomit. Keep clicking to make it belch loudly.

Sleeping Chuzzles:
Do not move for about ten minutes. The Chuzzles will fall asleep, and you will 
see "Z" floating above their heads.

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