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Table of Contents                                                   [CJ.00.00]

* Table of Contents.................................................[CJ.00.00]
* History & Next Version............................................[CJ.01.01]
* Introduction......................................................[CJ.02.01]
* Walkthrough.......................................................[CJ.03.01]
  * Episode I.......................................................[CJ.03.02]
  * Episode II......................................................[CJ.03.03]
  * Episode III.....................................................[CJ.03.04]
  * Episode IV......................................................[CJ.03.05]  
  * Episode V.......................................................[CJ.03.06]
  * Episode VI......................................................[CJ.03.07]
  * Episode VII.....................................................[CJ.03.08]
  * Episode VIII....................................................[CJ.03.09]
  * Episode IX......................................................[CJ.03.10]
  * Episode X.......................................................[CJ.03.11]
  * Episode XI......................................................[CJ.03.12]
  * Episode XII.....................................................[CJ.03.13]
  * Episode XIII....................................................[CJ.03.14]
  * Episode XIV.....................................................[CJ.03.15]
  * Episode XV......................................................[CJ.03.16]
* Cheats............................................................[CJ.04.01]
* FAQ...............................................................[CJ.05.01]
* Conclusion........................................................[CJ.06.01]

History & Next Version                                              [CJ.01.01]

Version 1.0 (09/15/06) - First version, everything is new. (65,4KB)

Introduction                                                        [CJ.02.01]

Taken from the official manual:

"Fight your way through the Wild West, birthplace of the term "shooter," in 
the only game to give you an authentic look into the Old West and all its 
glory, through the eyes of the hunter AND the hunted.

South Texas. 1882. Billy Candle has just turned 19 and he stands accused of
murdering his mother and stepfather. Hot on his trail is Reverend Ray McCall, 
his stepfather's brother and an infamous gunfighter who believes the Lord has
chosen him to be Billy's judge, jury and executioner. Call of Juarez is an 
epic western adventure about vengeance, survival and the search for a 
legendary lost treasure."

Walkthrough                                                         [CJ.03.01]

Episode I                                                           [CJ.03.02]
"I'm Billy. Ma would never saw who my father was, so... I don't got no last
name. She gave me this medallion before I could talk. It's engraved with a 
candle stick. So that's what kid's called me. Candle. Beats spic or pepper
gut. Yeah, Ma's from Mexico. The town I grew up in is just over the border and
the folks there are mostly white. Like my stepfather, Thomas. A big, mean son
of a bitch who would just as soon backhand me as look at me.

I grew up in a town called Hope. Pretty much the most hopeless place I've
ever seen. It's full of drunks and drifters, thieves and liars. And those
are the leading citizens. Like my 'dear' stepfather who knocked the tar out
of me at least once a day, rain or shine. Said he was teaching me how to be
a man.
But all the taught me is how to take a beatin'...

The last time he laid a hand on me was over two years ago. I took off and
didn't look back. I left to find my fortune. The legendary Gold of Juarez.
Wanted to prove to that S.O.B. that I could be more than he ever was... But
the world's a hard place and I didn't find squat. Did meet a girl though.
Molly. Damn, she was pretty. Didn't work out though. Her dad saw to that...
So now I'm back. Hungry. Broke.
I don't have nothing. Not even a last name."

***Objective: Go to Thomas and Marisa's farm.

Walk forward to find some water and rocks in the middle of it. You can use
'space' to jump and get to the other side. If you fall in it's no problem,
just climb out on the other side. 

Walk towards the slope and look for a way down. Try to take small jumps and
sliders to avoid getting hurt. If you ever go too fast, press 'S' to brake.
Once you reached solid ground walk towards the farm and greet Jones. Who will
throw you out. Life is unfair.

***Objective: On the roof of the barn behind the house is a weapon stash. 
    Open it and get the gun. Stay away from Jones who will throw you out if
    he sees you.

Hide behind the tree and press 'Q' or 'E' to lean and see what the old man is
up to. You can focus your view using 'X'. Once Jones is off to repair the
fence hold 'Ctrl' to sneak and move behind the bushes ahead of you. Wait 
until he goes back to work on the fence and then sneak behind the barn.

Find the box here and press 'F' to grab it. Then place the box at the marked
spot by pressing 'F' or the right mouse button again. Jump on the box and then
press 'Space' and 'W' (forward) to climb into the roof of the barn.

Open the box using 'F' and grab the gun and bullets. You can unholster and
holster your gun by pressing the right key. '1' is your the gun in your left
hand (which you don't have now) and '2' is for the gun in your right hand,
which you do have. Unholster your gun and walk to Jones.

Find the tree and a box with bottles on it. Zoom in with 'X' and shoot the
three bottles. Jones will stand next to his fence. Walk past him and follow
that path.

A wolf will jump out of the bushes. Show it your new gun. Well actually, show
the bullets of your new gun. Jump down to encounter your first annoying
loading screen. Enjoy it.

***Loading: "I'm here to see the one person on Earth who ever gave a damn
    about me. My Ma. Other then my stepfather, there's three sumbitch's in
    particular I hope to avoid.
    Tim Powell, our sheriff - who always though I was up to no good... even
    when I wasn't.
    Clyde Forrester, owner of the Grand Saloon - meanest pockerhead you've
    ever seen.
    And then there's the biggest bastard of 'em all...
    My stepfather's brother. Reverend Ray. The most self-righteous son of a
    bitch who ever picked up a bible."

Follow the path until you find a bridge. When you continue you'll bump into
the sheriff - who you wanted to avoid. He wants you to hand in your gun
before he'll let you through. Unholster it and then press 'Backspace' to
drop it. Obviously we need a new one.

***Objective: Get a gun.

Walk forwards and the guy who sells the coffins in town will measure you. 
What nice of him. A bit ahead are some thugs, but they won't do you anything.
Suzy will greet you at the balcony of the saloon and tell you to come over.

***Objective: Steal Suzy's gun.

Enter the saloon and go up the stairs. The owner of the saloon (Clyde, who you
wanted to avoid) will tell you to get lost. Walk down and Suzy will tell you
to come in from the side of the saloon.

Find the horses. Next to them lies a whip. You can equip it with '5' and then
use the left mouse button to hit objects. Head to the window and climb up
the boxes. When you are on top, hit the wooden sticks above the window using
the right mouse button. The right mouse button will allow you to grab things
and go up.

Once you got your whip tightened, use the right mouse button to go up and
use the left mouse button to go down. When you are in front of the window
swing back and forth and press 'space' or both the left and right mouse
button to let go and enter the room of Suzy.

Suzy will go out to make sure you won't get caught, which gives you time to
look around in the room. In the chest you'll find your first Game Card of
Lukasz Adzinski. The drawers left of her bed contain a gun. Watch the timer,
or you'll lose.

Suzy will come back in and wants to give you some oral pleasure. However,
Clyde and his friend come in and want to shoot you. Jump through to window to
escape the akward situation. Clyde will come up the balcony and say that
whoever catches you will get some free with Suzy.

***Objective: Sneak away from the town.

Sneak ('Ctrl') all the time from now on. Use 'Q' and 'E' to check if anyone
is checking out your direction. If not, sneak behind the boxes and keep going
until you're able to head right. You'll end up behind a building. Get as far
as possible as you can and then enter the alley again.

More bandits are here. Note the barrel on your left when you exit the valley.
Hide behind it and then wait for the bandit to walk away before crossing the
side to enter the alley ahead.

There is a man standing here and another one that visits the toilet on the
odd occasion. Head right here and jump over the boxes. Find the open window
and put a box under the window and enter it. 

Go around the corner and open the door. Watch out for the bandits, and when
you're sure it's safe go outside and find the big box next to a fence. Climb
on it and then jump over the fence.

Hide behind all the barrels and then enter the barn. The bandits think you're
not here and close the doors.


Ever played Half-Life 2? No? You missed something. Anyway, grab a box and walk
up. Note that the platform will turn depending on where you are located. Put 
the box on the end of the platform, then turn around and run/jump to the
other side before it falls down again.

Keep climbing up and following the planks until you find a whole in the roof.
Head outside to end up on a roof. Take a small detour, ok?

Climb down the down into the attic of a house and open a chest to find the
second Game Card of Jakub Klarowicz. Head up again and note the trees. Using
your whip you can grab a branch and safely go down. Do so.

Follow your compass (the red dot) until you come across a fence with some 
bandits behind it. When they are gone, jump over it and then head left and
keep running. Go past the church.


Follow the upper path on the right side and keep going until you found Crazy
Frank. Meet him, and he'll tell you he'll shoot you if you try to do anything
with his stuff. Take it easy Frank.

***Objective: Find ammunition for the gun.

Wait until Frank goes to work on his little vehicle and sneak behind the 
bushes and the tree. He'll walk back to his house and turn around again. Sneak
into his house and open the drawer to find the third Game Card of Pawel
Marchewka. In the other room you'll some ammo and Frank will find you. Jump
out of the window and follow the path to the left.

Use the whip to grab a branch and head to the other side of the cliff. Then
follow your compass towards the farm of your mother. No lovely dinner though,
but evil Thomas and gunshots.

Episode II                                                          [CJ.03.03]
"It is on this Sabbath day, in this empty church, that I pray to thee. What
am I to do not to lose faith in the people of this town? Please, God, give me
strength to lead these sinners to righteousness. Last night the demons of my
past visited me in a nightmare. What are you trying to tell me, Lord? That the
citizens of Hope are descending into darkness, just as I was once, trapped in
the shadows of Satan's embrace?
I personally invited every last soul in town to today's service. I will bring
them your word, Lord. I will show them the way."

***Objective: Use the Bible to begin the mass.

You're now playing and Reverend Ray. Walk to the other side of the church and
use the Bible to tell people about the word of God. Clyde will be a very
annoying man, but before anything can happen a woman will come in and tell
you there's shooting at the farm of your brother, Thomas.

***Objective: Run to the Thomas' farm and see what's going on.

You only have 90 seconds to reach the farm, so don't wander around. Exit the
church, follow the path, cross the bridge and enter the area of the farm.
Billy will show up and Reverend Ray thinks Billy did all of this.

***Objective: Catch Billy.

Follow him and you'll see him shut the door behind him. You can use 'C' to
kick open the door. Kick the door ahead open too, remove the stuff that's
blocking the next door and go outside.

Billy will run away again. Head around the fence and enter the barn. Climb the
ladder and head up. Fire will be in your way. Grab a bucket with water and use
it to get rid of the fire. Head outside and follow Billy.

Keep going and going until you see him cross a bridge. When you reach it,
Billy will destroy the bridge and run away. You need to tell someone what

***Objective: Go to the town and tell the sheriff what happened.

When you reach the farm you'll see bandits stealing stuff.

***Objective: Drive off the looters ransacking your brother's farm.

Walk towards the looters and you'll lecture them. Two will run off, but one
will stay behind acting tough. You have no weapons (smacking the Bible would
be sacrilege, right?) but you do have fists. The left mouse buttons will
swing the left fist and the right mouse button... yes, it'll swing the right
fist into the (thin) air. You can enter close combat mode using '0'.

***Objective: Your words had no effect on the thug. You have no other choice,
    but to use force.

Hit the guys in the face and kick them down. Ray will call upon God and this
ends the chapter.

Episode III                                                         [CJ.03.04]
"That bastard child's been a burden on this Earth since the day he was born.
Shiftless no account coward. How dare he end a life as righteous as my
brother's! If I could I would kill him.
Lord, is that what you want from me?
To be your sword?
I've spent twenty years preaching to hyenas and wolves, but maybe there are
some who are beyond redemption. Is that what you're telling me Lord? To
destroy those who cannot be saved? If that is what you want, then that is how
I will serve you.
'And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes: and they
shall know that I am Jehovah, when I lay me punishment upon them!'"

Ray wants revenge.

***Objective: Your chest is in the church. Open it and take your belongings.

Open the left door and grab your two guns and ammo.

***Objective: Go after Billy.

Open the double doors and... a small group is waiting outside of the church.
The sheriff will tell you he is the law and that he'll take care of it, but
he'll soon be shot down by some thugs and won't do a thing for you.

***Objective: After killing Sheriff Powell the miners have started riots in
    Hope. Defeat them to bring peace to the town. Kill everyone with a gun in
    his hand.

Walk down and enter the town. Some bandits will show up and want to get rid of
you. You have two guns. The left mouse button shoots the left button while the
right mouse button shoots the right gun. When your gun are unholstered and
you can use the mode, you can enter concentration mode (also known as Max
Payne Bullet Time) and shoot enemies that way.

After the guys are down wander further down the street until you hear a bandit
bothering the wife of the sheriff. 

***Objective: She sheriff's wife is in the bandit's hands. Free the sheriff's

Walk back (towards a bandit) and enter an alley to end up behind the first 
house you saw on your left when you entered town. Grab a box so you can climb
the other boxes and enter the upper floor of the house.

Inside you'll find a box with a Game Card of Pawel Blaszczak. Head outside
and kick down the fence to follow your journey over the balconies. Make sure
your guns are holstered and then jump through the window, enter concentration
mode and kill the bandits. The wife of the sheriff will thank you by giving
the key to the jail.

***Objective: Don't let the bandits free their friends and take control of the
    town. Shoot all armed bandits in the jail.

Head outside and drop yourself down. Kill all bandits while going down the 
streets of Hope. Once you found the jail, enter it and kill the bandits here.
Once you are inside they'll lock the door and set the place on fire.

The fire will spread fast, so don't idle around. Head upstairs (you've been
here as Billy when you found a Game Card) and jump towards the ladder and 
head up. Enter the big barn and find the other opening, that'll lead to a
plank, some bandits downstairs and a big water tower.

Shoot the weight next to the pipe to let the pipe fall down. Jump on it and
use that to enter another roof. Head down here.


Outside are enemies again. Get rid of them and head down. Note the cart
ahead with a gun and his beloved gun. Toss a lamp in his direction and then
shoot at the cart to set it on fire. This is an easy way to get rid of 
annoying enemies.

Use the buckets to extinguish the fire and move on. Enter the house on your 
left, where you've been as Billy too. Kill the enemies and get rid of the
fire ahead. Find the broken window and use it to get down.

With 'Z' you can use the single-revolver quick shooting mode if you want.
Kill all the enemies you encounter and walk towards the hideout of Clyde -
the Grand Saloon. He wants to get rid of you, but we'll just get rid of him.

***Objective: The owner of the Saloon, Clyde Forrester, has taken the
    bandit's side, turning his saloon into the temple of Satan. Bring peace to
    the town and destroy that nest of snakes. Kill every criminal in the
    Saloon and destroy it.

The most annoying bandits are on the roof. They'll throw dynamite your way,
which causes massive damage. Get rid of them first before killing other
bandits. When all the bandits are gone the game will tell you to set the
saloon on fire. To do this you need to throw a lamp at the carriage or shoot
the barrels on he carriage yourself. Use one of the options to set the place
on fire. Hide somewhere, since most bandits will fry themselves in the fire.
Kill any remaining bandit and Clyde will show up.

Time for a man to man gun duel. When the counter hits zero, move the mouse
down to grab your gun and move your mouse up to unholster it. Then shoot at
Clyde in concentration mode. You can avoid his attacks using 'Q' and 'E'.

Episode IV                                                          [CJ.03.05]
"Gotta run. Don't matter if I killed somebody or not - they'll hang me
anyway. I can hear the hound's. Jesus Christ, get a grip on yourself! Mexico
would be the safest bet, but... the road leads straight through Juarez. I'd
have to be crazy to go anywhere near that place.
But wait, wait a minute, what about that mine near Blackriver? A train passes
right by there. I could jump on it and hitch a ride to San Jose.
Molly's there.
The one person in the world I can trust."

***Objective: Go through the abandoned mine and jump onto the incoming 
    train, to avert the pursuit.

Head left and follow the path here. Use a branch to get down and find a log.
Hit that with your whip to make it fall down, so you can pass. If you
continue you'll see the mine and some bandits.

***Objective: There's an unknown group of people in your way. Get through to
    the mine unnoticed.

Just continue your path and head through the dark cave.


If you step a bit further you'll meet the first bandit. Note how the thunder
started. When you are in the shadows and thunder strikes the earth, you'll
get seen. But as long as there's no thunder you can safely sneak around in
the shadows and not get seen.

The bandit will walk back to his bonfire. Sneak past him and continue, making
sure the other bandit doesn't see you. If he does, hide and wait until he
moved away.

When you sneaked around you'll see your next group of bandits. Drop yourself
down and sneak around the bushes, rocks and trees and overhear their 
conversation. They'll walk away, leaving some behind who's sleeping. Open the
chest for some health and a Game Card of Adrian Ciszewski. 

After that look the way of the bandits again and make a U-turn here. Stay
behind the bushes at the next bonfire and look for a bigger area with lots of
bonfires and bandits. Drop yourself down here and stay close to the wall.

You need to sneak around while hiding behind the trees, rocks and bushes here.
It's an easy task to avoid the bandits, since they have no idea you are

When you find two bandits talking about urine it's your sign to stay behind
the bushes. Sneak past them and sneak through the tents. Once you reached the
ends of the tents make sure it's safe and enter the cave.


As you leave the mine you'll stumble upon another bonfire. Stay behind the
bushes and some men will walk away. Find a safe spot to drop yourself into the
swampy area and walk towards the entrance of the mine. As you walk over the
bridge it'll collapse and you'll fall down.

Swim to the left bank of the river to ensure you don't die. Might be a wise

***Objective: Find another way into the train.

You need to go up whenever possible. If you don't go up when you can, you'll
stumble upon dead ends. Go forward a bit (follow the compass) and watch your
right side. When you can go up, go there and follow the (small) path until
you find another way up on your right side.

There is a bandit walking around here, so avoid him and go up and continue.


As your continue you'll find a new pet - a snake. Kill it with your whip or
gun (whatever you like, but be aware a gun makes more noise) and jump over the
rock to end up in a field. There are 3 wolves here, so kill those too. On the
left side of the field is a way up. Walk over the plank and keep going up.

After some snakes you'll find two bandits again. There has been gunshots in
the mine and things need to be checked out. One bandit will walk back and
forth. When his back is turned to you, sneak forwards on the small path just
to find another bandit. Hide behind the bushes and continue when it's safe.
Use the branch to get safely down.


Use the next branch to cross the gap and then keep going until you find a gap
that's too big. Use the whip to get a log down that'll be your personal 
bridge. Walk over a bridge and get down to a station.

***Objective: You've reached your destination. Defend your position until the
    train comes, then jump onto one of the carriages.

The train won't come until you killed the bandits, so do your best and kill
them all. When they are called Reverend Ray will come out of the mine and the
train will show up. Billy will jump on the train, leaving Reverend Ray

Episode V                                                           [CJ.03.06]
"The storm is coming. I can hear the thunder. Dark days for humankind are
drawing near. 'For the great day of his wrath has come; and who shall be
able to stand?'
I am your sword now, oh Lord, and your will will be done. Been chasing that
boy for days now. Took me some time to find his trail, because he didn't run
for the border as I was sure he would. Instead he headed west. He's probably
sittin' out the storm in the Blackriver mine. Years ago, I did the same. I
know every inch of those tunnels and if he's down there, then I will find

***Objective: Find Billy in the mine and deal justice unto him.

This time you'll be at the same location as Billy, but you'll go inside the
mine. Move forward and shoot the bandit to get things rolling. Walk up the
slope and enter the mine.

***Objective: The people you encountered are bandits preparing for a hold up.

Kill the bandits up ahead and look around for a chest with a Game Card of
Jan Borkowski. When you continue you'll end up in a two-tracked tunnel. Kill
the bandits and slowly progress through the tunnel. Pushing a mine cart might
help to knock some enemies over.

When you follow the left track two carts will be pushed down. Avoid them as
much as possible, since getting run over equals death equals starting over
equals frustration.

As you reach the end of the slope you'll be able to go left. Go there to find
a Game Card of Adam Jastrzebski. Keep going until you end up in a tunnel
that's collapsing.


When you walk over the tracks be sure to watch the sounds and check your back
to see if there are carts coming your way. No matter how much you play with
the direction of the tracks, the bandits manage to just ignore that. Funky.

You can pick both sides of the track, both are fine with me. Just make sure
you kill the bandits that are needed to be killed (as in - all of them).

Eventually you'll see a new area on your right side. The next part may seem
complex, but it's really really linear. You are in a big hole and there are
more ways that lead to Rome. Some tunnels will lead to an upcoming/previous
area. Ladders are all around the place, and so are bandits. Once you got all
the way up you'll see daylight. Well, nightlight. Meet the shiny moon.


As you walk forward you'll see thunder strike down and hit a branch. You may
remember this, since you saw that happen too, but as Billy. Anyway, that path
isn't possible... let's take the path on the left side that goes through a bit
of water.

Head left when you are done with the tunnel to meet a nice guy. Follow him,
just to fall down with a big bump on your head. Follow the path while killing
enemies until you find another big hole. Take a path up while killing enemies.

When you are all the way up you'll see the moonlight again. Go there, kill the
single bandit (if he's even there) and you'll see the train passing by. Billy
will jump on the train and Reverend Ray will be a bit mad.

***Objective: Catch up with the train.

You have a timer to 'follow the train'. Just jump down and follow the track
to see the evil man again. Another duel.

***Objective: Ned the Plague has called you out for a gunfight. Wait for the
    signal of the whistle, draw your gun and shoot him. You can only shoot if
    Ned reaches for his gun first.

Shoot him and Ned will tell you his sins. Explosions. Train. Bad stuff.

Episode VI                                                          [CJ.03.07]
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no
evil: for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me... Let all
those who carry the mark of the best cower in terror! For I will come for
them as I follow the murderer's trail. Are you there, Billy Candle? Are you
there, you son of the Devil? I'm coming for you, and I bring hell unto thee!
Gunshots! I must hurry..."

***Objective: Catch Billy Candle.

As you walk forward you'll meet a nice guy. Who will soon die.

***Objective: Drive away bandits attacking the train.

As you walk down the track you'll be attacked by bandits. Pang pang, shoot 
them down. Soon enough you'll find a train that's blocking your way, so you
need to head left here and follow the path.

When you get to the side of the train be sure to watch out for the bandits
that are all around the place. They'll shoot from small openings in the train,
so take care. Inside you'll find a chest with the Game Card of Slawek Latos.

As you continue you'll find a slope going up. When you reach the top bandits
will push a few big rocks down, so avoid these. Getting hit means instant
dead. Follow the path past a nice river.


You'll find the train that Billy was on. The bandits stopped the train on the
bridge. When you continue you'll soon find the train. There is a bandit here
that's using the turret. It's best to just avoid it and not try to shoot the
bandit off. If you do, another one might simply pop up and mount the turret.

Hide behind the rocks. The turret needs to cool down a bit after it's used,
giving you time to run towards your next hiding place. 

If you keep going you'll find the end of the train. You can open the door to
enter it. Kill all the bandits you encounter until you're outside again.
You'll see some good guys running off to kill the bandits but the turret 
takes care of them.

Kill the guy behind the turret to solve that problem. Kill any bandit that's
coming your way and enter the next part of the train.

There are good-guys here. Lieutenant Matthew Parker wants you to blow up the
barricade outside that's annoying him and his men.

***Objective: Take the powder keg and blow up the barricade. Get rid of the
    bandits shooting at the train carriages on the bridge.

You'll get help from two soldiers. Take a powder keg and let them do the
shooting. When you found the barricade, throw the keg there and blow it up.
Don't go back yet but kill any bandit you can find. Return to the train and
continue going through carriages.

After a while you'll encounter a blocked door. A dying man tells you there's
a barricade outside to separate the passengers from the soldiers.

***Objective: Shoot off the bar locking the door from outside.

Grab the sniper that's next to the (now dead) man and head back. Find a path
to the left and follow that until you get a clear view of the train and the
bar that's blocking the door. Shoot the bar away and also check the chest for
a Game Card of Maciej Klokowski.

Head back to the train and keep going until you find a man on the roof with a
hostage woman. The game doesn't state any objective about this, but if she
dies you'll lose the mission. It's not hard though - just move to her location
and help her getting up again.

Talk with the guy that's controlling the train. He said he saw someone on the
roof and tell you the direction he head in. Before you can go a bandit wants
a gunfight.

***Objective: Defeat the last bandit in a gunfight. You can draw your gun
    after a sign given by the engineer with his whistle or when your 
    opponent attacks first.

Just like you did before - wait for the signal and kill the bandit.

Episode VII                                                         [CJ.03.08]
"That was Ray! Reverend Ray... Right there, on that cliff, looking at me like
death hiss elf.
He is crazy. That asshole won't rest until I am dead and buried. Gotta find a
horse, or he'll catch up with me. It's still a few miles to the ranch, and I
think I sprained my damn ankle... The soldiers almost had me. Wouldn't of 
gotten away at all if all hell hadn't broken loose.
Gotta find Molly. Molly'll believe me."

This is a very big and long episode.

***Objective: Get to a ranch, where a girl named Molly lives. It's a long way,
    better get a horse.

Walk forward until you found a river. Dive into it. You can control Billy with
the directional keys. Head to the bank of the river on the left side, just to
find another river. Head to the left side again and continue.

Kill the wolves and climb up. Make sure you kill the snake as well.


For some reason the objective that you got already will show up. Keep killing
wolves while you proceed forwards until you found a farm. The man here isn't
friendly, so we need to sneak in and get a horse from the man.

Before you can mount a horse you need a saddle. Watch the man and head into
his house. You'll find a set of drawers with a Game Card of Przemek Marmul
here. Also find yourself the saddle and mount the horse.

There are pieces of broken fence that you can jump over with your horse. This
will avoid you getting hurt (too much) by the owner of the horse.

Keep going until Billy sees a lot of smoke. Your horse can't join you on your
quest. Too bad. Dismount it and use your whip to get to the next area.

As you get closer to the fire you'll find out Indians set the thing on fire.
The game doesn't mind if they discover you, but if they do hell will break
loose. They have powerful rifles that hurt a lot. These guys also are a bit
better at detecting you, so hiding in the bushes isn't going to do you any
good. Stay behind solid objects like trees and rocks.

In a chest you'll be able to find the Game Card of Mateusz Manes. You can try
to steal a horse, but I suggest to just walk for now. Keep going and going and
going and going and going and going until Billy sees another Indian in the

Sneak past them and steal the horse. It'll make life easier. Since you are on
a horse you're harder to hit and the Indians won't bother chasing you. Keep
driving the horse until you just can't go any further because the path is
blocked (run over the Indian).

At this point use your whip to get up. Kill the wolves you find and keep
going. Another area full of Indians is ahead, but it's kinda hard to
describe exactly what to do, since it just involves being really quiet and
sneaky. Eventually you'll find yourself walking down a small path.

***Loading: Just a few more miles and I'll be seeing her pretty face. She
    didn't judge me and I didn't judge her. We just saw each other for who we
    were. Not her father, though. Her father just couldn't get past the color
    of my skin.

After killing more wolves you'll finally find the farm where you need to be.
It isn't the lucky day of Billy though, since it's heavily guarded. Not 
strange with all the offensive Indians around.

***Objective: Find Molly without being noticed.

Go around the farm until it's not possible to go any further without falling
down a cliff. There is a hole in the fence here. Sneak towards the water tower
and then hide behind the horses. Use the bushes until you reached the crates.

Climb them and enter the barn. Take the left path (going right will cause 
you to kick too much stuff over) and after a while you'll fall down. The 
guys will blame it on the horse, Hurricane. Hide until it's safe and then
sneak your way into the next barn.

Find a way up and then jump over the fence. You'll end up at a small house.
Inside you'll find a Game Card of Michal Nowak. Now it's time to head for the
big house. Wait until it's clear and find the door that allows you to go in.

Inside you'll find another Game Card of Marcin Zygadio in a set of drawers
downstairs. There aren't many guys walking around inside the house, but be
careful anyway. Get upstairs using the... stairs (yes, that sentence is very
brilliant, no need to tell me) and try to open the door on the right side.
This is the room of Molly.

But it couldn't be this easy, could it? Chat will show up with his friends and
wants a fight. Sure. The best tactic is to hit him and take a few steps back.
Also walk around him to avoid getting hit (too much). 

When he got enough strikes to the head Molly will show up and tell the guy
to leave. Billy will tell Molly the whole deal, but she isn't too helpful. 
The father of Billy will show up and isn't happy to see you.

He won't kill you because of his daughter, but does tell you to never ever
come back again. Suddenly there are shootings. Guess who's coming up. It's
your best friend Reverend Ray.

Episode VIII                                                        [CJ.03.09]
"I see the angels of death. They're gazing down upon me. They must be 
guiding me, because I found the boy's trail swiftly. He's heading towards
inhabited areas. He must be in despair. He has to know the end is near. By his
tracks I can see he's limping. Hurt, wounded and armed - dangerous indeed.
I must make haste. No time to rest."

***Objective: Catch Billy and deliver justice onto him.

When you walk forward Reverend Ray will see the 'Angels of Death'. Little
does he know his are just Indians. But he'll find out if you let him walk 
forwards. Soon they'll start to shoot him and it's time to shoot back.

Keep following the path while shooting Indians. You might recognise the path.
You've been here as Billy as well. Find the small path where you let Billy
walk as well.


Kill the wolves you encounter until you find some 'Texas Rangers'. Their goal
is to bring down a gang of 'rustlers' that are active on the ranch. You're
more than welcome to join.

***Objective: Attack Billy and the rustlers at the ranch with the help of the
    Texas Rangers.

Follow the gang and let them do most of the shooting. Bring down any enemies
that are left after the shooting. Remember the door you used to enter as
Billy? Head there and kick it open ('C', remember?).

Your 'friends' will take care of the owner of the ranch while you are allowed
to search for Billy. Head upstairs and enter the room of Molly. In a set of
drawers you'll find the Game Card of Marcin Piaskiewicz. Look out of the 
window and jump on the roof.

You'll see Billy run into the barn. Jump from the roof on the wagon to get
safely down. A ranger will enter the barn and get run over. When you enter the
barn yourself you'll see it's on fire (how can Billy even do that this fast?).
When you get near the end a few people of the ranch will show up and be angry
at you. Shoot them.

Wait until some things fell down before going further. Outside you'll find
Billy again (don't shoot, it's a waste of ammo). He'll run off into a field
full of corn. The camera will focus on the other end of the field. You need to
run there. When you do that you'll be followed by a few men with axes. You can
ignore them or kill them.

At the end kill the men and mount a horse. A timer will start so don't wander
around too much. After some chasing you'll find Billy standing on a cliff.
Dismount your horse and shoot Billy. End of Billy (haha, not really - oooops
spoilers there). Start of more problems.

***Objective: Check out what's going on at the ranch.

Molly screamed and it's time to check it out. Head back to the ranch and head
back to the room where they were holding the owner of the ranch. You'll find 
out the guys are actually bandits and don't care for you anymore.

***Objective: The Rangers appear to be bandits in disguise, who used you, and
    are now attempting to kill you. Defeat the McLydes.

It's time for a dual duel (lovely compound I made there, right?). Remember to
lean (using 'Q' and 'E') a lot to avoid shots.

You'll find out the owner is the actual owner and not a rustler. Reverend Ray
is a bit mad at what he did. Just a bit.

***Objective: The bandits kidnapped Molly and made off towards the pier.
    Travel to the pier and get the girl back.

You have 2 minutes to get to the pier. Head outside and mount a horse. Head
back over the bridge where you just killed Billy and go further down from
here. I suggest to just ignore the bandits on your way and get to the pier as
fast as possible.

The bandits will leave without you, but with Molly. Reverend Ray is even more
angry now. He is determined to save Molly though.

Episode IX                                                          [CJ.03.10]
"... There is one candle, but three graves. The gold of Juarez belongs only to
the brave.
This medallion is for you, mija. I want you to wear it always. Put it on over
your corazon. The candle engraved upon it will light your path and protect
you from evil."

Billy will wake up but some old Indian will tell you to rest again. When you
wake up Billy will notice his medallion is missing. Enter the tent and check
the chest to find the Game Card of Przemek Kawecki.

Talk with the Indian for some nice chat. Billy thinks the Indian (his name is
Calm Water) took your medallion, but he didn't. He wants you to (for whatever
reason) kill three rabbits using just a bow and arrow.

***Objective: Use the bow to kill 3 rabbits for Calm Water.

Use the right mouse button to pull back your bow (and enter Concentration Mode
too) and then use your left mouse button to shoot. Mount the horse and find
one of the red dots on your compass. When you get close to one, dismount your
horse and walk to a bush. When you see one run pull back the string, aim a
little above the animal, as well as a bit in front of it and shoot. You can
always pick up arrows you shot to get them back. 

When you (finally, perhaps) got the three rabbits it's time to head back to
Calm Water. Some bushes are on fire and he thinks the evil spirit did it.

***Objective: Take the rabbits back to Calm Water.

***Objective: Put out the flames, before the tent catches fire.

You have over 2 minutes to do this, and it's really use. Grab the bucket
that's next to the tent and run to the river. Get some water and throw it over
the fire. Three buckets full of water should do the trick. I like how Calm
Water just stands around and doesn't just do it himself.

Calm Water will tell you, you need to face your accusers and confront them. To
face your fears and defeat them. To show your courage by bringing back the
feather from the eagle's nest. Wait, what?

***Objective: Find Eagle Mountain, climb it and take a feather from the 
    eagle's nest. Leave the bow, so that you don't harm the holy bird.

No bow, but at least you got your whip (Billy is better with that anyway).
Mount the horse and use it to get all the way to the mountain.

Once you got there, leave the horse alone and start climbing. It's a really
linear, easy path that involves climbing up, using the whip to get at higher
points and using the whip to cross small gaps. From time to time you'll
encounter the eagle. Ducking usually allows you to avoid the attacks.

At a certain point you'll find out you can't climb any higher and it looks
like a dead point. Get as high as you can and look around for a branch. When
you use the whip on this branch (the branch is below you), you'll be able to
go down a bit again. Yes - you need to go down a bit in order to proceed.
When you follow this path you'll another way up that leads to two points.
You can look back and continue in the direction you came from and head to
other way to find a cave, snake and some booze (to heal).

Head the first way though (heal if needed, obviously) and keep going higher
using your jumping skills and whip. You'll pass through a series of caves and
eventually the eagle will start to attack more and more often.

At the very top you'll find a nest with feathers (the game WON'T prompt you to
get one, so don't be as silly as me and forgot to grab a feather), so grab

***Objective: Take the feather back to Calm Water.

You don't need to go all the way back you came. The path down is much easier.
You basically using the whip to drop down safely. Once you reached lower
ground (the eagle will stop bothering you) head back to your horse and ride
back to Calm Water.

When you get there your 'friends' kill Calm Water and will knock you down as
well. What is the moral lesson of this episode? Courage won't do a thing to
you, it's better to be a coward! I also like how the game, out of the blue,
suddenly allows players to play on a very big map without any loading in

Episode X                                                           [CJ.03.11]
"Darkness. It's all around me. The light that has led me... has deserted me.
Did it ever exist?
I'm on the kidnappers trail, there's nothing else left. They're travelling
down the river by raft and they seldom break to camp. But in a few miles, the
river flows into a canyon and changes into white water. There's a smuggler's
trail there, leading all the way to Mexico. They have to make landfall and
when they do, I will be there.
It's my only chance to save that girl."

***Objective: Get Molly back from the bandits.

It's a bit mission, but not long. You'll be doing most of this mission by
horse, making this a breeze.

Use a mountain to follow the path to the area with bandits. Want an easy
victory? Ride all the way to the turret, kill the guy and use the turret to
kill the other bandits. Easy, sneaky, mean, fast. Inside the house you'll find
a set of drawers with a Game Card of Marcin Sobanski.

Enter the barn and a stage-coach (with Molly) will drive away.

***Objective: Chase the stage-coach with the kidnapped girl, get Molly back.

Kill the man here and mount a horse. The goal throughout the rest of the time
you're on a horse is easy - keep close to the coach. If you fall behind, get
close before the timer reaches zero. When you get close you'll get
entertained by firework (dynamite) and gunshots. From time to time you'll
encounter bandits on horses. You are note allowed to kill the horses, so only
kill the bandits. You can use the 'Caps Lock' key to dash, but make sure
your horse doesn't get too tired.

The coach will stop when you are near a river, where a lot of bandits are.
Kill the bandits and chase the coach again. You'll go uphill now.

After a while the bandits will blow up a cave, forcing you to take the path
right. Go there and it's time for your horse and you to go downhill. Take 
small 'steps' and brake using 'S' on a frequent occasion.

Eventually you'll end up at some ranch. Dismount your horse and kill the 
bandits. Inside the house you'll find a Game Card of Rafal Stasiak. Meet Ty
for a gunfight.

***Objective: Defeat Ty Stewart in a gunfight.

You know the drill. Shoot him. It seems they took Molly to Juarez. Time to go
there. Note how this map didn't involve loading either.

Episode XI                                                          [CJ.03.12]
"There is one candle, but three graves.
The gold of Juarez belongs only to the grave.
This medallion is for you my darling. I want you to wear it always...
Put it on, over your corazon.
The candle in grave deponent will light your path and protect you from evil.
There's only one candle, but three graves.
In the first grave, a bad man sleeps.
He might wake up, so shhhhh.
In the second one, a rich man with a heart of stone slumbers.
From him the gift will not be enough.
In the third grave, a beggar lays.
You need to light the candle for him,
because a little warmth means a lot to a poor man.
He'll give you the gold, because the poor are always more generous than the
There is one candle, but three graves.
The gold of Juarez belongs only to the brave."

I like how loading took less time than the introduction speech. I like a lot
of things lately, don't I?

So the episode starts and you're tied to a pole. A man will come in, who 
appears to be your father. He is 'loving' at first, but as soon as he figures
out you don't have the medallion or know where it is he'll start to beat you
up. When that doesn't help they'll bring in Molly. New game - you bring the
gold of Juarez or Molly gets killed.

***Loading (completely different loading screen that normally)

***Objective: You're free but the girl will be dead if you won't come back
    with the gold before the sunset.

Head down and follow the signs to the cemetery. A boy is here who'll give you
100 pesos if you help him bury his father. Agree and after the burial he'll
admit he doesn't have any money. He will however give you a key to the

Find the sacristy and unlock the door. Find the three graves. Inspect the
right grave and then look at the statue to find out where the gold of Juarez
is located. If you don't want to go through the whole cemetery-thing you can
also go all the way around the sacristy to get to the graves, but it takes
longer and you'll have to battle a bandit.

Head to the stone that is above the entrance to the gold. It's too heavy to
move for Billy. Walk back to the sacristy and the game will zoom in on a rock
and the path there. Climb the sacristy and follow that path.

When you reach the end of the path you'll find a big gap. It's too wide to
jump over and your whip can't reach the branch. The goal is to (after saving
obviously) jump and try to grab the branch with your whip.

Follow the path again to find another situation where you need to jump
forward and use your whip in order to continue. 

You'll walk past the big rock you need to push. Whip it, just to find out it
doesn't work. Follow the path till the end and make an U-turn. When you can't
go any further you can use the whip on the branch to swing back and forth.
Swing forward and jump into the rock.

The rock will roll down and open the entrance for you. Head to the entrance
(you can slide down the slope if you are careful).

Episode XII                                                         [CJ.03.13]

***Objective: Make your way to the Gold of Juarez.

Quite a short and easy episode. You'll encounter some spiders every now and
then, just to keep you entertained. Keep going until you hear some men
talking. Wherever they are, just keep going to find a big room with water in

Jump in the water and find the stream. Stay on the right side and leave the
stream on the right side when possible, just before a waterfall. Head up the
stairs and climb the boxes. Head into the next room.

Kill the spiders and walk towards the different colored tiles. If you step
onto a dark one, you'll be instantly killed. The easiest way to do this is by
jumping on a light tile, quicksave ('F5'), jump again etc.

When you reached the part of the room with the pillars, slowly walk forward
until you hear a sound. Look up to see a rock fall down. As long as you don't
move further you won't be killed. 

After this jump over the platforms to the door to find the legendary gold of
Juarez. It won't be really pretty for you though. Your father and his men will
walk in and start shooting at you.

Run to the walkway that the camera shows to escape (for now). Active the
lever and climb the platform that comes out. Keep doing this until you can
enter the tunnel on top of the room. At this time you'll be shot at again.

You'll stumble upon a dead end and things are really looking grim. To make
things worst Reverend Ray will show up and... save you.

Episode XIII                                                        [CJ.03.14]

Reverend Ray will apologise for this behaviour and tell Billy to go.

***Objective: Walk down into the dungeons and defeat Billy's formentors.

Walk back the way Billy came, while killing enemies on your way. When you step
out of the tunnel look on the right to find the Game Card of Adam Tutaj on a

Slowly go down the room and enter the room with the gold. It's time for some
shooting. Grab a rifle and shoot your way up to the room. Shoot Juarez when
you are able. When his health bar is lowered he'll give up, but tell you he
still has Molly. He orders you to bring the gold before noon if you want to
see the girl back.

Episode XIV                                                         [CJ.03.15]
"Thomas and I had a younger brother, William. He was the best of us. A man of
faith. We were running cattle over the border from El Paso and would spent
time in a little cantina in San Lorenzo. That's where I first laid eyes on
Marisa. I knew she belonged to Juarez, but I wanted her for mine. Marisa had
other ideas though. She was in love with Thomas. They ran off together and I
tracked them to these very caverns. Brother William begged me to walk away,
but I was crazy with greed. I wanted Marisa. I wanted the gold. William got
between me and Thomas and reached into his coat. I thought he was going for a
gun... so I shot him. My little brother. And as he fell, I saw what he was
reaching for. A bible. In that instant, I renounced evil and embraced the word
of God. We left the gold. We knew it was cursed. And I dedicated my life to
serving the Lord. I tried to make amends, but my sins were too great. Anger,
hate, pride, arrogance. Oh, Lord, I humbly accept that the time has come for
me to offer recompense for my transgressions."

Reverend Ray will walk in with a cart, but there is no gold underneath the
cloth. All the thing has is a turret.

***Objective: Get the girl from the bandits.

Mount the turret and shoot as many bandits as you can. Watch the sides of the
level too, since bandits will try to get behind you and shoot you with the
cannon. Eventually there are no more bandits left or you need to leave the
turret because the cart is on fire.

Either way, walk to the other end of the level from the left side. Check the
rooms here to find the Game Card of Waldek Kaminski in a chest. Find a ladder
that goes up and use the sidewalk to reach the cannon (above the main

Shoot the entrance of the house and the bandits. Get down safely and then
enter the house. Walk up the stairs and open the door. Shoot the bandits and
go down. Shoot more bandits. When they are all dead more bandits will rush
in through a door they'll open. Kill them and enter that door.

Open the left door and head down into the dungeon. Kill any bandit you
encounter and check the cells on the left side to find the Game Card of
Wojtek Pszczolkowski in a chest. Go further down the dungeon until you meet
with the bad bandit.

He'll run around the rooms like a maniac and it's hard to hit him. He won't
be trying to hit you until you come near to him. Find the chest with the Game
Card of Konrad Zagorowicz.

There are two spots where you can hit the bandit. When you head left from the
start and walk past the boxes he'll be standing there. Shoot him with a rifle
for most damage. When you enter the next room he'll try to shoot at you from
behind some boxes. If you jump and shoot you might hit him too. Keep chasing
him down until he died.

Heal yourself (you can walk as far as the stairs) and grab the keys from the
bandit. Open the doors and walk towards Molly. The roof will open and bandits
will start to shoot you. Kill them and Juarez will show up, telling you some
dynamite won't hurt.

***Objective: Shoot the sticks of dynamite before they hit the ground.

You can use the rifle for easy hitting, or get into Concentration Mode for
more accurate shooting. Once you hit a few sticks of dynamite he'll throw a
Molotov cocktail look-a-like down...

Episode XV                                                          [CJ.03.16]
"Ray told me to run and maybe I should. I could take off with the gold and no
one would ever find me. Ray'll save the girl. He don't need me. Probably
better if I never see her again. Sure I'll be on the run, but this time I'll
be rich.
So why am I still standing here. Maybe I'm just tired of running. Or maybe
it's time for me to stop being afraid. Calm Water tried to help me and now
he's dead.
Just like my ma. And probably Reverend Ray if I just walk away. This time I'm
taking a stand, 'cause if I don't... if I run... fear will dog me wherever I
And I will never be free."

The boy from the cemetery will walk towards you and tells you to kill the
bandits, because they killed his father. He'll give you a bow and 80 arrows.

***Objective: Get to the fort and help Ray save Molly.

Turn around and follow the path until you found the mansion. There is a hole
in the wall you can use to get up. Billy will note the fire and decides it
may be a good time to help Ray and Molly out.

***Objective: Put out the fire in the cell, before the girl burns alive.

Shoot the bandits using your bow and then look to your left. See the
structure? You need to walk all the way around to the other side, while
killing bandits.

When you got there grab your whip and use it to hook yourself onto the plank
above you. Swing back and forth and bump into the watertank. The water will
go out.

Head down and enter the mansion. Take the lower door to enter at the room with
two levels. Juarez will show up and it'll end in a duel.

***Objective: Defeat Juarez in a gunfight with the gun you received. Remember
    that you've got only three bullets.

You got only three bullets and if you're unlucky Juarez will shoot very well
and hit you straight away, killing you. Lean as much as possible and kill 

When he's dead, grab his gun. Open the door to the dungeon and check the
cells to find the Game Card of Piotr Wojtas. Find the barred door in the cell
and free Molly and Reverend Ray.

Reverend Ray will tell you to follow him, but... Juarez isn't dead and shoots
Ray down. He wants to bring you down too, but is out of bullet. Time for a 
close combat fight. Walk towards him, hit him, walk back again and repeat this
until you knocked your own father down.

Molly will run towards Billy. Reverend Ray states his dying wish to God - to
make sure Billy and Molly don't die because of him. In a blur you'll see
Juarez stand up and pull out his knife. Billy and Molly don't notice it at
all. One shot... one shot... that's all you'll have. When you see icons on
your screen drag the mouse down, then up (like in a duel) and shoot Juarez in
the head.

"Back at the ranch, Molly asked me why I was running, if I was innocent.
Truth is, I've been running all my life. Running from everybody and
everything. Calm Water said I couldn't run forever and he was right. Truth
is... I'm tried of being afraid. I'm done fed up with it. Fed up with how I've
been treated all my life. Like a nothing. Like a nobody. And you know what? I
got no one to blame for that but myself. 'Cause... I believed 'em. I thought
they were right about me. But there weren't right. I'm not a nobody. I'm
Billy Candle. And I'm done running... and if you don't like it, you can go
to hell..."

Congratulations, you just beat the game. The ending is kind of bad, but the
rest of the game is just too got to be mad about that. Another job well done
on finishing this game.

Cheats                                                              [CJ.04.01]

Press '~' to open the console and then enter any of these codes:

Cheat.GiveAmmo()     - Full Ammo
Cheat.GiveRifle()    - Gives a Rifle
Cheat.GiveDynamite() - Gives the Dynamite
Cheat.Heal()         - Fills health up to 100
Cheat.God(1)         - God Mode on
Cheat.God(0)         - God Mode off
Cheat.MagicAmmo(1)   - 'Unlimited ammo and no reload' mode on
Cheat.MagicAmmo(0)   - 'Unlimited ammo and no reload' mode off


FAQ                                                                 [CJ.05.01]

Q: Are you a cowboy?
A: No, but I saw Clint Eastwood movies!

Conclusion                                                          [CJ.06.01]

I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.

Thanks-list: N/A

And especially you, for reading this.

For other guides, you can check this link:

             Copyright (c) 2006 by Grawl. All rights reserved.

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