Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (walkthrough)

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth


Version 1.0 11/13/2005 Fist edition.
Version 1.1 11/19/2005 Added lumpenprole's addition to the walkthrough from 
                       the gamefaqs message board.
                       Corrected misinformation on how to get 100% complete.
                       Expanded table of contents.
Version 2.0 12/26/2005 Added location of rifle in Marsh Refinery.
                       Made assorted corrections.
                       Verified info on 100% complete and Mythos Ranking A
                       Added XBOX 360 section.


A special thanks goes to everyone at the Gamefaqs message board.  Every time 
I got stuck the answer was there.  Without your postings I never would have 
made it through this game.

Headfirst Productions has done a wonderful job of adapting the Call of 
Cthulhu paper and pencil roleplaying game.  The works of Lovecraft shine 
thorough.  Even the Tommy guns and Federal raids are rooted in Lovecraft 
literature ("The Horror at Red Hook" comes to mind), and the early part of 
the game is like living "The Shadow Over Innsmouth."

Anyone who enjoys Dark Corners of the Earth should also find a copy of the 
recently reissued "Arkham Horror" board game and introduce their friends to 
the Lovecraft Mythos.


This walkthrough doesn't give many details on the plot.  Its focus is on 
getting you from place to place, finding every item, and solving the game's 
many puzzles.  As such, it does not list every cutscene, of which there are 
many.  The hero has psychic flashes throughout the game, and while these 
"monster-cam" shots may convey clues to upcoming puzzles, they can be 
disruptive.  Selected cutscenes are mentioned as a way of orientating the 

Throughout the walkthrough I have sprinkled the % complete that I was at the 
time.  This may help the reader determine if they missed something.  
Triggering conversations and cutscenes do not affect the completion score.  I 
apologize for misleading people in version 1.0 of this walkthrough.  Details 
on how to get 100% complete and an A Mythos Ranking are included at the end 
of the walkthrough.

I've also noted in this walkthrough the glitches that caused me problems 
while playing the game.  Other players have reported glitches I didn't 
encounter.  According to the manual, Bethesda handled quality assurance.  
Bethesda publishes great games, but they could do with a bit more testing.

     XBOX 360 NOTES


Start a new game at the difficulty of your choice.  Playing on Boy Scout 
makes combat significantly easier.  While it's easier to get 100% completion, 
you cannot get an A Mythos Ranking on Boy Scout mode.

Note the date of the cutscene: February 16, 1922.  The rest of the game takes 
place before this scene happens.  As with many cutscenes in the game (but not 
monster-cam shots), you can skip the intro movie by hitting the Select 


To locate a section of the walkthrough, search for the chapter title or most 
recent save point as listed below.

     1. PROLOGUE
          Gilman Hotel
          Federal St.
          Washington St.
          Waite's Safe
          Hogg's Upper Warehouse
          Warehouse Vent
          Hogg's Office
          Collapsed Building
     4. SEWER
          Sewer Stairs
          Sewer Scaffolding
          Methodist Church
          Crypt Sewer
          Bank Vault
          Water Tower
          Garage Backdoor
          Cannery Storage
          Bucket Track
          Pressure Control
          Upper Grinder
          Gold Purification
          Chemical Storage
          Elevator Maintenance
          Smuggling Route
          Prison Cell
          Storage Room
          Temple of Dagon
          Small Storage
          Sleeping Quarters
          Main Storage
    10. DEVIL'S REEF
          Hidden Shelf
          View of Y'ha-nthlei
          Prison Cell
          Prison Entrance
          Crystal Chamber
          Ventilation System
          Waterfall Source Chamber
          Forgotten Vault
          Temple Ventilation
          Hydra's Pedestal


After the opening we go back to September 6, 1915, six and a half years go.  
Talk to the policeman at the foot of the stairs, then go up the stairs for a 
brief cutscene.  Run to the right of the house, past the white gazebo.  There 
is a side door leading to short passage.  The first door on the right leads 
to a room with a podium at the far end.  Take the letter from the podium.

The door across the hall leads to a room with a wood stove, rotting food, 
rats and nothing of value.

Through the door at the far end of the passage is an entry hall with a 
grandfather clock and a white Elder Sign that looks rather phallic but is 
supposed to be a flaming eye.  The Elder Sign is a save point (Hallway 0%).  
The doors down here are locked.  Go upstairs.  The two doors to the right 
won't open.  Go through the first door on the left to see a dying cultist.  
The next door has a cultist shooting from the window.  When you can move, 
take the key from the chair next to the window.

The door across the hall leads to a dormitory filled with dead cultists, 
which will cost some sanity to see.  One way to avoid sanity loss in 
situations like this is to look at your feet.  It's more fun to take the 
sanity hit.  Grab the diary from the far end of the table.  Return downstairs 
and unlock the door farthest from the stairs.  Looks like the cultists have a 
crush on Jack, which freaks him out.  Take the key from the corner of the 

Return to the save point room.  Unlock the remaining locked door.  Find the 
desk in the corner of the library and take the ancient manuscript from the 
bottom drawer of the desk.  Strange sounds are coming from the other side of 
the bookcase.  Stand in front of the broken mirror, turn right, and look down 
to see a trapdoor.

Once you're ready, open the trapdoor and go down the ladder.  Continue 
through the morgue to an ominous chamber.  A man hangs from the wall, his 
organs twitching in the tanks around him.  Activate the green hexagon in 
front of him, then take the green gem from the stand to his right.  Leave by 
the door to the far left of the suspended man.  Continue to another green 
hexagon that you must activate.  Enter the mysterious chamber that opens and 
put the green gem in the receptacle to the right.  Then go to the other side 
and activate a third green hexagon and watch the cutscene.

Auto-save 6%

Six years later it's now February 7, 1922, ten days before the events in the 
opening movie.  Sounds like Jack has been having mental problems for a while-
-and will again in just ten days.

When you gain control of Jack you are standing in front of the Gilman Hotel.  
Talk to the bus driver and then go into the hotel.  To the left is a save 
point should you ever feel the need for it (Gilman Hotel 6%), but keep in 
mind the game punishes you for saving by lowering your final Mythos Rating.

Go to the hotel lobby and chat with Gilman, the proprietor.  When talking to 
characters, you need to press action after each cutscene to keep the dialog 
going.  That way you know you'll have gotten as much information as possible.

The doors upstairs cannot open, so return to the bus.  With your back to the 
hotel, proceed around the town square to the right.  At Dock Street you'll 
come to a barricade with a policeman guarding it.  Talk to him.   On your way 
across the town square, check out the Order of Dagon with the clock tower.  
Continue across the square to the First National Grocery Store.  There's 
another police barricade next to the store.  Wait for the cop there to turn 
his back and them follow him.  Crawl or sneak to minimize the noise you make.  
Follow him down some stairs, past a brightly lit doorway, and when he turns 
the far corner, hide behind the barrels in the dark niche.  Wait for him to 
come back around on his patrol and then climb a few stairs to the back door 
of the store. Be sure to close the door behind you and push the bookcase in 
front of the door.

You'll notice a med-kit behind the counter.  Go around the counter to get it.  
Look down and you'll see a trapdoor at your feet (if you had feet).  You need 
a lifting handle to open it.

Go through the broken door to the back office and grab the contents of the 
safe--a bottle of rum and a handy lifting handle.  As the cop beats on the 
barricaded door, run to the trapdoor and use the handle on the trapdoor.  
Start to climb down and the ladder will collapse under you.

Once you regain control of Jack, take the med-kit and Burnham's diary.  Push 
the rusty ladder all the way to the left to break through the brick wall.  
Hop onto the ladder and out of the basement.  Go up some stairs.  In the 
darkroom, you'll find a copy of the Innsmouth Courier under the red light.  
You need to press action twice: once to clear away the scrap wood and a 
second time after Jack's comments to actually take the paper.

Continue up to the old newspaper office and ransack the place for a pistol 
clip.  There are two doors out.  The one on the right leads to a hanging 
woman and nothing else of interest.  The one on the left is bolted.  Look at 
the bolt in the upper corner of the door and press action to unlock it.  
You'll come out at the back of the newspaper office near a parked truck where 
you meet Mackey.  There is a save point here (Federal St. 7%).  After your 
chat, leave by the series of alleyways.  You'll come out next to the grocery 
store (now without the barricade).

Go across the street and talk to the cop guarding Dock Street.  When he's 
done talking, return to face the grocery store.  Walk down the street between 
the store and the Order of Dagon.  Turn left at the corner and right at South 
Street.  Halfway down South Street there are alleys to the left and right.  
The alley on the left has a street sign identifying it as Washington St.

Turn to the alley opposite Washington Street.  The haberdashery on the corner 
has a basement window you can peer into, but it will cost a bit of sanity.  
Continue down the alley and you'll meet Rebecca, a normal-looking woman who 
wanders this area.  Talk to her.  Continue along the alley to Broad Street.  
Turn right and proceed to the end of Broad Street to find Mackey waiting at a 
loading dock.  He's a lot more forthcoming with information than Rebecca was.

As you take Broad Street back toward town, stop at the first corner (Broad 
Street and South Street).  There's another basement here where you can 
glimpse an Innsmouth swinger in action.  Playing the peeking Tom may cost you 
some sanity.

Return to Washington Street and follow it to a bar.  Talk to the drunk, and 
when he stops giving new information give him the bottle of bootleg rum.  He 
gives you a key to the poorhouse.  Talk to him until he passes out and then 
talk again.  Head back the way you come for a touching moment with Rebecca.  
She exposes her elder sign for your use (Washington St. 7%).

For more background return to where you first met Rebecca and harass her some 
more with your incessant questions.

Return to the town square and talk to the bus driver in front of the Gilman 
Hotel.  To the left of the Gilman Hotel is the poorhouse.  When you're ready, 
go on through.  The game auto-saves (12%) and the door locks behind you.

Follow the alleyways to a low brick wall.  Behind it you can see an advanced 
case of the Innsmouth look.  Use action on him to try to talk to him.

At the end of the alley is the poorhouse, the only door that isn't sealed.  
Talk to the old coot at the window, then continue to the sleeping quarters 
where you'll find a med-kit on a crate.  Stealing a med-kit from the elderly 
and ill may seem wrong, but you'll need it more than they will.  Continue up 
the stairs past the corpse on the floor (don't look too closely or it will 
cost you sanity).  The far door on the right opens to a fire escape where 
you'll experience nasty vertigo.  Climb down to Dock Street.

Waite's house 803 is at the end of the street right in front of a 
conveniently placed barricade.  A young girl answers the door.  After she 
lets you in, talk to her.  Go upstairs and check out the family picture.  
Unbolt the attic door and head up.  An important cutscene plummets you into a 
sudden premonition of an insane asylum.  Or is the insane asylum in the 
present and the rest of the game a flashback?  In any case, you'll quickly 
return to the attic.  Heal your wounds and then go into the attic and get 
Waite's diary by the bed.  Head downstairs to trigger my favorite cutscene.

Waite gives you the key to his variety store.  Take Ramona's coloring book 
from the floor and go out onto the street.  Across the alley you'll see 
stairs down.  They lead back to Rebecca.  Talk to her.  When she leaves, 
follow her to Waite's house and talk to her some more.

Head through the underpass, past the blood (avoid looking at it), to the main 
square.  The game auto-saves (16%).  The police barricade on this side of the 
street is gone.  Go talk to the bus driver.  He says it'll be tomorrow before 
the bus can leave.

Try to leave Innsmouth on foot and you'll find that the way to South Street 
is barricaded.  Talk to the constable.

Head back toward Dock Street.  Right next to the tunnel you just came through 
are stairs going down.  They lead to the back door of the variety store, 
which you unlock with the key Waite gave you.

Upstairs you'll see a woman trying to pick the combination on the safe.  Grab 
the med-kit from the counter and then approach her to trigger a cutscene.
The combination to the safe is in the Diary of Thomas Waite.  He says he uses 
the month, day and year of Ramona's birth as the four-digit combination.  He 
says yesterday was her 10th birthday, and the entry is dated today.  That 
makes her birthday 2/6/12.  Use the right direction button to turn the dial 
right and the left button to turn the dial left.  Turn the dial right to 2, 
left to 6, right to 1 and left to 2.  If done correctly, Jack will open the 

Grab the Book of Dagon from the safe.  Use the save point if you wish 
(Waite's Safe 18%).

Go through the tunnel back to Waite's house.  You'll find Rebecca here.  Talk 
to her.  Unfortunately she doesn't offer to let Jack crash on her sofa.  
Looks like Jack will have to spend the night at the Gilman Hotel.

Go into the Gilman Hotel and eavesdrop on the conversation between Gilman and 
the bus driver.  Things sound bad for you.

Talk to the hotel proprietor.  When he leaves, you can sneak after him and 
overhear more between him and the bus driver.  Try to leave and the bus 
driver will tell you there's a curfew.  Return to the lobby and grab the key 
and shotgun shells from behind the counter and go to the room to the right of 
the counter.  Take the book from the desk in the back office and the shotgun 
shells.  Don't look too closely at the contents of the filing cabinets or it 
will cost sanity.  Return to the front lobby and try to look innocent when 
Gilman comes back.  Follow Gilman to your room.  Once Gilman leaves, go into 
the adjoining room and fasten the bolt on the entrance.  Notice the bookcase 
in front of the other adjoining door, but you can't move it aside right now.  
Perhaps later.  Leave the door between the two rooms open.  Close and bolt 
the hallway door to your room.  Now go to bed.

Auto-save 21%

You're about to embark on one of the most harrowing portions of the game.  
It's a brilliant translation of the chase scene from Lovecraft's "The Shadow 
Over Innsmouth."  Be prepared to die several times in the next few seconds.  
Incredibly, with practice, you can make it through this section without a 

After an opening cutscene, the townsfolk attack!

a. Run into the adjoining room (room #2), turn around and bolt the door.

b. Run to the bookcase and slide it aside.

c. Enter the adjoining room (room #3), turn around and bolt the door.

d. Step to the nearby door to the hall and bolt it

e. Open the door to the adjoining room (room #4), turn around and bolt the 

f. Next to you is a bookcase.  Slide it in front of the hallway door.

g. Run to the window and push the bookcase out of the way.

h. Open the window and jump onto the balcony.

i. Jump across to the other balcony.

j. Go through the door, turn and push the grandfathers clock in front of the 

Crouch and crawl the length of the hall.  When you get past the last window, 
jump to you feet and run.  Don't worry about being a little slow.  No matter 
how fast you move down the length of the hall the fishmen will always break 
through the door behind you when you reach the end.

Turn left and dash through the door at the end of the hall and into the 
stairwell.  Don't bother closing the door behind you.  Descend one floor 
only.  Run down the hall and go through the door on the left.

Go through the room with the hysterical occupant.  In the next room there is 
a med-kit to your right as you enter.  The fishmen stop chasing you long 
enough for you to grab it.  The doors in this room are sealed, so open the 
window and hop out.  There is a med-kit to your left.

Jump across to the fire escape.  Take your time with the jump, as it's harder 
than it should be and right now the fishmen aren't chasing you, but they will 
as soon as you get across.

Climb the ladder (you need to climb it from the right side).  Walk or crawl 
across the plank to the rooftop.  Quickly run to the ladder straight ahead 
and slightly to the left.  Once on the warehouse roof, run parallel to the 
skylights until you get to the opening that leads into the warehouse.  Climb 
down the hole, possibly breaking a leg in the process.  Use a med-kit to 
heal.  At the end of the walkway is a med-kit.  Crawl to reach it without 
being noticed.  Now return to the ladder and climb down the crates to the 
right to reach a save point (Hogg's Upper Warehouse 21%).

You need to crawl/sneak to the far side of the warehouse, past the guards.  
At least one guard is on patrol.  At the far side of the room, hop up two 
crates onto the catwalk.  At the other side of the catwalk, drop down on some 
creates and go out the window.  Once on the roof, crawl under the windows to 
the air vent on the far side.  Make you way though the vents to a save point 
(Warehouse Vent 21%).  During the cutscene you'll glimpse a hole in the 
floor.  You need to get into that hole.

Crawl down the crates and down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, go 
left behind the guard and into the dark area.  Go to the second turnoff and 
you will see the hole.  Drop inside.

Crawl past the rats until you reach a ladder leading to an office with a med-
kit.  Push the bookcase aside to expose a save point (Hogg's Office 21%).  
Now push the crate from in front of the door.

You're back in the warehouse.  Crawl past the guards to the loading door 
that's been opened at the other end of the room.

Out in the rain, you'll need to sneak to the right. If you can make it all 
away around the right-hand corner, you will find a med-kit at the end of the 
alley.  It's very hard to reach without being seen.  Whether or not you take 
the med-kit, sneak through the dark archway kitty-corner from the warehouse 

Follow the alley. When you come to a pile of crates next to a fenced area, 
hop over to get revolver ammo.  Wait for the guards to pass, then climb the 
pile of crates to get out again.

Go left through the archway.  You'll find another pile of crates next to a 
fenced area where you can hide.  Once the coast is clear, hop out and race 
down the alleyway to the white door at the end. Once you enter the collapsed 
building, you'll see a cutscene.  There's a handy save point (Collapsed 
Building 21%). 

The exit passage opens onto a street.  Go right to the parked truck and pull 
the red block from beneath the front tire.  Quickly run to the back and jump 
in from the loading dock.  It will slowly roll down the hill.  Surprisingly, 
you can ride it all the way into the sewer without harm.  Once you've caught 
your breath, run to the illuminated alcove on the right where you will find a 
metal bar.  Use the bar on the rotating fan to slow it down enough for you to 
crawl through.  You have to be inside the tube with the fan to use the metal 

Auto-save 26%

The game auto-saves as you drop into the sewer.  Climb out of the water.  For 
a bit of a freak-out, look though the bars to the right of the landing (or 
avoid looking if you want to conserve sanity).  In the next area are piles of 
corrosive sludge.  Avoid the brown sludge and make your way up the stairs to 
a save point (Sewer Stairs 26%).  Hang around here to regain sanity.

Continue up to a room with two levers and a med-kit.  Farther along is a vat 
of toxic sludge.  Return to the room with two levers.  Turn the lever on the 
right so it is horizontal, turning off the sludge.  Then turn the lever on 
the left so it is vertical, releasing fresh water.  Go to the room with the 
vat and use the crank to the right to open a sluice. The sludge washes away.  
Now go back to the room with the lever and turn the lever on the left so it 
is horizontal, turning off the water.  Go back to the vat and turn the crank.  
Now quickly get into the vat and crawl through the sluice before the gate 

The charnel pit is fun.  When the body drops, watch for a tentacled thing to 
snatch it away.  Of course, watching will cost sanity.  Climb two ladders to 
the top of the charnel pit where you'll find a door.  Don't stay in the pit 
too long because the sludge is corrosive.

The storage room with a trapdoor has a med-kit.  Make your way back into the 
sewer.  To the right is another sanity tester you may choose to avoid.  
Proceed left and carefully drop down the scaffolding to reach the save point 
(Sewer Scaffolding 26%).  Be careful you don't break a leg getting down.

You'll also see some spider crabs.  They don't hurt much, but they will 
poison you.  You should have some poison antidotes by now that you need to 
use as quickly as safely possible if you get poisoned.  The best plan is to 
run past them jumping as needed.  Around a bend in the tunnel on the left 
wall is a web-covered ledge you need to hop onto.

At the foot of a ladder you overhear a couple of fishmen talking.  You must 
lure then away by going to the second ladder, climbing, and then shaking the 
grating.  When they run to see what's making the noise, go to the next ladder 
and repeat.  Keep doing this until you've lured them into to the farthest 
grate, then head back to the first ladder and climb out.  As you walk down 
the alley, avoid stepping on the gratings or it will attract the guards.  You 
can turn left to reach a dark niche with a med-kit, or play it safe by going 
right to a fire escape ladder.  There should be enough time to do both if you 

Use the fire escape to enter the burning building.  There's a crank straight 
ahead of you, but if you go straight forward the floor will collapse under 
your weight.  Instead, weave to the right and stay on the beams.  Activate 
the crank to raise a crate blocking the exit, then sneak down the stairwell.  
There's a med-kit under the stairs.  Keep low and hope the guards don't spot 
you as you sneak to the door.  It opens on a passage leading to an exit from 
the building.

Before step into the alley, make sure the guard to your left isn't looking 
your way.  Sneak to the right and take the next door you come to.  You should 
be in an enclosed porch with revolver ammo.  The next room contains pistol 
ammo (still no pistol, though).  The closed door at the end of the hall leads 
to a room with a fireplace and Rebecca; leave it alone for now.  Instead, go 
upstairs and explore.  You'll find the Minister's Journal in the upstairs 
bedroom (27%).  Now go back downstairs and talk to Rebecca.

After the conversation, follow Rebecca to the church.  Rebecca's fate seems 
inevitable.  The game auto-saves once you enter the church.  There's also a 
save point (Methodist Church 30%).

In the pulpit is a med-kit.  Don't look too closely at the cross or you may 
take a sanity hit.

To the right of the pulpit is a depression in the floor.  This is where a 
timed trapdoor will open, so mark its location in you mind.

Climb the ladder next to the save point to reach the belfry.  The postcard 
Rebecca handed you contains a clue.  You must ring the bells from the lowest 
to the highest (physical height, not pitch).  Ring the bells in this order: 
center, left, then right.  Then race down the ladder to the timed trapdoor in 
the corner.

Climb down the ladder and make your way to the minister's hideaway in the 
catacombs.  The registry of births is on the desk (31%).  Under the book is a 
small stone plaque engraved with a series of numbers.  Place the postcard 
over it to reveal the combination to the nearby safe.  The bars represent the 
starting and ending digits.  Use the right direction button to turn the dial 
right and the left button to turn the dial left.  Turn the dial right to 3, 
left to 1, right to 5 and left to 7.  

Take the stone cross and continue deeper into the catacombs.  Use the cross 
on the circular indentation in the wall at the end of the hall.  Crawl back 
into the sewer from whence you came.

At the first intersection, turn right to find a med-kit.  Then turn around 
and at the intersection go right again past the steam until you reach a save 
point (Crypt Sewer 31%) next to an exit ladder.  At the top of the ladder is 
a double door that leads to the next area.  If you're good at sneaking you 
may try for the med-kit down the street next to the two guards.

You're now in the burning bank.  Go straight under the fallen beam and hop 
over the embers to the right.  Crawl up the beam to get over the fenced area 
and advance through the door.  In the bank vault is a save point (Bank Vault 
31%).  Go upstairs, watching for a nasty hole in the floor, until you reach 
the area over the bank lobby.  Jump to the center of the platform in front of 
you and immediately jump again to the safety of the platform across from 
where you started.  Go through the nearby doorway.  There is a ledge to your 
left with a plank rising from it.  Hop up on the ledge and then crawl up the 
plank to the rafters.  Make your way to the first intersection and turn left.  
Follow the beams to the doorway on the other side of the room.  Jump across 
to the partial staircase and go out the door.  You can see the water tower 
from here.

Descend the ladder and jump across to the suspended ladder.  Climb up and hop 
off to the left.  Inside the water tower is a save point (Water Tower 31%).  
Jump across to the crates on the balcony.  Go through the house to the lower 
balcony and jump across to the sloped roof.  Crawl into the attic and grab 
the med-kit.  Leave by the door, and then crawl out the window.  Jump to the 
crate, climb atop it, and jump across to the water tower.  Cross to the other 
side and jump down to the balcony with the open door.  Take the pistol ammo 
and go down the hall to meet Mackey.  Once you're done talking to him, hop 
out the window to end the stage.

Auto-save (33%)

Climb the ladder to the fire escape and immediately crouch to avoid being 
spotted by the guard that comes to investigate.  When he turns to leave, drop 
down onto the crates and slink after him.  Hide in the shadows as he talks to 
another goon.
The safest approach is to wait for the cop to go into the rear door of the 
police station, bolting the door behind him.  Sneak out and get the crowbar.  
Continue down the alley.  At the second cell window you'll meet Burnham.  He 
tells you that his neighbor will cause a ruckus if he sees you at the window. 
Go to his window and set him off, then go hide behind the trashcan next to 
the rear door of the police station.  Wait for the guard to come out and 
investigate, then sneak in through the door he leaves open.  Do not close or 
bolt it or he will notice and call out the alarm.

You're now in the police station.  The open door in front of you leads to the 
front office where there are guns.  Unfortunately, there's also a guard and 
you're likely to get killed.  Instead, turn left past the cells and quietly 
climb the stairs. Go straight and you'll peek into the bedroom.  You'll see 
the police chief washing his face.  Backtrack to the stairs and this time 
take the left passage to a room with a med-kit.  Through this room is a 
bathroom.  There are two levers on the wall that control the water.  The 
lower lever controls the bathroom sink and the upper lever controls the sink 
in the adjoining bedroom.  Turn off the water to the adjoining bedroom to 
lure the police chief into the bathroom.  Hide in the stairwell to the attic 
until he passes.

Return to the bedroom and take the cell keys from the wall hook next to the 
bed and grab the revolver ammo.  Get out of the bedroom quickly before the 
police chief returns.  Hide on the stairs to the first floor.

Descend to Burnham's cell and show him the photo of Burnham with Ruth.  This 
will gain his trust.  Now use the keys on the cell door to free him.

Follow Burnham to the garage doors.  Once he asks you where to now, lead him 
down the street past the burning car.  When you get to the corner, you will 
see an alley across the street from the police station.  Lead Burnham to the 
alley and to the metal grate in the floor. Through the inventory screen, use 
the crowbar on the grate to open a passage into the sewer where you'll find a 
save point (Sewer 33%). Guide Burnham through the sewer, grabbing a dead rat 
along the way.  At the intersection continue straight to the ladder to the 
garage, where Mackey is waiting.

Note: If you don't get Burnham to the sewers fast enough the police will 
discover he's missing and set off the alarm. You'll need to either get him to 
the sewers or leave him at the save point at the backdoor to the garage (it's 
in the alley to the right of the main garage doors).  Enemies entering the 
alley will shield their eyes from the elder sign, giving you the opportunity 
to whack them with your crowbar.  You can keep luring bad guys into the alley 
until the streets are clear.  In any event you'll need to get through the 
sewers to gain admittance to the garage.

Once you and Burnham are in the garage, you're told you'll need to return to 
the police station, both to open the safe and to get some firepower.  In the 
garage you'll find a med-kit under the stairs, another on a crate, and some 
ammo.  Ascend the stairs and unbolt the door to the alley to reveal a save 
point (Garage Backdoor 33%).  By now fishmen will be patrolling the streets.  
Sneak back to the back door of the prison.

In the first cell you'll find Marsh's journal, which contains the clue to the 
safe combination.  Use the rat on the crazy guy's cell so you can safely get 
the paper from the floor of his cell.  The last cell contains Waite and 
nothing but a sanity loss.

Now go to the main office. You'll have to close the front door without being 
seen.   On the desk you'll find a police whistle and ammo.  The shotgun and 
pistol are in a case next to the desk.

The safe is behind the cabinet next to the chalkboard. Push the cabinet 
aside. As Burnham told you, the combination is an important date in Captain 
Marsh's journal. On the last page is the date 1846, which is also the 
combination.  Push the right direction button to turn the dial right and the 
left button to turn the dial left.  Turn the dial right to 1, left to 8, 
right to 4 and left to 6.  Take the brooch from the safe (35%).

Return to the garage backdoor and knock for Burnham to open the door. Show 
him the brooch and he'll be ready to roll.

Auto-save 37%

As Burnham drives like a madman, you have to dodge the bullets.  Unless 
you're a very good shot, just concentrate on staying low and dodging back and 
forth.  You're bound to take damage from shots and your friend's driving. 
Ultimately Burnham stops and says for you to take a look.  Look to the left 
of the truck's cab.  You'll see a truck blocking the road.  Shoot the barrels 
in the back of the truck to clear the path.

After a bit more punishment, you'll finish the stage and the game will auto-

Quickly get out of the truck and take the revolver from the right-hand porch.  
Hop on the porch and crawl into the shadows behind the fishnet.  Here you can 
heal. Wait for the goons to disperse, then go straight forward from your 
hiding place.  You'll have to kill two goons in your way until you reach the 
open gate in the fence.  The dock area has a med-kit.  A good place to lie in 
wait is under the dark staircase.  Enter the large door at the foot of the 

Before you go inside the cannery, you may want to clear the streets of goons.  
Back the way you came you will find a niche with revolver ammo and, back at 
the collapsed tunnel where you entered, you'll find two med-kits.

Return to the cannery.  Crouch/sneak into the building and go left 
immediately.  Then go forward in the dark area behind the guards.  When you 
can go no father, you'll have to cut across a lit area hopefully without 
being seen. When the coast is clear advance deeper into the cannery.  You'll 
come to a corner with a door across from a stairwell.  Keep following the 
hallway until you reach a pile of crates.  There is a small opening at the 
bottom that you can crawl into.  This is a great place to take out foes.  
Fire off a shot to attract some attention and shoot from your hidey-hole.

Once you've thinned the crowd, go up the stairs to a room with revolver ammo 
and two windows you can break to reach a save point (Cannery Storage 40%).  
There's nothing else of interest except a locked door.

Go downstairs and to the nearby door to the salt room.  Search the crates to 
the left of the back wall to find a Tommy gun.  Jump up into the bin against 
the back wall for a med-kit.  There's some pistol ammo in the room.

Thus armed you can try to clear out the rest of the cannery.  For your 
trouble you'll find three boxes of revolver ammo spread around the front 
room.  When you're done, return to the crates at the end of the hall with the 
hole.  Crawl all the way through the hole to the warehouse.  There's not much 
in here, just a med-kit near the entrance, some shotgun shells in 
approximately the middle of the room and some keys at the far end (near a 
fallen ladder).  Touching the keys triggers a cutscene.

You should try to save Ruth.  Fighting the goons on the ground floor isn't 
all that great because they will be replenished by the time you get upstairs.  
So simply make your way back to the crates and crawl through.  Climb the 
stairs, jump out the window, run past the save point (consider saving) and 
unlock the door.  Go though a room to a balcony.  Climb the ladder to the 
left.  Hurry across the rafters to talk to Ruth.  Grab the med-kit and open 
the door by shooting or smashing the lock with the crowbar.  Open the door 
and Ruth follows you out. Lead Ruth downstairs and climb out the window.  
Take the med-kit from the crate.  When you've gotten fairly far away Ruth 
will finally follow you to Burnham's car.

Saving Ruth is really very difficult.  If the goons spot you climbing across 
the rafters they'll shot you to pieces.  Whether or not you save Ruth 
ultimately doesn't matter, except to your completion score.

Auto-save 45%

As the shooting starts, go left before your cover is blown away.  Move 
forward to the agent.  While the feds are shooting, go across the field of 
fire to the nearest cover.  Go around the crates and head across the field of 
fire again.  Behind the agent is a small hole at the bottom of the crates.  
Crawl in and work your way forward to the side door.  Shoot the goon at the 
gun emplacement.

Don't be too eager to explore.  Wait for the feds to enter and then stand by 
Hoover.  By rushing ahead I once encountered a glitch where one of the feds 
continued to fire and Hoover's men wouldn't bash the door for me.

The office contains shotgun shells and a shotgun.  The next room has rifle 
bullets and a rifle hidden behind the door.  To achieve 100% completion you 
must take the rifle.  Follow the Feds to the main refinery shipping area.  
You'd expect such a large room to have lots of stuff, but all you'll find is 
a pistol clip near where Hoover waits.  If you get to him quickly, you'll 
take a sanity hit.  Don't go down any of the stairs.  Talk to Hoover. To the 
left of the elevator access are stairs down, to the right are stairs up.  
Take the stairs down and the game will auto-save (48%).

At the bottom you'll have to fight you way past several enemies.  Go to the 
left for some pistol ammo at the end of the hall.  Then go the other way.  Be 
careful at the balcony because more goons with attack from below.  Don't 
linger too long in this area because the enemies respawn endlessly.

Go down another flight of stairs and through a door to the area below the 
balcony.   There is a med-kit on a crate behind the door.  Ignoring the door 
across from you, go down the stairs and go straight at the intersection, up 
some stairs and straight past two more intersections to a double door labeled 
Workshop.  Inside find a drive belt, a revolver, revolver ammo, a med-kit, 
and a shotgun.  Leave the workshop by the smaller door to find a med-kit, 
then return to the workshop and go out the double doors.

Go left at the first intersection and save if you want (Bucket Track 48%).  
Go down the stairs and at the T intersection go left toward Ore Processing.  
When you reach the end of the hall take the smaller door on the right.  
Revolver ammo sits on a crate straight ahead. Fight your way along the 
catwalks to another similar area.  More catwalks lead to Cyanide Storage.  
The exit leads to the Generator Room.

Next to the entry door is a padlocked generator.  Shoot the lock and use the 
drive belt on the generator.  Throw the lever next to the generator labeled 
Track Generator.  Now go to the door marked Bucket Control.   Make your way 
to the control console (watching out for enemies), shoot the glass covering 
the button, and press the button.  The buckets start swinging past like a 
gondola.  Look to your left.  See where the buckets pause in front of a 
broken catwalk?  That's where you'll be getting off.  To get on a bucket 
you'll have to backtrack to the save point you passed earlier.  It's closer 
than you think.

Return to the generator room and unbolt the double doors. Go left toward the 
gantry access and turn right at the next intersection.  Save (Bucket Track 
48%) if you wish.

Walk into a bucket and let it take you all the way through the factory to the 
bucket control room.  When it stops at the broken catwalk you saw earlier 
when you activated the gantry, DO NOT jump out.  There is no jumping on the 
gantry and you will just fall to your death.  Instead, look down and you'll 
see some crates on a landing just below.  As the bucket resumes, step off and 
land on the crates.

Take the med-kit and go up the ladder. The next hall has pistol ammo on a 
barrel next to the entrance.  Follow the path to Pressure Control.  You 
should end up in a room with a bolted double door.  Use the Pressure Release 
Valve and the game will auto-save (53%).

Unbolt the double doors and go into a hall marked 01 Smelting with a save 
point (Pressure Control 53%).  The stairs that are now blocked by steam lead 
up to the main room where you left Hoover.  Don't go that way or the steam 
will kill you.

There is pistol ammo next to the dead body and a med-kit at the far end of 
the hall.  Go down the stairs to an area teeming with foes.

Follow the right hand wall to a dead end with rifle and revolver ammo.  
Coming back, you'll find the double doors to ore processing are locked.  
Continuing down the unexplored hall, you'll find the access to bucket control 
similarly locked.   With only one way to go, you end up at floor access to 
ore transit.

On the pile of crates immediately past the door are shotgun shells.  Ahead 
the hall tees off.  The double doors to the right won't budge.  There are two 
ladders to the left.  Take the ladder farther back.  It leads to a catwalk 
with a med-kit.  Ascend the other ladder and climb up to a chute.  Walk up 
the chute and hop off.  Climb to the door to the upper grinder.  Up a flight 
of stairs and in a small room to the left is a Tommy gun.  Up the ladder is a 
med-kit.  Go up more stairs to the upper grinder where you'll find a save 
point (Upper Grinder 53%).  Climb the short ladder and walk up the chute.

After a cutscene, when the conveyor belt starts moving, run back to the 
grinder and leap across to the broken catwalk straight ahead.  Move to the 
right side of the catwalk and when it collapses slide down to the edge of the 
grinder.  Duck and crawl under the broken catwalk.

Return to the ladder and climb to the conveyor belt again.  This time you 
make it to the conveyer controls.  Many enemies patrol the area.  Following 
Marsh onto the catwalk results in the whole thing collapsing.  This part can 
be very hard or very easy.  The hard way is to fight the enemies.  But since 
they seem limitless and there is nothing of value in this entire area, the 
easy way is to get out as fast as possible.  The exit is the passage to the 
left of the collapsed catwalk.  The room at the end has a ladder leading up 
to a trapdoor.  Act fast and you can get out without firing a shot.  The 
trapdoor closes behind you, cutting off pursuit.

Only one set of double doors opens.  Down this hall, the first door, labeled 
elevator control, has a button to activate the elevator power as well as a 

The next room, labeled Administration, has a revolver, pistol ammo, and a 
letter from Sebastian Marsh on the back desk (54%).  Exit out the door to 
shipping.  This catwalk overlooks the large area where you met Hoover.  From 
up here you can see the elevator is now working but Hoover is gone.  Advance 
until you come to a med-kit on a crate next to the stairs down.  Go 
downstairs and press the elevator call button.  Board the elevator and push 
the button for the Foundry.  The game Auto saves (56%).

Enter the open doorway to reach a hall with enemies.  Go left up another 
flight of stairs (there's nothing of value to the right).  There is a med-kit 
on a crate right before the greenish hall.  Proceed through the greenish 
hall, past some dead ends to either side, until you come to a corner with 
revolver bullets on a metal crate.  At the end of the hall more bullets sit 
in a red locker.  Take the double doors to Gold purification/casting.  Make 
your way down to the lower level and save your game at the elder sign (Gold 
Purification 56%).

Go through the nearby door and you'll see a cutscene.  To save Hoover, simply 
shoot at Marsh from below until he runs away.  Then climb the ladder and use 
the control panel.  Climbing the ladder before driving Marsh away will result 
in a quick death for Jack.

The exit from the gold purification room is on the lower level through a door 
labeled gold casting.  Follow the catwalks to Smelting/floor access.  The 
hallway is labeled 02 Foundry.  There is a med-kit on a platform next to 
machinery.   Stairs down lead to a greenish hall with doors marked Gold 
Casting and Chemical Storage.  There isn't anything of value farther down the 
hall or in gold casting.

Enter Chemical Storage.  The upper catwalk has nothing of interest.  Follow 
the lower path to a large room with ladders at either end, stairs down to 
Electrolysis main access, a door to electrolysis maintenance and a save point 
(Chemical Storage 56%).

Take the door to electrolysis maintenance and follow the path to the cutscene 
where you're knocked unconscious.

You awaken weaponless facing a shoggoth.

To catch your breath, run to the right and hide behind the crates.  See the 
stairs down?  It looks like suicide to go down there, right?  Run to the 
stairs and follow the path to a vat pump control.  Wait for the shoggoth to 
attack, and when the coast is clear activate the control panel.  This drives 
the shoggoth to the next area.

Return the way you came.  Now that you have some space, you can check out the 
electrode activation panel.  It needs a new fuse.

Run down the center catwalk, go down the ladder and turn left (dodging the 
tentacle).  Continue to a safe area with a wide staircase leading to an 
office. Don't go too near the window.  Here you'll find a med-kit and a spare 
fuse in the locker.

Return the way you came and you'll find you way blocked by a tentacle.  Go 
the far end of the landing, keeping away from the vat, and you will lure the 
tentacle to attack you.  While the tentacle is distracted, race back across 
the catwalk.  Climb the series of ladders to the top level, run back across 
the center catwalk and use the fuse on the fuse box next to the electrode 
panel.  Use the panel.  Go back across the catwalk and make your way to the 
far right corner where you'll find a save point (Electrolysis 56%).  Leave by 
the Chemical Storage main access.

Unbolt the door at the top of the stairs.  The huge noise behind you is the 
shoggoth pursuing you.  Go through the door and immediately turn around and 
shut it.  Run down the hall.  At the far end is another door you must unbolt, 
go through, and shut behind you.  Run up the stairs to the room with the save 
point (Chemical Storage).  You can save here if you want, but it's not 
necessary.  All the doors from this room are locked.  Climb a ladder and go 
to the open panel in the air vent.  Just keep crawling until you pop out into 
the gold casting room.  At the end you'll come to a room with a rack of old 
gas canisters and a ladder leading up.

Watch your step up here as the shoggoth goo is corrosive.  Crawl through 
another air duct until you reach the elevator.  Press the button for 
shipping.  When the alarm goes off, press the emergency door release button.  
Climb the crates to get out.

You're treated to another berating by Hoover, but at least he gives you a 

Cross the room to the elevator and go up the stairs on the right to 
administration.  To the left you'll find a padlocked gate.  Shoot the padlock 
to reach the save point (Elevator Maintenance 56%).  Press the nearby hatch 
release button. Duck and crawl into the elevator shaft.  Hop to the nearby 
ladder and climb up. Hop off the ladder and jump onto the cable running down 
the center of the room.  Climb down.  Partway down Hoover will break more bad 
news.  Be sure to always look down when climbing the cable, otherwise you 
will step off into open space.  At the bottom of the shaft you'll be 
surrounded by gold.  Crouch and drop down the hole in the floor.  The game 
will auto-save as you enter the hall.

At the end of the hall, press the red button to open the trapdoor.  Climb the 
ladder.  At the top you'll be in the middle of corrosive shoggoth goo, so 
watch your step.  Turn slightly to the left and go to the big double doors 
with no goo or crates in front of them.  Press the black button to open the 
doors.  In the back of the room is a ladder up.  Go all the way to the end of 
the hall (ignore the stairs down for now, they just lead to a locked door) 
and go into the room with your friend the shoggoth.

Your objective is to activate four gas control valves.  Unfortunately, only 
one has a handle.  Activating the one by the door gets the shoggoth off the 
catwalk.  Turn off the valve again before running past the shoggoth.  Go 
through the door to gold vault B.   At the end of the path is an opening in 
the fence.  Jump across to the ledge and make your way down the crates.  Find 
a black button to open the door across from where you dropped down.

In this next vault, unbolt the door across the room to make future treks 
easier.  If you open the door, you find it leads upstairs to where you just 
were.  There's another stairs leading up in the center of the gold valut, but 
there isn't much to see up there.  When you're ready, go through the door 
without the bolt.

You're back with the shoggoth, but on same level as it.  You need to hop over 
the tentacle on the ground.  Turn left and you'll see a thrashing tentacle.  
After it strikes, get up close to it.  Wait for it to raise and then run 
under it.  Stick to the smashed crates on the floor to avoid damage from goo.  
Time it right and you can get past without getting hurt.  Go through the only 
available door to a room with a corpse and a wrench on the floor.  There's a 
med-kit nearby.  Unbolt the door, go up, and return to the room overlooking 
the shoggoth.  Use the valve near the door to drive the shoggoth off the 
catwalk, close the valve and cross to the other side.  Use the wrench on the 
two valve controls on this side of the room.  Go out the door on this side of 
the room.

This time, instead of going all the way down the hole in the fence, you can 
take the stairs down to the door you unbolted earlier.  Go back to where you 
had to avoid tentacles before.  You'll see the first tentacle is much more 
active.  Wait for it to strike, and then hop over it.  Get past the second 
tentacle the same way as before and make your way past the room with the 
corpse.  Turn right at the top of the next set of stairs and return to the 
catwalk overlooking the shoggoth.

Use the wrench to activate the broken valve and finally use the wheel to open 
the last valve.  Don't hang around here because the gas is toxic and will 
damage you.

You'd think this would be enough, but it's not.  You need a way to ignite the 
gas.  Go out the door and go straight, all the way to the ladder down.  Climb 
down to the room you first entered from (the room with the trapdoor in the 
center of the floor and the four large bay doors).  To the left is another 
large door, but this one has been damaged.  You'll need to carefully make 
your way past the goo to the controls on the right side of the door.  Press 
the button and sparks will fly.  Don't move!  The door will blow off its 
hinges and if you move you may get hit.  You're back in the room that used to 
contain the shoggoth.  Leave by the door on the far side, descending into a 
temple area.

When you get to the room with the Cthulhu statue, you don't have much time 
before insanity will strike.

Enter the room and wait for your visit to the insane asylum (to finish the 
trip, simply leave your cell and head down the hall).  When you return to the 
present, push the pedestal with the red gem about five feet toward the door, 
then use the control panel near the statue to activate a red beam.  If the 
gem is positioned correctly, the red beam will hit the gem over the door and 
the claw holding the gem will open.  Take the red gem and the door will open, 
ending the level.  Several times I ran into a glitch in this room that caused 
the pedestal to become insubstantial; I could move right through it making it 
impossible to push.

Incidentally, Jack's not going insane because he's afraid of a stupid statue.  
It's the alien influence of Cthulhu projected through the statue that is 
draining his sanity.

Auto-save 65%

Follow the soldier downstairs and head for the cliff to the right.  Among the 
rocks to the left is a rope leading down.  Wait until after a brief cutscene 
before climbing down the rope.

I found it easiest to couch, start down the rope, then stand while on the 
rope to hurry the rest of the way down.

The frozen river at the bottom is very unstable and slippery.  Only the white 
portions are strong enough to carry your weight.  If you stand you are likely 
to slide onto thin ice.  Crawl along the white path.  If you are too slow the 
ice will break under you and Jack will die.  The white ice leads to the mouth 
of a smuggler's cave.  You'll pass a save point (Smuggling Route 65%).  Keep 
going until you reach a clearing with a soldier.  Take the med-kit.  Talk to 
the soldier.  Use the flamethrower to melt the ice blocking the exit door.  
Unfortunately you can't take the flamethrower.

Go into the cave and lure the monster back to the door.  When it's in 
position in the doorway, use the flamethrower on it.

Now enter the cave and grab the dynamite next to the corpse of the soldier. 
At the intersection, go left to Mackey in the third cell.  At the end of the 
hall are a bronze key and a rifle.  None of the cells open, but you will find 
an open cell with rifle ammo and a save point (Prison Cell 65%)

Leave the cell area and turn left at the intersection.  Advance until you 
reach the carnivorous starfish guarding a door.  Don't go to the door.  
Instead, use the dynamite on the barrels partway down the hall.  The dynamite 
has a huge radius, so be sure you get back around the bend in the hall before 
it detonates.  When you go through the shattered door the game auto-saves 

Go upstairs through some doors into a mansion.  The first door on the right 
contains a meeting room with a knife on the table.  This is a handy weapon 
for silent stealth kills.  Push the bookcase on the right to reveal a secret 
passage containing two med-kits.  Only one door out of the passage will open, 
but it's a one-way door that can't be opened from the other side.  Go through 
the one-way door.

Time for some stealth kills.  Ready the knife.  Sneak behind the goon on the 
left.  When you get behind him, stand and aim the knife by holding down the 
left trigger.  Attack with the right trigger and he should die with one blow.  
Now dispatch the goon on the right with the same tactic.  Kill the other 
guards with your rifle.  As you move into the grand hall, beware of snipers 
from the balcony above.

You'll see an alcove with double doors sealed by a glowing gold aura.  Being 
close to the doors makes your head pound.  You can't get through them.  
You'll also see a similar blue glow sealing some doors at the end of a hall.  
A stone plaque to the right of the blue doors contains alien symbols.  To 
read the glyphs, you must use the Book of Dagon on the plaque.  The white 
door in this hall leads back to the hall you originally entered through.  
Don't go that way.  Instead, head for the unexplored door to the right of the 
grand staircase.  It leads to a small study.  There is an old rusty key on 
the desk and pistol ammo on the mantle.  Unbolt the exit doors.  The one on 
the left leads back to the meeting room where you found the knife, the one on 
the right leads to the hall you first entered through.  Enter the hall and go 
to the far door on the opposite side of the hall.  Your key unlocks the door.  
You should be in a storage room with shotgun shells, a pistol clip, med-kit 
and a save point (Storage Room 67%).  Climb the ladder at the far end of the 
room.  The trapdoor closes behind you, blocking any retreat.

There are four doors off this hall.  Clockwise from the door at the end that 
won't open, the doors lead to: a storage room with a shotgun, a green room, 
and another short hall leading to a blue-sealed door with a plaque that says 
the same thing as the one downstairs (use the book of Dagon on it to read 

Go to the storage room.  Crouch to enter the room and close the door behind 
you.  Crawl to the shotgun.  You'll also find rifle bullets on the shelf 
behind you--but don't take them unless you're out of bullets (you don't want 
to waste them just to replace a couple of bullets).  There is a winch 
mechanism in the back of the room.  Crouching under the window, you can sneak 
and peek into the room below.  There are many enemies down there.  You can 
thin them out with your rifle, but when you are spotted it triggers a 
cutscene.  Goons will invade the upstairs hall, and if the door to the 
storage room is open they will pour in and attack you by surprise.  But if 
the door is closed you can go out at your leisure and kill them.

Return to the room with the winch.  You really should thin out the crowd 
below.  You'll have to deal with them sooner or later.  Don't try killing 
them all because you can mop up stragglers later.  After you're done shooting 
you may want to take the rifle bullets from the shelf.

Return to the hall.  Go through the door at the far end leading to the green 
room.  There is a pistol clip on the bench by the entrance.  The door at the 
far end leads to the balcony overlooking the grand hall below.  If you didn't 
kill the goons on the balcony earlier, you'll have to do it now.  Also watch 
out for new goons below.

Of all the doors on the balcony, only the second one you come to will open.  
The diary of Robert Marsh sits on one of the chairs.  Now smash or shoot the 
stained glass window with the picture of the deep one.  Hop through for a 
touching talk with the crying girl.

There are two pistol clips in the garden center and another stained glass 
window for you to smash.  Jump through and take the ammo from the desk.  Use 
the Book of Dagon on the big stone plaque that's carved with symbols.  Unbolt 
the door and step out onto the balcony.  Use the rifle on any goons in the 
room below.

The grand staircase is blocked by furniture, but on the right side you can 
climb over the barricade by jumping on the chair, then the bookcase and then 
down to the stairs.  Return to the short hall where you originally entered 
the mansion.  There's just one door you haven't opened.  Go through it now 
and you will enter another study.  Take the med-kit from the desk.  There is 
a safe to the right of the fireplace.  The combination is in the diary of 
Robert Marsh.  The only date is 1878.  As usual, use the right direction 
button until you reach 1, then press left until you hit 8, then right to 7 
and left to 8.  Inside the safe are a scroll (a prayer to Dagon called l'a 
Dagon), a pistol, and a book entitled the Ponape Scripture (70%).

You'd think you'd have enough information to open one of the doors sealed by 
a prayer to Dagon, but you don't.  You have an English translation but what 
you want is a prayer in the original language.

Leave the room and turn right to the storage room with the save point.  Go up 
the ladder, through the green room and on to the balcony.  Take the first 
door off the balcony.  Use the scroll on the stone tablet hanging from the 
wall.  You learn the prayer in the original language.

Head back the way you came, through the green room, and turn left to reach 
the upper sealed door.  Press the action button on the blue door to say the 
prayer and open the seal.  Make your way downstairs killing any opposition.  
You'll find a med-kit on a bench and the cell keys on the podium.  Go out the 
double doors and head right rough the small entry hall and go downstairs to 
free Mackey from his cell.

You can toggle Mackey between following and waiting by talking to him.  Have 
him wait if you want to clear out trouble.  Have him follow if you want him 
to help fight.

The mansion will be repopulated with enemies.  Mackey does a fair job of 
handling himself, but if he dies it's game over.

Return to the mansion.  Mackey can't climb ladders, so you won't be able to 
use the shortcut to the upstairs room with the winch.  Instead, go through 
the first short hall and turn left.  Go through the room with the big stone 
slab on the floor and lead Mackey upstairs to reach the winch.

As Mackey operates the winch, you must go to the main staircase in the great 
hall and climb over the barricade to reach the ground floor.  The slab has 
been raised, revealing a spiral staircase down to a med-kit and a save point 
(Temple of Dagon 70%).

In the temple, you face two sorcerers and a fierce wind.  Use the pillars for 
cover and pop out to shoot your unholy opponents.  Once the sorcerers are 
dead the wind will fade.  There is a med-kit behind the center statue.

Look at the stone table on the wall.  Two pieces are lying on the floor.  
Mentally replacing the missing fragments you can discern a series of shapes:  
Anchor, left anchor, anchor, flower, anchor, flower.

Behind each statue are a symbol and a button.  Dagon has a symbol like an H, 
Cthulhu a pyramid, and Hydra a diamond.

Kneel before the Dagon statue (after all this is the temple of Dagon).  This 
provides a key to the symbols on the tablet relating each to a symbol on a 
statue.  Using this key, you can see that:

Anchor = Dagon
Left anchor = Hydra
Flower = Cthulhu

Putting it all together, press the buttons in this order: Dagon, Hydra, 
Dagon, Cthulhu, Dagon, Cthulhu.

The door opens.  Follow the tunnel until the level ends with a splash.

Auto-save 75%

The chart room has two pistol clips, rifle ammo and a med-kit.  There's 
nothing of value downstairs on deck, so go through the open door to a locker 
room, through another door, and up to the bridge.  Leave by the other door 
and at the bottom of some stairs you'll find shotgun shell, rifle bullets and 
a pistol clip.  Return to the bridge and use the save point (Bridge 75%).  
Talk to the man at the wheel who tells you to go on deck.  Go back 
downstairs, through the chart room, and onto the deck.

For fun, talk to the man next to the door and to the sailor leaning over the 
railing.  Talk to the man with the Tommy gun last to trigger an attack by 
deep ones.  Grab the rifle the ensign dropped and fight the deep ones.

The more sailors that survive the ambush, the better your completion score 
will be at the end of the game.  You must help save sailors or you won't be 
able to get 100% complete.  Eventually the man with the Tommy gun will calls 
you to the cabin door.  Go to him and he asks you to get him more ammunition.  
Press the action button on him and he hands you the storage room key.

Enter the chart room and take the stairs in the back right corner.  The 
storage room is at the bottom of the stairs.  Inside you'll find rounds for 
the ensign's machine gun, two med-kits, a shotgun, a pistol, two boxes of 
shotgun shells, a pistol clip, and a save point (Small Storage 75%).  Take 
the ammo back to the ensign on deck.

Now he sends you to the infirmary.  Go through the chart room and bear left 
through the locker room.  You'll find the infirmary at the back, along with 
an extremely large, angry deep one.  Two shotgun blasts at short range will 
finish it.

You can close and bolt the infirmary door while you search the room for rifle 
bullets, two pistol clips, shotgun shells, a med-kit, and an emergency kit 
for the ensign.  Take the emergency kit back on deck with the ensign and 
fight by his side until the attack abates.

Move forward to the railing right in front of the cabin door.  You'll hear 
someone shout "incoming!"  Grab the rail by using the action button on it.  A 
tidal wave hits the ship, killing loose soldiers.  Watch the ensign who also 
grabbed the rail.  When he lets go you know it's safe to also let go.

These waves will continue to hit every 30 seconds or so.  Between waves you 
must go to the big gun in the center of the deck and shoot at the shore.  Use 
the left trigger to zoom in, the right trigger to fire, and the analog stick 
to aim.  Shoot at the glowing blue lights, of which there are three.  You 
need to aim high to hit your target, as you are using artillery.  The lights 
represent sorcerers on Devil's Reef.  When a sailor shouts, "Take cover!" 
press action to release the cannon and run to a railing so you can hold on 
for dear life.

When all three sorcerers are dead, go back into the cabin.  At this point, if 
you have saved enough sailors, you will have a completion score of 78%.  If 
you are very fast, you can run to the small storage room and save your game 
while the sailors talk.  I suggest you save in a new slot because if you're 
too slow you will find the deep ones swarming over the ship and your saved 
game will be doomed.

Accompany the ensign to the infirmary, shutting doors behind you as deep ones 
chase you.  Be sure to close and bolt the infirmary door.  When you leave by 
the back door of the infirmary, the ensign will go through another door right 
next to it.  You must follow him immediately, closing and bolting the door 
after you.

Downstairs in a crew cabin with a med-kit, shotgun shells, pistol ammo, a 
crewman's diary and a save point (Sleeping Quarters 79%).  Go back to the 
hallway with the steam.  There is a valve to the left to shut off the steam.  
Continue into the boiler room.  Follow your guides out the other side of the 
engine room to the captain's cabin.  Nearby you will find a ladder down.  
Take the ladder to the lower part of the engine room.  While you're here, 
close the door to the furnace (it will make life easier a little later).  To 
your left is a pair of air vents.  Crawl into the right side and you'll come 
out in the captain's cabin.  In here you'll find revolver ammo, a revolver, 
and the key to the armory.  Unbolt the door to out get.  Now would be a good 
time to go to the Sleeping Quarters to save.

Inside the armory are a Tommy gun, extra Thompson ammo, revolver bullets, 
unlimited pistol clips, and dynamite.  As soon as you grab the Tommy gun, 
turn and cover the door because deep ones will attack.  Once the coast is 
clear, go down the ladder to the lower engine room.  Use the dynamite on the 
left hand air vent to blow out the fan.  Crawl through the vent to a save 
room (Main Storage 79%).  Take the crowbar and med-kit and go into the mess.  
Wait for the lights to go out.  When they come back on, talk to the cowardly 
crewman twice.  He gives you the key to the cargo hold.  He then lets you out 
the back door--and you're back at the captain's quarters.

The engine room is blocked by steam.  Go down the ladder.  Close the door to 
the furnace if you haven't already.  There's a valve next to the furnace.  DO 
NOT open that valve.  If you do, close it immediately.  Closing the furnace 
door can be tricky because Jack will tend to turn the valve instead (that's 
why I suggested closing the finance door earlier).  With the furnace door 
closed, climb the ladder and leave the engine room.  You'll pass the crew 
quarters and there is a trapdoor under a red light.  The cargo key opens it.  
You'll find a med-kit and a green welding kit sitting on a crate in the 
flooded cargo hold.  A deep one will attack as soon as you take the welding 
kit, so have your shotgun ready and give it both barrels at close range.

Return to the engine room and cross the room.  To the left is a valve you can 
turn to shut off the steam above you.

Go back across the room.  To the right is a crank.  High above the crank is a 
padlock.  Shoot the padlock to lower the ladder and climb up.  Follow the 
catwalk and hop off the far end.  Go to the left and use the welding kit on 
the crack in the pipe.

Duck under the pipe behind you and drop down to where you lowered the ladder.  
There is another ladder down here.  Climb down and turn the valve next to the 
furnace that you weren't supposed to touch earlier.  Go back up the ladder 
and cross the engine room.  Turn the valve in the left corner that you turned 
off earlier and the engines start.  Go through the door and continue to the 
mess.  The cowardly engineer will now let you in and after a moment will take 
your welding kit.  Deep ones attack.

After you've turned them to fish food, take the stairs up and save at the 
small storage room (79%).  Continue up onto the deck and after a brief 
cutscene Dagon attacks.  When he is at the front of the ship, use the deck 
cannon on him.  Aim for his head.  When he dives, get off the cannon and wait 
for him to surface, usually to the left.  Dodge his attacks until he surfaces 
in front again, then use the cannon on his head.  You can often lure him to 
the front of the ship by standing there.  If you need a breather, he rarely 
surfaces in the same place twice.
When you finally defeat Dagon, the level ends.

Auto-save 84%

You awaken in a small lagoon.  Follow the cave to another pool.  Duck and 
crawl into the hole to the left to find a med-kit.  Climb out and continue up 
the path.  Shortly after the cutscene you will come to a pit in the pathway.  
On the other side of the pit is light colored stone, which is actually the 
trigger to a second trap.  You need to jump across and immediately duck and 
pull back to the edge of the pit.  Spikes will spring up in front of you and 
a moment later more spikes will swing overhead.  Once the trap's been 
triggered you can safely continue to the save point (Lagoon 84%).

Shortly you'll come to a stretch of fierce winds.  Ledges lead up and down.  
Take the low path first.  The ledge is unstable and will collapse under your 
feet.  It's safest to hop all along the ledge until you come to the part that 
leads to the central island.  There you find a strangely carved disk.  Return 
the way you came, walking this time and jumping over the gaps in the ledge.

Now take the high path.  One or two parts may collapse, but it's easy to jump 
over before falling.  As soon as you get out of the wind, watch the left wall 
for an easy-to-miss opening.  Take the path down past some carnivorous 
starfish into a room with an old pulley.  Examine the paintings on the walls 
until you find one with a missing disk.  Use the disk on it to open a secret 
door.  Take the lever from the crate.  Avoid looking at the hanging man or 
else you will take a sanity hit.  Leave the way you came, past the starfish, 
and turn left at the main tunnel.

Proceed carefully.  The spikes protruding from the walls aren't the problem.  
The first wooden planks on the floor collapse when you touch them.  Jump 
over.  Farther along you'll come to another pit covered by boards that will 
collapse.  Jump over.  Around the next corner are a few steps down and a 
green wall on your right.  There are two caves in the green wall.  One is 
shallow and contains a med-kit.  The other leads back to a ledge with a save 
point (Hidden Shelf 84%).  On the self is a hole.  Use the lever on the hole, 
then use the lever.  This deactivates a trap down below.  You can see the 
trigger plates being covered by wooden planks.  Note that the deactivation is 
on a timed delay, and after a little while the wooden planks retract.  You 
will need to get down there while the trigger plates are still covered.  The 
fastest way is along the narrow ledge leading from the hidden shelf.  Drop 
down and then hurry across the wooden planks and out the doorway.  Waves 
crash across the rocks here.  It appears the iron rings set in the walls are 
meant as handholds.  However, I found it much easier to get past this part by 
simply crouching and pushing forward while keeping close to the wall.  
Standing invariably led to death.

Next you come to a wooden bridge that is partly collapsed.  Use the pulley on 
the bridge to slide halfway down.  Go into the room and look around.  You'll 
see a green gem, a console, and a plate on the wall with a familiar-looking 
carving.  Use the Book of Dagon on the console to learn that it's a kind of 
map.  Use Ruth's brooch on the carving.  Then press the carving to activate 
the map.  It's on a timer and before you can expect to meet the time you will 
need to clear away some enemies.  Also note that the claw holding the green 
gem opens.  Do not take the green gem.  It needs to be there when you reach 
the other end of the maze.

As you go back to the ledge overlooking the bridge, you'll see a glowing red 
light in the ground.  A trail of these red lights will lead you to your 
destination.  Don't worry about them for now.  You're just going to clear the 
upcoming maze of enemies.  Across the chasm in front of you is a very narrow 
ledge running to the left.  It doesn't look like much, but it's actually 
quite safe for you to jump across to it and shimmy to the bridge.  From the 
bridge there are two tunnels going left and right.  Take the path to the left 
(the other one leads to a dangerous drop).  When you come to the spider crabs 
shoot them with your pistol.  From this point you can go left or right, but 
since it's all a big loop it doesn't really matter.  Follow the path.  You'll 
come to another group of spider crabs that need killing.  Along the way 
you'll see many alcoves covered in green webs.  Explore them if you want, 
just be careful of pit traps.  When you get back to where you entered the 
maze, drop down some rocks and climb up to reach the bridge.  Take the narrow 
ledge back out until you're across from the room with the green gem.  Hop 

Now it's time to do this for real.  Press the brooch button and hurry to 
retrace your steps to the maze.  Follow the red gems in the floor and they 
will lead you to a side tunnel.  Watch out for the pit trap in the side 
alcove.  Continue on until you reach a room with a pedestal.  Use the red gem 
on the pedestal.  After a moment, if time hasn't already run out, the gem 
will glow and the exit will open.  Go down into the huge cavern below.  There 
is an enormous hole in the ground issuing gusts of powerful wind.  If you 
touch the boulder on the edge of the hole it falls in.  Jump after it.  As 
you fall, you may be tempted to look up and around.  I ran into a glitch 
doing this where my character fell outside the hole and hung in space, 
forcing me to reload.  It's safest just to keep looking down as you fall.

During your brief trip to the asylum, go down the hall and into the white 
light of the cell to end the level.

Auto-save 88%

You land safely.  Follow the tunnel to a save point (View of Y'ha-nthlei 
88%).  A submarine is trying to destroy the underwater city, but a barrier 
protects it.  Continue on until you trigger a cutscene of Marsh talking to 
one of his goons.  Although the game advises staying hidden, I hid, crouched, 
behind the boulder next to the stairs and shot the fishmen as they came down.  
The Tommy gun comes in useful here.  Use it while you've still got it.

At the top of the stairs is a plaque that you must translate with the Book of 
Dagon.  It will be a long time before you get the charm it refers to.  Go 
down the opposite stairs to get two med-kits.  Since you can't use the gate, 
take the tunnel instead.  At the end of the tunnel you'll trigger a cutscene.

You awake in a cell without your weapons.  Take the chisel from the floor.  
Use the save point (Prison Cell 88%). Use the chisel on the grill on the 
floor and drop in.  Crawl to the adjoining cell.

Lumpenprole from GameFAQS offers this advice:  Just stick your head up into 
the cell and wait until the fish creature in there starts making a ruckus. 
When you hear the guard coming (saying "That does it!"), go back down into 
the tunnel. The guard beats the fish-thing into whimpering compliance and 
leaves. When he's gone, the door is unlocked. Sneaky time.

Sneak out of the cell and follow the wall on your left, avoiding the guards.  
You'll see a boarded section of wall with an opening at the bottom.  Crawl 
into the opening.  Don't worry about exploring the rest of the prison.  
You'll be returning here later when you are better armed.

In your refuge is a save point (Prison Entrance 88%).  Move to the left and 
you'll see a door above you.  Stand, hop up on the ledge, and crawl through 
the opening.  Don't go through the door--it leads back into the prison.  Take 
the tunnel to the left.  Sneak behind the guards at the campfire, keeping to 
the left-hand wall.  You'll come to another path that leads down to the 
campfire.  Keep sneaking uphill.  Watch for a fishman farther up.  That's the 
direction you need to go, over to the right.  When he finally turns his back, 
hurry after him and sneak up the hill behind him.  Keep to the wall so his 
friend guarding the archway at the top of the hill won't spot you.  It's 
possible to sneak past them both without them noticing you.  If you get 
spotted, run into the arch.

Follow the path.  There is a small opening in the left wall halfway along the 
ledge.  Crawl into it.  Keep this location in mind.  It's a great place to 
hide from enemies, and once you get a gun you can easily sit down here and 
pick off your foes.

Crawl to the other end of the tunnel.  You'll see fishmen patrolling the 
area.  Wait for the coast to be clear and then crawl out, keeping to the left 
wall as go behind the guard stationed next to the rock column.  If you get 
spotted make a run for it, heading straight into a cavern filled with plants.  
In the back is an especially bright blue plant.  Take it.

There is a small hole next to a wooden sign.  You can read the sign with the 
Book of Dagon.  Crawl through.  Follow the tunnel to a T intersection with a 
save point to the left (Crystal Chamber 88%).  Look around and you'll see a 
green crystal growing within reach.  When you use your chisel on it you're 
told the chisel along won't be enough to loosen it.

Follow the cave to the waterfall chamber.  Carefully work your way down to 
the pool at the bottom.  You will find two caves leaving the pool area.  The 
one with a med-kit in front of it leads to a pool of water and then a lot of 
starfish.  You can't get past the starfish, so leave this tunnel alone for 
now.  Take the other tunnel and it will wind up at a T intersection.  Go left 
to find revolver ammo on a ledge overlooking the waterfall.  Continue uphill 
and you will reach a save point that you should use (Ventilation System 88%).  
Move slightly forward and a cutscene will take control of Jack.  When you 
regain control you will be fighting Robert Marsh.

There is a knife on the desk.  Take the knife and ready it.  Keep the desk or 
chair between you and Marsh.  Marsh will use magic to draw you to him, 
draining hit points as he lifts you Darth Vader style.  The chair will hinder 
his magic.  After he has done his spell, he will pause.  That's the time for 
you to aim the knife and stab him in the face.  Be quick, because his slap is 
very painful.  After a long struggle he will finally die.

On the desk is a briefcase.  Open it and take the key.  There are also 
shotgun shells.  By the window are two pistol clips.  Among the shelves lower 
down are revolver bullets and a med-kit.

Leave by the fancy door.  Follow the path up to a great hall.  Sorcerers 
guard the way to the left, along with patrolling fishmen.  Crawl to the 
right.  The room with the Cthulhu statue has some rifle bullets.  Keep going 
down the stairs and you will find a rifle and a med-kit.  It's payback time!

Don't stay by the door too long or the chanting will drain you sanity.  Head 
upstairs, shooting any fishmen that get in your way.  This long hallway has 
lots of cover for you to hide behind as you sniper your victims.  Take 
advantage of it.

The path ends at an ornate door with a bolt and two holes in the wall next to 
it.  Crouch and aim at targets through the holes.  They won't be able to get 
you as long as you leave the door bolted.  Go out when your enemies are all 

Go straight ahead and down a ramp to a small room with a med-kit.  Then go 
out and head left across a ledge toward the prison.  You may notice deep ones 
patrolling the cliffs above the campfire guards.  Any gunshots and the deep 
ones will come running.  This isn't a bad thing.  Lure them back to the ledge 
with the hole in the wall and hop into the hole.  The deep ones won't follow 
you down and won't be able to reach you.  Kill them easily.

Back out toward the prison, follow the right-hand wall down and then up.  
You'll come to a cave ending in a door to a laboratory, which opens with the 
key you took for Marsh's briefcase.  Take the med-kit, rifle bullets, lab 
notes, the green bottle of weed killer next to the lab notes, and avail 
yourself of the save point (Laboratory 88%).  The other side of the room 
contains pistol ammo, Tommy gun ammo, and a guy strapped to a table.  He 
tells you about an old passage deep beneath the temple.  He asks you to kill 
him.  It appears that killing him causes sanity loss, but leaving him alive 
may also.

The back door takes you to the prison, along with its supply of patrolling 
guards.  When you enter the prison proper, you can go left toward a hanging 
animal carcass or right.  Clear the upper level of the prison by going right.  
You'll come to a side passage with a large plant growing up the wall.  Take 
the med-kit and use the weed killer on the roots of the plant.  You can now 
climb the plants to reach a room with an alien gate, but since you don't have 
a green gem you won't be able to activate the gate.

From the room with the now dead weeds, continue around the upper mezzanine of 
the prison.  You'll pass revolver ammo on a wooden platform.  You'll also 
pass a barred window overlooking a cell where you can spot a hammer on the 
floor.  Once you've cleared the upper reaches of the prison, head back around 
and go down the spiral ramp in the center.  You'll find a pack containing all 
of your weapons (pistol, revolver, shotgun, Tommy gun, and crowbar), a bucket 
of slop sits next to some shotgun shells. There are rifle bullets near the 

Unbolt the door and exit, killing any fishmen in the area that you missed 
from above.  In this circular hall you'll find shotgun shells, Thompson ammo, 
and revolver bullets.  Down a short side passage you'll also find a door 
bolted on your side.  For a bit of excitement (and a sanity hit), open the 
door--or leave it closed it you want to conserve sanity.  Nearby you'll find 
a metal wall with a small handle in it.  Hungry pounding comes from the other 
side.  Open the feeding panel and use the prison stop and the blue plant on 
it.  Close the trough.  Circle to the bolted door and enter the cell.  Take 
the med-kit and hammer.  Thus equipped, return up the central spiral to the 
laboratory.  It's time to go get that green gem you saw earlier.

Leave the lab by the opposite door.  Follow the left-hand wall, snaking down 
the ramp all the way around to the brightly lit arch with the two flags.  
Take this passage straight through to the cavern where you found the blue 
plant.  Crawl through the hole to the caves leading to the waterfall.  At the 
first intersection turn left toward the save point.  Use the hammer on the 
nearby gem.

Now retrace your steps back to the laboratory (if you come to the waterfall 
you have gone the wrong way).  Along the way, the earth will shake and deep 
ones will attack you.  The best way to handle them is to step into the hole 
next to the ledge path that I pointed out earlier.  You can stay out of their 
reach by crouching.  That way you can shoot them without danger.  A revolver 
shot to the head is effective against them.

Continue to the laboratory and on to the prison.  Another earthquake signals 
the attack of more deep ones.  You can return to the hole in the passage, or 
you can race to the room where you used the weed killer (to the right when 
you enter the prison area from the laboratory) and climb the weeds.

In the alien gate area, use the green gem on a Y shaped slot on one side of 
the ring.  Go to the other side and activate the green hexagon.  A blinding 
white gate will open.  Go through it.

Right in front of you is the alien energy weapon.  You may need to crouch to 
pick it up.  Get out of the water and practice using the weapon.  It has 
infinite ammo.  A quick pull of the trigger is enough to kill a deep one, 
which are especially susceptible to it.  Press and hold the trigger until the 
world shakes and the infinity symbol on the weapon flashes red.  Release the 
trigger to fire a fully charged shot.  If you hold the trigger too long the 
gun misfires and the shot is wasted.  Notice that if you shoot the water it 
electrifies the water.  This would be handy against the starfish cavern at 
the base of the waterfall, no?

Ahead of you is a save point (Waterfall Source Chamber 88%).  Follow the 
stream to the waterfall to find a med-kit.  Going down this way is too 
dangerous.  Return to the save point.  To the left is a tunnel leading to the 
door.  Behind the door are fishman, so prepare a weapon.

Follow the ledge overlooking the cavern where you found the blue plant.  
There are temporary living quarters off the ledge area.  One room contains 
Thompson ammo, another revolver ammo and up a ramp is a room with a med-kit 
and a pistol clip.

Follow the ledges down to the doorway with many flags, watching out for 
enemies below.  Another earthquake signals the approach of deep ones.  Dive 
into the hole next to the ledge and fight them from there.  Note that your 
energy weapon kills them with one quick shot.  When the music stops you know 
it's safe to come out.

Head back past the arch with flags and continue to the cavern where you found 
the blue plant.  Go through the small hole in the wall to the "unexplored 
area" and continue on to the waterfall (saving at the crystal chamber if you 
want).  Clamber down as you did before until you reach the two tunnels 
leading off.  The left hand tunnel leads up to where you fought Robert Marsh.  
The tunnel on the right is the one you want.  It leads to the pool protected 
by starfish.  Stand back from the pool and shoot the water with your energy 
weapon, frying the starfish Cajun style.  Head in.

Watch you step as you transverse a stone bridge over a bottomless pit.  It 
collapses behind you.  A bit farther the game auto-saves (93%).

In this area you'll find a med-kit and a save point (Forgotten Vault 93%).  
There is a hole next to the elder sign.  Carefully drop down a series of 
ledge.  When you reach the platform with the strange five-toed footprints, go 
to the left edge of the platform.  You'll see a narrow ledge directly below 
you.  To the right of it is a slope that's slightly higher.  Crouch and drop 
to the higher portion, then crawl down to the lower platform.  Turn around 
and you'll see a narrow ledge that ends with two platforms below you.  The 
platform on the left is closer and does not have footprints on it.  Step down 
to it and turn left.  There is a stone bridge.  Step down onto the large 
bounder directly below you and wait for the rock fall to stop before 

You're about to face a very tough fight.  I found it easiest to fight from 
the far end of the bridge.  Make sure you have your energy weapon out and 
hurry across the bridge.  At the far end, crouch so the two stone columns are 
to your right and the slope is to your left.  This is important because you 
will be attacked from both sides and the slope will protect your flank.

The winds go crazy and huge floating polyps will glide toward you.  Tackle 
the one on the right first, trusting to the slope to protect you from the one 
behind you.  The polyps attack by sucking and blowing air, and can easily 
knock you off your perch.  The stone column will shield you from the 
monster's breath attack.  You must hit the monsters with fully charged energy 
shots, but remember if you hold the trigger too long the shot will misfire.  
The polyps can vanish and reappear, tending to reappear at the far right edge 
of the bridge.

If you lie low like this the polyps might not even notice you.  This gives 
you a chance to recover your sanity.  Fire off a shot to get their attention, 
but don't expect to hit them from a distance.  It works best to focus on the 
polyp on the right.  When it gets close, keep the pillar between you and it 
while you charge a shot.  Then pop out and release the shot.  It can be a 
very long process.  When you're done with the one on the right, take a pot 
shot at the one on the left and it will eventually come over to the right so 
you can use the same strategy.  You'll know you've killed them all when the 
music stops.

Climb the ramp that's been protecting your left flank.  See that rock at the 
top?  STAY AWAY FROM IT.  Twice while standing behind that rock I have 
suddenly been propelled to my death in the abyss--requiring me to fight the 
polyps all over again!

Instead, follow the ramps up, hopping up ledges.  At the very top are thick 
vines you can climb to reach an opening in a seal far above.  There are two 
med-kits at the top.  Follow the tunnel to another med-kit, and then climb 
and jump up a slope.  Watch out for holes in the floor!  Any death now will 
send you back before the polyps.

You'll find a last med-kit on a high ledge.  Near it is a tunnel with a save 
point (Temple Ventilation 93%).  Crawl out of the tube for a view of the 
temple.  There are med-kits to the far corners on your side of the bridge.  
All these med-kits are rather ominous.  On your side of the bridge is 
pedestal.  Use the Book of Dagon to translate the symbols (94%).  Isn't it 
nice that you can so easily finish the translation that Marsh has worked on 
for such a long time?

Inside the temple is a gong.  This will be important soon.  But for now go 
upstairs and surprise the sorcerers in their evil worship.  Run back to the 
pedestal where you found the Tablets of Dagon and fight them from there.  It 
gives a nice long killing field.

Head back upstairs.  That big ugly in the bubble is a manifestation of Mother 
Hydra.  There are channels that lead to her.  Your job is to release the 
water that feeds the channels, flooding her bubble so you can shoot the water 
with your energy weapon.  Doing it will be harder than it sounds.

Turn around and go up the ramp to the center statue.  There is a fish-headed 
lever behind the statue.  Activate the leaver and the water will be released.  
So will deep ones who will attack you.  Luckily the energy weapon works great 
against them.

There are four other statues in the temple.  It'll take water from all the 
statues to flood Hydra's bubble.  But the statues are too high for you to 
reach with your feeble jump ability.  If only you had the mighty frog legs of 
a deep one.

You might want to go back to the ventilation shaft occasionally to save.  You 
need to hold down the jump button to get up the slope, and then crouch to 
enter the tube.  The save point here is finicky and it must be faced from the 
right-hand side.

You'll get flashes from Hydra's point of view of you standing in the pool in 
front of her bubble.  The problem is, when you do this Jack says he can't 
concentrate and then deep ones attack.  You need to stop Hydra's mental 
assault so you can concentrate.  This is where the gong comes in.  If you 
examine the gong, Jack says if you hit it with enough force it would be 

Shoot the gong with a fully charged energy beam from close up and then run up 
to the small pool in front of Hydra.  Shoot any roving deep ones.  After a 
few moments your point of view will switch to one of the deep ones, and this 
time you'll be able to control it!  If you control it for just a moment it 
means the gong isn't ringing loud enough.  Make sure you hit the gong with a 
fully charged energy shot.

While you control the deep one, jump up to a statue and swat the lever on its 
backside by using the attack button.  You'll then lose control of the deep 
one and have to shoot it.  Go downstairs and shoot the gong again.  Repeat 
until all the levers behind the status have been thrown.  Watch out for other 
waves of deep ones that Hydra summons to harass you.

Once the levers behind all the status have been activated, hit the pool in 
front of Mother Hydra with a fully charged energy shot and watch the shocking 
climax.  Just don't be standing in the pool when you do it!

Go to the pedestal right in front of her and take the gold disc to expose a 
save point (Hydra's Pedestal 94%).  Turn around and go to the other end of 
the room.  There is a red button under a stone plaque.  Use the Book of Dagon 
to read the plaque.  Use the charm on the red button to open the exit.

Go up the stairs.  You're now in the area where you got the rifle.  In the 
first windowed chambered you'll see the city is no longer shielded from the 
sub's attack.

Run through the falling rubble.  Go straight until you come to the decorative 
door with the many flags.  Turn right.  When you get to the ledge, watch out 
for the cracked area.  The ground will break away at your feet.  You'll have 
to jump across.  Keep going to the area overlooking the prison campfire.  
Keep to the right-hand wall and go all the way up.  A cave that's been sealed 
since Marsh captured you is now inexplicably open.  Head in and go straight 
until you reach another pedestal with a red button and carvings.  Use the 
gold disc on the red button to open a gate out.  Go through the gate to end 
the level and the game.


So what does the ending mean?   It helps to know some of the mythology.  In 
September 6, 1915 Jack first encountered the Lovecraft Mythos at the cultist 
house.  The cultists worship Yithians, and have apparently selected Jack as a 
host for one of the Great Race.  Yithians existed over fifty million years 
ago, but they are able to project their minds through time to invade the 
bodies of people in modern times.  For the six years Jack's body was 
controlled by a Yithian, Jack occupied the Yithian's monstrous form.  The 
Yithians are generally kindly and share information with those they hijack, 
which is why the Yithian is calmly explaining about the impending destruction 
of the Yithian civilization by their ancient foes the flying polyps.  Keep in 
mind all this happened millions of years in the past.  When they send their 
victims back to their own bodies (and times) they blank their minds so they 
will remember nothing of their experiences with the Yithians.  However, the 
amnesia is imperfect and the victim may have nightmares such as Jack 
experiences in the three Shadow Out of Time segments.  These scenes are all 
resurfacing memories of Jack's time with the Yithians millions of years in 
the past.

It's hard to say whether it's his memories of being a Yithian that cause Jack 
to go insane, or his guilt over Ramona's death.  Perhaps ending the game with 
an A Mythos rating can save him.


Sep 6 1915 A Local Disturbance
1916-1921 Missing Entries
Feb 6, 1922 A Shadowed Past
Feb 6, 1922 New Client
Feb 7, 1922 Gilman Hotel
Feb 8 1922 Church Refuge
Feb 8, 1922 Jailbreak
Feb 8, 1922 The Feds
Feb 9, 192 The Order of Dagon
Feb 10, 1922 The Cutter Urania
Feb 10, 1922 The Reef of Satan
Feb 10, 1922 The Dark Depths
Feb 16, 1922 Suicide Note

Podium Sermon
Diary of a Cult Member
The Boston Globe, 20th August 1909
Arkham Advertiser, 6th February 1922
Diary of Brian Burnham
Innsmouth Courier, 19th June 1846
Arkham Advertiser, 7th February 1922
Diary of Thomas Waite
Ramona Waite's Coloring Book
Post Mortem Records
Diary of the Church Minister
Registry of Births, Deaths and marriages
Ship Logs of Captain Obed Marsh
Letter from Sebastian Marsh
Diary of Robert Marsh
Diary of one of the crew
Lab Notes of Ester marsh

Book of Dagon
Oaths of Dagon
I'a Dagon
Ponape Scripture
Tablets of Dagon


Achieving 100% completion isn't as hard as it seems.  The official game site 
at explains how.

* Get all journal entries.
* Find the rifle in the refinery (behind an office door early in the level).
* Save Ruth in the cannery warehouse rafters.
* Make sure you keep enough sailors alive during the ship ambush.

Completion score does not appear to be affected by the difficulty level.

Triggering conversations and cutscenes does not affect the completion score.  
I apologize for misleading people in version 1.0 of this walkthrough.

Getting 100% complete does not give you a different ending.


To get an A Mythos Rank you must achieve a 100% completion score in either 
less than 3 1/2 hours with fewer than 30 saves, or in less than 5 hours with 
fewer than 5 saves.  You cannot achieve an A Rank when playing on Boy Scout 

How long it took you to finish the game and the number of manual saves you 
used affect your Mythos Rank as shown on the following table.

Hours To Finish   Rank
 0.0-3.5 hours    A Rank (also requires 100% completion score)
 3.6-5.0 hours    B Rank
 5.1-??? hours    C Rank
 ???-??? hours    D Rank

Manual Saves      Adjustment
 0-5  saves       1 Rank Bonus
 6-30 saves       0 Rank Adjustment
 31+ saves       1 Rank Penalty

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