Call For Heroes – Pompolic Wars (šifre)

Call For Heroes - Pompolic Wars

Submitted by: RM

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, 
enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Result                          Code 
Toggle God mode               - god  
Toggle Enemies cannot see you - notarget  
Kill all on screen enemies    - killall  
Kill all on screen Ovums      - killovums  
Complete current mission      - gametasksdone  
Spawn indicated item          - give   

Item codes:
Use the following entries with the give code while playing as 
either character to spawn the tem. 

Item                                  Code 
Maximum green and blue mana         - mana  
Maximum stamina                     - stamina  
All weapons                         - weapon_all  
Up to 50 coins                      - coins  
Up to 100 monster souls             - monstersouls  
Experience points to upgrade player - xp  
+5 minutes to timer                 - time  
1 health potion                     - item_healthpotion  
1 super healing                     - item_superhealing  
1 full regeneration                 - item_fullregen  
1 respawn                           - item_respawn  
All special abilities               - specabilities_all  

Use the following entries with the give code while playing as the 
Warrior character to spawn the corresponding item.

Item                            Code 
Armor                           armor 
Shield                          shield 
Handaxe                         weapon_handaxe  
Trimace                         weapon_trimace  
Skull of                        Annihilation  weapon_soa  
Warsword                        weapon_warsword  
Battleaxe                       weapon_battleaxe  
Warhammer                       weapon_warhammer  
Ammo for Skull of Annihilation  ammo_soa  
Icon of Might                   item_iconofmight  
Icon of Defense                 item_iconofdefense  
Icon of Cold                    item_iconofcold  

Use the following entries with the give code while playing as the Amazon 
character to spawn the item.

Effect                    Code 
Shortsword              - weapon_shortsword  
Bow                     - weapon_bow 
Spear                   - weapon_spear  
Crossbow                - weapon_crossbow  
Skullbolt Cast Crossbow - weapon_crossbow2  
Scimitar                - weapon_scimitar  
Fire Bow                - weapon_firebow  
Swarmbite Bow           - weapon_swarmbitebow  
Arrows                  - ammo_arrows  
Bolts                   - ammo_bolts 
Skullbolts              - ammo_skullbolts  
Firearrows              - ammo_firearrows  
Swarmbitearrows         - ammo_swarmbitearrows  
Icon of Regeneration    - item_iconofregeneration  
Icon of Fire            - item_iconoffire  
Icon of Invisibility    - item_iconofinvisibility

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