Cake Mania 2 (šifre)

Cake Mania 2

Submitted by: David K
Multi-task To Save Time: 
Anytime you can do a task while on the way to completing another, the better. 
Examples: When one cake is done baking, start baking the next customer's order 
before you take the one in your hand to get frosted. You can also Hand out menus 
to the new customers on your way to pick up cakes from the oven. Jill can only 
carry one cake at a time but she can hand out menus, collect money, tune the 
television, bake another cake and frost cakes all while holding a cake in her hand.

Stacking Cakes:
If you can’t see the shapes of the cakes because of the way the cakes are stacked, 
look at the color on the side of the cake to determine what shape it is. Choose a 
tray with the color frostings that you need and build your cake on top of one tray 
so that you will not get confused about stacking the cakes. 

Putting A Cake Down:
If you pick up the wrong cake and you need to put it down, or you have only one 
frosting tray that has a cake already on it, you can right-click on a cake to 
swap it with one in your hand.

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