Buck Rogers 2 – Matrix Cubed (walkthrough)

Buck Rogers 2 - Matrix Cubed

This walkthru of BUCK ROGERS 2: MATRIX CUBED is divided into two parts. Part 
one, "Official History,"is hints only; part two, "Secret History," contains 
explicit answers. This walkthru also assumes the player has played the first 
game: no game mechanic details are given unless they are different from the 
first game.

Most missions can be done in any order; however, ALL missions should be 
completed before going to Jupiter as you will not be able to come back after 
the game ends to complete them.

A player character should have the following skills at the highest possible 
level for they are critical for certain missions:

Computer Programming
Library Search
Fast Talk

The following skills are needed for certain missions, but level 25 or above 
seems to be sufficient:

Pilot Fixed-Wing
Life Suspension


There are two objectives in the opening scenario. The first is to rescue Lord 
Berkeley from an assassination attempt. The attempt will not happen until you 
arrive at the coronation room. The first priority is to get Lord Berkeley out 
of the line of fire. The second objective is to find out about Dr. Romney and
attempt to rescue him. Chancellor de Sade is not to be trusted.

This mission is basically a training mission for people who started with a 
new team. Kill the guards in the room at the west end of the corridor and use 
their uniforms as disguises. You can now explore freely. Locate the laser and 
the crystal at the northwest corner of the maze. Use the crystal on the laser 
and use the laser to blast the RAM warship. Use the demolitions you found in
the armory on the laser and get out of the base fast!

The only mission is the Lowlander village at the southeast portion of the 
map. Planetary survival is useful here. Searching the village only provides 
hints as to what to expect in the mines. The only critical task is finding the 
entrance to the mine.

 The mine scenario requires that your group be captured and stripped of all 
weapons and armor. You must rescue Llorok with your bare hands before the 
Venusians become friendly.

 Once Llorok is rescued you get back all your equipment and can go to the labs 
for the next step. Leander is the scientist you are looking for and the 
control to turn off the gravity field is due east as he tells you, but prepare 
for a fight. Once Leander is freed, you must clear the lab of Purge invaders. 
This includes both the ground level and the underground level. Find and fight 
all the fixed encounters. Once that is done, Mercurians will invade the lab. 
You do not have to clear the lab of them, but the XPs are useful. All you have 
to do is escape but there will be several battles along the way.


 There are several missions in this area. Some cannot be done until another 
event triggers the mission, but all the missions are listed here.


 The Warrens are located in the northeast corner of the sprawls. Chade is not 
here, but to find where he has gone you need to end the gang wars and install 
Loa-Loa as the leader.  This mission is fairly simple. Explore everywhere, 
help Loa-Loa (but don't let the other gangs know of your support for her),
and you will eventually find clues to the whereabouts of Chade. Isha is a RAM 
agent so do not believe what she tells you. There will be several 
opportunities to kill her and all involve a big battle. There is MAJOR loot 
in this mission.


 This is a simple optional mission. The station is located on the edge of the 
sprawls due east of the spaceport.


 This is an optional mission. It will occur somewhere on the northern edge of 
the sprawls as the team explores it.


 This is another optional mission that will occur as the team explores the 
sprawls. It is located somewhere near the building nborthwest of the 


 Chade is here but you cannot find this place until you complete the Warrens 
mission. Explore the museum and note what rooms contain what exhibits. You 
will need to find those rooms again once you find Chade. Chade is located in 
the north end of the museum and will test your characters by leading them
around to various rooms. When Chade is killed you will discover he is really 
the daughter and Chade was actually a robot. Go through the secret door 
at the back of the room where you found Chade to rescue the real Chade. The 
computer exhibit contains the clue as to which steps to step on to get past 
the mines. The real Chade is hidden in the east end but you must first find
her room in the west end and get the papers hidden in the bed. There will be 
one big final battle before you can leave the museum.


 When you reach Carrin's apartment on the 54th floor you will be directed to 
the 13th floor. This is a trap and also optional. Carrin is actually on the 
85th floor. All the other floors contain nothing of interest.


 This is a straightforward mission. It does not matter which entrance you use. 
You will trigger the alarm early on from either entrance. Explore every room 
and fight all the fixed battles. You'll finally get to rescue Dr. Romney here. 
He's on the first floor. On the second floor at the south end of the maze is 
the final battle. This is a tough two-part battle. This is also one of the 
missions where Library Search and Computer Programming skills are critical and 
must be at the highest level. 

 Go through the computer menus and activate the virus program to kill off the 
Sooth program. You will not be able to retrieve any data until that happens. 
Dr. Romney will automatically rejoin your party when you leave afterwards. By
the way, there is nothing special about the bolt guns the Purge scientists are 
testing, but there is one nice Lunarian weapon IF someone has a good Repair 
Weapon skill.


 This mission has two parts and segues into the next mission, so do not do the
second part without training and resupplying the party. Go to the data bank 
and do Library Search until you find the information needed to properly search 
the malefactors' places; otherwise, you will not find the incriminating data 
that you are looking for. A high Library Search skill is needed. Once the 
criminals have been caught, you can enter the Tsai Weapons labs. Do not attack 
the Lunarian police!

 The Tsai labs mission is fairly simple: locate the launch bay and stop the 
Purge leader from escaping. There are two things the team should do before the 
final battle. In the southwest corner are the parts needed to repair the 
hummer. Just north of that room is the broken hummer. Having this item will 
make the optional battles with the caniferns much easier. You do not want to 
waste ammo fighting these monsters. In the southeast corner are controls to 
kill all the carniferns and the controls to hinder the Purge leader's escape. 
This will make the final battle easier. The space dock is due north of the 
controls. The final battle there is also a two-part battle.

 Upon completion, you will be escorted immediately off Luna and then forced 
to abandon ship. You will be picked up by Killer Kane. Accept his offer. NEO 
will give it to you anyway and Kane's help makes it easier.


 This mission is complicated only in that only one route through the several 
mazes of the base will get you to the right place. Use the shaft to get out of 
the prison maze. Then, use the elevators to get to _primary_ recreation level. 
Use the shaft at the northeast corner of that level to get to the Weapons 
level. Get the key from the sleeping officer. The weapons room is in the 
southeast corner and the bomb goes in one corner of the room. A very high Fast 
Talk is needed on the Weapons level.

 You will be captured immediately after planting the bomb and sent to prison. 
First, you have to get out of the cell. Buck Rogers will suggest a method once 
you have wandered around long enough. The method is to climb up. Have the best 
fighter make the climb. Climb skill is not needed but reduces the number of
attempts needed to succeed; however, the solo battle at the top requires a 
good fighter to win.

 On the next level the exit is in the northeast corner, BUT you will need to 
recruit a prison gang to help you escape. All encounters here are random. 
Wander around and avoid all fights until you can recruit a Desert Runner gang. 
There are other gangs but the Desert Runners give you the best chance to fight 
the two battles needed to escape to the next level. First, you have to kill 
the sentry robot with your bare hands. Then, you have to defeat the guards on 
the next level, also with your bare hands.

 The first step after defeating the guards is to locate your weapons. They are 
in a nearby room due south of where you entered this level. (NOTE: There is a 
time limit, so go there quickly!) Next, you need to rescue the Stormrider in 
the western half of the maze. Then, you need to disable the security computer 
at the south end of the maze. A VERY high Computer Programming skill is needed 
to rescue Scot.dos. If you fail the game goes on but it is nice to succeed. 
Given the way the characters are now transferred to the next game, your 
success or failure probably will carry over to the next game. You can ignore 
the reference to a RAM spy inside the NEO base. Just finding the reference is 
sufficient. You do not have to search further but should concentrate on saving 
Scot.dos. There will be a tough final battle before you can leave.


 This mission involves a lot of running back and forth. First search the level 
you entered on for a strange device. Take it up to the administrator but 
explore the base as you head for the administration level. You will not be 
able to go everywhere but note the barred places. You will be able to enter 
them eventually and speed will sometimes be of the essence. After showing the 
device to the administrator you will be sent to the research director who will 
send you to Dr. Hampshire. Now, go to Zachary Cebert's room. There will be a 
battle. Check the men's room on the same floor afterwards. Fast Talk and the 
password will make one of the battles later on easier. Now, report back to the
administrator. This will trigger the RAM attack. The battle for the station 
consists of several battles and escorting NEO civilians from the dance hall to 
air lock 1. Where to go will be obvious.


 The living ship has been taken over by pirates. You can clear the pirates or 
negotiate peace between them and the Stormriders. Peace is preferred. Fast 
Talk is needed here. You will need to repair the ship as well. Treat Stun is 
needed at a high level to do this. You will not fully succeed but should be 
able to repair enough of the damage to safely complete the trip. 

 IMPORTANT: You will need a stunner to complete this mission. Fortunately,
you will be given one just before it's needed. 

 Check out the cargo holds. Random loot can be found in them; otherwise, the 
mission is simply a matter of exploring every room. You get one chance to 
repair the autodoc, and it is worthwhile to redo that action if you fail the 
first time.


 Your mission is to fight off a Foundation attack. The attack is triggered by 
your visit to Dr. Makali. It is a good idea to resupply at the student store 
in the northwest corner of the base before visiting the doctor. The labs are 
in the southwest corner. Once the attack starts, you will be directed to the 
various areas under attack. The last attack will be in Dr. Makali's lab.


 You will be captured immediately upon arrival but will also escape 
immediately. The first order of business is to recover your equipment. It's
stored one level down from the level where you are held. Use the secret 
chute through the kitchen area. On the level where you are held is the 
security robot control room. Avoid that room until you have regained your
weapons. You cannot win the fight without your weapons; however, it should be 
the first place your party visits once they recovers their weapons. You then 
need to shut down the main and secondary general security controls. The main 
controls are two levels down from where the party was imprisoned. The entrance 
to the secondary controls is locate on the level where your weapons were
located; these cannot be deactivated until you shut down the main security 

 Now you can move more or less freely throughout the base. Locate the grubs 
and revive them. If Life Suspension fails, there is Life Suspension revival 
equipment on the bottom-most level that can revive the grubs. Put the revived 
grubs in the incubators and your mission is complete. You can now leave the 


 This is the final mission. Basically, it is a series of battles culminating 
in a three-part final battle. Explore the rig and locate the catch nets and 
the autodoc. After each RAM attack, there should be random loot in the nets. 
That's your only supply of ammo during this mission. You will be told when an
attack occurs. Meet the first attack on the landing area and hunt down 
stragglers in the rest of the ship. You will be told when all attackers have 
been killed. Report to the rigmaster and Dr. Makali between attacks. There are 
two breaks from the attacks. The first is to look for bombs. They will be 
found in the power pods. Failure to disarm or find the bombs actually shortens 
the mission. The second is to try to drive the living ship away. Failure here 
will leangthen the mission. Jetpack and Pilot Fix Wing Aircraft skills are 
needed here. After the final battle, Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering will arrive 
and the game ends rather abruptly. To prepare for the next game, you should 
UNREADY all items and save before meeting Rogers and Deering.


 The coordinates are usually for the door leading to the room except for a few 
cases where being in exactly the right spot is neeccessary. Sometimes the door 
is just the entrance to a series of rooms that eventually lead to the right 
place. The level your characters first enter the maze is level 0. Higher 
levels are 1, 2, etc. Lower levels are -1, -2, etc.

Your first meet Dr. Romney at 4,2. The coronation room is at 3,13.

The armory is at 13,6. The laser control is at 5,5. The laser is at 5,2. 
Needed information is at 4,10.

The mine entrance is at the building at 11,5.
The party will be captured at 10,3. Llorak can be rescued at 13,1.

The control to turn off the gravity field is at 12,3. The elevator to the 
lower level is at 14,12. You need to find the Venusian scientists at 0,3 to 
finish the lab mission after killing the Purge invaders.


Loa-Loa is located at 4,4. You will eventually have to rescue her at 3,0. 
Isha is located at 13,0. At 4,8 is key information as to who actually has 
Chade. At 7,12 you will eventually find Gargoyle. If you cannot get the key 
to rescue Chade, take him back to Loa-Loa at 4,4. At 15,15 is the entrance 
to Chade's prison. He has escaped but left behind a gadget you need to locate 

Chade is at 8,6. The daughter is at 2,6. Once you discover who the real Chade
is, the papers are at 0,1 and the real Chade is hiding at 13,2.

Romney is in the prison at 0,2. The elevator to the next floor is at 0,1. The 
lunarian weapon is at 10,5. The final battle is triggered at 11,5. You have to 
finish off the Sooth program at 12,15.

The hummer repair parts are at 2,13. The hummer is at 2,9. The controls to 
kill the carniferns and close the space dock doors are at 11,10. The space 
dock is at 12,8.

Use the shaft at 11,4, then the elevator at 4,4. Go to the shaft at 9,0. The 
sleeping officer is at 9,8. The control room is at 11,11. The escape from the 
lower prison level is at 14,0. In the upper level the party's equipment is at 
15,7. The Stormrider is at 2,10. The security computers are at 7,13. The final 
battle is at 9,14. 

The strange device is at 9,1. The password for the RAM spy is Elroy. Zachary 
can be caught at 2,5. 

You start out at 6,3. Exit at 9,10. This takes you to 8,10 of level 1. The 
exit at 5,0 leads to level 2 and the crews' quarters. The exit at 12,9 leads 
to the propulsion area. In the crews' quarters the exit at 3,8 leads to the 
bridge. Explore each level before leaving.

Dr. Makali is at 7,3. The student store is at 4,2. 

The kitchen is at 11,11. The robot controls are at 8,10. The party's 
equipment is at 12,6. The main security room is at 6,9. The entrance to the 
secondary security controls is at 8,0. The grubs are at 1,5 and revival 
equipment is at 6,7. The incubators are at 11,0. You exit the base at the 
lowest level using the central elevators.


The autodoc is at 10,9. The rigmaster is at 15,7. Dr. Makali can be found at 
9,8. The catch nets are at 0,7.

BUCK ROGERS 2: MATRIX CUBED is published Strategic Simulations, Inc. and 
distributed by Electronic Arts.
This walkthru is copyright (c) 1992 by Danny Low. All rights reserved. [Not
to be distributed without permission.]

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