Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood (šifre)

Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood

Cheat Codes & Secrets
Console and Cheat List
Enable Console
Browse to your C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataGearbox SoftwareEarned In Blood<profilename> folder

You may need to enable "view hidden files/folders" under tools in Explorer.

Open EiB.ini in notepad

Search for

change to

search for

change to

save and exit

load game using that profile

now you will have a console if you press the tilde key ~

There are lots of cheats

Code                    Effect
fly—————– fly around
supersquad—– Gives Your Squad Infinite Health
god————— Godmode
loaded———– Lots of Ammo
allammo———- Lots of Ammo
oldmovie——– play game in black and white mode
walk———— return to normal walking
allweapons—- Start Level With All Weapons

Weapon codes
In the console menu, use one of the following entries with the summon code.
Code                                                               Effect
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSBar———- Gives BAR
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSBazooka—— Gives Bazooka
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSColt1911—– Gives Colt1911
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEFG42_——– Gives FG42
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEFG42Sniper— Gives FG42 with scope
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEK98Sniper—- Gives K98 with scope
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEK98_——— Gives KAR98
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSM1_———- Gives M1
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSM1Carbine—- Gives M1 Carbine
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSM3A1_——– Gives M3A1
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEMP40_——– Gives MP40
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEP38_——— Gives P38
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDEPanzerfaust– Gives Panzerfaust
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSSpringfield– Gives Springfield
gbxInventory.PickupWeapDESTG44_——- Gives STG44
gbxInventory.PickupWeapUSThompson—– Gives Thompson
Unlock all extras
Create a new profile using the name "2ndsquad" (without quotes) and all levels and extras will be available.

Various Unlockables
Unlockable                                            How to Unlock
Infinite Ammo Cheat———— Beat the game on Normal mode
Old Movie Cheat—————- Beat the game on Easy mode
Super Squad Cheat————– Beat the game on Authentic mode
Unlock Authentic Difficulty—- Beat the game on Difficult mode

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