Broken Sword 3 (walkthrough)

Broken Sword 3

Submitted by: Christopher Hart

Walkthrough by:
WiLlBe OnE KeNoBi

Table of CONTENTS:

1. Introduction.

2. Version History

3. Main Characters.

4. Mini review.

5. Easter Eggs.

6. Walkthrough.

7. Contact details

							1. Introduction

Broken Sword - The sleeping dragon is the 3rd in a series of graphic adventures 
by REVOLUTION SOFTWARE. I, WiLlBe OnE KeNoBi, will guide you through the game if 
you get stuck, because some of the puzzles are not very easy but also not 

Now here is the LEGAL side of this document.

You are allowed to submit this document to any website/magazine publisher only 
of it remains intact and I have been notified FIRST (my e-mail is later on in 
the document). You are not allowed to translate this document into any language. 

You may send me suggestions on how to improve this document and notify me of 
mistakes but you may not send me any of the following:

1. Spam (especially PORN)
2. Viruses
3. stupid good for nothing files (or any for that fact)

							2. Version History.

Version 1.0 (original release) Saturday, January 2004.

							3. Main Characters.

George Stobbart - He is an american patent lawyer and the character that you 
will play the most.

Nicole Collard - She is a French newspaper reporter, and for a short time was 
Goerge's girlfriend. You will also get to play as her.

Bruno Otswald - He is a former NEO-TEMPLAR (if you have played the first one in 
the series 'Shadows of the Templar', he is the one that is sitting with the 
newspaper in the Hotel Ubu.

Andre Lobino - He is an expert on aincent manuscripts and a close friend (even 
though george thinks they were closer when he was not around).

Sussaro - He is the main bad guy in the game.

Petra - A 'Hitwoman' that looks almost exactly the same as Nico, but she is not 

There are many other characters that you interact with, including the roadworker 
and Flap from the first game, that are ion the story, but the above should be 
enough for now.

							4. Mini review

There haven't been many great adventure games that have been released during the 
past few years. Most of them have not been great but not bad. Revolution Studios 
have teamed up with THQ (makers of RED FACTION) to bring BROKEN SWORD 3 to life. 
The game is the first Broken sword game to be in full 3D! The graphics look very 

Our hero's of the previous games (George and Nico) are on opposite sides of the 
world in the beginning. George is in an plane crash in the Congo jungle and Nico 
is in France about to interview a computer hacker about the end of the world.

But they are actually working together on the same case, and they did not know 
about it! Although not terribly bugged the control system needs to get used to 
because the character movment is in relation to the camera angle!

Score = 8/10

							5. Easter Eggs

I have only found 3 easter eggs so far, and they are:

1. There is a poster of the original game in the computer hackers bedroom.

2. The photo of George in Nico's apartment is that same photo that was taken of 
him in the first game.

3. The second time you are at the hackers apartments, the one women say's that 
you think that she is a character in a detective story.

							6. Walkthrough

The Congo:

George is in an unfortunate plane crash, and must get out of the plane. So 
unbuckle his seatbelt and move towards the crate. Unclip the crate and PUSH it 
to the middle of the plane and then PUSH it to the back. Once you have done 
this, pick up the bottle of beer and go to the cockpit. Then search the pilot 
(harry) to find a Bottle opener. Open the bottle of beer and use the open bottle 
on Harry and he will wake up. 

Then pick up the fire extenguisher and though it through the broken window in 
the cockpit. Try to go though, then ask Harry to go and sit in the back of the 
plane. You will go though the window and the stupid alchoholic Aussie will come 
out after you sending the plane to fall pover the cliff. Once the cinematic has 
finished make your way to Harry. Once he has stopped talking move left to where 
it is cracked. You will fall onto another rock that is cracked, then you must 
JUMP to the solid side quickly. 

Then you must make your way to a cave that is somewhere to the left of you now, 
and you will go up and down so don't worry. 

Vernon's Apartment:

Once the cinematic has finished pick up the pencil from the bulletin board, then 
go out through the window. There is i think it is a water feature  on the 
balcony. You must first PULL it, and climb over and PUSH IT. Then climb on it 
and grab hold of the pipe that is on the edge of the roof and move across to the 
other balcony. Then climb over the rails and slide across to the far window and 
climb back over. Then use your press card on the window and climb through. 

Once you are though go though the other door. Pick up the shell casing that is 
there and walk though into the kitchen. You will meet the killer (PETRA). First 
use the frying pan, then the fridge door. Once you have used the fridge door, 
she will run out because she has run out of ammo. Then listen to the messages on 
the awnsering machine. You will find out that he has a girlfirend that is 
waiting in the garden that is closeby. Then go to the trach can and remove a 
bank statement. Then go out the same door that PETRA ran out of. Make your way 
down the fire escape and pick up the peice of newpaper there. 

CLimb over the wall that is there and you will find a wig. Examine the wig and 
you will find that there are a few strands of blonde hair. Climb back over, and 
move down the street until you find a woman sweeping the pavement. Ask her where 
did the blonde go, and she will say that the blonde got into a red sports car. 
Then find a kid with a skateboard and ask him if he saw a red sports car, and he 
will give you the make and  model. Then go to the traffic warden, but do not 
speak to her.

Go through the fence, and talk to the girl that is sitting on the bench. Tell 
her that Vernon is dead. Then go back to the traffic warden, and ask her if she 
saw a blonde woman, show her the shell casing and then ask if she saw the sports 
car. The police wil arrive and take you back to the apartment. Speak to the 
detective about all the available topics, and he will arrest you.

Chalmondely's (pronounced chomely) workshop:

Walk further down the passage and speak to Chalmondely. Search him to get his 
ID. Then move over to the desk and remove the magnifying glass and a postcard 
from England (sent by someone named 'Bruno'). Then push the crate onto a 
pressure plate that will open another door. Go though it and you wil see a 
machine. Operate the machine (first buttons then lever). The machine will break. 
Pick up the lever and use it in the hole by the door. Then just pick it up again 
and push the crate yuo pushed earlier into theis room. There is a place in the 
machine room that you will need the crate to reach, so just push it there and go 
to that place.

There is a birds nest up there, so use the handle to get to it. Then just move 
to the left, sliding agaist the wall, jumping, climbing, etc. until you get to 
the exit. Then use the birds nest in the open head and then set fire on it using 
the magnifying glass. Once the cinematic is over, run and jump into the 4x4 to 

Glastonbury, England:

So George has decided to find out who 'Bruno' is. Talk to the person that is in 
front of the pub. Once you have spoken to him about all the available topics, go 
and talk to ther man walking up and down the street about all the available 
topics. The go to 'ZAZIES KIOSK' and talk to her about the postcard, she says 
she needs silver to get her to do a phsycic reading on something. 

Go to the other shop (can't remember the name) and talk to the shopowner about 
all the available topics. Then look at the book on his table and read some of 
the poems. Talk to the shopowner about the book, and say that you will take a 
copy of the book to the TV personality that is in front of the pub. Apparently 
the poems were copied from the original authers, and the Tv person will go into 
the shop. Once you have regained control, go upstairs and speak to the woman 
there about all the available topics. Once you have finished upstairs, you will 
talk to the shopowner, and you will find out that 'Bruno' stayed there and left 
a pair of underwear. 

Use the metal rod on the book to remove 3 silver coins. Then go the the phsycic 
and use one siilver coin fer her to do a psychic reading on the postcard. Then 
another for the underwear. She will say that Bruno is in danger and faint. You 
must ruin to the door that is to the left of the bar. You won't be able to open 
it, so go the tv person and ask him for help. Then just go back to the same 
door, and he will help you open the door. Thenjust arrange the crates so that 
you can climb into the barn. 

Once inside, untie the person there and he will follow you outside. The person 
is Bruno Otswald! (refer to MAIN CHARACTERs) and talk to him about all the 
available topics.

NICO'S apartment:

Once the cinematic is finished, leave the apartment, and go to VERNONS place. 

Vernon's apartment:

Make you way to the fire escape and go up it. Then use the newspaper on the 
door. Then use the pencil on the lock to push a key onto the newspaper, and pick 
up the newspaper. The use the key to unlock the door and go inside. Grab a 
tissue. Lift the carpet and remocve the floorboard to revela a safe. Go to the 
bedroom to find Vernon's girlfriend crying there. Give her the tissue to make 
her talk and talk to her about all the available topics. Go to the safe and open 
it using the info given to you by the girl. There is a DvD ad and piece of 
paper. Then just go back outside and down to the street. 

When a cinematic that is shown that you are about to be run over by the same 
sports car, just dive out of it's way, then go back to the apartment.

Nico's Apartment:

Use the DvD on the TV to watch it. Then phone Andre Lobino. He will come round 
and watch it again with you.


							7. Contact Details

You may only contact me with the folowing e-mail address:

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