Borrowed Time (walkthrough)

Borrowed Time

open drawer,get check,e,e,e,go behind chair,n,lock door,up,break
window, get glass,enter window,climb cable,cut cable,enter
window,show gun,show gun, w,w,s,s,w,w,n,yes,look desk,get
bandages,w,look trash,get bone,drop glass, n,w,n,break door,untie
mavis,get all,look book,get bookmark,drop book,
s,s,e,e,e,n,w,n,open door,look table,get candle,get matches,light
match, light candle,burn rope,w,move stove,bandage hands,get
all,drop matches,look can,get receipt,drop
check,e,s,s,w,w,w,n,show gun,drop bone,show gloves and cans and
receipt and tube and bookmark to the police,get bone,s,w,w,n,say
hello,s,e,n,say hiyo,n,untie rita,talk to
wainwright,wait,wait,e,e,e,e,e,s, s,e,e,open box 999,drop key,get

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