Bookworm Adventures (šifre)

Bookworm Adventures

Submitted by: RM
Control main menu:
Type one of the following codes at the main menu to have Lex 
change his behavior.

Code        Result
celebrate - Wear party hat with fireworks
gobble    - Wear turkey feathers with have falling leaves
lovely    - Hold box of chocolates with heart ring
seattle   - Hold coffee cup with a rain cloud
winter    - Hold coffee cup with snow

Hidden animations:
Repeatedly click on Lex in Adventure or Arena modes to make him giggle, 
sneeze, and burp. 
Repeatedly click on the enemy pictures in the Tome of Knowledge to see 
their hit and death animations. Repeatedly click the enemy lore entries to 
see their attack animations. Note: This can also be done at the stat screen 
in Arena mode.

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