Boiling Point (walkthrough)

Boiling Point


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		*Copyright 2007 Val's Evil Twin*

			Version 1.0

Part 1 A general guide to "Boiling Point:the Road to Hell", by DeepShadows.

Part 2 A walkthrough of the main mission: "Find Lisa", by the shortest 
possible method.

FAQ by Val's Evil Twin
Contact mosaicommissions at for errors and omissions.

Thanks to the community at
(especially ShadowMoses, Little Fluffy Clouds and peetz.)
Thanks to DeepShadows for a classic game.
ASCII Art courtesy of

Part 1  A general Guide.
The Game:
Boiling Point is a classic RPG/FPS hybrid for the PC from DeepShadows.
Set in South America, it captures the banana republic ambience perfectly.
Saul Myers is searching for his kidnapped daughter.
He can earn money, weapons and vehicles by performing missions for the 
various factions, as he searches for Lisa. 
Or he can get all the information he needs from Mafia boss Don Pedro, 
for a price. 
As well as searching for Lisa, and performing missions for the factions, 
there are fragments of an Indian treasure (the Xenus) to find.
With 625 square kilometres of jungle seething with activity, 
BP is a huge non-linear free roaming game. 
This walkthrough will be confined to the "Find Lisa" missions. 
It uses some devmode cheats, and takes advantage of respawning treasure
to earn cash. 
Finding Lisa using the faction missions is a lot more fun, 
a lot cheaper, but can take forever!

After I finished Liam Howell's Beginner's Guide, 
I went along the usual 'road to hell' with Boiling Point.
Everything was a problem: didn't know what to do, stumbled around, 
ran out of petrol, all the factions hated me, etc. 

I've since found out how rich and varied it is. 
Compared to a lot of other modern games, the graphics aren't that flash, 
but I do love the early morning drives with the pink sunrise. 
The bugs have even become a lovable and endearing feature. 
BP is so varied, it never plays the same way twice. 
No matter how often you play, you can always do it with more style, 
economy and efficiency. 
Driving, weapons, navigation............ you can always improve your skills.

First I read the Beginner's Guide by Liam Howell. Thanks Liam!
Next came Little Fluffy Clouds' Mission Guides, found at
 . Thanks Clouds!
Then peetz gave me a guide to faction relations, 
and a bunch of really good tips.
I sifted through the Forum threads and learned a lot.
What I needed next was a Walkthrough.

There are many paths to follow. You can just explore, fly the helis, 
or enjoy the scenery.
You can explore the faction interactions and progress slowly 
through the "Find Lisa Missions".
You can attempt to make a lot of money at the outset and find Lisa 
in the shortest possible time.
The latter method is used for this walkthrough.

The Faction Relationship Function is complex and sometimes arbitrary.
Basically, you do not work FOR one faction.  
You work AGAINST one and FOR all the others.
If you have bad relations with a faction, you can usually find 
someone in the Black Jaguar Bar to bribe.
You can increase each attribute.
Improve weapons skills with headshots/economical use of ammo.
Improve trading skills buying and reselling large quantities of ammo 
to the arms dealers.
Improve strength by carrying near maximum load.
Improve stamina by sleeping in the best room of the motel, 
and generally not getting too sleepy.
Improve health by sleeping, or eating donuts. 
Runs fine for me with 3.2GHz P4, nVidia 6600GT and 2GB of RAM. 
Some jerkiness is unavoidable as the scenery updates. 
Sound problems persist, even with the patch. 
A variety of in game crashes can be worked around with some lateral thinking. 
Tweak XP to consume as few resources as possible.
The game MUST HAVE 2GB of RAM to run smoothly.

The game was shipped early, and is infested with bugs. 
You need the Euro v2.0 retail patch, a free 197Mb download.
This is the ONLY patch needed.
You can make extensive changes to the game.ini file to tweak all settings. 

If you want to get through REALLY QUICKLY, don't waste time:
-don't Shoot rats or snakes.
-don't run over/shoot civilians.
-don't mug bodies for firearms, alcohol.
-don't buy weapons, ammo,vehicles or fruit. You can find it/mug corpses.
-don't walk in the jungle. Cobras, killer bees or jaguars will get you.
-don't swim. Piranhas will get you.
-don't collect spare wheels obsessively.You only need a couple.
-don't do side missions.We want to finish quickly.
-don't answer the cell phone.
-don't return to the hospital when you die. Hit F8.

-Frame rates may improve on higher video settings!
-Press PAUSE if you need a coffee break.
-ESC cuts out the load screens and movie when starting.
-Backspace ends cut scenes.
-ESC speeds you through the dialogue.
-Press Z to stop the motor whenever you exit a vehicle.
-Learn to walk with one finger on C, for stealth.
-Learn to drive with one finger on Z, to save fuel.
-Saving Games: Create a major save point at the beginning of each 
step in the mission.  
Do a quick save with F7 before each conversation or battle.
-When you die, press F8 for quick reload. Going to hospital 
is a waste of time.
-Travel light. Stow unnecessary items in the 
vehicle trunk. (Face vehicle, press F2.)
-Keep moving after you shoot, or the AI will target you.
-Printscreen key works, press it and paste into Word or a graphics program.

The game allows this, so it is not cheating. 
Travelling about 400m from many objects causes them to respawn.  
Essential characters will respawn if you kill them.
The soldiers in the final mission respawn ad infinitum, 
so don't even try to kill them.

Don't use syringes to restore health, until the very last mission. 
You don't want to become addicted! 
Donuts are really good for health. 
Buy in bulk from the vendor on the footpath outside the Motel.

The pink ute, (Melrund) is the best.But don't waste money buying one.  
Just park your starter vehicle in the road and headshoot the driver 
of the first Melrund to appear. 
F11 gives the best view, you can use the mouse to look around. 
When damage gets below 10, see the grease monkey at a service station, 
he'll fix it for ~300 pesos. 
Disable headlights. It's hard looking around those cones of light. 
Collect a few spare wheels, that's all you'll need.  
Press J to sleep in the car. 
For the handbrake press SPC.
Driving off road is cool. YOu often find weapons upgrades.
It's possible to drive over cliffs and survive.
It's quicker to drive AROUND roadblocks, even friendly ones.
Stow most of your valuables in one vehicle. Suggest the Melrund. 
Do not have too many vehicles, they may unexpectedly disappear.

Two firearms will do, the Assault rifle (AK-47) and the Sniper (Dragunov). 
Mug the dead prisoner in the PS police cells for an AK. 
When you're rich, buy one with 0% wear.
Get AK ammo (and grenades) by mugging Geurrilla corpses.
Use RPGs instead of TNT. Cheaper. 
Get Sniper rifle ammo from arms dealers (eg. under the petrol stations.) 
You don't need any other weapons for this guide. Drop the knife! 
The silenced pistol is my favourite, if you come across one.

Access the console by pressing ~.  That's the key below ESC. 
If the console doesn't appear, make sure you have 
'Console enabled = 1'in the game.ini file.
If you want to be REALLY quick, you may like to cheat. 
Bring up the console and type 'addarmor 99', or 'addhealth 99' repeatedly, 
to restore armor and health. 
Quicker, but it's cheating. You will disgust yourself.
There is a no-clipping/fly mode cheat, Set clip 0 in game.ini.
Most of the cheats ruin the game!!

PART 2   Walkthrough.

This walkthrough is aimed at rescuing Lisa as quickly as possible. 
You can talk to anyone you meet on the street, but don't waste time.

Warning regarding the final battle: you will need lots of syringes 
to replenish health, and  heavy armour is advisable. 
You only need the assault rifle. 
RPGs are provided in a store room near the ending. 

Press 'O' to see your first mission. 'O' again to cancel.
1. Search for Lisa Mission: "Visit the editor."

Head for the editor's office. 
Use the map and the compass in the top right of screen to find him. 
Press TAB to alternate between map/compass. 
Look around as you walk, to become familiar with the town. 
Notice the motel, bank, etc. 
Press ESC and save/load. Save your mission as "START'. 
Talk to the editor using the function keys. 
Cut short the dialogue by pressing ESC. 
Your aim is to get Lisa's (starter) car and complete mission 1 without 
paying any pesos to the editor. 
You need to ask the editor about Don Pedro. 
We will be bribing Don Pedro to find Lisa Quickly.

2. Search for Lisa Mission."Starter Car."

Head downstairs to the starter car. F1 or E enters the car.
Press F10 for a better view. Hold 'Z' with your pinkie finger to save fuel 
and the W A S D keys to drive. Don't run over anyone.  
Use the handbrake (SPC) to stop quickly. 
Drive N to the police station, park on the footpath.  
Exit the car with 'E'.  
Mug the body in the cells for an assault rifle (AK-47) and ammo. 
Press R mouse to search, and drag what you want up into your inventory box. 
Face one of the HumVees and press F2. Drag the spare wheel into your inventory. 

Back to your car. Face your car and press F2.  
Drag the spare wheel into the trunk of the car. 
Before you enter, press I for your inventory screen. 
Drag the AK into #2 slot on the lower right of screen. 
Press zero to holster weapons, and 1 - 9 key to get them back.
Enter your car and drive around until you spot a Melrund. 
It is the best vehicle, tough and fast. 
Block the road with your car. 'E' to exit, press 2 for the AK, 
and head shoot the driver. Now you have a nicer ride. 
(It may take a while to get a Melrund, but there's no hurry.  
You might even find one abandoned at a road block.)
Press P for your profile. You are now quite sleepy. 
Enter the car and press J to catch up on sleep. 
Press F7 for a quicksave. 
From now on, remember to save or quick-save, load or quick-load efficiently. 

3. Search for Lisa: "Local Adrenaline Dealers Know about Don Pedro".

The drug dealers are off the edge of your small map, 
so press M to see the larger map.  
Head towards the red cross.
You can stop at the roadblock. In future it is quicker to drive around 
roadblocks, even if they are friendly.
The local drug dealer, Don Esteban, gives you Don Pedro's location.
Press O, select the "Search for Lisa" tab.
Highlight:  1. Visit Don Pedro's Villa. 

4. Search for Lisa: "Visit Don Pedro's Villa."

When you do side missions, you can get the secret 
gate combination from the architect. 
We will use the frontal assault method. Park near the main gate. 
Walk then swim down the left side of the villa to the jetty. 
Press C for a stealthy approach. Did you remember to Quick-save?  
Make clean silent-kill headshots on the guards. 
Accurate shooting increases your weapons handling attribute.  
Collect their ammo and grenades.  Not the rifles. 

Don Pedro tells you to see the editor again.  Seems the editor lied.

5.Search for Lisa:"Before he tells you anything,the editor is assassinated."

You need money to progress further. 
The plan now is to drive to Pueblo Faro, find the buried treasure, 
and become rich enough to pay the 20 000 pesos bribe to Don Pedro.

Press M and locate Pueblo Faro on the map. 
Drive along the roads, bypassing the road blocks and battles.
You might like to take some cross-country shortcuts to save even more time. 

Enter Pueblo Faro and ask a passer by for the location of the arms dealer 
and the Aztec Bar.
( You can't get RPGs from the arms dealer in the Guerrilla HQ in PF. 
Also the arms dealer in the cellar under the PF gas station is never in.)
Get 5 RPGs from the arms dealer.
Get a bottle of Tequila from the Aztec Bar to bribe the old man.
He is located in a walled garden in the NW corner of town.
If you use the correct dialogue, he will tell you the location of the treasure. 
It is nearby in the rocks to the north.
NEVER come back to the old man, or the mission will finish and the treasure 
won't respawn!
Run up the little valley to the mine, NOT up the path. 
Travel light and fast, by leaving most of your gear in the trunk. 
You won't need any armour or weapons.
Blow the cave entrance with an RPG, they are cheaper than TNT.
(It's not really a mine. A landslide covered up a treasure shipment.)
an antique piece
two Indian Idols
4 emeralds.
Run over the cliff and down the valley to your vehicle.

Leave town for the treasure to respawn and return. 
You can achieve this in well under two minutes turnaround.
Park so you're ready to drive away.
Instead of following the perimeter road, drive to the right over the edge of 
the embankment. Go straight ahead and rejoin the road just past the roadblock.
Just past the service station, do a big handbrake turn and go back again. 
Go left just before the roadblock and up over the embankment. 
Watch out you don't hit the oxy-acetylene welding bottles.
When you're out of RPGs, return to PS to the Antique dealer.
Pick up more RPGs along the way.

It's possible to do five trips to the treasure in about twelve minutes.
This earns you 5 X 4120 pesos, enough to bribe anyone along the way to the 
main mission. 

When you have enough treasure to pay the bribe, drive to PS and visit the 
Antique Dealer.
He is just north of the motel and up the stairs. 
Taking a taxi between PF and PS is the quick alternative.

6. Search for Lisa: "Don Pedro offered to help in any situation."

Go and see him now with your bribe money.
His best advice here is to make a second visit to the editor.
You can now open his safe.  
It contains a note from Lisa with the bank account number of a person of 

Objective 1 Ask Don Pedro for help. This will cost you 20 000 pesos.
Objective 2 See the Bank Manager. This will cost 18 000 pesos and save a 
bit of travelling.
Objective 3 Ask the bank employees for help. 
You can give some flowers to the bank girls, and arrange to meet one at 
the Black Jaguar for a night of unbridled passion.   
You can donate to a charity, but that only improves your relations with the 
Citizens, and we're not concerned with faction relations in this walkthrough.

Go to the bank. Bribe the manager. 
The Bank, Motel, Architect and Antique Dealer are all together on the west 
side of town. 
You may need to visit the antique dealer to cash in your treasure to pay the 
bribe, repair the Melrund, etc. 

If the antique dealer is not there you may have to sleep a few hours and 
try later. 
The bank is closed at night, so if you can't sleep in the car,
go to the motel for a sleep. Check the time by pressing H. 
A bug in the game here, the antique dealer and the bank manager sometimes 
appear to be away. 
Walk up to their desk and press left mouse to talk.
It it may be possible to have the conversation with the invisible person 
anyway, and do the deal.
The bank manager tells you the account belongs to Nelson Ardlia, 
of Experiential Electronics. 
The name is not important, but the location is: an old sewing machine 
factory being used as a warehouse. 
If you're worried about your health, buy up big from the dough nut vendor 
outside the Motel.

7. Search for Lisa: "Go to the abandoned factory."

Park the Melrund  at a safe distance from the warehouse.
You have some options for the attack:  stealthy approach with the 
Dragunov sniper rifle; or run-and-gun with the AK-47 Assault Rifle. 

Press F1/ F3 to mug the bodies of ammo/grenades. 
Go upstairs for a cut scene/death scene with the Director of 
Experiential Electronics.
Saul asks him, "Who are all these people in black? 
                       "What is all this equipment for?"
The director tells him to find Miguel Rodriguez for the answers.
The Tank Manual now mysteriously materializes on the floor.
You get a new mission objective.

 Take the wrong option and you can waste a LOT of time here.
Objective 1 Maybe someone saw Miguel at the Pueblo Faro roadblock.
Objective 2 Don Pedro can find anyone.
Objective 3 Look for Miguel in Pueblo Faro.

Objective 2 requires  20 000 pesos for the Don's bribe. 
The other objectives require working for the factions.
You can take a Piranhia from the warehouse if you want a 
change of vehicle. 
Make sure to press F11 for the outside car view, 
and you can use the mouse to aim and fire the underpowered peashooter
 on the roof.
If you want to keep your Melrund, you might encounter cobras 
when you walk back to it. Simply run past the snakes.
If you stole a Melrund from the Mafia and have slightly negative relations, 
you might encounter a Mafia ambush of felled trees. Just drive around it.  
If you see a granny at the side of the road, leave her. 
(Unless you are a real softie like Clouds.) If you do help her it will 
improve your civilian relations. 
It can be difficult getting a person to follow you.
You have to stand in front of her line-of-sight before she comes to you. 
Press TAB for the compass to know when you are "on site".
When you get to Don Pedro's villa, if you have been using stealthy head
shots, you will find the Automatic Weapons skill attribute has increased 
in your profile.
You don't have time for collecting mushrooms and berries, 
so you DEFINITELY don't have time to talk to the girls. 
All you'll get from them is teasing, patronizing banter, 
and a good look at some cleavage.

Pay your bribe and get your info: Miguel is in the Green Tears Emerald Mine.  
It is currently the scene of a fracas between Don Carlos's men and 
the Guerrillas, so you can expect some action. 
The AK is good here, because you can find plenty of ammo in the mines. 

8. Search for Lisa: "Go to the mines and talk to Miguel Rodriguez."

Pick-ups: 7 emeralds. Make sure you have a hand grenade to start this mission.

At the end of this mission your get negative points with Mafia and Guerrillas.
You will start to encounter Guerrilla ambushes when driving.  
Just go around them.

Press M to locate the mine on the map.
The best way to get there, apart from helicopter, is to drive east from PS. 
Go through the first tunnel, then head north cross country. 
The mountain ranges are obvious on the map, and you can drive between them.
When you are on the dirt road leading to the mine, you will come to a 
Mafia settlement. 
Skirt it to the west and aim for a point on the mountains just to the 
west of the main mine entrance.  
You will come to a secret side entrance barricaded with timber. 
Stow everything in the trunk except some doughnuts, the AK, your armour, 
and one grenade. 
Blow the mine entrance and head inside to find Miguel.

He needs a passport, so you will be coming back this way again. 

If you want to be quick, DON'T collect all the emeralds.  
Find Miguel, then head from the Pool Cave to the Cable Room and up 
the ladder to the surface and the main entrance.

Enter the mine through  the wooden grate 400 m west of the mine entrance. 
Use a grenade to blow a few planks clear.
Travel as lightly as possible so you can move quickly. 
Wear heavy armour if you have it, and take an Assault rifle. 
You can pick up ammo from the guerrillas as you go. 
Go through the wooden gate and keep LEFT at all junctions. 
You will come to a ledge in a cave above a pool. 

There are THREE MAIN caverns: 
the Pool Cave.
the Cable Room.
Stalactite Cave, (which is a dead end branching off the Cable Room.) 
Smaller caverns branch off, but return to the main ones. 

The secret entry leads to the Pool Cave.  
The exit to the Main Entrance is off the Cable Room.

From the ledge,  headshoot six Mafiosi. Drop into the pool.
Move around the cave clockwise. 
After about 20 metres a ramp leads to a ledge, and Miguel Rodriguez. 
If you get him an American passport, he will tell you everything. 
 If you take the wrong dialogue options, he will want 10 000pesos as well.
Just say, "I am Saul.
"I am looking for my daughter." 

I spent a whole day in the mine, mapping it and looking for all the emeralds.  
Believe me, it's not the best way to get rich.  
There is even an inaccessible area.  If I had the fly mode cheat, 
I would have taken a peek.  Maybe there were more Emeralds up there. 
All you need for now is to find Miguel and get out. 
Finding the seven emeralds will take a long time, but here they are.
A small dead end cave to the south contains the first emerald (1). 
On an eroded ledge above the pool is emerald (2), 
just walk up the ramp hugging the wall.
Don't mug too many corpses, except for ammo, as you have a looong walk yet.
At the North end of the Pool Cave, just past the fan, 
is the exit to the Cable Room. 
Do a little jump over a seam in the mapping. 
Pass skeleton no.1. The first cave on the right holds nothing much. 
Continue past skeleton no.2 to the cable room. 
Straight ahead is the exit leading towards the surface.  
Instead go left and take one of the passages down. 
All these passages are dead ends and always bring you back to the Cable Room. 
To the right is a cave with an emerald (3) behind a rock.  
Bearing left, go down to find a small alcove on the left wall for an 
emerald (4). Continue down to a passage leading off to the right. 
Get the guy behind the exploding barrels and find an emerald (5). 
Heading further down will take you to the Stalactite Cave, a dead-end with
an emerald (6) up on the steel gantry leading off the upper ledge.  
There is a ledge above the wall fan. You need flymode to reach it.
Head back to the Cable Cave. Emerald (7) is in a mining skip.
It's a short walk ahead for the ladder to the surface.  
Fight your way out through the main doors. 
Climb the two ladders to get all pickups and see the pretty view. 
Return to your ride and sleep 8 hours.

Forget the mechanic/forger option.
Forget seeing Agent Johnston, you will have to do missions for the CIA.

9. Search for Lisa: "Go see Don Pedro." 
Don Pedro will sell you a US passport for his standard fee.

10. Search for Lisa: "Deliver the passport to Miguel Rodriguez in the mines." 

You obtained an American Passport from either Don Pedro.
I hope you didn't get the Russian one!
Return to Miguel in the mine. You know the way there by now.
Miguel explains about the lab equipment and hints at the mind control.

11. Search for Lisa: "Find Antonio the Dockworker in Salvatore village."

On the cross country drive you might find a weapons upgrade in the jungle.
In a short cut scene the black soldiers beat up Antonio and take him away 
from the village.

12. Search for Lisa: "Try to find out where Antonio was taken."

In the nearby village, talk to the village elder on top of the pyramid.
Ask: "Where did they take Antonio?"
Answer: "To the pyramid ruins."

13. Search for Lisa: "Rescue Antonio in the ruins close by the village."

Fight your way underground and rescue Antonio.
Ask, "Who is Don Diego?  Where is he located?"

Saul learns that Don Diego is really Don Pedro.
"Hhmm, I think I know what is going on!"

In a  cut scene, Don Pedro is on the radio.
Saul says, "Yes, Don Pedro, I know everything.
"Are you at the villa? Stay there.
"I need to have a little chat."

14. Search for Lisa: "Find Don Pedro."

When you arrive at Don Pedro's villa, you see a cut scene.  
Don Pedro escapes by helicopter to his island hideaway. 
The next mission is to find Don Pedro at his island hideaway, 
for which you need a boat or a helicopter.

15. Search for Lisa: "Find Don Pedro, he's hiding at his island shelter."

Press O for the 'side mission' tab:
 Mission 3. "Go to Augusto and learn how to handle a boat."

You will have the boat manual in your inventory.
On your way to Augusto, buy one can of petrol at a service station.
Pay Augusto to begin the mission.
Put the can of petrol in the boat.
Make sure you have armour, the AK and the sniper rifle.

Begin the boat licence mission.
Add the fuel to the boat's tank. 35 litres is plenty. 
The plan is not to do the licence training, but to steal the boat.
Press O and select the "Find Don Pedro" mission. 
Press M to see where the island is.  
Press M to find the location, and head for Don Pedro's island.

I landed at a small cove high up on the east coast, near the lighthouse. 
Head up to the stone wall, holding C for stealth. 
The sniper rifle works well here. 
Clear the Mafia all the way to the SW boat landing, 
then head up to the cottage with the pretty leadlight windows. 

Upstairs in a cutscene, Don Pedro tells Saul that Lisa is safe and well. 
She is being held in Alberto Caruzzo's research lab.  
He is trying to figure out why 'mind control' doesn't work on her.
Leave by the front door and another cut scene begins.

 Luigi, Dr Watslav's assistant, arrives by helicopter with a chip that will 
protect Saul from the mind control. 
He says that Lisa is held at the Black Tower, the code name for Caruzzo's 
research lab in the tunnels below the Tolbachico volcano.


Take the boat from the dock in the SW corner of the island and return to the 
Melrund at Augusto's dock. 
Head for the volcano in the NE corner of the map. Drive via Pablo Faro. 
Click on PF with the right mouse to set a way point (blue flag) to 
make navigation easier.
When you get close to the volcano, heading up the steep track to the 
high ground, strange air-burst explosions begin to occur. 
This means you are getting close to the finale.

At the gatehouse, go around on foot, open the gate so you can drive through. 
This is your last chance to have a nice long sleep.
You can just drive straight through to the boom gate at the volcano now. 
No need to fire a shot, just drive through. 
The Melrund now behaves as though it is out of petrol. 
You can no longer drive it, signalling you are at the end of the game.
This is your last chance to sleep.

16. Search for Lisa: "Get inside the underground complex."

The first objective here takes you to an entrance at the back of a warehouse. 
When you raise a crate with the crane an opening is revealed.
The second objective takes you to a shaft on the volcano slopes 
concealed in bushes. 
Either way gets you into the lab tunnels.

Enter the warehouse and raise the crate. 
Enter the lab complex. The silenced pistol is useful here.
Pick up the first sector key just inside the door. 
The lab tunnels are not linear, but are easily navigated.
The next sector key is in an office safe.
The last sector key is in the lab director's safe.

Cut Scene: Wow, you finally found Lisa.  
She's on a slab in the lab.

17. Search for Lisa: "Final chord."
 Objective:1. "Blow up the eight compressors."

Remembering to use C for stealth, clear the enemies up the stairs until 
you come to the room 'No Entrar'.  
Of course, you enter. 
The RPGs are used to blow up the compressors, so you need eight.

The enemies respawn so don't shoot any. Waste of time. 
Travel light so you can sprint. Drop all weapons, food, everything except
 8 RPGs and your syringes. 
(Or the 'addhealth 99' cheat in the console if you have no shame.)
Quicksave often and replenish health. 
Jump, run and gun through the four doors and blow the compressors. 

Once all the compressors are blown, you get the final cut scene, 
and fly away with your daughter. 
 "Yes, pa." "Sure, Pa.."  
Who'd be a father??

18.  What next?
It is worth taking the time to fully enjoying the game. 
Avoid paying bribes and earn the information to find Lisa by doing 
faction missions. 
You will also earn fancy weapons and vehicles
The sequel, "White Gold", looks like being even better in 2008.


I wrote this guide and walkthrough for the, GameFAQs

It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Val's Evil Twin
15 March 2007.


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