Blood 2 – The Chosen (walkthrough)

Blood 2 - The Chosen

Unofficial Minus One FAQ
By Captain Cube

Copyright 2004 Alex Greene

Update History
12/16/03-v0.2-Started this FAQ.
1/5/04-v0.4-Happy belated New Year! Added more weapons and some cheats.
1/6/04-v0.45-Added characters, remaining cheats.
1/12/04-v0.6-Added even more weapons and some enemies! I'm spoiling you!
1/22/04-v0.75-Uploaded to GameFAQs.
1/28/04-v0.8-Added bosses, Naga and Behemoth.
2/3/04-v0.85-Added Gideon (both forms) and some weapons.
I. Intro
II. Weapons
	a. Handheld
	b. Power
	c. Demolitions
	d. Energy
	e. Arcane
III. Enemies
	a. Humans
	b. Monsters
	c. Bosses
IV. Items
V. Characters
VI. Cheats
VII. Creditz
VIII. Legality

I. Intro
What is a Minus One FAQ?

Basically, it covers all aspects of a game except the actual walkthrough. If
you need a quick resource for Blood 2 info, this FAQ should do the trick. It
contains a wealth of information compiled from various sources, mostly myself
and PlanetBlood. That's about all I've got to let's go!

II. Weapons
If cost is not specified, a cost of 1 ammo is assumed.

	a. Handheld

Chosen Knife
Melee weapons are used in close combat only. They generally don't do a lot of
damage, and don't require too much strength  to use, however player's with
higher strength will have a higher rate of fire and do more damage. The melee
weapons are ritualistic knives, tailored to each "Chosen" member separately. In
addition to being quiet weapons they become more powerful the more they are

Ammo: None						

Standard Fire: Two quick slashes. Small amount of damage.	    
This is a load ofbull
Alt Fire: Swiping slice. Slow, but much more powerful.
Uses: Limited. Good against Soul Drudges and Shikari, and fun for destroying
stuff, but not a great combat weapon.
Keep it: You have to.
Note: You have this at the start.

Beretta 9mm Automatic Pistol
The pistol has a good rate of fire, medium range and accuracy, and low damage.
This is an introductory weapon that is light enough that anyone can use it.
This weapon can be fired dual-handed if the player has a high enough strength
Ammo: Bullets
Standard Fire: Single shot. Can be fired quicker by pressing the key rapidly.
Alt Fire: Gangsta style. More power/speed, less accuracy.
Uses: Shikari and Cultists. That's about it.
Keep it: Nah. Once you get the MAC-10, you'll never use it again.
Note: You have this at the start.

MAC-10 Sub-Machine Gun
The MAC-10 has a much higher firing rate than the pistol since it can go full
auto, but is very inaccurate. It can be fired dual-handed. The alt fire in
single-handed mode allows the player to fire short, three-round bursts with
increased accuracy by using the arm stock. There is no dual-handed alt fire.
Ammo: Bullets
Standard Fire: Rapid fire. Only as powerful as the Beretta, and highly
Alt Fire: Slower, but more accurate shots using the shoulder stock. Long setup
animation makes it tricky to use.
Uses: Anything you would kill with the pistol, plus Fanatics. Obscenely common
throughout the game.
Keep it: See above. Replace "MAC-10" with "Assault Rifle".
Note: Can be used akimbo, but without alt-fire.

Flare Pistol
The flare gun is a special weapon that fires flare-like projectiles that stick
into targets and burn them over time. It has a medium rate of fire, and it
projectiles move fairly quickly. The alt fire shoots a flare that bursts into a
star pattern. The star flares explode on contact with objects, assigning burn
time to anything they hit.
Ammo: Flares
Standard Fire: Shoots one flare. Makes a cool sound.
Alt Fire: Shoots a giant fireball that explodes into eight regular flares.
Cost: 8 Flares.
Uses: Shikari, Soul Drudges, anything that teleports.
Keep it: I would say yes. It is very good against Zealots and Gideon's first
form. Did I say very good? I meant REALLY good.
Note: Can be used akimbo, but without alt-fire.
	b. Power

Assault Rifle
This long range, fast-firing and extremely damaging weapon is the ideal choice
for heavy machine guns. It is equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher.
Ammo: Bullets
Standard Fire: Rapid fire. Does about 25% more damage than the Beretta.
Alt Fire: Fires a can of bug spray like a grenade. Big boom. Cost: 5
Die-Bug-Die cells
Uses: "When you absolutely positively have to kill every damn person in the
room, accept no substitutes." Useful for dealing with Soul Drudges, Shikari and
all human enemies.
Keep it: Hell yes.

Sawed-Off Shotgun
The Sawed-off Shotgun packs a big punch but at a short range. Its rate of fire
is slow. Its primary fire mode is one barrel at a time, while its alternate
fire mode is both barrels at once.
Ammo: Shells
Standard Fire: Shoots 16 pellets in a small spread, each doing minor damage.
Reloads after two shots.
Alt Fire: Shoots 16 pellets in a wide spread, each doing medium damage. Reloads
after every shot. Cost: 2 Shells.
Uses: A fantastic close-range gun, good against humans. I prefer the Alt Fire
to akimbo mode, though.
Keep it: Unless you're braindead.
Note: Can be used akimbo, but without alt-fire.

.50 BMG Sniper Rifle
This high-caliber weapon is ideal for hitting targets at long range. Aided by
the scope this weapon can hit targets at an extreme range for good damage. The
damage this weapon does is very dependent on where it hits. Hitting the head or
torso does major damage, whereas nicking the torso or hitting a limb does less
Ammo: BMG Rounds
Standard Fire: Single shot. Has the power of a cannon for some reason.
Alt Fire: Activate scope.
Uses: "For when you wanna reach out and touch, blow their head
off." When you have an really tough or really distant baddie, break out the
good old BMG.
Keep it: Absolutely.

Minigun/Vulcan Cannon
Potentially the most powerful weapon in the game, this gun combines an insanely
high rate of fire with great range, and great damage.
Ammo: Bullets
Standard Fire: Warms up for a bit, then begins firing at an obscene rate. Cost:
4 Bullets
Alt Fire: None
Uses: Great for bosses, Drudge Priests, and Dark Shrouds, but it eats too much
ammo to be really effective in other situations.
Keep it: I'd say yes, simply because it's so damn effective against the last
few bosses.

	c. Demolitions

This weapon is basically a portable artillery piece. It fires a large shell at
a slow rate of fire that is instantaneous and does massive damage. This weapon
requires extreme strength to use.
Ammo: Howitzer Shells
Standard Fire: Single shot. Highly underpowered; can't even gib a Fanatic.
Alt Fire: Triple shot. Now this is more like it. Cost: 3 Howitzer Shells
Uses: For an explosive launcher, this gun kinda sucks. Ammo is uncommon and
power is only middling. Use only against weaker enemies that you want rid of in
a hurry.
Keep it: Might as well, at least until you reach Research and Development.

	d. Energy

Insect-A-Cutioner/Bug Buster
Representing the finest tool in the modern exterminating arsenal. The
Insect-A-Cutioner uses Cabalco brand "Die, Bug, Die!" industrial bug spray.
This spray is extremely toxic, and should not be exposed to skin. In the event
of skin exposure, consult a mortician. It is also extremely flammable, and
should be kept at room temperature at all times.
Ammo: Die-Bug-Die cells
Standard Fire: For some reason, this does damage to non-insects. Cost: 2
Die-Bug-Die cells
Alt Fire: Zippo-lighted spray. Remember the hairspray from the original? Those
were the days... Cost: 2 Die-Bug-Die cells
Uses: Always use the alternate fire. It's powerful, but other weapons are
Keep it: If you really want to. I don't like it, but that could be just me.

Cabalco Death Ray
From the Cabalco's advanced weapons division comes the next step in urban
warfare, the Cabalco Death Ray. This weapon delivers on its promise, firing
beams of pure energy that reflect off of most surfaces so you can get that
'around the corner' kill.
Ammo: Chemical Batteries
Standard Fire: Death beam. Bounces off most surfaces.
Alt Fire: Death cloud. A bit more powerful. Cost: 2 Chemical Batteries
Keep it: Sure. It's powerful, it's cheap, and it makes a kewl noise.
Note: I have been unable to find the Death Ray in single-player. It may be a
BB-only weapon.

	e. Arcane

Voodoo Doll
The Voodoo doll is a vector-based weapon that does damage specific to where it
hits on the doll. When the player uses the primary fire it will randomly stick
the pin in several places all over the doll. These places include the eyes,
chest, arms, legs, and groin. Each different hit location has a different
Ammo: Mana
Standard Fire: Stabbity. Does minor damage. Will hurt you if nobody else is
around. Cost: 5 Mana
Alt Fire: Mystical voodoo spell thingamabob. Muchly hurt. Cost: 100 Mana
Uses: Jack of all trades, master of none. Good, but not great, against
everybody and everything.
Keep it: Whatever floats your boat.

Life Leech
The Life Leech projects wide bursts of life-stealing Eldritch Fire that can
sear the flesh of your enemies from great distance. Striking the staff on the
ground activates this weapon's alt fire, radiating a mystical shockwave that
violently hurls opponents back. The Life Leech is the ultimate in arcane "crowd
control" but using it near high ledges or acid pools may prove unsafe
(wink-wink) for your enemies. The Life Leech is fueled by user focus, so
characters with an aptitude for the dark arts will find that it serves them
Ammo: Mana
Standard Fire: Emits bursts of eldritch fire. Cost: 2 Mana.
Alt Fire: Slams the Life Leech on the ground for massive area damage
Uses: Any normal bad guy is worthy of the Life Leech's awesome power.
Keep it: I shouldn't have to tell you to keep this one. It's that good.

III. Enemies

	a. Humans

The lowest designation of Cabal soldier, Cultists are followers of the Cabal.
These early initiates are recruited, or brainwashed, into service from inside
the Cabalco Corporation. They dress in official corporate attire so that their
presence will not be obtrusive, allowing them to integrate into any aspect of
normal society. They are only trained in a limited arsenal of weapons, mostly
handguns, and in combat situations their lack of training prevents them from
working effectively together.
Appearance: Common
Attack: Beretta OR MAC-10 OR Flare Pistol
Strategy: Aim in their general direction. Press Ctrl. Repeat until dead (them,
not you).

These are the special forces of the Cabal. They're better equipped and more
experienced, and they possess a slightly faster reaction time. They still don't
pose much of a threat. Watch them, though. Occasionally, when you think you've
put one down, he'll go berserk and return your attack.
Appearance: Very Common
Attack: Any conventional or power weapon OR Tesla Cannon OR Howitzer OR Napalm
Strategy: Use the Assault Rifle.

Zealots are an invaluable resource in the Cabal army, as they are the only
members of the Cabal with mastery of the Dark Arts. These abilities give them
extremely effective offensive abilities. Zealots usually accompany groups of
lesser Cabal members like Fanatics. They provide backup by using their magic to
defend, heal, and generally strengthen the performance of an attack group.
Appearance: Uncommon
Attack: Staff explosion, fire spell OR thunder spell
Strategy: The Flare Pistol will burn them after they teleport, and the Sniper
Rifle will gib with a single shot, but the Assault Rifle at medium range works

Prophets are highly intelligent, highly trained Cultists. Their purpose is to
protect the Cabal's most precious commodities. They are heavily armored and
resistant to damage. Prophets represent the best the Cabal has to offer.
Appearance: Rare
Attack: Assault Rifle OR Napalm Cannon OR Howitzer OR Minigun
Strategy: Fancy footwork+Assault Rifle. The Sniper is good too, but you might
want to save ammo.

	b. Monsters

Coming Soon

	c. Bosses

The Naga is the boss featured at the end of Chapter One.
Attack: Bone throw, laser, concussive blast
Strategy: Assault Rifle+Anger. Don't leave his sight, and strafe occasionally.

The boss from the end of the second Chapter, and a frequent visitor in
subsequent levels.
Attack: Ground pound, concussive blast, charge
Strategy: Assault Rifle mania! He's so stupid and his pain animation is so long
he probably won't ever get a hit in.

Under Gideon's hand the Cabal has become more powerful than ever before,
controlling the economic tides of many major nations and poised on the brink of
world control. And the Cabal has achieved all of this without overt bloodshed
or widespread public knowledge, by simply suppressing the will of the public
through economic and social depression.
Despite these significant achievements, Gideon is unsatisfied. As long as Caleb
lives Gideon feels unworthy of his position. He has dedicated himself and his
pride towards finding and destroying Caleb, and the other Chosen. To do so,
he'll go to almost any end including selling the Cabal and his soul to the
darkest of threats, the most evil of evils. He will plunge to depths unknown,
and achieve power unimaginable, all to put an end to the Chosen.
Attack: Laser, concussive blast
Strategy: Run the hell away whilst shooting him in the head with the Assault
Rifle. Duck behind something for a moment. He'll come at you and in doing so
expose himself to attack. When he gets weak, use the Sniper to finish him off.

Undead Gideon
Finally, you have the opportunity to take out Gideon for the last time. After
he's changed into something "unpleasant," you can end this wild Gideon Chase
once and for all.
Attacks: Unknown
Strategy: Dance around him and keep firing the Minigun. He'll die eventually.

IV. Items

Coming Soon

V. Characters


"Too stubborn to quit, too stupid to die." This was how a Lieutenant of the
Cabal once described Caleb, and he wasn't too far off. Driven by his quick wits
and the shear force of his vicious nature, Caleb has become an unstoppable
force of malice and spraying bullets. Using his good mix of speed and toughness
along with his familiarity with a wide variety of weapons, Caleb is the
brawler, the kind of person who runs into a room guns blazing, getting chewed
up by everything the enemy can throw at him. But his utterly ruthless style
guarantees that when he enters a fight, no one gets out alive. These traits
have made him the recognized leader of the Chosen. Filled with hate and
vengeance, Caleb strives to regain what he believes was stolen from him:
Leadership of the Cabal, and his love, Ophelia. A man ruled by his emotions,
he'd bring the Chosen, the Cabal, and the world to the brink of destruction to
get what he wants.
Can he hold the Chosen together long enough to retake the Cabal? Or will his
actions destroy them all? But the most important question is what he will do
when he discovers that the love he has kept alive for nearly a century is
nothing but an illusion?


A cold and cunning woman, Ophelia is the hand at work behind every situation.
Those that join her find themselves curiously doing what she wants whether they
planned to or not, and those that oppose her have a tendency to disappear. In a
fight she is fast, quiet, and versatile. Unable to take large amounts of
punishment or carry the more powerful weapons, she offsets this by using
conventional firearms in conjunction with dark magic to maximize her offensive
and defensive capabilities. No need to face dead-on what you can take out at
300 yards with a sniper rifle.
Resurrected into a world with no future and full of disgust over the undead
creature that she has become, Ophelia is desperately searching for a way out.
She'll do whatever it takes to escape from a world gone mad, a body she no
longer knows, and the love of a man she's grown to despise.


Gabriella is the warrior in the truest sense of the word. Born out of vengeance
with a past steeped in war, ritual, and tradition, Gabriella has been groomed
for battle since she was a child. She is the ultimate walking weapon. She lives
for death, and thirsts for power. Easily the strongest of the Chosen, she
towers above even Caleb in size. She has forsaken her practice in the dark arts
due to the defensive nature that magic sometimes takes. She relies on her
incredible strength, endurance, and heavy weaponry to get the job done. Her
thick battle armor and heavy weapons slow her down significantly, but she is
invaluable to the Chosen as the anchor in any heavy firefight.
Will the Chosen offer her the opportunity for power that she craves, and are
they enough to contain this raging warrior? Or will Gabriella's hunger for
death engulf the other Chosen?


A man of few words and violent, decisive action, Ishmael's keen mind and
emotionless personality make him a dangerous man to cross. His command of the
dark arts is greater than any of the other Chosen, and he uses that power and
knowledge to decimate anyone who opposes him. His enemies die suddenly, and
horrifically, usually having little or no chance to fight back. Those that do
find that Ishmael has the distinct ability to counter almost any attack. If he
has a weakness it is on his dependence on his magic, which has caused many of
his other skills to atrophy.
Gifted with extreme intelligence and in tune with the very fabric of reality,
Ishmael is in the unique position of understanding the implications of
everything that the Chosen do, and have done. But would they listen to his
silent warnings?
What forbidden knowledge gleams in the back of Ishmael's evil stare? And what
is he holding back? How long will a man of such power and intelligence follow
the desires of others?

VI. Cheats

Changing levels
Type one of the following at the console (defaults to ~) to change to the
appropriate level. You will change to Caleb, and the intro screen will still be
the one for the level you were on.
world 01_subwaya
world 02_cityhub
world 02_cityhubb
world 02_cityhubc
world 03_museum
world 04_steamtunnels
world 05_cdm
world 05_cdmb
world 06_airship1
world 06_airship2
world 07_cathedral
world 08_subwayb
world 09_abandoned_buildings
world 10_sewagetreatmentplant
world 11_slaughter_house
world 12_trainstation
world 12_trainstaionb
world 13_downtown
world 14_subwayc
world 15_crypt
world 16_bridge
world 17_entrance
world 18_temple
world 19_lobby
world 19_lobbyb
world 19_lobbyc
world 20_powerstation
world 21_laboratory
world 22_office
world 23_rooftop
world 24_ancientcity
world 24b_arena
world 25_ancientone
world credits
world end

Press the talk key (defaults to T) then enter one of these codes.

mpgod: God mode
mpkfa OR mpbeansofcoolness: "Monolith Rulez..." Gives some good weapons
mpclip: "Spectator mode" (No clipping, flymode, and invisibility, but you can't
mpammo: Full ammo
mpbeefcake OR mpherkermur: Gives you The Anger
mpcarbonfiber: Gives you Willpower
mptakeoffshoes: Gives you Stealth
mpcaleb, mpishmael, mpophelia, mpgabby: Change character
mpgoble OR mpscorpio: "Brian L. Goble is a programming god!"
mptotaro: "Jim Totaro is da man!"
mpgoshopping: Full inventory
mpberretta, mpsubmachinegun, mpshotgun, mpflaregun: Gives the chosen weapon,
type twice for akimbo
mpsniperrifle, mphowitzer, mpnapalmcannon, mpsingularity, mpbugbuster,
mpassaultrifle, mpvoodoo, mptheorb, mpteslacannon, mplaserrifle: Gives the
chosen weapon
mpnicenurse: Gives Life Essence
mpreallynicenurse OR mphealthy: Gives Life Seed
mpward: Gives Ward
mpnecroward: Gives Necroward
mpspeedup(1-5): Change agility
mpstronger(1-5): Change strength
mpsuperzug: Unknown

VII. Creditz
You for reading this.
PlanetBlood and the Postmortem for info in this guide.
Monolith, for making such a good game and the BEST one-liners EVER.

VIII. Legality
Do whatever you want with this guide. I don't care. But just be sure to give
me, Captain Cube, full credit for compiling all this info into an FAQ. The term
Minus One FAQ is my invention and mine alone. The actual info comes from
various sources, credited in (what else?) the creditz. All trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
and copyright holders.

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