Blade Runner (walkthrough)

Blade Runner

NOTE: After the game starts, click on McCoy. Under OPT, click on load,
New Game and choose EASY. This way, you will have unlimited ammo and
money. Also, it will be harder for you to be killed and easier for you

If the game ever freezes, after arriving in the spinner or changing a
disc, hitting Esc sometimes allows the game to continue.

SPECIAL NOTE: During this walkthrough, some minor things may not happen
because of the way the game is played or the order in which things are
done. You should at least get through the game without too much

Talk to the officer.  Click on the fire hydrant and the trash can.  Pick
up the chrome fragment. Click the green cursor on the front door.  Click
twice on the people at the left (it's important that you do this last.) 
Carefully click the blue cursor to go inside.  Notice the foot prints. 
At your feet is a shell casing (or casings.)  You might have to move to
the side a bit.  Look carefully and pick up the casing.  Talk to the
owner until you get Lucie's reference.  Look at the camera hanging at
the upper left.  Talk to the owner again until you get a CD.  Go to the
desk by the curtain divider.

Get the toy dog and candy bar.  Look at the picture behind the desk. 
Get the item on the floor in front of the desk.  Go back outside.  Talk
to the officer three times.  It's always a good idea to review any new
checkmarks in your KIA before another location or talking to anyone.

Under OPT in your KIA, select the question mark if it's not already
checked. Talk to the guy in the red jacket.  Talk to the owner of the
cafe, all choices. Follow the big guy to the kitchen.  Set your dialogue
to the question mark (user choice icon.) SAVE! Talk to the cook. When
the cook tries to spill soup on you, there's a moment that you can click
screen right to jump away. You will have time to run after him but don't
kill him yet.

Ignore the bum at the dumpster. Keep running toward a door and climb the
steps (or ladder) in the next screen. Walk to a locked door and get
ambushed. You can put your gun away and talk or shoot the cook to kill
him.  If you let him go, Lucy calls you later thanking you. The only
thing you loose is Zuben's ID had you searched the body. Go down the
steps and out the front door to the other police car. Go back to the
dumpster and find a license tag.

Go to the mainframe in the Esper room and click the small screen on the
right side to upload your information. Click the large screen on the
left for two photos. One of them has a face, suitable for a hard copy
photo, when you zoom in on that area. Also, you can get a hard copy of
the guys left muddy boot. Zoom in on the rear section of the car for a
hard copy of the unmarked ground car. Keep zooming in on the middle of
the rear bumper till you get a closeup hard copy of the license tag for
a total of four hard copies in this photo. In the other photo, get a
closeup of the desk and get a hard copy of a menu. Also zoom in on the
right edge of the large cage for a hard copy of Lucy. Get a hard copy of
her foot with an insect on it you should now have a total of seven hard
copies from the two photos.

Review all evidence in the KIA to uncheck the items in all three
categories and all characters.  At the laboratory, give all evidence at
the window and keep clicking the man to get all replies.  Review any new
check marks in your KIA again. At the mainframe again, do another upload
and check to make sure you have the Gregorian interviews A and B. These
should be under the murder weapon icon and Factory Bombings. Review
them.  Go to the floor that has the shooting range and notice the
cigarette butt.


Enter the shooting course.  Your true targets will have blue weapons.
Try not to shoot any civilians.  After you exit the course, click on the
monitor at the upper right to see your score.  Make sure your dialogue
is set to the question mark (user choice icon), then go to lockup and
SAVE!  Talk to the prisoner about all then administer a test last. Press
the red button to calibrate.

On the right are three buttons. Number them 1, 2, 3, from left to right.
Press 1 twice. Press middle twice. Press the right button twice. Press 1
once, middle once, and right button twice. If you've done it correctly,
you make a positive ID. If not, the VK terminates after ten buttons.
Restore and try again till you get an ID.

Click on the counter to automatically feed your dog. At the wall unit in
the next room, check for any messages. If you shot the cook, someone
mentions RATH. If you let the cook go, Lucy thanks you. Click the bed
for a rest. You should dream about a big fat guy. When you awake, you
get a message about Tyrell.

ACT 2: Tyrell.
Get disc from guard. Enter door to the right. There might be a sales
brochure and an earring you should get from floor to the right of the
chamber entrance. Click the color bar monitor to learn about attempted
access to the Tyrell files. Use the computer till you say... I couldn't
even begin to guess the password. Exit down screen and ask Crystal about
her case.

Police Headquarters.
In the Esper room, upload your info. In the large screen on the left,
use the picture from the security camera and zoom in on the dog to the
far left. It's collar should say RIKKI. Also get hard copies of the
person's face and the food container, look carefully at Sadik's left
hand to get a closeup hard copy of a bomb for a total of four in the
same photo. Make sure you have reviewed all check marks in your KIA.

Use the computer again and you should get the DNA. Enter the chamber and
talk to the photographer. Get a wire from the corpse. Get a food
container from the floor. Look at the dead animals.  Face the exit and
look carefully on the left side of the walkway and get the dog collar. 
Exit chamber. Question the guard at the desk about all, and ask for
Tyrell. He says you have to contact the boss' personal assistant.

Police Headquarters.
On the ground floor, talk to Guzza in his office. He will set up a
meeting for you and you had better have some good questions. If he's not
there, take the order receipt near the folder on his desk. Go to the man
at the shooting range. Look at the crate on the floor. Talk to the man
till he gives you a shipping form. Return to Guzza's office. He should
now be there. Request a meeting with Tyrell.

You meet Rachael and shortly, Tyrell.

Review all new check marks, in your KIA unit. Check for messages on the
wall unit. Check the TV.

Animoid Row: SAVE.
Talk to the fish salesman. Talk to the snake salesman to the far right
till he gets angry and tells you about Bullet Bob (listen carefully to
what he says.) Talk to the owner of the dragonfly booth. Buy a bracelet
with Maggie on it.  If the scorpion cage is there, rattle it twice.  Go
left to Bullet Bob's. Before entering, make sure your dialogue is set to
the question mark.

Administer a Voit Kamph test as soon as it's in your choices. Remember,
buttons 1, 2, 3. Button 1 twice, mid twice, right twice, 1 once, mid
once, right twice.  Let Bob fix up your KIA (this is important because
later in the game, you will get framed and you can't be too careful
about what you upload into the mainframe), then question him about

You can buy some special ammo now or later in Act 4. In your KIA, click
the high power ammo to use it from now on. Go left to Hawkers and talk
to the woman. Go down and talk to the bartender twice to order a drink.
Go right and click the green cursor, from a distance, on the guy under
the diamond sign to talk to him. If he leaves, go up screen and return
till he comes back outside. From a distant view, click green cursor on
him. Question him about jewelry.

Go up screen and come back to question the man again. After he flashes a
camera in your face, take the camera then follow him. Shoot the cage
door and enter the trapdoor. Look at the weapons, in the crates, with
your green cursor. Follow the tunnel to the right and climb a ladder to
the street. Agent Steele should show up and take him in, or she might
automatically shoot him.  This varies. Steele says you blew early
retirement because you didn't score the kill or the arrest.

Get a closeup hard copy of the man's head in the China bar photo.  Also,
in the upper right, find a closeup hard copy of a camera (red light over
shelf of bottles.) The one of McCoy will show a woman's face or a scale
in a man's hand. His back is turned. Get a hard copy closeup from the
McCoy photo. Then, if your KIA has been fixed by Bob, hide the McCoy
photo by right clicking it. Make sure you didn't miss any other hard
copies of the photo closeups. Review all check marked entries in your
KIA unit.

Police Headquarters.
If you didn't get the order receipt from Guzza's desk, you can get it
now if he's not there. Go to the shooting range custodian and look at
the crate on the floor. Talk to the man until he gives you a shipping
form. Hide any data that you don't want seen (if your KIA has been
fixed) and upload the rest at the mainframe. Review any missed
checkmarks in your KIA.

DNA Row.
At the fire barrel, make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark.
Wait and talk to the guy in the red jacket a couple of times (not old
man with cane.) Go up screen and enter the green building. Talk to the
man about all. Exit and return to the fire barrel, then go left and
SAVE!Enter Dermo Design and shoot the handcuffs to free the man. Quickly
move your cursor left, till it's an arrow, then double click. Outside,
put your gun away and keep clicking the bottom of the screen. If the man
didn't get out, restore and try again. It's critical that he gets out.

Talk to the dying man. Talk to the officer. Go back inside and check the
damage. Exit and go up stairs to the left. Get an envelope from one of
the dummies. Check the answering machine to the right of the dummy (you
might have to move to the side so that you can click on the machine.)
Exit to the street. If you see the guy in a red jacket again, ask him
about the bombing. Go right and up screen. Enter the green building
again. Make sure your dialogue choices are set to the question mark.

Keep talking to the man until you have choices. Ask about everything.
Exit and go through alley just left of building. Enter the Bradbury
Building. Go down the hallway and then right at top of stairs. In the
room at the lower right of the screen, click the power strip on the
floor to resume a printing process, then get the printout. In the room
with water, climb the ladder. Break glass in bookcase shelves and climb
to roof.

ACT 3.
When you're alone, click the green cursor to the left of the window to
move your chair and cut yourself loose. Get the item under the other
chair. Get the doll and another item under the pillow. On the edge of
the cot, get a moon bus photo. Go down screen and left. Talk to the
tough guy. Follow him outside and check the wrecked car for an ID
number. Get the wrapper from the car interior.

Go back into the Yukon and through the neon door. Get a scale from the
bath and a badge from the dresser. Exit out to the wreck and go left,
down, and right.

Animoid Row.
Ask the fish salesman about the scale and you learn another cop had the
same kind of scale. The Dragonfly jeweler should now have information
for you. If you located the camera in the China Bar photo, talk to the
bartender twice and he will give you a video disc.

Feed your dog and check for any messages. Make sure you haven't missed
any hard copies of closeups in the photos. In the moon bus photo,
there's closeups of three faces and a mysterious golden object to the
far right. If Bob altered you KIA, hide the moon bus photo and your
photo closeup there by right clicking on them. In the China Bar photo,
to the far right is Izo with a camera. In the background, under the red
neon circle, is Guzza. Click the bed to get some rest.

Police Headquarters.
Upload your data at the mainframe and review any check marked entries.
Go to lockup and question the farthest guy to make sure you have asked
about Protest. After this, talk to the first guy Izo, if he wasn't
previously shot.

Hysteria Hall.
Enter used cars and talk to Crazy Legs, including choices that come up.
Go up the steps, on the right, to the roof. Look around, then go back to
the street. Talk to the old man and woman about everything. SAVE! Enter
the hall area. Enter the first area on the left. If Lucy is there, you
have two choices as you talk to her. Warn her about Crystal or VK her.

If you administer the Voit Kamph, later you might team up with Crystal
or Dektora. If she's not there, you will check back later or you could
be headed for a one way ending where Lucy is killed and you and Steele
could team up at the moon bus. Review your KIA and any new check marks.

Animoid Row.
Talk to Mama Isabella at the Kingston booth.

Nightclub Row.
Enter the club on the left. Talk to the bouncer near the stage. Try to
enter the revolving booth on the left. Exit and enter the club on the
right side of the street. IF the guy in the red jacket is there, SAVE.
First, ask him about cheese if it's in your choices. Watch him put his
cigarette lighter on the bar. Get it. Watch the show. He runs out, so
run after him. If he shoots at you, try to waste him. If he has no gun,
click the green cursor on him. You can arrest him or just let him go. If
you shoot at him or let him go, don't follow.

Feed Maggie, review your KIA, and get some rest.

China Town.
Down screen and to the right, enter the Yukon Hotel and talk to the

Bradbury Building.
Set your dialogue to Normal. Enter the Bradbury and go up the stairs to
automatically talk to the owner. Look around the rooms again. Talk to
the owner again. He will probably order you to leave.

Nightclub Row.
Enter the club on the left and stand in front of the dancer. Talk to her
till the bouncer is right beside you. Make a dash (double click) for the
booth on the left to enter the back room.

Strip Club; Back Room.
AN AMUSING TIDBIT; you can walk onto the circular floor with the dancer.
Talk to the guy, in red tails, till he says he's working.

If he's not there, set your dialogue to the question mark and go to the
Hysteria Arcade.  Now Lucy might be there.  Do not give her the VK but
warn her about Crystal. Return to the Strip Club and through the
revolving booth.

When it's show time, go left to see it start, then quickly return
through the revolving booth and go through the door left of the stage.
In Early's office, make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark,
then SAVE! Click on the lights over the desk. Click the edge of the desk
to get a paper. Click the couch to the right to get a CD. Early comes in
and turns to make a drink. 

Quickly draw your gun and force him to sit. If he is not stung to death,
agree to a deal by putting your gun away. Early will give you a paper.
Keep the disk. If he is stung to death, click on him.

Exit and go back through the revolving booth. If the show is still
going, wait for it to finish. Then continue left to the basement. Enter
the room to the right and click on the flower vase on the dresser. In
your choices, select Crystal. Do NOT VK her or you miss the chance to
run away with her if you later let her go. Two things can happen after
you question the woman; She runs out or She may call a cop. If she calls
a cop, then she's probably a replicator. Use the following paragraph.

You're eventually rescued. Walk into the tunnel by the wrecked subway,
then up the double staircase. Back in the strip club, quickly go to the
basement dressing room and get a note from the flower vase. Return to
the laser lights and go up through the balcony entrance on the right,
draw your gun and SAVE before going into the projection room. With the
red cursor on the glaring light, shoot the power cord. Climb the ladder.
I suggest you put your gun away and click the green cursor to talk to
Dektora. After a disc change, watch a lengthy movie.

If the woman ran out, she's probably human. Take the note from the
flower vase. Cross the street to the other club. Here, two situations
exist. The guy in the red coat will either be there or he wont be there.
IF he's there, you can talk to him. You will be arrested. After your
rescue, enter the same club and chase the comedian outside. He may be
holding a hostage. Take careful aim and shoot him. After a disc change
watch a movie.

If the comedian was not there, return to your apartment. In the club
photo, you will get closeup hard copies of Early's reflection in the
mirror and a scorpion box hidden behind the basket. Also, if Early
wasn't stung to death and he gave you a photo, check it. Get closeup
copies of Lucy and yellow flowers behind Clovis.

Police Headquarters.
If your KIA has been altered, upload only what you want to at the
mainframe. Review any checked entries.

If you arrested the guy in the red coat, question him.

Nightclub Row.
If nothing is happening where the comedian worked, whether or not you
arrested him, you're still probably on an ending resulting from Lucy's

Hysteria Hall.
Enter the arcade and talk to Lucy. She will probably run away. Exit to
the right and Steele will probably shoot Lucy.

ACT 4.
While in the sewers and tunnels, be prepared to shoot a few rats and
cops. Or you could just double click to run away. From the bottom of the
street entrance stairs, go left and cross the tunnel. Click on the
electric chair. Go through the broken north door from the electric
chair. Down on the crossway, throw the lever to extend a walkway and go
to the right. You might see Lucy (if Steele didn't shoot her.) Give her
the VK to see what she really is.

If you didn't buy special ammo from Bob, go left to the weapons cache
and click on the crates twice to get some. Go right and up screen to the
crossway and go to the lower left. Continue down the stairs and go left
to the manhole at the apartment.

Go up and enter your apartment to talk to someone. This step was
necessary to thin out the cops in the tunnels near door 5. There may
still be an occasional cop though. Go back to the crossway in the sewers
and go left through the large circular opening. Turn right and take the
big elevator down. With your dialogue set to the question mark, choose
the following as you talk to the drunk...OTHERS, FAT MAN, then click him
again. He wants some booze. Go to the crossway and straight across to
the weapons cache and climb to the street.

Get a flask of wine at the China Bar and return over the crossway and on
to the drunk. First ask him about the sewers, then give him the wine.
Then ask him all you can before he passes out. 
Take a look through the iron gate at the top of the short stairs on the
left. Go past the elevator and take the right tunnel to the plank and
SAVE! Start across the plank. When the rat appears, return to the left
end of the plank, draw your gun and shoot the rat. If you previously
selected the high power ammo, one good shot will do.

Cross the plank and make sure your dialogue is set to the question mark.
If the twins aren't there, click the lower left monitor to download the
Luther/Lance DNA. Leave and return to the room several times until the
twins show up. Talk to them, with all choices from top to bottom, till
they ask for Tyrell's DNA files. Then quickly SAVE! From the twins, exit
the door under the light, climb the tall ladder and climb the short
ladder and quickly enter the elevator behind the guard. Get the DNA from
the table.

The previous directions to Tyrell's office are for playing in easy mode
(unlimited cash and ammo.) The following is an alternate route to
Tyrell's office...Return to the crossway and go screen left toward the
room before the manhole. Go through the northern door and go north. This
route is probably locked until you have to follow it to the moon bus in
Act 5.

Sneak back into the sewers and give the DNA to the twins. If they are
not there, and you haven't previously done so, click the lower left
monitor to download the Luther/Lance DNA. Leave and return to the room
several times until the twins show up. They give you the whole scoop on
things. Go up the steps behind the twins and call Guzza on the console.
Behind the clown, go down. If the twins aren't there, do a download of
the small left screen behind the twins' chairs, if you haven't already
done this.

Go back to the drunk and SAVE! Go through the iron gate and talk to
Guzza. When you have the chance, you can either run away (suggested) or
just shoot Guzza. If you shoot him, the Reps tell you to go to the moon
bus. If you decide to run away, move as far left as you can when Clovis
is talking to Guzza. When you have the left blue arrow, RUN! Either way,
you have to return to your apartment for Act 4 to end.

To return to the apartment building, leave the platform and take the
elevator up. Return to the crossway and go screen left to the manhole
and enter the apartment building. There's a long movie and act 5 starts.

ACT 5.
If Steele previously shot Lucy and you ran from the platform where Guzza
was, you will probably get a call from her and the two of you team up.
If Steele shot Lucy and You shot Guzza, then Clovis will call you and
you end up shooting Steele at the moon bus. If you ran away and were
nice to Dektora in the dressing room and over the projection room, you
could also get a call from her.

In the living room, if Maggie has been shot, click the counter to
possibly find a cigarette butt. You get a message on the wall unit from
Lucy, Dektora, Steele or Clovis. If it's from Lucy or Dektora agree to
meet at Crazy Legs Used Cars. Of course, you could go settle the score
with Steele if she shot your dog, then go to Crazy Larry's. In Early's
disc, get a closeup hard copy of a scorpion box behind the basket. Also
get a hard copy of Early's reflection. Review all new check marks in
your KIA.  Go to the ground floor and enter the sewer.

Go up the steps to the crossway. If you didn't get the download from the
twins' small terminal, go to the elevator and cross the plank. Click the
small lower left screen to get the download. If the twins are there,
leave and return till they are gone, then get the download. Go back to
the crossway, SAVE, then consider this...If Lucy wasn't killed and you
didn't shoot Dektora, you can take either path A to Lucy or Dektora, or
path B and the moon bus. If Lucie was killed then path A doesn't apply
to her. Don't forget, double clicking allows you to run.

Path A. Go up screen past the electric chair, and into the tunnel to the
wrecked subway. Continue up screen to the two wrecked vehicles and go
through the left hole and up into Crazy Legs' car sales, talk to him,
then SAVE! Go out the front door and talk to Lucy or Dektora. Rent a
flyer from Crazy and go up to the roof. Quickly shoot it out with Steele
(the cursor is initially center screen or slightly left) before she
kills Lucy or Dektora.

Click the flyer to see it's damaged. Go down and use the console to
lower the car through the floor. Quickly go down the ladder by the door
and down the left ladder to the tunnel. Get in the car and make your
getaway. If Lucy was killed and you shot Guzza, then Path B still
applies. If Lucy was killed and you ran from Guzza at the platform, see
Team Path below.

Path B. Return down screen, to the room before the apartment manhole,
and SAVE! Go through the northern door and go north from there. There
are two entrances to the junkyard. If you go through the bombed out
section of the Tyrell Building, look carefully for a bomb on the left.
Look at it twice to disarm it. You see Agent Steele. Shoot her when you
get the chance. Continue north to the moon bus and talk to someone
outside. Now you have a couple of choices.

SAVE, then A, shoot it out and go into the moon bus and watch the old
rep die. Exit the moon bus and discover that you are a Super Blade

Or B, you can return south to where you shot Steele and pick up the
power source near the white running lights on the left. Return north to
the moon bus and enter. Watch the moon bus take off.

Team Path.
You meet Steele just south of the moon bus. The two of you go through
the bombed out section of the Tyrell Building. When Steele stops in the
tunnel, quickly look at the bomb on the left of the screen to warn her
about it. When the two of you get near the moon bus, Maggie will come
toward you. Since she's been booby trapped, she will explode and you
challenge Sadik.

After killing him, you and Steele argue and you enter the moon bus
alone. You can either kill the dying Clovis or suffer his poetry reading
until he dies. Of course, McCoy never did like poetry.

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