Bioforge (walkthrough)


by Daniel Starr
General tips:
Be careful you don't spoil the game!

Get out of your detention cell.
Get out of the cellblock.
Get out of the guardroom.
Evade the robot.
Explore the lower tunnel.
Prevent those dropships full of marines from arriving.
Explore level three.
Stabilize the reactor.
Go to level four and explore the outside.
Explore the dig.
Explore the Phyxx caverns.


Alternate two hand-to-hand attacks for best results. I like Alt-7,
Alt-9 or Alt-7, Ctrl-7.
Some enemies in the game cannot be defeated by blasters, but can
be defeated in hand-to-hand. Some cannot be killed by normal
weapons at all, but should be attacked anyway...
If it looks like you should be able to climb into or onto
something, try sidestepping in either direction; anyway, keep
trying (walk forward, don't run) and eventually you'll hit the
right pixel. (Except for the tunnel in the dig, which is sealed
'till you open it.)
If you see something that looks like a monitor, it probably is.
Try to use it, and sidestep in either direction if need be.


1. Get out of your detention cell.
Read the walkthrough at the back of the playguide.


2. Get out of the cellblock.
Use the fork on the electrical panel. It's in Mr. Blue's room.
(Go ahead and fight him.)


3. Get out of the guardroom.
Use the guardroom wall monitors to deactivate cell doors. Read
Dane's logbook (in the cell across from yours) for a security
code. Press the red button on the guardroom wall. Use the
guardroom desk monitor to move the nursebot; have it pick up
Cayman's severed arm and move it over to the palm reader by the
door. Now use the other desk monitor to reactivate Cayman's palm's
clearance. Stand on the plate by the palm reader to open the door.
(You won't need Cayman's arm again.)


4. Evade the robot.
It's a dumb robot. Just sidestep instead of moving forward and you
can go right by it into the cryochamber. Once you've got your
blaster, you can blow it up from the cover of the elevator or the
cryochamber entrance.


5. You need to lure the growling beast in the tunnel beneath the
hatch so you can freeze it. To do that, you need to send someone
else down the tunnel. The cyberraptor in cryochamber one will do
Drain some cryofluid to wake him up. Go check on his stats in the
monitor. Knock him out with kicks and mid punches. Make sure the
hatch is closed. When he wakes up, wait for him to come near the
hatch, then knock him out so he collapses on top of it. Now open
it, drop him through, wait for the fighting to start, and freeze
'em both with cryofluid. Go down and through the tunnel and check
out the right branch.


6. Prevent those dropships full of marines from arriving.
Take the elevator up to level 1. You can take out the probes by
shooting from behind the cover of the elevator door and using the
reflective walls to your advantage. Rough up the guard and he'll
rev up the AA gun for you. Blow up both dropships. You can aim,
sort of, with the arrow keys. (save, attempt, fail, restore,
attempt again...)


7. Explore level three.
Go to level three. Take out the mecho from the cover of the
elevator. I recommend you cache your blaster somewhere else now.
Open the door on the left. Enjoy. Pick up a healing device, and
(optional) a battery from Dane. Check out the monitor. Now go to
the far room (retrieve your blaster first, if you cached it);
defeat the marine; read his logbook and the wall monitors. Get
yourself encased in an envirosuit by the machine here. In one
corner of this room you'll find the Icarus monitors -- use them to
descend to the hangar. Get a bigger battery from the nose of the
Icarus, install it in yourself and drop your old one here --
you'll need it later. Get the alien cube from the floor. If you
lost your blaster, kill the guard out in the corridor or in the
hangar for a new one.


8. Stabilize the reactor.
The reactor guardbot only fires on humanoids. Anything else would
find it a real pushover...
Use the forklift bot from the room at the end of the hall to
dispose of the reactor guardbot. (There's a forklift control
monitor in that room). Now you can enter the reactor (wearing your

You can't defeat the alien in combat. You do need to get rid of it
before you can finish your job, though... I wonder how?

Turn the bridge on. Go pull one of the two pylon levers down.
Shoot the alien twice to get it angry at you. Run back across the
bridge and turn off the bridge out from under the alien when it
follows. Now go back, pull the other pylon lever down and punch in
the code you got from the control room's wall monitor to activate
the power-down button on the reactor monitor. Turn off the reactor
and breath a sigh of relief.


9. Go to level four and explore the outside.
The security bot is really slow in tracking your movements, so
just fire, sidestep, fire, sidestep the other way, fire... and
it'll never hit you.
The airlock code you're looking for is in the logbook of the
Marine back in the level three control room. You are wearing your
envirosuit, right?

"Positive O-Ring" = all lighted except the center. Play with the

Ignore the large platform with the four droids. Take the elevator
down to the catwalk. Run past the catwalk droids -- you're too
fast to track as long as you keep moving.

To make headway here, you need the right object and the right
place. The object should be obvious. The place is the stone blocks
just below the first turn in the catwalk, not the much larger
collection further on.

Use the alien cube to move across the stone blocks, arriving at
the wreck.

Hang around in the dropship for a little bit...

... and use the device from the marine you punched out (he takes
no permanent damage from your blaster) to access the dropship
missiles. (The marine requires an immense number of punches and
kicks. Persist.)

Get Mr. Lake Monster's attention by firing a missile. When he goes
over to check it out, give him a second dose. Enjoy.

Using the missile lying on the beach yields a bomb. Have you found
any obstacles you'd like to blow up?

The bomb will burst open the sealed door on the catwalk if you
drop it right next to the door. You have to go by the route the
alien beast was guarding, since you can't get back the way you
came. Yes, it can be done. You have to (1) get right next to the
door, (2) make sure you're dropping the bomb and not just the
alien cube, (3) if you're having trouble falling into the lake
when it looks like you can climb or walk, move sideways a bit and
try again - the last climb, up to the catwalk level, is
particularly deceptive in appearance. Ignore the Big Alien Sphere
Room off to the side for now. Try the route a couple of times
without the bomb in hand to get a feel for it.


10. Explore the dig.
Kill the small, floating alien. Do something nice for Escher.
Use a healing device on her! Now go check out the writing on three
walls of the Big Sphere Room reached from the large group of stone
blocks. Come back to the dig when you're done, and check out the
other room.

You can't kill the alien, but if you beat it up and then give it
an opening (you may have to let it hit you) it will run off and do
something interesting when you pursue it.

Now pry open that cracked sarcophagus door, and solve a small
puzzle to get a device to let you do what that alien did...

(Make the the bottom diamond look like the top one.) With the
device in hand, use the tunnel...


11. Explore the Phyxx caverns.
The central column monitor activates the tubes. Which tube is
determined by the sign in the center of the monitor (match it to
the sign by the tube).
For now, hit the left, right, and bottom tiles in the monitor to
activate the one really useful tube at this point.

Use your gun to give you momentum to put you through the other
side of the zero-gravity chamber.

Another no-guns fight. Read the writing on the pillars before you
head over to meet him. And watch your step!

Use his toy to get through the force field at the far end of the

Go ahead, solve the puzzle on the monitor. What? You want a
solution? Well, try:

Green-Red-Blue-Red-Green-Red-Blue-Green-Blue-Green-Orange-Yellow -

After that amusing conversation, install your new battery, go back
to the central tube chamber and activate the other two lower
tubes. Now use the control device by the blinking tube. Have fun
and eliminate your opposition from afar. (The same method won't
work twice, though, so you'll need to do a different, obvious
thing to dispatch the second.)

Raise the sphere. Lower it to crush one marine. Raise the sphere
again. Drop your gun, run over and grab the grenade and throw
("fire") it back up the tube.

Now go into the remaining tube to fix the gravity ring.

Step on the plates to rotate the blue-edged segments into a single
line. Watch out for asteroids. Some plates move more than one

Specifically, plates 2, 4 and 6 move two segments each. Step on
these three to align segments 2, 4 and 6, ignoring what they do to
the others; then align the others by stepping on plates 1, 3 and 5
as needed.


12. Escape.
Head back to receive Dr. Escher's logbook. Read it for the medical
security code. Go back down, make sure your shield is on, then
take the Big Sphere Room tube up to the surface; head for the
Icarus. Run past the Marines; swerve left or right when the
dropship fires to elude its missiles.
The Marine near the airlock has the information you need to get in
the airlock in his logbook. (The new controls are a bit weird;

Go read your identity from the medical monitor in the operating
room, using the security code to open up the classified data. Go
to the hangar. The battery Gen gave you will activate the Icarus
if it's still three-fourths full. Pick up your old one and use it
on yourself to swap out Gen's battery, then step over to the nose
of the Icarus. Insert Gen's battery and enjoy.

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