Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)

Big Red Adventure

Big Red Adventure (Core Design/Dynabyte) Walkthru by John
Barnsley. INTRODUCTION In the old Russia there was communism,
queues, the Kremlin, the KGB, the Cold War and....more queues! In
the new Russia, things have changed somewhat. Now there is
capitalism, KGB TV, McRomanov's Burgers and the Super Marx
brothers!! In an attempt to make sense of this new Russia, you
take charge of Doug, Dino and Donna, solving problems, dodging
captors and gettinginto all sorts of crazy capers. After the end
of the communist regime, the Kremlin Palace - once the seat of
Soviet power - was transformed into a museum. In here are kept the
most important relics of Russian history, including Tsar Ivan the
Horrible's famous crown. As you join the game, Doug, our hero, is
casing the joint getting ready to steal the prized crown of the
Tsar which is encrusted with diamonds, pearls and open cheques!
Other important historical items live within these halloed walls.
Leo Tallstory's typewriter which he used to write his most famous
novel - "War and Pacemaker". Strabinsky's piano on which he
composed the score "The Firepig" is also on display, but the pick
of the bunch is the focus of Doug's attention as well as the large
security presence. PART ONE Hotel Room Back in the hotel, Doug
examines the photos taken at the museum on the grand tour, ready
to hatch a fiendish plot to steal the famous Tsar's crown. Using
your inventory, open the envelope to discover the photographs from
the museum. They have been developed as follows: Picture 1: The
crown picture shows the locations of the scanners. Picture 2:
Museum security at front door. Picture 3: Museum roof and
trapdoor. Picture 4: Same gallery, but including one of the
cameras. Picture 5: Miss Glasnost 1993 at a fashion show in Red
Square. Now examine each one of the photographs closely and go
over to your suitcase. Pick up the suitcase using your inventory
options and examine the contents. Here you will find a tape
recorder and a tape measure for use later in the game. Now move
over to the desk with the TV set on it and pick up the camera and
then the remote control, using it to turn on the TV. You will now
be watching the end of the Matrioska Show. The show's presenter,
Stroganoff, will then tell you how to enter the show. He puts up
an open invite to meet him at The Russian Doll Show. To play, you
need only send the ticket from New Pravda, the local TV guide.
Before moving out of your room and into the foyer, pick up the TV
aerial and add it to your inventory. Now exit to the hotel foyer.
The Foyer In the hotel foyer pick up and take the rope on the wall
next to the entrance to your room. Now go over to the Porter and
give him your key before moving the cursor to the bottom of the
screen to find the way way out. Once outside go to the Newsagents.
Look at and buy all the magazines. On examination, you will find
the Encyclopedia of Opera has a free cassette, the New Pravda has
your free ticket and the Capital has a stamp. Buy all these
magazines by firstly talking to the Newsagent. If you run out of
cash, put the TV aerial on the scales to the left of the stand and
receive a further four rouble dollars. Examine the free ticket to
find you will have to answer three questions to qualify: 1. How
many R's are there on the label of Dostoyevsky Caviar, the
Muscovite's favourite? 2. What is the height, in cans of
Vodkacola, of the statue of Karl Marx which stands in Red Square?
3. What is the weight of the Great Bear, the bear meat hamburger
produced by the Burger Tsar Fast Food Chain? To answer these
questions, read on! Red Square To the right outside the Hotel is
the way to the gum store in Red Square. The queue is huge so point
to the right of the bae of the statue and click when another
caption comes up. This takes you across to the burger joint
McRomanov. Once there, go to the bottom right corner to examine
the old red car and find a broken camera. Take the broken camera
and examine it to find a brand new film and then walk over to the
burger bar. Buy a vodkacola and then a sandwich. When asked Maxi
or Gigantic, go for Gigantic, then go for the great bear burger.
Don't eat your burger and don't drink your cola, just take the
salt and the bread from the counter before walking back over to
Red Square. Head straight to the first man in the queue for the
gum store. You will talk to a large bearded man, who tells you
that the queue is for razor blades which have only just come back
into stock after months. Finish the conversation and go to the
Japanese tourist, standing in the middle of the square. Talk to
the tourist and give him your camera so he can take a picture of
you with the statue in the background. Repeat this operation a few
times before the picture is correct, so after taking each photo
examine it. After the third duff picture your film runs out. Ask
to borrow one from the tourist, before selecting the spare film
until you manage to reload it. The fourth photo is correct,
showing Doug beside the statue about half it's size. This will
help to work out how high the statue is in cans of Vodkacola.
Examine the photo then measure the can of cola with the tape
measure that you found in the case. To do this, select the can and
keep doing so until Doug works out what to do. The can is 12cm
tall, Doug is 168cm tall and the statue is twice his height, so
the statue is the height of 28 cans of Vodkacola. This answers
Question 2 on the free ticket. In order to answer Question 3, go
back to the scales to the left of the Newsagents. On arrival,
weigh yourself and then eat the burger and weigh yourself again.
The difference gives you the weight of the burger. You will find
that Doug has put on seven pounds, so the weight of the burger is
seven pounds. The Park Go to your hotel room again and pick up
your computer before heading to the park. In the centre of the
park is a small boy sitting on a park bench playing a hand-held
console. Go up to him and swap your laptop PC for his cheap
console. This may sound like a crazy idea, but this is a crazy
game and the cartridge that you find in the console will come in
very handy. Go further into the park and wait around until you see
a street peddler. Talk to him and he tries to sell you a watch,
before turning and walking away. Remember where you see him for
future reference before heading for the Rail Station, found on the
road behind the Newsagents. When you arrive at the Station go in
and select the cartridge from the console and use it on the cash
machine to the left. This overrides the system and gives you 100
Rouble dollars. You will come back to the station later in the
game, but for now head back to the park after noticing the KGB TV
building is next to the station. En route to the park, stop off
and talk to the man at the front of the queue again. Doug will ask
him to buy a tin of Dostoyevsky's Caviar in return for a roll of
toilet paper. Now go back to the park and purchase the toilet roll
from the peddler. This will cost you the 100 Rouble dollars you
got from the cash machine. Once you have the loo roll head back to
the queue to swap it for the tin of caviar. Now examine the tin to
find the answer to the final question on the free ticket. There
aren't any R's on the label! Now that you know all three answers,
go straight back to the hotel foyer. The Show Once you arrive back
at the hotel lobby, go up to the Porter and ask to borrow a pen to
fill in the ticket. Select the ticket to fill it in and then put
the ticket in the envelope in your inventory, using the pen to
fill out the address. Next, select the stamp from your inventory
in order to post the ticket correctly. Leave the hotel and go to
the KGB Studios located next to the Rail Station. When you get
there, post the letter. Now rush back to the hotel and ask the
Porter if there's any mail for you. The Porter will now hand you
your reply from the Studio. Open the reply and discover an invite
to The Russian Doll show and the tickets. Don't waste time, get
over to the KGB Studios and hand in the ticket to the
receptionist. She gives you a badge and directs you to Studio 5
for the show. When you arrive you will be put straight on air.
There are three questions about thieves to answer and, if you get
them correct, you go on to answer the big question and win an air
balloon. Don't worry if you get the questions wrong, you simply
take a different route for the rest of Part One. Both are
explained here. If You Win The Quiz Go back to the hotel room and
enter the toilet after collecting your prize and adding the studio
lights to your inventory. This leads to a new scene high above the
city in your air balloon. Fly to the museum and land on the roof.
Once inside the museum, go to the Crown Room and switch on the
lights near the crown. This blocks out the photo cells stopping
the alarm going off. Now go into the next room and combine the
cassette with the recorder and use it. This will blast out the
wonderful sounds of opera, breaking the glass cases in the
process. Now pick up the ring and computer and go into the Crown
Room. Select the diamond ring and use it on the crown case to cut
a hole in the glass. The crown is now ready to be snatched but,
unfortunately, not by you as another thief suddenly appears and
snatches the crown from under your nose. You end up in your hotel
room again, with your picture in every newspaper in Moscow. You
have to get the hell out of here, but how? Firstly, go to the
Newsagents and buy a copyof Consolphobia magazine. Examine it and
find that the password for the Trotsky's mainframe computer is the
name of the tenor who sings with Donna Catale at the Bolshoi.
Leave the hotel and head down to the Burger place where you meet
some dodgy friends, Alex and Kos. They tell you that they have a
plan to break into the Trotsky Software mainframe and that they
want you to do it. In return they will give you a passport so you
can leave Moscow before you're arrested. They go on to tell you
that the mainframe computer is on the Worldwide Communication
Network and that their E-Mail address is Lenin.Komm. Head back to
your hotel room and combinr the TV remote control with the tape
recorder and then attach that to the ZX81. All you have to do is
find the mode number for the WWC Network. To do this, go to the
KGB Studios and examine the reception desk to find a scrap of
paper. Look at that piece of paper to gain the Internet number for
the WWC Network, which is KGB.NET 007 6 1 0. Now you can use it on
the telephone in your hotel room to get the tape recording for
Alex and Kos. Take the tape to Alex and Kos to get your passport
and then head swiftly to the station and show your passport to the
guard in order to board the Orient Express and get the hell out of
there! If You Lose The Quiz You win a consolation prize of a
keyring and then you're left in the Studio. Pick up the studio
lights and use the keyring on the doll's head in order to enter a
secret passage leading to the Museum. Once inside the Museum, go
to the Crown Room and switch on the lights near the crown. This
stops the alarm. Now go into the next room and combine the
cassette and the recorder and then use it. From this point on,
follow the procedures laid out in the 'If You Win' solution. PART
TWO (NOTE: There are TWO methods of going about Part Two) Method
One You are now in control of the movements of one Dino Fagoli, an
ex-boxer of Italian origin who is a bit short on brain cells to
say the least! You start off on a wharf of a small town, but what
do you do? Firstly, leave the wharf and head for the drugstore,
opposite the circus in Circus Square. Go over to the shelves and
purchase a can of beans and then eat them. This will make Dino
feel lively so go into the Circus and enter the weightlifting
competition. Do this by walking straight into the tent and getting
stooped by the Ringmaster. Ask him who he thinks he is and he will
announce that "We have a volunteer to challenge Big Ursus in
Weightlifting". Dino will then go inside the tent and lift the
same weight as the champion to win 100 Rouble dollars! Now go to
the drugstore and purchase a casket of rum and the headache pills.
Head back to the wharf and enter the Inn. Pick up the tankard and
give it to the Landlord and he will fill it with water. Leave the
Inn and go back to Circus Square and enter Zelda's cabin. Talk to
her about your future. Madam Zelda will tell you that she
visualises a land scorched by the sun, a man on a horse and hidden
treasure. She will go on to see two strangers named Alex and Kos,
telling you your future depends on them! Zelda will now leave the
room, so take the opportunity to talk to the parrot on the perch
who will ask you for some sunflower seeds. Then exit. Head back to
the wharf, combine the headache pills with the jug of water and
give the mixture to the drunk. Now talk to the drunk and ask him
about his box. It will turn out to contain sunflower seeds and the
drunk is willing to swap his box for a cask of rum. Swap the rum
for the box and then pick up the box and open it. It's full of
seeds. Go back to Zelda's cabin and give the seeds to the parrot.
The parrot will then have an argument with his female partner and
quickly leave her to go with you, saying married life didn't suit
him. Before leaving, pick up the skull and the potion. Head back
to the Inn and show the parrot to the old sea dog sitting near the
door. The old dog turns out to be a captain who was the original
owner of the parrot. The captain asks how he can repay you so ask
him about the route of the oil tanker Potemkin and when it is next
due to dock here. The captain will tell you but don't rush him;
take time out to listen to his old tales of a life on the high
seas. He will then tell you the ship is heading for Stokafisburg,
about 60 miles from the Inn. You find out that there is a ship
going to Stokafisburg named the Santa Rosalia and that the captain
is a good friend of the old sea dog named Vito Corallo. However,
the Santa Rosalia will be unable to reach the next port for about
a week, which is far too long for you so you'll have to find an
alternative route. Walk over to the innkeeper and ask him how to
get to Stokasfisburg. He will tell you to go on the Orient Express
line at Zerograd, a small town just up the road. Leave the Inn and
proceed to the crossroads, which are beyond the circus. At the
crossroads, go straight on towards the woods and enter them. Head
for the dark wood and turn into the channel that leads into the
distance. You will now arrive at a sign with a wasps nest to the
left of it. Select your lollipop and show it to the nest of wasps.
They will then chase you to a nearby cave. When you arrive at the
cave, throw the lollipop inside so that the wasps fly in after it.
This will then get rid of the pair of wolves inside, allowing you
to go safely into the cave yourself. The cave will lead to another
part of the woods, so you can continue onward until you reach the
town of Zerograd. You will arrive at the train station in the
centre of town. Firstly, pick up the poster on the wall and then
go into the luggage office and show the poster to the ape. This
will make the ape throw a banana at you. Pick up the banana and
then talk to Miss Molatova's bodyguard back on the platform. He
will be extremely rude, so eat the banana allowing the skin to
drop to the floor and then talk to Miss Molatova. The bodyguard
will then try to hit you but he will slip on the banana skin. The
bodyguard breaks his leg, leaving a vacancy which you step into by
talking to Miss Molatova. She will ask you to escort her to Venice
and you will now be able to get on board the train. Method Two
Although this is much the same as method one, there are some
differences along the way, so read on to find out more.... Go
inside the Inn and pick up the jug, give it to the landlord to
receive some water. Examine the wine list and talk to the
innkeeper about wine. Buy the goldengrape and, when he disappears,
take all the items off the walls. Now head for the drugstore
opposite the circus in Circus Square. Go over to the shelves and
purchase a can of beans and eat them. This will make Dino feel
lively so go into the circus and enter the weightlifting
competition as described in method one to win 100 Rouble dollars.
Now go to the Drugstore and purchase a casket of rum. Next, go
back to Circus Square and enter Zelda's cabin and talk to her
about your future. Madam Zelda will tell you that she visualises a
land scorched by the sun, a man on a horse and hidden treasure.
She will continue to see two strangers named Alex and Kos, your
future depends on them. Zelda will now leave the room, so take the
opportunity to examine the headache potion and combine the
ingredients together. Give the headache potion to the drunk. Now
talk to the drunk and ask him about his box. It will turn out that
it contains sunflower seeds and the drunk would be willing to swap
his box for a cask of rum. Swap the rum for the box, pick up the
box and open it. You will find it full of seeds. Take the seeds to
the parrot in Zelda's caravan and then take the parrot along with
you. Proceed to the Inn and reunite the parrot with the old sea
dog and then go to the sword-swallower and talk to him. When he
swallows his sword, pick up another from the front of the stall.
Now go to the crossroads and head to the lake. Pick up all the
items from the snowman and use the sword on the ice. Combine the
broom and the pendant and use it in the hole. You will now catch a
fish, so take it back to the wharf and show it to the cat. Then
take the cat into the Inn and show it to the dog. Now you can grab
another sword and combine the swords with the box to make a
sledge. Go to the frozen lake again and sledge across it to reach
Zerograd. You will eventually arrive at the train station in the
centre of town. Pick up the poster on the wall and then go into
the luggage office and show the poster to the ape. This will make
the ape throw a banana at you. Pick up the banana and then talk to
Miss Molatova's bodyguard back on the platform. The bodyguard will
be extremely rude, so eat the banana allowing the skin to drop to
the floor and then talk to Miss Molatova. The bodyguard will then
try to hit you but he'll slip on the banana skin. The bodyguard
will break his leg, leaving a vacancy that you can step into by
talking to Miss Molatova. She will ask you to escort her to Venice
and you will now be able to get on board the train. PART THREE At
The Bolshoi The third character is Donna Fatale, the star of the
Russian Bolshoi. After her performance she will be back at her
dressing room when there is a knock at the door. In comes a man
who introduces himself as RJ, the richest landowner in Georgia. He
will then tell Donna that he is passing through as he is
travelling to Venice on the Orient Express but he simply had to
see the performance. RJ will then ask Donna to accompany him to
Venice and she will accept. Journey On The Orient Express Donna
and RJ arrive at the station with a large box described by RJ as a
souvenir from the Kremlin he paid a mere one million Rouble
dollars for. Now, our three heroes, Doug, Dino and Donna, are all
on board the Orient Express. RJ and Donna are in a huge
compartment with a large four-poster bed, but let Donna leave the
room and head for the bar. When you arrive at the bar, go up to
Alex and Kos and talk to them. Alex and Kos are old friends of
Donna who, before she became famous, had starred in a few risque
films for the boys in the past. The boys proceed to blackmail poor
Donna unless she does a spot of acting for them in their latest
venture to steal the plans for a new microprocessor. The woman who
has the plans is none other than Miss Molatova, who is currently
being protected by Dino. Donna agrees to get the microfilm
containing the plans in exchange for the strange but arty pictures
of herself that the boys just happen to have. Now leave the bar
and head for room number 3, Doug's room. Doug and Donna have also
met before and Donna enlists Doug's help to get the microfilm and,
for his help, Doug will collect a smacking big kiss from the busty
Donna! You now take control of Doug, so go to room 10, knock on
the door and find that Doug knows Dino from a past experience too!
Doug will then find out that Dino is with Miss Molatova and,
knowing how thick Dino is, Doug tells him that he needs his help
to organise a surprise party for Miss Molatova. Doug will then go
on to tell Dino that he needs a photo of Miss Molatova for the
present so there must be an old negative lying around somewhere in
the compartment. Now take control of Dino and go in search of the
microfilm after going to the bar and buying a cup of coffee for
Miss Molatova. When inside the cabin, start to talk to Miss
Molatova. She will ask for her coffee and Dino will give it to
her, all over her coat! The fool has spilt the coffee all over
her. When she goes into the bathroom, leave the room and instantly
walk back in. Now is your chance to find the microfilm as, by now,
Miss Molatova will have finished in the bathroom and gone to the
bar. Enter the bathroom, pick up the ring and now go to the
bedroom and pick up the bottle. Give these two items to Doug who
is waiting outside and, as Doug, return to your own room to meet
Donna, giving her the items. Now, as Donna, take a close look at
the ring and find the microfilm and then examine the bottle to
find it contains sleeping pills. Now leave the room and go to the
bar to give the microfilm to Alex and Kos in return for the
naughty pictures and the negatives. Now go back to see Doug. Now
take control of Doug and go to the bar. When you get there, look
at the man at the bar and recognise him as the thief who took the
crown from under your nose in Part One! Go back and see Donna and
tell her about it. Donna agrees to try and sweet talk the thief
into letting her into his room so that she can search for the
missing crown. Take Donna to the bar and talk to the thief,
letting Donna's natural aura take control of the situation. The
thief is gagging for it!! Donna will convince the thief, after
hours of hard negotiation, to take her back to his compartment to
look at his etchings. Once Donna gets back to the room, put the
sleeping pills in the champagne and the thief will soon fall fast
asleep. Once the thief is out of it, open the wardrobe and examine
the shirt to find the number 653 written in the shirt cuff. Now
pick up the blanket and go back to tell Doug what you found and
give him the blanket. Revert back to Doug and go down the corridor
and talk to the ticket inspector, who will ask for a cigarette. Go
to the bar and ask Alex and Kos for a cigarete. They will tell you
that they have some special cigars for sale at 100 Rouble dollars
each. Now go back to see Donna and ask her if she has 100 Rouble
dollars. She will tell you that she will ask RJ for it. Revert to
Donna and go to your compartment, number 6. Donna will actually
ask RJ for 10,000 Rouble dollars, which she will get. Now direct
her back to Doug's room. Take charge of Doug again and go back to
the bar to purchase a cigar. Now take this to the ticket inspector
and he will ask you for a light. Doug will now have to go all the
way back to the bar to get a light off the soccer fan, sitting
beyond Alex and Kos at the back of the carriage. Now go back
through the train to the ticket inspector and light his cigarette.
He will get really stoned, so take the opportunity to pick up his
keys. Once you have the keys, make your way back to the bar and go
through the back door of the train, past the soccer fan, and climb
onto the train roof. Walk right along the storage car and select
the sheet. You can now let yourself down on the sheet. When you
are holding it, select the keys and let yourself in. Once inside,
select the 'OPEN' icon and click on the trunk. You can now use the
set of numbers that Donna found (653) as a combination to open the
trunk and grab the crown! PART FOUR The Search For Donna Just when
you thought it was all over and you had the crown, the train gets
held up by a group of Russian radicals working for Doctor Virago,
who have stopped the train to steal the coffin that RJ bought from
the Kremlin. They have also stopped the train, under orders from
the Doctor, to kidnap a young virgin! Donna is taken hostage. Now
the boys, Doug and Dino, must rescue the fair maiden. First find
the path to the bridge and start to give chase. After tramping for
many a mile, you will find the path to the bridge. Follow this
bridge over to the village after getting Dino and Doug to clear
the boulders from the side and throw them into the water to allow
safe passage over the icy river. Cross the river and head into the
village, which is a gloomy place where time seems to have stood
still. The villagers appear wary of our strange heroes. Walk
through the town and take control of Doug. Pick up the lantern and
the icicles hanging from the small blue building spotting that
Zelda's caravan is in this village. Go into the caravan and talk
to Zelda. She tells you that Donna is in mortal danger so if you
want to save her then you must follow Zelda's instructions. She
will tell you that the only way to get into the house is by magic
but, alas, Zelda has been robbed of her potions. Zelda will then
give you a list of things to get for her in order to make up a
fresh batch of potions and help you to rescue Donna. The list is:
Dead Man's Bones Bat's Wings Lion's Tooth Sunflower Seeds Start
off by heading into the graveyard next door and pick up the bottle
and the bones. Combine the lantern and the bottle to make a superb
whisky and give it to the gravedigger. Now talk to him about
Doctor Virago and he will tell you of a madman who lives in a
villa in the woods. They say that the madman can raise the dead,
which sounds like Doctor Virago all right! Return to the village
square and walk to the right of the screen until you come across a
wooden shack with a drainpipe on the side. Get Dino to pick up the
drainpipe and then change back to Doug. Head into the little
square next to the shack and pick up the tarpaulin covering the
pile of wood. Now change to Dino again and select your music box
and play it to the old man sitting on the side. The old man will
say that the music reminds him of his childhood and will fall
asleep. Once he's asleep, take the spectacles from his face and
then turn your attention to the tower next to the man. Combine the
spectacles and the drainpipe making a pair of binoculars then
select the icicles and use them on the church tower to make a
ladder. Now pick up the stone found at the base of the tower and
proceed to climb up the tower. At the belfry select the stone and
use it on the bell. This will create a loud tone, waking the bats
inside the bell tower. Capture a bat by getting Dino to use the
tarpaulin as a net; this is another item on Zelda's list. While
you're up the tower, tell Dino to select the binoculars. He will
then be able to see the Doctor's villa in the middle of the woods,
North of the village. Climb down the tower and head out into the
woods. Once in the woods, herad to the villa and walk around the
woods until you come across a squirrel's hole, where you will find
the sunflower seeds. Once you find the villa, pick up the lion's
tooth (you will have to be pixel-perfect when locating it on the
left hand lion's mouth) and head back to Zelda to deliver the
goods. When you arrive back at the caravan, give the items to
Zelda in the following order: Sunflower Seeds Bat Lion's Tooth
Bones Zelda will then exit and make up the potion, returning to
tell you not to drink it until you are at the villa gates. Proceed
to the villa now and, on arrival, make Doug drink the potion,
turning him into a bat. Once inside the villa, take control of
Donna once again. Inside The Villa Donna is meeting her kidnapper,
Doctor Virago. The mad doc has his eye on our Donna as a perfect
specimen for his great experiment! Talk to the doctor and he will
get upset and slam the door behind him. Now it's time for Donna to
help herself in preparation for Doug's arrival. Pick up the
perfume bottle and open the pillow so that the stuffing comes out.
Now pick up one of the feathers and look at the ceiling. You will
notice that there is a trapdoor in the ceiling above the bed. Go
through the door to arrive in another room. You will now be in a
dusty attic room with many unusual objects scattered around. Pick
up the record, magpie and bottle of chloroform. Combine the
chloroform and the perfume bottle and go back down into your room.
Now select the perfume bottle with it's new concoction and use it
on the guard outside the door. Now walk down the stairs and enter
the room containing the bowl of fruit, located under the stairs.
Try to pick up the bust on the right and Donna will drop it. Now
pick up one of the broken pieces and find that it's made out of
plaster. Pick up the bowl of fruit and the vase. Enter the lounge
and go into the doctor's study, located over the other side of the
passage. Go straight over to the skeleton and look into it's eyes
to discover a key. Add it to your inventory. Now look inside the
big clock to the left and pick up the iron filings inside. Combine
the record and the filings, breaking the record into little bits.
Next, select the key and use it to open the cabinet on the right
hand side of the study. Pick up the jar of bat wings and take the
books on the table and shelves. Read them and then pick up the pen
on the desk. One of the books will tell you how to create
electrostatic and the other book will be the doctor's diary, with
an entry about the Book Of The Dead. There are also strange spells
written down and then the diary goes on to describe an experiment
that succeeded in bringing back a subject from the dead! Go over
to the desk beside the ashtray made out of a skull. Put the bat
wings, fruit and feather in it. Something forms in the ashtray -
could this be beginner's luck finding a potion to bring the dead
back to life? Use the fountain pen in the ashtray to stir the
mixture. Head back into the lounge and make your way back upstairs
to the room where you were held captive. Go into the attic, use
the plaster on the floor to make a circle in which Intel Outside
appears! Now combine the fountain pen and the bird and the colour
of it's eyes changes. Put the bird inside the circle and use the
broken record on the gramophone player. A strange power comes from
the gramophone and enters the dead bird, bringing it to life! Go
into the bedroom and the magpie follows you. Make your way outside
the room and along to the doctor's bedroom which is situated next
door. At this point talk to the bird and he will fly into the
bedroom, past the sleeping doctor to get a set of keys. Return to
your bedroom and use the keys on the window to open it, then throw
the plant pot out. This lands on the guard's head and knocks him
out. Donna can now simply walk down the stairs, open the front
door using the key and escape from the villa. Donna will
unfortunately be captured by a second guard at the door - oh no!
not again!! The action now shifts to the doctor's study where he
is talking to his assistant, Igor. He will ask Igor to get some
bat wings and he will go off to look for some and catch one
hovering around the villa. Could it be our Doug? Meanwhile, in the
basement, Doctor Virago is about to carry out his fiendish plot. A
lifeless figure is chained up to the strange device. It's none
other than Lenin, the Grandfather of Communism! What terrible fate
awaits poor Donna? Well for a start, the doctor is insisting that
Donna takes her clothes off! Once Donna is in position, the doctor
can now reach for the bat that Igor captured. As he does this, it
turns into Doug, but what can our hero do? Well, not a lot as Doug
lunges to the machine to save Donna he activates it and Lenin is
reborn! Don't worry, though. The old Commie has a change of heart
and immediately signs a contract to become the new presenter of
The Russian Doll Show on KGB TV. Capitalism isn't that bad when
you have money to burn - after all, it's what makes the world go
round! But what of our three heroes, Doug, Donna and Dino? Well,
all's well that ends well as they are now safely on their way to a
new adventure in a warmer place!!

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