BiA: Hell’s Highway demo pre ili posle izlaska igre?

BiA: HHGearbox Software je objavio svoje planove za Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway demo. Datum izlaska igre je odredjen za avgust, ali Gearbox još uvek nije siguran da li će demo biti izbačen pre izlaska igre, ili posle. Randy Pitchford, direktor Gearbox Software-a, je izjavio: "Yeah we do have plans for a demo. We haven't actually specifically decided which thing, which bit of the gameplay we're going to put in the demo yet. We're going to do it. I don't know if it will come out before the launch or not. It might not, it might come after. We'll see. But we're going to give a demo, because there are some people who really want to check things out before they buy."

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