Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport (šifre)

Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport

Defeating an enemy B.o.S. easily:
Enemy B.o.S:To at least beat an B.o.S easier, there must be at least an 
exoskeleton or combat exoskeleton nearby and just go straight into the 
B.o.S by going straight to him, (note: when you get into the exoskeleton,
the enemy B.o.S will run into cover where the exoskeleton can't go), 
though you can find an exsoskeleton at the cargo bay when you will 
fight an enemy B.o.S., just get into it but it wont have the heavy 
machinegun and its rocket launcher.

You can also use the blade to kill a B.o.S when it is cornered by 
hiting it at his head for like 3 times or more. The blade though will 
kill an enemy B.o.S. when you hit the blade into his head when its 
helmet is destroyed. Be alarm though cause some enemy B.o.S. got 
special weapons which can poison you that makes your character dizzy.

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