Bermuda Syndrome (walkthrough)

Bermuda Syndrome

The Jungle.

Select knife in your inventory and press Enter. Jack cuts the straps,
falls down and slashes the priest. L, U the platform, cut the rope
that ties the woman. R to the next screen.

Talk to the woman about the sacrifice and offer her to go along. When
she says "OK", go R and get your shotgun from the crate. Exit R.

Shoot the dino, then *immediately* jump U the platform (where
your sexy friend stands). The tentacle creature captures the
dinosaur. Drop down the platform from the left side and shoot the dino
again. R to the next screen.

Shoot the pterodactyle. The sleeping dino finishes him and gets out.

U, U, pick up the crystal - it powers up the teleport. D, D, use
crystal on teleport (dragon's hand).

Inside the caves - U, L, D. Step on the smaller platform to rise up
the bigger one. Shoot the slime when it hangs down from the ceiling,
then run and jump to the other side. (If you drop into water swim
D, L, U and use the teleporter to get to the beginning of the level.)

R, hang down the hole in the floor carefully. Don't fall down, you
got to drop down on to the upper platform, not the lowest one. Shoot
green slime, jump R.

Kill giang insect (this place's gotta be called Tchernobyl :)), U,
U, R.

R, U, jump on the left platform. Shoot slime, U, R, U, U, R.
Use teleporter.

Back in the jungle tack to the girl and ask her to hang on the lian.
Then use lian too. After the touchy dialogue walk over the bridge.

U the platform and use knife on lian. R.

Stand near the teleporter and do not climb up the platform so that
velociraptor won't notice you and go away to the R. U, R and follow

Watch triceratops slain velociraptor, then kill triceratops with 4 shots.

Return to Natalia and waste the dino that hides in the bushes (you'll
have to make him go out first by jumping onto the upper platform).

With Natalia R, R. Talk to her, return L, shoot little dino, pick him
up. Use dino kid on rope. Talk to Natalia again. Cut the rope. When
the crocodile jumps out of the water shoot him. Use rope. R.

Shoot the dinosaurs that run ahead the screen. The more you shoot the
better. After you hit one, he changes the direction and runs R. When
the velociraptor appears on the left side of the screen, jump up
the platform. Velociraptor ignores you and follows the dinos R. Drop
down and walk R.

Dinosaurs break a path for you. Follow it R and use the teleporter.

D, L, D, R, U. Get the hook. Drop D, R. and shoot the spider *quickly*.
Proceed R.

Run and jump from the very edge of the ledge to get to the central
platform. Go R. (You can recharge here - run and jump DL to use the
green energy ball, then use floating panel to get out).

Go U, R, then U. Climb U, the insect runs away. R, U, kill insect, R.
U, use teleporter.

A, shoot the purple dino once, then *immediately* climb up the
platform where Natalia stands. Run and jump onto the R platform, then
once more. Run one screen R.

Ignore the teleporter, R. Kill 2 dinos (nevermind that giant blue
bugger). R, kill 2 more. R, kill 3 pterodactyls. Climb down off the
edge carefully. Watch that tentacle creature - jump A and then
climb D.

L, D. The big pterodactyl catches your princess - shoot him asap!
L, D, D.

D. On the middle platform crouch and cut the rope. D. Use hook on rope.
Walk onto that boat, or she'll sail without you!

Talk to that dwarfy creature Tauron. He gives you a ball. U, R. Enter the caves.

R, kill 2 of those coughing buddies. Exit, make the girl follow you.
R, R, jump onto the head, then make girl throw her torch inside of it.

(If you need recharging - go one screen L, shoot the bats, U,
shoot some more bats, R, use ball on statue's mouth, U, R and
step onto the plate. Do *not* touch the green morphing blob though!
And don't forget to take out your ball as you leave.)

U, R. Insert ball into statue's mouth. U, L, U, L. Kill some more
of those bloody skeletons. Continue U until you find an exit to the
surface. Make sure the gal follows you and climb out.

The Lost City.

R, do not drop down! Shoot the ptero. D, R.

R, use the tree lump to drag the triceratops' attention, R. The gal
warns you that you're about to enter The Lost City and no one had
ever came outta there alive. Sounds promising. :)

R. Kill a pair of those easy riders before they stick their
spears down your ass. R, R, kill 2 buggers who throw stones at
you. R, shoot one little but tough dino up there. Now all the way
L and make the girl follow you. Proceed R until you find a pit - drop
down there.

L, pull lever, D, L. While the gal stands on the plate the forcefield
is off, so you can recharge. R, D.

D, let the girl stand on the plate, walk ahead then stop on the next
plate to let the girl walk. D.

D, L, the girl stays on the plate. Step D and L onto the small platform.
As it starts to move down the caveman appears from somewhere and steals
your girlfriend. Let 'im go, it's the way it should be. D.

Pull the lever - you open the grate. D, pull another lever - the
mechanisms stop working (except one). U, pull lever up, D. Pull
lever again - it opens the second grate. Drop D and pull the lever
down there, it should stop the lowest mechanism. U, L.

D, kill the gorilla guy. Pull lever. D. Pull lever - the crocodiles
go for a walk. Wait until all of them are out, then D. Shoot one
crocodile, R, R. You should see a row of unworking forcefields, 2 dead
crocodiles and also a dead serpenthead archer. U, R.

U, R, U. Ignore the lever and go U thru the hatch. L and D.

Pull the lever to stop the mechanisms. U, R, D the hatch, pull the
lever now. Then U and L again, start the machine and then stop it
again. U, R. The hatch is now closed and you may pass L.

Proceed U, L, U, R, U until you find an open hatch. Jump R and roll
thru the small passage, pull lever, roll back. Climb U the hatch.

U, R, thru the inactive forcefield, and soon you should find a way back to
the surface. Thru the passage, one screen L, then U and again R into
the upper passage.

R, R thru the 2 inactive forcefields. Kill the gorilla, R. Climb U
and then immediately jump D to fool the 2 gorilla archers. Proceed
R and climb U fast before the archers return. Exit R.

Over the pit and to the entry. Run and jump R - you must break down
thru the right part of the bridge. Climb U thru the hole in the bridge,

Here are the maean axemen - you can't kill them, you can only stun them
for a short amount of time. When they fall down roll ahead immediately
and don't stop - these creatures can perform some ridiculously
dangerous acrobatic tricks. R, R, D.

D, kill the archer fast. L and D into the open hatch. Kill the guard
and get his keys. U, R, U, L. L by the 2 axemen and D. L, D.

D, kill the guard and use keys to release your princess. U, R, R,
use the switch, R, U, jump R, exit.

R, R, R to the lower passage. R, drop D and pull the switch. Dive
and swim R.

U, U, L, U, pull switch. Exit L, climb U and enter the upper passage.
R, R, D,  slain the creature and pull the lever. U, L, exit and return
to the lower passage. Proceed all the way right to the exit. (If your
gal gets stolen again, look for her in the second chamber, where
you got the keys.)

R, R. Enter the lower passage. Open the hatch in this room. R, roll
ahead from the 2 axemen, kill one maean, U, L and you should exit
thru the upper passage. D, enter the lower passage again, climb D
the hatch.

Kill gorilla guy, pull lever. Make the gal stand on the first plate,
stand on the second yourself - the bars should move away.

U and close the hatch. Roll R, open the hatch there, R, U, L and
exit the upper passage again, then visit the lower one. R and drop
into the second hatch. Approach the sculpture and talk to the dwarf.

In the prison find and open the chamber with a couple of other
dwarfs. You are teleported back to the same room. L, U, approach
the sculpture and take the sword. R, U.

Close the hatch, roll L, open the first hatch, roll back R, U, L,
exit and enter the lower passage. D the hatch, D.

The King's Town.

In the cavern use the magic sword to break the web. Continue moving
L shooting the spiders you meet. Shoot the eggs also - there are
scorpions inside.

To kill the very big green insect shoot up to hit the stalactite
from the ceiling - it'll fall and nail down the sucker.

Make sure the girl follows you. Dive into the water and cut the
grass that holds the raft - the girl flies away. Swim L.

L, when you meet the next raft find a big stone near it and move
it onto the raft. Then cut the grass, U and throw the stone from
the raft.

Proceed L. When you find a big teleporter talk to the girl and
she'll use it. Dive into the water and swim L.

When you find a huge raft underwater cut 3 of 4 lines that hold it.
U, R here you meet the girl. Climb U the stone wall to make the dino
notice you. He hits the wall with his tail - take one of the stones
that fall from it and move it onto the raft.

Dive, cut the last line, U, throw away the stone. Off you fly!

Use U and D keys to move the raft in the air. You got to catch the
wind that will move you L.

When you encounter 2 strange creatures with wings and axes use sword
to kill them.

Proceed left as high as possible. When you see the big statue, jump
there. L, talk to the wounded guard, take the key. Return to the
raft, lead it D, jump and use key to open the town gate.

L, U, run pas the big egg. Use the lever to open the grate, jump
L, climb U and return to the egg from other side. Push the egg off
the ledge. D, close grate, L, U, L.

Shoot the eggs up there - they make a strong crust on lava. Step
on it and go L.

U, L, U, L. Kill the guard with your sword. L, dive, swim L and use
lever to shut down the fountain. Now return R and jump over the
inactive fountain. U, U, L.

Pull lever. L and D the hatch. Pull lever on the L and walk R, then
D. Get one screen R and kill the guard. Pull lever, R, U and you
should soon meet your gal. Return R, D, L, U and all the way to the

One screen R, pull lever, return and walk L. Climb U, L, pull lever.
Make the girl stay on the plate, then climb U thru the forcefield and
pull another switch. U and R.

Proceed R. You should kill 3 snakehead guards. Then you meet Telkuard -
the tyran and the traitor who wanted to kill the princess and rule
this world. Kick his ass and talk to the King.

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