Beneath a Steel Sky – Complete Solution (walkthrough)

Beneath a Steel Sky - Complete Solution

Escaping From Security
After the intro sequence, you'll find yourself stuck on a steel walkway.
Pick up the metal rung from the left of the screen and use it on the door 
to the right. After a short series of events, you'll end up outside the 
fire exit. Open the door and go back in. Now walk down the stairs and go 
through the door to the right. Use the circuit board with the middle piece 
of junk to activate your robotic pal Joey.
Examine the transporter robot and then go to the room on the right. Talk to
Hobbins and ask him what's wrong with the robot, then go back to the left
and ask Joey to fix it. He may take some persuading, so keep pestering him 
until he gives in. Once you've done this, stand on the lift to set off the 
alarm, then quickly enter the room to the right and open the cupboard. 
Take the spanner and go back to the left, then, when the lift leaves, 
jump down the hole. You'll now be inside the furnace room. 
Examine the slot and the door. Ask Joey if he can open the door.
Reich will appear. Once you've killed Reich, examine his corpse to obtain
his shades and his ID card. Go through the door to reach the walkways. Travel
one screen to the right to find the lift and the entrance to the pipe factory.
Enter the factory.

The Pipe Factory
Talk to the girl about everything until Lamb shows up and transfers her.
When Lamb asks you what you are doing here, tell him you're doing routine
inspection and he should let you stay. Go to the right and walk into the storeroom to
the back. The alarm will go off and you will be told that only robots can enter,
so ask Joey to search the room for you. While Joey is doing this, use the spanner
with the cogs to jam them. Once you've stopped production, pick up the spanner and
ask Joey what he found in the storeroom - he will tell you about a fusebox. Go
to the left and you'll see that the robot has stopped working. Use the spanner on
the robot and ask Joey if he wants a new shell. Now go back to the right and ask
Joey to knock out the fusebox. You can watch through the window if you want. Once
the fuses are out, enter the storeroom. Now open the gangway and pick up the
putty from underneath it. Give the putty to Joey for analysis and he'll tell
you it's plastic explosive. Ignore the key and the WD40 - they are both red herrings.
Leave the storeroom and you will be searched (don't worry about losing the
shades - you don't need them). Leave the pipe factory and walk to the far
left of the walkway. Now go through the door to the left to enter the steam control

The Steam Control Room
To the right of the screen you'll find two buttons. Loosen both of them with
the spanner and then ask Joey to press the button on the right. Time your
actions carefully, and press the button on the left at the same time. This will blow
the pipe above you and send the old man running for Hobbins. While he's gone, turn
off the red switch to the left and pick up the light bulb. Use the putty on the
light socket and turn on the switch again to blow open the door. Put both switches
in the down position to turn the lift back on, then leave the room and go back
to the lift. Before using it, examine the red cable to the right and ask Joey to
melt through it with his welder. Now use your ID card to open the lift and go
down to the middle level.

The Middle Level
Pick up the cable and walk left, through the archway. Use your ID card with
the door to the left and enter the apartment. Move the pillow and pick up the
magazine. Leave the apartment and head back to the lift (but continue to the
right). Here you'll find an insurance firm and travel agents. Enter the
travel agents and ask the man for an economy tour - he will tell you about the waiting
Give him the magazine, though, and he'll give you a ticket. Give this to
Lamb, who'll be somewhere between the apartments and the pipe factory. He'll now
give you a guided tour of his factory. Follow him into the pipe factory and then
ask him for the tour.

The Factory Tour
Once Lamb has left you, move to the room to the right and talk to Anita
Keep talking until she tells you about a Jammer. Give her your card and she'
ll tell you about LINC-SPACE and a Schriebermann Port (which you must obtain).

Obtaining A Schriebermann Port
Leave the factory and use your ID card with the LINC interface. Select
option four to get past the retina scan. Enter the copy protection and select
option two.
Now select options one and two to make Lamb a bankrupt D-LINC. Use the lift
and walk to the far left of the middle level to enter Burke's Bio Surgery.
Talk to the hologram. She won't let you in, so tell Joey to talk to her using his
When she hears the word Overmann, she'll immediately let you in. Walk
through the door, ask the doctor for a Schriebermann Port and he'll ask you for body
parts. Offer him a lung and a kidney. Both organs will be rejected, so it's
time to give him your testicles (ouch). Once you've had the Port implanted, talk to
him again until he tells you about a "special policy" available at Anchor
Insurance Policies. Go to the insurance company next to the travel agents.

Anchor Insurance
Ask the man about a special policy and tell him that Burke sent you. While
he's in the back room, ask Joey to use his welder on the statue. Pick up the anchor
and use it with the cable. You now have a grappling hook. Take the lift back
upstairs and enter the building opposite the steam control room (it's the room you
started in). Go through the fire exit and use the grappling hook with the sign to
enter the security building.
Ignore the lockers and go to the right. Here you'll find a LINC-SPACE
Use your ID card in the slot to the right, then sit in the chair to enter
LINC-SPACE. Once inside, examine your inventory and you'll find a selection of
computer programs at your disposal. Start by picking up the ball, which is
some compressed data. Afterwards, go to the right and open the bag. Now pick up
the magnifying glass (the Decrypt tool) and the present (the Decompress tool).
Use the Decompress tool with the compressed data and you'll get a red and a
green password. Go to the right. To reach the door at the back of this room use
the two passwords in the following sequence (this makes a path appear): use green,
walk right, use red, walk left, pick up green, walk up, use green, walk right,
walk down, pick up red, walk up, use red, walk left, pick up green, walk up, walk
right, walk down, walk right, walk down, use green, walk up, walk up, walk up.
Pick up the Bust (which is the Phoenix program) and the book (which is the
Phoenix document). Use the Decrypt tool with the three documents in your
inventory. Use disconnect to log off from LINC-SPACE

Getting Down To The Ground Level
Before you can reach the ground level, you must get out of the security
Use your ID card on the LINC terminal to the right of the screen, select
option four, then option one to read the documents. Read through all three to find
out about your past and the Phoenix program. Go back to the security menu and
select option two, then select option two again to give yourself unrestricted
access to all levels. Now use your ID card in the slot by the lift and leave the security
Head for the lift to the middle level and talk to Lamb, who'll be standing
outside it. Ask him if he has a problem. He will tell you that his card doesn't work
and complain about his cat not being fed. Offer to feed his cat and he will
allow you ID card access to his apartment. Take the lift down and head for the
Use your ID card in the slot to the right and enter lamb's apartment. Take
the video on top of the bookcase and leave. Now take the lift down to the ground

Ground Level
Joey has rather carelessly got himself crunched, so examine the junk and
retrieve his circuit board. Walk to the left and talk to the doorman about getting
into the club - he'll tell you that you need to get some sponsorship. Find Mrs
Piermont (she's the one in pink, wandering around with a dog, so she shouldn't be
very hard to spot) and ask her about Overmann. She'll tell you that he worked
with her husband. Ask her for sponsorship and she will tell you to go to her
Follow her there - and once she's gone up in the lift, use the buttons by
it. Tell her that it's Robert. She will invite you up. Once inside, ask her again for
sponsorship and she will get on the phone to the club. While she is on the
phone, use the video tape with the VCR. The dog will run over and start barking. Go
over to the dog's bowl and take the dog biscuits. Leave the apartment and go back
to the lift. Use the dog biscuits with the plank and then pull the rope.
Sooner or later the dog will show up and start barking at the biscuits. When
he does, pull the rope again to send him sailing into the pond. The guard will
run to the dog's rescue, leaving the cathedral unattended. Enter the cathedral and
you'll find a set of dummies. Walk through the back door to the left and examine
the middle locker. Here you'll find the dead body of Anita.
Travel back to the pipe factory, to where Anita used to be. Open the middle
locker and you'll find an anti-radiation suit. Wear this and enter the
reactor room.
Use the control unit to open the reactor door, then enter the reactor, pick
up Anita's ID card and leave the pipe factory (change your clothes first,
Enter the security building and take the lift up to the control room. Enter
LINC-SPACE again, only this time use Anita's card.
LINC-SPACE (yes, again) you'll now find two new items in your inventory, one 
marked Blind and the other marked Playback. Go to the room to the right and use 
Blind on the eye. Quickly
go through the door in the middle of the screen before the eye wakes up.
Ignore the guard and walk through middle door. Use Playback with the well to view a
recorded message from Anita. She'll tell you about a man called Eduardo, who
you must find on the ground level (he's the gardener by Mrs Piermont's
apartment). She also tells you about a subway leading to LINC. Log off from
LINC-SPACE and go back to ground level to speak to Eduardo.

Ground Level (again)
Ask Eduardo about the blue flowers. He'll tell you that they are dandelions.
Now talk to the boy next to him and ask him about the game he is playing. Keep
talking to him about games until he tells you about the dandelion game. He'll then
tell you that dandelions are yellow not blue. Talk to Eduardo again and tell him
of his mistake. He will then admit that he is not really a gardener. Talk to him
about Anita, and keep pestering him until he tells you about a virus hidden inside
LINC-SPACE. Walk around the pond until you find an old shed. Examine the door and
you'll find it's got an old-fashioned lock. Use your ID card with the lock
to open the door, then enter and take the secateurs. Now go back to the St James
Club. The door to the courtroom should be open. Go in for a cross between Fawlty
Towers and LA Law. Say anything you like - it makes no difference to the
outcome of events. Leave the courtroom and enter the St James Club.

Getting To The Subway
The band should have stopped playing inside the club. Use the jukebox and
select the song called "You Search, But Find Nothing." Before long, the record will
stick and Colston will get out of his seat to give the machine a good
While he's gone, take his glass from the table and go to Burke's Bio
Give the glass to Burke to obtain Colston's finger prints. Go back to the
club and use the metal plate next to the door at the back. You are now in the cellar.
Use the metal bar with the large crate, pick up the lid and use it with the small
box that's also in the room. Stand on the small box and use the metal bar with the
grating. Now use the secateurs to cut away at the grating. Climb through to reach the

The Subway
Walk to the right and follow the track where it turns to the left. Stop when
you get to the room with the hole in the wall. Look carefully to the left of the
hole and you'll find a socket. Use the light bulb with the socket. The monster behind
the hole won't hurt you anymore. Walk to the right. Here you'll find an old
station. It's a good idea to save the game here. Go to the next room and, as soon as
you can, run towards the exit at the other end - otherwise the roof will
collapse on top of you (that's why it's a good idea to save the game beforehand). 
To open the door to the right, rupture one of the veins. Find the plaster and use the
metal bar on it. Now use the spanner to knock out a brick. Take the brick, then use
the metalbar with the swelling and bash it in with the brick. Pick up the metal bar.
Before long, a medical robot will appear. Now enter the door.

LINC Central
Look through the grating and you'll see a room with an android looking after
some android babies. Follow the robot back to his recharging point. Once he
charging, find the expansion port on his back and plug in Joey's card. Ask
Joey to inspect the room to the left. When he comes back, ask him what he found. Ask
him to tell you about the feeding tank. He will tell you about a tap that
can be opened to drain it away - ask Joey to open this tap. Go back to the door you
came through initially, and go through the door to the back. You are now in
the furnace room. Use the computer at the back of the room and reduce the
temperature. Quickly stand on the iris-style covering and pull the handle to
loosen the grating. Go back upstairs and look through the grating again. There
should now be a green puddle on the floor. Go back to the recharge room and enter
the room to the left. The android will now notice the puddle, step on the
grating and fall into the furnace. Walk around to the back and into the other half of
the room. Walk through the open door to the right. Use the computer by the door to
open the main door. Walk back out. A guard will find you. Joey will try to help,
but he'll get smashed up (although he will kill the guard before
disintegrating). Take his LINC card and use it with the LINC-SPACE terminal in the 
other room.

LINC-SPACE (for the very last time, we promise)
You'll now find a new item, marked Divine Wrath, in your inventory. Go to
the room with the Knight, remembering to use Blind on the eye. Use Divine Wrath
on the Knight to kill him, then log off and log back on with Anita's card. You'
ll have to be as fast as you can here - use Blind with the eye in this room, then
quickly go to the right, Blind the eye again, and go through the door in the middle.
Go through the door in the middle again and go past the hologram projector into
the room with the tuning fork. If you are quick enough, the eye should still be
blind and you will be able to pick up the tuning fork. Go back to the room where
the Knight used to be and enter the room on the right. Use the tuning fork with
the crystal, pick up the virus and log off.

Poisoning The Food Supply
Go left and examine the robot to retrieve Joey's circuit board. Enter the
large door to the right and use Anita's card with the computer to give it the virus.
Pick up the tongs to the right of the screen and use them with the tissue samples.
Afterwards, use the tongs (holding a tissue sample) with the vat of liquid nitrogen. Now
go to the room on the right, walk over to the middle android and open its cabinet.
Insert Joey's card into the expansion slot and use the monitor to download Joey's
charact er. Select the start up program and Joey will come back to life (as
Go to the room on the right and ask Ken to push his hand against the panel
to the right. When he does so, push your hand against the panel to the left. The
door will open, but Ken will get stuck. Don't worry, he'll free himself later. Walk
through the door and to the end of the pipe, then use the cable with the pipe
Climb down the metal rungs and drop the tongs into the orifice. A door will
open to the left. Once again, it's best to save here as the following section
requires fastreflexes. Grab the cable and swing into the room.

Inside you'll find your father - soon he'll be rejected by LINC. As soon as
Ken shows up, ask him to sit in the chair. Now just sit back and watch the
mysteries of Union City and Linc reveal themselves...

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