Battlefield 2142 – Engineer Class (walkthrough)

Battlefield 2142 - Engineer Class

| Battlefield 2142 | Guide | Engineer Class                                   |

| 0.0 | Introduction                                                          |

Version 1.1
By FinalFenixx (GameFAQs: FinalFenixx) (BF2142: [UOIT] S100316847)

This guide concerns version 1.25 of Battlefield 2142.

| Table of Contents                                                           |

0.0 Introduction

1.0 The Role of the Engineer Class
1.1 Anti-Vehicle Specialization
1.2 Anti-Air Specialization
1.3 Titan Infiltration Specialization

2.0 Engineer Weapon and Item Descriptions
2.1 Slot 1: Melee Weapon
2.2 Slot 2: Secondary Weapon
2.3 Slot 3: Primary Weapon
2.4 Slot 4: DysTeck Repair
2.5 Slot 5,6: Engineer Class Items
2.6 Slot 7: Grenades
2.7 Slot 8: Squad Leader Item

3.0 The Engineer Kit
3.1 The Default Engineer Kit
3.2 The Unlocked Engineer Kit

4.0 Playing as an Engineer
4.1 Against Infantry
4.2 Against Vehicles(In depth)
         4.201 FAV(Fast attack Vehicle)
         4.202 PAC Type 32 Nekomata
         4.203 EU A-8 Tiger
         4.204 EU L5 Riesig
         4.205 PAC T-39 Bogatyr
         4.206 Gunship
         4.207 Air Transport
         4.208 APC(Armoured Personnel Carrier)
         4.209 Hachimoto(NS)
         4.210 Goliath(NS)
         4.211 Motion Mines, EMP mines, and Motion Mine Bait(NS)
         4.212 Rorsch
4.3 Getting Fast Career Points
         4.301 Preferred Unlock Order
         4.302 FAST WAY
         4.303 FUN WAY but SLOWER
4.4 Why play as Engineer?

5.0 Awards: Pins and Badges
5.1 Pins
5.2 Badges

6.0 Credits and Copyright
6.1 Credits
6.2 Copyright

| 1.0 | The Role of the Engineer Class                                        |

The Engineer class plays the main anti-vehicle role. The Engineer is very
effective against vehicles and can be fairly effective against infantry.
Engineers are more than a match for tanks. Against air vehicles, Engineers do
have their good times and bad. Against walkers... I Will explain later.

| 1.1 | Anti-Vehicle Specialization                                           |

The Anti-Vehicle Specialization utilizes both sides of the engineering tree. 
Its purpose is to blow up ground vehicles to dust. It should contain:
- Pilum H-AVR / Mitchell AV-18 Heavy Anti-Tank / Sudnik VP Anti-Vehicle
- II-29 Motion Mine
- II-14 EMP Mine / MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait (NS) / AE Defuser
- SMG Clip Expansion (Northern Strike Unlock)

| 1.2 | Anti-Air Specialization                                               |

The Anti-Air Specialization utilizes both sides of the Engineer tree.
Its purpose is to blow up air vehicles. It should contain:

- SAAW 86 Anti-Air / Pilum H-AVR
- II-29 Motion Mine
- AE Defuser
- MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait (Northern Strike Unlock)

| 1.3 | Titan Infiltration Specialization                                     |

The Titan Infiltration Specialization utilizes both sides of the Engineer trees
It main purpose to disable the Titan and provide support. It should contain:

- Pilum H-AVR / SAAW 86 Anti-Air
- II-29 Motion Mine
- AE Defuser
- SMG Clip Expansion (Northern Strike Unlock)

| 2.0 | Engineer Weapon and Item Descriptions                                 |

The following is a list of the possible weapons and items that can be equipped
in the Engineer kit. Some weapons will vary depending on which side you are on,
whether it be EU or PAC.

| 2.1 | Slot 1: Melee Weapon                                                  |

BJ-2 Combat Knife

The weapon of choice for the cunning soldier looking to humiliate his prey.
Kills using the knife will yield the fallen soldier's dog tags as a trophy.

| 2.2 | Slot 2: Secondary Weapon                                              |

Turcotte Rapid SMG (EU)
Originally used in law enforcement and adopted by military forces as a personal
defense weapon the high-tech Turcotte Rapid SMG (Sub Machine Gun) combines the 
muzzle velocity of a standard assault rifle, the automatic capability of a 
machine gun and the portability of a pistol. Loaded with small caliber, 
armor-piercing rounds, the Turcotte Rapid, lacks accuracy, and stopping power 
at long range, but its high rate of fire makes it an effective close combat 

Malkov RK-11 SMG (PAC)
Slightly lighter than the EU Turcotte Rapidand due to its reinforced polymer 
stock the Malkov RK-11 SMG (Sub Machine Gun) is equally effective in confined 
environments, using a high firing rate to ensure multiple impact points. Like
its EU counterpart, the Malkov RK-11 suffers a great loss of stopping power at
long range.

SMG Clip Expansion (NS unlock)

The SMG clip expansion was a simple, but lethal addition to Engineers in the 
field. By removing the springs at the base of their SMG clips and replacing 
them with a fused magnetic plate, an Engineer could expand the magazine

Without SMG Clip Expansion(EU): 26(3)
With SMG Clip Expansion(EU): 35(3)
Without SMG Clip Expansion(PAC): 30(3)
With SMG Clip Expansion(PAC): 44(3)

If you have unlocked the SMG Clip Expansion you will automatically spawn with
the extra ammo. However, if you pick up another soldier's engineer kit, it may 
be at the default capacity ?(3). Also if you got the MAX CLIP unlock, you will
have an extra cartridge making (3)->(4).

| 2.3 | Slot 3: Primary Weapon                                                |

Mitchell AV-18 Heavy Anti-Tank (EU)

The Mitchell AV-18 Anti-Vehicle weapon is able to perforate even the most 
resilient cladding and cause extensive damage. This modern-day Anti-Vehicle 
weapon was developed in direct response to mid-century advances in vehicle 
armor design. Made from polyminium, a new titanium-based amalgam, the Mitchell
AV-18 body is ultralight, allowing a greater portion of its travel weight to 
be dedicated to ammunition. Replacing standard HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) 
rockets with heavier, more formidable, superplastic, multi-warhead explosives,
the Mitchell AV-18 is able to perforate even the most resilient cladding and 
cause extensive damage.

Sudnik VP (PAC)

The Sudnik VP Anti-Vehicle weapon fires a single optically guided missile with 
a shaped charge capable of penetrating over two feet of steel plate.The
multiple stages of the shaped charge allow the Sudnik to by pass traditional 
reactive armors without sacrificing the overall effectiveness of the weapon 

Pilum H-AVR

Unlike its siblings, the Mitchell AV-18 and Sudnik VP, the Pilum H-AVR (Heavy
Anti Vehicle Rifle) lacks any guidance package, instead relying on the high
speed of its projectile to eliminate targets. With an embedded, microprocessor-
driven, anti-recoil system and steel alloy-composite structure, the Pilum H-AVR
launches armor-piercing tin stabilized projectiles that have proven far more
effective against armored targets than traditional warheads, especially against
the weaker rear armor of tanks.

SAAW 86 Anti-Air

A powerful anti-aircraft weapon, the SAAW 86 is built with a low-density steel 
composite and incorporates an implanted, CPU-controlled balance system to 
maximize portability. Launching aerodynamic, high velocity rounds, the SAAW 86 
is especially effective against moving airborne targets.

| 2.4 | Slot 4: Repair Tool                                                   |


The HOFF-3000 is a high-tech Repair Tool equipped with computer analysis and a
nano-torch that allows the Engineer to quickly and easily repair all vehicles
on the battlefield. 

DysTek Repair v2.0

The DysTek Repair v2.0 addition replaces the HOFF-3000's manual control with a
mechanized torque booster, increasing the speed of repairs.

"You got a repair point!"
Each time you heal a vehicle for 50 hitpoints, you will get a repair point. It
will carry on to the next repair. For example, if you repair a vehicle for 25,
and you repair another vehicle for 25 later on, you will get a repair point.

You can also receive repair points for repairing Commander assets and the
six guns located on the Titan. HOWEVER, a person on your team must be in the
vehicle  or titan gun that you would be repairing.

| 2.5 | Slot 5,6: Engineer Class Items                                        |

II-29 Motion Mine 

The II-29 Motion Mine uses an advanced TDD (Target Detection Device) to 
actively track and seek enemy vehicles by detecting their electronic and 
infrared signatures. The II-29's explosive yield is lower than traditional 
mines, as a significant portion of the mine's housing is dedicated to the TDD.

II-14 EMP Mine

The larger, more powerful, stationary cousin of the EMP grenade, the II-14 
EMP Mine utilizes the same electromagnetic pulse methodology to fully 
immobilize nearby machinery in almost all situations.

AE Defuser

The CPU-driven AE Defuser analyzes munitions characteristics using chemical
and electronic sensors. An Engineer can use the Defuser's embedded electrical 
neutralization apparatus to defuse a variety of explosive devices from a 
safer distance than pervious explosives disposal devices.

MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait (NS unlock)

The MMB-5 or 'Motion Mine Bait' was created to give Engineers a more lethal 
method of disposing of mines. Instead of simply defusing a set of Magnetic 
Mines, an Engineer using the Motion Mine Bait can throw the bait, directing
the mines to a new position. After a period of time the bait detonates 
destroying itself along with the mines following it.


The microprocessor-based PDS-1 detects vehicles within the vicinity using a 
Sonar tracking system that distinguishes sub-elevation and atmospheric 
reverberations.Both type and position of the vehicles in range of the device 
are determined and displayed through the NetBat for all squad members.

| 2.6 | Slot 7: Grenades                                                      |

FRG-1 Grenade

Hand-thrown, the FRG-1 is a modernized Fragmentation Grenade which yields a
small but highly lethal explosive radius. By substituting the traditional TNT
filler with the RDX chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane) the
grenade offers a lighter grenade with enhanced effectiveness.

| 2.7 | Slot 8: Squad Leader Item                                             |

SLS Beacon

The SLSB (Squad Leader Spawn Beacon) allows players to quickly deploy at the
beacon's current location via drop-pod. Your squad must have at least one other
member in order to deploy the SLS Beacon.

RD-4 Otus

The airborne RD-4 Otus is a short-range Reconnaissance Drone used to identify
the location and movement of enemy forces behind cover using sonic
differentiation and acoustic analysis to identify and track human heart
rhythms. Enemy targets are transmitted to the squads NetBat System. Your squad
must have at least two other members in order to deploy the RD-4 Otus.

SD-8 Accipiter

The SD-8 Accipiter is a flying Sentry Drone with assault capabilities, armed
with an optical tracker and multi-barrel rotating cannons. Targets are acquired
by the squad's NetBat System, allowing all members of the squad to utilize the
drone. Your squad must have at least three other members in order to deploy the
SD-8 Accipiter.

| 3.0 | The Engineer Kit                                                      |

The following lists the potential weapons and items you may equip in your kit
when you are playing the Assault class.

| 3.1 | The Default Engineer Kit                                              |

If you do not have any Engineer unlocks at all, you will spawn with the
following kit in its respective numbered slot:

1. BJ-2 Combat Knife
2. P33 Pereira Pistol (EU) / Takao T20 Pistol (PAC)
3. Mitchell AV-18 (EU) / Sudnik VP (PAC)
4. HOFF-3000
5. N/A
6. N/A

Note: If you have unlocked player abilities and/or Squad Leader Items,
they may be equipped and you will spawn with what you have equipped.

7. FRG-1 Grenade
8. SLS Beacon / RD-4 Otus / SD-8 Accipiter

| 3.2 | The Unlocked Engineer Kit                                             |

If you have unlocked the entire Engineer Kit, you may spawn with the following
kit in its respective numbered slot:

1. BJ-2 Combat Knife
2. P33 Pereira Pistol (EU) / Takao T20 Pistol (PAC)
3. Mitchell AV-18 (EU) / Sudnik VP (PAC) / Pilum H-AVR / SAAW 86 Anti-Air
4. DysTek Repair v2.0
5. PDS-1 / II-29 Motion Mine  / II-14 EMP Mine /
   AE Defuser / MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait
6. PDS-1 / II-29 Motion Mine  / II-14 EMP Mine /
   AE Defuser / MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait

Note: Slots 5 and 6 cannot be equipped with the same item.

Note: If you have unlocked player abilities and/or Squad Leader Items,
they may be equipped and you will spawn with what you have equipped.

7. FRG-1 Grenade
8. SLS Beacon / RD-4 Otus / SD-8 Accipiter

| 4.0 | Playing as an Engineer                                                |

The following gives examples as to how you can become an effective Engineer
soldier, or how to improve your abilities, while on the battlefield.

| 4.1 | Against Infantry                                                      |

Engineers are the worst class against infantry but they are most versatile
out of the four classes. They are able to take on both infantry and vehicles
with ease. Most people would use their SMG as the most obvious course of action
against infantry. However, in a head on collision, you would most likely lose
said confrontation if both players have full health and have equal skill.
The best way to win the confrontation is to spot the enemy, RUN AWAY, take a 
detour to go behind the enemy, ZOOM, and spray him from there. It may not be 
the most honourable thing to do, but it is war.

However, there is a way to win a head on confrontation when you are 20m-30m
away from your enemy (with the exception when you are equipped with 
the SAAW anti-air). First ALWAYS SPOT the enemy, then use either your Mitchell,
Sudnik, or Pilum. Make sure you aim (right-click) and guide your missile for
your Mitchell/Sudnik to ensure a hit on the enemy (note: the pilum has a random 
deviation). If this works, they are dead and can't even be revived. If not,
prepare your SMG because due to the fact you had to guide your missle and
missed you have a slight disadvantage. However, with the Pilum, just aim 
shoot, take out your smg, and walk in a 45 degree diagonal instead of walking 
straight and start spraying with SMG, do NOT ZOOM. This is the best case for 
a head on fight. 

There will be times when the infantry will either run to the left or right, or 
prone while you are shooting your main weapon. Tnstead of taking out your SMG
when this happens, take out your grenades (if you have them), and throw one at
the open area where they took cover. That should either kill them or at least
hurt them. If they are still alive, take out your SMG and dash after them and
finish them off since you should have the Hit point advantage.

Remember when you are facing another class that is not engineer or a sniper and
you want to use your SMG. ALWAYS walk at 45 degree angle towards and away from 
them. Not only does it force them to re-adjust their shot, their accuracy would
be much lower, especially if they forced to move with you to compensate their 
aim. In my opinion, the SMG has the greatest hit potential without zooming more
than any other weapon while moving around.

At any other confrontation beyond 30m, just avoid it, because most of the
weapons at your disposable will mostly not hit or just barely scrape them. 

As a frequent knifer, the BJ-2 Knife is always a fun option. Like I mentioned 
before, when facing off with infantry, most likely you would run if you're not
used to the method described above. So you would go around and sneak up on them
and instead of using the SMG, use the knife. Hopefully you will soon have a 
dog tag and a dead enemy.

Note: The damage for the Turcotte and Malkov are relatively the same in the 
end, but like most EU weapons, the Turcotte does more, Malkov does less, but
the Malkov has more ammo. However, both SMGs take 5 shots to the body to kill
someone or 2 shots to the head.

| 4.2 | Against Vehicles                                                      |

Obviously, this is where the Engineer shines in BF2142. Equipped with any of
three anti-vehicle weapons, the Engineer can be a tough one to handle, 
especially for people who love to use vehicles a lot, or like to capture points
quickly with a Fast Attack Vehicle. The first RULE to attacking any vehicle,
when reloading, is to TAKE COVER. I will not mention this later on, but it is
the golden rule if you MISS your first shot. If you fail to kill your enemy in
one shot, they will most likely have noticed. The second RULE is to shoot from
a different location, especially against a walker. The last RULE is to predict
your enemy's movement and fire accordingly.

For those who don't know, when a tank, air transport, gunship, APC, or walker
EMITS a GREEN FIELD, it is called active defence and during this time it is up 
(usually around 5 seconds), all missiles will be stopped by this field.
Now onto strategies of how to fight each vehicle.

NameofVehicle(added description)[# of Motion Mines usually needed for a KO]:

4.201 FAV(Fast attack Vehicle)[1-2]:

One of the fastest vehicles in the game but almost one of the least armoured.
Any class can rip this vehicle to shreds easily, but obviously, Engineers do it
the best. The first and most frequent method to destroy a FAV is to SHOOT IT
with an anti-vehicle weapon. The best place to shoot any vehicle would be in
the back and in this case it does almost 100 damage to the FAV, thus killing
everyone inside. Shooting the front of an FAV does about 90 damage, but the 
occupants inside many notice and bail the FAV before it can be destroyed. In
any case, try to get the back on the first try or else pull out your SMG after
they got out and mow them down, since most likely they have most of their hit
points wasted after the FAV has exploded. If you are lucky, try to go for the
wheels, because they also deal about 99-100 damage to the FAV with the anti-
vehicle weapons.

If you're holding a SAAW anti-air, each shot does 50+ damage to the FAV, so one 
magazine should be enough to take it down. If they do somehow survive, take out
the SMG and unload it on them.

4.202 PAC Type 32 Nekomata[2-3]:

Now this may seem hard to kill for most people, but the advantage of the PAC 
tank is also a disadvantage, aka the hover ability. Since most tanks tend to 
strafe a lot, they tend to reveal the sides much more easier than the EU tank,
making it an easier target. Don't forget, the PAC tank does have its mobility
as its advantage. First of all, both tanks take about the same amount of damage
on all sides. This tank will take 20-30 damage in the front, 40-60 damage on
the sides, and 90-100 damage to the back vents.

The main strategy against the tank is always hide, let it pass, and hopefully 
your teammates will also let it pass or at least distract it while you take a 
good position to shoot it. By shooting it in the back, it will most likely get
you a kill, or just take two shots in the side. This should be relatively 
easy, since the PAC tanks usually move so much, you can easily hit one of it's 
weak points (back vent/sides). 

The SAAW anti-air only does 5 damage to the front, 10-15 damage to the sides,
and 10-20 damage in the back vents. The damage will vary, but as the SAAW
anti-air wasn't intended for ground vehicles, I do not recommend confronting a
tank with it.

4.203 EU A-8 Tiger[2-3]:

This could be harder to kill than the PAC tank, but it also has its
disadvantages. In forward confrontation, it would be really difficult to kill 
a EU tank with default weapons. First and foremost tactic, is to run behind it
while taking cover and take it out while using anti-vehicle weapons. The 
strategy is basically the same as fighting the PAC walker, but there is only 
a slight difference. The PAC tank can chase after you much faster and easier, 
but the EU tank can most likely be out manoeuvred  by just going around a 
corner or just entering a building. It is just that it's harder to hit an EU 
tank's weak spots, that is all.

Same suggestions for the SAAW from the PAC tank section.

A good tank destruction strategy is to run around in a FAV, and rush behind
them and strike with a pilum and run off again. This turns out to be the best
technique after continuously succeeding and the rare occasion of getting blown
up by the tank because the head is turned backwards.

4.204 EU L5 Riesig[2-4]:

The my opinion the strongest walker in the game, but is slightly easier to kill
than the PAC walker. First off, never get seen by a walker. Once that happens
more than likely you are dead. When fighting without the default Mitchell and
Sudnik, stand FAR FAR away. Walkers may be powerful, but they are the second 
slowest vehicle beside the Goliath (not including the titan). Never aim for 
the upper torso either, because it does relatively little damage. Always go 
for the lower torso because it will do at least 35 damage. Fighting a walker
is like a hide and seek game, so always have it spotted to know where it's
facing or at least heading. The chances for death is high, but if you place
enough well-placed shots (usually 3-4), the walker can be toast.

Hitting the legs do at least 30 damage and most likely more. Hitting the joints
of the legs or the part that connects the legs to the walker will do at most 40
damage. A walker takes about 50-60 damage from the rear. Additionally, the EU
walker can take about 90-100 damage from the vents (located underneath the
walker), but it is usually around 90.

Don't bother using a SAAW, you are better off using a SMG if you have one, 
just RUN or deploy Motion Mines if you haven't done so already which will be
described below for that tactic.

4.205 PAC T-39 Bogatyr[2-4]:

This walker can be difficult to take down, though it doesn't kill infantry as
fast, it's still as deadly. The same strategy is the same above,
but when playing online there is a tendency for shots to not register when 
facing a PAC walker. When firing at the rear of this walker, a lot of the 
times especially with the pilum, the bullet seems to hit the walker, but 
does not take any damage so be wary. However, the PAC walker seems to take 
usually close to 100 damage when hit the rear vent instead of the usual 90
damage that the EU walker takes. The strategy is the same though as fighting 
EU walker though. If all goes well with the hide and seek operation, 3 or 4 
shots should take care of this walker.

4.206 Gunship[1-2]:

When fighting a gunship, usually the pilot would kamikaze or crash before you
are able to take it down with conventional weapons. However, this would not
be the case when fighting a skilled pilot. Any of an Engineer's main weapon
can take it down with ease if it hits of course.

When equipped with the SAAW Anti-air, all you have to do is aim, and wait until
you hear the constant humming noise meaning you have locked on. Fire two shots
at the gunship when you can see the gunship clearly and it is relatively low to
the ground. If you don't, the missiles will most likely miss. Once this
happens, all you have to do is run for cover because unlike the two default
anti-vehicle weapons, you don't have to guide the anti-air missiles. The
gunship should now be shot down. When firing, make sure the gunship does not 
notice you. You can be evil and use your teammate as bait. It works.

With the other anti-vehicles weapons, you will most likely have to stand right
out in the open. That will most likely lure the gunship to attack you instead
of the people hiding giving you the opportunity you need. Usually, a gunship
will slow down dramatically to shoot you down or at least be your direct path
of fire. When that happens aim above slightly above the ship and fire. All
shots done against the gunship with these weapons do 90+ damage, so they will
either be destroyed along with the gunship or be forced to abandon it. If you
have the pilum the chances of survival would be much higher than using the
previous because you have more time to run after you fire.

If the gunship is just hovering there, obviously you don't have to be out in 
the open. You can just shoot, hide and reload. 

4.207 Air Transport[2-3]:

Fighting a transport ship using the SAAW Anti-air usually takes 3-4 locked on
shots to fully take it down. Again, shoot only when you can clearly see the 
transport and is flying relatively low. No special strategy here, just be sure
not to stand in the open.

With the anti-vehicle weapons, they do about 55 damage from all sides. So it
actually doesn't matter where you shoot most of the time because it usually 
takes two shots. Don't bother wasting ammunition on it unless the transport
is near the ground or hovering above the ground, because most of the time
you'll miss and will most likely will run out of ammo when something like a
tank or walker passes by.

4.208 APC(Armoured Personnel Carrier)[2-3]:

When fighting an APC, don't bother if you have a SAAW anti-air because the 
damage is very minute. Just use the anti-vehicle weapons. An APC takes usually
50 damage in the sides and front and 70 damage in the back from these weapons.

APCs can prove to be a nuisance, especially with the mortar shells. Usually,
you would fight an APC like a walker, but if the APC is already damaged, a 
quick shot to its read would most likely make the occupants in the APC run out,
because they know an Engineer is nearby and the APC is about to explode. So,
hide and seek and deliver two landed shots. Just like fighting a walker, except
that the the APC has less fire power.

4.209 Hachimoto(NS)[1-2]:

The PAC exclusive Hachimoto is an FAV upgraded with hover capabilities. It is
hard to hit on the side, but a head on or behind shot will be easy for any of
the anti-tank weapons. The Hachimoto will usually take 90+ damage from all
sides but the back. The back usually takes 99+ damage, so the chances of
surviving are about the same as an FAV. 

The best strategy when using the main weapon against the Hachimoto is to strafe
and attack it or when it is slowing down. Other than that, it is really hard to
hit the hachimoto because it is one of the fastest and most evasive vehicles in
the game.

4.210 Goliath(NS)[5+]:

The Engineer is the best class to kill goliaths. This is the hardest vehicle
to take down and you will have to use ANTI-VEHICLE WEAPONS. The goliath has a
total of seven generators, two on each side, two on the back,
and one in the top front. Each of these generators can be destroyed in one shot
with an anti-vehicle weapon.

If the Goliath has a good driver and shooters, it will take 3-4 lives if you
are attempting to destroy the Goliath alone. The Goliath will take around 22-25
damage regardless of where it is with the anti-vehicle weapon, so your best bet
is to take down all the generators first, and then shooting four shots at it to
destroy it. Usually though, you will have teammates that can help you or have
the Commander provide an Orbital or EMP strike, which will help dramatically.

4.211 Motion Mines, EMP mines, and Motion Mine Bait(NS):

These accessories can help the Engineer take down all the ground vehicles so 
much easier. A good strategy is to usually place Motion Mines further out in 
the entrances of strategic points (usually 2-3) and 1-2 EMP mines in the line
of the path. Basically what this does is when any vehicle comes they will get
hit by the Motion Mine no matter what because slow vehicles will be forced to
slow down and take the lesser damage of the mines and the FAVs will attempt to
run past, but they will be trapped by the EMP mines and be destroyed by the
following Motion Mines.

Another strategy is the Motion Mine Bait and the Motion Mine combo. This is 
quite simple. Lay down a certain amount of Motion Mines and throw the motion 
mine bait to your target. The Motion Mines would usually follow the bait,
circle around it, and then explode. If done correctly, five Motion Mines, a
motion mind bait, and an anti-vehicle shot can take down a Goliath down in one
go, regardless of how many generators it has. The mines do about usually 20
damage to heavily armoured vehicles and 10-20 damage more to lighter armoured
vehicles since the Motion Mine speed is set. However, the placement of the
Motion Mine bait may affect how much damage the Motion Mines do (to the front
or back). The range between the Motion Mine bait and the Motion Mine is usually
around 20m or lower in order for the mines to follow the bait.

The above combination can also be used to clear APMs, RDX, and other Motion
Mines if used correctly.

Damage done by Motion Mines is relative to the speed at which its travelling,
in addition to where they hit. Usually, the faster the vehicle it's chasing the
more damage it will deal.

4.212 Rorsch:

This is not really a vehicle, but it is armoured, there is really not much of 
a strategy here but to blast it to bits using a anti-vehicle weapon. It takes
90+ damage on each side and will continue to burn to death like all vehicles.
My only advise is to not stand in front of the Rorsch and prepare an SMG after
you fire.

| 4.3 |Getting Fast Career Points                                             |

This section has been added by request of Coryney. A section on how to get high
points as an Assault can be found in the Assault guide.

4.301 Preferred Unlock Order

Engineer is the worst class to be getting points, but one of the best and more
enjoyable ways to earn points is to use the Engineer class. Usually, unlocking
the tech tree is no easy task. The PRIME weapon for the engineer is the Pilum,
no doubt about it. While it's best support unlock is the Motion Mines, which
are on the extreme ends of two different branches, making for a total of seven
unlocks just to gain access to these two unlocks. It is recommended to unlock
the left side of the tree because you get the AE Defuser and the Pilum. The
good thing about the Pilum is that it is fast, and gives little to no warning
when aiming at enemy vehicles. At the same time you will have to eventually
invest in at least four player abilities. Getting the frag grenade first is
high recommended, then unlocking the left tree all the way to Pilum, and then
hard right tree to clip expansion if possible. The motion bait is usually not
needed, so can be the last to be unlocked.

1. AE Defuser
2. FRG-1 Grenade
3. Sprintcor 20 Enchanced Endurance
4. Staminar 9 Recovery System 
5. Max Clip (Optional)
6. Net Bat Vehicle ID
7. PDS-1
8. Pilum H-AVR
9. IL-14 EMP
10. Dystek Repair V2.0 
11. IL-29 Motion Mine

If you can always skip the ones mentioned above and just get field upgrades
so you can use those unlocks as field upgrades as they are not mandatory, 
although it is recommended to get them anyway.

4.302 FAST WAY

Aside from that, equip the AE Defuser and Motion Mines, and Pilum. The boring
way is always the fastest way to get points and that would be inside the Titan.
Titan mode can be the best mode for Engineers because there are so many
vehicles for all of them to nick off. Shooting vehicles can result in double
kills, triple kills, and even more most of the time. However, in the beginning
of the Titan game before the Titans have moved, it is best to go on the ground.
Always try to be in a vehicle as an Engineer and always have the Motion Mines
deployed as soon as possible. This is the best way to get the best K/D 
possible, and results in the most kills and points. It is also recommended to
be either a Squad Leader or Squad Member to earn bonus points and even better
to have a teammate in your vehicle. Always have a teammate in the vehicle when
repairing because you will get a repair point, and being well supplied is a key
point as a engineer. The more Motion Mines deployed, the better, because it can
create a lot of kills and you don't even have to be there. MOTIONS MINES HELP
GET A GOOD portion of an Engineer's kills. Just be wary that Motion Mines do
disappear after your kit that has deployed them has disappeared.

Basically, you will be using vehicles. If you don't have a vehicle, just use
the strategies listed above in 4.1 and 4.2. Once the Titan is in any silo
range, start using the Titan guns and blow as many people up as you can.
Eventually, your Turret will be destroyed and must be repaired, and when this
happens, it's best to have another teammate sit in the damaged turret seat
while you repair it. This will give you a lot of repair points and repair
points are a key part of an Engineer's points. Continue to do this and you will
soon have the engineer excellence badge. This is pretty much the boring way but
it is the most efficient and effective way.

4.303 FUN WAY but SLOWER

The slower but more fun way is to stay on the ground continuously blowing up 
vehicles and repairing everything in sight regardless of how much you die.
When the enemy Titan shields drop, you would board the enemy Titan with the
same kit, and instead of going into the Titan, you would go near the hangar
and drop two Motion Mines onto the left side of the hangar and three on the
right. These Motion Mines will actually blow up the gunship and transport if
the pilots fly to close to your Motion Mines. Afterwards, go to the entrance
of the vents and take out your AE Defuser. Defuse anything in the way and drop
down near the wall, if you know that there's an enemy soldier defending the
vent, have the pilum equipped before dropping down. Crouch, enter the vent, and
Pilum the enemy. Defuse any threats, and move on. If there are more than two
enemies, you would die unless you have some backup that will go down before you
or revive you, but either way, an Engineer can get into the vents with the most
ease because of the AE Defuser. Any kills on the Titan will result in a point
from the kill, Titan attack, and Squad bonus, if the order is to attack the
Titan. If you can get into a corridor, three shots from a Pilum can destroy a
console. Don't forget the knife is always an option, especially in the Titan,
since you will primarly be dealing with close-combat. When you defend your own
Titan, go into your own vents and do the same. Other then that, being in the
anti-air guns will also help from people boarding your titan from air ships.

| 4.4 |Why play as Engineer?                                                  |

First of all, you play to blow vehicles up. Second of all, blowing people up
with the default weapon is extremely embarrassing since it's hard to do and it
is kind of stupid to die by an anti-vehicle weapon instead of the SMG.

Also, the engineer is the best class to be as the Commander of the team, since
he himself can repair his own assets, supply boxes, titan guns, move the titan
around, keep himself well supplied, and can place UAVs so he can sneak around.

Basically playing engineer is just for FUN, not for the ranking of anything.
However, it is vital for a team to have at least one engineer. Without one, 
you would have to rely on a Recon to get close to RDX and most of the time,
which will most likely fail. Therefore, Engineers are clearly invaluable when
used in Titan games.

| 5.0 | Awards: Pins and Badges                                               |

The following are pins and badges than can only be awarded as an Assault. Pins
may be awarded numerous times. You will be awarded a pin or a badge only when
certain conditions have been met:

| 5.1 | Pins                                                                  |

Explosive Efficiency Pin

Career Points Awarded: 10
In A Single Round: 8 Kills

| 5.2 | Badges                                                                |

Engineer Service:

Badge Level  | Career Points Awarded | In A Single Round | Global Requirements
Bronze       | 20                    | 12 Kills          | N/A
Silver       | 500                   | 20 Kills          | 15 Hours
Gold         | 1000                  | 30 Kills          | 50 Hours

Engineer Excellence:

Badge Level  | Career Points Awarded | In A Single Round | Global Requirements
Bronze       | 20                    | 08 Repairs          | N/A
Silver       | 500                   | 10 Repairs          | 10 Hours
Gold         | 1000                  | 15 Repairs          | 60 Hours,200Repairs

Note: If you have not earned any badges, but have met the global requirements
for the gold level badge, it is possible to earn all three level badges in the
same round provided that you meet the requirements for the gold badge in a 
single round.

| 6.0 | Credits and Copyright                                                 |

| 6.1 | Credits                                                               |


[UOIT] J100317358 for template design.

Thanks to DICE and EA for a great game, and to GameFAQs for hosting this guide.

| 6.2 | Copyright                                                             |

Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike, and all of its contents,
are a trademark of Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE), and
Electronic Arts (EA). This document may not be reproduced under any
circumstances, except for personal or private use. This FAQ may not be placed
on any website unless permission is given to do so. Use of this guide on any
other website of as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2007 

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