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Battlefield 2142 Booster PackNa zvaničnom BF2142 sajtu se nalazi stranica koja najavljuje prvu po redu booster pack za ovu igru. Dodatak se zove Northern Strike i donosi nam nove mape, oružja, vozila… U produžetku teksta možete pročitati priču koja će vam malo pojasniti dešavanja u novom booster pack-u. Datum izlaska je proleće 2007.

Battlefield 2142 Northen Strike official website

Today we would like to announce to all our players the coming release of the Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike booster pack! There is a press release going out tomorrow, along with a trailer showing the action in one of the new maps. This addition to the Battlefield universe contains new content to expand the war for the survival deep into the frigid wastelands of Europe. With three new maps players will be challenged to engage in Titan and Conquest game play to secure victory for their team. Both sides have brought forward new vehicles to aid their forces along with 10 new unlocks available to soldiers through both standard and field unlock systems. We also wanted to inform players that we will be working with Combat Studios Testing to host a closed beta in the near future.

The PAC (Pan Asian Coalition) has secretly moved into northern and central Europe, using abandoned urban areas to establish new strongholds. Intense close-quarters warfare awaits the EU forces when they mobilize troops for a full-force assault to claim back their land. The Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike Booster Pack brings all-out infantry-focused battles into new snow-covered battlegrounds across Europe.

Three new maps provide the setting for the Booster Pack. High up in the Alps the EU uses launch pods to launch an assault on a PAC Titan docking harbour on the map Port Bavaria. Bridge at Remagen, the scene for one of WWII's major battles, is once again the setting for intense battles as both sides fight to secure the bridge. Finally, night has fallen when the EU launches their assault on the city in the Liberation of Leipzig..

Battlefield 2142: Infantry Storm offers an asymmetrical vehicle set-up with one new vehicle available to each army. The heavy IFV Goliath is a massive, slow-moving firing platform available to the EU, the attacking side, only. It is used to provide cover, as well as health and ammunition, to nearby infantrymen. The fast-moving hovering light IFV Speeder, available to the defending PAC only, is an efficient vehicle killer when staffed by a well coordinated pilot/gunner team.

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