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Igra Battlefiled 2 je dobila pregršt novih dodataka i unapređenja, prvo od njih je  Battlefield 2: Australian Forces v0.28 Mod, a radi se o modu koji zamenjuje Američke trupe Australijskim!. Ovaj mod menja skinove oružja, jedinica i pravi izmene u HUD-u. Drugi je Battlefield 2 Infantry Mod 2 v1.01 a radi se o tome da se vozila, granate, bacači granata, c4 i mine sklanjaju i ostaje samo puštakaranje, i zadnja modifikacija je Battlefield 2 Mercenaries v7.0 Mod koja je sada dostupna za download, a listu stvari koje ovaj mercenaries mod sadrži možete videti u nastavku teksta, a ove modove možete preuzeti sa donjih linkova:

Battlefield 2: Australian Forces v0.28 (24Mb)
Battlefield 2 Infantry Mod 2 v1.0 (169Mb)
Battlefield 2 Infantry Mod 2 v1.01 Patch (18Mb)
Battlefield 2 Mercenaries v7.0 Mod (195Mb)
Battlefield 2 Mercenaries v7.0 Fix (1.5KB)

Battlefield 2 Mercenaries v7.0

MOD BY: Hayabusa



PEOPLE WHO PLAY THE MOD: all of you…..thank you..

*** SPECIAL NOTE *** = There is a bug in this current version that will cause a Crash TO Desktop (CTD) in a certain multiplayer situation.
When you are playing multiplayer and disconnect if you attempt to connet to any game multiplayer or singleplayer you will CTD. This is only for Multiplayer. To avoid this after you disconnect from a multiplyaer Mercencaries server you will need to close your BF2 completely and restart in order to connect to another game. We are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We felt however, that releasing the mod in this state was the best thing to do at this point so we can focus our efforts on finding this bug. As well, if any of you fellow Mercenaries figure anyting out or have any suggestions your input would be greatly appreciated. We will be setting our server up to play 3 rounds a map and to have more tickets to lessen the impact of this bug. After 3 rounds on the server ( ) the server will shutdown and restart on a new map. Therefore, after the end of the third round please disconnect, then close BF2 and restart BF2 again with the shortcut described below.

Also to help with this for those who do not know you can make a shortcut and include variuose tags at the end that will make connecting to a server easier. You can add any of these for the desired outcome. The best way to do this is to copy your Mercenaries shortcut or your BF2 shortcut and edit the target by adding some or all of the below.

+menu 1 and +fullscreen 1 are default for BF2.
+modPath mods/mercs = will active the mod mercs from your mods folder.
+playerName = Use in conjuction with +playerPassword to auto login to BF2.
+playerPassword = See +playerName above.
+joinServer = Will connect you to the server specified as long as you have used +playerName and +playerPassword.

Full Example: This will log you in to EA with the Mercs mod activated and take you to our server after you edit the +player entries.( Make sure you have a space before the each + ). If the movies come up hit "Esc" one time to stop them. Dont hit amnything else. It still takes forever! There is no cure for that. However, it does automate the whole process, making it easier and allowing more time to go get something to drink!

"C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/mercs +playerName xxx_your_name +playerPassword xxx_your_pass +joinServer

Changes in 7.0 release:

All rifles carry more ammo
Sniper rifles have double zoom added
Spec ops rifle has double zoom
Sniper and spec ops pistols are full auto
Shotguns less powerful than 6.0, origional guns replaced
Minigun has new bullet hit effect,larger kill zone

All tanks are faster
All tanks disperse land mines with ("X" key)
All APCs now disperse fire bombs with ("X" key)
Humvee disperses health packs (right click)
MG ontop of m1a2 tank now has higher shooting radious
RIB (boat) now a little faster
RIB front gun larger calibur gun
RIB front gun now has higher shooting radious
Uh-60 blackhawk now carries sidewinder missles

All missle smoke trails are now black colored

All origional BF2 singleplayer maps have been converted to 64 player size maps by KYSTERAMA and CLIVEWEL….
These have been added and we all thank these two for
their hard work..

"Fortress" map by Hayabusa included in install


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