Bard’s Tale II (walkthrough)

Bard's Tale II




Every game that sells well deserves a sequel, and here it is --
THE BARD'S TALE II: THE DESTINY KNIGHT. Might is not always right,
but in this game it sure doesn't hurt to have some on your side.
It seems that lawless mercenaries (with a bit of help from the
evil Archmage known as Lagoth Zanta) have taken the Destiny Wand.
The Destiny Wand has maintained peace and prosperity in the Realm
for 700 years (impressive, isn't it?). You and the characters you
create must find and reforge the Destiny Wand! You must then use
the wand to destroy Lagoth Zanta.

The wand has been separated into seven pieces. Each piece is
located in a dungeon protected by a snare. Before you can begin
your quest to find the Wand, you need characters to hunt for it.
You can select from seven races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Half-
Elf, Half-Orc, and Gnome) and ten classes (Warrior, Paladin,
Rogue, Bard, Hunter, Monk, Conjurer, Magician, Sorcerer, Wizard,
and Archmage). Some classes are not available to beginning

You can port characters over from the last BARD'S TALE or use your
ULTIMA or WIZARDRY characters. Special characters can also be
introduced into your party (illusions and monsters count as
special characters). Your magic users have a total of 79 spells at
their disposal, and your bard has a total of seven songs that can
cause strange things to happen.

With this arsenal of characters and magic you will venture out
into the realm of The Destiny Knight to discover cities, special
buildings, casinos, banks, taverns, temples, and the ever popular
dungeon! So, buy your bard a drink, cast a Batchspell and prepare
to destroy Lagoth Zanta before he destroys you! Oh, yes: Don't
forget your Archmage!


Well, are you ready to find all the segments of the Destiny Wand
and destroy Lagoth Zanta? I will try and keep this as short as
possible. If you are just starting, you will be located in the
city of Tangramayne. If your party is very weak, you will want an
easy dungeon to build up its strength. Thankfully, there is a very
easy dungeon located in the city.

The dungeon is located on Claymore Street. (Make sure you have an
empty slot

so monsters can join your party.) Just go to the far east side of
the city and check the buildings to the east. In a building
located in the centre of the row you will find a magician. He
informs you of a noble quest that he has for you to undertake and
commences to explain the details. Within his description you will
notice the words "additional experience." This should be cause
enough to want to find the princess. If your party is fairly
strong, I would advise you to go for the harder dungeons. This one
will be a waste of time.
The first level of The Dark Domain has nothing of value. Proceed
to the exit. It is located at 21N 15E. If you get in a room
adjacent to the one with the stairs, try a Phase Door. Head on
down to the second level. (As I said before, I never found
anything valuable on level 1.) There are quite a few monsters on
level 2, so look out! On this level if you happen to be in the
room filled with darkness try not to go to the centre. A monster
is located there. I can't remember what it was. I think quite a
few experience points will be bestowed upon the fortunate
adventurer who kills it.

The next location to visit is 5N 12E. There you will find a winged
monster that is necessary for you to rescue the princess. "Sure
join the party!" Take the monster with you. There may be other
ways down, but I can't see them on my map. There is a portal in
the northeast corner of the dungeon (21N 21E, for you laypeople).
Don't forget to cast a levitation spell.

Now you should be on the 3rd level. If you can't find a way out,
just look around. You should stumble into a teleport (21N 20E) if
my maps are correct. The teleport should send you to 10N 10E.
Watch out for traps in this next room. I think the trap zap spell
will disarm them. Make sure you move to the east. I think that
walls will appear behind you blocking your retreat. There are a
few wrap-around features in this dungeon: Check your location! I
don't know if this is necessary to the quest, but there is a magic
mouth at 3N 14E. The answer to the riddle it poses is "Mangar."
Now, proceed to the stairs located at 6N 21E. There is a magic
mouth here, too. The answer is "Pass." If stairs don't appear,
then it may be necessary to answer the first riddle. (My maps and
notes are old, so forgive me.)

Once the stairs appear, go down to level 4. There are plenty traps
on this level: Be careful! There is plenty darkness, too, but
never fear: This is the last level! Go to the northeast corner
once again (21N 21E). There you will find a teleport that will
take you to 3N 11E. Now go north. Keep going north through the
doors. Ah! A hole, pit, chasm -- whatever you want to call it --
will block your way unless you have the winged monster with you.
Keep going north until you reach the double doors. I think your
bard will have to play a tune -- the Watchwood Melody, if I
remember correctly -- before the doors will open. Now, go through
the doors. "Argh," or some other sound is now appropriate because
you have found the Dark Lord in this room! After (hopefully)
defeating him, you will find the princess in another room located
here (21N 11E, I believe). You have the princess! Proceed east and
a teleport should put you near the stairs. I leave it up to you to
get out!


Are you ready for some real fun? You might want to call this a
"challenge." I have arranged these dungeons in the order in which
the segments of the Wand will be found. So, it is now time to go
after the first segment. At this point you can go to the Sage and
spend some money on some clues, or you can come with me and get
the clues for free. The first segment is located in the Tombs. The
entrance to the Tombs is located in the centre of the city of

When you find the entrance, enter! There may be other ways of
getting through this level, but this is the only one I came
across. I first found a teleporter at 12N 12E. This should put you
at 13N 0E. From here go north through the door, then head to the
east. Keep going east until you reach a dark room. This room is
full of traps.

Try this: Head east until you hit the east wall; turn south and
proceed until you make it to the next wall; turn west and keep
going until you hit that wall. Now turn south and go through the
door. I will leave it up to you to make your way through this

The next place to go is 2N 11E. There is another teleport here
that will take you to 18N 16E. From here you go to 20N 19E. Ah, no
stairs...what is this? A teleport perhaps? Correct! You are now on
level two at 21N 0E. At least, I think that's where you are --
this jelly stain on my map doesn't help. Hopefully, this is the
right place. From here, you need to go north to 16N 0E.

Now I know where we are. Keep going north, and go through the door
at the end. From here turn east and follow the hall until you get
to the Keymaster. Buy the key from him, go back to 11N 2E, and
face north. The stairs are to the north at 16N 10E.

Now you should be on the last level of the Tombs at 16N 10E. Head
north and enter the maze. From 18N 10E follow these directions:
West, north four times, east twice, south, east, and north twice.
There should be a magician here playing with some fireballs. The
answer to his question is "Old." Go to the door in the northeast
corner and enter this room. You will now find your party at 3N
14E. From here you need to travel west to 3N 0E. The only way you
can go is west and north, so you should be able to find it.

From the looks of this map, there is a secret door here. The door
is on the west wall. Go through it and keep heading west through
two more doors. Now go north using the door at 3N 16E. Follow the
hallway to the end. The teleport at the end of this hall will put
you at 10N 3E.

Congratulations! You are in the first Snare. This is an easy one.
Head east until you get to 9N 9E. There is a spinner in the centre
of this room. (A Nospen ring will be handy here.) Avoid the
spinner. (They always confuse me.) Go to the small alcove located
in the north of the room (11N 10E). Here you will find an old man
who will want to join your party. Let him join and lead the party.

Now head for the alcove in the east wall (9N 12E). Have each
member of your party drink from the water. Don't heal anyone. Head
for the alcove in the south wall (7N 10E). Kill the toxic giant.
Now, heal your party members, if necessary.

Look through the equipment your characters are carrying. There
should be a torch there; give it to the old man. Now go back to
where you came in (10N 3E). The first segment of the Destiny Wand
can be found at 10N 8E. This segment has the ability to cast the
Wizard Wall spell. Well, so much for the first segment: Prepare
for the next! (Oh, you can leave the dungeon now.)

Fanskar's Castle is a really nice place. It isn't too hard, and it
only has one level; so, it should be fun (easy). You do not need
to go to the Sage unless you really want to meet him. Fanskar's
Castle is located in the wilderness.

I never noticed this until I started writing this walkthru but the
SCSI spell works fine in the wilderness. Look at the map that came
with the game, and you can see Fanskar's Castle in the centre of
the map (25N 17E). You might want to make a map of the wilderness
so you won't have to bungle around like I did.

From the entry stairs go north until you get to 14N 0E. Go east
and enter the door you see at 14N 4E. Follow the hall to the end
and go through the door. Now, go west through the door and take
the second door you find (20N 3E). Go north through both of these
rooms and head east through the last door. Go to the end of this L-
shaped room, and a teleport will take you to 17N 7E. Leave this
room and start heading east.

The exit is in the northeast corner of the room. Look down this
long hall (south). Go down the hall until you get to the door on
the east side (the only door on this end of the hall). Go east
until you get to 16N 13E. (Do not take the next door!) Then, go to
the hall on the right side (starting at 15N 15E). Follow this hall
to the end and go through the door at 15N 19E that heads east.

Once in this room, head north through the door at 16N 21E. Now
take the door to your left, head up the hall, and enter the door
that heads east (21N 19E). It's Fanskar -- kill him! (STTO will
probably work the best.) After he's dead, continue going east.
There is a teleport in the next room that will take you to 9N 11E.

Look to the east. You will see three doors. Take the one to your
left. This takes you to 5N 13E. Go west and you will discover the
second segment of the Wand. This segment will lower the armour
class of whoever equips it. Wasn't that fun? Ok, so it was simple;
however, wait till you see what's next!


Time to find the next segment, which is located in Dargoth's
Tower: Five levels -- this should be great! The first thing is to
tell you where Dargoth's Tower is: It's located in Philippi.
Philippi should be on the map that came with your game.

A nice spell to have access to is the Dream Spell. In the game you
won't find the code for the spell until you go after the last
segment. I will give you the code now: ZZGO. The spell allows your
party -- under normal conditions -- to teleport to every dungeon.
When you cast the spell you will see the numbers 1 through 7. Each
number stands for a segment of the Wand. For instance, if you hit
the "1," you will be in the dungeon where segment one is. This is
why my knowledge of the outside world is rather vague. I used this
spell all of the time. It also has nice benefits in combat. Try

After locating Dargoth's Tower and entering it, you will find
teleport traps all about. This dungeon is fairly easy to find your
way around in, though. The first place to go is 13N 16E. To get
there you need to go north from the entry stairs until you get to
8N 0E. From here turn east. Keep going east until you reach 8N
12E. If magic points are not a problem, you might be able to
teleport around and save some time. Anyway, you will see a door to
the north. Go in this room; I think it's one of those places of

In the northeast corner of this room (13N 16E) there is a magic
mouth. The answer to its question is "Burn." (I think the answer
to this is necessary for the stairs to appear.) From here find the
stairs leading up. They are located at 4N 12E, just across the
hall from your present location. There is a hidden door at 8N 16E
on the south wall that lets you enter the room. Here are some
quick instructions on how to get there:

From the entry (7N 16E) go south through the door, then go through
the door that leads west. From this room take the door located on
the north wall and enter the next room. Now, you should see a door
on the west wall. Go through this door and through the door on the
south wall. The stairs should be right in front of you.

Level 2 is rather crazy. I hope I can guide you through this! From
the entry head west until you hit a wall. This should put you at
18N 15E. Now, go south until you hit the next wall, which should
be close by -- a single step away, I think. Now you should be at
17N 15E. Go west (watch for spinners; make sure you're going west,
and don't get turned around!) until you reach 17N 3E. This is 12
steps to the west from where you were. Now go south for 5 steps
and you should be at 12N 3E. Go east one step. Well, you can light
up now. You should be located at 12N 4E. Do not move from here!
Whether you have guessed this or not, you are now situated in a
very nice maze. From the entry at 12N 4E follow these steps

North, east twice, north twice, west, north, east three times, and
south four times (you should be at 12N 8E). Now go west, south,
east three times, south, east, south twice, and east (8N 12E);
north three times, east twice, north three times, west, south, and

You should find yourself in a room with seven statues. Examine the
statues, kill them all, then exit the room. Upon exiting the room,
you should be at 13N 13E. The steps to take from here are as

North, east, south three times, west twice, and south three times
(8N 12E again); south, east, south twice, east, north, east twice,
and south. You are now out of the maze. From here (1N 14E) head
west through all four doors until you get to 1N 7E. This will
teleport you to 18N 7E. From here go east through the two doors.
Once you are in the room (18N 9E), head for the door on the east
wall, and go through it. From this room keep going straight east
to the next door (19N 13E). Go through the door on the north wall,
then go west where you will find the stairs! I can truly say I am
glad this is finished, but there are more levels ahead.

There is nothing of importance on level 3, so it should go by
quickly. From the stairs head through the door on the south wall,
then go west until you reach 18N 4E. Turn south, go down to the
door on the east wall, and go through it. Turn south, and go down
the hall that leads westward. Follow the hall until you get to 10N
1E. From here go south until you reach the intersection (5N 1E).

Turn east, go forward, and take the first door on your left (5N
4E). Your party should be at 6N 4E. Head west through the wall.
You will now be met by another magic mouth. The answers are:
"Earth," "Compassed," and "Fountain." By answering this you have
gained access to the next level. Go back through the wall, and go
to the upper northwest corner of the room (7N 2E). Go through the
north wall. There will be a portal leading upward ahead of you at
9N 2E. Take it to level 4.

Once you enter this level, head west. The hall will turn north,
and then east. Follow it until you find the northern opening. Once
through this go back west to the end. When you go north, you will
enter some maze-like passages. Walls will tend to form behind you.
Make your way east until you find the dark area and the exit. By
the way, there is a secret door at 14N 11E that will help you. The
stairs are at 19N 18E (you may be able to teleport and save time).

Time for the final level. Make sure each member of your party has
room for new items. You should be in an area of darkness. The exit
is on the south wall at 17N 20E. Teleport and phase door spells
will not work on this level. You need to find 12N 9E which will
teleport you to 5N 20E. You will (if memory serves me correctly)
have to answer a riddle. The answers are water, lie, slave, gold,
hate, rooster, large, early, bard, and women. Enter the answers in
this order.

Go through the door at 6N 21E that leads to the east. Go to the
end of the hall, then go back out the door. Do this a total of
five times, and you should get this message: "Turn right at the
joke, then right, then ahead, then left twice, ahead twice, right,
and left. Drop all your items, or you are lost. Cry Havok, and let
slip the dogs of war. Kill off your spell casters, and you'll be

Make sure you go to the end of the hall each time. I don't know if
this is required to finish the level. After you receive the
message, go to 3N 0E. You can get there by going through the door
at 5N 20E and then going through the door at 3N 21E. This is where
the message's directions start. Follow them (except for the part
about killing your spell casters). The directions should lead your
party to 0N 1E. You will find a statue that will come to life.
Answer it with "Havok!" The statue will give everyone a dagger.

Now, take the door north, and you will be teleported to 5N 21E.
See the door at 6N 20E that leads west? Go through it. Go to the
southwest corner of the room, and you will get the message: "Look
at the wall!" There should be a door there on the west part of the
wall. Head through this door, and you will find the next segment
of the Wand. This segment casts the spell, Wizard War.


The Maze of Dread is located in Thessalonica. Once on level one
proceed to 1N 21E. Here is an elevator that will take you to the
next levels. Press "2."

On level 2 there is a riddle located at 15N 10E. When answered
correctly, you will be given the Sword of Zar. The answer is
"Der." I don't know if this is necessary to complete the snare.
The sword is nice to have, though: It doesn't have to be equipped,
and you can throw it at your enemies, doing some nice damage. Head
back to the elevator located at 1N 21E and press "3."

You are now on the final level. There isn't much to do here except
to go to the snare and get the Wand segment. There is a teleport
located at 8N 17E that will let you enter the snare. It will
teleport you to 16N 4E (this will be real fun!). Go to the door at
21N 4E.

Follow the corridor until you reach the end. (You will get
something the first time through.) Go back, go through the door at
20N 6E, and from here find 17N 7E, where you will receive another
message. Retrace your steps back to the end of the corridor where
you received the vial. Do this a total of ten times (go back and
forth), then go to the small room located at 19N 2E. (I don't know
if this part is necessary, since I will be giving you the answer.)
Go back to 17N 7E and answer "endurable."

Finally enter the little room at 19N 7E (right across from the
last room), and that's it! You should now get another segment of
the Wand. This segment can cast the Wind Mage spell.


Before you go looking for this place, you must find Kazdek. He has
something you need. He is located in the wilderness between
Thessalonica and Colosse. The fortress is located in Corinth.

No need to do much of anything on the first level. Just go north
through the door (from the entry stairs), and keep going until you
get to 7N 0E. Turn east and PHDO through this wall. Go forward,
and enter the room you see at 7N 4E. Answer "Fire," "Krill," and
"Silence." Exit the room, turn west, go to the wall; then, turn
north, and go forward until you reach 8N 1E. This will teleport
you to 18N 1E.

From this location head south until you get to 13N 1E; turn east,
and go through the door that you will come across after about
three steps east. After going through this door, turn north, go
one step, then go through the door located to the west. Head
north, and go through this door.

From here (16N 4E) head east until you get to the wall; then, go
south until you reach 12N, turn east, and go forward. There are
stairs at 12N 10E leading down to the next level.

On level 2 go north through the door at the end of the hall. You
will find yourself in a room filled with doors. Take the door to
the north (2N 11E). At 3N 11E go north, east twice, and north.
Turn east, and find the east wall. Follow the east wall north to
the door at 11N 14E. Go through this door, then through the door
on the north wall (12N 14E). Go through the door on the west wall,
head north through this door, then east through the next door.

Whew! You should be at 16N 13E. Go through the door on the north
wall, then through the (secret?) door on the west wall located at
19N 13E. After going through this door, go north, then start going
east. Keep going east until you go through the door at 21N 18E.
There is a secret door on the east wall at 20N 19E. Go through
this door, and enter the small room at 20N 21E. The answer to the
riddle is "Dervak."

Retrace your steps all the way back to 11N 14E. Some fun, huh?
Now, head west. There are spinners and traps all around here. The
stairs down are located at 21N 0E (yes, another level).

This one is easy. From the entry go south. Keep going until you
get down to 0N 0E. Now go east to 0N 10E, then go north to 2N 10E.
Turn east, go through the door, turn south, and go through the
door. Follow the hall to the end, and go through the door on the
east wall at 3N 13E. Go south until you reach 0N 14E, then turn
east. Keep going east until you reach 0N 21E, then start heading
north until you get to 10N 21E. Go through the secret door located
on the west wall. After going through the door, go west all the
way to 10N 1E. Move north to 12N, turn east, and enter the room at
12N 2E. The answer is "Still." Exit the room, find 13N 12E, and go
through the door that leads north. The stairs down are to the
west. Just keep going west; you'll find them at 14N 1E. You may
find some secret doors on the walls.

On this last level, go through the door leading west. Once in the
hall (I don't know if it is necessary to kill Oscon), turn south,
and follow the hallway to its end (2N 0E). Enter the north door.
There is a series of secret doors which will lead you to Oscon (5N
20E). From your present location, Oscon is located to the east.
Just find the secret doors in each room and head east. After Oscon
is destroyed (I'm sure you will kill him!), go back to 14N 21E.
>From here go north, and follow the hallway to its end (18N 20E).

You will find several spinners as you travel down this corridor. A
nospen ring will come in handy! After you reach the end, enter the
door on the south wall, and head south until you reach the wall.
From here (7N 20E) head west until you hit the west wall, then
head north to 8N 14E. Go west through this door and the next. Keep
going west to 8N 6E, then turn north, and go through this door. Go
to the end of the hall (10N 10E). You are in the snare. (Is this a
walkthru or what? On most of this you don't even have to make a
map!) Oh, back to business....

Go straight south, and enter the alcove. From the alcove (14N 11E)
go south through the door, and enter the alcove in front of you.
The answer to the question is "Rock." Exit the alcove, turn east,
and keep going until you get to the alcove at 14N 14E.

Enter this alcove, answer "Scissor," exit, and start north. Don't
enter the next alcove (17N 11E); keep going until you reach the
one at 14N 8E. Enter this one and answer "Paper." Arrange you
party so that Rock is first, then Paper, then Scissor. Go back to
the alcove at 17N 11E and enter it. The answer to this riddle is
Rock; so, head back to the place where you found the Rock statue,
and there should be a door located there. In the room beyond you
will find another segment of the Wand. This one can cast


The Grey Crypt is located between Tangramayne and Ephesus. I am
afraid that magic will not work here. Only the SCSI spell will
function. As soon as you enter level one, start exploring. The
only way out of the current section is 3N 20E. I think there is
only one secret door in this area. This entire level is broken
down into three big rooms that wrap around, and three sections
that have maze-like qualities. After you find 3N 20E, leave the
area by going through the door on the north wall. Find your way to
5N 3E. This will teleport you to 13N 3E. From here go to 14N 11E
and take the door north.

Now you must find a second teleport located at 15N 21E. (Notice
that I am not leading you through the maze as I was earlier. You
should map a bit, you know.) Anyway, once you find the teleport,
it will take you to 11N 21E. Follow the hall until you get to the
door at 10N 0E. Once you go through this door, you will find a
series of doors. Go through the door, and keep heading east until
you reach the wall at 10N 21E. Go through the door leading south,
then go west until you reach 9N 4E. Turn south and go through the
secret door. Turn east and keep going until you reach 8N 12E. Turn
south and go through this secret door. >From here (7N 12E) go west
all the way to 7N 2E.

You should run into the Sphinx here. The answer is "Wize One."
After answering the riddle, go back west, and keep going until you
hit the wall. Turn south, and go through the door. I thought I
would help you through this part because I remembered how
difficult is was to map. From this point (6N 14E) find the
teleport at 5N 3E. Once you have been teleported, go back to the
door at 14N 11E and go through it. The stairs down are located to
the west at 18N 0E.

You should be on level two at 18N 0E. This is the last level of
the Grey Crypt. (Since you can't use any magic, it's a good thing,
too!) Should I guide you through this or let you map? Okay, I'll
guide you through. It's not too difficult. From the entry turn
west and go through the secret door at 19N 21E, and keep going
west. There is another secret door at 19N 19E; go through this one
as well. Keep on going west until you hit the wall, then turn
south and go through the secret door at 17N 17E. Turn west and go
through this secret door, then turn south again and head through
this door also. You should be at 16N 16E.

Go west to 16N 12E then north until you hit the wall at 21N 12E.
Turn west and go to 8E. Now turn north and go up to 2N. There will
be a secret door on the west wall; go through it. Now you can get
to the teleport that will lead you to the snare at 6N 0E. Just
keep heading north and west from where you are, and you will find
it. There are several secret doors leading to the teleport, so
kick the walls. Oh, and watch out for the Vampire Dragon. (He's a
wimp anyway.) You should be in the area of the snare (8N 11E).

The first thing to do that will make life easier in the snare is
to disarm the spinner in the centre of the snare. The trigger to
disarm it is located at 0N 13E (south of where you are now). Let
me try and explain this snare. I had more trouble with this one
than any other. There are two small rooms located on the east and
west walls. Each of these rooms contains a mage. There are four
rooms in the centre of the snare. Each one is 3x3. What happens is
when you go into each of the small rooms, a different set of doors
opens to the 3x3 rooms in the snare. The object of the snare is to
open the door to one of the 3x3 rooms, go to the centre of the
room, and head back to one of the small rooms to trigger the door
to the next 3x3 room. Understand? Well, it took me awhile to get
this one, too, so let's try it.

First head to the room located at 4N 21E. This room contains the
Grey mage. Go in the room to make sure the doors are open to the
first 3x3 room you need to visit. Now it is time to start the
cycle: Blue Mage (4N 11E); Grey Mage (4N 21E). Go to the first
room. The entry is at 4N 14E, and the door should be on the south
wall. Enter the room and go to the centre of the room. You will
get a message that confirms what you are doing. Now visit the Blue
Mage. Go to the second room. The door is at 6N 16E on the west
wall. Go to the centre of this room where you will receive another
message. Go back to the Grey Mage.

It's time to visit the third room now. The door is at 2N 16E on
the east wall. Go to the centre of the room, then go visit the
Blue Mage. Go to the fourth room. The door is at 4N 18E on the
north wall. Go to the centre of the room. Visit the Grey Mage, and
start all over again with the first room. Do this a total of three
times; when you get to the fourth room on the third cycle, you
should get the next Wand segment.


Could it be? The last segment? Yes! It's time to go get the last
one. Ready? Of course you are! The Destiny Stone is located in

The first thing you need to find is location 20N 6E. It is north
of the entrance. Just head north. There are no secret doors, so it
should not be hard to find. After finding this location, you will
be teleported to 20N 10E. Go south until you reach a solid wall,
then go west until you hit a wall (17N 8E). Now, just follow the
corridor north. Walls will close in behind you as you start down
the hall heading east. The corridor will take you to 16N 8E. Here
you will have to answer a question. The answer is "Near." After
answering the question, you will be teleported to 13N 8E. This is
a large room. The exit to the next level is at 3N 17E.

Level two is very easy. You should find yourself in a small room
at 3N 17E. Go to the northeast corner of the room (4N 18E), and
kill the statue. Go to the smaller room at 3N 18E. This will
teleport you to the next level.

This is it: The last level! The first place you need to find is
17N 18E. There is a secret door on the south wall. Go through it
and turn east. Go through this secret door, too. Location 16N 19E
will teleport you inside the snare (4N 9E). Since it will be very
hard to navigate, you should map this area!

From 4N 9E turn west, go to the west wall, then go north until you
hit the wall. From this point (9N 8E) go north one space, then
start heading northwest to 13N 1E. Here you will be posed with a
riddle. Don't worry about answering it just yet. Just answer with
anything, and you will be teleported to 12N 9E. From 12N 9E go
south two steps, then turn west and go through the door. The
answer is "Zen Master." Let him lead the party. Go straight east
to 10N 13E, which should teleport you to 10N 14E.

To exit this room go south, then go to 12N 18E, which is in the
northeast corner. The answer is "Gale." Give what you receive to
the Zen Master, go down to 8N 18E, and zip through the secret door
to the south. You should be at 7N 18E.

Have you ever wondered what those arrows in back of your BARD'S
TALE II manual were for? Well, you're about to find out. Follow
the first set of arrows, and they should put you before a door to
the north. Go through the door, and you will be teleported back to
4N 9E (this is where you entered the snare). Now find 13N 1E (the
riddle I told you to answer wrong) and give the answer "Storm
Fists." This will teleport you to 8N 14E. From here go back to the
start of the maze at 7N 18E.

(Note: I think you start using the arrows at 7N 18E, but it may be
at 8N 18E. If it doesn't work the first time, this is the case.)
Now, use the second set of arrows, and answer the riddle again
(same answer). Keep going through the maze until you've used all
the sets of the arrows. After the last set is used, you will be
teleported to 11N 16E. Go north, then take the door leading west
at 13N 16E. The answer is "Arkast." Go north one. You get a
message telling you where Lagoth Zanta is. You should also get the
last Wand segment. This segment casts the Brothers Kringle spell.

After you leave the dungeon, head for the Temple of Narn. It's the
building to the east of Corinth and the Sage. When you get here,
give your Archmage all the segments, then forge the Wand. Now kill
Lagoth Zanta! Your party is now strong enough to rise to the
challenge set forth in the final confrontation: THE BARD'S TALE


This monster reference will try to help you identify most of the
monsters you will encounter. This reference tries to show all the
monsters you will encounter in the realm. The first number will
tell you how dangerous the monster is. The second number warns you
about the monsters special powers, so always refer to this chart.

       1st Number            2nd Number

       1 = Easy              0 = Regular Attack       5 = Drain
       2 = Medium            1 = Cast Spells          6 = Cause
       3 = Hard              2 = Breath Fire/frost    7 =
       4 = Very Hard         3 = Phaze Spell Point    8 = Critical
       5 = Dangerous         4 = Poison               9 = Turn To

                                 Words Of Wisdom

                             Near           Earth
                             Endurable      Compassed
                             Death Sword    Fountain
                             Kazdek         Mangar
                             Dervak         Pass
                             Wise One       Wise
                             Fred           Staff of War
                             Havoc          Zen Master
                             Still          Staff of Old
                             Arkast         Gale
                             Storm Fist     Aram
                             Freeze         Please

                              MONSTER REFERENCE

       ABYSSIANS.....3  0   DRAGON MALAR...5 23
GUARDS...........3  0
       ARAGADOOM.....3  4   DRAGON MAZE....5  2
HAWKINS..........3  0
       ARCHERS.......3  0   DRAGON TOY.....5  2
HAZER............3  3
       ARN WRAITH....5 15   DRAGON VOOR....5  2   HEAD
BANGER......3  0
       ASSAIANS......2  0   DRAGON VREN....5  2   HOUND
SPRITES....4  1
       ASTRAL GUARDS.2  0   DRAGON WEB.....5 24
HOWLER...........3  0
       AXEMEN........2  0   DRAGON ZONE....5  2
HUNTER...........3  8
       BANDER........3  1   DREADNOUGHTS...3  2
ICEHOLES.........3  1
       BARBARIAN.....2  0   DRENS..........2  0   ICHORS
FIENDS....4  1
       BASALICK......5  9   DUST SOLDIERS..3  0
INGROID..........4  4
       BATTLE LORD...2  0   DUST SAMURAI...3  0   JACK OF
       BE FAR WIZARD.2  0   DUST WIZARD....3  1   JACK OF
HEARTS...4  1
       BERSERKER.....2  0   ENFORCER.......3  0   JACK OF
SPADES...4  1
       BLACK SKULL...3  4   EVIL DOERS.....3  1   JACK OF
SPADES...4  1
       BLOOD SUCKER..5 15   FAR ARCHERS....3  0
KINSTRALS........3  1
       BLOOD WRAITH..5 15   FAZERS.........3  1
KNIFEMAN.........3  0
       BLOODMEN......5  5   FIRE GUARDS....3  2
KNIFEMEN.........3  0
       BLUE GHOST....5  5   FIRE MASTER....3  2
KOBOLDS..........3  0
       BOGSTER.......4  6   FLAME GUARD....3  2   KWI
CHANG........3  0
       BONEMEN.......3  1   FLAME MAGE.....3  2
LARRY............3  0
       BRAGART.......2  0   FLAME MASTER...3  2
LEAPER...........3  0
       BROCKTER......2  0   FLAME SCION....3  2
LICHES...........4 14
       BRUTES........3  0   FLAME SPRITES..3  2   LIVING
DEAD......3  0
       BUGGER........2  0   FLAYER.........2  0   LIZARD
MEN.......3  0
       CANNIBALS.....2  0   FLESH EATER....2  0   MAD
MAGES........4  1
       CARBONITE.....4  9   FRACTER........3  9   MADCO
MAGE.......3  1
       CENTRON.......2  0   FRED...........3  0   MAGE OF
ALK......4  1
       CHAMPION......2  0   FRIGHTS........3  0   MAJOR
DOMOS......3  0
       CLOUDMEN......2  0   GARSLAYER......3  8
MAKER............3  1
       COOL DUDES....2  0   GHAST..........5  5
MAKRONS..........3  0
       CORPES........3  0   GHOST FORCE....5  5   MAN
MASHER.......4  0
       CRAMBOS.......2  0   GHOST GORE.....5 15
MANTISE..........3  4
       CRYPT KILLER..3  0   GHOST MAUL.....5 15
MANWALL..........4 15
       CRYPT KNIGHT..3  0   GHOUL MAUL.....5 15   MASTER
MAGE......3  1
       CRYSLAR.......3  0   GIANT BLACK....3  0   MASTER
SWORD.....3  0
       CYCLONE.......3  0   GIANT BOSCO....4  9   MATT
DOP.........3  0
       DARK ACOLUTE..3  1   GIANT DEATH....4  0   MAZE
LIZARD......3  0
       DARK MAGES....3  0   GIANT FAR......4  0
MEDARRCH.........3 12
       DARK VAMPIRE..5 15   GIANT JAG......4  4
MEDUSA...........5  9
       DAZZLER.......3  0   GIANT MIST.....3  0   MICRO
MAGE.......4  1
       DEAD KING.....4 15   GIANT POISON...4  1   MIND
MIMICS......3  0
       DEATH DEALER..3  1   FIANT POWER....4  0   MINZU
DIALS......4  4
       DEATH GHOUL...3  1   GIANT PUMEL....3  4
MONGREL..........3  0
       DEATH REAPER..3  0   GIANT ROCK.....4  9   MONK
MELEE.......3  0
       DEATH SWORD...3  0   GIANT WAR......3  0   MONK
MENZO.......3  0
       DENIZEN POIS..4  4   GIANT ZADO.....4  4   MUTI
MAGE........3  1
       DESICATOR.....3 14   GIANT ZAG......4  4   NINJA
GREY.......3  8
       DEVIL DOGS....2  0   GIANT ZONE.....4  0
NINJA............3  8
       DEVOURERS.....2  0   GIANTS CAVE....2  0   NITE
DWELLER.....3  0
       DIMOND DOGS...2  0   GIANTS.........4  1
OFFICER..........3  0
       DOPPLEGANGER..4  7   GNOLLS.........3  1   OGRE
HERO........3  1
       DRAGON BLUE...5  2   GOLEM MIKE.....5  9
OGRE.............3  1
       DRAGON BRASS..5 12   GOLEM RACK.....4  9   ORC
WARRIORS.....3  0
       DRAGON DEATH..5 28   GOLEM STONE....4  9
ORCS.............3  0
       DRAGON DRAIN..5 25   GOZEM..........3  0   PHAZ-
MONSTER.....3  3
       DRAGON GARD...5  4   GREKLIN........3  1
PICKPOCKET.......3  0
       DRAGON GRIN...5  2   GREY ACOLYTES..4  1   PIT
SKRULL.......4  2
       DRAGON GRIND..5  2   GROPER.........4  5   POGO
MEN.........3  4
       DRAGON KEEL...5  2   GUARDIANS......4  9
       DRAGON KRAE...5  2   GUARDS MEN.....4  0
PYROS............3  1
       RACKNID MEN...3  4   SLARGGOTH......3  0   TITAN
AIR........3  0
       RAK MONGER....3  1   SLAYER LORD....3  8   TITAN
LAND.......3  0
       RANGER........2  0   SLAYER.........3  8   TOMB
GUARDS......3  0
       ROCK BLOCK....3  0   SLIMER.........3  0
TRANSLYAN........5  5
       SAHARA GUARDS.3  1   SORCERER.......3  1
       SAMURAI.......3  0   SORON..........3  1   TROLL
MASTER.....3  1
       SANCRILAR.....3 12   SOUL SUCKER....3  1
TROLL............3  1
       SARGON........3  1   SPECTERES......3  1   TROY
DOP.........3  1
       SCARBLADER....5 12   SPELL CASTER...3  1   UNDEAD
FRED......3  1
       SHADOW LORD...3  1   STALKER........3  0   VAMPIRE
LORD.....5 15
       SHADOW........3  1   STATUE.........3  0
VAMPIRE..........5  5
       SINISTERS.....3  1   STEELFIST......3  0
VIKINGS..........3  0
SHADE......3  0
       SKELEMEN......3  1   SUNNONER.......3  1
WARLOCK..........3  1
       SKULL WARDEN..3  0   SWORDMEN.......3  0
WIGHT............3  4
       SLAGOTHS......3  1   TANDERCLAW.....3 46   WILLO
WISP.......4  1
                            THRASHER.......3  0   ZOMBIE
KING......3 14

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