Barbie Secret Agent (walkthrough)

Barbie Secret Agent 

by LOZ64/Allison



1. Author's Ramble

2. Introduction

3. BG Story

4. Controls, Modes, Tools and Characters/Enemies

5. The Walkthrough

6. Puzzles

7. Ending

8. Disclaimer and stuff


1. Author's Ramble


Hey there everyone! This is my first Walkthrough at so please enjoy (hears crickets).
I just wanted to write a walkthrough for what I belive to be the best Barbie game made. All the
others were very crappy (I should know- I've played them) and I think that Mattel was actually
trying this time to make a challenging game for little girls. It took me less than an hour to beat
the game because half of it was cutscenes and unesscessary stuff, but it will give a challenge to
younger children. You hardcore gamer-type folk won't like this game, go get GTA2 or something. I
felt the need to make this walkthrough because some parts of the game are (gasp!) confusing.
Enough of my rambling, on to the juicy stuff!


2. Introduction


This game is pretty easy to beat if you are not someone who gives up easily. Basically, as the name
implies, you are a "secret agent" trying to solve a mystery. Nothing too big. There is no lose or
win or live or die. No violence either (I would have liked to see some enemy that tries to kill
Barbie and she shoots him with her shiny pink pistol) so this game is pretty linear and has few
obstacles. The bad part is that the game never changes!! The bad guy is always the same. But during
the course of the game, you get to travel to many exotic cities plus a hidden one you get at the
end. You will have to talk to some people to get clues and use items to find more clues.


3. BG Story


You can listen to the stuff at the beginning of the game but here is a quick plot summary.
Barbie and her friends Ken, Christie and Becky have been summoned by Teresa to come to New York
to investigate a mystery. When they get there, Barbie finds out that Teresa has been making a hot
new fashion for the fashion show in some cheap little tent. But the problem is that the cloth to
make it has been stolen (gasp). The point of the game is to find out who the crook is, why he/
she stole the fabric, and catch the crook and return the cloth. You also find out that the crook
has stolen other items, such as some dye, a special stone, and a rare plant. O_o;


4. Controls, Modes, Tools and Characters/Enemies



The game uses the keyboard keys to move and the mouse button to click on things and use tools.

Up: Walk forward (hold down)
Down: Walk backwards (hold down)
Left: Turn left (hold down)
Right: Turn right (hold down)

Remember, Barbie can only stay on paths. Because she is in a 3D environment, she will get stuck if
you hang her up near a corner. Use the mouse button to use tools in the Bracelet Menu and to solve
most puzzles. Run into stuff to activate it or run into people to talk to them. If you go the wrong
way, Barbie will correct you.


You will have to change modes during parts of the game and pick Barbie's outfit.

Action: Barbie can run (horray!) and jump. To jump, you press the spacebar and hold forward to go
to the platform you are aiming for, or over the lasers. You can also jump backwards and side to
side too. You will have to follow people too, so be fast!

Stealth: Barbie sneaks around (is anyone going to notice the flashy pink outfit??) and can tumble
in this mode. Spacebar+forward makes her roll and she can roll to avoid enemies and detection
objects. But, time your roll carefully because she might hit her head on the lasers. On the map,
you can see the "sight" of the enemy (looks like a lighthouse beacon) and avoid that area. To
escape cameras, walk directly under them.

Adventure: Normal mode. Barbie just walks. She solves most puzzles and talks to most people in this


Outfit Changer: I don't know what the point of this is, but you can change Barbie's outfits for
every mode change.

Clue-Decoder: Comes up when you need to open a locked object. It brings up a little puzzle you
need to solve. The puzzles are really easy!

Compact: Use this by clicking on it in the Bracelet Menu. When you are near to a guard's line of
sight, just use the compact and Barbie will blow the compact dust on him. He will be temporarily
stunned and you can waltz on by him into the "forbidden" area. It don't last forever so hurry up
with your buisness before he sees you again.

Spy Puppy: This thing looks like a Poo-Chi toy. You use it to get into small areas Barbie can't
fit through and to distract guards. The toy will lead the guard to wherever it goes. It's controls
are the same as Barbie's. Press Spacebar to jump. Click the icon in the Bracelet Menu to exit.

Pink Vision Glasses: Yuck. Use this to see secret things that you can't see with your eyes. The
red arrow on the glasses will tell you where the hidden clue is. The glasses will tell you when
you are not supposed to use them yet. Use spacebar to get out of this mode.

Wrist Glider: Barbie flies like Superman! The view is like the PV glasses, and you use the glider
to get to higher areas. You have to find the target (whick is usually highlighted by sparkles) and
Barbie will use the glider to get on top of the high platform.

Perfume Tracker: You will only use this twice in the game. Use it next to the person and they will
be shown on the map as a green dot.

Camera: Take pictures with this. You don't need to click or anything, just pick the right spot and
Barbie tells you when to use the camera.

Lipstick Recorder: Place this somewhere inconspicuous and it will record private information. Used


Barbie: The heroine of the game and the character you control. She goes and spies for missions and
has lots of "moves". She is no longer the teacher or pet doctor!

Becky: The girl in a wheelchair. She helps you out the most and her face appears on the watch thing.

Camille Sasoon: A suspect in the mystery. She is a famous fashion designer and will be in the show.

Chamelion: The real thief. Guess who it really is...

Christie: The black girl. She pilots the plane and runs the computer database.

Ken: He co-pilots the plane and gives you the Perfume Tracker. Male power.

Mr. Johnson: The director of the fashion show. He's the guy with a beret that looks like a beatnik.
Another suspect.

Shop of Wonders owner: The fat lady in a brown dress. She owns the puzzle box with the Gail stone.

Mrs. Tanaka: The Japanese lady. She knows a lot about strange stuff like dye and Gystombie plants.

Teresa: She is the girl who is missing her fashion and her mind. Near the end she makes a special
suit for Barbie.

Dr. Xavier: The plant researcher who inadvertently helps the bad guys. She knows the most about
the Gystombie plant.


Guards: Regular guards with often limited vision will be dressed in a suit or a security outfit.
Egypt guards have a tan outfit with a red sash. Rio guards have pink suits. Elite guards have the
most sight and have nicer looking suits with red or green collars. When Barbie gets caught, they
tell her she is in a restricted area and she returns to the start of the level. You can stun them
with the Compact to avoid their sight for a limited time. Rolling in front of them works too.

Laser: These are red lines that go across the hallways. Roll under them to avoid being detected.
Some move up and down, some move diagonally, some don't move, and one is blinking.

Camera: These things have longer, narrower sights and sometimes move back and forth. Avoid them by
hiding directly under them, and go forward when the camera is facing the opposite way.

Spotlight: There is only one in the game, and it has the most vision out of all enemies. Avoid
them as if they were a camera.


5. The Walkthrough


Okay, after the introduction is done and you have entered your name and stuff, go to the Training
Room and learn stuff there. After you have learned the basics for the three modes, go to the map
and select New York.

New York

Once in NY, go to the boxes and change into Action mode (it automatically switches modes for you).

Jump on the first level of boxes. Jump down. Go until you are blocked, then jump on the lone box
to your left and jump across to the next level in front of you. Drop down into the area below, then
jump on the lone box to your left. Jump up to the next level. Jump to the other next level, then
drop down. You will see Teresa (the girl with pink pants).

Talk to her, then turn around until you see a policeman. Go towards the fashion tent and flash
the guard with your Compact. Then go near the tent and you will talk to Mr. Johnson and Camille.
After the dialogue, stun the guard at the tent entrance and enter it. Inside the tent, you need
to stun the guard and go to the area behind him. Head all the way behind the stage to the left,
and look at the invitation to end this "level".

Back on the Plane

After the cutscene, you have a choice to go to the Embassy Ball in Paris or to visit Mrs. Tanaka
in Tokyo. I'll cover Tokyo first, but you can choose Paris if you like.


Here, you talk to Mrs. Tanaka. Then follow the man through the streets.

Mrs. Tanaka points to the left of where you are. Go to the left, and when you see an alleyway, go
through it. The man should be to your left when you go out of the alleyway. Then when he locks
himself in, look behind you and go to the next building on the same block. Use the Wrist Glider
on the pole on the far right corner on the roof of the building. Then jump across to the next
building. Next you have to jump on the roof that is behind the building with the boxes on it.
Then jump onto the building with the boxes on it. Then, jump up on the box stairway that is the
furthest from you. Jump down onto the next box down, then jump to your right to get to the balcony
with a window on it. Take a picture with the camera.

Then go into the building which is now open, go upstairs, and look at the safe. Solve the sliding
picture puzzle and press the blue button at the bottom of the clue-decoder. You are done and can
go to Paris after the short cutscene.


Whee! I've always wanted to go to the ball!! Anyways, head upstairs and to your left. Talk to the
girl up there, then go back downstairs and stun the guard. Go through the door.

When you get into Stealth mode, roll through the 3 lasers and go out the door in front of you.
In this area, you can go either to your right or left. At the middle of the maze, go to the right
or to the left, stun the guard and go to the bowl that is in the arches. Solve the puzzle by
rotating the pieces until they fit each other. Remember, they have to be right side up and will
make a stone noise when the piece fits. After you open the corridor, enter the area. There are
two moving lasers up ahead. If you time it right you can go through both at the same time. Go
through the area, then look at the bolt of cloth. You are done and can go to Tokyo if you have
not done so already.

Back on the Plane

You learn that the fabric can become invisible with the dye and two other hidden elements. So you
have to go to Egypt to check out the Majestic Market and find clues.


First, go forward until you are close to the fat lady in a brown dress. Then turn left and go forward.
Talk to the fat man in white and you will change into Stealth mode.

Then when you have control, go to your left and through the corridor. After the cutscene head to
your left. Go to the section behind the boxes and sneak through, wary of the man that patrols the
area to your right. Go up to the lone box to watch the people. From there, go around the boxes and
use the PV glasses on the pot to see a symbol. Write it and all other symbols down. Then turn
around and go down that corridor to the end. Go through the archway. When you have control, go to
where the two torches are. Then turn to your left. There will be two guards to watch out for here.
Go through the crack between the boxes, then go all the way to the right. Roll through forwards
to escape the guard there, then immediatly turn to the left. Go through the crack and roll in
front of the guard. Then look at the sparkling pot with the PV glasses and proceed forwards. Go
until you see an archway, then go in the archway. When you have control, go out and to your right.
Go through the archway that looks like a keyhole. When you have control, head to your left and
around to where the sparkly thing is behind the boxes and use the PV glasses on the pot when the
cutscene is finished. Be careful of the guard behind the wall there! Then go behind you to that
area where the lady went and talk to the man in blue. He will ask you to provide a code for entry
and you will have to give it to him like a game of Mastermind on the clue-decoder. Remember the
symbols you hopefully wrote down? After you gain access, enter the area and put the Lipstick
Recorder on the desk. Then head to the box, look at the receipt, then exit through the door.
Outside, walk to the right and Barbie will change into Action mode.

Use the Wrist Glider on the pole on top of the building, then run to your left. Jump over the
stair, then go and jump through that narrow area to the other side. You can use the canopy to
help you. Use the balance beam on the other side of the roof to get across and go to the shadowed
area. Run through the hallway, then jump onto the small ledge and onto the roof. Then jump to the
cut in the building and run through the hallway.

After changing into Adventure mode, turn around until you see another fat man (too many obese folks
in this city, huh?) in pink. Talk to him, then use the PV glasses on the dress. The symbols always
seem to be scarab, scorpion and flower. You are done in Egypt!

Back on the Plane

You learn that the crook's name is Chamelion and that he/she is looking for a rare plant called
the Gystombie plant. There is a lead in New York. Barbie thinks that there is a clue in Paris, and
Mrs. Tanaka may know where the Gystombie plant grows. I will cover New York first, but you can go
to these three places in any order you want.

New York

When you have control, go and at the first fork in the road, turn right. It's pretty linear from
here, so go up to the tent and go behind the boxes. Take a picture of the man. The end!


When in Paris, go to the left and roll under the laser when it is at the highest point (it moves
diagonaly!). Then go through the stairs and roll under the lasers while going. Then go through the
door. There are lasers and guards here so be careful! My advice is to hug the left wall while
rolling through the lasers, then hide behind the box and wait for the guard to go over to the table.
Then go around to the left of the statue and through the door on the other side. Once in the maze,
hurry to the obelisk (tall pointy statue) in the middle and you will have a puzzle. The answer is
always fat bug, scorpion and tulip. Enter the area, then at the end of the corridor it's mode
change time.

Jump on the platforms (I suggest you do this slowly) and be careful of the moving platform. At
the end, you will see a room with pictures of the cities. Use the PV glasses on the painting of
Paris and walk on the squares in the order indicated. You will know if you got it right if a sparkle
appears. When you solve it, you will see a research document and will be finished.


After Mrs. Tanaka tells you about the Gystombie plant, you will have to change into Action mode.

Go to the left and behind the building. Use the Wrist Glider on the pole, then jump down onto the
sign ledge and onto the building ledge. From there jump onto the next ledge and jump across to the
gray ledge. Jump onto the darker gray thing and go across to jump onto the final building ledge.
Then jump down into the garden and to the door. Solve the Mastermind puzzle, then it's cutscene
time. You are finished!


You will automatically go to Rio after you finish the three locations. First, head to your left
and to the little white archway. Talk to the lady, then exit and go to the third house from your
left. After Ken gives you the Perfume Tracker and Becky explains how to use it, exit the house and
go all the way to the left to the stone archway. Go through it all the way. In this area, go to
the greenhouse that is behind the central building and talk to Dr. Xavier. Then spray her with the

After you change modes, head over to the right and stun the man in pink. When you enter the door,
go and roll under the lasers one at a time. In the next area, go behind the boxes to your far left
and proceed, wary of the camera. In the next area, it's helpful to stun the guard. In the area
after that, wait until the camera is facing the other side and go around the bunk. Then quickly
go around and under the camera. Wait until it is facing the other side, then proceed into the next
area. Proceed in the hallway until you see a camera. Wait until the camera is facing the side away
from you, then hide directly under it and sprint to the next area. Then keep going and exit through
the door. Outside, head over to your right and look at Dr. Xavier and the man talking. Then take
a picture and you are done with this level!

Back on the Plane

Now you have to figure out who is in the picture. It's a slide puzzle. Then you find out it's Mr.
Johnson (the dumb looking man from the fashion show). You now have the option of going to Tokyo.


From your position, head over to the left and to Mrs. Tanaka's store. Talk to her, then go outside
and forwards. Follow the street until you get to the intersection, then enter the door.

I hate this level. Inside the warehouse, go and wait under the camera (I'm assuming you know the
deal about them, right?) and when you have the chance, go under the next one. Wait until it faces
the other way, then roll under the laser. In this room, wait under the camera, then proceed. In
this room, if you go into the narrow space too fast you might get caught, so wait until it is
facing the opposite way, then hide in the furthest corner next to the door from you. Wait for the
camera, then go to the next area.

When you change modes, look for a box on the level that you can jump, then jump on it and down,
Avoid the camera, then look to your left and jump over those boxes and into the cut in the floor.
From there, look for a lone box again and jump up and onto the next level. Jump down on the other
side, then enter the door. Once in Stealth mode again, it's time for more cameras and lasers. Go
down the stairs and go any direction you want. Then it's time to get the Poo-Ch.. I mean Spy Puppy.
Use him to move the guard to the room on the other side, then go to the computer to unlock the
electric door. The guards in here have HUGE sights, so be careful. Try to make your way to the
room on the far left of the room you unlocked. There is a guard in this mini room so dust him and
talk to Mr. Johnson. The idiot has thrown his bag into the room so use the Spy Puppy to get it.
You are finished!

Back on the Plane

You find out who the REAL villain is, and learn that she is going to steal all of the jewels in the
world using her invisible suit that she created with the five elements. So you can go to Rio to
check out the plant sample that was in Mr. Johnson's bag, or go to New York to have Teresa make a
translucent (not quite invisible) suit to fool Chamelion. I will cover Rio first.


When you are in Rio, exit your pavillion and head over to the stone archway to the far left. When
you are at the garden, go to the first greenhouse you see to the right. Talk to Dr. Xavier, then
follow her to the door. Enter the door, then you have to fix the sprinkler system by doing another
slide puzzle. When you are finished, exit the corridor and go to the center building by going around
the greenhouse. Talk to her, then you will have to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Simple as that. Then
the doctor will tell you that the plant grows in the Himalayas and that is where Camille's
hideout is!

New York

When you go to New York, it's all a cutscene. Barbie gets a new outfit that will be translucent,
and you get to see it. Cool colors, huh?

Back on the Plane

I thought there were four elements, but they claim that there are five. Dye, Gystombie plant, fabric
and Gail stone. Oh well, you have to go to Egypt and find the magical Gail stone.


First turn to your left and go through the archway. Then turn to the right and go through the next
archway. Then talk to the fat lady in the brown dress. Dumb lady needs her dagburn key, so go all
the way back to your starting position and forward until you see the food shop owner (lady in a
blue dress). Talk to her, then go back and give the key to the fat lady. When the puzzle comes up,
make the sun and diamond symbols match up.

Turns out Camille was bluffing, so you need to set the Gail stone at the area to the left of you.

When the mode changes, go outside the area and use the Wrist Glider to get to the top of the
building. Then chase Camille to the other side by jumping. In the next area, use the magic carpet
to get to the other side, then jump to the other side of the roof. When you hear the helicopter
noise, the game tends to be slow here. Camille will get away and you will be picked up and brought
to the final level!!


Cool, you are at the secret hideout! Now, go straight until Barbie says "we need to get up there"
and use the Wrist Glider to get up on top of the ledge. Then quickly run to your left and to the
computer screen. Solve the Mind Master puzzle, then go to the left side of the cave where the force
field was. Then you will put on your new suit and be in Stealth mode.

Keep going until you get to the door. In this room, you need to use the Spy Puppy one last time
to lure the 3 guards into the room in the center. Then make Barbie go to the computer and close
the door on the guards, Then enter the door at the end. In the next hallway, roll under the laser.
Evade the camera, then you will see two lasers. The first one moves, so be careful. Next there
will be another camera, then a camera that does not move. Next, there is a back and forth laser,
followed by an up and down one. The next area will have several lasers close together, so take it
slowly. After that, go through the door. In the next room, there are guards and one camera, so I
suggest hugging the right side of the room. In the next section there is a spotlight. Avoid it like
a regular camera, but with HUGE sight. After the spotlight there are 3 stationary lasers. Then
enter the door. In the next room, look to the left and you will see a metal plate on the wall.
Look at it with the PV glasses. Then turn around and go between the crack of the guards' sights.
Solve the puzzle using the numbers. Then you will see Camille.

Follow her through the tunnel and jump over the lasers. Then use the Wrist Glider and jump over
the final laser to get to the door. In this room jump over the lasers and boxes and be careful
not to fall down. Some lasers here will be blinking. Next, in the room where the alarm is ringing,
jump up the stairs. Walk on the platform to the right and jump on the platforms to get to the upper
level. Go to the ladder. Then, at the final area, catch Camille by cutting across the boxes and
juming over them. You have to touch her in a short time before she gets to the ladder. Congrats!

Back on the Plane

Teresa has gotten her fashions back and Camille has been put in jail. You have beaten this game!


7. Ending


Well, that's it! I hope that you had some kind of amusement in this easy game. You can go and play
again, but there will be no change. What you also can do is look at the other thing on the main
menu, which simply allows you to see Barbie's outfits in the game. Not much fun, eh? Or you could
time yourself to see how fast you can complete the game. Or hack the game and make it look funny.
I don't know or care.

If you don't have this game, I recommend that you don't get it with your own money. If you do, you
will not find much replay value in it. But you probably might have fun with it again in a couple
of years later.


8. Disclaimer


Secret Agent Barbie, Barbie, her friends, the software and all likenesses are all copyrighted
property of Mattel. I don't own any of this, neither do I make a claim. Besides, it's just a

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