Baldur’s Gate (walkthrough)

Baldur's Gate

by Al Giovetti
Updated March 7, 1999. We intend to keep adding to this site
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This was the first walkthrough for Baldur's Gate on the internet
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Baldur's Gate Cheats
Baldur's Gate Hints
Baldur's Gate World Map with number key to the main maps
The Main Plotline

Prologue in Candle Keep, map 2600
Chapter One: Journey to the Friendly Arm Inn, map 2300
Beregost, map 3300
Chapter 2: Naskell, map 4800
Naskell Fair, map 4900
Naskell Iron Mines and end of chapter 2, map 5400
Farms and Fishermen north of Friendly Arm Inn, map 1400
Chapter 3: Larswood, map 2900
Peldvale North of Larswood, map 2400
Wood of Sharp Teeth
Bandit Camp and end of Chapter 3, map 1900
Chapter 4: Cloakwood Forest, maps 2200, 2100, 1600, 1700 and 1800
Cloakwood One, west of Friendly Arm Inn, map 2200
Cloakwood Two, west of Cloakwood One, map 2100
Cloakwood Three, west of Cloakwood Two, map 1600
Cloakwood Four, east of Cloakwood Three, map 1700
Cloakwood Mines, east of Cloakwood Four, map 1800
Chapter 5: Baldur's Gate
Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeep, map 2600
Chapter 7: Baldurs Gate after Candlekeep
End Game: Baldur's Gate Undercity and Temple of Bhaal
The side quest areas of the game:

Crossroads of the Coastway and the Way of the Lion, map 2800
Shipwreck north of lighthouse south of Candlekeep, map 3100
Beregost Temple District just east of Beregost, map 3400
High Hedge just west of Beregost, map 3200
Basilisk Area east of Beregost Temple District, map 3500
Sea Watcher Ruins, map 3600
Stonehenge NW of Lake House, map 3700
Lil Caster School, map 3900
Gullykin, map 4000
Durlag's Tower
Minesite 2, map 4100
Lake House NW of Naskell, map 4200
Farm NE of Naskell, map 4400
Fire Wine Bridge Ruins, map 4500
North of the Gnoll Fortress, map 4600
Xvart Village, map 4700
The Tombs, map 5000
Gnoll Fortress, map 5100
Pine Forest East of Gnoll Fortress, 1 day south of the Xvart
Darryl, Darryl and Larry area, 12 hours South of Nashkell, 5300
East Giberling Camp, map 5500
Ulgoth's Beard
Tenya's House, map 0400
Baldur's Gate Bridge, map 0900
Baldur's Gate Side Quests
Baldur's Gate Northwest, map 0100
Baldur's Gate North-central, map 0200
Baldur's Gate Northeast, map 0300
Baldur's Gate West-central, map 0600
Baldur's Gate Central-central, map 0700
Baldur's Gate East-central, map 0800
Baldur's Gate South-west, map 1100
Baldur's Gate South-central, map 1200
Baldur's Gate South-east, map 1300
Baldur's Gate Sewers and Undercellars
Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
Chapter-by-Chapter Walkthrough by CyberMouse


You get the maps that I refer to when you press the "L" key while
in the game play screen (Press the ESC key to get there from
almost any other screen). When the L key is depressed the text
area of the game will give you the coordinates at the mouse
pointer and the number of the map that you are on.
The game is designed to have an experience cap at 89,000
experience points. Your mage will not be allowed to get more than
89,000 points until they come out with the game sequel. If you
want to you can use an experience cap remover program, which is on
the Baldur's Gate Cheats page. Read both the walkthrough and the
cheats page for more on this.
You can complete the game by going to Gorion in Candlekeep to end
the prologue, go to Naskell to end chapter 1, defeat Mulahey in
the last level of the mines to end chapter 2, enter Tazok's tent
in the Bandit Camp to end chapter 3, flood the mines in Cloakwood
to end chapter 4, talk to Scar and Duke Eltan and end chapter 5,
get out of the candlkeep ruins to start the final battle in
chapter 6, go to the corronation at the palace and save Belt from
Sarevoks henchmen to end chapter 7, and Kill Sarevok in the
Baldur's Gate Undercity to end the game.
The main plot is somewhat boring when compared to all the side
quests that you can do and the map areas you can explore. We have
listed the map areas and side plots in the chapters when you first
have access to them. You can either run through the game quickly
or do these map areas.
I could not find how to move scrolls into your spell book. R-CLick
on scroll, click "Write Magic." Right click on the scroll, if
there is a button on it saying, "write spell" at the bottom of the
screen then click on it, Now it's in your book. If no write magic
button appears, this means you cannot scribe the scroll into your
book because, you already have it or you are not a mage. Writing a
spell to your spellbook is _not_ guaranteed; sometimes you'll fail
to write it. considering this, it's a real good idea to quick-save
before you start trying to scribe spells; some spells don't come
up very often at all (fireball, lightning bolt), so you want to
make sure you get them while you can. :)
Druid's are limited to leather and natural armors because of their
mythos not because of casting restrictions. When they are multi-
class they must keep the weapon restrictions but don't have the
armor ones. So you can put plate on Judhera and still have her
cast her Druid spells. Clerics and Druids can wear any armor.
Always leave a slot open to pick up roaming NPCs. Return the NPCs
to the Inns and disband them. You can note where you let them go
and pick them up later if you have a desire to do so. If you
dismiss NPCs in a dangerous area they will be lost forever.
Candle Keep, map 2600

Save your game.
Do NOT speak to Gorion, who is on the steps in the center of
Candlekeep, yet.
Explore all of Candle Keep.
Get scroll from Tethoril found in the inner courtyard. Enter the
inner courtyard at the southeast portion of the map near the gate.
Give scroll to Firebeard.
Speak to Reevor the dwarf who is standing just outside the
warehouse in the east side of Candlekeep. Kill the rats for
Reevor. Return to Revor to report your success.
Speak to Hull found near the front gate on lower right. Get Hull's
sword from his chest in the guard house in the lower portion
(south) of candlekeep. Get Hull's sword and the healing potion
from Hull's chest in the northeast (upper right) corner of the
Get book in the hay next to Dreppin. Dreppin is in the upper right
(north-east) portion near the cow. Give the book to Phlydia who is
in the upper left portion (north-west).
Kill assassin in the bunkhouse near the guard house in south
center (lower center).
Kill assassin in the priest quarters near the Inn.
Get potion from priest in priest bunks in the south (lower) part
of Candlekeep.
The Gatewarden in the south (lower center) can provide experience
by fighting battles of illusion.
Buy a bow, a short sword, arrows, and one leather armor from
Winthrop the innkeeper inside the inn at the northwest of the map
(where you came into the game).
Get bolts from Winthrop at the inn and give them to Fuller, who is
in the Guard House in the south west to center of the map.
Get everything that is not nailed down.
Speaking to Gorion starts the cut scene that takes you out of
Candlekeep never to return.
Friendly Arm Inn, map 2300

After the cut scene animation, You will appear one map area to the
east (right) of candlekeep, map 2700. This map appears as a circle
of stones on the large automap view within the game.
Imoen will approach you if you did not rebuff her in candlekeep.
Imoen will join your party.
Give Imoen your extra equipment.
Go back to where you and Gorion were attacked and pick up the
gold, items and the letter.
In the east (right side) of the map near the road are two evil
characters who can join your party with some negative
consequences. Take Montaron and Xzar along, if you need more
Explore the entire map, 2700.
You will have some random encounters with giberlings and wolves.
Kill them.
After exploring the entire map section head east (to the right)
and exit this map section. You are now on the crossroads map, map
2800. You will meet Elminster, the famous Shadowdale wizard,
immediately upon entering this page. He is the guy in the blue
dunce cap and red robes that says "Ho, Wanderer".
Explore the map section, map 2800.
There is a ring of protection hidden in a small hole in a round
rock to the northeast of where you enter this area.
Be sure to save before fighting the Ogre in the southeast (lower
right) part of the map grid.
Take and identify the Ogre treasure. One of the belts is cursed so
be careful.
Once you have explored this entire map area, leave the map area to
the north (go up).
You should now be at the Friendly Arm Inn, map 2300.
Save your game.
Go up the stairs to the main keep and a more skilled assassin
named Tarnesh will attack the group. Kill him.
The temple just past the stairs to the right (east) will give you
healing should you need it before or after killing the assassin.
The temple sells potions, identifies items, takes donations, and
heals. Buy a stone to flesh scroll now if you can afford it, you
will need it later at the Nashkell fair.
Once inside the Inn talk to everyone until they start repeating
Let Khalid and Jaheira in the northwest (upper left) corner of the
inn join your party.
Just north west of the gate to the Friendly Arm Inn is a door.
Within that room a woman has lost her flamedance ring. The
hobgoblins north of the Inn have the ring. Return the ring to the
Collect the reward for one the belts that you got from the Ogre on
map 2800, girdle of piercing, from Unshey upstairs on the second
level in the Inn, map 2302.
Landrin, third level of the inn, map 2303, will offer you a job in
Beregost which is south of the Inn, check your main map. Landrin
wants you to go to Beregost and clean out the giant spider
infestation in his house. Landrin also would like you to retrieve
his wine bottle, old boots, spider body, and other items from his
house. Take them all back to him for a reward for each.
The ring of wizardy is at Friendly Arm inn. Look for a pine tree
with a few rocks at its base along the the southern border of the
map (lower right edge of map). Look carefully around the tree's
base. The ring is quite small. Coordinates of ring location are
x=2554 y=3758. Pressing the L key will give you the coordinates
and the map area number to where your mouse is pointing.
Buy a book, "The History of the Fateful Coin" from the bartender
of the Inn. You will need the book in Beregost.
Going south toward Nashkel to check on the Iron shortage starts
the journey toward Baldur's Gate.
Beregost, map 3300

Hunt down the cleric Bassilus and return with the holy sign of
Cyric to Song of the Morning Temple for a 5000 gold reward.
Old Gurk in the Beregost's Jovial Juggler Inn has lost his famous
coat in Cloakwood. When you find the cloak return it to Gurk here
and he will tell you to keep it. He is making more money as a
tourist attraction to let you louse it up. If your charisma is
really high, not over 18, he may pay you for it. Gurk's cloak is a
cloak of non-detection and is found in Cloakwood #1, map area
2200, on a group of taslois.
Firebead Elvenhair wants the book: "The History of the Fateful
Coin." He is willing to pay 300 experience, +1 reputation, and the
book, "The History of the Dead Three." Firebead Elvenhair is on
the second floor of the southernmost house on the opposite side of
the street from the Feldpost Inn.
Zhurlong, a thief, is found on the first floor of the Burning
Wizard Tavern. Hobgoblins on the map area, map area 3800, to the
south of Beregost have Zhurlong's Boots of Stealth. The hobgoblins
are to the southeast of the center of the map, just south of the
cave to the west of center, have. The sunken house is almost in
the direct center of the level. Zhurlong will pay you 100gold, 300
experience, and will return the 15 gold that he picks from your
pocket when you meet.
Bjornin, a Paladin, in the Beregost's Jovial Juggler Inn wants you
to go south-south-west of town and rid the area of the half-ogres
there. Return to him for a 400 experience points and a medium
shield +1 when done. South shouth west takes you two map area
south and one map area west. This is the Lake House area or map
Peruse the very expensive magic armor and weapons at
Thunderhammer's Smithy in the central east area of the map.
Thunderhammer has Leather of Ahm +3, Full Plate, Plate breast,
long sword +1, short sword +1, long composite bow +1, crossbow of
speed, chain +1, bolts +1, stones +1, short bow +1, long composite
bow +1, sling +1, and arrows +2. This is where you can take Ankheg
carapaces and have them made into armor for 4000 gold. Taerom
Fuiruim is the smith for this smithy. The interior of the Smithy
is map 3101.
Also go to the Fieldpost Inn in the center south of the map to
find more expensive magic items. Fieldpost has biting arrows,
frost arrows, arrows +2, Long sword +1, amulet of defense +1.
Marl at the Feldpost Inn is upset because his son turned
adventurer and was killed. If you answer his queries with
responses 1, 1, 3 and 3 you will passify Marl and win experience
of 900 points. You basically say his son was a fine person, it was
not your fault he died, and that you want to have a drink with
Marl to salute his dead son. Dunkin is Marl's friend who will egg
on Marl but will not fight you. (After you do that if you have a
mage you can charm him, when the spell wears off he will attack
you and you can gain like another 900 exp. From: John Okert
A bard named Garrick, found south of the Red Sheaf Inn, wants you
to help kill some evil brutes who want to beat up Silke, the
female bard, for not playing at Fieldpost Inn. Silke, "the bard"
outside the Red Sheaf Inn in the center of town, is really an evil
mage who intends to kill the messenger for his wares. Fight her
and get her stuff.
Karlat at the Red Sheaf Inn is another assassin to kill and loot.
There is another assassin at the Jovial Juggler Inn to kill and
Lady Muriane in her house, map 3313, in the northwest wants news
of her husband who is overdue from Ahm. The house is the one with
the blue roof and off white stucco and two windows that face
south. You can enter the house from the east down the little stone
path. If you go south to the next map area and follow the road due
south until you come upon two Ogarillions with a dead halfling
body, right on the road. Search the halfling to find a letter from
Muriane's husband. Return the letter to Muraine for 300 experience
points and a ring of protection +1. Muriane's husband is returning
by sea, since the roads are unsafe and has sent this note north
with a halfling (the one who is dead on the road) so she would not
Thalantyr Keep at High Hedge keep on the next map, map 3200, to
the east of town has a shop with magical weapons.
Rules Windspear wants you to go to the Lil Caster School Ruins SE
of town and retrieve an item for him.
Perdue is in Beregost, in the Red Sheaf Inn, map 3357, where Silke
standing outside. Give him his sword, and you get 250 experience
points and 50 gold. The Gnolls around High Hold have Perdue's
short sword, 1 area west of Beregost.
In the Northeast area of the map is a mansion type house with 2
guards standing just inside the door. Upstairs in the bedroom
inside one of the desks or chests. it might be locked. The item is
a wand of monster summoning.
Kaigan, lawful-evil, dwarf, male, fighter, found at the shop north
of the Fieldpost Inn. The shop has a brown roof with a wagon out
back and it is just to the west (left) of the large Beregost sign.
Kaigan is looking for a lost noble's son, who was a passenger on
his caravan line to Baldur's Gate. Kaigan will join your group to
pursue the lost son of the noble. The son's caravan is at the
crossroads, map 2800. If you do not go to the caravan site at the
crossroads within 14 days, Kaigan will leave the group.
Chapter 3, Chloe, a child, will approach the party telling them
that Officer Jessa Vai is looking for them and can be found in the
Jolly Jester Inn.
In Chapter 3, Officer Vain of the Flaming Fist in the Jolly Jester
will pay 50 gold for each bandit scalp you bring in. Bandits are a
good source of experience and gold. You can stack 10 scalps in one
inventory slot. Bandits are found in the many areas including
Larswood and Peldvale areas.
Also in Chapter 3, Tranzig in the Feldpost Inn on the second
floor, map 3101, in the southwest (lower left) will tell you where
the bandit camp is when you question him. If he does not tell him,
just kill him when he turns red and read the letter he has on him.
Kill him so he will not notify the camp that you are coming.
In chapter 3 after reading Tranzig's letter, Elminster will appear
in front of the blacksmith shop to tell you the bandit camp is
northeast of the Friendly Arm Inn.
Chapter 3: Zurlong in the Burning Wizard Inn in Bereghost wants
you to find his boots stolen by hobgoblins. If you return his
boots of stealth to him, he will give you 150 gold. The boots of
Stealth are found in the area just south of Beregost, map area
3800. Around the middle of the map, west of the road, are a group
of Hobgoblins near a cave. One of the hobgoblins is wearing the
Boots of Stealth.
Chapter 2: Nashkell, map 4800

Chapter 2 starts when you enter Nashkell for the first time.
Neira another bounty hunter is awaiting you inside the Nashell Inn
just to the south and east of the bridge into town from the north.
This is a tough fight as she can cast hold on your group. Neira
has some nice stuff including a fancy helmet. The Innkeeper offers
rooms but no items to buy or sell.
A plain store south and east of the Inn has items for sale and to
buy. Odly this shopkeeper will not buy shields or potions.
The temple of Torm is found south-east of the store. This is where
you can get items identified and party members healed. The temple
friars also sell potions. Nalin, the priest of the temple, asks
you to return Brage to the temple - reward 1000 gold.
Just southwest of the temple of Torm you will find a fat man named
Oublek. Oublek mistakes you for Greywolf, a bounty hunter, and
wants to give you Greywolf's reward money. Admit that you are not
Greywolf and Oublek will be impressed with your honesty. You will
be rewarded with experience and your reputation will go up by a
Noobler, found on the farm in the southwest part of town across
the second bridge, will pester you forever. If you let him be and
just put up with it, the group gets 400 experience points when he
"runs out of things to say."
On the bridge to where you find Noobler, you will find Edwin, an
evil mage, who wants you to help him kill Dynaheir who he claims
is an evil witch. If you go to the Naskell Fair you will find them
arguing over something. Help the witch. I could not keep the witch
from getting killed by him.
In the south-east portion of town is a "deranged" ranger named
Minsc with a pet hamster named Boo. If you offer to help him, he
will join your group. This guy is crazy and not reliable and will
eventually turn on the group if you do not go to the Gnoll
Fortress and help him save a friend. The gnoll fortress is very
dangerous and you may not want to go here. If you do not agree to
help Minsc rescue Dynaheir from the Gnoll fortress, he will attack
The mayor, Berrun Ghastkill, will stake himself out at the
entrance to the Temple of Torm and remind you to clean out the
mines until you kill Mulheyney in the lowest level of the Naskell
mines to end chapter 3. Early in the level Berrun will give you
the task of cleaning out the mines. He claims the mines are filled
with demons. You will find out later that the demons are really
Edwin, an evil wizard from Thay standing on the southern bridge in
Naskell just south of the Belching Dragon, will tell you about the
witch Dynaheir who he asks your assistance in killing. Blow him
off and return later with Dynaheir to kill him and get his stuff.
A locked house in the south central part of the level has a woman
in the house who is looking for her husband Joseph, who
disappeared in the mines with his green stone ring. Return the
ring to the woman for experience.
Find a pearl and an Ankheg armor in the middle of the westernmost
furrow of the west central farm area that is plowed from north to
south. The item is in the center of the most western furrow near a
small pine tree. This is the second set of Ankheg armor available
in the game and is excellent armor for anyone who is weak, such as
Branwein, a cleric who you will find at the Nashkell Fair.
The locked old manor house in the west-central area holds lots of
books and scrolls on the first floor. On the second floor,
Samantha, the daughter of the nobles living here, is found. If you
talk with Samantha, her boyfriend, Jamie, who is hiding in the
closet, will emerge and pick a fight. You will loose 10 reputation
and only gain 15 experience points for killing them. You are
better off staying out of this house.
If you click on a grave in the south-west portion of the
graveyard, a red robed mage named "Daer'Ragh" will appear and warn
you not to do that again. If you click on the grave repeatedly, he
summons Phoenix warriors who blow up in a blaze of fire when you
kill them. When they blow up, the warriors resurrect. The odds of
these warriors killing your party are very high. The red robed
mage is a has 147 hit points. You must do 147 points of damage to
kill him. If your cleric manages to cast "Silence 15' " on
Daer'Ragh after you repeatedly click on the grave, Daer does not
manage to summon phoenix guards as well as dimension door away! He
can be killed quite easily and after death turns into a phoenix
guard which can be killed again (didn't ressurect itself after
death for me). Phoenix guard gives your 100 exp and Daer himself
only 10. On Daer's corpse there is around 50 gold. As a side note,
if you stand close enough (fireball radius) from Oublek the
Nashkel task master, when phoenix guard dies, he does not survive
the fire. On Oublek's corpse I found around 2500 gold and the two
emeralds I gave him previously (from Prizm quest). From:
In Chapter 3, Nimbul, another assassin will attack you outside the
Nashkell Inn. This one has nice stuff.
In the south central portion of the Nashkell map, you will find
the Belching Dragon Tavern. In the middle of the tavern you will
find Volotham Geddarm standing on the table and telling stories.
If you talk to Volo he will tell you several tales.
Nashkell Fair, map 4900

There is a statue of a cleric in the middle of the map, just south
of the large red striped rectangular tent, that will join your
party should you use a stone to flesh spell on her. She is a loyal
and good companion.
The games of chance in the larger tents seem to be rigged. I could
not win a thing.
Save the game before entering the large round tents, have a hold
person or entangle spell ready, and hit the spacebar when Vitiare,
the pickpocket thief approaches you. After the thief steals, hit
the space bar, use the scroll of hold person and then hit the
spacebar to start the time. Once held the thief can be killed to
retrieve the stolen items, gain experience, and his stuff.
The large rectangular tent has armor items for sale and purchase.
The easternmost round tent in the main fair is for sale and
purchase of weapons.
Gazib and Oopah are found at the fair. After you talk to gazib, he
summons Oopah who explodes. After three times of repeating this
Oopah gets angry.
One of the round tents in this area is where a mage named Zorda is
found arguing with Bentha, a female wizard, who is apparently
falsely accused of something. Call the male mage a moron and he
will attack you allowing you to save the female wizard. Talk to
Bentha after killing him for your reward and experience.
There are two groups of about ten kobalds in the north of the area
and one ogre beserker. Kill and loot them. The ogre beserker is
worth 650 experience points.
Naskell Iron Mines, map 5400

You need to talk to Emerson in the mine area in the northwest
corner of the level to gain access to the mines. The iron mines
are four levels deep. There is a passagway from the fourth level
to an area of undead to the east of the mines. This area of undead
is very dangerous so even if you go into the mines DO NOT exit the
fourth level into this area. You will be immediately attacked by
four high level spellcasters.
The mines are infested with kobalds. Good experience and items to
Talk to everyone here, even though they do not seem friendly.
A miner named Dink on the first level will give you Kylee's Dagger
to give to him on level two. Kylee is in the large round area on
the second level of the mines. Give Kylee his dagger for some
experience points.
Nashkell Mines Level Three: You will find the body of Joseph in
front of your party as you enter the level. Look in front of
Joseph's dead body to find his ring. Return the ring to his wife
in Naskell.
In the bottom level of the mine you will find a Mulahey, a priest
of Cyric. When you are at the door leading to the map to the west
which I call the Tombs, go back west then to the south. You should
be back to where you came in. Literally straight east of you is a
hole in the wall which you can enter. You will find him in a cool
looking room with pillows, etc. strewn about. Do NOT exit where
the travel icon shows up (that sends you out in to the wild far
west of Nashkel) on the fourth level. If you now where that exit
is, you need to go West. Its not very far. If i remember correctly
there is a little crossing over the water(, and its just on the
opposite side(the big rock is on the other side of the crossing(as
in REALLY big rock)). If you go back to where you arrived on the
level i believe there is a tunnel to the lake "room". Once there
you can go left, up and around to where the travel icon shows up,
or you can cross the water to the rock in the middle. There are
three levels to the Mines, as I recall. The three exits to go down
farther are in the SE corners of each level of the mines. The
entrance to the last level, the third, is hard to find, but head
South to where there is a ghoul and two spiders, kill those then
head east. there are traps by the door above the lake, disarm them
and enter the door (use thief skill after find traps skill) the
bad man is in the ONLY entrance across the water, there are a
couple of Kobold commandos near the entrance as a nice little
marker with their pretty fire arrows. When you kill the Mulahey,
get the vial of mysterious green liquid and the letter. Read the
letter and return to the mayor of the town and confront him.
Killing Mulahey gives the party a ring of holiness as treasure and
1200 experience points for finishing the chapter.
Xan, a lawful-neutral, elf, male enchanter, is on the lowest level
of the Naskell Iron Mines in the area just north of Mulahey. If
you talk to Xan here with six members in your party, he will be
lost forever. If you dismiss a party member here and take Xan,
they also may be lost forever. Return to the Naskell Inn and
dismiss someone there and return to pick up Xan. You can dismiss
Xan in an Inn and he should stay put.
You can leave the mines easily by walking out the exit to the
Tombs area, map 5000. Be careful as this area is a tough one.
Outside the mines in the SW you will find Prism the artist who
stole the emeralds to make a sculpture. I talked with him and he
gave me no choice but to kill him for the emeralds. On second
conversation I talked with him about Greywolf, a mercinary, and
then agreed to take all that was his to forget we saw him.
Greywolf will then arrive. Ask Greywolf to wait for Prism to
finish his masterpiece. You must protect Prism from Greywolf when
he attacks. You get 1400 experience points and a long sword +2 for
killing him. Talk to Prism, he will finish the sculpture and die
at your feet. You get 1000 experience points and one point
increase in reputation. You will now be able to see the face of
Ellesime on the cliff. Search Prism's body for the two emeralds.
Turn the emeralds in to the bounty redeamer south of the temple of
Torm in Naskell for 900 gold. Major sub-quest.
In the far northwest corner of the level is a rotten tree. On the
tree is a rotten gnot-hole. Within the gnot-hole is a wand of
lightning. Coordinates for the wand are c=168 y=179.
White wolf pelts can be found in central to south-east of the mine
area also for extra money (500 gold) selling to the Naskell store
In the east central area a fighter, Danall, from the Ahm militia
warns you of dangers and will accept your offer of help. he
suggests you go clear out the mines. On further conversation,
Danall will tell you where to find Prism in the southwest.
In the store house near the entrance to the level are war dogs to
In the south-central area, Galtok, a gnome, is being chased by
kobald archers. After you talk with him, a fight with five kobalds
will start.
There are three ghouls in the west-central area.
Farms and Fishermen north of Friendly Arm Inn, map 1400

Here the road winds east and then north around the farms and
farmers. In the south central area just north of the east-west
portion of the road, you will find Ajantis, the Paladin NPC, who
is a good fighter with limited heal spells.
Also in this area there are ankhegs. If you kill them, you can
either sell their carapaces or you can leave them with the
blacksmith in Bereghost to have them turned into ankheg armor for
4000 gold each. The ankheg armor is light and stronger than even
magic plate. I found it the best armor in the game.
Farmer Brun in the center of the map has lost his son Nathan. Find
Nathan and return him to Farmer Brun. Go west of the farm and you
will see a big hole in the ground. It's a big Ankheg lair. Go into
it. This area is kinda hard, so if you have a theif in your party
with good stealth just hide him/her and go into the hole. Leave
the non-stealth party members outside. If you had little or no
trouble killing the Ankheg in the Farmer's feild then you can just
take your entire party. Anyway, the boy is in a treaser pile in
the north northwest part of the cave, you can't miss it. There are
also some nice goodies in the stash. Hope this helps. Return to
Farmer Brun later, or talk to him twice after you retrieve his son
and you can give him 100 gold for 500 additional experience
points. If you retrieve his son before talking with him, just talk
to him three times to get the conversation about giving the farmer
Gerde the ankheg ranger will tell you of the ten ankheg limit in
this neck of the woods. Gerde will offer to buy Ankheg
exoskeletons. I exceeded my limit with no ill effects.
In the southwest, three fishermen, Jebadoh, Sonner and Telmen are
talking about Tenya the priest of Umberlee. The fishermen ask you
to go kill the evil Tenya who they claim is ruining their fishing
with evil spells. You can agree to kill her, do so and return for
a reward in gold and 1000 experience points. If you agree to go
talk to her, she will reveal the true nature of the fishermen as
evil and allow you to return and demand that they give up the bowl
of water elemental control that they have and receive 2500
experience points. Tenya is found north of the Baldurs Gate bridge
on map 0900.
Nestor, a ranger, will appear and talk to the party. If the party
has a very low reputation, Nestor will attack. Quinn in Chapter 5
will ask you to return here to look for Nestor's dagger. Quinn is
convinced that Nestor was killed by Ankhegs.
Wood of Sharp Teeth

Sharp Teeth is really Larswood and Peldvale.
Larswood, map 2900

Larswood is north east of Beregost and south west of Friendly Arm.
The woods are infested with green talon elite archers with magic
arrows, armor, and weapons. Nice stuff.
The tower near the center is loaded with gibberlings.
In the northeast there is a "stonehenge" construction site, with
two druid brothers. One of the brothers accosts your group and you
have to kill him. The other brother seems to understand. You may
be able to save the brother by casting hold on him. If you
question the second "brother" enough, he will admit to being a
dark druid or some such and admit that he poisoned the others and
is glad that you helped kill the last brother. He actually wants
to take over the site and says that you need to die now that you
know his treachery. Charles "Chuckwagon" Griffith
In the southeast part of the wood is a bandit named Teven who robs
you. If you ask to to join the bandits and if you are clever he
may let you join the group. Say that they are the only profitable
venture on the sword coast.
Also in the woods are dire wolves and dogs.
Peldvale North of Larswood, map 2400

Peldvale is loaded with bandits to hunt.
You will also find black talon elite warriors here in groups of 6.
Viconia, a female, neutral evil, dark elf cleric NPC, is found in
the northwest corner of the map area. Viconia is being pursued by
a Flaming Fist warrior who will demand that you give her up to
death. If you do not give her up, you will loose 2 reputaion
points. We kept her and gave her a cursed helm of reversed
alignment. The helm made her lawful good. She made a very good
travelling companion after that. If you give up Viconia to the
Flaming Fist warrior and Viconia runs away, you will be approached
by Biff the Understudy, a human, male, fighter of unknown
alignment with mediocre stats of 6 across the board. Biff will
clone every time that you kill another Flaming Fist warrior to
defend him until you have two Biffs in your party. Biff is almost
useless and his picture is a questionmark. The game bombed shortly
after these encounters with the legendary Biff.
Peldvale is where you find Raiken the bandit. Raiken talks to your
group. Tell him you want to join his group. Then select choice #4
when he asks why. Coice #4 says that his group is the only one
showing a profit on the sword coast. Raiken will say he likes you
and that the bandit chief will like you as well. You are
immediately teleported to a conflict with the bandit chieftan. If
you have previously killed the bandit chief, the game will lock
You will also run into a hunter or druid in the north central area
who will talk with you and then leave.
Bandit Camp, map 1900

You cannot get into this area before chapter 3.
You may need to go to Bereghost first and find the mage in the
Feldpost Inn. The mage is in the southwest room on the second
floor and you can either convince him to tell you the location of
the bandit camp or you can kill him and read the letter. If you
then go to the front of the blacksmith shop, Elminster will appear
and tell you where the bandit camp is.
Try walking there from the Friendly Arm Inn. Just keep walking
East on the map and then North. It should take you there. If not
when you walk around in the area North and East of Friendly Arm
Inn there will be a bandit who tries to rob you. Tell him you want
to join his group of bandits, then he will take you there. Good
Talk to any bandits in Larswood or Peldvale who will talk to you
and try to join their group. If you do this you will be taken to
the bandit camp.
Alternatively, you can kill all the bandits at the crossroads, map
2800, and a captured bandit will appear and reveal the location of
the bandit camp.
If you join the bandit group they will take you to the bandit
camp. Tazok, the bandit leader, wants you to fight him to prove
your worth. After you fight him you have "free run" of the camp,
but the bandits like to fight so fight when attacked.
Explore the entire bandit camp area.
I used my thief to explore this area and open chests, sneaking and
fighting when needed.
There are ruins to the southwest complete with undead after dark
and the bandit camp is in the north central and north east area.
If you kill the bandit who will let you join, you will miss the
cutscene, but you can still kill the bandits and make your way to
the large tent in the north-east (upper-right) of the camp. This
is Tazok's tent.
If you joined the bandit gang, when you get to the large tent in
the northeast of the camp, Credus will give you the task of
guarding Tazok's tent, and he will go inside the tent.
Ardendor Crush found on the west side of the bandit camp is a
special grey hobgoblin leader of the Crush hobgoblin group.
Ardendor will lecture you and tell you to stay to your side of the
Taugosz Khosan "Tenhammer" is the leader of the Black Talon found
in the bandit camp just east of Tazok's tent. If you joined the
bandit gang Taugosz will lecture your group and advise them to
avoid the hobgoblins and Gnolls since the alliance is only
Garllax, is the gnoll chieftan of Garllax's Clan of Gnolls, who
are found in the cave in the north central part of the camp. Other
Gnolls are found in a tent just to the north west of the cave.
Garllax will tell you that you smell wrong and attack after
talking a while.
Once you enter Tazok's tent you will end chapter 4 and start a
fight. Ender Sai is inside Tazok's tent.
After the fight, talk to the thief you find here near the chest
for the location to cloakwood.
Chapter 4: Cloakwood Forest

The cloakwood forest is inaccessable prior to chapter 4. It will
open up when chapter 3 opens.
There are actually four map areas to the cloakwood forest and the
mines area making five areas in all. The forest is infested with
monsters and difficult to find places you can rest. The cloakwood
is divided into cloakwood one, map 2200, cloakwood two, map, 2100,
cloakwood three, map 1600, cloakwood four on map 1700 and the
cloakwood mines on map 1800.
Cloakwood One, west of Friendly Arm Inn, map 2200

On the Cloakwood map one, map 2200, just west of the Friendly Arm
Inn, you will find the NPC named Coran on the bridge in the
northwest. Coran is a Chaotic Good Elf who is a Fighter/Thief
multi-class. If you agree to help him slay the wyverns, he will
join your group. Do not take too long looking for the Wyverns
since he will leave your group never to return if you do not find
them quickly. Again do not talk to him with six people in your
party. Dismiss someone at the Friendly Arm and return to pick him
up. Coran will leave your group within 10 days if you do not kill
any wyverns and take their heads. There is a wyvern cave in map
cloakwood four, map 1700.
There is a hunting lodge on Cloakwood map one, map 2200. Aldeth
Sashenstar will appear and ask for help defending himself against
Seniyad and his druids. If you side with Aldeth you receive 3500
experience points, a potion of super heroism and you will be
allowed to participate in another subplot in chapter 5. If you
side with Seniyad, you receive safe passage through cloakwood and
2000 experience points. I recommend that you side with Aldeth.
A group of taslois have a cloak of non-detection. This is Old
Gurk's famous cloak. Return the cloak to Gurk to complete the
If you kill the hunter found here, his brother will show up near
The Wide in Baldur's Gate. His brother has a heavy x-bow of
acuracy and a mace +2.
Cloakwood Two, west of Cloakwood One, map 2100

The cloakwood two map, map 2100, is just west of the cloakwood one
map. On the cloakwood 2 map you will find Tiber in the northeast,
who is looking for his brother Chelak who has come to the wood to
clean out the spider's nest. Agree to find Chelak for Tiber. The
spider nest is in the northwest corner of the level. Kill the
spiders and the spider queen in the nest and find Chelak's body in
the treasure trove there. Return the body to his brother Tiber.
You will also find the magical short sword Spider's Bane here.
You get to cloakwood map three by crossing a river in the
northwest corner of the cloakwood map two and exiting the map.
Cloakwood three is northwest of cloakwood #2.
In Cloakwood 3, map 1600, there is Eldoth, an evil NPC, who wants
you to help him kidnap Skie, the daughter of Entar Silvershield, a
Duke of Baldur's Gate. I recommend that you take Eldoth up on his
offer and take him into your party. The subplot in Baldur's Gate
envolving Entar is interesting. Take Eldoth back to the Friendly
Arm Inn and drop him off to reclaim later.
Cloakwood Three, west of Cloakwood Two, map 1600

Tasloi are here.
Laskal, a druid and protector of Cloakwood, tests your group by
telling them he has a message for the leaders of the Iron Throne.
When you say you are against the Iron Throne, he tells you their
stonghold is east of here.
There are a bunch of evil druids, called shadow druids, both in
the map and inside a large tree in the west center of the map, who
will attack your group.
In the stonehenge like area west of the map center is Faldorn, a
true, neutral, human, female, druid, who will join your group to
eliminate the evil Iron Throne from her forest.
In a Wyvern cave found north of the Center of the map is Peter of
the North, an evil guy, training small wyverns to guard the
Cloakwood mines. Keep talking to Peter and he will attack you.
There are no large wyverns here. You can only get the heads that
Coran is looking for from large wyverns, so you must move on to
cloakwood four, map 1700 to solve Coran's quest.
Cloakwood Four, east of Cloakwood Three, map 1700

Cloakwood 4, map 1700, is east of cloakwood 3. You must cross the
bridge from lower right southeast to get to northeast to get to
this area. Upon entering this area a video showing Wyverns will be
shown. There are hamadryads and wyverns here.
Cloakwood 4: There is a large cave in the southwest which has two
adult and three juvenile wyverns.
Cloakwood Mines, east of Cloakwood Four, map 1800

Cloakwood mines, map 1800, are east of cloakwood 4. There are
black talon elite and wolves here. Laradar will approach you with
a group of black talon elite. Laradar will go away if you mention
wyverns, but will fight if you mention your real purpose.
There is an island in the center of the map that can only be
entered from the west central portion of the map across a bridge
going east.
On the other side of the bridge there is another group of
assassins waiting, Drassus, Genthore, Kysus, and Rezdan. There are
two mages and two fighters that you must kill, one with boots of
The mines have four levels. The first level is where th miners and
the ore is found, it looks like regular mine tunnels. On the first
level, map area 1801, get the miners to go to the surface and
clean up the rest of the guards by talking with them and kill any
guards you find. Also, find the plug in the northeast that
requires a key from Davaeorn, the mine boss. The stairs down are
in the southeast corner at 1446x1471. You take the shack elevator
down to this level.
On the second level, map area 1804, find the miner Rill in a cell
with guards and give him 100 gold to help clean up the mess. Pay
the prisoner 100 gold to obtain his help freeing the other
prisoners. Don't be greedy here, you need his help. Also on level
two you will find Yeslick, a fighter (4), cleric (5), male, dwarf
NPC, who can be added to your group. The way down in this area is
at 358x1609 in the southeast corner. This area has three secret
doors that you can find with your thief skill at 1197x1417,
2027x1035, and 1831x1804.
Cloakwood mines level three, map 1803, is where there are a lot of
guards and living quarters. You will find a mage named Natasha in
the north east of the level who gives a good fight and an ogre
mage who tortures the prisoners. In the southern part of the level
is the way down to level 4 at 2695x2850. To find the way down go
all the way left or west until you can go no further. Follow the
corridor south until you dead end. Go east from the dead end and
you should find stairs.
At the bottom of the mines, locate the evil wizard Davaeorn and
kill him. Davaeorn will summon Battle Horrors to fight you. I used
summon monster several times to keep the horrors away from my
group, while killing Davaeorn with archers and stones. Then I
killed the horrors with lightning. One lightning bolt killed each
horror. Magic weapons did not even touch them. The apprentice can
be killed or released, your option.
Exit the mines via a mine elevator in the far west or left part of
the level to the first level. Make sure you walk around the
elevator slowly before you leave. If your leader is wearing boots
of speed you will not trip the switch which will open Baldur's
Gate to you. When you take the elevator, you end chapter four. Use
the key to flood the mines at the big valve, after you talk to the
character next to the valve. Flooding the mines is only possible
if you freed the prisoners. Once you enter the mine elevator at
the back of the head mage's room to go upstairs to flood the
mines, you end chapter 4.
Chapter 5: Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate is inaccessable until chapter 5. Flooding the mines
lets you get into this last area. You can return to any previous
level to find new or complete some of the old quests at this
point. The game will end in chapter seven and you will no longer
have free passage through Baldur's Gate after chapter five, so be
careful not to end this chapter before you have finished all the
side quests that you want to.
The area of Baldur's Gate is divided into 10 different areas:
northwest, north central, north east, central west, central,
central east, south west, south central, south east, and the
bridge areas. The central west, central and north east areas are a
menace to navigation in that they have an area which is inside the
inner wall and an area outside the inner wall. If you want to get
to the central area outside the inner wall, you must walk to the
west from the central area outside the wall or from the south west
area north. Going to the west central area you must come from
either the north west area or the central area north of the wall.
If you want to get to the northeast area inside the wall, just
walk north from the east central location. The inside of the wall
north east area is only accessable from the north central area.
Scar introduces himself as you cross the bridge. He contracts with
you to investigate the Seven Suns trading center. Scar tells you
that Jhasso is the head of the center, who is acting strangely. If
you tell Scar about the Iron Throne, he will ask you to shadow
Jasso with stealth and report back to the Flaming Fist. The Seven
Suns is found in the southwestern portion of Baldurs Gate. The
Flaming Fist Keep or Barracks is also found in this area just to
the west of the Seven Suns. Be careful as the merchant trading
center is in a building which is very similar to the Seven Suns.
The merchant trading center is locked and the lock cannot be
Returning to Scar in the Flaming Fist Gaol once you have killed
all the dopplegangers in the Seven Suns will complete the quest.
You can go directly to Eltan to start the quest that will end this
chapter. You do not have to work with Scar to get the quest. Scar
may have been killed by Angelo before you get back to him. Angelo
is one of Sarevok's lieutenants.
YOU WANT TO. You can go directly to Duke Eltan on the second floor
(upstairs) in the Flaming Fist Gaol to get the Iron Throne
mainquest. Eltan will ask you to investigate the Iron Throne. Go
to the Iron Throne Mansion in the northwest corner of the dock
area map. You can kill the guys on the top level of the mansion or
search the mansion until you find out that Reitar is in
Candlekeep. The Iron Throne Mansion has five levels, maps 0612 to
0616. One level is in the basement accessed by stairs to the right
of the door out to the street. The basement goes to the sewers in
the northwest of the westernmost section of them through the area
that goes directly west (left) from the top intersection of the
west sewer section. The other areas go to the top floor. If you go
all the way to the top, you will have a big fight. On the first
floor, we told the guard we were merchants from Sembia with
business with the Iron Throne leaders. On the second floor we told
the guard we were delivering a message to Sarevok. On the third
floor we told them we were merchants from Sembia. Dustus Gurn,
assistant chief accountant, told us that Rieltar and Brunos went
to Candlekeep. If you threaten Thaldorn on level three of the Iron
Throne he will tell you that Bruno and Rietar have gone to
Candlekeep. If you kill the guys on the fourth floor, get the
documents describing their plan, the letter from Tulth to Rieltar.
You will find Zalamar Cloud Wulfe, Gardush, Naamanj Diyab, Asim
and Ala, and Lyle Espejo on the fourth floor. Save the game. Take
these documents back to Scar and he will take you to Duke Elton.
If you cannot find Scar after looking go directly to the Duke. The
chapter ends when you report to Duke Elton. Elton gives you the
tome of great value which you will need to get into Candlekeep in
chapter 6. You are immediately teleported to Candlekeep so if you
had not slots open, the tome is dropped on the ground and you have
to retun to Duke Elton's room to get it. Alternatively, you can go
directly to Duke Eltan on the second floor of the Flaming Fist
garrison and get the task to investigate the Iron Throne, and
return to Elton later to report your findings after finding out
that Reitar is in Candlekeep.
Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeep, map 2600

You cannot go back into candlekeep until you get the Tome of Great
Value to purchase admittance. You will get this from Duke Eltan at
the end of chapter 5, just before he teleports you to Candlekeep.
You are teleported back to Candlekeep at the end of chapter 5.
Give the tome of great value to the guard to gain admittance.
Once you have entered Candlekeep you have 20 minutes before the
Gate Warden arrives to arrest the party. You will be taken to
Candlekeep dungeon, map 2626. In my game this happened in the
Due to the time constraints, you may want to go to the library
immediately to find Gorion's final letter and magic scrolls on the
shelves in the library. Take the scrolls as you will need them
when you are in the catacombs.
In the priest's quarters a doppleganger posing as a priest is
preparing to chow down on a dead cat. Keep talking to him until he
changes into the doppleganger and you can kill him. Anyone who
does not know you should be questioned repeatedly until they turn
to dopplegangers.
You will be able to meet Cadderly, who is from another set of
books about the Forgotten Realms, on the east or right side of the
inner courtyard. Also to the south of the inner courtyard are four
singers, who sing propheses.
Inside the library itself, there are six floors to the Candlekeep
library above the ground.
Ulrant is in his room on the top floor of the library, while no
one seems to know where Terhoril is.
Kevoris, who is really Sarevok, the boss you will kill in the last
battle, gives you a Gorion ring of protection +1 which is ok to
use on the second floor of the library, map 2609. Some have met
him on the first floor, map 2608. Sarevok as Kevoris tries to get
you to kill the leaders of the Iron Throne. If you don't kill them
Sarevok gets a group of dopplegangers to dress up as you and has
them kill them.
You will come across Reiltar, Brunos and two knights, Kestor and
Tuth, who are meeting in the library on level three, map 2610. You
can kill them or not, your option. Sarevok will have them killed
in any event and you will be accused of murdering them and
If you go upstairs you will find Gorion's room on the south side
of the fifth floor, map 2612. Open Gorion's chest and get the
final letter from Gorion to help you understand the situation you
are in. I found the wrong room and opened the wrong chest and was
approached by a guard who fined me all my gold or one million gold
whichever was smaller for robbing in Candlekeep.
You will be accused of murder by the Gate warden later and put
into a cell. Do NOT kill the Gate Warden or his men. Ulrant will
appear just after you are jailed to tell you that you will be sent
to Baldur's Gate for executtion. In the jail cell you will be met
by Tethoril who will teleport you to Candlekeep Caverns, just
below the library.
The area below the library is composed of three areas: the Crypts
of Alondo, the catacombs and the caverns.
The crypts or tombs area is very dangerous and loaded with traps.
There are two or three Tomes of power here including the Tome of
Understanding (wisdom +2) and the Tome of Strength. The tomes are
found within the sacophagi or coffins in the crypts. You enter
this level in the lower right (southeast) and work your way to the
exit. Make sure you see all seven crypts before you leave.
The catacombs below Candlekeep are loaded with dopplegangers. You
enter this area also in the southeast or lower right into a large
room surrounded by six smaller room and work your way to the exit
in the northeast or upper left along a short corridor with another
six rooms off of it. Just about everyone here is a doppleganger.
If someone does not recognize you or is acting strangely question
him/her until they reveal that they are dopplegangers and you can
kill them. But where there is danger there is good treasure and
you will find tombs of strength and wisdom here. There are twelve
rooms with dopplegangers in them here.
You will also come across Phlydia's doppleganger who you will have
to kill. Dopplegangers of virtually everyone in Candlekeep will
show up to confront and fight the group in the the catacombs.
Elminster and Gorion dopplegangers will show up later in the
Prat is in the catacombs and if you tell prat that you are
Sarevok, he will let you pass without a fight.
The final level is the caverns area which you enter in the center
top (north central) and leave in the lower left or southwest.
This area has bassilisks in it so be sure to be carrying scrolls
of protection from putrefaction which last longer and more
reliably than the potions of silver eyes.
Close to the exit in the southwest (lower left), Diarmid a member
of Sarevoks group will mistake you for his people and escape.
Arcanis and Deder are two more of Serevok's people you will meet
near the entrance to the caverns. If you tell Diarmid that you are
Prat and talk to him for a while, he will let you pass without a
Once you make it out of the catecombs or tombs you will have to go
back to Baldurs Gate.
Completing Chapter 6 gives the party 9600 experience points.
Chapter 7: Baldurs Gate after Candlekeep

You are now a criminal. If caught you will be imprisoned. If you
cannot escape, you will be executed. You must avoid Flaming Fist
guards or be arrested. A group of Flaming Fist will approach the
group if they spend more thatn five minutes within any Baldurs
Gate area other than the sewers and the inside of buildings. When
travelling, use the sewers to avoid the Flaming Fist guards.
You may want to try some of the chapter 7 subplots before going to
the Ducal Palace. See the subplots section below.
Go to the Iron Throne Mansion and you will find it in some sort of
Go to the top floor of he temple and fight the invisable wizard.
Kill the wizard and take the essential stuff she is carrying,
especially Sarevok's diary. One of the scrolls describes the
underceller and the UnderCity.
Make your way to the basement and enter the sewers through a
secret door in a group of barrels.
In the sewers, make your way to the Undercellar which is an exit
from the level just below where you entered the sewers.
A whorehouse proprietor is found here.
The whorehouse is the undercellar which is different than the
undercity where the temple of Bhaal is found in the finale of the
game. In the center of underceller whorehouse you will find
Krystin and Slythe, two more assassins hired to kill you. Kill
them without harming the "innocent" ladies of the evening. On his
body is an invitation to the coronation of Grand Duke Sarevok. Gee
wasn't he the bad guy behind this whole iron scheme.
Go to the palace and use the invitation to get in. Level one,
inside the Ducal Palace, map 0108, Kill the six dopplegangers who
appear and protect Belt and Liia Jannath, his lady guest. If Belt
and Liia die, you will be forced to fight waves of Flaming Fist
warriors until you die and the game will end.
Sarevok will accuse you of murder and all you have to do is to
show Belt the diary. Sarevok will flee. His mage will teleport
Sarevok to the Undercity. Sarevok should be invincible at this
point so let him go.
Belt will use his god to determine where Sarevok went and then
teleport you to the thieves guild where you can stock up for the
final battle.
Talk to Denkod in the Thieves' Guild, map 0153, and he will tell
the party that Sarevok went downstairs.
Go downstairs in the Thieves Guild where you find the maze, map
0146. Fight the skeletons and jellies. Look out for all the traps.
At the exit you will meet the wizard who teleported Sarevok out of
the palace and you can either kill him or let him go. The wizard
is next to the door to the Undercity area, map 0123, and the
Temple of Bhaal, map 0125.
End Game: Baldur's Gate Elder Undercity

In the Elder Undercity, map 0123, you will need to make your way
to Sarevoks House, The Temple of Bhaal, in the northwest corner of
the map.
On your way to Sarevok's house you will have to fight a group of
assassins seeking a reward for your death. These are mercinaries
hired by the Iron Throne and are a tough bunch of five or six
You will also have to battle skeleton warriors who are very tough.
Save your game before fighting Sarevok. At Sarevok's house, The
Temple of Bhaal, map 0125, there are wizards and fighters to take
out and then Sarevok finally. You will find Angelo, Tazok and
Semaj here to fight with Sarevok. Sarevok needs to be attacked
with Melee weapons, since he cannot be killed by magic. Ordinary
missiles cannot harm this crowd, you will need majic projectiles
or just melee weapons. This is the end. Watch the nice cut scene
animation where the god's statue is finally removed from the
pantheon of the gods in the underworld.
If you have Minsc in your party, Boo will help you kill Sarevok in
the final battle.
The other areas of the game and the sub plots are shown below:

Crossroads of the Coastway and the Way of the Lion, map 2800
Chapter 1: Elminster appears to talk with you when you enter this
map from Candlekeep in the early part of the game.
Chapter 3: There are bandits in this area to kill.
Chapter 3: After killing all the bandits in this area, a captured
bandit will apear and reveal the location of the bandit camp on
map area 1900.
Red Wizards of Thay Temple NE of Basilisks, map 3000

This area is infested with giant spiders to the east of the level.
The giant spiders include phase, sword, and others. The phase
spiders cast entangle. Move away from the center of the entangle
blast and attack the phase spider in melee combat. Kill phase
spiders quickly. They can be lethal.
Fahrington, found northwest of the red wizard temple, wants you to
retrieve his scroll from a Tasloi who is east of where you find
him. If you return the cursed scroll of foolishness to him, he
rewards you with 300 experience.
In the dead center of this area are four red wizards of Thay on a
temple with a set of steps that face the southwest. The mages are
Denak, Diana, Lasala, and Brendan.Talk with them but you will have
to kill them. The mage in the front has a ring of power. Bows can
stop the casting quickly. Nice stuff. Scrolls of Grease,
Aggonazar's Scorcher, Burning Hands, Armor, Protection from
Petrifaction, Blindness, robes of protection from cold (2),
electricity, and fire, and a ring of energy that can send many
charges of energy like spells at your enemies.

I could not find this area. This is said to be in a planned
upgrade available sometime in the first quarter of 1999.
Shipwreck north of lighthouse south of Candlekeep, map 3100

The western edge by the sea coast is loaded with siren who are
2000 experience points each. They will charm your party members.
Best to get off some arrows at a distance to stop the spell
casting. Once charmed I moved my men off at a distance to wait
until the charm expired. Dispel Magic! Cast by a Cleric from a
respectable distance. Will take down their invis too, as well as
get rid of that annoying charm. Follow with a silence 10' cast at
the GROUND (not the Sirine, no save if cast at ground), and
generous portion of arrows. Rinse vigoursouly. Other strategies
are summon monsters and send them in. Sirens can only cast their
charm two times. Another is to use dispell magic or stinking cloud
on the area near them, then follow up with arrows and stones.
You meet The Surgeon, the brother of Davaeorn, who will heal your
group, if needed.
Carrion crawler and sirens are here.
Mad Arcand will give 300 experience points and a Potion of Fiery
Burning to the party if they give him the ring of folly from the
shipwreck. The shipwreck is west of Arcand in the sand.
There is a wrecked ship in the northwest on the sandy shore
guarded by a Siren with magic items. The wrecked ship has a ring
of folly.
Also found here are 2 ghasts in NE, 4 kobalds in SW and ogrillion
in East center.
Shoal will kiss any male leader of the party. If a female leads
Shoal will just go away. The effects of Shoal's kiss are lethal.
If members of the group can damage Shoal she will reveal that she
has been forced to waylay travellers by Droth, an evil, ogre mage.
Shoal will then resurect the dead character. Shoal has a helmet of
defense, which you can pick pocket or get as treasure.
High Hedge, West of Beregost, map 3200

There is a reclusive wizard here named Thalantyr. Select that you
want to talk to him and that you wish to sell magic artifacts and
he will buy and sell with you. The mage is in the inner area and
you will not have to fight his minions once you talk to him.
The stuff the wizard has to offer is good and expensive. Very nice
stuff, especially for wizards. Most of the spells in the game are
here, such as vampiric touch, horror, and protection from
Outside you will fight skeletons throwing knives and bears. The
skeltons give you skulls that Thalantyr will buy.
You can return to Thalantyr with Melicamp, his ex-apprentice who
has metamorphed to a talking chicken. Thalantyr will agree to
transform Melicamp to a human again if you give him a skull. Save
the game first, since Melicamp may either be killed or restored.
You get 2000 experience points for successful completion of the
quest. Some say tha Melicamp can be found in the abandoned farm
house in the northwest part of the level, but I did not find him
The party NPC Kivan can be found on this map to the northeast of
high hed

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