Baldur’s Gate 2 – Shadows of Amn (walkthrough)

Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn

Submitted by: Brain
Here is the complete Walkthrough for:


Prison Dungeon

Irenicus Dungeon Level 1:

You wake up to Imoen releasing you from your cage- You've been
and mentally tortured as you can slightly


After you get out of your cage, go and talk to Minsc, the  way
to get him
out  is  to make him mad. Tell him you're leaving him  in  the
cage, and he'll
get  mad and bend the bars, then he'll say that you knew  he'd
do that, and
tell you "You're a Smart one"!

After  that,  go  to the small room that  is  off  of  to  the
Southwest, this is
where  you  will find a key that allows Jaheira to  be  freed.
Lots of your
equipment  is  also on the table and chest. Get  it  all,  and
rest. (It's save)

After  you rest, and have had Imoen and Jaheira memorize  some
spells  (Important) its time to find a way out. Remember  that
Imoen is a thief, and you'll need to have her pick some locks,
and detect traps, because there are a few in this map area.

You'll  see a few dead bodies in the hallway, follow it  to  a
room  with  a huge alter in the middle- its creating Lightning
Mephits, so you'll need to switch this thing OFF (See Map  for
switch  location)  Continuing on, you'll enter  another  room,
this is where you will meet up with a Genie named Aataqah  who
will ask you a riddle, the two answers you can give are either
"Push  the button" or "Don't push the button". Either way  you
will have to fight something afterward.
If you answer "push the button" an Ogre Mage will spawn who is
worth some good exp so choose that one. The other answer  will
just spawn some worthless Gibberlings.
Next,  go  to the next room down the hallway, where  a  Sewage
Golem resides.
Tell  him that you're his master, and he'll tell you that  you
need the
activation  stone to 'control' him, allowing him to  open  the
doors  to  the central room. Next, you'll see a room with  two
clay  golems,  you need to take these guys out, because  later
on,  when  you enter a private room (Near the Dryads  greenery
area,  an  alarm  will sound, and they will  come  running  to
attack you, so kill'em now!

Next,  enter  the room to the North, and you'll  see  a  tank,
where  a  creature/ thing named Rielev. He  is  a  product  of
Irenicus' evil spell effects. Talk with him. He'll ask you  to
kill him, because he's suffering - do it. Take the Energy cell
and  the  Activation stone that is on the table,  among  other
Go  back to the Sewage Golem and use the Activation Stone, and
have him open up the four doors to the central room. -

You'll  get 3000XP for this. You can also use the Energy  Cell
to  activate  4 of the Water tubes and speak to  those  creepy
things. You don't have to, but they give you some idea of what
this freak Irenicus is!
Next stop is the Library (See map), you'll encounter some gray
Dwarves here, go directly for the magical user, and the battle
will be won. Remember to pick up the Acorns here, then proceed
to the next room where a guy named Cambion here, trapped in  a
magical  sphere. Use the machine in the middle of the room  to
turn the sphere off, and kill him for 6,000XP!

Now  that  you've cleared out the outer dungeon, its  time  to
enter the central room, where an Otyugh is awaiting you. These
things  are  pretty easy to handle, send everyone up  for  the
kill.  Be  warned, there are traps on a few chests here,  have
Imoen  check  for traps first before you go looting!    Now
head down the tight hallway and you'll enter an odd wilderness
type room, where 3 Dryads are.
They will tell you about the evil dude, and his name. They ask
you to find
some  acorns so they can escape, You should have them already,
so  tell them you  have them and you'll get 9,500XP for  that!
After  you've talked to them, talk to them again, and ask  for
the  Gene Flask. (After visiting the Genie. see below) To  the
south is a room that is full of traps, again, have Imoen clear
the  way and loot this room. (If you didn't kill those 2  Clay
golems, then they will
be  arriving  in a minute to attack you since the  alarm  went
off).  In  this room, you'll find an Air Elemental Statue  and
more  goodies. In the Master bedroom, you'll find  the  Portal
key - this will allow you to use the Portal!

Using the Air Elemental Statue, enter the door that was locked
by the Library.
You'll be in an odd place, where you will end up talking to  a
He  requires his Genie Flask, so that he may be freed. (The  3
Dryads have it).
Once  you  return,  and  give it to  him,  he  will  give  you
Sarevok's Sword of Chaos +2!
You'll  also  gain  a  whopping 15,000XP for  completing  this

Now  that  this Dungeon is cleared out, its time to head  into
the Portal and on to the 2nd level!

Irenicus Dungeon Level 2:

NPCs in this Map:
Yoshimo (Human/Male - Bounty Hunter)
On the second level, allow Yoshimo to join your Party- He's  a
good thief/Bounty Hunter! Search the crates and head Northeast
into  a  room.  As  told by Yoshimo, kill the  four  Elemental
Portals to stop the Mephits coming through 5,000XP each.
You'll  now  be  treated  to some dialogue  as  Jaheira  finds
Khalid's desecrated body, and you get to listen to her whine a
bit.. ugh!  If you want Jaheira to remain with your group,  do
not  respond  to  her in a negative way when she  is  speaking
about  her husband Khalid.  If you piss her off, she may leave
your group. So be nice and comforting to her! Head through the
two doors towards the west.
A battle between a Clone and an Assassin will take place, with
the  clone winning then attacking you. Kill her for experience
points.  Through the East door, go across the bridge (Warning,
there  is  a  trap here, have Imoen Disarm it)  and  kill  the
Duergars. With the Keys/Wands, "activate" each of the  pillars
along  the  western edge to get the wands. All the wands  have
one charge left. Loot the statue.
Through  the  Western door you'll fight a Vampire  and  Shadow
Thieves - not too tough and probably worth it.

In  the  Northeast there are two corridors. The North  passage
leads through a goblin-guarded Forge to a room containing four
Duergars,  minor treasures and the  Girdle of  Bluntness.  The
lower one leads into a room with a division. On the other side
of the division is Frennedan who asks for rescue.

Check the chests for minor treasures and the key. Release  him
and he'll follow you.
Go  down  the  Southeastern corridor from the 'Wand'  Hallway.
You'll  come into an area where three Shadow Thieves challenge
you.  Kill them. At this point, Frennedan turns into a Greater
Doppelganger, so kill him and get 3,000XP! Follow the  passage
and over the bridge. Simply continue along and leave Irenicus'

Waukeen's Promenade
(Following is a Cut-Scene)
As  you  exit, you'll see Irenicus killing off lots of Thieves
out in the open,
then  you'll  fight Irenicus! Some Cowled Wizards will  Appear
and arrest Irenicus
and  Imoen  for illegal use of magic. You'll have to  get  her
back, but first things
first, explore the area!

NPCs in this Map:

AERIE (Elf Female Cleric/Mage)

The  only major thing here besides the Adventurers Mart is the
circus tent.
Talk  to the guard outside and say you'll try to end the  evil
inside. Inside, answer
the  genie  on  the bridge's riddle as 3 19,500XP.  Enter  the
tent. Talk to Aerie and
agree  to  help her free herself. Head West and  talk  to  the
Spider- don't attack it,
the  Spider is really an illusion of an Elf. Go over and  kill
the peasants (Monsters
that  look  like Humans). One of them has the sword that  will
free Aerie. Give it to
Aerie  18,500XP  and let her join. Before you enter  the  next
area. REST and memorize
spells that Aerie has, then go through the door guarded by the
pleasure slave.
Inside, kill all the monsters and enter the door at the top of
the staircase (the
genie  will  reappear and give some information). Inside  this
circular room, Kalah
will  try to kill you, but first he tries to kill Quayle while
some monsters kill you.
Use  part  members to disrupt Kalah's spell casting, and  deal
with the monsters.
Keeping  Quayle alive & Killing Kalah will earn  you  2,000XP!
Everything will be back
to  normal,  and Aerie will stay with the group. Take  Kalah's
treasure and leave.
Outside, talk to the guard again for a Reputation increase  of
+1. Otherwise, the only
obvious  thing to do here is shop. There are some distractions
though: On the top floor
of the Den of Seven Vales, there is a group of adventurers.
Be  a smart-ass to them and they'll attack you. A tough battle
(the Dwarf has 200 HP!),
but  worth  it! Search the bodies and chests for some  of  the
magic items from Baldurs
Gate 1!

Chapter One Concludes, and you're off to the Slums!


As you enter the Slums, you will be greeted by Gaelan Bayle.
This  guy says that he can get Imoen back for you for whopping
20,000 Gold!

The Copper Coronet

NPCs in this Map:

Anomen (Lawful Neutral | Human/Male - Fighter/Cleric)
Nalia  (Chaotic Good | Human/Female - Mage/Thief)
Korgan (Chaotic Evil | Dwarf/Male - Fighter/Berserker)

Getting  20,000  Gold is going to take  a  bit  of  work  (and
so you'll need to be hired to do some side quests.
Your first, and best choice will be the 'Copper Coronet'.
Talk to all the people in there, and you'll get some quests to
go  on, and as a reward, they will give you gold. There are  3
NPC's  in  this Tavern as well; Anomen, Nalia and the  Chaotic
Evil  Korgan!  But before you enter, and get any  quests,  you
should walk around the area a bit, and talk to a few people in
town  as well. The Slums map has many buildings to enter, such
as  the Copper Coronet, Borinall's House, the Slaver Stockade,
the  Planar Sphere, and the Temple of Ilmater. There are  some
side  quests here too, one is a Slaver's quest, where you must
enter  the Copper Coronet and talk with Lehtinan and  ask  him
about 'other' types of entertainment. Once inside, you'll meet
this  guy with a chick, this is the guy that mean old  hag  is
looking  for. If you wanna bust him, then do so. But this  hag
will come upstairs and fight the whore and kill her (I let her
live,  she  was cute... lol). . Anyway, now walk  down  the
hall,  you  can  now either take the way down to  the  Slavers
'fighting pit' or talk with the pimplady and even get  laid  -
Jaheira will NOT allow this, but you can remove her from  your
party  just to see what happens! Once you reach the  Pit  area
(Behind it), you'll encounter the Beast Master, along  with  a
few  bears and big kitties. I had Minsc charm 2 of the  bears,
and  all my other fighters went for the Beastmaster and killed
him.  Alright,  after you whacked ole' Beastie boy,  take  his
stuff,  then whack off the rest of the guards and  go  to  the
prison cell. Free the kids and the dude named Hendak (The REAL
Hendak),  now he'll ask you to help him free all  the  slaves.
Don't  worry  if  you loose him, just go back  to  the  Copper
Coronet  main  hall  where you talked  to  the  false  Hendak,
(Sigh),  the  REAL one will be there, and tell him  you'll  go
clear out the slavers in the City now..
Now go back close to the cells again and 2 secret doors should
appear  (as pink outlines). One is where a pervert is, another
will take you to the Underground Sewer Maze. Enter there!  The
second  you  appear  on the map, you'll be  attacked  by  some
goblins,  go for the magic user goblins first.. Kill them  and
head  down the first hallway, this area opens up into  a  huge
circular room with a grate in the middle. First you'll have to
dispatch of the Otyugh, Ogre Jelly and Mustard jelly.
Hell,  while  you're  at it, make a peanut  butter  and  jelly
sandwich!!  Now with the monsters dead, click  on  the  grate.
You'll  be  stung by something, but you will receive  Vallah's
Hand.  Exit the hallway and head south, get the 'Lovers  Ring'
and  the  next hallway has an exit, but it just goes to  small
greenery  dwelling that a few Mycontids call  home.  I'd  save
before  you  enter,  because  they  can  cast  some  Charm  or
Confusion  spells that could harm you or...  just  annoy  you!
Next,  go  down the hallway till you see a waterway.  Go  west
till you see the crossover bridge/plank but MAKE SURE
you  have someone detect traps, because there are a few on the
After you disarm them, walk over and kill the Kobolds and grab
the Shaman's Staff.
Go  over  and talk to the old man named Quallo. Kill  his  pet
Carrion  Crawler and take the Blood sample from it..  Now  you
should  have the Blood, the Ring, Hand and the Shaman's Staff.
Take  all of these to the next area in the northeast.  It's  a
puzzle.  All  those items I just spoke of are actually  'keys'
for  this puzzle, and the reward for this puzzle is a Lilarcor
+3 2-Handed Sword that talks!

This  is  the  actual order you need to put the items  in  the

Pipe 1: Ring
Pipe 2: Blood
Pipe 3: Hand
Pipe 4: Staff

Head  towards the South now, and up the stairs to the  Slavers
Boat!  Time  for  some butt-kicking goodness! (Save  the  Game
before going up the stairs).

The Slavers will attack you the second you get in the room, so
be  ready,  and go for all the spell casters FIRST. Then  take
out  the  rest of the guys, loot'em and get Haegan's  Key  and
Telbar's  Studded Leather +2. Go into the next room  and  kill
the  Troll,  then once he is down, use either a fire  or  Acid
spell on him to kill him permanently.
If  you  give the little girl 100 Gold, she will be  grateful,
and  you will receive a  reputation increase of 1. Next,  walk
up  the  stairs and free the 2 kids from their cells, and  get
ready  for a fight with some slightly powerful wizards.  (Save
the game again too).
I  sent  my  Thief in, (Hidden in Shadows),  and  had  a  look
around. I went to the left room first, and backstabbed the one
guy  that  was in there. Then went into the other  (Hidden  in
Shadows again) and just checked out the area. Go back to  your
other  people  and its up to you now.. You can  all  rush  the
Wizards,  or summon some monsters to block the doorway,  while
you attack them from air.. Which ever way works for ya.. After
you kill them,
search  their bodies, and you'll get a Cloak of Protection  +1
and a Wand of Fear.

Now, once you've cleared out all the slavers, and let all  the
Slaves go, its time to return to the Copper Coronet main hall,
where  the  'Real'  Hendak is still. Tell him  that  you  have
killed all the slavers, and freed the slaves, and you'll  earn
38,000XP  Each, and he'll also throw in 3,900 Gold, a  Bastard
Sword +1 / +3 vs. Shape shifters and a set of Plate Mail.

Nalia's Quest:

If  you talked with Nalia in the Copper Coronet, and added her
to  your party, or agreed to help her, its time to head to the
de'Arnise Hold, (See Map) for some more battles, and some more
goodies! Now, you probably won't have 20,000 Gold yet, so this
quest  will  help  fill the coffers a  bit..  Ok,  you  go  to
de'Arnise.  Once  there, search around the area  (Around  that
Castle) and you happen upon some dudes, talk to the one called
Captain Arat.
And  he'll  tell you what's going on here with the  Tolls  and
such. Afterwards, he'll give you some Fire arrows.

Now,  head  north and you'll find the secret entrance  to  the
Keep,  once in, you need to pick the lock on the door to  gain
entrance,  then  you fight a Troll. Kill  him  then  find  the
secret door and enter it.

* You'll gain 1,400 Experience points per Troll & 12,000XP for
killing Spirit Trolls!
Nice!  As you enter, you meet a guy named Daleson. Now  before
you  start talking, know this: If you are a goodly party,  and
like  to  have a good reputation, be nice to this guy, because
being mean will lower your rep by 4 points! Just deal with him

Talk  with Daleson and proceed through the set of secret doors
all  the  way  down the hallway. If you have the game  set  to
hard,  you'll  fight  more Trolls here,  now  loot  the  thing
between the lion statues, and return back the way ya came,  to
the main area.

Prepare for some battling here, lots of Trolls! What I did was
cast all my powerful spells to get them down, then fireball to
kill  them permanently. You can do the ole' trick of summoning
animals or Monsters and use them as fodder while you use  Bows
and Slings & Spells . Fun! Boo would approve! Take whatever
you  want  from the Troll corpses and head out of one  of  the
main exits, kill the ugly little (heh) Otyugh and run down the
hall  and to the left, kill the dogs. Take the chunks  of  Dog
Meat  (lovely..) back down to the kitchen stove and  cook  the
nasty  stuff..  You'll get back a Bowl of Dog Stew  back,  and
some experience.. Keep it for a future use..

Now, send one of your party members up the stairs to lower the
drawbridge,  and return outside with the rest  of  your  party
members,  now  you'll get some help from  the  Castle  Guards!
After  you've  finished up, head for the  second  floor.  Once
upstairs,  head  south and you'll come to a door,  go  in  and
you'll need to battle some more Trolls. Now grab the Keep  Key
and make your way back to the hallway.
Next,  you  will come to a hallway full of secret doors  (Pink
outlines) that will lead you up to Glacias. Talk with him, and
just  be nice.. This guy is an ass, but all conversation paths
lead  to a fight, so take his sorry ass out. His guy is pretty
tough, (120 Hit points), so have your mage use some spells  on
him  and  fighters pummeling him, afterwards, loot  the  git's
corpse , and go back to the main hallway. Now that you have
the  Keep Key, you can enter Lady Delcia's room. Talk with her
and  you'll find out that the Trolls are in the basement  too.
Now,  there are 3 secret rooms off of this one, make sure  you
don't  mess with the one where the Golems are just yet. (Trust
me, you don't ).
Take the secret door that has a stairway down-to the basement.
Now prepare to fight a lot of baddies here, so you should Save
up  in  Lady  Delcia's room and Rest (I think you can  in  her
room).Now,  to the battle: Now, take care of the  Trolls  then
give  the  Thief in your party the Dog Stew and  have  him/her
hide  in shadows and pass by the Umber Hulks and put the  Stew
on  the Dog bones. This will make the Umber Hulks come back to
munch on the  food and create a diversion for you. Instead  of
fighting, this diversion tactic will give you 18,500XP!

Now,  you  can either just ignore the Umber hulks and  go  for
Torgal, or kill the Umber hulks before you go after Torgal. If
you  kill  them before, they will not come later to  help  him
because  they're already dead! Or you can do the ole'  "Summon
the  Monsters to block the doorway" maneuver. (If  you  didn't
already  kill  them that is. Anyway, in any  event  you'll  be
fighting  Torgal.  This guy is also pretty tough  (140HP).  So
remember  to  save after the Umber Hulk thing. .  To  fight
Torgal  and  win is tricky, but not impossible. Have  everyone
just  pour onto him, and he'll die.Now, after you have  all  3
heads, go to the Forge (Near where the Loin Statues were)  and
put all 3 heads in the forge, this will create for you a Flail
called "Flail of the Ages". It's a +3 Flail.  After he's dead,
loot  him, and then search the base of the Pillar and get  all
the goodies there, then head back to the main level.
Now we're going to do the Golem room... this is how you can do
it  (one  way  that is). On your way back up,  have  all  your
characters  enter  the Courtyard except one.  Make  sure  this
"one" has some haste potions or is a magic user that can caste
haste, have that character enter the Golem room and cast haste
yourself.  Then  grab the goodies, pause, grab goodies,  pause
etc... Then hall ass out back down where you're other
characters  are,  and leave. You'll get around   40,000XP  for

*  If  your main character (The one YOU created/imported  from
BG1)  is a Fighter, then you can talk with Nalia, and she will
offer  the De'Arnise Hold to you! All you need to do is  check
in  from  time  to time and keep the hold in good  shape,  and
protected..  Later on in the game, you'll  get  lots  of  side
quests  from being the Owner of this Hold. You will also  gain
10,000  Gold  when she hands over control of the hold  to  ya,
then 500 Gold every week there after, so this will help out  A
LOT with that 20,000 Gold required to help get Imoen back!


On your way back to the Slums (going through the city gates) -
- (With all the Cash you have collected), you'll be stopped by
Delon  who needs your help in Umar Hills (only if Minsc is  in
your  group). Listen to his request and offer your  help,  but
wait  until later to complete that quest . When you  arrive
in  the  Slums, a messenger will deliver a request from Quayle
(Aerie's uncle) telling you to return to  the Circus when  you
can.  This  quest is optional though, and you  should  wait  a
while  to  do  it... Now head on over to Gaelan Bayle's  home,
when you arrive, and speak with him, you'll find out that he's
lowered the fee to 15,000GP!!

(Which  will  allow  you  to  now  buy  some  goodies  at  the
Adventurers Mart!!
Pay him, and you'll receive 45,000XP per character, along with
the Shadow Thief Cellar Key. When you leave Gaelan's house and
head  for  the Thieves Guild in the Docks area. If  you  don't
have  Minsc in your party (to meet Delon), you'll find him  in
the center of the Government District near Jan Jansen.

The Docks - The Shadow Thieves
When  you  enter the thieves guild, you'll be in a very  small
room  littered with desks, shelves, and chests.  Talk  to  the
thieves that are hanging out here.. Then head to the northern-
most  room on the first floor. You'll find a secret door which
leads to the REAL Shadow Thieves Guildhall.

Now head out, going through the secret door...
When  you  enter the REAL Thieves Guild, have  a  look  around
before passing through the secret door that leads down to Aran
Linvail's living quarters!! Talk with Aran Linvail, and you'll
find  out  that he has a few small tasks for you  to  complete
before  helping  you  with Imoen. Accept  his  offer  (Yeah  I
know..),  and  he'll give you an Amulet of Power  and  a  nice
little Ring of Protection +2.

Your  first quest will be to meet Mook down by the  docks  (at
night), (see the Map), after which you'll need to return  back
to  Aran  and  tell  him what happened.  Each  character  will
receive 28,000XP for completing this quest.
Aran  will assign you his second quest, which is to go to  the
Five  Flagons  Tavern (in the Bridge District)  and  seek  out
Jaylos  and  Caehan on the second floor. When you  meet,  your
best bet is to take care of them as quickly as possible.
When  you  do, the Guild Contact will appear and you can  kill
him  as  well. Grab all the loot, some of it is decent quality
and  head back to Aran Linvail once again. Each character will
get 28,000XP for completing the quest. Aran's third assignment
is a little larger than the previous two!

The Graveyard
Before going on to finish off Aran Linvail's quest, check  out
the  Graveyard for the mini-quests that await. First, talk  to
the Ghost Boy and you will see that he is in need of a stuffed
bear,  to  get the Stuffed bear, return to the Copper  Coronet
and  go up to the back rooms where people rest, you'll meet  a
scared dude that tells you he is being haunted by a ghost-Kill
this  bastard, and take the stuffed bear with you back to  the
Ghost-boy and you'll earn 15,000XP.

Now,  talk to Arenthis in the Graveyard.. then find Kamir  and
tell  him  of Arenthis' problem. You'll get 12,000XP just  for
making  him  aware  of the person buried  alive,  and  another
3,000XP if you follow him back over to Arenthis.

Now,  check out all the other small Crypts, and loot  them  if
you  are  that type of party , The fights are  in  some  of
these Crypts are kinda tough, so be careful-especially of  the

Bodhi's Underground Dungeon:

When you Enter, you'll be attacked by some Sword Spiders. They
have  some  wild  attacks, but they are  susceptible  to  Hold
spells, so use them! Continue down the path and clear out  all
the small groups of Spiders as you go.

When  you  get  to  the ugly looking Cocoon building/dwelling,
stop  and prepare for a pretty tough fight.. Remember to  SAVE
right  outside, because you can easily lose this fight if  you
choose  a bad battle strategy, have several Slow or Neutralize
Poison spells memorized, and casting Haste before entering the
room  will  help gain some extra attacks that could  turn  the
tide in the battle..
Pai'Na  isn't  that  tough, she only has a  total  of  68  Hit
Points, but with the 20 or so Spiders she summons, the  battle
can  be  hard.. Keep Pai'Na busy with a Fighter, and have  the
rest  of your party attack the Baby Spiders, and get them  out
of  the way! Their poison acts quickly, so be ready with  your
Neutralize poison spell/potions.. Remember to check the  floor
and loot the little nook you find. Enter the southern part  of
the  Dungeon  well-rested, and make sure to  get  your  undead
spells  set as quick keys. As soon as you cross the  Pharaoh's
head, a throng of undead monsters will pop out and ambush your
party.  Make sure to disarm the traps in the eyes and hand  of
the Pharaoh before continuing on! Pass through the secret door
in  the  southwest  corner of the room, and proceed  to  clean
house  as  you continue down the main path. Pick  up  the  few
scattered items, disarm the traps, and then backtrack  to  the
main room when it's clear.

Continue north until you meet with Haz, and he'll open up  the
sealed  door so that you may continue. Lassal will appear  and
draw  you ever deeper into their lair, hoping that his minions
will  weaken  your party before you reach the  inner  sanctum.
Take  out  Vampires quickly, then focus your energy on  Tanova
before doing anything else.

With  Tanova  dead,  clean out the rest of  the  floor  before
heading down the stairs and into the inner sanctum. Here,  you
will have to battle yet another room full of Vampires, and you
will finally enter Lassal's quarters. He'll flee back upstairs
in  the  circular-room with the spikes, remember to  loot  the
area  too. Now, head back up  the stairs and to the room  with
the spikes for your showdown. Lassal only has 67HP, but you'll
earn 8,500XP for killing him.

Once  Tanova, Durst, Gellal, and Lassal have been killed, find
the  room with the coffins and stake the beasts to exterminate
them  for  good (you'll get 9,000XP per pop, so make sure  you
have  enough  stakes).  When you stake  Lassal's  coffin  (the
bottom one), Bodhi will appear and begin a talking with you...
This  will end in an attack, so don't hold back , nail  the
Vamp  with  full strength and your mission will be  completed!
Bodhi has 102HP, but she has some critical hit attacks, so  be
careful.  You  won't  get  any XP for  'almost'  killing  her,
because she flees.

Return  to  Aran  Linvail and give him with  the  info  you've
learned and you'll get a whopping 50,000XP for EACH character!

Now, on to the Asylum.....


The Town of Brynnlaw:

First  thing we get to see what Irenicus has been  up  to  all
this time,
testing  various things on Imoen (and that also  explains  why
Bodhi  captured all those Shadow Thieves). Then you are  taken
across  the  sea to the town of Brynnlaw, which is  a  stone's
throw  away  from  the Asylum Spellhold. If you  followed  the
Shadow  Thieves,  then Sime will say that  she  doesn't  trust
Saemon, your captain. He does seem suspicious...
If  you  followed Bodhi, then Bodhi will have Saemon show  you
around Town before vanishing into the night. Saemon tells  you
to  seek  the  tavern, before ending his tour. He  isn't  very

Once off the Shadow Thieves ship, Saemon turns traitor and has
someVampires attack you, before vanishing himself.  Fight  off
the  three  vampires and Sime will talk to you. She recommends
talking  to  Sanik in the tavern to discover  an  entrance  to
Spellhold. If you got off Bodhi's Ship, Saemon merely waits by
his ship. He also recommends talking to Sanik in the tavern to
gain  entrance  to  Spellhold. Head out to the  Vulgar  Monkey
Tavern.  It  is up one level (seeing as the city is  built  on
several  terraced levels), about in the center of the  map  (x
2000 y 1550). You will
find  Sanik inside, he is dressed as a green mage.  Talk  with
him.  He  begins  telling  you  some  stuff,  but  is  quickly
assassinated  in  the  name  of  Guildmistress  Galvena.   The
innkeeper will then talk with you. He provides some details on
the  situation, telling you that Sanik's bride likely knows  a
way  into Spellhold, but that she would be currently  held  by
Galvena. This would require getting into the Guild, one way or
the other.


We  can now enter the Guild (x 1080 y 1485) on the first level
of  town. However, talk to one of the Courtesan's just outside
the  guild and get them to take you inside (which may  require
that  you buy their services for 100 gold). Once inside,  tell
the  courtesan  that you are there to rescue Claire  and  they
should  leave you alone. Leave that room. You are in the  main
hallway, go leftwards. Kill the guards (one has a Halberd +2).
Enter  the room to the right of the guards (x 345 y 195),  and
search the wardrobe in the back to find Galvena's Key.

Go  back to the hall, and enter the last door. Search the jail
until  you find Galvena. Tell her that her evil ways are over,
then  kill her. (4000 exp) She also has her mage, Vadek,  with
her (8000 exp) and they have some minor magical treasures.


Talk  to Claire and she'll agree to take you to see Golin  who
may know how to get into the Asylum. (10,000 exp) Golin thanks
you  and  will even give you 22 gold (2000 exp).  He  mentions
that  only  2  types  of  people can enter  Spellhold,  Cowled
Wizards and Magical Deviants. There is one crazy Cowled Wizard
living in town, Perth the Adept who may have a way in. You can
also  have the Pirate Captain throw you in there if you  prove
to be unstable enough. The best option is to go find Perth and
take his wardstone. You will find Perth's house at the top  of
the  city (x 3000 y 1200). Perth is apparently being Dominated
by  Irenicus as he wants to "test your limits." Interestingly,
Yoshimo  tells  him  that there will no testing  with  Yoshimo
around, and Perth calls that inconsequential. Hmmm... Perth  -
20,000  experience, Wardstone for the Asylum, Book of Infinite
Spells. We can now go to Spellhold (x 3500 y 2).


Alternatively you can go seek the Aid of the Pirate King. Head
up  to the pirate king's house, and talk to his door guard  (x
1115  y 665). Tell him that Golin sent you and he'll open  the
door  to the house. You get 38,500 exp for convincing him that
you  are  crazy.  And there is no reason that  you  can't  get
Perth's experience then have the Pirate King commit you.

I  didn't  see a little trick I found when asking  the  pirate
king to commit you to Spellhold the game auto saves after your
party  receives  the XP award. So if you load  the  auto  save
after  you  get into Spellhold, you can talk to him again  and
receive  the XP award again. You can do this as many times  as
you want.

QUEST: Liberate Ginia the Courtesan

Ginia - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 3450 y 1700)
Chremy - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 1820 y 1450)
Calahan - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 1590 y 1740)

At the top right of the city you will meet a woman named Ginia
who  was recently forced into prostitution. Instead, she tries
begging  instead and says that she has done the deed. Ask  her
what  the  trouble  is.  You  see, Chremy  holds  her  brother
captive, and as long as he does, she is forced to gather money
for  him. Agree to help. You will find Chremy to the  left  of
her. Talk to him. He doesn't see reason (did you think that he
would?), forcing you to kill him.

Interestingly,  he has Galvena's Medallion on him,  which  you
could  use to get into Galvena's Guildhall if you wanted.  Now
we  have to smuggle Ginia out of town. Drop down another level
and find Calahan, the Smuggler. Talk to Calahan and ask him to
get  Ginia out of town. For 200 gold he will smuggle them  out
to Ulgoth's Beard for you. (2000 exp)
Return to Ginia and tell her the good news (9000 exp).

QUEST: Ason the Little Thief

Ason - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 560 y 1170)

In the western part of the city, a young boy will approach you
and  swipe 10 gold off of you. He mentions that if he  doesn't
steal  from you then someone will hit him. This is related  to
the above quest about Ginia (Ason is her brother).

OTHER: Pirates

This town is crawling in Pirates. Some will attack you, others
will attack each other. None of them have any good


OTHER: Priestess of Umberlee

Temple of Umberlee - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x y )

Within  Brynnlaw  there is a temple to the  goddess  Umberlee.
Makes  sense as Umberlee rules the waves. Anyway, you can  buy
several  interesting  objects  from  her,  like  a  Girdle  of
Bluntness, but you can also kill her for no loss of reputation
and 14,000 exp.


As there are two ways into Spellhold, there are two places you
can  end  up. If you simply walked to the Asylum using Perth's
Wardstone, you must enter the Asylum on your own. In that case
you  enter  through the front doors. (x 625 y  1050).  If  you
asked  the  Pirate King to have you committed  you  will  find
yourself  already  inside one of the  cell's  in  the  Asylum.
However,  you  won't stay there long, as soon enough  Irenicus
teleports  in.  You  can talk to each of the  inmates  several
times,  and some give you items (gems and worthless  scrolls).
If  Yoshimo is in your party, he turns traitor. Turns out that
he  was working for Irenicus the entire time. Not that he  was
actually  doing  anything to hamper your efforts,  but  still.
Whether he was in your party or not, the results are the same.
You are drugged and put to
sleep, when you awaken you are in the tube...


Remember  the three dreams that you had in chapters 2  and  3?
Well now is the time for the (near) Final Dream, and this time
you  are given control. After listening to Imoen we're on  our
way.  First  thing  first, go through the gate  to  enter  the
castle  (this is the Dream Candlekeep, and if you didn't  play
the  first  Baldur's  Gate,  Candlekeep  is  where  that  game
started). You will find a Demon barring your way. He wants you
to make a sacrifice to enter. What will you sacrifice?

Your mind -1 INT
Your Health -1 CON
Your agility -1 DEX
Your wits -1 WIS

Give  up  whatever you can afford to give up (fighters  should
drop Wisdom or Intelligence, mages Constitution, etc. Try  not
to  give  up  Dexterity  whatever class  you  are).  You  lose
whatever  you chose to lose, and can then enter the castle  (x
2000  y  1500). Go to the back of this room to find the  dream
Imoen.  She  tells you to "lead the beast here."  Sounds  easy
enough. Leave the castle. Go left to find Bhaal (about x  1000
y  1800). Talk to him and get him to chase you. Now return  to
the  castle,  go  in and go to Imoen. Don't worry  Bhaal  will
follow you. Imoen then says she will make it vulnerable.

Attack. Once defeated Bhaal gets irritated.

The  Imoen in your dream is actually your own soul taken  form
to  help  you  out.  This is why the dream ends  with  "Imoen"
screaming... your soul has just been sucked out of you.

Maze Beneath Spellhold (AR 1512):

Bodhi  was  given  the task of killing you,  and  instead  she
dumped you in a maze to play with you some more. She says that
she  will  give you time to escape and stop Irenicus from  his
evil plans... Also you can pick up Imoen again (and you really
should,  she  IS  your sister). I assume that  Yoshimo  turned
traitor to make room for Imoen to return to your party. Due to
the  nature of this maze, all the optional items (the  riddles
and  the  portal)  have been integrated into the  walkthrough.
This is just for convenience sake.


Ok,  we are in a big evil maze, and need to find the way  out.
Don't  be afraid to rest. Sure, Bodhi said you are on a  clock
but  she is an evil vampire who can't be trusted. Go down  the
southwest passage, kill whatever is there (for me it was Umber
Hulks  and  Minotaurs) to find the big statue head  (x  750  y
2100).  He asks you to find the Builder's Hand. Also  you  can
search  a pot near him for some spells. Back to the beginning.
There are now three directions we can travel:

Northeast, Northwest and Southeast. (we've been southwest)  Go
up  the northeast passage first, (x 2170 y 1200). There  is  a
door dead ahead, open it. Kill the Clay Golem within. Then you
can search for treasure (trapped!):

Bag of Holding (container that holds a lot)
Opal Stone (keep this, and don't put it in a container)
Rogue Stone (useful if you want to go in that one Bridge door)
Spells - Prismatic Spray (Mage)
Arrows (etc.)

Go back to the start, then go up the northwest passage (x 1300
y 1210) and open the door to the right (x 1350 y 960).

Kill   whatever  is  in  here  (Gibberlings).  Search  the   2
containers in here:
Ruby  Stone (don't put this in the gem bag, but keep it) Spear
+3 Magical Arrows (etc.)


Head  west to the next room (x 760 y 1075) and go in.  Welcome
to  the  riddle room! In the center is a chest full of bizarre
riddly  objects. These objects are then placed in the arms  of
the  statue that they solve the riddle for. Starting from just
left of the  door and going around, the riddles are:
Riddle: Answering Object:

At night I come without being fetched, at STAR MEDALLION day I
am gone without being stolen.

No  beginning.  No  end. I am a symbol of the  GOLDEN  CIRCLET
world's cycles.

Two brothers we are, great burdens we bear, WORN OUT BOOTS all
day we are bitterly pressed; Yet this I will say - we are full
all  the  day,  and empty when we go to rest.  Here,  in  this
place, you swallow me. Yet, were I JAR OF WATER more, I  could
swallow you.

I  have  seen  the mountains rise. I have seen  the   fall  of
Netheril. You shall die but still shall I march on: SUNDIAL

To  those within the dungeon I am joy. To those  fully beneath
my gaze, I can be Hell: SUN MEDALLION

I will save your life but yet can you die by me. I will settle
disputes yet not with words: SWORD MEDALLION

Name me and so shall you break me. GAGGED MAN

Always  do I tell the truth, yet cannot speak. Look to me  and
see what really is: MIRROR

I  have  two heads but one body. The more I stand  still,  the
faster I run: HOURGLASS

Try  to defeat me but try in vain. When I win I GRINNING SKULL
end your pain.

Complete all the riddles to get 20,000 experience. Then search
the center chest again to find:

Sapphire  Stone (don't put in gem bag, but do keep  it)  Dusty
Rose Ioun Stone

Open  the next door (x 875 y 915), and then open the next door
to  the right (x 1033 y 700). This is the second riddle  room.
Go  up and click each of the faces twice to be teleported into
the center. There you will be asked a riddle. Get it right and
you are rewarded, get it wrong and you are punished. There are
12 faces and 12 corresponding riddles:


Lighter than what I am made of, more of me is Ice hidden  than
is seen, I am the bane of the mariner, a tooth within the

sea. Speak my name.

A  spirited  jig  it  dances bright, banishing  all  Fire  but
darkest  night. Give it food and it will live; give  it  water
and it will die.

The man who invented it, doesn't want it for himself. A Coffin
The  man  who bought it, doesn't need it for himself. The  man
who needs it, doesn't know it when he needs it.

The life I lead is mere hours or less, I serve all my A Candle
time  by being consumed. I am quickest when thin, slowest when
fat, and wind is the bane of the gift that I bring.

The more that there is, the less that you see. Squint Darkness
all you wish when surrounded by me.

They  come to witness the night without being called, Stars  a
sailor's guide and a poet's tears. They are lost to sight each
day without the hand of a thief.

They  follow  and  lead, but only as you pass.  Dress  Shadows
yourself  in darkest black, and they are darker still.  Always
they  flee  the light, though without the sun there  would  be

I  have  holes throughout, from back to front and top A Sponge
to bottom to core. More nothing than something within, and yet
I still hold water.

I  am  free  for the taking through all of your  life,  Breath
though  given  but once at birth. I am less  than  nothing  in
weight, but will fell the strongest of you if held.

Alive as you but without breath, as cold in my life as Fish in
my  death; never a thirst though I always drink, dressed in  a
mail but never a clink.
Of  all  your  possessions, I am the hardest to  guard.  If  A
Secret  you have me, you will want to share me. If  you  share
me, you no longer have me.
I  can  have  no  color, though there may be darkness  A  Hole
within. I have no weight and hold nothing, and if placed in  a
container it becomes all the lighter.

When  all  12  riddles are answered, then everyone  gets  5000
experience points and you receive:

Ring of Regeneration (regenerate 1 HP every 6 seconds)


Go  back  to the previous passage, and open the other door  (x
750 y 800). Fight the monsters in here (Rakshasa and Mephits).
Past  them  is  a  big  portal. Remember those  gems  that  we
gathered that I told you not to put in your gem bag?

(Opal  Stone, Sapphire Stone and Ruby Stone) They are the  key
to  this  portal. Click the portal once and a Greater Wolfwere
appears,  twice and a Demon appears, three times and a  Djinni
appears and gives you: Doomplate +3 (Plate Mail

AC 0)

LEVEL TWO (AR 1513):

We  are  done  here, so go back to the start,  then  take  the
southeast passage to the next level (x 2100 y 1800). We  start
in  a  room.  That  is ordinary enough. Just ahead,  the  room
narrows  quite  suspiciously. When someone goes  through  that
narrow,  a gate shuts and lots of Umber Hulks appear  in  this
room  and  the next. Which means that your party will probably
be  split in two for this battle. To avoid this fate,  I  sent
out  a Wizard Eye to scout out the area, it triggered the gate
and  left  my  entire party on one side. You can also  have  a
thief  pick the lock on the gate to open it. Prepare  yourself
for  a big battle with a Lich. Wander down the passage to  the
first  door (x 2100 y 1800) and go in it. Here you  will  find
the  aforementioned  Lich  and  his  undead  buddies  (Greater
Mummies and Skeletal Warriors). With Protective Spells active,
you  shouldn't  lose any people (or if you do,  you  shouldn't
lose  too  many). Keep the Liches defenses down by  Breaching,
Piercing  Magic,  etc.  Also make sure you  have  good  undead
fighting weapons equipped (Daystar, Mace of Disruption, etc.)

Liches  are worth 22,000 experience. After the battle you  can
search the pots here for some minor treasures (Cleric's  Staff
+3,  etc.).  Enter  the room right here,  and  search  it  for
treasure.  (spells and gold mostly, as well  as  some  arrows)
Head further down the passage, it turns to the west. Follow it
to  thedoor (x 1050 y 2070). Open it to find Dace, a  vampire.
This ends in a battle. Kill him and he retreats to his coffin.
Then  you  stake him to get his Hand (the object  we  need  to
escape this place). If you don't have stakes, then when you go
by the library again, he reappears
inside  and tells you that your job is half finished. You  can
find a Stake later on in this level when you get to the Kobold


Back  to  the  main passage, then continue north to  the  next
room.  (x  3000  y 1100) I found a Wandering  Horror  here  to
fight.  There  are  also  3 containers  in  here  with  spells
(Simulacrum,  etc.) and other minor treasures. Open  the  next
door. In the middle of this room (x 2340 y 515) you will  find
a book on a pedestal. Click it twice to turn the page.

Each  time  you  do  this  it summons forth  a  "bloodthirsty"

Kobold Captain
Sword Spider
Umber Hulk
Mind Flayer

Ring of Free Action
Spells - Simulacrum
Summon Fiend

Search the wall (x 2030 y 520) for a secret door, open it  and
go through. This is the Kobold/Imp room. Past this is the

Crystal  Room,  which also has the Kobold Witch  Doctor.  More
Kobolds  will appear around the Crystal, and summon forth  its
"defenders" (more kobolds... and one xvart looking guy).  When
they are dead, you get a Piece of the Crystal.

Go back to the book room, open the door and go up the stairs.


Go  now to the southwest passage again to the big giant statue
head.  Talk  to it with both the Crystal from the Kobolds  and
the  Hand  from Dace to get it to open the passage.  For  this
everyone  gets 29,500 experience. The head doesn't  physically
move,  however you can now enter the door behind it. (x 470  y

There  are two doors to the right, we want to take the  bottom
one (x 630 y 820). Open the secret door to the right (x 820  y
1020). Inside is a switch, click twice to open the secret door
to  the left (x 560 y 1020). Within here are a group of trolls
(including  one 12,000 exp troll). Search the  nearby  pot  to

2 Mithril Tokens (used later to gain an item)
Spell - Breach
Arrows +2

Back to the passage, and take it down to the next door (x  650
y 1500). There are Minotaurs (3000 exp) in here. Near the door
we came in is a pot:

2 Mithril Tokens (so we have 4 total now)
Spell - Sunfire
Bolts +2

Open  the door at the top of the room (x 1000 y 1450)  and  go
in. Search the pool in the center of the room to find:

Minotaurs Horn (used much later)
2 Mithril Tokens (6 total)
Mind Flayer Painting

There  are  3 statues in this room, each of which has  another
"monster" painting. So click on each statue twice to get their
painting.  They WILL shoot spells at you, no matter  what  you
do.  Once you have the 4 paintings, head back to the beginning
room.  Then  open the top door (x 900 y 650), go  through  the
passage and open that door too.


This  leads to a room full of monsters (for me it was Yuan-ti)
that must be dispatched before anything can be done. There are
then  four doors in here, each with a picture of a monster  on
it  that  corresponds with one of the paintings we  got.  From
left to right:

MindFlayer - 11,000 experience
Flame of the North (2Hnd +2, 10% magic res., +4 vs Evil)
Spirit Troll - 8000 experience
Katana +2: Malakar (+2 AC vs. Slashing weapons)
Umber Hulk - 10,000 experience
Djinni - 10,000 experience
Bloodstone Amulet

The  Umber Hulk door leads to the next passage to go in. There
were  a number of Wolfwere's in this passage. Go up and search
the pot (x 2280 y 185):

Arrows (Bolts and Bullets)
Spell - Phantom Blade

Then enter the room to the right. In this room you will find 3
Clay Golems guarding the one treasure chest there.

Funky. When you take the items from the chest, the door  slams
shut  and  the  Clay Golems attack. Make sure you  have  Blunt
weapons.  Then I would kill the Clay Golems first  (Fake  Talk
works fine) and then unlock and take the treasures:

4 Mithril Tokens (10 total)
Gesen Bow String (final part of the powerful Gesen Bow)

Back  into the passage, now take the southern door (x  2025  y
515). I found a Stone Golem in here. Search the table:

3 Mithril Tokens (13 total)
Lots and lots of throwing darts and axes
And also search the pot to the left:
2 Mithril Tokens (15 total)
Throwing Items
Spell - Maze

Open  the  next door to the south to find the Vending Machine.
This is the reason we are collecting Mithril Tokens.

Depending on how many tokens are put in, you get a treasure:

5 Tokens - Boots of the North (50% cold resistance)
10 Tokens - Boots of Grounding (50% electrical resistance)
15 Tokens - Boots of Speed (Haste permanently on user)
20 Tokens - Jester's Chain +4 (AC 1)

Right  now you should have 15 tokens. There are more than  can
be  found throughout the level. I found the Jester's Chain  to
be  quite  useless, so I would get the Boots  of  Speed.  Then
later  come  back and spend whatever tokens you  have  on  the
Boots  of  the  North. (If you plan to come back,  you  should
probably mark it on your map)


Go back to the beginning, then back down the bottom passage to
the  Minotaur  room.  (x 933 y 1667)  Open  the  door  on  the
southeast  wall.  This passage leads to  another  door,  which
opens  up to the Orb Room. There are 4 orbs in here that  will
cast  a  spell  on whoever is standing on the  mosaic  in  the
center of the room. From left to right the Orbs cast:

Slow (x 1400 y 1575)
Heal (x 1500 y 1500)
Haste (x 1750 y 1525)
Lightning Bolt (x 1850 y 1600)

A  great  place to Heal people, but the Haste Orb is  probably
more useful. Head up the next passage.


Within  the  next  room  is  a  giant  Minotaur  statue,  some
vampires, and, oh, Bodhi. She has decided to kill you once and
for  all, well before you were supposed to meet (at least that
is  what I got out of that conversation). A battle breaks out,
but  quickly, the main character changes into the Slayer. This
rightly  freaks  Bodhi out and she flees  taking  her  vampire
cronies  with  her. Which leaves you as the  Slayer,  and  you
aren't  entirely in control of your power. Keep everyone  else
in  the  party away from the Slayer else they might get killed
by  it.  Your party members will rightly comment on this  when
you  revert  to normal. The Slayer is the Avatar form  (mortal
form)  of Bhaal and if you are turning into Bhaal... The  next
time  you  rest after this, you turn in the Slayer again,  and
chase  someone in your party around (possibly the  person  you
are in a romance with). You may even end out killing them. The
next  time you sleep after that, you MAY get the Slayer Dream,
where you gain the ability to change into the Slayer. The cost
of  turning into the Slayer is a reputation loss of 2  points.
Also  you  cannot stay the Slayer for too long else  you  will
die.  (It says "you feel yourself losing control" when it gets


Open  the  door  to  your left (x 1965  y  1150).  There  will
probably be a Minotaur here to kill. Then search the pool near
the door:

4 Mithril Tokens (19 total)
Spell - Chain Lightning

If you go further up this passage you will find a Gauth (small
green  Beholder  like  creature,  worth  9000  exp)  and  more
Minotaurs. No treasure. Back to the Statue room. Now take  the
lower  right passage. (x 2330 y 1425) This leads  to  a  small
room  with yet more Minotaurs. When they are dead, search  the
pot to find:

Minotaur Horn (used on the statue)
2 Mithril Tokens (21 total)
Spell - Limited Wish

You now have all the Mithril Tokens in the game, so you can go
back  to  the Vending Machine and get whatever you want  >from
it. Put the Horns on the Minotaur Statue (everyone gets 29,500
experience) to open the exit. Go out.


Oh,  but  we aren't free yet! You will be in a small  circular
room  with 6 enemies, goblins and hobgoblins for you to  kill.
Once   they  are  dead,  the  Tester  Apparition  appears   to
administer the test to you. These tests have right  and  wrong
answers, a right answer makes your life easier (sends  you  to
an  easier area) and a wrong answer makes your life  a  little
harder. I will document only the easy path (although the  hard
path has nothing special in it):

Agree  to take the test and you will be teleported to a  small
room  with  a Spore Colony. Kill it. Answer the next  question
with 'Splinter,' and be teleported to a room with a table:

Cloak  of  Reflection  (reflects  electrical  damage  back  to
Then talk to the Apparitions around the table and answer their
Rich have need of it, poor have it: Nothing
Runs as it wills: A River
Dwell with weak, rarely brave: Fear
Shines laughter or tears: Memory

Note:  If  you  messed up the 'table riddlers'  last  question
(memory) you will be teleported to a room with a machine.  The
correct order of the machine is:

1. Mithril
2. Ruby
3. Emerald
4. Sandalwood
5. Jade
6. Onyx

This will get you a Bracers AC 5. (from Redd Barren)

This  takes  us to the Troll room. Kill the three  trolls  you
find  and  take  from  one of them  a  Head.  Go  up  and  the
Apparition  will appear and mention that this room isn't  part
of the test. Tell him you'd like to stay. Then put the Head in
the Troll Altar. This gets you the:

Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead

Talk to the Apparition to get out. You will then be judged. If
you  took  the  Easy  Path  (the one I  just  described)  then
everyone in your party gets 51,250 experience points.  If  you
took a harder path, then he teleports in a Mind Flayer for you
to  fight. (Everyone then gets 41,250 experience on the harder
path) There is one thing of Minor Treasure (x 970 y 380),  but
nothing important. Leave this area.


Once  you return to the Asylum, you will be met by Saemon (the
captain who brought you to Brynnlaw, if you forgot). He offers
you  one sage bit of advice, get the deviant mages to help you
defeat Irenicus.


Avoid  the big room in the middle of this area for the moment,
if you go in there you WILL be destroyed by Irenicus

(it's  not even a fight! He just kills you!). There  are  some
minor  treasures in a northern room (x 1720 y 550).  Open  the
door  at  (x  1400  y  400) and go up  the  stairs.  You  will
immediately meet up with Lonk the Sane.

Convince  him  to free the inmates (one way or another).  Then
convince  the Inmates that Irenicus should be killed and  they
will  teleport you into his room downstairs. Quickly  a  fight
between  you  and him breaks out. This battle is  one  of  the
larger  battles in the game, as not only do you have  Irenicus
to  face,  but soon he summons forth a small army  (of  clones
that  look like your party) to help him. Plus you have  allies
in  the  Deviants (so, if it says "Wanev casts Death Spell  on
Mazzy",  it means that he is casting that on your evil clone).
Defeat  Irenicus  and  everyone  in  your  party  gets  68,500
experience. Irenicus flees, leaving you to face another  group
of "murderers". (thieves mostly) If Yoshimo betrayed you, then
he  enters the scene after this and will attack you. Kill  him
and take his heart. This heart will allow you to undo the Geas
on Yoshimo and give him peace in death.


Go  back  upstairs. Follow the passage up  and  left  to  find
Saemon  again. He says that he wants to help you and  that  he
knows  a way out. You have three options here: one, trust  him
and  go with him; two, kill him; and three don't kill him  and
enter  the portal downstairs. Do the first one, trust him  and
he will teleport you outside. He goes to town and tells you to
follow. Don't, re-enter the Asylum.

Note:  If you take the Portal you will skip the Sahuagin  City
(and its wonderful treasures). No matter which you choose, you
will  end  out  in  the Underdark eventually. Enter  Irenicus'
Office (x 1550 y 1000). There was a Stone Golem here.
Search the dresser for:

Staff of Thunder and Lightning

Search the desk for:
The Complete Journal of Jon Irenicus (parts 1 and 2)
Go into the next room. Search the cabinet on the wall:
Horn of Silence

Then search the drawers south of the bed for:

Rogue Stone

Jon's  Key (if you took the portal in the basement, this would
open the secret door, but don't do that) - Leave the

Asylum and head back to Brynnlaw.


Go  to the Vulgar Monkey Tavern and talk to Saemon again.  His
ship  was destroyed by the pirate lord (who probably had  good
reasons for doing that). What he needs is for you to steal the
Pirate  Horn for him so that you can steal one of  the  Pirate
Lord's ships. Without the horn you will not make it out of the
harbor.  He offers you the Vorpal Blade in exchange for  doing
this.  You will find the Horn on the lord's mistress Cayia  at
night.  Go  to  Cayia's house (x 615 y 1475) at night,  enter.
After  listening to Cayia and her current lover's pillow talk,
they call the guards and flee.
Kill  the  pirates, then search her Table to find  the  Pirate
Horn (and another Rogue Stone). Leave her house. Read over  to
the  Pirate Ship (x 1700 y 1900) where a group of pirates will
attempt  to  enslave  you as a rower. Disabuse  them  of  that
notion. Continue east to find Saemon (x 2950 y 2500), and talk
to  him.  This gets you aboard the ship, but soon  the  Pirate
Lord  tracks you down. There is a bit of a scene, and Deshark,
the  Pirate Lord, even kills his own mistress, Cayia.  Saemon,
ever  courageous asks you to kill Deshark for  him.  Kill  the
pirates  and Saemon rewards you with a Silver Blade  (part  of
the Vorpal Sword!)
The ship casts off...


Soon  the  ship is overrun by Giths looking for  their  sacred
Blade. Although Saemon tries to get a non-violent solution  to
this,  it isn't meant to be and a battle soon breaks out.  You
have  a  very brief window to kill Saemon, if you want (18,000
experience).  Soon this battle is forced to a conclusion  when
the Sahuagin capsize the ship sending everyone overboard...


Sahuagin City:

Chapter  5 begins when you are taken in front of the  Sahuagin
Priestess.  At  first  you  cannot understand  what  they  are
saying,  but  soon they cast a spell that allows you  to  hear
them.  They don't seem hostile (for once). They tell you  that
your  coming was prophesized (they usually eat surfacers  that
they  capture).  Their city will be destroyed  lest  you  save
them.  Go willingly for the moment, as you are best served  by


You  are  brought before their King, who soon enough asks  you
whether  you are the surfacers of prophecy. It doesn't  matter
what  you say as they think the same thing of you in any case.
Accept  their challenge to fight one of their slaves. You  are
set to fight an Ettin, nothing that challenging. Kill it (5000
experience) to prove that you are indeed the  prophesized one.
The losing priestess is sacrificed, and you are told about the
Sahuagin   Rebels.  The  King  wishes  the    Rebels   to   be
exterminated,  while  the priestess who sponsored  you  wishes
them  to  be  negotiated with. Agree to the King's demands  to
bring back the heart of the Rebel Prince to him. The Priestess
wishes to speak with you before you leave to go do the deed.

Head  over to the temple (x 1335 y 225) and you can watch  the
losing  priestess get sacrificed. Then she gives you a  couple
of jobs to do, first retrieve a Tooth from a Drow temple. This
will  allow you to leave the city later, and second to try  to
get  the Rebels back in power within the city. In other words,
to  do the opposite of what the King asked you to do. Agree to
do  that as well and she gives you an orb that the Prince will
recognize.  Now you have a choice of which plots to  do,  kill
the Prince or kill the King.


Head  down  then right (x 1350 y 1900). You will be warned  of
Drow in the area. Continue right, then down (careful to

look  for  traps).  You will bump into some spiders.  Continue
south and take out the Bone Golem (x 940 y 3470).
Go  left  (careful to look for traps), then up.  Several  Imps
here  have  a game they want you to play in order to  get  the
Drow  treasure. They will create images of 5 famous people  of
the  realms in front of 5 chests. Each person has a  treasure.
What  you need to do is gather these treasures, then put  them
in the chest behind the person they belong to.

Oh, and this entire platform needs to be deTRAPPED.

Needs:  Has:  Alustriel - Pendant Elminster's  Pipe  Drizzt  -
Scimitar Piergeiron's Helmet Elminster - Pipe Drizzt's

Scimitar  Khelben  -  Staff Alustriel's Pendant  Piergeiron  -
Helmet Khelben's Staff

Once  all  the items are in their proper place, the Imps  open
the  final chest. For this everyone in your party gets  18,500
experience.  Within  the  chest  you  will  find:   Boots   of
Etherealness  Cloak of Protection +2 Continue up  the  passage
until  a  Beholder named Spectator appears. Talk  to  him.  He
doesn't  have  a great existence as he was set  to  guard  the
treasure chest behind him for 99 years. If you try to take the
items  in  the  chest, he will attack you. But, you  need  the
item.  So,  ask him if there's no way that you could  see  the
item.  With  a bit of verbal wrangling (either you  must  have
Cernd, Haer'Dalis, or Edwin in your party or have at least  13
Wisdom  yourself) he agrees to let you check inside the chest.
Open  it  and grab the tooth. Spectator seems disappointed  in
it, and leaves. (15,000 exp)
Note:  Or you can have anyone with at least 13 Wisdom talk  to
the Spectator.


Head all the way north (x 2680 y 50). Then go right until  you
reach  the  stairs (x 4600 y 1200). Don't worry about  killing
the  rebels on the way there, they're insignificant.  Go  down
the  stairs.  Go through this ambush to the doors  (x  3700  y
2340). Here you find the Sahuagin Chieftang who will take  you
to  see the Rebel Prince (if you have the Priestess' Orb, that


Now  you have to make a choice which side to go with.  On  the
one hand you can go with the Prince's schemes, accept the Fake
Heart  and  give that to the King. (if you want to do  it  the
other  way,  see below) If you have a Monk, I would  recommend
siding with the King. Take the Heart over to the King and give
it  to him. He does fall for it and would reward you. Then the
Prince  and his goons attack the city and you are forced  into
combat with the king. Kill the king to get his items:

The  Impaler  Spear +3, +10 piercing damage  Key  to  Treasury

The  Prince then enters and takes control of the city. He then
rewards you for your efforts:
60,500  experience for each person Magical Rope. Go  over  and
open the treasury (x460 y670) to loot the contents:

Rod  of Lordly Might Magical Rope Spell - Protection from  the

Of  course, now you can also double cross the prince and  kill
him.  That  way  you can still get the Wave Blade  (you  could
probably  also pickpocket it off him, but Imoen has a horrible
Pickpocket rating, so if you have her, you probably  can't  do


Or,  you can assault the rebel prince and take his real heart.
He also has some treasure on him:
Wave  Blade (part of the Wave Halberd) The Impaler  Spear  +3,
+10  piercing damage Return to the King with the Heart and  he
will  take you to the entrance to the Underdark. He also gives
you a fairly generous reward:
Gauntlets  of Crushing (+4 to THAC0, DMG, for unarmed  combat)
Rod  of  Lordly  Might  (can change  into  different  weapons)
Magical Rope 2000 gold 58,500 experience for each character In
case  you  are wondering, you get nothing for turning  in  the
Priestess. Also, the King vanishes so you can neither talk  to
him again nor double cross him and kill him.

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