Atlantis – The Lost Tales (walkthrough)

Atlantis - The Lost Tales
On arrival talk to sentries. Go upstairs to pond area. Go to left set of 
stairs and talk to sentries again. Show Companion's badge to gain entry. Go 
upstairs and take the stairs to the left all the way up to the top. Head 
either left or right to get to the back of the building where there is a door 
to Companions Quarters and enter. Talk to Agatha, watch automatic sequence 
where Meljenz and Lascoyt come barging in announcing the Queen's kidnapping. 
After sequence Meljenz asks for wine - say no. He leaves - talk to Agatha and 
agree to look for clues to the Queen's disappearance.
Exit and head towards beach through garden. Go to fisherman's house and 
talk to Actyon. Show him Companion's badge and he gives you an earring.
Head back to palace to get arrested and taken to Creon. When he asks if you 
have any information say no. Once outside talk to girl in alcove, ask all 
questions. Go to village ask girl there all questions.
Go back to palace - at top of stairs on right hand side you find Lascoyt. 
Ask all questions and show earring, then agree to meet him at the Red 
Cockerel. He tells you to go via secret passage and gives you a lamb token to 
use in lion's mouth, but to get inside he must distract the guard at the door 
on the right hand side. Wait a few seconds, go round the corner and into the 
room. Head towards left corner of room and listen as guard's footsteps fade 
away then head for archway, go through and turn left up the stairs.
Go right towards solar display. At back of display move sun, moon and Earth 
into alignment. (all in line with triangle on earth surface). This causes 
lion's mouth to open where you place the lamb token and open a secret door to 
the right. Go through door to face another door. Use the earring to open it. 
Head right and jump out of the window. Go left past two gardens. Go up the 
stairs of the house on left hand side and grab flower pot, use flower pot on 
guy in alley way below to knock him out. Search him and pick up his knife. 
Head towards water trough. Rotate around facing door which is the Red 
Cockerel. Enter. Ask Lascoyt all questions. Wait for Meljenz to enter then 
once conversation is finished head quickly upstairs and face the door that you 
came in. Cut rope with knife and click on Meljenz on left hand side near 
bottom of stairs. Once outside follow voice to your right to enter garden on 
left. Talk to Agatha and agree to spy on Creon. 
Get ladder and use on bench. Go forward one move and use ladder on window. 
Go into secret passage and pick up crowbar. Use crowbar on niche in wall to 
get wooden mouse. Use mouse on hole in wall by the cat painting - turn right 
and enter room. Talk to Silkens owner (Rat Catcher) and agree to play the 
game. (Here you're on your own.) Once you win you fall through trapdoor into 
dolphin room. Go to symbols on wall and press the star. Take trident from 
statue in pond and use in hole in roof. (Automatic sequence where you 

Before leaving room put everything as it was. Go through door. Wait ... 
watch and listen for guard to go upstairs - head through archway and straight 
towards corridor on left past stairs. Go along passageway and upstairs to 
scroll room. Go forward (one squeeeeek) to corner - turn right - go forward 
towards guards - turn right and go behind the shelves where the guards are and 
push the shelves. Head for window and jump out into orchard. Head towards 
Agatha and talk to her. When the guy comes back with the guard and fight 
begins, take knife and turn right and kill guard. Talk to Agatha, when she 
dies take bracelet. Head back to garden where you found the ladder and use as 
before to get to lion room. Head downstairs. Right through archway and out 
front door. Turn right and enter next door on right. You are now in lift 
Go up and out to the hanger. Head towards first flyer on left - enter it. 
Sit down and go to sleep. Hector wakes you up. Talk to him and show bracelet. 
(Auto sequence to forest.)
CarbonekTalk to Hector then take left path 
to bridge. Don't cross - go left of bridge and take a swim coming out in a 
passage way - go forward to snake puzzle (you're on your own again) once it's 
completed enter the kitchen.
Inside kitchen go behind chest on right - open and take out priestess' robe 
(you automatically put it on). Talk to priestess and show her your Companion's 
badge, and take flask and cup off table. Head towards door - talk to guard and 
give him a drink. Walk around looking for queen and giving a drink to any 
guards who stop and talk to you. You eventually eavesdrop at one point in the 
cavern - when conversation is finished and one guard is left at doorway, pick 
up log and hit him on the head with it. Open door and drag him inside to where 
the queen is. Take his uniform and wear it - talk to queen. Give her 
priestess' outfit to wear. Ask all questions and tell her to remove her mask. 
Exit back to kitchen up through chimney and out through stream again. Head 
back to flyer - talk to Hector. Look at soldiers at flyer. Head back the way 
you came and keep going straight over stream then turn right and head towards 
cliff. At cliff a voice tells you to close your eyes - do so.
Enter cliffwall and talk to old woman. Complete both puzzles (you're on 
your own again). Go out and head towards bridge - go over bridge turn left and 
up bank - at tree on left you find bow and arrows. Go back to stream and wash 
bow and arrows in water.
Turn around and pace the pathways while waiting for white boar to appear 
then use bow and arrows on him. This is pot luck and trial and error in 
hitting the target. Once he is dead get ring and use bag on bloody soil. Go 
back to old woman. Talk and ask all questions and eventually go to sleep and 
see vision.
She wakes you up - talk to priestess, ask all questions. Go outside 
(automatic sequence to get to flyer) and fly back to beach. Talk to Actyon and 
find out that the queen did not arrive. Go to sleep.
Next day head for secret room in passageway via ladder and window again and 
talk to Rat Catcher. Do second puzzle and get blue marble. You now end up in 
another passage. Be extra observant when placing marble in wall - note stars, 
sun and moon positions for later on in the throne room behind the chair.
Head along passage up to door - go through door and come face to face with 
Meljenz and guard. Pick up pot on left hand side and toss at guard. Dive 
through Meljenz's legs and enter door. Inside room pick up spear nearby and 
use it to lock door. Head towards throne and go behind to do puzzle which 
moves chair. Enter secret passageway. At bottom of stairs go left up single 
passageway into room. Do puzzle on floor to produce first statue. Search 
statue for piece of puzzle and use with other pieces to complete next puzzle. 
Do this until all four statues are showing. At last statue move head piece to 
climb up stairs to top of building. On the way find fork in niche and use it 
in ground near the tree to get crystal orb.
Return to left hand passageway and continue to the end. (This puzzle is a 
tree). Exit and go to fisherman. Talk to him - he gives you a crystal for 
Anna. Head back to village via same passageway. Return to right hand 
passageway, go to the end. (This puzzle is a circle pattern) use fork on it to 
activate it. Once complete it opens out into a passageway by the scroll room. 
Turn right and head for stairs - go up and activate solar display and enter 
secret passage to jump out of window. Go to the house on right at top of 
stairs, enter, speak to priestess and ask for Anna. Ask all questions and 
eventually leave with Anna. Once outside she escapes.
Go to Red Cockerel. Inside speak to Lascoyt and Servage. Sequence to ask 
questions is: Soldier, Anna, Creon, Queen and Servage. Go upstairs to rooms 
and enter far one on the right. Exit and talk to Servage. Say yes. Talk to him 
again. Enter opposite room - answers to questions are: Creon, Creon, Meljenz, 
Father, and Servage .... Head outside and show Anna your Companion's badge. 
Give her the crystal to convince her to help you. Go back to lift shaft via 
lions room. 
At top of lift shaft go around to the other side and pick up bag. Go back 
to Anna and tell her to get in the bag. Say yes. Go out to hanger and head for 
first flyer on the left. Get onto the flyer. (automatic sequence as you take 
SpitzbergenWelcome to the ice world. After 
automatic sequence you wake up in an igloo, use knife on rope and rope on 
stick and stick on top of igloo to get out. Head for middle igloo and pick up 
three puzzle pieces. Exit and head for igloo in distance, left of one you just 
came from. Complete puzzle and go downstairs. Turn right and follow passageway 
to end. After automatic sequence turn around and follow passage all the way to 
other entrance. Go through and close door behind you. Use knife on statue and 
take the mask. (Automatic sequence.) Go to Anna and free her with knife. Ask 
her to look at crystal in the statue's eye and note the sequence, it is 
repeated on the floor. Click on each image in turn then take statuette from 
altar. Exit. (Automatic sequence.)
Head towards the bear cave, but turn left and head towards the guard. Go 
right round the rock pile in the middle causing you to come up with the bear 
on your left. After he stands up for the third time head left and around the 
rock pile back towards the bear's cave and enter and go through. Go up to 
pilot (automatic sequence.)
Para NuaOn island talk to pilot then talk to 
the king. Head towards crab's race pen. Pick up rope and choose crabs - order 
red, white, brown were the winning ones for me!!
Talk to king and walk around until Hector arrives. Attach rope to statue 
and attempt to raise it twice. King offers daughter to help Hector ... accept. 
You raise the standing god and ask King to take you to the island of real 
standing god. (automatic sequence.)
MuriaOn island answer to puzzle is ... 
Top row, left to right: blue, red, yellow, green.Middle row, left to 
right: bird, wild boar, fish, crab.Bottom row, left to right: world, 
stars, moon, sun.
Speak to the woman at the spinning wheel. No success !! Walk around until 
you come to Creon's image twice. (Automatic sequence.) In room click on cube, 
ask all questions. Turn around and use brown crystal on floor where it 
highlights that you can do something. Walk around edge to missing stone, stand 
in gap to get lowered to floor.
Head through door and pick up torch (flame). Go back to room and place 
torch in middle of spiral. Place brown crystal on top of spiral to roll all 
the way down and catch alight before reaching the bottom. Enter the hole it 
created, grab it and burn it into your hand. Use blue hand on flyer and exit. 
(Automatic sequence.)
Talk to Actyon, go back on flyer. (Automatic sequence.) Ignore warning from 
pilot on barge and approach alongside. Free Anna with a knife. As Meljenz 
approaches go right - he falls over the edge and you escape back to your 
flyer. (Automatic sequence.)
After Anna leaves you go back to the Rat Catcher in secret passage via lion 
room. Ask all questions. Go back to scroll room, head upstairs to whale 
skeleton and take the eye. Go back to dolphin room and place eye into dolphin 
In maze make your way to the middle by avoiding all areas where the 
Minotaur appears. As Creon starts his machine to destroy you use blue hand on 
machine. Follow him through hole in wall. Use blue hand with the head, turn 
around and exit again. Pick up brown crystal from floor and use on creature.

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