Atlantis 3 – Beyond Atlantis 2 (walktrough)

Atlantis 3 – Beyond Atlantis 2 (walktrough)
By Cryo Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo August, 2002

Game Play – The game is mouse driven. After selecting a new player colored button at the start menu, the main menu is seen – Options, Sound, Save, Load, Return to game and Exit. Pressing ESC anytime can access the main menu. Right click of the mouse brings the inventory bar and clicking on an inventory item will replace the cursor arrow with that item. The inventory bar has a scroll to show hidden items. Save frequently.


Peru, 2018- a man finds a skull. Hoggar, 2020 – A young archeologist travels to a rumored site of an ancient Egyptian ruin. She meets an accident and is saved by a Targui, local tribesman. He is there to kill bandits that have refused access to well water at the same ruin that the young archeologist is interested in.

Camp – There is a stick and a disk in inventory, Go forward and left and see a camp beyond. Go forward and click to talk to the guard. Click on the top dialogue. He is not friendly. Do not talk to him any further or the Game Ends – he means it when he says he will shoot you! Turn left and forward 2x. Pan and look at the encampment. There is no guard at the back and can get there from the ledge at the other side. Go back to the guard, turn slightly right, forward 2x and another guard appears. The Targui kills the guard. Go forward through the stone arch on the left. Turn right and enter a cave. There is a portal and equipments by the right wall.

Portal entry puzzle – Stand in front of the portal, look down and see drawings on the ground – a circle and 5 icons above it. Place the disk at the center of the circle and click the stick on the disk to get a spinning top. The object of the puzzle is to light all 5 stars around the circle by clicking the spinning top on each icons above the circle. Observe the path of the top and which stars are turned on and off when each icon is clicked. From L-R, click 4, 1, 3, 5,2. Enter the time portal.

Egyptian Site

Sarcophagus room – The room has a sarcophagus at the center. Go to the wall mural on the right. Take note of star hieroglyph at the center top between 2 men and the direction the 5 arrowheads are pointed at. Turn right, forward to the center standing torch, turn left and pick up the wooden bird hidden in the shadow at the right side of the pillar base. Turn right, forward to the big star on the left wall.

Star Puzzle – Note that the right and left points of the star are active spots. Click the star points following the sequence shown by the hieroglyph on the opposite wall – L, R, R, L, R.

The sarcophagus opens and reveals you’re own personal psychopomp. He gives a case with a beetle inside. Talk to him about all the dialogues. He is your guide on your quest to prove you are worthy. The scarab beetle means the cycle of birth and rebirth and it is dying. Go to the passageway and will not be able to go forward. Take the wooden bird from inventory and click it on the stairs. Fly out and see a vast panorama from a ledge of a pyramid. Talk to your guide again about everything. Climb aboard the airship and enjoy the ride. Throughout this area, ask the guide about everything and he will give clues about some items and places.

Temple of the Pharaoh #5 – Land in front of temple between the arms of a sphinx. The high priest wants to talk to you and will explain the situation. Enter and click on the high priest – The Pharaoh is dying but cannot die – bring the feather so that pharaoh may die and be judged! Bring the symbol of life so that the Bennu bird may die and be reborn! So now we hunt for a feather and a symbol of life. Go back and talk to the guide about everything. The Pharaoh’s soul must be lighter than the feather of judgment. The ankh, symbol of life calls the Bennu which kills itself and the Bennu’s soul guides the Pharaoh’s soul to the land of the living. There is a map in inventory. Click on a destination to go there. The best arrangement to visit the places is marked on the map. Click on destination #1.

Temple of the Ankh #1 – Turn and enter the underground temple. Go to the altar. Open the box and take the ankh. You don’t need to go to the airship to go to the next destination, just click on the map. Click on destination marked #2.

Temple of Isis #2 – Enter the temple and talk to the priestess. She says their story has been forgotten, make it relive so that our lives have meaning once more. Go to the 12 panels at the back wall.

Story picture puzzle – Arrange the panels and the labels-story lines to make a story. Click on the label below the pictures to hear a story line. Best to arrange the story line first and then arrange the pictures to match the storyline. Click on a label or picture and then click on the place you want to transfer it to. The labels or pictures will exchange places. From L – R.

Osiris son of the Earth and Sky, is Pharaoh and Isis, his sister, is Pharaoh’s wife. He brings knowledge to Egypt Seth, twin to Osiris, is jealous of his brother and plans his murder. During a feast, Seth offers a splendid coffer to anyone who fits perfectly inside it. All the Guests try the coffer, but only Osiris can lie down inside it.

Before Osiris can leave the coffer, it is shut fast by Seth’s servants and thrown into the Nile Isis seeks her lost husband. At Byblos, she sees the coffer caught in the branches of a tree. She hides Osiris in a swamp, but Seth learns of her actions and determines to discover his brother’s whereabouts. He finds him and cuts him into 14 pieces, which he hides throughout Egypt

The faithful wife succeeds in recovering 13 of the pieces. She puts the body back together and prepares it with oils and perfumes. Then she wraps it in bandages. He appears almost reborn! After that, she lies with him and conceives their son, Horus the Falcon… who one day will avenge his father, henceforth King of Dead.

When done correctly, the priestess will give a talisman. Select destination #3 on map. Take a look once in a while at the beetle in the box and see that it gets livelier after a puzzle is successfully done.

Beach #3 – Go to the boy throwing a net at the far side of the beach. Talk to the boy and he says that he has no luck in catching fish. Give the talisman to the boy. He throws the net. Pick up a scale from the net. He also gives a stone icon. Click on destination #4 in map.

Destroyed Temple #4 – Climb up and look at the box with a winged priestess on it. The icon is similar to the stone icon given by the boy at the beach. Click the stone icon on the box’ center edge to open it. Take the feathers. Turn left, forward and see a peg on the left pillar. Place the scale on the peg.

Feather puzzle – Remember what the guide said – the soul of the pharaoh must be lighter than the feather of judgment. The object of the puzzle is to find the heaviest feather. The left pan is lighter than the right pan. Place a feather on each pan and keep the heavier one in the pan. Always keep the heavier feather on the left pan. Replace the lighter one with another feather until the heaviest feather is found. Leave the heaviest feather on the pan and return all the other lighter feathers in the box where you got them from – the airship has a one feather limit only. Go back to the scale and take the heaviest feather – in my case, the purple feather. Go back to the high priest at destination #5.

Temple of the Pharaoh #5 – Place the heavy feather on the left pedestal. See the pharaoh dies and his soul is weighed. If the correct feather is placed on the pedestal, his soul is found pure and it flies to the heavens. Take a look at the beetle in the box and see that it becomes a larva. Place the ankh on the right pedestal. Watch the Bennu bird burn, change to an egg, hatch and flies away. Take a look at the beetle turn larvae in the box and see that it becomes a gold beetle. Go to destination #1.

Temple of the Ankh #1 – Since the beetle, the symbol of birth and rebirth is now healthy and the ankh is the symbol of life. Go to the altar and click the box with the scarab beetle on it.

Hoggar and Skull Maze

Skull chamber – Find yourself in a chamber with a central pedestal and a portal on the left wall. Turn around and see a man’s mural on the pillar. Go through the portal and find yourself back at the cave in Hoggar. Go forward towards the exit and hear automatic rifle shots fired. Outside, see the Targui captured by a guard and a bald-headed man. Go to the Targui and the man with the whip will talk to you. The bald-headed man is surprised that you entered the membrane of the portal. Inside the chamber, he places a skull on the pedestal but was unable to use it. He wants you to pick up the skull. Talk to him about everything. Pick up the skull.

Skull Maze – Get sucked inside the skull. The entry point changes every time you enter the skull.
Turn around and talk to the dolphin – Seek beyond the corridors. Begin by passing through the first door on your left, then the third on your right. Talk to the dolphin about everything. Turn around.
Look around for a pathway that looks like this and go forward. If you see a dolphin already, talk to it. See a globe with something inside. (If you click on it, you will return to skull temple)

Go forward here with the return globe on the left. Turn left and then forward here. Turn right and see this. Click on any of the corridor globe.
Be in the corridor and follow the dolphin’s instructions. Enter the first door on the left, come out the same corridor, enter the third door on the right and come out the same corridor. Turn around.
Exit through the central door with your back to the wall with the clock. Turn left and go forward here. Turn right, and forward here.

Turn left and forward here. Turn left and forward here. Click on the globe to go back to skull chamber.

Skull chamber – The bald-headed man talks about his inability to find the secret of the skull. He wants you to find the secret. He leaves the chamber. Find the skull in inventory. Turn right and click on the figure on the pillar. He asks a question about the corridor and if you successfully followed the dolphin’s instruction about the corridor, he will tell the history of the skull. He goes back to the wall. You can click on him to ask guidance. Turn left and go to the bells-wind chimes. Click on wind chimes and a green glass with icons on it appear – remote control. Click on the different icons – a minaret, spear point and ice crystals. When the ice crystals is clicked the glass breaks, right click to place the remote control in inventory and go forward to the Ice World.

Ice World

A mammoth attacks the archeologist, now prehistoric woman and her companion (?Targui) after a failed thrown spear defense. They run into a cave for safety. Go forward, fall down a hole, die and see your spirit body separate from the physical body. There are 3 exits from here; the cave at the foot of your body on the slab goes back up to the cave’s mouth. The guide will not see or hear you since you are a ghost. The cave to the top of the slab or head of your body goes into a cavern with a fire pit. The cave to the left of the body-slab goes into a cavern of stalactites and stalagmites. There is a stick as well as the remote control in inventory.

Shadow wolves cave – Go to the cave at the top of the slab or head of your body. Forward to the fire pit. Use the stick on the holed wood on the fire pit to make a fire. Look around at the shadow wolves, there are 4 dark wolves and one white wolf. The wolves will fight each other if you click on them. The aim of the puzzle is to remove all dark wolves and have only the white wolf remain. Click on 2 dark wolves to fight. Then select another dark wolf to fight the winner until only the white wolf remains. The white wolf turns to call you and pass through the rock wall. He wants you to follow. Click on the rock wall to see where he went.

Balloon and islands – Find yourself in an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by rock cliffs. There is a balloon hanging above another island. We have to get up there. Go forward once, pick up the tree stump on the left and forward to a dead tree. See a big tiger on the next island. Place stump at base of the tree and climb the tree. As soon as you drop on the next island, pick up the stone on the left side on the ground.

Tiger – Go forward once and see a tiger blocks the way. Throw the stone on the tiger. Aim the cursor – as shown on the picture, under the tree and little above the ground. Wait until the tiger is about to be in line of fire as shown below, then click to throw the rock – by the time the rock lands the tiger’s right shoulder will be at the cursor. Time the tiger’s approach to the cursor depending on the speed of your computer. If successful, the tiger will pounce and go over you to the quicksand. If not, try again.

Pick up the tree branch on the ground on the right. Take the path to the left of the rock. If you take the right path, you’ll end up in the quicksand. Go forward and see a big boulder. Use the tree branch on the boulder to move it to get to the next island. Go forward once and see 2 paths. Left path goes to the water’s edge and a black wolf. Right path goes to a white wolf and further that right path is a cliff.

Black wolf – Go down the left path and hear a growl behind you. See the black wolf and immediately go back to the white wolf at the right path. Remember the shadow wolves – the white wolf defeats the black wolf.

Go back down the left path formerly guarded by the black wolf. Pick up the long wood stick where the black wolf was. There is a bear that is blocking the water path to the next island. Turn right and forward to the cliff edge. Look down and use the long wood stick on the cliff edge to pole vault to the next island away from the bear. Go forward until the other end of this island. Click on the log and get to the island under the balloon.

Balloon – Go forward once, turn left and look at the white wolf on the rock wall (if you click on the white wolf, you’ll be back at the shadow wolf cave). Go forward until the top, then look up and click on the balloon. Go to the alcove on the wall and see the crystal skull and a spear thrower. Pick up the spear thrower first and then the skull. Inside the crystal skull – Go back to the dolphin (in my case forward and then left). Talk to the dolphin. The spear thrower will kill the mammoth. Next pass through the fourth door on your left and the third on your left. Turn left and click on the globe that looks like the inside of the balloon. Balloon – Go to the central area of the balloon to get off the balloon. Go down the path to the white wolf on the rock cliff. Click on the white wolf to get back to the cave.

Running animals cave – Exit the shadow wolves cave and go to the cave that is on your right and now right of the slab with your physical body. Go to the center of the cave with a slab of you etched on it with the 4 elements depicted on the 4 corners. See ghost animals running on the wall. Turn right and pick up the spear in the stalagmites. Throw the spear to hit the animals. Place the cursor at the center of the screen on the path of an animal and click the spear as soon as the animal appear at the left of the screen. Each time you hit an animal successfully, an element heart is in inventory – water, air, fire and earth. Look at the hearts in inventory and see icons etched in it. They are the same as the icons at the 4 corners of the slab on your feet. Remember what the icons of each element looks like.

Go outside to your physical body and place the element hearts on their respective corner. Looking at the slab -The fire element is at bottom right, the earth element is bottom left, water element at top left and the air element is on the top right. If correctly done – your spirit combines with the physical body and is brought back alive.

Go to the exit at the foot of the slab back to the guide at the mouth of the cave. Watch him use the spear thrower and kill the mammoth.


Find yourself back at the skull chamber facing a wall. Use the remote control and click on the minaret. Enter the open wall. Find yourself inside a jar at night. Click on the lid and watch Scheherazade tells the story of a thief in Baghdad.

Merchant’s courtyard – Hear a cat meowing and an angry guard. Turn right and hear the thief say rotten fish about the jar beside you. Open the rotten fish jar, the cat jumps in and takes a fish. Go forward, turn right, forward and hide on the other side of the fountain from the guard standing by the gate. Take the stone from the shadow of the plants on the right side of the fountain. Turn to the right and see a ladder leaning on the wall. Look up to the immediate right and see a balcony. Turn right again and see an active spot at the shadow of a fern on the left of the guard. Throw the stone at the active spot to get the guard out of the way. Immediately go to the ladder, pick it up and click back to where you were before – behind the fountain. Look up and place the ladder to lean on the balcony. Climb up and go forward. The cat comes and tilts a jar. The jar breaks and the guard comes. Immediately enter the door across the balcony. The merchant’s daughter hides the thief and the thief gratefully asks her what she wants. She wants a black rose. The thief goes to the wizard garden in search for the black rose.

Wizard garden – Turn to the right, climb the stairs, go forward and pick up the long wood stick. Go back down to the garden, go forward to the red house, pass the house with the red houri, forward and down to a walkway by the wall.

Monkey – Go forward midway the pond and see a juggling monkey across the way. Turn to the left and see a stem of bananas on the tree. Use the stick on the bananas. Pick the banana finger from the floor. Go to the juggling monkey at the other side. Give the banana to the monkey and pick up the blue, red and green sticks he left behind.

Turn around and go back up the stairs. Turn right, forward and look at the lantern shaped stand with a hole at the center front side. Go forward and see a gryphon with a cage hanging above it. The gryphon is protecting a box in a niche at the corner wall. Turn left and pick up an orb on the ground.

Unicorn maze puzzle – Go back to the path by the lantern stand and up the gazebo. Look at the metal hookah with a big opening. Place the orb in the opening. The object of the puzzle is to get the unicorn at the bottom right to exit at the top left corner building. To direct the unicorn, place the 4 colored crystals from the bottom of the screen on places you want the unicorn to pass through to get to the upper left. To get out of the puzzle and restart the puzzle, press ESC and start over. If correctly done, you get a unicorn horn.

Houris – Turn right and go back to the lantern shaped stand. Insert the unicorn horn in the hole of the front side of the lantern shaped stand. Hear a grating sound, crash and a yell. Go to the gryphon and see him trapped by the cage. Take the box from the niche at the corner wall. Take the ruby, sapphire and emerald. The box automatically goes back on the niche. Go back to the hookah gazebo and climb up the leaning tower’s stairs. Go around and down the opposite side to the yard. Go forward and left to the house by the wall. Try to go to the blue houri in front of the blue curtained house. A rock guard blocks your way. Click the blue stick on him and he runs away. Go forward inside the house and talk to the blue houri. Give her the sapphire and she gives a key with a decorated handle. Go to the next house by climbing the steps across the leaning tower, left and down. Go to the green houri and a tree guard drops down in front you. Click the green stick on the tree guard and he runs away scared. Talk to the green houri and give her the emerald. She gives a map to the leaning tower. Go to the house by the pond. Go towards the red houri and a flower guard stops you. Click the red stick on the flower guard. Talk to the red houri and give her the ruby. She gives another key with an open handle.

Serpent Tower – Go up the leaning tower and use the key given by the red houri to open the gate. See a metal creature that blocks the way up. He will compete with you as to who gets up the top of the tower first. Look at the map and see where you and the metal creature are. The map shows stars and a moon that will automatically bring the player higher up the tower. The serpents and a well will bring the player lower down the stairs. The number of steps taken by either player is determined by a monkey game. The monkey climbs a tree and when the red button is clicked will throw a coconut to hit hippos. The higher the monkey is the less steps and the lower the monkey is when the red button is clicked, more steps can be taken. Take a trial run to see where the location of the monkey is in relation to how many hippos are hit by the coconut. Look frequently at the map and try to evade the serpent step when it is your turn. As soon as you get to the one step before the last one up the tower, you will face a door. Use the key given by the blue houri to open the door. A flying carpet bursts out of the door.

Fly to a tower up in the sky and watch the wizard asks the genie for the most precious treasure. The wizard is given the crystal skull but failed to know its secret also. The flying carpet gives away and drops you on the tower floor. The tower walls and fence have roses all over but no black rose.

Constellation Puzzle – Enter the door and pass through the magic cobras. The cobras sent the thief somewhere up the sky and he has to chart the known constellations to go home. Study the serpent constellation and then turn around to see 4 constellations on the windows. Look down at the star map. The object of the puzzle is to light up stars to make a constellation. When a constellation is correctly made, the stars stay lit. After all the 5 constellations are lit, one star is left unlit on the star chart. Then light up a path from the now lit lone star to the top of the serpent constellation. If correctly done, find yourself at the bottom of the stairs in the wizard tower.

Drawers Puzzle – Climb up the stairs and enter the wizard’s room. Turn right and see a cabinet with triangles with on it. The aim of this puzzle is to open only the 4 triangles with frames on it. Click on numbered triangles in order.

If correctly done, a click will be heard and the 4 bottom drawers will open. Take the 4 parchments with dots on it from the bottom drawers. The cabinet turns and a set of red drawers are seen.

Red drawers puzzle – Look at the first parchment with 4 red squares. They are in positions from L-R and top to bottom – 1, 3, 8 15. Now look at the last 3 parchments and mentally combine them as one parchment. The red squares will be at 1, 3, 8, 13, 14,15. The common numbers on the 2 sets of red squares are 1,3, 8, 15. By playing around with the sequence – press 15, 3, 8, 1 to open the cabinet on top. See the genie lamp and a duster.

Guess what, use the duster on the genie lamp. The genie appears. Having been given only one wish for the thief’s hearts desire – the thief asks for a black rose. He takes the black rose and the crystal skull appears. Take the crystal skull.

Skull maze – Enter the crystal skull again to talk to the dolphin. In my game – go forward at bottom ramp, turn left and forward. Turn around and talk to the dolphin. The dolphin tells the thief to sell the skull until the one who is ready can get it. The dolphin gives the last direction for the corridor – pass through the first door on your right and the sixth on you left. Turn a little way to the right and click on the globe with the wizard’s room inside.

Find yourself back at the wizards room. Go out through the door. The rest of the thief’s story is told by Scheherazade – the thief goes back and lays the black rose on the merchant’s daughter’s pillow. The thief sells the skull for camels and becomes himself a successful merchant. He ends up asking for the merchant’s daughter in marriage.

Skull cavern – Back in the skull cavern, the baldheaded man asks for the progress in the quest. But he cannot understand the dolphin’s directions and ends up ordering the young archeologist to get the secret or the Targui dies.

Corridor – Look again at the skull to go to the corridors. Go to the corridors again by following the skull maze directions above. Enter any of the corridor globes and follow the dolphin’s directions.

Pass first door on the left and third door on the right.

Pass through the fourth door on the left and third on the left.

Pass through the first door on the right and the sixth on the left.


An elderly woman and an elderly man welcome you to Shambala. Try talking to them and they will interrupt you when the right order is not done. You have to start at the beginning if the right order for them is not done. Here is the correct order:

Ask the woman about the second left dialogue – picture of the man and woman.

Go but don’t talk to the man. He will say -The secret in the skull is waiting.

Ask about the first right dialogue – skull.

Ask about the second right dialogue – young archeologist.

Ask about the fourth left dialogue – earth.

Go to the woman first and then ask the woman about the bottom left dialogue – network or world with arrows.

Turn back to the woman and ask her about the first left dialogue – gift or omega staff.

Turn left and walk forward around the pond 2x. Turn to the left at the pond with a bush on the right side.

Go into the water. Watch as she dives in and take the omega staff from the bottom of the pool.


She opens her eyes to a gun pointed at her by the baldheaded man. The skull is gone and he wants to know the secret. Click on the omega staff in inventory.

Skull maze – Go to the dolphin – in my game – turn left, forward and turn around. Talk to the dolphin about everything. Turn to the right and click on the globe with the picture of the cave in Hoggar.

Find yourself at the back side of the camp in Hoggar. There is a guard in front of the 2 tents. There is a truck in front and left of the guard. Turn left and look down. Take the flashlight-torch on top of the tent on the left. Without moving forward, throw the torch aimed at the guard’s head. Look down at the guard and get his knife and keys from his belt. Turn left and see the tied Targui. Talk to the Targui and then use the knife to untie him. Turn to the right and take another set of keys from the pole in between the tents. Talk to the Targui. Turn right to the open topped truck. Go forward to the truck and the click the keys taken from the guard’s belt on the ignition. Watch them escape!

Remember what the Dolphin said – You carry the future in you, a future you will only glimpse in your lifetime! Be careful whom you share it with!

I have a secret I wish to share with you!

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